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  1. Looks great Steve, looking forward to seeing the pics in the gallery. Not only worked, the canopy is incredibly clear! It looks very thin, the details inside the cockpit are all really clear.
  2. The old Aeromaster decals went on fine. No real dramas apart from JG302 unit badge on the port side that stuck a bit too quickly and firmly... at slightly the wrong angle . I was very fed up with myself. But better than the Aeromaster instruction/profile (on page 1) that would have you stick them on facing the other way round. The end of the tunnel is in sight! Next up; a matt coat and add all the bits & bobs. Oh yes, and make a new aerial attachment for the tail which predictably broke off. Cheers,
  3. Many thanks Troy, a very full and useful explanation. And a great link. So, while I now understand what the markings mean, I still have to decide what my Bf 109 G-6 might have used; B4 or 87? I will plump for 87 as I've seen more photos of G-6s with 87. Cheers,
  4. I'm just about to add the little yellow on white triangle that specifies the fuel next to the fuel filler at the top of the fuselage. The decals give 3 choices; C3 B4 87 I understand that C3 is 100 octane and B4 is 87 octane. The 109G-6 had the Daimler-Benz DB 605 A-1 engine and used 87 Octane fuel, so the 87 marking would be correct. But maybe B4 would be correct too, and why two markings (B4 and 87)? Can anyone advise me which would be right? The Bf 109 G-6 I'm modelleing is Black (or Red) 8 of 2/JG302 in late 1943 or early 1944 at Malmi airpor
  5. That looks excellent Will. Great paint finish and the decals went on well. Cheers,
  6. One on the shelf, one on the bench and NINE in the stash. Looking forward to the end of May!
  7. Thanks Steve. The old Heller is shaping up quite well I think. A bit more messing about with the paint today, and looking forward to seeing what the decals look like. Cheers,
  8. Very likely Pete. For years Hannants Xtracolor RLM82 was labelled as Dunkelgrun and RLM83 as Lichtgrun. They’ve corrected it now but I still get confused!
  9. Good grief! Another great kit and build.
  10. Nice work Martin! Er... interesting stuff you use 'gloop'. How do you make it? Cheers,
  11. Pete, that's absolutely brilliant, thank you so much. Your post is definitely one to print out. I was intrigued by the difference in names between the Sovereign Hobbies Colourcoats and Hannants Xtracolor, this explains it completely. And I notice that the list doesn't include the semi-mythical RLM 84 (bound to get in trouble for saying that!) Interesting that Dornier labelled RLM82 as Dunkelgrun/Dark Green. That must have caused confusion. I've been a fan of Xtracolors for many years but have recently invested in Colourcoats which I'm looking forward to trying in the Bf
  12. In the end I did the fuselage mottle freehand with the airbrush, an old Aerograph Super 63 with a very fine nozzle which is great for this sort of fine work. I contemplated using a mottle mask, but masks can cause as many problems as they solve. The biggest headache with mottle at 1/72 is getting the size and the feathering effect right. A mask can help with the size but can cause uneven affects on the feathering and they are very fiddly to use. I'm happy with the results and it will improve with decals and a final matt coat. But before that lots of detail to add; paint the exhausts, pitot tub
  13. It's been a while since I built a 109 and I'd forgotten how complicated painting can be, especially when using enamels which take a day to dry. First, the wings and tailplane get a coat of RLM75 Grauviolett; (I'm using Xtracolor which calls RLM75 - Grauviolett, but I notice that Colourcoats now call this Mittelgrau) Next colour is RLM74 Graugrun (Dunkelgrau-grunlich); Fuselage masking; Today the plan is to get the fuselage sides mottled. Hmmm... freehand or masks? A bit of experimentation is called for.
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