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  1. Well, thanks... I don't know much about the combustion engines, but having a slight idea and having assembled few in scale... your quite prominent additional pipework doesn't seem just quite logical in my mind, so my question was more that are these pipes just made up or did you have some reference about these?
  2. It's nice to see more interior builds here. Going together nicely so far. On what are your additional piping based on at the engine? It looks a bit weird but I didn't find any good photos to see how it actually were.
  3. It couldn't be that bad... One could take it as a meditative activity of some sort, listening some podcast or audiobook at the same time.
  4. Gotta love the weathering and finish on this one. How do you manage to get the wooden floor so realistic?
  5. It looks kind a busy underneath. I like it so far. Is it all glued together or can it be disassembled to sub sections to ease the painting?
  6. It looks awesome, mate.
  7. Thank you, guys. Well, got bit further with the interior. I replaced a few bits on the firewall to improve the detail there. Couple of pipes were added on the floor as well. These will show prominently when turret will be removed. The floor is a bit more busy than last time. Shells are yet to be added to the floor rack. And obviously there will be a turret gearbox in the middle of this all. The instrument panel replaced is by Eduard and is pre-printed. The print was a bit too lustrous thou
  8. Great result on the exhaust. Love the wide color variations of rust.
  9. Fantastic detailing, John. Lots of microscopic stuff there.
  10. First round of painting has been done. Assembling the sides to the bottom was the trickiest part. The torsion bars had to be glued to the sides and then while adding sides to the bottom, torsions need to be slid trough the floor frames. One needs a quite amount of patience to get all the torsion bar ends to their respective holes. This time I used AK RC RAL9001 Cream White for white parts and Humbrol 115 for lower parts of the interior. Kristjan
  11. Thanks, everyone. It's red primer. I tend to paint the insides of double roadwheels before assembling them. It's arguable, if the red primer there is the correct color there but it certainly gives an accent to the model. Idea is not mine though, I got it from the chap named James Tainton back in the Planetarmor forum more than a dozen years ago. I have not thoroughly mastered soldering myself, but if asked, I would recommend a decent soldering station and a nice little iron with a sharp pointy tip. And a loads of flux solves many of the problems you'll e
  12. This is my long lasting project started back in 2013. As you can see, there hasn't been much done here. But I recently got the fenders on it and figured it's time to get it up on the internet. I don't have the shot of all the stuff I'm using here, but the base kit is Dragon 6301. I won't use Vorpanzer parts and will make it a regular later version Ausf.E. I also have Armorscale fenders and barrel, Lion Roar PE set, Aber PE stowage bin and Modelkasten tracks for this project. I'm also using the interior bits that got left over of Trumpeters Brückenleger build
  13. Hi! I'm starting a new build of Takom's fantastic Panther kit. It has a full interior included and very thorough detailwise. I have an ABER set to it, which has all the goodies including aluminum barrel, brass MG barrels, antennas etc. There's also MasterClub tracks, Eduard Panther interior set, Tamiya brass shells and Aber shackles. Some of the aftermarket aren't really necessary, but on the other hand, why the hell not. The details are very crisp and so far the kit goes together really nice. Nothing much has done yet. I'm at the point to get the first
  14. That looks fantastic, mate. Details and finish are spot on.
  15. Those early Panzer IV's do look great, especially while in DAK livery. Great job on this!
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