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  1. Thanks, mate. The yellowish weld seams you see on the photos were missing in the kit. I made these myself using Tamiya Epoxy Putty and a blunt exacto knife blade that have the tip rounded.
  2. And as the build phase has been mostly finished, here's how it looks before painting.
  3. Hi! It's been a while. I've been mostly busy with the tool clamps and holders. There are a lot of these and the progress has been slow. Most of the clamps and holders are from the Armorscale fenders kit I'm using. I intend to replace the plastic antenna mount as well, but the kit I plan to use hasn't yet arrived. One thing I noticed when checking different photos is that Dragon got the upper conical bolt head row too high on the upper hull additional armor plates and these need to be cut off and glued 1,5mm lower.
  4. Nice work on this. Pity that the WIP threads doesn't show much of the actual progress.
  5. That's because power isn't the only thing that's important about engines. Tanks are heavy and need much torque beside power to move them around. Aircraft engines on the other hand need less torque because the power output is constant and the most important thing is the power output to create the most thrust.
  6. Great job with the engine, Marco. It looks really nice. Takom has done a great job engineering the engine like they have done, It simply falls together.
  7. Oh... it shall be hard to cut these hatches off the sprues and mind the paint at the same time.
  8. It's on the engine deck, behind the engine hatch.
  9. These two are radiator connectors. Jagdtiger fuel system was quite similar with the ones of King Tiger and Panther. It had several main tanks, which were connected with a smaller central tank that was located behind the engine in the very rear of the hull. The fuelling was done through that central tank. You could easily spot the fuel cap there. Kristjan
  10. Looking very good. Interior looks quite busy there. I would suggest oils spills and grease to the engine compartment though. Makes it more lively. Kristjan
  11. Tracks look great. How are they holding up? When I did the same kit few years ago I remember the tracks being quite fragile, so after all the cleaning and assembling I ended up with Friuls.
  12. That Tiger looks damn good. I really like how it looks. I've done the same exact Tiger almost ten years ago but made it all gray. With the winter wash pattern it looks way cooler.
  13. Thank you for your kind words. I was a bit impatient to get the turret together so I tried to get all the insides to be painted as quick as possible. Didn't bother too much with the details there, just enough that all that can be seen trough the hatches would be convincible. And that's how it sits in the hull: Then I hurried to glue two halves of the turret together to get over with it. And in the next day I realized it wasn't maybe the best idea, because the gap
  14. What a great looking model. Love, what you have done with the paintwork, especially the well worn winter wash. The plentiful use of additional details makes the model also lively and natural.
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