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  1. OK. Looks like my journey was utter foolishness. Work commitments, a forthcoming job change and the fact I’m off to the Middle East for six months, means I’m unlikely to get these finished to my original plan. The good news is I should have some spare time when I get back at the end of the year!! still, just to keep things ticking along whilst I can, there has been some progress: I’m quite pleased with how these are starting to look now. Only hope I can keep them that way whilst I finish all the trick, boring, fiddly glazing bits!!
  2. Amazing the difference the first coat makes to the look of a model.
  3. Looking good. I’ve fancied doing this kit since it first came out. I’m going to follow with interest.
  4. Now that’s a good book. I remember reading it years ago, maybe time to reacquaint myself with it.
  5. Starting to look seriously good now. I’m glad you decided not to consign this to the bin. Got to love a Typhoon/Tempest; it’s one of my favourite aircraft.
  6. Despite my initial optimism, work commitments have taken their toll and I’m off on the road for the rest of this week, sometimes I wish our hobby was more portable! At least 2 of my 4 are starting to look as though they are getting close and I’ve started a bit of work on no. 3, but I’m also supposed to have started the Africa GB. I feel over commitment coming on!! Anyway, progress on the Wellington and Harrow. Engines on, undersides sprayed and now starting on the upper surfaces with a little pre-shading, ready for the camouflage. Just trying to decide whether to mask up
  7. Thanks Johnny. I think I’m a bit behind the drag curve with these at the moment, but at least I’ve sorted the airbrush issues - almost But that aside, at least I got some colour on this evening. Thanks for the link to your 0/400 build, some useful tips in there.
  8. Plan this evening was to try and start getting some colour down on the Welly and the Harrow. Started ok, but then the airbrush started playing up Unfortunately, as I haven’t used the brush in a couple of weeks, decided that a full clean was probably in order! That took a while, then the carpet monster decided to swallow the return spring. By then it was late and after a 5 AM start, I decided it was time for bed. Still at least I got to check a few of the seams on the Welly Hopefully better luck tonight!!
  9. Bomb bay installed but intrigued by Airfix’s choice of colour. The instructions suggest ‘56’ aluminium, but of course that includes all of the external parts of the very complex set of bomb bay doors, which is obviously incorrect. Equally, having everything aluminium would reflect light quite nicely in the hands of a searchlight. Fortunately, a bit of Googling has produced this from this website: https://pacificeagles.net/vickers-wellington/ which shows the well worn black innards of a Wellington bomb bay.
  10. Well what a couple of weeks. Sadly I’ve been disconnected from all the models I’m supposed to be building. Got to love CV19!! Anyway, finally connected back with everything, so thought I had better crack on. In the process of adding the engines, I realised that more of the lovely detail put on this kit by Airfix, will also be hidden forever. These bulkheads, will disappear under the engine mounts.
  11. Thanks Marklo, top tip on some square bulkheads in the fuselage. That makes sense as the parts are quite long and bendy as they are.
  12. Not sure what happened, but this post should have been the one before the one above, anyway.. I was a little concerned over the design of the engine nacelles on the Wellington, as it looked overly complex to my mind and ran the risk of multiple seams, potentially requiring lots of my bête noire, filler and sanding!! Airfix has chosen to design the wheel well bay and 2/3rds of the upper nacelle as a separate modelling stage, with the final third of the upper nacelle as an integral part of the upper wing, and then the lower section of the nacelle as an integral part of the l
  13. Well the wings are on. Not sure how strong the bond is on the Harrow, but they are in place and the fit looks pretty good. Putting the Harrow and the Welly together show similar wingspans, and how long the Harrow was in comparison.
  14. Like the cockpit so far, particularly the colour of the seats and that reddy-brown of the cockpit floor, they bring back memories. Mainly of years of spilt tea/coffee and chicken curry
  15. OK so a bit of a problem! Decided it’s time to make some progress with the Harrow and get the wings on. Decided to sand the inner edges of the wings down a bit to try and get a slightly thinner tailing edge. All good, wings come together nicely, little bits of filler required. Check the references, offer up the wing to the spar and....... nothing fits! Look back at references to check I’ve put the spar in correctly, I think so but the wings don’t fit and sit proud of the fuselage by a significant margin. I checked @adey m’s bu
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