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  1. OK, why not? I’m in! I have a set of these in the stash somewhere so plenty of options!! Well done @Col. for getting so many to sign up. Much better than when I suggested “Africa A to Z” as a GB a few years back
  2. Poseidon #5 named - Fulmar I think @woodysaeroimages may have leaked it before it was announced
  3. Ray, the basic markings would be fine for the K2, but you couldn’t use the special tail decals as they were all applied to the C1K. Converting the K2 to C1 or C1K all as described by Archer. please to see the Braz bits are available again. May have to invest in some to convert my K2 into a 3 or 4.
  4. True, but this includes some of the more recent manufacturers.
  5. Lots of useful advice on colours and their correct usage over on IPMS Stockholm Not sure if it’s been updated to include Mr Paint.
  6. @JohnT, its a PR thing. The taxpayers have funded some new equipment and this is a way of showing that its in service and delivering. It’s also “soft power” messaging. When it comes to “fleets”, well that seems to be one of the more recent buzzwords in the never ending game of buzzword bingo; everything is a fleet now. As for a “squadron” it’s is more than just a number of aircraft, it’s about the people as well, so Poseidon will have (at least) 2 squadrons, so when 201 reform in a couple of years, fleet does start to become more appropriate (although the traditionalist in me says that’s a “wing” (RAF) not a fleet (RN))
  7. No @Julien, I haven’t had a chance because this is a new release and one I was immediately interested in. Sorry if the roundel was too big, I did it on my phone and it didn’t seem that big to me, maybe a scale thing.
  8. OK, so either my scratch building skills are going to be tested (never a good plan) or I need to do a bit more research. The good news is, a bit more internet research and I’ve found some pictures of RJAF F-16s with none of the IFF aerials, tail fin aerial mods and a non-parachute fin. All I’ve got to do (I think) is put the acft tail numbers in a different order.
  9. Thanks @scotthldr, I hadn’t notice the aerial bulge at the base of the fin, that’s going to challenge my scratch building and filling skills . I had noticed the need for the IFF aerials, but I’m hoping they are on the etch parts I’ve got. If not, I’m definitely interested in procuring yours please. Are they etch or resin?
  10. If you you’re collecting Pantsirs, might we ask which one you think is the best? I like the look of some of the new Russian kit, not sure how good it is operationally, but I fancy doing something different and the recent Pantsir releases have caught my eye.
  11. As there are no group builds currently in progress that I am equipped to enter and fail to meet the deadline, as I’ve missed the Spitfire STGB and don’t have the correct mark of Spitfire for the Battle of Britain 80th (which I really should be entering), I’ve decided to do something, hopefully, a little different. Inspired by some great pictures here I thought I might finally get round to doing an F-16 I’ve had in the stash for ages. So using this kit: I‘m going to try and create something like this, taken by Kevin Wills and published on www.globalaviationresource.com Here’s a shot of the kit parts (obviously I once made a start on this kit as a few bits have been painted white), and the kit decals (sadly a bit damaged from too long in a damp garage) and some aftermarket etched brass as the kit will need to be updated (why do I do this? I’m rubbish at using etch and superglue!) a close up of the etch and the decals I’ll be using to do an RJAF jet If I’m to get a model looking even remotely like the picture on Global Aviation Resource is going to be a challenge, and I really ought to try and give myself a deadline - maybe the end of October? Possibly November? But probably December!!
  12. Finally finished. A little beyond the deadline, but finished all the same.
  13. Canopy on, just needs cleaning up a bit and the paint touching up, then some weathering and a coat of flat varnish
  14. Finally, she stands on her on feet Just the canopy, some weathering and final varnish to go!!
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