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  1. Hi Petr, In 2013 Hannants announced future releases of a Special Hobby Supermarine Seafire Mk.II in 1/72 (SH72150) and then a Supermarine Seafire XVII (SH72129} in 2018. Do you know if these releases are still planned? Many thanks, Charles
  2. Looking great. I'm enjoying following this, reminds me of my Fujimi Spitfire XIV build... many years ago.
  3. Johnson

    Eduard 1/48 Tempest

    Received the replacement part from Eduard a couple of days ago: Excellently packaged. Well done Eduard!
  4. Thank you Giorgio and Andre, I'd not considered that it was the hatch being too high, seems obvious when its pointed out! Certainly explains why the roundel position/height seemed incorrect. I will have to live with it now. There are other well known faults with the kit (like engine cowling width), but it still looks like a good model. Cheers!
  5. Interesting question! A Mk.II would be a logical follow-on for Eduard to the Mk.V series 1 and 2. I didn't see any mention of a Mk.II and the profiles suggest more Series 1 and 2. Here's a link to the Eduard 'info' file: https://www.eduard.com/out/media/InfoEduard/archive/2019/info-eduard-2019-06en.pdf Charlie
  6. Not to worry... always room for another Tempest!
  7. Hi all, A bit of progress, which is a bit difficult this time of year as apparently there's a garden out there (good thing its raining!) I'm fairly basic with my painting, I stick to Xtracolor for airbrush work and the decals go on really well. No messing about with additional gloss finishes. A coat of PRU blue and the black and white for the invasion stripes. Which are a topic in their own right: Thanks to @Giorgio N for his observation about the width of the back white stripe. This prompted me to do a bit of analysis on the only available photo I'm aware of: I measured the widths of each stripe, as best I could, and put the results in a spreadsheet to calculate the widths of the individual stripes: Some might think this a bit obsessive... Studying the photo made me think about the location and size of the fuselage roundel, which stuck me as bigger, or at least higher, than the one on Xtradecal set X72-105, but I'll leave that problem till I apply them. AND, if I'm right, the canopy is missing in the photo? I also agree with @ben_m that the stripes would not have been applied in a hurry. Probably quite carefully by an Aircraftsman under the watchful gaze of his Flight Sargeant. So I just need to measure, cut and position the masking tape to 0.01mm, should be easy! Mask the rest of the model: You might have noticed the airbrush? An old Aerograph "Super 63". Probably not the latest technology, second hand when I got it 25 years ago. Works fine. With Xtracolor, any masking tape needs to be removed while the paint is still soft, or you get a distinct raised line, luckily it all came off OK. But I have had a few mishaps at this stage. So far OK I think. Looking forward to the decals! Charlie
  8. Great stuff Jinxman (& John in the other thread) Having been raised in the 1960s on a diet of Airfix Mk.IXs, the Frog Mk.XIV was a bit of a revelation - a one-piece lower wing and an open cockpit! I must have made quite a few and still have the battered remains of one in my 'relic' box (along with a Frog Tempest and it's adversary, the Frog Ta 152H - painted all in grey as per the instructions). Got one in my stash, actually a Novo copy of it, moulded in a strange slightly mottled plastic. The canopy is as 'good' as yours. Cost £3.75 (+£1.00 p&p) from Mil-Slides in 1984, bought purely for nostalgia. I will follow with interest! Charlie
  9. I see in their June info publication that Eduard will be bringing out another Tempest V kit in their 'Royal Class' series, a duel combo. As a confirmed long time Tempest nut, I'm excited by the prospect, I'm sure it will be great and probably good value. But on a note of realism I already have enough Eduard Tempests in my stash and I'm not sure I have the room or time for another (sacrilege!) BUT - the kit will include a publication by Chris Thomas 'An Illustrated History of the Temporary Tempest', which may tip the balance of sensible behaviour. I wonder if it might be sold separately? Charlie
  10. Johnson

    Eduard 1/48 Tempest

    Got a very nice reply from Eduard support who are going to send me a replacement for the part. Quite agree! Separate bags maybe? Charlie
  11. Johnson

    Eduard 1/48 Tempest

    These are the pics I sent to Eduard. I've asked for a replacement part. After Colin's post I checked my still sealed bag and one of the parts (F8) was damaged. The cause was too many sprues in a single bag leading to tight packing and the pressure caused by the fuselage half on the fragile part F8 it was pressed against. An avoidable breakage. Charlie
  12. Johnson

    Eduard 1/48 Tempest

    Just checked my still sealed kit, and yes, it's broken. It's the way its packed. The canopy rail is hard up against the inner fuselage half, tightly packed, the result is obvious. Charlie
  13. Quite agree. I'd always assumed PRU blue. I'm (slowly) modelling RM645/Z, which is labelled PRU Blue, and PM655/W*6C appears on the same scale plans as 'Deep Sky', a colour I'm unfamiliar with, being mostly interested in WW2. Fred Spring's plans seem well researched and I wondered how he came to the conclusion that the later Spit XIX was a different colour. For a modeller, always worth bearing in mind! Thanks everyone, Charlie
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