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  1. A bit of work on the cable holder base; after one round of magic sculpt to correct... errors... Also added a 'something' (red arrow) in the deck (1.2mm disc with 0.6mm Albion Alloy tube).
  2. My wife and I actually built it... Plus, once it is no longer in stores you can sell it without a loss...
  3. I already noticed that one but it should still be added (admittedly, I forgot to add it). I also noticed countershading on the rear of the pompom platforms on top of the hangars (but that is not visible in the side view). Also, need to check if white or 507C is more likely. The image you attached does show the side of the rear superstructure quite clearly (scanned from a book by the looks of the pixelation?). I still need to dredge Tarrant from my library. Raven (& Roberts) / Burt do not show any new images of the 42/43 scheme.
  4. Or whiskey This will be a Blitz meeting... sometimes I try coupling these meetings with small vacations but there is an anchor arrangement that needs further work and there new kittens that require attention... I'll probably continue in the weekend and I have little doubt Richard will point out the finer flaws in the first version. The main spots on the hull should be a bit more accurate (used the IWM pics in the AI drawing for referencing). The 507C is clearly visible on Anson/Howe but not so much on KGV... but I have to admit I need to look much more carefully .
  5. Take your time, I have a flight to Glasgow in a few hours for a meeting... (automated propeller optimization project!)...
  6. Version 1, work in progress. Minor patch movement based on IWM A12235 & A13962, a great side view from Dumas' article (source should be NMM but is not found in their online database) IWM A12330/1 do not suggest 507C on the STB stern with 507C clearly on the port stern? I also have difficulty spotting 507C ont he STB fwd superstruture but left it as is. STB bow patch in flux, exact pattern near S4/P4 turrets also difficult to outline, aft std bridge, top position needs more work.
  7. I thought so; the file I have now has 1 layer of only one pattern; the rest AI won't show. No matter, I could quickly move each one to a new layer. Now onto corrections! I'll track changes in a document as well, pointing out on pics what needs adjustments.
  8. I received Jamie's AI file with the latest version of the scheme; I have an older bug-invested version of Illustrator that makes editing even worse than the typical soul-crushing counter-intuitive experience of working with any Adobe product. Shuffling fills and colors to dedicated layers and such makes life a bit easier than the current drawing (unless if was layered already and this was lost upon conversion). I will work in full colour-blind mode using the results of the existing research wrt to colours and existing reference material (that I do not have, or so I assume). If the aim is KGV 1942 I'll try to be extra careful. So far I foresee only minor changes in the pattern though, plus the aforementioned countershading. I already noticed it under the overhang of the rangefinders, boat deck, aft 20mm positions and the bridge superstructure. There are quite a few images on the IWM site to rely on. I noticed that the decks were darkened and all horizontal surfaces have been painted in a very dark colour as well. Even the canvas covers of the hawsers and such have been painted very dark on top. This comment is currently missing in the drawing (top view should ideally be present). The last picture I posted is not mine; I found it on some ship modeling website. A google image research netted zero hits and it is not at the IWM, AWM, or NMM online archives. The original poster cannot recall where he found the image. I have not gone through all material I have and may find a bit more, but expect nothing out of the ordinary. Incidentally, the file title says Summer 43. I already noticed that the vague pictures I posted above are not very conclusive and also have several lighter tones underexposed.
  9. (Modelwarships crosspost) I previously posted this (lousy) image from a small KGV album I contracted on Ebay: It shows a marked contrast in the forward B5 area (next to the turret) just aft of the boarding ramp. I do not have a good pic of KGV herself to compare, but I do wonder what it is and if it shows up on other images. . (edit: pics in Dumas' articles from WI certainly do not show it and also suggests a darker tone on the top of the armoured belt?) THE ROYAL NAVY DURING THE SECOND WORLD WAR. © IWM (A 15424) IWM Non Commercial License THE ROYAL NAVY DURING THE SECOND WORLD WAR. © IWM (A 15425) IWM Non Commercial License There should be counter shading below the rangefinders of the main turrets and the overhang of the splinter shielding on the boat deck, see, IWM A15424/15425 (These also shows minor outline differences with your current version.). From the same album above, note the contrast difference on the splinter shielding of that 20mm emplacements on either side of the rear DCT. Seems a lot darker, comparable to S4 turret? These IWM pics I mentioned also shows large contrast differences between each other, so the pic I added may also be far too dark for any firm conclusions if the starboard splinter shield is indeed really that dark. Certainly does not follow from the many IWM pics from the same period (taken on deck). edit: (picture found on the web) Ah, S3 should be partially darker?
  10. IWM A 15428 is very helpful in distinguishing between A and B (not GKV herself though)
  11. I have no experience with the set, but they did miss the correction on the rangefinder hoods that are still as-built, not as refitted. So, they are overall better than Trumpeter, but... Did you have a look at the Shapeway set? https://www.shapeways.com/product/DRXTHNJ24/1-350-hms-hood-15-quot-mark-ii-turrets-1941-b-bags?optionId=65283549 (Also no experience with those or how the printing turns out, but they look pretty solid).
  12. Thanks guys; helps keeping the pace up Previous Anchor arrangement nearly fully removed, preparing to add wider planks for the capstan and cable holder arrangements (same style as the quarterdeck capstan, 0.75mm strip). These both lie fully in the horizontal, so a minor correction due to the bow's sheer was carved in the deck. Last year I bought a chisel set by Sujiborido (https://www.1999.co.jp/eng/search?typ1_c=101&cat=&state=&sold=0&sortid=0&searchkey=Sujiborido+chisel); very very(!) expensive (even before import tax!) but they are glorious to use. I bought them to carve in all the deck detail. So, all the plank ends are carved and you see some plank nibbing around the now-removed anchor chain locker, bollards or edge of the deck. The hatch is now open, as I thought it would be nice to have a ladder showing to the inside of the resin hull (it's still a WEM core inside!) but I want to build Hood at sea and it will be replaced by a closed hatch. The planks have already been added but the wife ordered me to help watch Formula 1 (which was "over" after 3 seconds for Team Verstappen...)
  13. Thanks The lockers were a fun thing to do. Ka models even borrowed this idea for their set 1:1. Always good to know that at least one person read your blog Finding all these bridge equipment things was fun to do, even though you get the feeling (or know damn certain) you are finding out what other modelers (e.g. Ough/Haynes ) have known for ages. But anyway, putting it on the web probably has helped making these factoids more accessible! The North Star set looks quite nice and the equipment was quite generic as far as I can tell. Good thing the Ark doesn't have UP launches because I've not managed to find out what these look like! The manual is really a must-have reference if you like RN modeling; very glad someone once told me to get one!
  14. I built one in (oh dear) 2008 https://ontheslipway.com/?p=244 I didn't have the manual of seamanship back then; would have saved me a lot of searchwork... not sure if I remade them later... have to look in my box of tiny parts that are waiting for assembly.
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