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  1. Really looking forward to seeing this completed. You really know your stuff
  2. Hi Harold, i was commenting on you doing the 1/48 Lanc. Have made about ten Lanc models in the past including a 1/144 VRA - in honour of my Canadian friend Bill Christie who once got a flight in it and made a 1/33 Guillows kit and covered it in plastic to look like VRA. The model used to hang in the Canadian Warplane Heritage museum cafe My main builds will be a Ju 52/1m and Ju W34.If I have time I might do the Canadian Mailplane Lanc in 1/152 converted from the Kader kit. I live in Eastbourne and in the summer race on a bicycle up and down the A22 from East Hoathly to Boship roundabout twice a week. If you are down this way sometime we must have a pint in the King’s Head. The Hailsham & District Scale Model Club are having a show on July 2nd in Eastbourne next to the hospital. Please come if you can make it Cheers Adrian. (Aka CanAdrian)
  3. Particularly well done. I'm familiar with this kit having built three so I know how good you have done
  4. Hi People, I have a Junkers 52/1M (ie single engine Ju 52) and a Junkers UW34 all ready to go with conversion parts and decals. However, as a third model I'd love to do the Fleet Fort. Don't have a kit of this - I bought one a few years ago but when it arrived the vac-form crumbled. So if anyone has a kit ? Cheers CanAdrian
  5. Yes, Yes, Yes - A real big Canadian Lanc. Doo it Canadrian
  6. I must admit that of all the Matchbox GBs this is my favourite. It has build quality and maximum fun value
  7. Haven’t forgotten about this. Have done a bit of work on engine nacelles. When I have something interesting to show will put it up. Deadline slipping for completing this by end of April!
  8. Peter, have seen A LOT of your builds here so you are catching up quite well. I’m just curious to see what you will make of the Tiger Moth. This is not pressure, just a friendly curiosity
  9. Good point. My friend Trevor who it came from used to use canopy masks. Perhaps I will do the same
  10. Ooooh, my cheating with the Italeri canopy sort of works
  11. Heather, you have taken an absolute dog of a kit and turned it into something really splendid
  12. A bit more decalling. Had to resort to Signiagraph rub down transfers as nothing suitable in decals. Painted over the Xtracrylic 14 white on tail as it was quite yellowy, despite lots of mixing. Used Gunze white. Then a bit of Humbrol Bronze metallic for exhausts. Opened the thinners jar and gave it a quick sniff to check I had right jar. Couldn't smell a thing ! Dinner smelt and tasted lovely but in the space of a couple of hours I have lost my sense of smell. Tested positive on Monday and up until now all I have had is a mild head cold. Others have worse so I am not complaining.
  13. Hi Dave, Thanks for your help in running this and getting my posts sorted out. In answer to your question QED
  14. Here is PK 505 the 1/32 Tiger Moth finished as the radio controlled 'Queen Bee'. For the conversion I blanked off the rear pilot's position and added the wind generator on the port side. As it is on floats I waterlined those and added a bit of rigging. The scheme I took from the Warpaint book which included a profile and photograph. I quite like the Sky undersides.
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