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  1. CliffB, why not build your Faller kit. It would be good to see two. Please take note of the mismatch of wing and tail surfaces. The fuselage halves don’t work too well either. It is for this reason I have chosen to use filler. A more skilled modeller than me might get away with making the kit ‘naked’, ie without the use of paint to show off it’s beautiful colours. Here I’d like to apologise to everyone on this GB for not reading posts or doing any modelling. Monday I moved house and have a lot of things to sort. My aim is to get my modelling room ready for action by the weekend
  2. Wings now fitted. You can just see the structure I put under the dorsal hatch for the gunner to sit on. As you can see the fit is not like you get these days. Actually making a basic kit look half decent (ish) is what I really enjoy in modelling. Here you can also see the plate I put in as the rear bulkhead of the cockpit.
  3. For fine rigging I find human hair works well. I recently did a 1/72 Avro 504Q and couldn’t find my thin fishing line and as I had lockdown length hair thought ‘why not’
  4. The glue reacts surprisingly well. I am using thin Revell Professional mini (blue with needle) and Tenax-7R (MEK). Superglue used for some filling jobs and today will try Tamiya putty and Milliput
  5. Here for your inspiration is something included in the 1956 1/100 scale Faller kit. Note the Heinkel 111, with it's nose ridiculously long, is fathfully represented by the artist as the focal point of this display.
  6. Started messing around with the interior, filled in wing voids and made a back cockpit panel. Somehow I missed the photograph of the structure I put in for the dorsal gunner to sit on. Fuselage painted grey interior and glued together. Strapped with some kabuki tape and tail held firm with nipple clamps
  7. I have 1/100 scale figures for my build and as also wheels up are essential
  8. That really brings the model alive, albeit one wonders at the health of an occupant! Great work
  9. The coloured plastic is real fun to rub down - what was green on top reveals reddy brown the deeper into the surface one goes.
  10. If I have any problems I’ll blame you (In reality, a big thanks, it was a good suggestion)
  11. Well I think Lincolnshire Peter was right. I put it off but finally took Mr Dremel saw to my canopy. The section I removed is 8mm long ! I have also chopped the ventral pod about and adapted canopies from the parts box Sorry for the fuzzy photo. Half the problem is getting the parts in position for the illustrative photos. The photo below is meant to show the tapering of the fuselage to meet narrower width of canopy
  12. Stretched some sprue and then cut it to fill holes on bottom of engine nacelle. Found it was best to have flared ends so it didn't disappear in the hole ! This is the scale drawing roughly the right size Cut windows on sides. Thinned inside by windows. Removed blanking plate within canopy. It is now beginning to make sense. Subsequent to Peter's suggestion I am seriously thinking of reducing length of glasshouse. There is about 1.4 mm difference if I cut it but might fudge over that with masking tape canopy framing. I have test cut bits of clear sprue in kit so it might srvive major surgery
  13. Hi Pete, I have thought of shortening but the whole birdcage but it tapers. I reckon it may not take the cutting and re-profiling as the plastic is so very old. Certainly the green plastic is behaving in a peculiar way. Have just printed out a drawing to give some idea of hole for upper gun position. It does come with glazing for this postion.
  14. Wings together and yet to Milliput mismatch. I have printed off a couple of drawings and looked at dimensions. My theory is that the moulds were done for the fuselage first and then someone did some measurements to compare it with 1/100 scale. The fuselage is too short so the simple solution to get the correct dimension, which it is, was to attach a glazing that would look better in Kew Gardens !!
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