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  1. Very true. With me it was an instrument in the cockpit upside down. Paintwork looks good.
  2. A late catch up with your build Craig, I was there at the start, but got waylaid by my own OTT build (which won't get finished in time). An very enjoyable read, possibly more so then the fun you've had with spraying etc. Airbrushes can be most frustrating. But glad it seems to have settled down. And very sorry about Jasper. Being 'a bit older', and having had many cats, I know what its like. Best of luck for the rest of the build!
  3. Looking great Peter. Also missing on the old 1/24 Airfix Spitfire! And looking back over your thread, I must remember to scribe in the flare chute while I'm working on the underside. Always tricky but they look OK to me. I'm not a fan of the darker codes some manufactures have produced.
  4. Thanks OH. I'll keep going with this thread in the BoB GB until I run out of time, then ask Mike to transfer it to the general WIP area. I'm a bit gutted that I won't finish it in the time, but it's not worth rushing the finish. Do bear in mind that this is the Spitfire Mk1 cockpit at just one moment in time. Much of the work I did on it was researching what it looked like in Aug 1940 and I was very lucky that the Spitfire (R6692) the RAF chose for their 'Daily Inspection of a Spitfire' film was the next one to the one I'm modelling. The fit out of the cockpit evolved a
  5. Sorry to hear you're suffering! Great post about underside colours. Those MAP paint chips look so useful, I wish someone would produce more. Quite agree with that sentiment. I feel the same about the 1/24 Spitfire I'm slowly putting together, though I regret that I won't finish anything in the BoB GB and I'd been looking forward to it for ages. Your Hurricane is coming along nicely. I've just bought the new Wingleader Hurricane book, still unwrapped in the hall, something to enjoy over a cuppa later.
  6. Thanks Ray, if I can I will predrill and avoid the seam. Cheers John. As I'm unlikely (!) to complete by the end of the GB, I'm not sure if I should leave this thread here or ask a mod to move it to a normal WIP thread. Possibly @Mike can advise? What do you think Mike?
  7. Hi Peter, Thanks for the birthday wishes, 65! It was a good day but not great. I'd put my back out the week before and it's only now just resuming normal service. Moral - don't lift heavy things thinking you've got a 20 year back! The number of times I've done it... I planned the position of the wing spar fairly carefully to get max height and strength and to avoid the wheel wells. It can't be seen from the cockpit. It improves the wing/fuselage fit but I'm still toying with attaching the tops of the wings first. To try it out I'm going to use some small self tapping s
  8. The fuselage closed up OK. Not wishing to take chances, I'm adding a bit of bracing to the main plane, an .0080" plasticard spar cut to give the necessary 6 degree dihedral. I'm also debating how to join the wings to the fuselage and may attach the top halves first, something I've seen others do to good effect, but not tried. It should make getting a good wing/fuselage join easier. I like the the rudder and elevators, the fabric effect is very good. The engine cowlings look like they may need a bit of fettling! But next will be removing the odd bracing st
  9. Stripes on spinners are one of the hardest paint jobs to achieve. If you do, might I suggest a method that worked for me? Tape (Tamiya or similar) is wrapped around the spinner. The spinner is then placed on a block, with a hole drilled in it for the shaft, so that it can rotate - but not move up or down. Rotating the spinner, the tape is very gently cut with a new No 10 scalpel blade which is firmly held (fingers will do) on another block so that the cut remains at the same level as the spinner rotates. This can take a bit of setting up to get
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