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  1. That really is gorgeous Kapam. What did you use for the NMF? The panel effect is great. (nothing wrong with yours Tony, they could share the same tarmac and look a treat!)
  2. You're right Stew. Edgar posted this in 2015: The debate as to whether the Y strap goes through the hole or down the back of the seat rumbles on. I've been through the posts so many times it makes my head spin. Still can't decide, so for this seat I think I'll be going with Edgar down the back of the seat (but not gluing it!). And then there's the lap belt on the right hand side of the seat pan... through the side hole? Cheers,
  3. Arrived today, the new seat by Grey Matter Figures. Looks OK. Well, very nice actually. The old and the new. Quite a difference. And I'm going to have to try to remember how I painted it. I know - I'll look in my thread! The red/brown/flaky colour was based on a receipe of Jonners. Pluses and Minuses... + It measures 18.50mm across, or 17.5" which is fine. - It has the lozenge in the base of the pan (for the dinghy?) which I think may be wrong for August 1940. + It has the recess in the port side of the pan for the ripcord. I thin
  4. It's a very good photo RR, and almost certainly fitted with the engine-driven system. But the above photos of P9450 have rather discredited the idea that the absence of the tank in the rear stbd canopy proves it was engine-driven.
  5. Nothing in Crandall's books that I can see. Richard Franks details it in his Airframe & Miniature No.3 Fw 190D and Ta 152 book; Fw 190 V77 (D-15 Prototype) W/Nr 210043* Stammkenzeichen TS+DQ. Colour & Markings - 'No images exist of this machine', which from the above may be wrong. * W/Nw - which conflicts with what Super Aero said; Not that I'm saying Super Aero is wrong! Edit - History of War page on the Focke-Wulf Fw 190D attributes W/Nr 210043 to the D-14 prototype. Interesting project, best of luck.
  6. Looks fantastic Dennis! I used the same masking technique on my 1/24 Spitfire (nearing completion), though I had to make my own Frisket masks. It's amazing how much paint these big kits use, and as with yours, always some post masking/painting touch-up required. I have these for my 1/48 Eduard Tempest, waiting patiently in the stash. I didn't like the colour of the Eduard decs. I've not used HGW Wet Transfers so will follow with interest. Cheers,
  7. It certainly does! Fitted a bit lower? If so it kind of discredits the idea of a good photo from the stbd without the header tank as proof.
  8. Thanks @Mark Postlethwaite - the photos of P9450 are excellent. A good find Ray. Even at that resolution you can clearly see the top of the rear cockpit wall and no header tank. Cheers Bob, a good reminder of the previous discussion on Spitfire K9938 SD-H. And here's another of P9450. Lovely photo, one of my favourites, Jeffrey Quill (I believe) at the controls on a test flight; Here's an enhanced crop of the cockpit area. If P9450 had the header tank it would be very evident. No gunsight fitted at this time.
  9. Hi Folks, To help unravel the Holy Grail of Spitfire uncertainties (or one of them, the other being the way a Sutton Harness was fitted ) @Ray_W found a useful diagram that shows the workings of the hand pumped undercarriage system; The header tank looks like this from the inside; or this from the outside; What we need is a very clear period photo of a Mk.1, showing the serial number and Sqn code, that doesn't have this tank. That or dig up a wreck. Cheers,
  10. Thanks Ray - I shall. And I also found the same post this morning looking for back armour dimensions. Not absolutely critical as the width and thickness can be fairly accurately judged from available photos, and scaled from the seat width - about 16-17". Hi Peter. I'll have to do a bit more digging on the seat belt, but I recall reading that the hole in the side of the seat pan on the stbd side was for the seat belt to avoid it snagging on the seat adjustment lever. But whether this was from a photo or just conjecture, I don't know. The Airfix seat is very wid
  11. Thanks Chris - so am I. Another item to add to the list are the exhausts which will need a lot of modification. I'm enjoying the build immensely (now I have the decals and paint on) but it really seems like 'The Never Ending Story', and the Bf 109 STGB is looming! Thanks Peter, and for the info on seat sizes and the photo. My Grey Matter Figures seat is on order, should arrive hopefully by Saturday. Spitfire seats are almost as contentious and complicated as the Sutton Harness! Cheers Ray - saved me a bit of looking. I shall certainly replace the Airfix armour whi
  12. More stunning and very delicate work Stefano! You must have good eyes and a steady hand. Great idea. I've seen some of this, or similar material - but didn't keep any!
  13. And very nice too! It really is a super little kit.
  14. And that's the problem. But they did have other things going on to occupy them! Don't worry Mike, I'm sure he's following! We need to find an RXXXX Spitfire with the engine driven system.
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