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  1. Love the Hawk and looking forward to more of your restoration magic Brian. But... Does the small linger? Not sure I could stand it! . But obviously works very well and separates the parts as well? Cheers
  2. Most impressive. The cockpit looks superb. Are the placards, maps etc from the kit or did you add them? Thanks,
  3. I've looked at these KP Spitfires and wondered if I should. They look pretty good. But I've shied away from some E.European kit makers because the decals are often poor, and these look as if they might be. Looking at the completed kits on the link you posted, the roundel yellow and red both appear to be a bit light/bright, though pre-war markings were brighter. On DW-Q I would prefer the upper wing roundel (and other red markings) to be more of a brick red - Graham @Graham Boak may know more. Hard to tell - it may be the wash - but the panel lines look similar to Airfix, possibly not quite as canyon like. I'm sure they could be made into a quite reasonable model. There's also the price, nearly double the Airfix Mk.1. Anyway, back to your model; I really hope not. You're clearly a good modeller and have done some really excellent work. I think if completed it would look very good.
  4. I did WZ-T a few years back and got on with the Airfix decals OK. They're much better than they used to be. I found this photo useful when I made the kit. Not sure how far you want to take the painting, but note the darker brown paint around the fuselage roundel where the outer circle has been overpainted. Also the curved demarcation (not along the panel line) between the upper camo colours and the black of the underside on the lower engine cowl.
  5. Funny that they always seem to be missing from kits. they are a nice bit of detail. I added one to my 1/72 SHAR (it's a bit hard to see!).
  6. There was a press day for 19 Sqn and they put up all their new Spitfires including one's that only had one roundel painted on the tops of the wings. So I suppose if your plane was one of these it would be historically correct. But the assumption is that they would have had the second roundel painted later. So if you did use two roundels, you wouldn't be wrong to do so. And, as can be seen, some had none! Low Res scan for study use. If there's a copyright issue, I will delete. Dreadful photo, sorry, someone probably has a better one. But the nearest Spitfire, WZ-T has only one roundel, as per the Airfix kit. And the next Spit, WZ-M, only has one but this time on the starboard wing. Which Spitfire are you making?
  7. It was a guard, a precaution, to prevent the anti-spin parachute getting tangled with the rudder.
  8. Not nice! Hope you feel better soon. Do you get flu jabs? Great work on the i/p. All looking very good. The original 1/24 Airfix Spitfire pilot (53 years old!) always looked OK I thought. I'm sure he'll be very pleased with the new improved Spitfire. Cheers,
  9. Difficult, but clearly some excellent work going on there.
  10. An excellent plan Craig, both the markings and the e-wing. Something that you may wish to consider however is the relative sizes of the .303" and .5" Browning MGs? 0.2mm is correct as to the difference in the diameters of the MGs barrel bore. But the .50 cal browning had a larger receiver (the boxy back part) than the .30 cal. I haven't done the maths for 1/24, and indeed, I may be misunderstanding or not reading carefully enough your method, so this is not a criticism. But using the kit .303" brownings to represent a .50" may need thinking about. Possibly (from above) the difference at 1/24 isn't significant? Hope this helps,
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