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  1. Thanks, guys! While the Panther is on another little pause I'm going on with this one. Last time I left off just before the painting stage. Prepping took a little while as many of the things needed to be masked. Then went on the primer. Preshading is really not necessary this time, but as I tend to be not very good at this, I decided it's a good place to practice it a little. Then goes on Panzer Gray. I used Tamiya XF-63 German Gray straight out of the jar this time. After a coat of semi-gloss clear on the gray I had most of the decals on and then some more masking. Also all the tools were temporarily added on fenders for the next stage of painting. On the photos it has a bit more sheen as there is hairspray also sprayed on at this time. And then a coat of desert yellow. I desired a pale light desert yellow on this one and used a mix of Lifecolor UA084 German Desert Yellow with UA090 Sand. It's gonna be a very early DAK vehicle when they didn't have designated desert colors assigned to DAK panzers yet. Cheers! Kristjan
  2. Thanks, friends, you are too kind. Little more to share about the mantlet and the main gun. The aluminum barrel is ABER's and it's a beautiful thing. All the gray plastic you see, is basically straight out of the box and one can see, the gun breech is very well detailed by Takom. It all went together with no effort and can be disassembled for painting. Cheers! Kristjan
  3. Thanks, Ed and Rob! Turret basket and the lower part of the turret is now painted. Nothing spectacular there, business as usual. And it sits quite snugly in in the hull Cheers! Kristjan
  4. Looks promising. Will be sure following this one. Don't worry about the number of sprues - their number will go down fast. Majority of the manufacturers, I believe, put most of the similar subbuild details on the same sprue, so mainly you'll be dealing with a 2 or 3 sprues at the time.
  5. Hi, Despite all the hot and summery weather that we've had here last few weeks, I've got a little update to share. The turret basket and the lower part of the turret is assembled and ready to paint. I added PE latches to a few boxes and shaved the storage shelf edges thinner. And also added some wires to an electrical box. It's pretty crowded there so some of it is dry-fitted to allow it to be decently painted and weathered. Cheers! Kristjan
  6. Nice work, looks fantastic. What paint did you use for 4BO?
  7. Ciao, Filippo, Welds are made using Tamiya Quick Type Epoxy Putty. My technique isn't quite as sophisticated, but pretty much the same, as this guy's tutorial https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F3GlNC2cK8s Kristjan
  8. I agree with APA - The tank really looks funky with this scheme. Can't wait to see it weathered.
  9. Thank you all for your kind words. I can report now the hull is finally closed. The process was a bit tricky to say the least - the front parts of the sponson floors needed some pressure to fit them in the upper hull. But I took my time and glued the thing one segment at the time and got it coming together just fine. When it was all together, some weld seems were needed to reproduce here and there. Cheers! Kristjan
  10. Impressive work on that truck, mate. Great attention to detail and very clean detail work.
  11. Hello there, chaps. It's been a while since my last update on this one. I had it on pause as the model was in a display at a local University library for a two months since march. After I got it back it has been a slow progress, but I hope to get my groove back with this one. Upper part of the hull is now assembled and painted. There wasn't much really as the radio box was the only intricate detail. The front of the radio has been replaced with Eduard pre-painted PE details and the power cables are made from scratch Drivers vision block has been replaced with a one from my spares bin, because the kit sadly doesn't come with clear parts. I considered clear periscopes that I had from spares as well, but finally decided to use the opaque ones the kit provides. The reason for this was considerably better fit. Cheers! Kristjan
  12. Looks great, mate. The engine sits in there just nicely.
  13. Thanks, mate. The yellowish weld seams you see on the photos were missing in the kit. I made these myself using Tamiya Epoxy Putty and a blunt exacto knife blade that have the tip rounded.
  14. And as the build phase has been mostly finished, here's how it looks before painting.
  15. Hi! It's been a while. I've been mostly busy with the tool clamps and holders. There are a lot of these and the progress has been slow. Most of the clamps and holders are from the Armorscale fenders kit I'm using. I intend to replace the plastic antenna mount as well, but the kit I plan to use hasn't yet arrived. One thing I noticed when checking different photos is that Dragon got the upper conical bolt head row too high on the upper hull additional armor plates and these need to be cut off and glued 1,5mm lower. Smoke candle rack on the rear is E.T. Models little set. This one went together quite nicely. All the bolt heads are replaced with Master Club bolts however. On the front I decided to use a spare track attached to the towing pintles. This kind of configuration can be sometimes seen on DAK Panzers. To the rear of the engine deck I added spare wheel holders each side - these can be seen quite often in different photos. The stainless wire pre-bent holders were provided in the kit and I only added weld seams when gluing these in place. And finally, here's what happens when driving not careful enough. Kristjan
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