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  1. Peter, Thank you for the info. I see you are in South Wales so hope you are not in one of the flooded areas. All the Very Best Adrian
  2. There could not be a more poignant reference than this. This evening my girlfriend's ten year old lad sent me a picture of his 'first Airfix kit' !! IMG_0528 by arhills, on Flickr QED
  3. Jan, your technique using Milliput etc to mimic the ribbing could be used for the Ju 52 - ie the original single engine version. The problem with all conversions is deleting the engine nacelles in the wings.
  4. Is the wing on the Blackburn B20 high enough? I have a resin kit sitting in my stash
  5. Fascinating concept. I don’t have a particular type yet but would like to be included in the 2021 High Wing GB, Please
  6. I have been following this post with interest. For those Ju 52 Junkies out there (like me) I just thought I'd put my two pfennigs worth. There are two kits of smaller scale that, although not excellent examples of accuracy, do provide fuselages which are for the passenger variant - ie lots of windows, no cargo door and no gun positions. They are the 1/87 scale Aer-Model and the 1/100 Faller, as illustrated below. IMG_0492 by arhills, on Flickr
  7. Well, if you like the film so much (it is a truly brilliant explanation of a complex subject) why not dare to convert your kit to the film version. You will need to make a ‘flattened ball’ bomb and I think the aircraft had light blue prop spinners. Just a thought as it would make your model that bit more special
  8. Pete, go for it. Just make sure you have a good quality mask for cutting the material
  9. Returning to the 'suspicious outlet' from the bathroom. Many years ago a friend did the 1/48 Tamiya Lancaster and wondered why, in photographs, there was a discolouration of paint behind an outlet on the nose by the bomb aimer's station. Evidently they used to pee in a bottle and then discharge it out of this vent. Perhaps the 0/400 needs a similar discolouration of pain
  10. I’ll be a little late starting as going on a cycling holiday at end of February
  11. A little bit more progress. IMG_0431 by arhills, on Flickr IMG_0430 by arhills, on Flickr IMG_0428 by arhills, on Flickr IMG_0432 by arhills, on Flickr I broke the horizontal tail surface off accidentally and will use the added space to assist weathering
  12. Moa, didn’t Windsock or someone similar do full drawings for the HP 0/400? I seem to remember seeing some. Would help with tailplane and other rigging
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