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  1. Even though today was a public holiday, didn't get too much done on the Bone. However, I did clean up my work space so I'm reasonably chuffed with that! Got the cockpit area decals done and everything varnished. 10g of weight added, should be enough, nothing mentioned in instructions. Tail assembly went together without a hitch. Futzed with the thingamabob that fits in the bomb bay, will do all the bombs sometime this week hopefully. And built both engine pods. Fit not as great as I would hope, but built way worse. Applied my Tamiya Basic Putty thinned with some lacquer/cellulose thinner paste to the seams, will sand next session. Hopefully the fuselage halves get attached tomorrow, but work is looking a bit hectic so will see how tomorrow evening goes.
  2. So was I. It took just under 2 years from release for our local distributor to bring some in. Hopefully I don't wait that long for the 1/144 B-52 to get here....
  3. Never do ! Anymore... One thing I've forgotten that I've noticed missing in other builds here, specific paints used: VMA Dark Gull Grey (71.277) for the cockpit, Humbol OD 155 and Citadel Chaos Black (yes, the old one is still in my stash, the newer ones seem to dry out at the drop of a hat....) for the seats.
  4. And got some bits done, wings assembled (lol), cockpit painted ready for gloss and enamel wash.
  5. Thought I would give this a try, so in the interest of not embarrassing myself first time round (plenty time for that later, have a 1/72 TSR-2 waiting in my stash...) I picked something that's virtually idiot proof to build. Plus it's a kit that took 2 years to get to my country, much to my annoyance. So, some sexy sprue shots. Box: Part trees in no particular order: Will mainly be using Vallejo paints, with some Tamiya and others. Feel free to pass judgment at my worth as a modeler, good practice for Christmas lunch with the family !
  6. Looking at what's available locally, think this might be close to the sand colour? Then VMA 71.332 for the underside, VMC 70.979 for the dark green and VMC 70.872 for the dark brown patch around the cockpit, maybe with some dark grey added .
  7. We have 2 cats. This is also why I know the earth is round, because if it was flat, cats would of pushed everything off it by now. Like my 1/72 Academy F-8P(FN) you see the replacement for in the left of the pic. And others. I have a display cabinet I inherited behind the desk that keeps my completed efforts safely away from kids and pets now, behind some sturdy plate glass.
  8. My A3 sized cutting mat is exclusively reserved for my models I'll have you know. It's just the rest of the table that seems to attract items of tangential use. I do keep meaning to do something about it, and seeing as jobs are 90% inspiration or something, my desk lives in a permanent state of near completion.
  9. Thanks! That Sand/Tan/?? colour is driving me nuts trying to match....
  10. Testing... Yes, I know, absolutely shocking!
  11. I've managed to stumble on something from many years ago on BM, basically they were supplied by the USSR in their paint, and they were repainted at the squadron level by whatever they could lay their hands on available locally. So have some scope to be slightly creative I think, a quick rummage through my paint drawer of mystery yielded VMC 70.913 (Yellow Ochre), 70.872 (Chocolate Brown), 70.979 (German Camo Dark Green) and VMA 71.257 (RLM 76). Might swap the RLM 76 out for a light grey, or something else, possibly, FS35237? Hoping to get some confirmation to be honest, there's not much out there besides what Eduard put in their instructions, and they suggest RAF WW2 Interior Grey Green for the underside?
  12. Probably best to play around your end, my photo taking abilities rate a 3/10 on the potato scale. Been thinking, maybe mixing XF-18 Medium Blue (if you have it) instead of XF-23 to the X-16 might yield a better result? That blue from the pics is certainly interesting. Another thing to consider, bought an Academy 1/48 Fishbed this weekend for an absolute bargain (about 9 quid in your money) and been looking at doing an Indian version, and stumbled across a post that claimed they used whatever local paints they had at a squadron level to repaint the planes, so maybe the same applied to the Cubans when they got round to repainting them which gives you plenty of leeway when choosing a blue?
  13. Referring to the main camo scheme from your first post. X-14 or XF-23 on their own are going to be on opposite ends of the spectrum, if the pics you linked are anything to go by.
  14. If I may offer a suggestion, consider mixing some XF-23 with the X-14, tried straight X-14 on my Su-34 the weekend, and it was awfully vibrant. Mixed a 1:2 XF-23:X-14 last night and now looks more like a military craft and less like an anime spaceship. Going to try a 1:1 tonight and see how that comes out.
  15. Have this saved in my bookmarks, think it might be of interest? Disclaimer: not used them, right now it's just not cost efficient for me with our currency busy tanking. https://topnotch-success.net/vinyl-masks/insignia/
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