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  1. Not sure yet Chris, but I was thinking of using this picture found on t’internet as a template. It’s from the right squadron, so that’s a start. Annoyingly, I’ve just noticed that this picture shows an unpainted all steel undercarriage! Makes me wonder if it’s a recoloured picture rather than an original.
  2. My apologies for the delay, don’t you just hate it when work gets in the way of the modelling? Another busy couple of weeks and not much let up this week either Still we have progress She now sits on her wheels, the painting is pretty much complete, just some weathering, final aerials and pitot tubes you be added, then on to the decalling
  3. Thanks Adam, I’ve just noticed that as well Off to Flicker to see what’s happened
  4. Next steps complete. Having peeled all the maskol off it’s tome to redo the dark earth. Here we are using the alternative ‘blutack’ tubes and masking tape. Not sure if it’s quicker than the maskol but it’s just as effective Finally, I think I’m happy with the top surfaces.
  5. Right, I’m back. Work has been manic and so have the weekends. As a relative newcomer to pre-cut paint masks I thought I’d give them a go. Unfortunately, a lack of planning has meant a couple of re-paints and once I got the masks on, some of them lifted during spraying leading to some over spray that couldn’t be ignored, as can be seen below So now I’m back to ‘blutack’ tubes and maskol, my usual method of doing camouflage. At least I’ve got the transparencies on this time as well, so that should ease things along.
  6. Not convinced a graphic artist would bother with changing the colour of the fuselage panel under the cockpit, rather than just paint the camouflage as a single colour.
  7. Welcome back viewers. Happy New Year to you all. Very poor progress from me for the last 3 weeks but hopefully more capacity again. Not much achieved over Christmas, but I did manage to get on with some masking; Lancaster transparencies are a real pain but some progress I was just about to start masking for the coat of green, when I realised a major schoolboy error. I should have painted the green first as the masks I have are for the green bits of the camouflage So on with the green!! I’m using Vallejo Model Air, which is great to spray with, but the colour seems a little dark to me. However, some thin thinned coats and I quite like the finish - so far! Hopefully I can protect it as I mask and respray the brown!!
  8. What an excellent resource! So many interesting options for a future build.
  9. Well that’s the brown on. I hope I’ve covered enough of the surface area so I don’t need to retouch bits. Now need to let that dry thoroughly before putting the masks on for the green.
  10. As the Squadron in question might be on the verge of taking over their newly refurbished building, here is a bit of the back story to this build: On March 24/25 1944, the same date that 625 Squadron lost three crews on the last Berlin raid and The Great Escape took place, Lancaster II, DS664, A4-K, piloted by Flt Sgt Jack Newman departed from their home base, RAF Witchford, for a raid deep into Germany - Berlin. This was probably one of the last raids on which the Squadron used B. Mk IIs before re-equipping with the higher-flying, Merlin-powered B Mk I/III. On the return leg from Berlin they were attacked by a Ju 88.
  11. I’ve decided to take a different approach to @SaminCam (may live to regret this) and use a pale yellow for my highlights. Tonight has been mainly spent trying to spray small blobs. Hopefully tomorrow and I can start on the camouflage pattern
  12. So a minute amount of progress, but progress nevertheless. Having seen @SaminCams work on his Lanc I decided to have a go. Unfortunately, the airbrush clogged up half way through so now it’s time for a thorough clean before continuing
  13. What a great set of photos, thank you for those Yes, they will be toned down &/or weathered. I was just playing with some colours as an experiment.
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