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  1. Take a message Baldrick - message simply reads "Bugger!".
  2. That was going to be my plan too, but maybe I'll do the desert Beaufighter instead. Mind you, I think I've got Iraqi markings for a desert Sea Fury too
  3. @Marklo if you don't get any other volunteers, I would be willing, but noting that April/May is likely to be really busy for me at work.
  4. Well I'm happy to say that 2023 looks better than 2022 did for me. 3 of the 7 that I signed up for got through. Now I just have to hope they don't overlap too much, and to decide what to build in the Recce, Desert and the Airco/de Havilland GBs. Well the Airco DH one is easy, that'll be a Mossie from the stash. Shame, although probably luckily, given my propensity for starting a GB but never finishing it, that Met, Sopwith, Tornado to Sea Fury and Neutrality didn't get through, but at least there is the Draken STGB for the latter one. Thanks to @Enzo the Magnificent for the preparation and @trickyrich and @Kallisti for the regular updates on who was where in the voting.
  5. Well this is going to be quite fiddly!! Lots of tiny parts for the carpet monster to claim. Now, to paint, or not to paint before attaching to the plastic, that is the question. Fortunately, some late night doom-scrolling found me this: https://www.scalemodellingnow.com/members-photographicreferencelibrary-aircraft The new B-29 collection has loads of great reference pictures of the cockpit, which is nice. Decided it was also time to get on with the 0/400, although I have a feeling I’m going to regret having done this at this stage As time and tide wait for no man, it was out with the airbrush to do some pre-shading work, which I may have overdone slightly on the wings: Now staring to think I need to work out what paint to use to match ‘PC10’’; anyone got any suggestions?
  6. I was just thinking the same. If all of us who voted for the Tornado to Sea Fury GB voted for Sopwith and Descendants, then boom. We are in with 55 votes Mind you, if all those who planned to do Tornados, Tempests or Typhoons in the Tornado to Sea Fury GB transferred our votes to the Meteorology GB, that would be in too! Sadly I’ve already voted for the Met GB, so can’t help out there.
  7. Damn. Disappointing to see de Havilland dropping below the line again, but at least my Go Large/Meteorology build option might be back on.
  8. Yep, I agree. And my cunning plan for doing the Special Hobby 1/32 'Whirlwind' if the Met GB didn’t succeed, in the Go Large or Go Home GB seems to be to be receding too. Mind you, the options for getting rid of some of the DH Mossies in my stash, seem to have taken a turn for the better. I'm still surprised at the (current) lack of support for the Tornado - Sea Fury GB. It appears that not everyone that got it over the line to be eligible for the Bunfight, have voted for it in the Bunfight. Too niche perhaps.
  9. Not much progress on the Journey of Optimism, so whilst I am trying to work out how to do the wiring (and I have to say thanks to @Paul Thompson for sending me though some great plans), I decided to pick up a project off the Shelf of Doom. Decided it was way past time to find my tin of Humbrol Dayglo and paint the requisite areas on a Swedish Vampire that’s been stuck at this stage for too long. Took a while to mix all the sediment smoothly through the carrier, but I have to say I’m quite pleased with the result - so far I also started pondering what colour to do the 0/400. I’ve had a little play with Model Air ‘camouflage green’ and ‘green brown’. The former is quite a dark green and the latter is a khaki green-brown (or browny-green). Anyone got any ideas on a good match? This also arrived in the post this week, so I might start some work on the Washington too Anything to distract me from biplane rigging wires
  10. Heardle? Ahh! Never heard of that one, and now I’ve got an ear worm from today’s song. I recognise it, but can’t remember who it is I thought Wordle and Globle were enough each morning!!
  11. I have a cunning plan my Lord. As it appears that most of my favoured GBs won’t make the cut this year I realised that I had one of these in the stash: https://www.scalemates.com/kits/hobbycraft-hc1717-hawker-sea-fury-desert-fighter--101507 So, if fate plays the cards right, I could do this and enter my build into the Desert GB (I’ll possibly do it is an Iraqi AF acft), into the Go Large or Go Home GB (it’s 1/32) and for my own piece of mind, I can pretend I’m in the Sopwith and Successors GB AND the Hawker Tornado to Sea Fury GB, both of which appear to be lacking popular support . The only one this one doesn’t fit is the Meteorology GB and I would have had a full house. Also means I might finish it within the year Now how many GBs can one model enter?
  12. I have indeed. I’m signed up to the Draken STGB, but hadn’t really looked at any of the others.
  13. Ooh good point. Hadn’t considered that - not sure I’ve got any Yugoslav markings, but worth a look.
  14. Damn. At this rate I’m going to have to rethink the whole plan. Of the 6 GBs I signed up for, only 2 are (currently) in with a shout! So, the Mossie that I planned to do in the Airco and de Havilland GB, might have to be a recce Mossie in the Recce GB. The Tempest that I had planned for the Hawker Tornado to Sea Fury GB might have to become a Desert camouflaged version in the Desert GB. The Sea Fury I was also considering for the Tornado to Sea Fury GB, might have to become an FAA Sea Fury in the Here Comes the Fleet GB. The Whirlwind I was considering for the Meteorology GB is 1/32, so I could move that to the Go Large or Go Home GB, and I’ve got a Airfix 1/24 Typhoon as a back-up for that. Clouds, alternative thinking and silver linings; now, how do I fix the Defending Neutrality GB plan?
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