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  1. Still on catch up (as ever). Another quite amazing plane, almost as incredible as the Savoia Marchetti S. 55 X! (but not quite). And a super build Jaime, I look forward to following the rest.
  2. It certainly is! What an amazing film. Complicated task getting an aircraft into the air off a ship, must have been fun in rough weather at night. Does the Walrus have a co-pilot? I was thinking about what looks like a bullet hole through the right hand windshield.
  3. I've always admired sea dioramas Robert, so following with interest. It looks like an excellent kit! Best wishes for the rest of the build!
  4. Excellent work John, the little details do make a difference. You're heading for another build I'm going to be envious of! Cheers,
  5. Hi Stuart, Yes, I can see why you want to replace them, I'm sure you can improve what's there. The one true scale? (I'm not entirely sure I believe that, though it is my favourite). Get more kits on the shelf? The Challenge! Keeps us amused (especially this build!) Cheers!
  6. It all looks very good from here P! But I know from long experience that up close and as involved as you are, the smallest error assumes mammoth proportions! And probably exacerbated by not feeling 100%. Hope you feel better soon, better now than over Christmas (if that's any solace?) Best wishes,
  7. Thanks for the pointer Noel! Did I miss the post before, sorry, not paying attention! I will have to study my references and see if I can find the photo. But I never knew about only one roundel, I'd assumed, wrongly it transpires, that Airfix made a mistake with their graphics... so you can imagine what I did with my Airfix WZ-T . Ah well, a bit late now. I could remove my extra roundel but I'd probably mess up the whole wing! I'll just have to assume the photo was taken halfway through painting the roundels on and it probably got added later. I made the Airfix Spitfire which is fairly simple but enjoyable kit and it's hard to say looking at them which is the better, probably the Tamiya - the panel lines look better for starters. And I think Berto has done a better job on his. I could add a pic of my Airfix attempt at WZ-T, but only if @Berto says its OK as it's his RFI thread which I have no wish to hijack! Cheers!
  8. What is the story? and ... Very nice Spitfire!
  9. And the exterior's looking pretty good too!
  10. Thanks Adrian. I think it looks OK, but I guess it would be a cop-out to leave it like that. Mind you, I often think a kit looks best in the box... its all downhill from there. Cheers Jaime. I have some ALC-101 and I'm going to do some experiments, but I'll have to wait until the coast is clear (i.e. the house is empty). Smell? What smell?
  11. Nothing a tiny bit of touch up won't cure, not bad at all! Coming on nicely.
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