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Roland Pulfrew

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  1. Roland Pulfrew

    The Model Market : Saturday January 26th 2019

    I’ll be there!
  2. Roland Pulfrew

    Uk Wedgetail?

    If I could just divert this away from the E-7 for a moment, may I just point out that Airseeker is not the name of the aircraft. The programme to procure the RC-135W Rivet Joint for the RAF was the Air Seeker programme, one of a triumvirate of programmes along with Sea Seeker and Land Seeker.
  3. Roland Pulfrew

    Export Spitfires

    Been away from home for the last few weeks changing jobs so time to start cracking on! First fuselage has come together. Looks like there might need to be a touch of filler required, but not a bad fit from the Airfix kit.
  4. Roland Pulfrew

    Poseidon MRA Mk.1

    Airseeker was the name of the programme, part of a triumvirate with Seaseeker and Landseeker. It was never intended to be the name of the aircraft which remains RC-135W Rivet Joint.
  5. Roland Pulfrew

    SyAAF Meteor F.8 1/48 --> fin!

    This is coming together beautifully! Don’t know if you’ve ever looked at Google Maps/Earth but there seems to be lots of Meteors lying around on Syrian Air Force airfields today. This is the airfield to the east of Aleppo from Google Maps: I wonder if enough bits could be collected to make an airworthy Meteor??!?
  6. Roland Pulfrew

    Export Spitfires

    Thank you, I hope I can do you justice But you could of course just join me in building another version. I don’t think I will ever get round to using the Egyptian Air Force markings if you would like them - I think we still have 6 weeks of the GB to go.
  7. Roland Pulfrew

    Export Spitfires

    That might explain it - headrest duly removed from the AZ cockpit; too late to remove the Airfix one. Quick pic of the cockpit interiors (Airfix at the top):
  8. Roland Pulfrew

    Export Spitfires

    A little bit of progress on the cockpits. Quite surprised by the differences between the 2 kits. Airfix moulding is much cleaner and crisper (cockpit on the left), requiring less cleaning up than the AZ version (on the right) but there is quite a lot of extra detail in some parts of the AZ kit, such as the compass mounted on the bottom of the instrument panel (circled in red) but then missing the head rest, which I’ve had to add (circled in green)!
  9. Roland Pulfrew

    Export Spitfires

    Now that RAF100 has died down a bit and my involvement has just about come to an end, I have a bit of time to do some modelling. I had hoped to do a 1/48 Mossie in overseas colours, but I don’t think I have the time, so instead a Spitfire (or 2). So my my plan is to start with an Airfix 1/72 Spitfire F 22 and use the decals from an AZ Models F 22 to make a Syrian Arab Air Force Spitfire. If time permits I will then do the AZ Models F 22 in the colours of the South Rhodesian Air Force. Just to compare the 2 kits, this is the Airfix version: and this the AZ Models version: Wish me luck!!
  10. Roland Pulfrew

    10th BM Anniversary GB Chat

    Thanks @Black Knightfor hosting this GB. Even better because I managed to get mine in before the deadline expired. Sadly it’s still my only build of 2018 so far!!
  11. Roland Pulfrew

    VC-10 tanker K3 and K4

    If I remember correctly, the K4 retained a full set of cabin windows, where as the K3 had a few blanked out. Biggest difference was the fuel tanks in the cabin on the K3 (and K2).
  12. Roland Pulfrew

    BM 10th Anniversary Gallery

    My EAA Vickers Super VC10 is now finished Some images:
  13. Roland Pulfrew

    Roly's 10th Anniversary VC10(s?)

    My EAA VC10 is finally finished
  14. Roland Pulfrew

    Roly's 10th Anniversary VC10(s?)

    That’s just about it. Decals all done; final aerials painted. Just the final coat of varnish and remove the cockpit window protection and we’ll be complete.
  15. Roland Pulfrew

    It's a Ten from Len

    You must have the magic touch as your tag sent me a notification, I still must be doing something not quite 100% correct. @Fatcawthorne I’ve checked and I did receive a notification that you had tagged me using the @usernamehere thing (I didn’t know that either) I just assumed (erroneously) that it was because you had linked my build topic on your build topic - every day is a school day. Thanks for the info on etched brass and superglue; I guess I’m going to have to try it all out when, if, I get round to the grey K3!