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  1. I'm afraid this series is not published in digital format. I know there are pdfs circulating but that is another matter. Maybe somebody knows better...
  2. Really great choice Stu! If I remember well you already have the correct configuration of early curved intakes and wing fences in the Hasegawa kit, as it actually depicts the early prototypes. I stand to be corrected, though
  3. Interesting choice, marks a change of pace for Sword since I think it's way bigger than any other kits they did before. It's all the more surprising, since in this not too old post they dismissed the idea of a Lockheed C-140 Jetstar in 1/72 because of its size
  4. It's a weird prototype I often considered for scratch conversion from a T-33 kit. Now this new kit seems a perfect chance to experiment with 3D printed products, while I'm a bit daunted by the postage rates: 25 euros just for one smallish kit from USA to Italy! Did I lost contact with the current shipping costs or is it a bit expensive? I would have to pay also custom duties, so it is really too much for a single kit.
  5. Hi Adam, see here how to shorten the fuselage, the wings should be already ok out of the box, having already the LE extension.
  6. GRUMMAN TBM-3S2 AVENGER Japan Maritime Self Defense Force late '50s Sword kit out of the box, build is here Cheers Fabio
  7. Finished! A real first for me: a whole week before the deadline! @Jinxman @arfa1983 @Andwil @modelling minion Thank you for the positive comments! Must get more images then in the gallery. Thanks to @trickyrich and @helios16v for hosting this GB and to all members participating with so diverse modelling subjects.
  8. Thanks for the encouragement @trickyrich, I need to really hurry up otherwise I won't finish in time! White is on after a few coats of Vallejo primer. A bit of masking was then need needed before spraying light gull grey. And finally a bit of black for the details. You may notice that I totally forgot to mask the antiglare panel so I needed to do another round of masking/spraying/unmasking.... Here is the current status: decals are of excellent quality and conforms very well to the surface without being too thin and fragile.
  9. Congrats for the finished model, it's really gorgeous. I have the same kit in my stash and I would start it today if it wasn't for the other dozens of half built kits I have here and there.. May I ask you which yellow paint you used? It seems really spot on for the JASDF livery!
  10. Ok, I warned you: this post may be boring but I just want to point out some inaccuracies in the kit instructions for those who actually read them This kit has been issued in four boxings to date ( I don't count the later issues in war colors) so there are some alternative parts in the plastic trees which must be choosen or discarded according to the version of choice. After checking and re-checking, I identified all I needed for the japanese Avenger (circled in red), but I'm left with more details I really can't find any use for, even checking the instructions of the other boxings. So these parts are apparently redundant, but Sword Models must have thought differently at some point.... Then there are missing or wrong elements in the instructions. For example, part 41 is accounted for in the sprue plan, though not used anywhere. Actually it is a kind of bulge going just below the bigger left window, I think specific to the JMSDF version. Most late war Avengers have a fixed external tailhook, so it needs a mounting post: it is depicted here but no trace of it in the plastic parts, you must carve a suitable part on your own. See this neat diagram for installing the underwing loads? Ok, forget it because it is completely wrong for the outer pilon: actually it should be more inboard otherwise it would cover the hinomaru. Also, don't be fooled by the searchlight position: it must go under the PORT wing! See below the correct location I determined observing photographs. Please note the kit offers two underwing pilons (quite simplified) and suggests using them for the searchlight and the APS radar. In reality both pilons should go simmetrically under the outer wings (one empty) and the searchlight use a totally different mounting you must scratchbuild. You can see I also added the stub pilons for 5" rockets which are often seen in JMSDF service and add some interest.
  11. Hello, finally some more progress to show. Canopies masked with some difficulties: the frames are not so well defined especially on the windshield. Then interior color was sprayed. U/C legs are lacking any positive location so I added copper wire pins. This helped positioning the legs and adding the second arm, so that I can spray white on the complete legs. I assembled and painted the searchlight, then joined the transparent dome with UV activated glue: first time I used this product and I'm very happy with its performance. The next post will contain a rant about the instructions: I know they are not the best part of any Sword kit, but in this case they really made a total mess with the many different details related to the four boxings produced.
  12. Glad to be of help! Please note your old model may not have the correct colors for the badge, see here two examples: https://www.flickr.com/photos/61980076@N02/52162610032/in/dateposted-public/ https://www.super-hobby.it/zdjecia/8/2/3/1727_1_tam61077_1.jpg
  13. If I'm not mistaken that badge can be seen on the Thunderbirds F-84Gs because they were originally based at Luke AFB.
  14. Hello! very slow progress due to real life interfering a lot The wings are attached now. Fit is good, just remember to adjust the slots in the fuselage before adding the canopies otherwise there's a risk of much plastic powder floating around.... See also the wingtip lights are missing, so I sawed off a recess to add them later. Fit of the canopies is really good considering the short-run nature of the kit, just a bit of mr.surfacer to fill the joints. Some troubles in the rear because you need tube filler to really fair in the contours, this is one of those cases where a flex-i-file is highly recommended! Thanks for looking!
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