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  1. If we asked @Enzo the Magnificent very nicely, he might give us a bit more time? I could then finish my EE Lightning! Please! Charlie
  2. Many thanks Adrian. They certainly hung a lot on the Wessex. Of course, I'm now thinking a camouflaged Wessex would look good in comparison! Cheers Cliff, most kind! The folks at FROG might have been pleased, Thanks Chris! I was very happy with the end result, which is never really certain until you get there My pleasure Dave, thank you. Only possible because you and Pat ran the GB. I hope to see some more of your excellent work appearing soon! Cheers Martin. FROG got it pretty much right, I just added a few bits! Thank you AaCee. For some strange reason I actually find it easier and more fun to make something out of an old kit. Maybe it's becuase the starting expectations aren't so high? Thanks Jeff, you're most kind. Just a bit of work now and then. Seriously - it's been on the go since January! It does surprise me though that such an important Helicopter has been largely overlooked in 1/72. I know there are other 1/72 scale kits, but the FROG was probably as good a starting point as any. We could really do with a modern update (come on Airfix! ). Thanks Mike. It's been a steep learning curve for me. The Wessex in all it's forms is complicated with lots of changes and different equipment attached to the outside. The rotors are't strictly correct for a parked Wessex. As @Bertie McBoatface explained early on it this thread, they shouldn't form an exact cruciform. Trouble is, without some major surgery, the rotor mechanism in the centre can't be adjusted. The main rotor blades aren't actually glued, they are a tight fit so no need. I'll see if I can adjust them as Bertie advised and post a photo here. Charlie
  3. Brave move, but quite understandable. Generally I'm too terrified to use anything but PVA. The detail looks very good through the clear parts. Regards, Charlie
  4. Westland Wessex HAS.1 XM844 / 302 of 815 NAS The FROG Wessex is basic but quite good. It is accurate in shape and the FROG chaps engineered it well, especially the main rotor mechanism (but alas not the rear). I got a bit carried away and added a few aftermarket products and scratch built parts; Eduard Mk.44 Torpedo. ResKit wheels and float gear. Uschi thread for the rigging. Stainless steel mesh from eBay. The crew are PJ Productions 1990s RAF pilots. Whether they look like a 1960 RN Wessex crew I'm uncertain. Paint - main colours are Sovereign Hobbies Colourcoats. Eduard decals set 108 (815 NAS History) and some from Modeldecal set 99. Scratched - Cockpit, winch, HF Transmitter/Receiver aerial wires, compressed air tank for the floats, AN/APN Doppler Radar, dipping Sonar Type 194, VHF/UHF Radio Masts, windscreen wipers, cover in the engine intake, the duct work underneath (that you can't see) and various mesh screens. Hope you like it. XM844 was converted to HAS.3 in 1967. Flying with 737 NAS she was unfortunately lost on 13th Dec 1976 when she crashed on take off from HMS Devonshire west of Lundy Island and sank. Thanks to all who gave me advice and support and to Dave and Pat for another great FROG GB! Charlie For anyone wanting a bit more detail on the build, here's the WIP.
  5. I've run out of bits to stick on the Wessex, so it must be finished! The last details were the HF Transmitter/Receiver aerial wires which are practically invisible! I'll post some more pics in the gallery later. Thanks all for your help and support along the way. Seems ages since I started. Cheers, Charlie
  6. Cheers Colin! Hope the hols were good! Many thanks Jeff, more details to come! Cheers Gavin, most kind! Charlie
  7. Sorry folks, a bit of a gap in progress. 1:1 work in the house - painting and wallpapering (as much fun as masking ). And been away - up to the big city! Saw Tom Hanks' Moonwalkers at the Lightroom. Amazing! Fantastic! Anyway... managed to get some work done, especially with the wet weather today. Added the Anti-Collision Light to the tail. Proper Humbrol silver - must be 50 years old - with a coat of Tamiya transparent red (not yet painted in the photo). And sticking things on the Wessex; There are an awful lot of bits and bobs on the outside of a Wessex. The winch was a bit of a nightmare, wasn't straight and needed modification, still a bit wonky but will have to do. I may add some wires and ought to add the winch hook. The HF Transmitter/Receiver aerial supports are attached with PVA, as are most of the things stuck on, not trusting anything as 'immediate' as superglue or dissolving likeTET. The EMRU (which houses the Mk.44 torpedo) attached, still need to paint the rear bracing struts. Still to add; HF Transmitter/Receiver aerial wires. AN/APN Doppler Radar. Mk.44 torpedo. Dipping Sonar Type 194. VHF/UHF Radio Masts. Floatation gear to the wheels. Windscreen wipers. The small white decal around the stbd engine 'fire' panel. Rotors!
  8. Great project and very nice start. I think I counted 250 of them! Took bloomin ages. Best of luck! Charlie
  9. Fair enough. Do let us know how you get on if you have time, fit etc. Cheers.
  10. They look great to my eyes. Thanks for posting Keith. Will you be posting any more pics of your builds? Maybe in the Work In Progress section? Charlie
  11. Do you have a WIP thread for your build? Would be interesting to see how its progressing.
  12. An excellent start Neal. A kit I have - and must build (and the Airfix mag, and a small Eduard PE set). Will be following with interest. Cheers, Charlie
  13. Hi Bruno, A plane (kit) missing from both my shelf and stack. I need to follow and learn. Great start, love the detail you're adding. Charlie
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