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  1. Hood is temporarily shelved for a fun woodworking project (excuse to buy new tools! Proxxon router, Festool planer!). Meanwhile, remember to leave your model not unattended or properly protected from Sigrid the Destroyer.
  2. I have the same problem with Humbrol. Rumors have it it is caused by their temporary move to China. This website: https://robdebie.home.xs4all.nl/models/humbrol.htm was very useful for my identifying (and tossing) of all my Chinese tins. .But when I mix their new line I do not get the same colours following their own mixing recipes (pre-China). I only have one (very large) tin of my AP507A for Hood and if it spoils I need to remix it with what I have.... something I would like to avoid as much as I can! I'll use Sovereign Hobby's tins for my next build...
  3. Good point on the handrail... I have to admit I didn't really think it through... but if I have to guess (better ) it's a rail for fixing the awnings (edit, ohoh, that's what Ex-F suggested...) See e.g., https://www.history.navy.mil/content/history/nhhc/our-collections/photography/numerical-list-of-images/nhhc-series/nh-series/NH-60000/NH-60409.html Shows the Quarterdeck awning fixed to it, but only using a small stretch. The boat deck awning is tethered to this rail as well, so that would explain why it runs over the entire bulkhead. Thanks for the correct
  4. for the comments! Spent some more hours populating the aft quarterdeck bulkhead with a few handrails, assorted details and eyebrows for the portholes (I really dislike adding eyebrows...!)... hope to finish this area next weekend... There's a small handrail on the side of the quarterdeck bulkhead that was made from some leftover 1:700 railing set. I prefer drilling in the model, so I added a small line and taped the rail in place. With a 0.2 drill the right location was first 'marked', later drilled in using the pin vice. Then follows the horrible pa
  5. THE VISIT OF HIS MAJESTY THE KING TO ROSYTH. 5 MARCH 1941.. © IWM (A 3369) IWM Non Commercial License Pictures of the aft gun position are quite rare, but we have 3 or 4 now... two are from the IWM, none you can find if you search for Hood. I suppose the plans used the best information at hand
  6. The Waldron set will rust and the storage system for the punches is a joke, so I would definitely recommend against buying it. The RPToolz sets do not rust, have shorter punches that break less easily (and you can order new ones if you break them anyway), have nicer punches too. And the set comes with a tiny hammer! I use both large and very large diameter sets, most convenient.
  7. Usually I say "better never than late" with new information! There should be an 8" flange at the top of the aft splinter shields too, plus a small platform to X-turret, but I'll add that later. I'm trying to not get too distracted and finish my todo list in good order; that is, next in line is the edge of the deck and railing positions... the aft bulkhead may be next... it is cracked in several places (arg).
  8. Thanks! More update: I spent some time on adding more detail to the shelter deck. Most splinter shields were only partially finished, many missing the stiffeners in the back. The two pics on the lower row show these strips are a strip and a small triangular plate. Also noticed a small storage container on the after most shield, presumably to store items required for the 4in guns. The bottom-right image shows the windows to the Admiral's day cabin (with the dining cabin forward, also with two windows per side) that are shown a bit below.
  9. Running some experiments with Magic Sculpt and Plastic Magic during this week's lunch (and early weekend!) Small speakers scattered around the ship! Used a small etchperiment; usually I loose myself when designing etch parts on my huge monitor... when they are too small I have to throw them out, but these worked out! 2 layers of Magic Sculpt were used to fill the gaps between the rod and etched part. Last one went well enough, going forward with "production" These are the 2.7x2.7mm windows in the aft quarterdeck bulkhead. Forgot to ad
  10. For straight lines of portholes (or straight enough...?) I use my pointy scriber to first press a tiny mark; then I start drilling very carefully. You can always check if you scribed points lie along a line before you proceed. I have a small 1mm reamercylindrical drilling bit to clean up the hole afterwards... (need more of those, actually..) Very brave you drill trough the PE part.. I'd expect that if your drilling is off you dislodge the PE part? More than 5 at least
  11. Please let the pic stay Don't mind a useful discussion...
  12. One of the few pics I know that actually shows the shoe (probably...). Applied on raked bows (with no obstructions), otherwise chained. The Manual of Seamanship shows both methods, actually using Hood for the shoe.
  13. Thanks for pointing out the typo (and no, I do not mind your pointing it out at all). The page is more an online dump of notes and images than a properly prepared post, so it's still a bit rough around the edges. I had the idea for years but left it to collect dust (as with many other ideas for the blog ). I do not have the material to give any kind of real overview but you have to start somewhere I suppose, and, I hope it will grow into something more substantial. I found a few archives that have more material but they are so closed they do no even respond to e-mail. I recall our discussions
  14. Updated blog with some pics of the launch of HMS Hood: https://ontheslipway.com/ (Preview pic on BM is typically awful, so use link).
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