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  1. vaoinas

    AML-90, IDF, 1/35, Takom

    Wow. No idea, how this could happen. I wouldn't go with rust to fix this, but dirt and dust instead. Luckily most of these spots appear to be lower part of the nose, so this would be right place, where dirt would collect.
  2. vaoinas

    LVT-4 "Water Buffalo"

    Hi, Now the interior, seen on previous post has been painted and weathered. I made a few photos of radio also, because it sits on its locker and although the hatches are open, it will be sparsely seen. Sides of the hull are not glued on yet, because I plan to fill the side compartments with some random stuff, and these are not ready yet. Dashboard is another thing yet to be made. Otherwise the drivers compartment is more or less finished.
  3. vaoinas

    M4A1 Sherman

    Absolutely lovely work on that Sherman. Really like the shade and overall feel on this model. Makes me want to build one like this myself.
  4. vaoinas

    LVT-4 "Water Buffalo"

    Thank you. It's going to be Pacific theater for this one. I have Bison decal set for this one as well and even the choice of specific vehicle had to be made, because they used all sorts of different modifications and additional armor types and each of these vehicles had it's own distinctive features. Mine is going to be ex-army vehicle used by USMC named "Blood and Guts" and used on Okinawa
  5. Hi, My first thread here in Britmodeller will be a model I've been building for a while now. It's AFV Club's LVT-4 Early version with few extras such as Voyager basic set, Eduard interior set, Aber metal barrels for machine guns and AFV Club aftermarket tracks. It's one of these vehicles that need the interior to be painted even before the basic assembly. So I was eager to complete the interior that much that it can be painted and the hull could be assembled. At first after following needed steps of the instruction it even seemed that way. But before I reached for the airbrush, I took some time to pay attention to some reference material in hand and it appeared that many of the interior elements are still to be added. So here we go: Gear selector had to be scratched as well because original broke in two and half of it went missing. That's all for now. The engine of my airbrush has finally started and next update will be of the painted interior. Kristjan
  6. vaoinas

    Hello from Estonia

    Hello, My name is Kristjan and I'm from Estonia. I've been in modelling since 2006, and I'm interested in 1:35 vehicles from the beginning to 1945. I'm doing my best in participating in my local little modelling community, but have been years a member of Planetarmor forum as well (using username Glaurung) . One of the reason I'm here now is that Planetarmor is virtually inactive now and I need to move on to some place more crowded. I've been watching Britmodeller forum for a long time now and it seems it's now time to join you, guys. Here's my humble blog about models I have completed since beginning. Text is in Estonian, but there's a lot of additional photos there. Hope you like it. http://teraselukad.blogspot.com/