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  1. Easy to spend another £10 and get it post free? Or Jadlam Racing have it for the same price and are free P&P.
  2. @Rabbit Leader mentioned in another thread that the S1 wheels were a different size (smaller I think), which I never knew. But don't quote me on this. If he's around, Dave may see this and provide more info.
  3. Looks good Neil. Glad it’s going together well. The engine cowlings can be a bit fiddly and may need a bit of fettling.
  4. I didn't on mine. I can't say I paid them much attention, they look OK, but I've never compared them to the real thing. But this was pre-internet days so things like reviews and critiques on kits were confined to magazines, and when I bought the kit it was a new release. Are they deemed to be inaccurate?
  5. I made the Academy B-17F back in about 1996 and found it very good, the first model I airbrushed (with mixed results). As far as I can tell looking at the timeline on Scalemates, the one being sold now is the same kit with new parts.
  6. It is the one Roger Freeman wrote about, and good to see more photos. It would make a good choice for 'someone' (no pressure @Bertie Psmith, but I'm committed to my Bf 109 G-2 'Black 6' in RAAF hands). Decals are available! https://www.hannants.co.uk/product/KORD72208?result-token=LeZBR
  7. I recall reading about a B-17 the Germans captured and flew. It’s mentioned in Roger Freeman’s book The Mighty Eighth. A B-17F, 360BS, 303BG, 41-24585. Used to develop fighter tactics. There’s a pic showing the markings underneath which I think was painted yellow.
  8. Looks Magnificent, like you have the full sized plane in your room!
  9. Your top link doesn't appear to work @Homebee Of course, it could be me! Having seen the KP Tempest V sprues and decals that @TEMPESTMK5 kindly posted; https://master194.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=3&t=117608 I think I'll be waiting for the Airfix Mk V, even if it is 2023 (info from Hannants website - https://www.hannants.co.uk/product/AX02109). Although I wonder if that's a Hannants typo?
  10. I have the same (or similar, there was confusion about the s/n) plane on my shelf, modelled many years ago using the Heller kit.
  11. I'm the same as Pat. I have three copies! All looks very good Patrice. Have you decided which of Pierre Clostermann's Tempests you will build? [Edit! A re-read of your thread showed me I’d missed your earlier post! A very good choice!]
  12. Good evening Patrice, Many thanks for posting the sprue shots and decals. The parts look good. The decals look OK. The colours seem right and the registration looks fine. But KP haven't exactly gone to town on them. There aren't many there, even the basic stencils would have been nice. I suppose one could always try to find stencils. These days we expect slightly more? Anyway, I look forward to following your Pierre Clostermann build. Merci beaucoup!
  13. Hi Folks, So Hannants have the new KP Tempest Mk.V in stock; 486 Sqn Jimmy Sheddon's plane etc. Has anyone seen the sprues yet? Any good? And what (big question for me) what are the decals like? Thanks!
  14. Thanks Col, more desperation than inspiration. Nearly gave up when I saw how bad they were. Concentrating on the 'bits & bobs', hope to get it completed soon and can get another built before the Phantom STGB starts. Cheers,
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