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  1. Quick update. Family time and a P-39 have been diverting some attention away from my Stuart, but been plugging away at it. Decals done (lol), decided to paint the national insignia on the skirts, turret sides and hull front (saw some research on this kit online and it looked like they applied one there too). Did some enamel washes to make it a bit grimy, still think I need to work on it tomorrow to neaten one or two areas up.
  2. Managed to get a 1/72 Canberra PR.9 recently, and whilst browsing the instructions I saw this pair of missile looking things to be used for one of the marking options. But what is it? I'm guessing its a chaff or countermeasure pod, but my Google-fu is weak and can't find out what it is. Help!
  3. Huh, well, there you go! Makes life a bit easier!
  4. The later M5 I think was rubberized, but I'm trying to simulate the paint wearing off where it contacts the track over time + the effects of desert sand on the finish, hopefully :D! Used a black/brown chipping colour for the idler wheel.
  5. Got the Silver Grey down and weathered. Used XF-21(7)+XF-19(1)+XF-4(1). Lightened it with increasing increments of XF-19. Must admit, the masking came out better than I thought! Next, a filter of XF-57 to tone/fade/make everything a bit dusty looking. Well, that's the theory at least :D! Also got the rubber bits done on the road wheels, a 1:1 of VMC 70.862 & 70.950. Did the exposed metal on the rear drive wheel in a 1:1 of VMC 70.950 & 70.872.
  6. Masking done. Tonight should getvthe Silver Grey done.
  7. With that piece of good news, did the initial weathering on the Portland Stone using increasing increments of XF-2. Looks awfully bright, will tone that down with a filter of some sort. Probably XF-57 Buff? Also did the Slate turret roof using XF-24 (1) + XF-4 (1). Weathered that with incremental usage of XF-4. On a side note, I'm amazed at how close Slate Grey is to Olive Drab. Answers that niggling question about Lend Lease FAA stuff I have half an eye on. Next, masking and the application of the national marking around the 2" smoke launchers.
  8. Got the ball rolling. Mixed the Portland Stone as per MAVFA suggestions using Tamiya paint. XF-2 (6) + XF-57 (1) + XF-3 (1). Looks odd, but I'm not educated enough on the subject to rate a rank of Amateur. So, does that look right? Left it a bit patchy, will start on doing some fading tomorrow if the colour is correct??
  9. Don't! It hasn't gotten off to good start, stripped everything off and started painting again since the last update! For some reason the paint was grainy in some areas, think the heat + IPA and high PSI whilst airbrushing was too blame. Broken out my summer paint pack of retarders/X-20A and it seems to be working.
  10. Calling it done. Weathering done badly with oils and pastels. Feel free to critique.
  11. Got the panel wash and some post shading done. First time doing this, so not sure it looks okay? Still going to do some oil staining, might tone it down?
  12. Managed to assemble 98% of the kit, definitely not a complex build at all. Started painting the 3 elements in a custom dark brown mix using Tamiya XF-1(6):XF-9(1):XF-68(3) to represent the base steel, not a precise mix, did futz around a little bit getting it right. It's darker than the pic would suggest. Next I'm going for the Olive Drab (thinking XF-62(2):XF-59/60?(1). Then onto Caunter. Trying to build up the colours as applied IRL and hopefully any natural "chipping" IE clumsiness will show through. That's the theory at least.... Things may tak
  13. Finished the hull compartment to see what it looked like when complete, even though it was always going to be buttoned up. So, on the off chance this answers someone's question in future, that's what it looks like when assembled by someone who couldn't be bothered. Also, put in a plasticard spacer to eliminate the joint on the nose, dry fitting has shown a potential razor blade in the candyfloss of life in this area. I have now chased that gap to the running gear section, but that should be hidden by the tracks at the end. Got the side skirts on, the joins on the front fenders is
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