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  1. Arrrggghhh!!! I just painted it silver. I think I'll leave it...
  2. Very nice (I'm assuming you're talking about Yorkshire - lovely place).
  3. Without the colour photo to prove otherwise... I think I'll leave them black (for now). I see what you mean, but then there's the angle of the light striking the dished wheel centres. And look at the names detail just ahead of the cockpit (pilot and crew chief etc), almost certainly black, but has that same grey shade as the wheels... I think the speculation is really useful, I'm grateful for your thoughts! Not a bad idea!
  4. I did the same on my Academy P-51B, and the Hasegawa, for the same reason. Not worth all the hassle and the inevitable silvering that will result. It was bad enough on the essential decals. All looking very good CT!
  5. Looks a lot better than I expected Tony, and nicely modelled, naturally.
  6. Shame John, but as you say, more trouble than it's worth.
  7. Hi Mike, Definitely! Made a few of them in my time. I wonder what it looks like now? Looking forward to finding out. Good luck (you may need it!) Cheers,
  8. Toryu’s suggestion is good. But decals react differently, some float off really easily, some stick like hell. Before dumping the whole thing in the water, try some warm water on them first, maybe with a drop of detergent to aid the wetting, dabbing it on with a brush for half an hour, and nudging with the brush. Might work. Best of luck!
  9. Lovely work Ragnar, shame to close it up, but has to be done. But what about the little satchel in the lower half? Should it be leather?
  10. Very nice! Excellent diorama.
  11. Different to the flat black on the wing, I'd go for OD.
  12. Very good progress and some lovely looking AM parts, the Squadron canopy looks great.
  13. Thanks Michael, Phew - I painted them black last night! Cheers,
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