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  1. The head-on shot works brilliantly, the bright light has given the picture great depth of field. And obviously the subject helps! The canons look especially good, I'll bet you're glad you added them? Keep them kittens away!
  2. Quite so Tony! The contents of the boxes are wonderful (and sometimes the end results...) But the cover of the box is often why we buy it. For me, my favourite so far in the FROG GB is Mike's Bleriot XI. Any more nominations?
  3. Well, it certainly looks more colourful, and has some nice (hard to do) pin-striping around the canopy. Looks good!
  4. Looks OK so far. Open canopy Martin? Tricky, but always looks good!
  5. Have we chatted about box art? I'm a bit of a fan of box art. There's some really great stuff out there. I have my own favourite (and for anyone who's followed my build it wouldn't take much to guess what). But what do others think? Any favourites?
  6. Looks excellent Martin! Looking forward to seeing it with the canopy on. It's interesting, some modellers paint with the canopy on, others leave the canopy off till the paint's applied. I suppose it depends on the nature of the canopy to a certain extent, but I usually feel safer leaving it off till the paint's on. Cheers
  7. Yes, the natural light really brings the colours out beautifully, they look great Pete
  8. Personally, I blame @TonyW! His fantastic collection (you can't just call this a stash) is an inspiration! Certainly inspired me! 4 (!) more Sea Furies in various forms. 2 F221F 'hang packs', 1 for 'the collection' and 1 that I'm going to try to do an OOB @stevej60 type build in the last week of the GB (i.e. less than the usual 2 months). We'll see. 2 1963 154Ps. I didn't need 2, but the second was a bargain and the sprues are still 'bent' as when they were originally packed by FROG. A Ta 152H. I bought loads of these as a kid. Having seen Steve's excellent builds, had to get one. FROG GB 2? A Novo Corsair. Another one for FROG GB 2? And a Hotspur Glider because I'd never seen or heard of one before this GB and it's wonderful. Ebay bargain, but the pilots have bailed out and several of the windows are gone too. And then there's the 4 new Sea Fury books... So yes Dave, I think I need help too, help to find somewhere to stash this lot! Cheers,
  9. That’s a great shame about the canopy. But it’s a pretty simple shape. Have you ever tried ‘slam moulding’ a canopy? Nice decals! I had the same experience with my Harrier decals earlier in this GB. They’d been in an unheated loft for 40 years, worked fine.
  10. No problem SD. I've bought a set of fündekals and won't be using the 114/115 part, which I'm going to send to Dave. He could be inundated with decals at this rate! When we've established which are best, Maybe Dave can decide which he'd like? Cheers,
  11. Looks brilliant Pete. I like the canons! Yes, dreadful isn't it! Just off out to cut some more hedge. Roll on winter!!!
  12. I did wonder about that Graham, but the deck looks dry and sea conditions calm. That's where I'm heading. From the photo, 105/VR943 looks fairly fresh. Appreciate your opinion, thanks! Thanks for your support everyone!
  13. Thanks Dave, you're right of course. I can get dangerously obsessive over minute details. Best thing is to take a break and continue when I've calmed down. The SF will have a satin finish. I found this excellent photo of the plane I'm modelling which shows, among other things (the rocket arrangement, position of stripes and stencils) that it looks to be finished in satin paint. Most Sea Furies you see modelled seem to be matt finished. But according to one source I read, early SFs were originally painted satin and later ones gloss. Not surprising really considering the environment they operated in. The photo is also revealing in that it shows (again, unsurprisingly - they were well looked after below deck) how clean the airframe and paint is. So many models are overweathered in my opinion. Cheers,
  14. Inspirational. A marvellous plane and build.
  15. Yup, I'm in complete agreement Pete. Your research and commitment to the model and the plane has been superb!
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