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  1. It's the nature of the beast. Complicated lines, blame McDonnell Douglas. Could be worse, try the Hasegawa. It's a nice (old) kit but every join needed filling and or sanding, usually both. As long as you're enjoying yourself Jean! Keep going!
  2. Looks like a nice kit Thom, and good work on the cans!
  3. Very brave, Ray, to use the real thing for trials. And this was interesting as I'd never have dared to use MLT on a clear part for fear of damaging the surface, but no problems I gather?
  4. That’s really useful TD I’m just building Col Old’s SCAT XXVII in 1/72 using the Hobby 2000 (Hasegawa) kit.
  5. Hi Giorgio, I'm late to joining the party, but have enjoyed reading up! Fantastic builds. And very useful for my Hobby 2000 (Hasegawa) F-4C currently in work. And Fine Molds F-4D (just arrived from Japan! ). I'll lurk (and learn) near the back if that's OK. (obligatory). Cheers,
  6. Glad you've picked it up again. Your problems seem pretty typical of Hasegawa's Phantoms to me, very tricky around the front/back fuselage join and with the intakes adding to the problems. I've got exactly the same with my build, and filler in exactly the same places, but (having done one before) it will look good with paint!
  7. That's bad Rich! I'm assuming it was the solvent in the lacquer/thinner diffusing through the tape? Having just bought a set of the Tamiya LP range I'm suitably warned, but very sorry you had to find out like this! I guess you've tried polishing with micromesh? I recently had a load of trouble with my 1/24 Spitfire canopy. Scribing the knock-out panel on the side which didn't go well. Had go right back to good plastic, polishing for ages, starting with 3600 and finishing with 12000. You can go very deep as I found out! Your build is so awesome you mustn't give up! Best of luck!
  8. I only have the set for the F-4J, I don't think it's included. But I can scratch something. Definitely!
  9. OK. I needed to find out if I could cut the 'bumps' (circled red) off the underside of the forward fuselage, under the intakes and on the underside of the wings. And the answer is yes. These were USN bumps and specific to the F-4J. Hasegawa use the same part for the C and J. I found the answer to this, and many other things, in Giorgio's @giemme quite amazing F-4C '1/72 McDD F-4 C Phantom II, Hasegawa/Monogram kitbash'. Initially it was just the rear two bumps that @Gene K Gene had indicated for removal, but later in Giorgio's build I see that they have all gone which concurs with the photo's I've looked at, including a photo of Col Old's actual F-4C; (Though I can't see the starboard side). But reading Giorgio's build has given me a bit more work to do . I'm definitely going to have to do more in the cockpit. This is the plan, and the list is not exhaustive. I think the following would be good; Scribe AAR panel on spine. I'm planning to have the canopies open so some instrument backs and wiring for the GIB's panel really is needed. Circuit breaker panel for GIB's stbd wall. Beacon antenna behind cockpit. The air pressure window above the stbd jet exhaust. Fill the (radar?) sensor on the front of the wings (arrowed in the pic above) Convert the 'dork fairing' to a strike camera. If any F-4 experts disagree with the plan, especially removing the F-4J bumps, please do let me know soon! Any other suggestions/additions gratefully accepted! PS - and I just noticed that I didn't drill the holes for the inner wing pylons . Cheers,
  10. Some of the best box art I've ever seen. My old microscale decals still seem OK, good luck with yours. I'm getting exactly the same with my Hobby 2000 (Hasegawa) F-4C, but nothing unmanageable. Fine Molds F-4D on it's way from Japan, I think they will take the Hasegawa and Fujimi 1/72 crowns - if you can find them! Cheers,
  11. Excellent, nice choice Stefan. I have the same in my stash (though won't get done in this STGB as our time is running out ). Best wishes for the build!
  12. That's the thing about modern jets, you do the cockpit, then the outside and you're still only halfway there Nice work on the seats, like the folds.
  13. I did think as I was rolling the rear intake tubes - this would be hard work using .015! Thanks Gene, I think they'll do, considering where they are and how much will be seen. But the painting was a bit rushed and I would have liked to spend more time on them. I can see from the photo you posted on the ARC Forum that they are actually more complicated than my hasty representation, but I'm becoming increasingly aware that October is running out and the end of the GB is looming. I always get bogged down in the detail, much of which no one sees, and I end up with a slow build and a rush to the finish. Off to do some 1:1 painting (local heritage road signs that the highways dept have given up on - 'everyone uses Sat Navs these days'). Then some more F-4C construction later. The fuselage/wing fit leaves a bit to be desired, but more of that later. Cheers,
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