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  1. I'm very sorry for your loss, Dan. There's a lot of tiedowns on this little roof. I Imagine that it took a while to glue these all on to the right place. Keep up the good work!
  2. Thank you all! So by now the stuGs are more or less on the same level by progress. I've added the fenders to the Dragon one. Dragon received some addition to inner bulkhead as well. At the same time I've added the sidewalls to Tamiya and it was a fest of filling and sanding. The Aber fenders were not the walk in the park neither - as you may guess, the Pz III fenders are quite complicated and so are these on the model level. Most difficult stage would be to get them on the correct height and at first I got them wrong. So after some serious consideration I had to cut the middle section loose and fix them a bit higher. I'll add some photos of them together now. As you can see, Tamiya's idler wheel is considerably smaller than Dragon's one. Don't know, which is right but Dragon chassis seems to be more accurate. Fender pattern is also denser on Tamiya one because of different manufacturers - on Dragon I used Voyager fenders and on Tamiya, Aber ones. And this time Voyager seems to be more accurate than Aber. I really don't know yet what to do with these two. One option I've considered is to make these as they've been on the same unit - more or less equal in every way. Other option is to give the other another unit and thus different markings and stowage. The third option would be to make these two as different as possible - that would mean another track to Tamiya to use Dragon's 8-hole sprocket and make it feel as different as possible by means of stowage and markings. Suggestions are most welcome Kristjan
  3. Wow, this one looks real good. Love all the scratchwork you have put in there. The diorama setting looks nice too.
  4. I'm not really a fan of this kind of explodedly displayed models, but yours is superb. I envy your painting and weathering skills.
  5. Hi So, meanwhile I got the new Dragon kit and can now go on with the subject. After some thinking about the matter I decided I'm going to continue with Tamiya as well and I'm going to build these side by side simultaneously. Where there is some detail of Tamiya I'm not happy with, I can now simply clone it from Dragon and replace it and vice versa of course, but I guess it would be most unlikely that Tamiya kit has something superior than Dragon. So far I 've assembled the chassis of my new StuG, and have started with fenders. I have also cloned the front tow hooks to Tamiya that allowed me to finish the front ends of Tamiya fenders. Dragon will get Voyager Model fenders, which are a bit simplyfied compared to Aber, but it will be hardly noticeable once on the model. Overall the Dragon will get bit more attention detailwise, but Tamiya will hopefully build into a decent model too. Kristjan
  6. Very well made Puma. It is not an easy model to start with totally other topic of modelling. The turned out wheels is a neat addition and adds a character to the model. Only thing that bothers me - and it's not only your model, but many 8-rads I've seen over the internet - is that the wheels on the middle axles should be turned less than the wheels on the front and rear axles. It's just how the multi-axle vehicles turn. Kristjan
  7. Well yeah.... thanks. My intention here was not to collect the fame for my build really, but to demonstrate one way the detailed interior of Meng Mark V can be shown and at the same time keep the model in one piece.
  8. It all looks very good. The inks seem to make plastic convincingly woody. Makes me think I should give it a try as well at some point. What products did you use to paint the brass shells? They do look like a real metal. Kristjan
  9. The job you have done with this interior is excellent. Not only the details are very well executed, but the additional equipment and stuff really brings it to life. Hope you get well very soon. Kristjan
  10. Hi! Thank you guys and a happy new year to you all. I've got a little update to share. The front and the rear glacis are glued on now, and so are the other details like tow hooks installed. I made the tow hooks myself using 0,8x0,8mm square brass wire, other stuff is from PE set I'm using. It looks, like it's all done now below the waist line and I can concentrate to the upper structure from now on. Thanks for stepping by, Kristjan
  11. I've done Meng's Mark V couple of years ago and had the same dilemma, how to expose all the work made in the interior. Since I don't really like the cutaway models and you can't have the roof dry fitted either because of rails and tracks, I found the way to show the interior through weapons consoles openings on both sides. The consoles are attatched with magnets and can be easily removed. It requires some work to fit the magnets though. I'm sorry to link the other forum here, but it can be seen here: http://www.planetarmor.com/forums/showthread.php?t=9310
  12. Very very very good Panther. The build is excellent. I like the texture a lot - what product did you use to achieve this, if I may ask?. And the painting is, of course, top notch too. Definitely will return to this thread when I'm starting my own Panther D someday.
  13. Didn't expect it to be that muddy, but it looks very convincing nonetheless.
  14. It looks absolutely spectacular. Bet, the huge red cross will shine right out, when the model will be displayed with others later.
  15. The interior has really come alive, with that stretcher inside. Beautiful work there, mate.
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