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  1. What a great set of photos, thank you for those Yes, they will be toned down &/or weathered. I was just playing with some colours as an experiment.
  2. Got a bit bored of filling and sanding, so decided to do a bit of painting. Then realised I hadn’t done any pre-shading That’ll teach me for rushing!
  3. Having said earlier that the fit of parts was generally good, my luck hasn’t lasted. Just fitted the engine/wing sections to find some big gaps on three of the four engines that are going to be a pain to fill.
  4. Jason watch out for all of the engines, they all had sink marks to varying degrees. #2 engine was the worst on mine, and #3 the best, but all needed a bit of work and so much easier to rectify before they are mounted on the wing.
  5. Bugger. Just noticed some sink marks on the engines, how did I miss them???? Typically, after they are attached to the wings which is going to make it that bit more difficult to fix
  6. With great apologies for the slow build (I’ve been away with work for a week) I have now had a chance to sand down all the Mr Surfacer. I love the way that stuff works, sands and leaves a lovely smooth finish. I think I’m almost happy with the fuselage seams, but probably won’t be for sure until I can get some primer on. Engines now also starting to go on More progress tomorrow hopefully. Good news (for me) is the move of the squadron this is being built for, is a bit behind schedule, so I may have a bit more time.
  7. Alan I’d be interested in one of your kits too, but only if it’s K2, K3 or K4, never flew the C1(K) so not really interested in that variant.
  8. Late to this thread, but I’ve has a good, injection moulded, 1/72 VC10K in my wish list for some time. The cockpit on the Mach kit is going to require major surgery, so this might not be it. Be interested in seeing the Icelandic version and would be very much up for one (or 2) as well if it’s good.
  9. Roland Pulfrew


    Finally! A 1/72 VC10 Also on HLJ Anyone had any experience of Mach2 models? One worrying thing so far: The model listed as "Vickers VC10 K2 Low Viz" has markings for XV107/X, which makes it a C1K not a K2 and, if memory serves correct, there are quite a few differences between the C1/C1K (VC10 hybrid) and the K2 (a standard). Then again, the box art shows the centreline HDU, which would make it a K2......! Still its a 1/72 VC10, so I might still be able to complete my flying career in 1/72.
  10. Apologies for the very slow progress, various work and family issues have diverted me away from this build. Not much progress but I have had to buy some more filler and I’ve used it to fill some of the panel lines to try and reduce their scale
  11. Not sure I can be bothered fill and rescribe panel lines in this scale, but I do plan to use Mr Surface on the kit before painting, hopefully that will fill some of the panel lines and then I’ll open up the control surface lines. Like it. That could work nicely.
  12. I was thinking of Klear, then wondered how I was going to silver them on the inside to represent the landing lights. Wing is definitely sealed up (and now sanded) so I think the option of cutting the lenses and inserting them from the outside will have to be done. Thanks for the suggestions
  13. Oh bugger! Working on the wing seams I realised my error Any ideas?
  14. She stands on her undercarriage! Lower wings attached. Next job is sanding the seams without removing all the leading edge detailing Also without knocking the undercarriage about!!
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