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  1. That's truly some great modelling here. Incredible painting and weathering skills that are combined with the attention to detail. I like it a lot what you have done here so far. Kristjan
  2. There's some progress with this one to report. I managed to finish the partial interior. There's really not much effort in it, just oall the Trumpeter bits and pieces put together and painted. After gluing the upper and lower hull together, I started with the exterior. The fender plating is only halfway there though, I ran out of rivets and have to wait till the additional ones arrive. I guess the images speak for themselves here.
  3. Beautiful work here. I really like the chilly-snowy-wintery overall feel this model gives. And the snow effects look exceptionally realistic. Great job altogether. Kristjan
  4. Yep, that's a familiar sight. Nice start on this. Kristjan
  5. Sorry to disappoint you, but there's no figure in this kit. I have built it long time ago. It's a decent kit, tough not in the same level as the later Dragon Pz.IV chassis based kits, but it builds into a nice model.
  6. And it didn't take too long to get all the stuff into the engine bay. Even though its pretty crowded there, the fit was actually very good. Only thing is to notice is to not trust the order the instructions give you too much and test fit everything all the time. Ammo storage and last minor details were added into the fighting compartment along with the engine. And here's how she looks right now. Only the cooling system to add and few hoses and I could go on with the upper part
  7. Man, you are quick with this. But it does look good.
  8. Well, even though the previous version looked great to me, the v1.2 is definately better. Marvellous work you are doing here, Dan.
  9. You are too kind, my friends. Haven't found the crank yet to start it. The gasoline recommended for this kind of engine is called "das Benzin". You can get it only from Germany and it is delivered in very small barrels. I have a few ideas to make the engine deck and the front opening detachable. And the turret of course. The plan is to hide some magnets in the engine air filters and in the radio box so the covers could be removed if needed. The next update will follow soon. Kristjan
  10. Hi, and thanks. If you liked it unpainted, then check this out. Tried some new techniques here. I used oils much more than I used to and found them pretty nice to work with. This is the striped hose, that will be prominent when the engine bay is completed. And I also started to put the stuff into the rear end of the tank. Here are the fuel tanks already glued in. I added some more oil stains to the engine bay as well prior to fitting the engine
  11. Seems you are starting to like the armor with interior. Great start here.
  12. God almighty, this looks good. Faded look and weathering is spot on. Lovely model. PS. Maybe you'd want to check your tail light there and touch it up with some red. Kristjan
  13. Here you are: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D8jpnkulVOk&ab_channel=caddydave Cheers, Kristjan
  14. Looking good. Why didn't you use the decals on the instrument panel?
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