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  1. Although pre-dating the VTOL coding, I recorded the following at Stanley in early Mar 83: XV782 C with 4 Sqn markings; XV787 H (crashed 22 Mar 83); XV762 A; XV789 R; XZ132 D; XZ993 E; XZ130 T. I would need to dig out some photos to confirm what other markings were carried. I also recall one airframe being airbridged out by C130 between Mar and Jul but unable to confirm which one. Hope this helps. Peter
  2. One of my unstarted projects is to build one of the Skyways Coach Air Avro 748s, G-ARMX was the first aircraft I flew on in 1964 on a school trip to Paris. I have the 1/72 Rugrat kit, which will probably be used as the basis for an AEW 748 as it doesn't have the refinement I am looking for. I also have the 1/72 S&M Kit but finding decals was a problem. 26 decals used to do a 1/144 set of laser printed Skyways decals, and they very kindly printed me a resized sheet at 1/72 scale, but as of October they no longer do these. The biggest challenge has been trying to match the turqoise/light b
  3. Am I correct in that the VC10 had a 'double bubble' fuselage cross section, and if so, does the model capture this?
  4. I would guess that they have finished most of the significant design work on the Lancaster and O/400 so could have plenty of available capacity. BE2 variant would be great, but I would also like them to do some very early subjects that were still around at the start of WW1 such as Bristol Boxkite, Farman Sorthorn/Longhorn types.
  5. Forgive me but I'm trying to understand this. The thread is about the Airfix Mk XIV , which you don't have, and cannot comment on, so how are your comments relevant?
  6. Thanks Paul. That fits with the narrative. Best regards Peter
  7. Have just purchased this book, and it is a fascinating day by day account of combat claims by participants in the Air Battles over the Western Front. If anyone else has this, or Bloody April 1917, would they be able to tell me what 'KB' stands for in the header to the daily tables? The only thing missing from these books is a list of abbreviations! Thanks Peter
  8. Hi Duncan, You might need a bigger stamp, asyou can put me down for one. This might help you with your order from the Distributor, but at any rate will keep Christian from feeling lonely.... Peter
  9. That's actually just a pretty abysmal job on the heritage kit. The windshield is nothing like that on the one I built.
  10. Built the Heritage model about 5 years ago, quite reasonable with judicious application of some modelling skills. Peter
  11. Brilliant! Guaranteed to happen just after I ordered one of the Aconcagua Resin models...... Peter
  12. Also note that anything on the prototype airframes that is bright orange is test or trials equipment and probably not relevant to the production aircraft. Plus None of the completed prototypes will have had a full avionics and weapons system fitted so there would have been other changes/additions on production aircraft. Peter
  13. Hmm, the problem with attaching any radar system to the Osprey is that it would have to hang very low under the fuselage to prevent the prop blades interfering with the radar scan... Or alternatively, very high above the fuselage for the same reason. Obvious solution therefore would be the nose/tail configuration used on the AEW Nimrod, thereby ncreasing weight and complexity. Peter
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