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  1. Started adding the required 4.7 long tons of weight to keep the model wheels down. Smoothed everything over with Milliput to neaten it up (in case it's visible in the tight, hard to see black painted cockpit....) and to help keep everything in place. Due to all the weight, I have a paranoid feeling the nose strut might need help. Added a pin from thick florist wire and drilled a hole in the gear bay. Hope it works... Otherwise, been puttering along building sub-assemblies. Small oopsie trimming off the
  2. Let's get this party started! Started assembling cockpit. Nothing exciting, but bloody hell the sprue attachment points are a tad large. See the parts on the right.... [EDIT] And the headscratching rudder panel lines. Why did Airfix do this? Before: Tamiya Basic + Lacquer Thinner gloop applied:
  3. Where I am right now. I did have a senior moment assembling the fuselage halves unfortunately by not aligning them 100%. So a bit of work was/is needed around the intakes and leading edges to remove the step. But mostly assembled and primed with Mr Surfacer 1500 White to look for more defects I need to sort out. This is taking a back seat, starting a Canberra PR.9 tomorrow and really looking forward to building it. So updates to here will probably be a bit sporadic.
  4. @S. Uehlinger, will try get my hands on the book. I have a soft spot for the Skyray too, it's shaped more like a futuristic (for the 50's...) sports car that a warplane.
  5. Cockpit done. Need to put some PE belts on seat but for all intents, done. The light grey wash seems to work. Weight added to prevent a droopy Batwing.... Gear bays done, ready to be closed up.
  6. Cockpit painted (XF-85 for tub, VMA 71.055 RLM 66 for seat), drybrushed and glossed. Going to try Tamiyas Light Grey Panel Wash on blqck/dark cockpits. Youtube seems to show good results. Here's hoping. And I need a camera to take better pics...
  7. My entry. Bought it second hand last year, the box never made it. Sprues, to show its not started : Probably going to build the No.39 Squadron version (Hemp over Light Aircraft Grey). Possibly the all over H.S.S No.58 Squadron, but it's a distant possibility. Got a resin seat on the way, should have it before the month is out. Hopefully. Roll on the 17th!
  8. Nice thing about Tamiya, is the shake-and-bake you get. Things moving swiftly along. Cockpit assembled, landing gear bays and compressor face primed, landing gear assembled.
  9. My second one. Hoping the Microscale engine inlet warning decals aren't made of rubber like the Tamiya ones !
  10. Need something to mess around with whilst waiting for a GB to start, pulled this classic off the shelf. Not sure what to add. It's Tamiya so that should cover the moulding questions. Two grey and one clear sprue is all there is. However got this somewhere, a really old Microscale decal sheet (for the Airfix kit...). Still looks good. Not sure which version I want, VF-74 with the red rudder bar or VF-213 with the Blue & White checkered tail. Will see what strikes me when I get to decals.
  11. Same here. I've been browsing old build threads for ideas, my resin Pavla seat *hopefully* arrived in country yesterday. Just 7 more sleeps and I can start .
  12. @Brad, with a week to go, need to confirm participation? The list on page 1 hasn't gotten updated in a while, so just curious.
  13. It's one of those things. Last time I used SAPO was 2013, and my item from the US took 4 months to clear and looked like they played soccer with it. Good thing it was a foam carry case! Durbs is Durbs. Was full of vaalies and now is empty. But guess you have this problem too in December....
  14. Honestly, Tamiya make some really good fitting kits for not much dollarbucks in 1/48. Decals might be a bit thick, but not unusable. - Spitfire Mk V - RAF Mustang - Mosquito - Beaufighter Think I'm missing one, but those sprang to mind. It's Tamiya, so you'll have great fit and nothing overly complicated in the assembly department.
  15. Got my grubby paws on this classic today. So sign me up! Chances are good I'll have hopefully gotten a Academy F-15C in the following year so might have 2 Eagles to build.
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