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  1. Tony, for me that is a triple WOW. I very much like old kits which is why I’m doing the Frog Blenheim from 1959. Your Battle looks fascinating- I’ve never seen one so please show us all 😊
  2. A bit more work today. Added a bit of plasticard just to blank off the view from the nose back into the aircraft The turret that comes with the kit is a bit pointy and frankly embarrassing. I managed to grab a flatter top one from the parts box and adapt the turret base to fit I had to open the hole a bit and dry fitted the assembly so that it could be in the semi-retracted position as seen in the photograph a few posts back
  3. Rubbed the skis down to make the Milliput filling holes smooth with rest of surface. Just need more Milliput to the back
  4. Did a little bit of work on the kit today. Decided to plug the holes for undercarriage so that it can be on a stand 'flying'. Stretched sprue cut off is useful. being of the same plastic it should be easy to cut off and rub down. I did the same on my 1/99 scale Frog Hampden And of course if it is flying it will need some crew. These chaps on the right are sort of to scale, compared to the 1/72 scale chaps on the left πŸ™‚
  5. A simple technique like wedging a bit of Plasticard to fill a gap is a real time saver and a useful hint. A similar method of using solid plastic as a filler can also be done for circular holes. Have used this technique for my small scale Frog Blenheim to plug holes meant for undercarriage legs !
  6. PULL MOULDING : Have started with refinement of the canopy. The kit's one is a bit thick and yuck so have rubbed one down and smoothed it off as a former for pull moulding Note the canopy wall thickness is quite a bit less so that plastic pulled over top will be about the right size This is the canopy mounted using plasticine, a candle and the all important plastic seen in the background- available from any blister pack. Simply heat a mid section over the flame and until you can see it soften and then pull over making sure you hold the sides in After two attempts the plasticine was too soft and I had a cink as can be seen on the left side My next move is to fill the canopy with Milliput which I will do tomorrow at the same time as modifying my skis for the 1/72 Blenheim build. The image above is of a Frog 1/96 scale Lancaster canopy which I used the same technique (See my Manchester build) Fortunately the plastic is effectively free and two or three attempts will get it right πŸ™‚
  7. Dave, that will be useful when I build mine too 😊
  8. Brilliant Troy. An Irish Hurricane- very attractive roundels. Remember to be like Magnus Magnusson 😊
  9. AaCee, just to show you were absolutely right, Thanks 😊
  10. Mikko Kylmala of the Finnish Air Force Museum has kindly given me permission to post images of the Blenheims fitted with skis on this site. If using any of these following four images please credit the museum. There can be now no doubt as to the exact shape of these skies. Obviously there is much more information available in these photographs which is of use to the modeller πŸ™‚
  11. Wow, inspired by this thread is Troy also going to build a Hurricane rather than just talk about it 😊
  12. The 118 scale Wellington is a lovely little kit. That’s why I have another in the stash 😊
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