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  1. I felt much the same way as you Pete in the early stages of my Hasagawa build (F-15C, a bit simpler - no CFTs!), I lacked enthusiasm despite having looked forward to building the kit for years. Looking at the various 1/72 Hasagawa builds in this GB, we all seem to be having similar issues, less than perfect fit in many areas and filling and sanding required. Now I've got the construction finished (photos tomorrow) I feel a whole lot better about it, such an impressive plane! Mojo restored somewhat. Hopefully you will get the same lift when you get to that stage.
  2. Well done, nearly there! I have the incentive that these wonderful birds actually fly over my house occasionally. 7 (might have been 8 ) F-15Es, can only have been from LN, went over a while ago. Awesome!
  3. Not a like a Hasagawa F-15 then Nice work Gerard!
  4. Hasegawa did that at 1/72, agree it's a bad option. Wouldn't know it with yours, looks immaculate!
  5. Beautiful! (Have you considered an Opitivisor? I couldn't manage without it these days)
  6. Excellent suggestion Enzo! A quick delve into the paint stash and I have Xtracolor X136 FS16375 Light Compass Grey and Sovereign Hobbies Colourcoats ACUS03 Light Ghost Gray FS26375; The Xtracolor 'Light Compass Grey' will be perfect for the weathered F-15 and the slightly bluer Coloucoats 'Light Ghost Gray' for the AIM-7M (and AIM-9L) missiles. (theoretically they're the same colour, they both have the same FS number (the first number is whether they're gloss, satin or matt paint). The IPMS Stockholm FS Colour Chart only refers to Compass Grey, so where Ghost Grey comes from is a mystery to me. A bit spooky really ! Maybe @Jamie @ Sovereign Hobbies can explain why his paint is Ghost Gray?)
  7. Hi folks, My Desert Storm F-15C will carry Sparrow AIM-7M missiles. But I'm not entirely sure about the colors. @Ol' Scrapiron posted a useful photo in the F-15 reference; F-15A 76-0027, NMoUSAF Looks like an operational F-15 (From Fine Scale Modeler, link copied) The fins look dark grey (not black as given in instructions) and in both pics the missile body certainly seems lighter and slightly bluer than the Light Ghost Grey FS36375 of the F-15A carrying them. Any ideas? And, while I'm asking, do you think the plane would have carried wing and belly tanks on Ops? Cheers,
  8. Looks great in red Chris, much nicer than yellow (green's looking cool too). Keep up the good work.
  9. Not you Pappy. I got pretty much identical fit. Nothing disastrous that a bit of filler wouldn't solve but I did use a piece of sprue across the back of the avionics bay to widen the back a bit while the TET set. I hadn't considered nose weight - too late now! . All nice work in the undercart dept Pappy.
  10. Nice project! The kit looks very good but surprising that they put a seam along the canopy. Best of luck for getting rid of it, the new micromesh polishing clothes are great and should do the job.
  11. That's a lot Pappy! GWH & Academy F-15Cs are retailing for about £25 here ($40). Is it the import tax? I do agree about the wing (having just had to 'adjust' the wing/fuselage joins), GWH is a much better and obvious way. But they were never an option for me as I had two Has F-15Cs and one E in the stash. Cheers,
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