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  1. I have Frank under the proverbial speed dial for all things Hood and we're in frequent contact. I did my part in reviewing and correcting the various versions of the model kit design; I think Flyhawk filed me as Hood Association so no OTS mention (and that's ok as I am a Hood association member).
  2. All communication with Flyhawk appears to run through the universal translator and we erred (ie, prefer to) on the side of caution. Also, paint guides are easier to update than the kit, especially with new information surfacing during the final stages of the kit's development. We did try to get every ounce of the latest info into the kit, and Flyhawk was most commited. IIRC, the final hull colour of the kit is Slate, (steel) boat deck corticine & semtex (light gray as our best bet).
  3. There's a bit of colour footage of that pattern
  4. Hope it contains the ship's boats drawings as well, though the description suggests it will not...
  5. Anything posted on fbook is irretrievably lost, as if were placed in an alternate, inaccessible dimension.
  6. Discovery was by Frank Allen of the HMS Hood website, Richard Dennis went in the archives and has written a report of his studies https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/0730/0927/files/WW1_WW2_ships_bottoms_V1.pdf?v=1607064831
  7. I purposely did not comment on the colour of her underwater hull Note that these images come from a wide assortments of photographs---no gurantee what image was taken by what kind of film---but this one shows the Union Jack and the lower hull more clearly in one shot: Note that I have been playing with the contrast of the images to get the most out of them (perhaps too much contrast even...). Regarding the forefoot: KGV was also launched without it and is clearly seen to have one in drydock after ramming Punjabi. For both PoW and KGV after her fitting out the paravane chains at the bow are fitted so it's fair to assume the forefoot was added during her first docking. I can image not wanting to have such a delicate appendage fitted to the bow during launch where it can be easily sheared off.
  8. Small blog update with many hours of image cleanup.... https://ontheslipway.com/the-launch-of-hms-prince-of-wales/
  9. more here: https://ontheslipway.com/warship-recognition/
  10. UpperFluff usually parks her behind between the modeling tools and not on the model... this was the first time. We have loads of cats and they never break anything... Woodworking was partially interrupted as my brand-new Proxxon router burned out after 25 minutes, so I started work on aerial trunks.... but the woodworking isn't over yet It's amazing what you can't do if you put your mind to it... I just replaced all the cutting tools for my lathe by very very small ones, used it for a winch drum on the bulkhead... and added some eyebrows and bottom right a je-ne-sais-quoi device. Oh my, that window on closeup looks awful. Anyway, this is a temporary image, I'll take better ones later and delete this one.
  11. Hood is temporarily shelved for a fun woodworking project (excuse to buy new tools! Proxxon router, Festool planer!). Meanwhile, remember to leave your model not unattended or properly protected from Sigrid the Destroyer.
  12. I have the same problem with Humbrol. Rumors have it it is caused by their temporary move to China. This website: https://robdebie.home.xs4all.nl/models/humbrol.htm was very useful for my identifying (and tossing) of all my Chinese tins. .But when I mix their new line I do not get the same colours following their own mixing recipes (pre-China). I only have one (very large) tin of my AP507A for Hood and if it spoils I need to remix it with what I have.... something I would like to avoid as much as I can! I'll use Sovereign Hobby's tins for my next build...
  13. Good point on the handrail... I have to admit I didn't really think it through... but if I have to guess (better ) it's a rail for fixing the awnings (edit, ohoh, that's what Ex-F suggested...) See e.g., https://www.history.navy.mil/content/history/nhhc/our-collections/photography/numerical-list-of-images/nhhc-series/nh-series/NH-60000/NH-60409.html Shows the Quarterdeck awning fixed to it, but only using a small stretch. The boat deck awning is tethered to this rail as well, so that would explain why it runs over the entire bulkhead. Thanks for the correction!
  14. for the comments! Spent some more hours populating the aft quarterdeck bulkhead with a few handrails, assorted details and eyebrows for the portholes (I really dislike adding eyebrows...!)... hope to finish this area next weekend... There's a small handrail on the side of the quarterdeck bulkhead that was made from some leftover 1:700 railing set. I prefer drilling in the model, so I added a small line and taped the rail in place. With a 0.2 drill the right location was first 'marked', later drilled in using the pin vice. Then follows the horrible part; inserting the rail in bulkhead. I use a bit of tape to keep the part in place. I forgot to photograph the glueing process, using a small 0.25mm strip wedged between the rail and the bulkhead as a spacer, gluing one or two locations at a time. Some minor aligning is always required afterwards. Fortunately the number of these handrails is quite low for HMS Hood,
  15. THE VISIT OF HIS MAJESTY THE KING TO ROSYTH. 5 MARCH 1941.. © IWM (A 3369) IWM Non Commercial License Pictures of the aft gun position are quite rare, but we have 3 or 4 now... two are from the IWM, none you can find if you search for Hood. I suppose the plans used the best information at hand
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