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  1. Good to see it's back on the bench CC. I have fond memories of a Rareplanes vacuform, very satisfying build. Might make another one... one day! Cheers,
  2. Late catch up, all looking really good Cookie! I have all three waiting in the stash so look forward to following. Cheers,
  3. Hi Steve, I like your modelling philosophy... I'd do that, but I always get carried away... Anyway, looking very good. I'll tag along, I have the same in the stash, something to remind me of being 9. Cheers,
  4. Many thanks Dennis @Corsairfoxfouruncle, Craig @modelling minion you’ve been really great hosts. And of course @Enzo Matrix for organising it. Well done everyone who participated and built such wonderful models. I can now honestly say that I know 100% more about MiG-21s than I did before the start. Looking forward to the next time. Cheers everyone!
  5. That's one amazing scheme, and very well done for pulling it off so well. Fantastic!
  6. An interesting photo Ray. Probably wouldn't have had the MiGs parked like that if the Americans had been allowed to attack the NV bases. And an interesting camo scheme on the 6th MiG in the line-up. I'd say the finish and amount of weathering you applied is spot-on. They would have been new aircraft and well looked after, probably by Russian technicians, hence the ban on US attacks.
  7. Cheers Cliff, it's a very nice kit. According to some reliable BM sources, the only real issue with the kit is the height of the fin, which I fixed and can thank Enzo for the info.
  8. 'evening folks! Hope you're having a great weekend! So, having cut the grass, walked and brushed the dog, I got some work done. Now ready for some paint, all masked and bits of foam and blu tack stuffed in where the paint isn't supposed to go. The New Ware canopy masks were OK(ish), I had to add strips of mask to get full coverage. I'll stick to Eduard in the future. The weird contraption at the back is so I can hopefully hold it and apply the paint in one go. We'll see. A bit late, and a bit knackered to start painting now. So paint tomorrow. It's supposed to rain anyway. Cheers,
  9. Seriously though... The Toad 488 would be a fantastic project, but having read up on it, could be a bit of a stretch. But if it's in the stash Pat, this might be the time and the place? Cheers,
  10. One of the most amazing paint jobs I have ever seen. Beautifully executed.
  11. Excellent remedial work Brian. The angle between the inner and outer wing looks fine in the photo you just posted. You should be OK now. I was being unduly pessimistic in my earlier post, apologies!
  12. Absolutely. The central section of the wing is essentially flat. Good plan but whoever built this has made the wings mostly flat with the dihedral coming from where they join the fuselage. If you reduce the dihedral at the wing/fuselage join, the outer sections will be too flat, so a kink in the middle (at the wing fold) of the wing will be needed. Sorry, I'm making this difficult for you.
  13. Another great model Ray. The cockpit really is superb and I know it's been said before, but it's hard to believe the pilot could see much in front. What an excellent idea! Works brilliantly.
  14. Thanks Brian, Sea Furys* - especially FROG - are one of my obsessions, as you probably gathered! Best wishes for your builds which I look forward to following. *I'm never quite sure if it should be 'Furys' or 'Furies', I've seen both. Furys looks better. Maybe someone who's English grammar is better than mine (Grade E at 'O' Level - a scrape pass) can advise? Apologies for the digression Brian.
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