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  1. Stunning work! Lovely desert cruiser. Details and weathering are spot on! Kristjan
  2. Beautiful job, well done! Paintjob and the overall weathering and finish is absolutely top notch.
  3. That's a promising new start. Looking forward to see this going. Kristjan
  4. I guess the 2007 Dragon 6394 kit was meant here. Most of the other Dragon Panzer III kits of any Ausf. version are based on the same kit and build all into a very accurate and detailed Panzer III. Kristjan
  5. Some of you may have already noticed a Pz.IV hull lurking at background on the Matilda photos. Well, here it is. The kit is Tristar's Panzer IV Ausf.B. some of the things to add are the PE fenders and the basic set by Aber. I also have Modelkasten early 38cm tracks to use and an aluminum barrel is on its way as well. Assembling the hull is tricky to say the least. large thin details are somewhat warped and there are no exact location points to be guided of. I started slow gluing it together segment by segment, on a glass sheet under the gentle weight to ensure the hull to be as straight as possible. the rear wall was the least collaborate and needed some filling at the bottom edge. Hull assembled, the next thing to deal with was to correct the brackets that support the idler's tensioning system. Tristar has depicted these the later type beginning of Ausf.D. Ausf A/B/C had these different however. I didn't have any clear photo of the bracket though, so the rivets there are pretty much the way as Dragon has these on their early Pz.IV hull. Front tow eyelets were replaced by details left over from some Dragon kit - Seemed a bit more accurate to me and I had these on hand anyway. One of the things that bothers me about this kit is the loose fit of the wheels. Haven't touched the roadwheels yet, but both the sprocket and the Idler sit quite loosely, return rollers being the worst with a half mill larger diameter hole to fit in. Otherwise the kit seems to go together quite nicely so far. Cheers! Kristjan
  6. That's an impressive job you've done with that ancient kit, Andrew. A lot of very clean styrene work can be seen on your photos. Kristjan
  7. That's a damn great job on the M2, Matt. Jawdroppingly impressive. I tried to assemble the M2 belt this way myself a few years back - really don't remember the PE set I used. Suffice to say, I wasn't up for that, and opted for resin ammo belt instead, which is the next best thing. Kristjan
  8. And that's it for the build. It was surprisingly quick and straightforward this time. Next to paint her to the caunter scheme. Here's a little gallery for you: Cheers! Kristjan
  9. Hey, Thanks, everyone! Continuing with the details on the turret. The rack on the left side of the turret were straight out of the Voyager set. Due to my lazy nature I didn't bother with the tarps on this, the rack quite often can be seen bare and empty on the photos Antenna mount needed a lot more attention. Both Tamiya and Voyager got it way too simplified. I didn't have a clear photo of the real thing but I think I got it quite right in the end. The antenna is somewhat lose on the photos due to the fact that it is dry fitted there. On the other hand, building the smoke launchers were quite straightforward only to add some rivets here and there. Voyager provided resin pistol grips to these too, but unfortunately I got mine lost somewhere. So I opted for Tamiya plastic here. And that's pretty much it for the turret. The little boxes hanging on the turret edge that kit provides I didn't use as apparently desert Matildas weren't equipped with these. Here's also a shot of a headlight details I mentioned earlier - a reflector, a cover and a lense Cheers! Kristjan
  10. Very unusual combination and beautiful workmanship. I especially like, how you have used dirt and dust overall.
  11. Man, that's a massive model of a very unusual vehicle and very well done at that. Congratulations!
  12. Hi Jack. I used screw heads PE set made by Aber, the code is 35A101. There are plenty of these in various sizes on the fret. Kristjan
  13. Truly beautiful paintjob and weathering!
  14. Thank you, guys! Like everybody, I've spent most of my time lately doomscrolling the news, but I have also found some time to do some modelling when the news get depressing and tiresome. I've finally got and replaced the track tensioner bolts with a brass 0.8x0.6mm bolts and these look pretty neat now. Since it was the last thing to do with the hull, I got on with the turret. Gun mantlet was replaced with a TMD resin one that I had and it needed some knife work to fit correctly. Gun itself is a Aber aluminum replacement that for some reason had some pretty deep scratches on it. hence the grey filler on the photo. Besa gun however was flawless. I replaced some larger screw heads on the turret roof as well. Tamiya also wants you to drill out a bunch of location holes on the turret shell. I really won't need the holes as I'll use PE parts, but drilled these out anyway just to seal with styrene rod. I mainly did this to mark the correct location of the details later. Commanders cupola needed some more work. I remade the hatch struts scratch But only had one for either hatch instead of two. It seems they had these in both configurations. That's how she looks a turret on. I tried and fit a commanders figure also in. It may need some more work there though. Looks like a contemporary superstar with his mic and haircut up there. Cheers! kristjan
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