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  1. Well, this is tiny. Looks very detailed at this scale.
  2. Thank you, f matthews. Your finished TKS looks superb and proves, that the IBG kit builds into a very decent model without using PE as well.
  3. Many thanks for your comments and kind words. The top hatches will be left opened finally and as the roof is mostly hatches, the vehicle could almost be considered as convertible... or at least targa top. But as of the progress the suspension has been completed. Except for the road wheels and return rollers, all the suspension has been replaced with the PART set. The assembly is very well detailed but fiddly thing to build. Most of it turned out quite fine, only thing I'm not entirely happy with is the position of the idler wheel, which sits a bit too high, but It's difficult to fix now when everything is assembled. Hopefully the impression can be softened with the tracks later. Kristjan
  4. Thank You all for your kind words. It is indeed very small vehicle. But packed with a lots of fine details. I considered these PE tracks myself, but I'm afraid the outcome would be too flat and unrealistic, so I decided to use plastic tracks instead. I only wish that Friul would come up with a set for TKS. I've got a bit of progress to show as well. I've completed the steering and the pedal linkage. With such a small and detailed model everything is related to one another. So I really can't move on with the interior without having the fenders attached. And I cant glue the fenders on without having the suspension done. So I've moved from the interior to the exterior and am halfway there with the suspension now. The good thing with the Part sets are that they are not only to complement the model with a finer detail, but all the suspension has been built up like a real thing. Drive sprockets have been also replaced with the ones with a detail better defined. Had to have these on to align the return rollers and road wheels. That's it for now. Kristjan
  5. The 4BO looks really nice. What product did you use?
  6. Very nice work you are doing here. Excellent attention to detail.
  7. It's coming along nicely and looks really good to me. By the photos I really can't see many issues and faults to be covered. I, as not a particularly skilled model builder, use weathering often to cover my errors. On the other hand it doesn't mean, that the same weathering couldn't enhance realism as well.
  8. I'm having my StuG currently on a pause, so meanwhile I have another build on my workbench, which is a little TKS tankette. The thing is really tiny, only a spec bigger than a matchbox. The kit is from IBG, which is currently the best one on the market over the RPM and Mirage kits. I also have Part aftermarket sets - both exterior and interior one, to add some detail to the vehicle, and ABER Hotchkiss M1914 barrel. It's going together relatively well. I have added great deal of Master Club rivets to the hull though - the front and rear glacis got them wrong and bottom had no rivets at all. And the engine has been completed as well. Kristjan
  9. Fantastic and very unusual approach. Also the scene is quite moving and emotional and offers a vary of possibilities what may be going on in between the lady and the somebody living in a tank. I love the weathering and those many little details too. Very well executed diorama with a lot to tell.
  10. It finally gets some color. Looking very good!
  11. This looks really good. I like a lot of the scratched and worn out desert yellow here.
  12. Thank you all. Unfortunately this project will be on hold for a while now. After assembling the fenders and gluing them on to the model, they seem to be a bit too wide. The fit of the Tamiya is poor and few of the details like front tow hooks seem to be at the wrong angle. None of these problems would be overwhelming by themselves, but all these together makes me to consider that it would be reasonable to wait the Dragon's new 6919 Ausf.B to be available (hopefully in september or october) and continue with the new kit. I could use the tracks already assembled, the aftermarket barrel and decals I already have, ABER's interior and exterior sets that I have too and would only need to buy new fenders. It's not a big loss really, since I have worked with this kit only for a ten days. It has been somewhat a learning experience however and working with Dragon will be so much more easier and relaxing than dealing with what I have now. This is how the StuG looks at the moment. I know it doesn't look too bad on the picture, but I'm really tired of dealing with every little detail that doesn't seem right on the model or is oversimplified or both.
  13. Thank you, Redcoat. I have Takom's Panther D wainting next and I surely consider R-Model tracks with this model. Somehow, using hot water and brute force, I managed to bend the upper hull narrow enough to fit between the metal angles. And after gluing the altered drivers front plate on, it stayed to its new shape. So, the main problem solved, I cannot see any other major obstacles to deal with with this model. I completed both track runs also. The vehicle sits bit high and not so forward-leaning compared to Dragon's Ausf.G, but Ausf.B was 4 tons lighter than Ausf.G so that makes a sense, I guess. I like the Dragon's look more, though. Kristjan
  14. The metal parts improve this poor quality kit a lot. I'm not so sure about the texture on fenders tho. Real UE had these without any pattern if remember correct. But it could always be some sort of field modification, I guess. Keep up the good work.
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