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  1. This is all starting to look really nice. The Harrow builds to quite a nice kit, I built one for 115 Sqn recently. That and if course I have a thing for air-to-air refuelling aircraft, having operated in that role on the mighty VC10. Top tip, take care with the Harrow undercarriage. The parts are actually quite flimsy and it’s quite easy to snap them (I did), but with care, the undercarriage is quite solid once everything is in position and the glue has set - properly!
  2. Finally, she’s on her main undercarriage I think I’m finally getting towards the end! Just aerials, doors, guns and glazing to go. Oh and the decals.
  3. I was worried my stash had grown beyond all common sense but I’m beginning to feel like a rank amateur amongst this esteemed community. My stash ranges from 1/144 (a couple of Roden VC10s) and 1/24 (2 Airfix Typhoons (NO idea why I ended up with 2) and an Airfix Mossie). I’ve calculated that if I build 1 kit per month (highly unlikely) then I’ve got about 18 years worth of building. I think it might be time to donate a few more to the new RAF Headley Court occupational therapy department.
  4. Sorry about the tectonically slow progress but work and family life really has been getting in the way of modelling 🥴 Probably not helped by experimenting with Alclad, confusing myself over which colours I’ve used where, then having to gloss to protect the applied paint, before masking off panels that have been painted. This is the result so far: Still a few more panels to spray and then I can get the wings glued into position. I think I may be turning the final corner, although not yet on the home straight!
  5. Ouch. Almost a month in and I’ve not really started my build. Tonight I decided to try and change that. Opened up a few of the bags shown above and started to compare parts. This kit comes with quite a lot of resin, some of which I may use, and some of it maybe not. My first dilemma and one of the first tasks in the instruction sheet, is to cut out the main wheel wells 😳 That’s quite a lot of surgery! Then I looked at the models wheel well and the resin part: I’m not sure if the surgery is worth the additional detail, particularly as the original part is pretty good and with careful painting, should come up quite nicely. Then I noticed a possible issue - size. I tried to line the resin up with the kit part and the resin appears oversize. Here you can see it a bit better So is the surgery and risk of damage really worth it? Checked out a few other parts, nose wheel first: This time the resin seems undersize in comparison to the kit part, but the detail does look better. Next, the bang seats. I assembled the kit parts, just three bits form the seat and removed one of the seats from its moulding block. Some detail on the resin is much nicer, but the headboxes are completely different and the resin seems smaller Not quite sure what to do here 🤔
  6. Work has kept me away from modelling, but in quite a chilly garage tonight, I did have my first real go with Alclad paints. I think I may have the pressure a bit high (12 PSI) or too much paint flow, as I’m emptying an airbrush cup quite quickly. Still it goes on really well and is covering very nicely (hence why I think I’m spraying too much in one go). Only the one picture to show the progress, next step will be to attempt to mask some panels to spray a different coloured silver! This is Alclad Aluminium.
  7. Thanks Toby. As I haven’t attached the wings yet, I thought I’d do the undersides first. Gives me a chance to practice a little with some different colours and masking before moving on to the more obvious topsides. I’m not planning on doing the ultra-polished Washington that appeared at HMQ’s Coronation parade which appears to have been bulled to an almost chrome finish: but a regular squadron jet: A bit like these.
  8. Might be the hangar lighting, but that does seem to be quite a dark grey, so maybe a little different from the standard F-16 grays? 🤷🏻‍♂️
  9. Evening all. Now that I’ve completed my Axis Twin in the WWII Twins GB, time for some more progress on the Washington. Following the reminder from Toby @Planebuilder62 that I needed to sand down the matt micro filler and paint an under coat of gloss, I’ve sanded everything back with 8000 grit wet’n’dry and lots of water and now sprayed on some Alclad gloss primer. Wings and engine nacelles not yet glued on, I’m still wondering whether to glue then paint, or paint then glue. Either way I’m sure I’ll regret my decision for one reason or another. Hopefully one bit of good news, I’m hopeful I’ve added sufficient lead. Doesn’t look like a tail sitter at the moment Also glad I bought a set of metal undercarriage legs, not sure the plastic ones will support the weight!!
  10. Messerschmitt Me-410A-1/U2 of 11 Zerstorergeschwader 26 based at Gardermoen, Norway in 1945. 1/72 from Airfix. Thanks to @81-er and @vppelt68 for hosting and the encouragement along the way. Also thanks to @Enzo the Magnificent for setting everything up.
  11. Well it appears my optimism was well founded on this occasion and much to my surprise I’ve finished both kits 😃. Ahead of the deadline 😳! And with weeks to spare 😇. Thanks to the hosts @81-er and @vppelt68 for their encouragement and management of the GB, it’s been fun and I’ve enjoyed watching many of the other twin builds. Hope to see a few more for those still on the go. A couple of the finished 410 outside the hangar And a couple of the adversaries together Thanks again, now off to the NATO GB.
  12. Well I’m almost there; soon to be two completed builds in the same GB - a record for me! Just some aerials, a bit more varnishing and a bit more weathering to go and I think all be able to call complete on this too. Need to dirty up the undersides a bit more, but I don’t think it looks to bad already I’ve really enjoyed building this kit. There are some quirks, there’s lots of decals, but it does build into a nice representation of the 410. I think Airfix has done a great job with this one, so well done Airfix.
  13. If the dates work, I’d be happy to co-host. Got to love a Mossie, even if I have built 3 in the last year! Still got plenty of options to do though, only one of the ones in this but of the stash got completed! 🤦🏻‍♂️ As we are passed the magic 30, shouldn’t this GB proposal be in the Bunfight for 2025 @Enzo the Magnificent 😗🧐😇?
  14. Managed to get quite a few decals on tonight. Still got lots to go though 😕 particularly lots of small ones. For a 1/72 aircraft there some 50 of them!
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