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  1. Well. This is just getting confusing now !
  2. It was always going to insert itself in my life, just not without prior warning like what happened here, Was quite a surprise when I realised what happened, so best to just ride it out I say.
  3. No autocucumber mistakes, was intentional. , @Harrier/ViperFan I was only aware of the GWH Devastator, need to check up on this. This is not a particularly popular and well represented plane, for obvious reasons looking at it's history.
  4. All cockpit parts cleaned up and ready for priming. Limited dry fitting done, so here's hoping it goes relatively smoothly when the glue hits the plastic...
  5. Need to put my La-5 aside, needs some serious work I think and need to get something done for end November for the local IPMS thing. Will get back to that shortly. Promise. So pulled this out. Bought completely by accident, wanted the SBD Dauntless, so ran into my local shop, saw Battle of Midway on the box side, grabbed it and rushed back to work. Realised when I got home I grabbed the Vibrator by accident. No complaints, wanted one of these too but still, not ideal. Box art in the usual Academy style. Sprue shots. Clear parts look good. This comes with PE lap belts and canopy masks (bonus!) out the box. 4 sprues of plastic goodness. Some minor flash and ejector marks. Started filling them last night with Mr Surfacer 500. Chances are good most will be invisible, but not taking chances. Close up of the holes on the cockpit side structures. Quite a few but shouldn't take long to sort out. Will be referencing THIS during the build. They appeared to have solved the sink marks that plagued the early (??) Accurate Miniatures release. So huzzah! As for scheme, would love to do a USMC Wind Indicator stationed on Midway during June 1942. So extreme weathering is required. Here's hoping I can pull that off.
  6. Well, there we go, straight from the horses mouth so to speak.
  7. Prefer that one to Wind Indicator myself, it seems to just insert itself better into things I feel. Cough.
  8. Got cracking with Academy's rebox of the AM Vindicator kit last night (need to get the WIP thread open). Would like to do a heavily beaten up plane based on Midway during the local unpleasantness that happened there in June 1942. But, have a question or two based on little bits and pieces I've picked up recently, and hoping someone can help me out. -Due to being left out in the open during their deployment on the island, the fabric areas started falling apart and consequently were held down with medical bandages and some dope. With this in mind, my minor, trivial question I can't seem to find an answer to. 3 of the 4 0.50 cal guns were removed from the wings, but did they close up those 3 holes (and ejector port underneath on the opposite wing, I'm assuming yes for the record), and if so, what with? Thin pieces of sheet metal? Doped bandages (my guess based on nothing more concrete than that what they had around to use)? Something else? - Cockpit colour. The instructions call for the cockpit interior being finished in a aluminium lacquer coating, which was correct for the pre-war planes IIRC. But, there seems to be some theories that they were finished in interior (??) green, and Dana Bell's name mentioned as a source. Is this true? If so, care to link to said body of work please?
  9. Well, this is right up my alley. Sign me up! Can do a Scorpion, Sabre and Demon now. Have my eyes on a Thunderjet, Shooting Star and Panther.
  10. My entry - Tamiya 1/48 Dewointine D.520. Wip here: https://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/235096353-tamiya-148-dewointine-d520-complete-050921/
  11. After much faffing, it's done! Decals were a pain. Lost 2 small stencils, and the 6's were out of register on the fuselage. Weathered with oils, Paynes Grey for the panel lines, various others for the rest. Not happy with the 2 glass inserts behind the cockpit, needed to fettle them a bit more on hindsight.
  12. Dry fitting everything showed the cockpit fitting fine. What's going to be problematic is fitting the fuselage halves to the wing, they rest on steps and it looks like some muscle and CA glue will be needed to bend them (slightly) so they conform.
  13. Feel free to, just don't expect awesomeness to follow ! Anyway, been a week of plodding on, futzing with the D.520 and this kit. Finally got the interior painted up, used VMA 71.336 A-14 Steel Grey, so, PROGRESS! Now, hit a pretty big razor blade in the candyfloss of life assembling the wings. The wheel well is molded on both top and bottom wing pieces, and for love or money couldn't get them lined up without a step. Tried filler, and ended up going through the side wall. Bugger. Ended up wrapping plasticard around the well circumference to form a new wall. Still looks like a pigs ear but will work on this when the fuselage is buttoned up.
  14. Slowly plodding along with all the internals. Must admit, when I saw the flash and mould seams I thought this was going to be a "bite the pillow and think of England" build, but I'm pleasantly surprised. Fit has been good, if slightly "looser" than I would like, compared to other kits I've built. Where I am right now. Also bought myself VMA A-14 (71.336) for the internal primer colour (useful for post WW2 stuff too if memory serves) and the AMT-7 (71.318) to save myself some headaches. Still think I can pull off the 2 camouflage greys with what I have available.
  15. With my D.520 winding down in the GB, and having a hankering for prop planes, decided to pull this one out for a spin. My first Zvezda kit ever! Box art: Sprue shot: And another first, Quinta 3D decal thingamabobs. Must admit, they appeal to my lazy side so been dying to try them out. Pitchforks are in aisle 2 for those of the puritanical persuasion. Now, there is currently a rather spicy discussion going on in the WW2 section about V.V.S colours used during the G.P.W. (I hope they don't find this WIP. Please don't let them find this...) Anyway, the kit instructions tell me to use Dark Gunship Grey (H125) and Light Gull Grey (H129) for the upper camo. That is surely wrong, what I need is AMT-7 lower, and AMT- 11 & 12 uppers. So, been digging through my VMA stash and will try mixing something from the following that will prevent this comrade going to model gulag. So. The plan. AMT-7 - Going to mix up 71.109 Faded PRU Blue & 71.124 USAF Green and see what happens. Maybe some Dk/Lt Gray if needed? AMT- 11 & 12 - Going to futz around with 71.314 Seaplane Gray AKA FS 36081, 71.097 Med Gunship Grey and 71.277 Dk Gull Gray until I get something that resembles the colours on Massimo Tessitori's page HERE. Well. This should be fun!
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