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  1. That’s looking great Bill! I know what you mean, it’s a stressful moment in the build process when it can all go horribly wrong. But equally rewarding when it works. Getting the shark’s mouth to fit the curve must have been a challenge. The decals really bring the model to life.
  2. The nice thing about making a model of MB882 / EB*B is that it was probably one of the most photographed Spitfires during WW2. Good for getting the markings and details correct, but it also highlights the bits of the kit that differ from the real thing. A lovely view of the underside (look at all that weathering - gulp! ) The pic shows that the gun blisters on the bottom of the kit's wing are too large and for the outer cannon shouldn't be there at all. I could try to modify them but probably easier to remove them and add new ones. The outer cannon shell ejection slot needs filling. Now the cockpit's finished I can close up the fuselage. The fit isn't the best and the thickness of plastic isn't great, so I've added some tabs that will strengthen the join and help align the two halves; I've done the same at the wing roots as although the fit seems reasonable, the plastic is very thin. Back soon I hope (dog willing). Cheers,
  3. Looks great Bill. I haven’t used GX112, but if in doubt leave the gloss to harden rather than rush and regret. This way of thinking is probably why my builds s_t_r_e_t_c_h on so. Cheers,
  4. Quite incredible, like something out of Thunderbirds. Great build.
  5. A wonderful build Jaime of an amazing flying boat. Thanks for a great thread. Cheers,
  6. Thanks Steve. TBH I think he looks better than the photo portrays. He's looking at the V1 on his starboard side. I've done a trial fit with the fuselage closed and the canopy (which is a bit narrow anyway) on and its all very tight! His nose will be up against the perspex. But it might have been like that.
  7. Sorry about the lack of progress folks, lots of reality and most of all a new pup getting in the way. But finally finished the cockpit with F/O Smith at the controls. No gun-sight yet as it would only get knocked off. Also missing are the rudder pedals which I did fit but obviously weren't going to work and have the Donald's flying boots as well, so he'll have to fly without a rudder. Scratch built and added (yes, I know, I said it would be OOB) are the radio control box and the supercharger control which is hidden behind the pilot's arm. Getting the RAF uniform blue right was a bit of a nightmare, it looks lighter in the photo than real life, but I will tone down the brighter bits a tad (not that anyone will ever see them again!) Got to thank Bill @Bill Livingston for suggesting the Optivisor which I can highly recommend, especially if you have older eyes like me. And now I can close up the fuselage and get a move on, though finishing within the GB time frame looks pretty doubtful.
  8. Hi Pete, I don't have Ward's book so I'm relying on a dodgy 64 year old memory. But looking at LC's sprues and finished model I don't think anything but the decals have changed since I made it in the early 1960s. No paint for me in those days, glue everywhere - especially the canopy and my fingers - and just stuck the decals on. I liked Robertson's book, but it's a product of the time and a bit ambitious in it's scope really. These days such a book would need to be 10 times as large. A useful reference and a nice addition to the shelf . As you say, it wasn't expensive. Cheers, (apologies to LC for the slight thread hi-jack!)
  9. Hi Pete, Not sure that the revised decal version came out as early as 1960. I remember (well, I think I do ) making the same kit with a green maple leaf but it would have been after 1960, more like 1962/3. Cheers,
  10. Excellent paint job and finish Allan. Looks really nice.
  11. Excellent! Brings back many happy memories, one of the first models I ever made and certainly the first Spitfire. I was hoping someone would make one, a real classic, and built in just the right way. Thanks for bringing it to the party!
  12. Could the difference in the spinner backplate be that it retained its earlier colour (sky?) when the front (easily detached) part was removed and painted red?
  13. Well I think that looks great Bill. If I may be so bold, you're not trying to make it pretty, tempting though it is. That's what the repainted warbirds are (and yes, I know, modern paints to protect them). You're at the stage when a model often looks a bit dull and uninspiring. I think it will look great when you've got markings on her and the final clear coat.
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