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  1. Great work on the AT-T you have here. Here's the thread from my local forum of the same kit. The text is in estonian of course, but there are plenty of pictures you may find interesting. Guy, who's making this model, has served on the AT-T when in the army and thus familiar with the vehicle. http://www.militaar.net/phpBB2/viewtopic.php?f=45&t=39707 Hope you find it useful. Kristjan
  2. The scratch work here is immense. It really starts to come together.
  3. Thank you, John. So, getting on with cargo bay area. Grab handles and -railings has been reworked according to early model LVT's. Voyager set has brass details to replace the kit's water boxes. However they appear to be little too wide and the assembly is bit tricky, so I decided not to use these. There plenty of photos of LVT-4's without these water boxes. I relocated pike pole to the back of the cabin roof and made new holders using brass tubes. .30 cal and .50 cal machine guns are assembled as well but ammo containers and -holders are yet to be made. And this is how the model looks right now: Kristjan
  4. Looking sweet. So many variations of colour on such a little tank.
  5. Oh, it looks so sweet. The dusting has turned out excellent. Gotta love these little details like tissue paper tarps and painted covers on headlights. I guess it won't be long til we see finished model..
  6. I really enjoy this build. There's so much to learn from your wide variety of weathering methods.
  7. Thank you, Bigfoot. There's a little update on the rear ramp. The purpose is to have the rear ramp movable so I could display it either closed or open position. For that I first drilled the hinges out and added some magnets to hold the ramp closed in the up position. To deal with the cable, I made a little winch mechanism that is hidden in the rear left storage compartment of the hull. The winch is operated by a little crank just like on the real thing. I added 12 grams of soldering wire inside the ramp too before I sealed it, so it would be heavier and therefore add some tension to the thread. Thread I'm having on it now is only temporary for testing purposes - final one will be bit finer. Thanks for watching, Kristjan
  8. It's getting better and better. Chipping really catches the eye, especially on dark green areas.
  9. Love this build. The choice of colors and paint scheme looks fantastic.
  10. Thank you all, guys. Teeny tiny update of my build too. The roof of the crew compartment is painted and weathered inside. I airbrushed a coat of primer outside as well to see, if my surgery on the hatches need some additional filling and sanding, but it seems okay to me. I work on the ramp winch mechanism at the moment and hope to show you some progress on this soon. Kristjan
  11. Looking really good, Andy. As of occasionally poor molding with Meng kits, I had an experience with their Mark V tank, which held few of such surprises as well. At least the stowage lockers are not too hard to re-detail after sanding down the mold lines down. I like the sand colour too. Keep it going!
  12. Oh, it's looking great. Can't wait to see more. Kristjan
  13. Sorry, haven't started mine yet. I checked the M1 part of mine, though and it seemed okay in my kit.
  14. These PART set's, I've named above, are all for the new IBG TKS kits.
  15. The company is called Part. They make exterior sets for both variants of TKS and an interior set and they have photoetch track set as well. (P35-304; P35-305; P35-306;P35-307) Most Part sets are available in jadarhobby.pl, but maybe you could get their products somewhere else too. For disclaimer I have to say, that though I have 2 Part sets for my IBG TKS, I haven't tried these out yet and cannot comment about accuracy or quality.
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