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  1. Hello, back on this after nearly two months of no progress. Managed to complete other builds so I'm quite happy nonetheless. Here is one of the reasons for the break, no match between the upper and lower nacelles contour. In the end I saw the solution just looking at this picture: split the lower halves again and insert a wedge! Need to tidy up all those bad joints but I want to finish this behind the deadline for a change. Thanks for looking!
  2. I promised this back in the chat, finally I cleared some space on the workbench to make a start. Cheers
  3. Following @heloman1's T-33, another Shooting Star for my club display due in September. This time the Sword kit with Superscale decals for the Blue Angels support a/c. Cheers
  4. Andrew, yes I just meant that white trapeze over the canopy. It would be interesting to know from someone who worked/flew onto this planes since it is just a specific mod for Luftwaffe a/c. Excellent photo you linked, by the way! Thank you
  5. Forgive me it has already been asked, those smaller tanks can't be sourced from older kits (Italeri or Airfix) ?
  6. This is my first finished entry for this group build: Lockheed T-33A in Luftwaffe service, depicted as a liasion aircraft for AKG51. More details you can read in the build:
  7. Posted a few images in the gallery. Thank you all for your comments and encouragement, it's always a pleasure to be part of a BM group build!
  8. Hello, here is my REPUBLIC XP-84 THUNDERJET prototype at the time of its first fligt (28/2/1946) at Muroc field. Kit is the old Heller with all the changes needed to backdate it, see here for the build if you are interested:
  9. I guess you have an Hasegawa kit, Airfix did the F-80 in the late seventies but never the trainer. Excellent choice of subject, will follow with interest.
  10. And it's finished! Will try to take better photos when it stops raining 😑
  11. Thank you @reini! Final assembly is ongoing. By pure chance I found a clear image of the early u/c covers: the smaller ones are actually split in two. An urgent correction was needed, you can see the overall shape was not toally correct too, but it's too late now. Next update should be the final one. Thanks for looking!
  12. Thank you for this tip @Corsairfoxfouruncle, it's a technique I didn't know and will experiment with it as soon as I can Finally I chose to paint the walkways instead of faffing around with the decals. Just a bit of risky masking and it will be done in a few moments!
  13. Brave choice, the final challenge will be masking that canopy! Will follow with interest, I have the 1/72 Special Hobby rendition to do as a Bermuda.
  14. Didn't know that, thank you for pointing it out.
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