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  1. If the Nimrod MR2 is acceptable (maritime reconnaissance) then I’m in. If not, I’m sure I’ve got a PR Mossie or Spit in the stash that would be eligible. 30?
  2. What a great idea. I’ve got plenty of Typhoons (Hawker) and Tempests, at least one Whirlwind (twin fighter not yellow helo) and a Jetstream in the stash, so plenty of choice; may I join?
  3. How long does it have to have been in the stash to count as being lost in the stash? I’ve got kits that have travelled round the country, from garage, to loft, to under the bed, to garage loft; plenty of choices. I’m in.
  4. Ooh. This is the year I “retire” (get kicked out). I might even have some time (amongst the job hunting) to join and complete a GB, assuming it gets an automatic bye or wins in the bunfight, may I join?
  5. 6 wasn't it? I know someone who did the same, and I've still only built one of them!!
  6. Thanks for this tip Chris. I’ve been wondering about spraying Mr Surfacer, but have never had the bottle to do so, for fear of it just clogging up the airbrush.
  7. I’ve seen quite a few model builds where the modeller has chosen to spray on national markings/roundels as opposed to using decals. I’m sometimes bemused as to why go to the effort, particularly given the excellent decals available in kits and from the aftermarket suppliers, and especially so when trying to stop ridges of paint from forming, whatever paint masks are used. That said, I’m looking to spray markings (RAF roundels) onto a captured Luftwaffe aircraft, for 2 reasons. 1 - I don’t have any decals of the right size to use decals, and 2 - I’d like to give it a go. So a couple of questions if I may: 1. Anyone got any top tips on spraying roundels and avoiding paint ridges? 2. Anyone got any tips on obtaining or making circular paint masks?
  8. AIM 9Gs we’re fitted as far as I remember to give the Nimrod crews a chance against the Argentine AF B707 being used for long range recce against the task force; not so much for self defence. I remember speaking to the crew of one Nimrod who spent some time stalking the 707 but apparently never got into range. The BL755s and 1000lbers were, if memory serves correct, were loaded as the torpedoes were, 3 to each station in the bomb bay. Aiming for a drop was a crude Perspex bombsight bolted to the left hand side cockpit window.
  9. Lovely job. That works a treat. Is there a build thread showing how you did the camo?
  10. Morning all. I’ve decided it’s time to start work on the “shelf of doom”, particularly whilst I’m waiting for a couple of GB to win and be authorised (but that’s 2023!!). So I’ve pulled this off the shelf: I’ve found this on the Net which is going to be a great help, but I was wondering if there are any top tips from Luftwaffe fans, on how to do the mottled camo? I’ve never done a WW2 Luftwaffe aircraft in mottled schemes, so it’s going to be a challenge!! My plan was to finish it in RAF colours as one of the aircraft captured at Grove at the end of the war and test flown by Farnborough. I don’t think I’ve got the appropriate roundels anywhere in the spares box, so was thinking of spraying them on (another first), can anyone recommend some pre-cut decals or a really good way of cutting your own to the correct size in masking tape or vinyl tape? All ideas very welcome
  11. I’ve finally decided to try and get a long standing shelf of doom model finished. This Akula was started from my days involved with the Nimrod Force but it got stalled, I moved house (twice) and changed jobs (4 times) and it’s time it was finished!! It was my first ever maritime project and it’s languished at this stage: for way too long. However, being new to this scale and genre, I’m stuck with some techniques. Firstly I’ve rarely used photoetch and, not surprisingly, this scale has quite a bit: so any top tips on how to affix some quite small metal parts to the plastic bits? Then, looking a pictures on the t’internet, the Akulas all seem to be kept in pretty in pretty good nick, so any top tips on weathering submarines to add a bit of interest to an otherwise bland black scheme (bearing in mind this is 1/350 scale)? Any advice gratefully received.
  12. Just thought I’d bring this back to the top of the pile to see if we can keep it in the voting consciousness. Would hate for this one not to get through the next bunfight, particularly as I’ve just had a look through the stash and these aren’t going to build themselves
  13. @J T Gray and just in case there isn’t enough display space inside this quite tall a cabinet, additional shelves can be bought from Etsy. That’s what’s in the box at the side of the cabinet; just haven’t got round to putting them in yet.
  14. Evening Adrian here are a couple of pictures of my Lanc in the case I referred to above: Looks like I need to do some dusting though
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