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  1. Thank you. An Eduard weekend MiG-21 will put me back 800 seashells here, but the Academy is 650 seashells. And it now comes with a canopy and wheel mask included by the looks of it too.
  2. Sadly this build is not looking like it will reach the finish line anytime soon. Had a break in at my house, and apart from my airbrush compressor being one of the things taken, my free time the last week has been spent upgrading things around my house to try make the next attempt harder. not sure when I will replace my compressor either.
  3. Well, this was certainly educational, thanks a million for your input @71chally and @Adam Poultney. Filing this thread away under R&D and will refer to it when I get round to pulling this off! Now to hopefully buy the kit this week..... [EDIT] - just in case the urge to build a diorama strikes me, did the B.2 use a more conventional nuclear bomb, think the Blue Danube was withdrawn at this point, but the Yellow Sun or some US weapon?
  4. Another decal sheet/artwork I've been looking at. https://www.hannants.co.uk/product/X72265?result-token=uDXy4 - XL513 & XL193 in particular, think they've been swopped around, but compared to the B.1's presented, I'm still thinking the bulge by the tail is the APU in question?
  5. Jeez, thanks for the actual sprue pics! Okay, some terrible picture editing coming up. Brace yourselves! Instructions I will be referring too: B.2: https://www.scalemates.com/products/img/5/5/1/966551-92-instructions.pdf K.2: https://www.scalemates.com/products/img/4/1/8/1121418-99-instructions.pdf Ignore the stuff crossed out in red (K.2 specific). B.2 wingtips in green included in K.2 box. Parts D1 & D2 already on K.2 wing sprue (https://www.super-hobby.com/products/Handley-Page-Victor-K.2-SR.2.html#gallery_start). So wings kinda covered on this issue. As to @Adam Poultney list above: 1) Remove anti shock bodies (Airfix have helpfully moulded these as seperate parts) - Ignore steps 120 - 123 on K.2 assembly instructions, fill any holes/indentations as needed. 2) Remove oil cooler air scoops located under each intake - Ignore Steps 100 - 103 on K.2 instructions, fill indentations 3) Remove two of the four flow control vanes from each intake - Unsure here, Steps 34&35 of K.2 instructions I'm assuming needs to be amended? If so, which 2? 4) Replace the nose tip with early style* - Part H7 Step 99 K.2 instructions is what your referring too? See pic below, it looks like according to that particular artist it either fine as is, or a simple slice and dice job on the lower section (red circled). Yes, I know, dangerous waters I'm treading here, and I feel the cold hands of assumption getting ready to pull me under relying on artwork! 5) Replace the APU intake in the base of the fin with the early style - Same as point 4, art work seems to tell me they are similar, at least on a close enough scale, unless I'm looking at the wrong item? Green circled 6) Replace the outer wing section drooped leading edges with the early style leading edge flaps (except XM714-718) - Don't think this is possible with my level of expertise, unless XM714-718 have the leading edges in question as is in the kit already? Please clarify. Unless I'm terribly far off, that's about as close as one can get to make a non Blue Steel Victor out the K.2 box based on what's been presented here so far? I'm actually rather thinking it's actually possible, and as ;long as nobody looks too close, I can pass it off. Thoughts?
  6. Well, this seems to settle it for me. Can't say I was not expecting this answer, but still would of loved to cobble one together without paying a kidney to do it!
  7. So. It sounds like it's actually possible then, or at least to cover the major components so I don't have to try scratchbuilding new wing parts? Lumps, bumps and blades I can handle. Lengthening major parts, not so much. Postage would be a fun experience! Or if you know someone coming here on holiday with plenty space in their luggage 😄!
  8. @Navy Bird you could actually help out here. What other parts are on the sprue with the wing tips in your B.2? Would they be considered general parts across all variants (engines/landing gear/whatever) or on a sprue with only wing parts (that could theoretically be swapped out in its entirety in a K.2 boxing)? Also, would the canopy have changed shape? The K.2 wing tips are clear parts, but no idea if they reside with the canopy parts or on their own little sprue with other clear parts specific to the B.2.
  9. @71chally I feel my rubber arm getting twisted here! But I need to be dead sure, and am really hoping someone here has both and can confirm. Because I have almost no interest in flying petrol stations of any sort, and the resale potential is clearly not in my favour if I can't pull this off.
  10. And this is the fun side effect of living in the bottom end of the world! The B.2 is roughly £80 here new, but a shop is selling the K.2 for £33 on clearance. So yeah, if I can build a B.2 from it, with £7 for a Xtradecal sheet added, I'm still well ahead. If there's no bombs or a Blue Steel, I'm fine with that. I really hope it was a case of all the B.2 sprues + extra sprue to cover the conversion, and not a case of Sprue X is replaced by Sprue Y like Hasegawa does.
  11. As inspiration, I present this famous picture taken in 1962. Some people have mentioned Photoshop before, but to that I say Photoshop wasn't around in 1962, so checkmate!
  12. A rather simple question I hope. Built the 1/48 Hurricane from Airfix, and you can actually build all 3 variants (Mk.1/Trop/Sea) out the box with all the parts included (how accurate they are is naturally a different kettle of scorpions), just add decals and done. Can you do the same with the Victor K.2 boxing? If not, how complicated would it be to convert a K.2 to a B.2/1? Think the K.2 has a wing lengthening insert to start off with, but looking for K.2 builds is not as easy as one would think based on my browsing history 🤔.
  13. Yup, did mention that! Unless I make a boo boo, then will do the No.74 Sqn with the black spine, weather away my mistakes and pretend that was my plan all along!
  14. My entry to this GB. Wanted to try something in NMF as practice for something later in the year, and was thinking of getting a Su-11 in all it's flying stovepipe glory at one point. Other suitable kits I have are in need of added extra's, mostly decals and a few other bits (TrumpyBoss 1/48 F-100 and it's undersized main wheels spring to mind here, not even looking at that intake shape....). But ran across this kit at a hefty 55% off RRP, and immediately remembered how anything not a Lightning is by definition an inferior machine, and I should buy it immediately. So, box shot as it sits on work desk, freshly delivered. Want to do the box art machine, from the No.56 Sqn Firebirds aerobatic team. Trying to go for a mostly clean plane on this attempt, want to nail down my NMF skills before I beat the hell out of the XB-35 in June. I have a Cutting Edge M.B Mk 4 seat at home just itching for a permanent home, so that will be the sum total of AM for this kit. I might get creative with the pitot tube, not sure what I want to do just yet though, probably some brass rod would be my initial thoughts on the subject. Paint wise, I have a selection of Alclad II, Tamiya LP-70 Gloss Aluminum and Mr Hobby Super Metallics to play around with. Any suggestions what Tamiya or Mr Color would be a good match for the red, I'm all ears. Have Tamiya XF-7 Red, Mr Color C327 (FS 11136 - thinking this would be a good match personally) and C385 (IJN Aircraft Red) in my collection, but could get other reds in the Tamiya and Mr Color range easilly enough if needed. This will probably be a slow starter, need to get my other GB entry in the WW2 Twins closer to the finish line before I crack on with this beauty.
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