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  1. Love this lineage of aircraft and I’m pretty certain I’ve got several of the types mentioned in a range of scales, so count me in
  2. Oops. Big apology! Having been member 30 to get this GB over the line, I’m sorry to say I am currently sat in the desert completely without models, paints and glue. Sorry I won’t be in, so I’ll have to save the Strv, Viggen or Draken till Nordic III Some great builds going on though
  3. Poseidon MRA1 #7 name announced, following the ex-120 member on aircraft #3, this one is named after an ex-201 member - Major William Barker VC https://www.raf.mod.uk/news/articles/raf-poseidon-aircraft-named-after-canadian-victoria-cross-recipient/
  4. Another subscriber with nothing received. Renewed subscription in April and have received nothing since.
  5. Thanks Jabba, I’d never noticed that part of the forums before. E-Mail sent to MA request a refund. If not forthcoming I’ll go through my credit card company for a chargeback.
  6. Does anyone know if ‘Model Aircraft’ magazine is still being produced? I renewed my subscription back in April, but I’ve not received anything since. Unless they are all on holiday at present, my e-mails have gone unanswered. Their website shows that the July issue is their ‘latest issue’, so that doesn’t bode too well https://www.modelaircraftmag.com/webshop/model-aircraft-monthly/ma-latest-issue/ Just wondered if anyone has got a subscription and is receiving magazines, or if anyone has seen the mag in the shops?
  7. One option might be Meteors. The Syrian Air Force operated quite a few, and looking at Google Maps/Earth, there still seem to be quite a few scattered around SAAF airfields even today, if Google maps is to be believed:
  8. I can vouch for the fact that desert sand comes in many different colours. These were taken on a recent trip. Sand Pinky-beige Pinky-orange Orangy-beige Orange Beach sand I can vouch for the Xtracolour and Xtracrylics range, their Desert Pink, is a pretty good match when compared to the real thing. I did a Tornado and Buccaneer using those colours and they turned out pretty well. Sadly time and several house moves later and they are no longer with me.
  9. The RAF is no longer able to assume gender Dave.
  10. The 6th Poseidon MRA1 named: ZP806 Naming Press Release To mark the Bailiwick of Guernsey’s 76th ‘Liberation Day’, the Royal Air Force is honoured to announce that the UK’s sixth Poseidon MRA Mk1 Maritime Patrol Aircraft, ZP 806, will be known as ‘Guernsey’s Reply’ to honour the close bond between 201 Squadron, the island of Guernsey and Flight Lieutenant Herbert Machon OBE. ‘Herbie’ Machon left his home in Guernsey shortly before the German occupation during WWII and joined the British Military. He was destined to fly Spitfires in the RAF and, in honour and memory of his countrymen living under occupation, he named his Mk XVI Spitfire “Guernsey’s Reply”. Herbie sadly passed away in 2004 and 201 Squadron personnel had the privilege of acting as pall bearers at his funeral. When 201 Squadron was disbanded in 2011, it was the last maritime squadron to retain a local affiliation and carried the nickname 'Guernsey's Own' commemorating a link forged in the challenging days just before the Second World War. It was an affiliation under the Municipal Liaison Scheme, announced on 5 May 1939 by the Air Minister Sir Kingsley Wood in Guernsey when he opened Guernsey Airport. The received wisdom is that it is the last surviving affiliation under that scheme. It is also considered to be the only RAF Squadron with such an historic link. Guernsey and 201 Squadron are proud of the fact that the link has survived and will continue to flourish. This link between Squadron and Island remained strong and in 1994, as part of its 80th anniversary celebrations, the Squadron was granted ‘The Privilege of Guernsey’. It was the first award in Guernsey's history of this ancient military honour, which gives the right to march with colours flying, drums beating, and bayonets fixed. After a 10-year hiatus, 201 Squadron is standing up once again at RAF Lossiemouth later in the year and will be the second squadron operating the state-of-the-art Poseidon Maritime Patrol Aircraft alongside 120 Squadron. The new commanding officer of 201 Squadron, Wg Cdr Adam Smolak, says: “It is befitting of this long and proud association that one of the UK’s new Poseidon aircraft bears the name ‘Guernsey’s Reply’. No 201 Squadron will stand up this summer and I am looking forward to retrieving the Standard from Guernsey where it was held for safe keeping in the hope that the Squadron would return, and the affiliation could continue. It is an honour to bring the Squadron back to maritime operations;the coming years will be challenging and exciting in equal measure and it is vital that as we move forward, we retain this historic link”
  11. OK. Looks like my journey was utter foolishness. Work commitments, a forthcoming job change and the fact I’m off to the Middle East for six months, means I’m unlikely to get these finished to my original plan. The good news is I should have some spare time when I get back at the end of the year!! still, just to keep things ticking along whilst I can, there has been some progress: I’m quite pleased with how these are starting to look now. Only hope I can keep them that way whilst I finish all the trick, boring, fiddly glazing bits!! Yes there was a stray bit of masking tape just in front of the fin
  12. Amazing the difference the first coat makes to the look of a model.
  13. Looking good. I’ve fancied doing this kit since it first came out. I’m going to follow with interest.
  14. Now that’s a good book. I remember reading it years ago, maybe time to reacquaint myself with it.
  15. Starting to look seriously good now. I’m glad you decided not to consign this to the bin. Got to love a Typhoon/Tempest; it’s one of my favourite aircraft.
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