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  1. Excellent, thanks chaps. It looks like the arrays I put on my first Sunderland kit. Interesting that there were also Yagis on the wings. Having studied WWII radar a bit I need to get my head back around it. Will be good when the Defence Electronics History Society can meet again. Lots of useful information from people willing to explain things to a numpty like me
  2. This is the story so far. Will lose the spinners and maybe use clear strips to emulate propellers. My clear windows aren't. Humbrol clear is far too stringy to use as it can't be fitted without depositing strings on the fuselage. As an alternative will cut windows out and then use ordinary white glue. I think my stuff designed for modelling has finally gone off after 20 years ! My references says that this 201 Sqn aircraft had radar. It doesn't say which type but as other A/C of the squadron had ASV MkIII I'm thinking this one might have also been equipped with the 'stickleback' antennas. Anyone able to add information ? to be honest I am itching to stretch some sprue and knock some up.
  3. Been a long and tiring day. Managed to find Signiagraph code letters in the right colour, font style (especially the M) and size. The 'just' stuck down being 25 year old rub down transfers. Tail flash is Signiagraph and roundel decals from Xtradecal. I'm pooped so will 'finish' the beastie for the club night tomorrow. After that will see if it actually had 'stickleback' style ASV radar which have only just picked up on from the text of "Short Sunderland in World War II" by Andrew Hendrie Definitely needs to look a bit 'seaworn' with a tide mark on hull. Can't find the float struts so might nick them from my Kader kit.
  4. Did some masking using the paint instructions from the 1/72 Revell kit as likely to look like 201sqn's ZM-Z that I am trying to depict. I tried spraying Xtracylic Dark Slate Grey but it started getting weird on me. Instead I used a Gunze paint I knocked up yonks ago, I think for the Heyford used in the Daventry radar demonstration. I had labelled the paint 'Dark Slate Grey/NIVO and it looks about right. Have just taken masking tape off so will leave it a bit before toughing up and decalling
  5. Had a complaint from Head Office saying 'don't like that smell from whatever you are doing in there ?!' Have now moved all spraying operations to the workshop, where I intended putting it eventually. At least galvanised into action. The Gunze Dark Sea Grey flowed nicely after I put more Isopropyl in it.
  6. Alan, what a lovely story. You must be very proud of your father and daughter
  7. Alan, have looked at your build thread and found it absolutely fascinating. You have put a lot of work into this lovely little kit. Since you started 3D printers are around and perhaps you could use one to produce the enlarged floats. Alternatively the age old technique of balsa covered in talc and resin. Perhaps you are inspired to pick it up again Many moons ago at my model club in Canada we heard that Kermit’s Sunderland was in Toronto harbour and going to leave in the morning. We drove up and took a water taxi so we could go around it and take photos. Kermit waved to us from the cockpit. Then we ‘followed it’ from a distance as it took off. Have a good photo of it unsticking in front of the CN tower. and as I mentioned earlier in the thread I even had a cat called “Short Sunderland mkIII”
  8. The little Bismarck kit with a bit of paint. Deck plank on and top of turrets yellow. Will slap some paint around tomorrow and try to make it look interesting. Just debating how to do the splinter camouflage on the Arados Will also see what decals available for the deck swastikas
  9. Galloping on a bit. Hosed it down with Sky on the undersides. Made the dorsal gun hatch covers. Here they are fitted Have done masking and will paint the EDSG in morning when it is light. In evening can mask and paint the DSG
  10. Thinking of using Humbrol HC4 'Deck Plank' for deck of Bismarck - Just because
  11. Tiny bit of progress. The las wanted some help on his Airfix Bristol Bulldog so prioritised that.
  12. Very similar to the Fokkers - and of course the Southern Cross. These aircraft were made at a time of great pioneering efforts by many pilots. an Aussie by the name of Ulm had an Avro 618 with the top of the wing painted red or orange. Might be an interesting subject!
  13. Troy, have looked up online what the Bismarck looked like on 26th May and noted the yellow tops of the turrets and the light grey 'like the colour of smoke' on the sides of the hull. Thanks for the heads up
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