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  1. Absolutely fantastic painting and weathering on this. I can't help but just admire all the attention to dust effects on different areas on this little vehicle. Great job! Kristjan
  2. vaoinas


    These photos show Vesikko painted in a splinter camo and a deck gun. According to Wiki, Vesikko was armed with a 20mm Madsen AA gun Kristjan
  3. Man, thats jawdroppingly masterful. Wow! Kristjan
  4. Thanks, guys! Meanwhile I managed to paint the turret interior. Didn't bother myself with it too much though and the ugly turret ceiling and gun breech didn't lighten my spirit either. So a quick paintjob to close the thing once and for all. Here are the hatches with the glass blocks replaced. And the glass blocks in the commanders cupola. The towing cable has been added on the backside of the hull. I used 0.7mm Karaya copper cable for this. The cable ends are cloned from some Voyager Pz.III detailing kit. And I also redid the towing pintle bolt ends. I used 0.5mm brass rod there at first, but it seemed too thin, so I made the new ends using 0.7mm brass rod and the bolts look much beefier now. Cheers! Kristjan
  5. Truly beautiful job on this. Gotta love this level of detail work.
  6. Glad, you were able to fix the damage that good. It really looked quite serious at first. Great job on the mudguard detailing too. The bracket really is well visible there. Kristjan
  7. Terrific modeling you are doing here with this thing. And congrats closing that cab. Having done a few full interior models myself the feeling of closing something forever like this is very familiar. Keep up the good work! Kristjan
  8. Great work on that Panzer II. Pz.II is a lovely tank overall, and your model does it justice. I especially like the paintwork, weathering and the overall look you have achieved. Kristjan
  9. Congrats finishing the Marder! Very nice and clean build. And absolutely fantastic painting and weathering job. Kristjan
  10. Oh, that is just beautiful. One of the best Panzer II's that I have seen for a long time. Makes me want to do one of these too.
  11. Thanks, John. The watering can is done all by myself. This photo was the inspiration for that. Cheers! Kristjan
  12. Hey, thanks, guys! The gun breech is somewhat underwhelming in the Tristar kit. But it will hardly be seen when finished, so I let it be. Barrel is the same Aber one that I used in my previous Pz.IV build and it is as good as you can get. Gun mantlet is another detail in the kit that needs some attention. The sides should be grooved but are flush in the kit, so I cut these out and used some thin styrene strips glued together to make the new sides. They turned out to be not as even as I would like But I guess after the paint goes on, it doesn't show that much. I was really surprised though, there's no aftermarket option for this kit to correct the mantlet The turret has its basic basket floor. The motor is from a Dragon box and so is the MG with an Aber barrel. I had some Dragon early commanders cupola left over in my spares, so I used this instead of the kit one. Tristar cupola has no interior in it and the details aren't as sharp. The bolted strip at the rear of the turret is another story however. Tristar provides you a straight strip for this and it is meant to be bent carefully to the curved shape. Well I can't say I didn't try but it turned out to be the lost cause. So I used the Ausf.D part that was also in the kit - cut off the bolt heads and glued it on, but it turned out to be a tad too thin, so I added a thin strip of styrene on it and finally the correct number of bolt heads. There are also two bolt heads missing lower on the turret wall so I added these as well. The turret hatches have some great detail straight out of the box, but the vision ports are opaque unfortunately. Luckily the center portion can easily be cut out and I made some transparent vision blocks to fill these. The metal parts used here are from Aber set and add some additional detail. The jack has been added to the fender as well. And finally a watering can that I made the other day just for fun and plan to use on this tank. Here's how she looks at the moment. Cheers! Kristjan
  13. Lovely! The dash looks really neat. Can't wait to see more.
  14. Very nice work on this one, Kevin. I guess, there's not much of those Trump Titanics that has been converted to Britannics so far. The paintjob is great and I guess some weathering will make it even better at the end. The thing that I noticed on your photo is that the middle cross actually seems to be larger than the fore and aft ones.
  15. Well that's a vehicle unbelieveably bizarre - lovely little thing. And a great job on the model too. The scruffy muddy appearance with that camo makes it a candy to an eye.
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