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  1. My entry for this GB. Box art: Sprues still sealed. Lots of rivets on the surface though, but I'm probably going to leave them and save myself some annoyance. Not a whole heap of AM stuff, at 1/72 I generally don't go all in. Probably going for an aluminum lacquer finish I *think* is correct for the time frame. Will do the SEA camo when/if I ever end up with the "G" Thud in my paws.
  2. Primer down and time for the exciting stuff! Went with the radar option.
  3. Borrowed some Flat from my boss to try yesterday, I'm reasonably impressed by it. They also weren't kidding when they say Flat on the bottle. That stuff can take the shine off the sun. Guess my next question is finding out where they all fit on the spectrum, Flat and Gloss are pretty self explanatory, but what in the name of Thoth's udders is the difference between Light Sheen and Semi Matt .
  4. Yes it does. 1 with radar and technically 2 without. I'm leaning towards the radar option, but am not 100% fully committed to that just yet. I do have plans for getting the "Early" version too, so that will definitely be the clear nosed version I want to do from that boxing (the "Prototype" Dark Green over Light Grey one).
  5. Cockpit done, need to get it all assembled and can move on. Most of the sub assemblies are done, usual Tamiya stuff, leave the parts next to the glue and poof, assembled. Added some Eduard IJN belts.
  6. Rather simple I hope. Want to try some of this stuff but I'm getting mixed answers from my rather weak Google-fu skillz. Is it a solvent based varnish ("lacquer") or a oil based varnish ("enamel")? Because I've read you can thin with MLT but clean with mineral spirits? Halp!
  7. It's a solvent based primer with filler essentially. 500 - good for minor gap filling. Gap filling is your own personal preference, but I use a wide variety of fillers depending on what I want to do. Vallejo for work around fine detail I don't want to ruin with sanding/wing root gaps for example. Mr Surfacer 500 for things like nicks from scribing/sprue gate divots from ham fistedness/anything where I want to sand afterwards. Can be sprayed as a primer but why though? Large gaps I use Milliput/plasticard. 1000 -> 1500 - Primer. Solid and durable when cured, fills tiny scratches and can be sanded if you need to go back and fix something. Thin with Mr Levelling Thinner at about 50/50 and refine ratio from there however your comfortable, sprays like a dream. I can't comment on brush painting the stuff though.
  8. I do. But getting it to you is going to be awkward and surprisingly pricey.
  9. My entry. Build thread: Badly taken glamor shots:
  10. And it's done! A bit later than I thought but within the cut-off time! Used various oil paints and One Direction albums to distress the finish, exhaust stains are Tamiya Rubber Black snd Deck Tan heavily thinned. Not happy with the propellers and top turret. Eurgh. Anyway! Will post in Gallery now.
  11. Small minor update of sorts. Have the Aotake a bash. Basecoat of Tamiya XF-53 Neutral Grey (guess XF-24 Dark Grey could of worked too) and a heavy drybrush/stipple of Tamiya X-11 Silver enamel. Then a layer of a custom Aotake mix (went with X-23 Clear Blue and a small amount of X-24 Clear Yellow for moral support) thinned with MLT. I think it looks okay? Thoughts?
  12. There's a funny story attached to this kit. My local plastic crack den has the other 2 boxings of this kit from the early naughties I guess. Been eyeing up the Early version and slowly getting little bits and bobs for it, why I have the guns but the early masking and insignia set is on it's way to me. Wind back to late 2020. A guy on a local group hit a razor blade in the candy floss of life and needed a compressor sharpish. I had one I hadn't used for months, so I passed it on with the only proviso that he cover postage. He received it, was happy and life went on. Just after Easter I get a message from him. He's packing up and going back to blighty, would you like this kit gratis as thanks! So yeah, got it Wednesday afternoon and got started that night!
  13. And started filling the ejector marks. Being the paranoid person I am, filled them all. Chances are good most won't even be seen anyway. Eh. Some of the fully visible internal parts are molded with the back end hollow, used some plasticard to blank them off. Drilled out the pilots seats lightening holes too.
  14. Not going to lie. My mojo is waning on my F-2 trying to get that intake trunk seamless. Tonight it cracked along the joint, again, whilst sanding, so putting it aside for now. Time for this bad boy! Lots of plastic goodness inside! Usual Tamiya quality, with plenty ejector marks to deal with. Decals look surprisingly decent for a Tamiya kit? Will see. And got some resin barrels. Got a mask set on its way, but for the "Early" kit. Pretty sure the canopy remains the same. Also have some Eduard PE belts, hopefully they have some ones I can use on this build. One thing I'm finding interesting is the canopy framing. It's very, very fine by the feel of it. Can barely feel how it's raised like normal if that makes sense? Anyway, found a build on Hyperscale by Gregg Cooper I will be referencing, and I really want to try his method of replicating the Aotake finish.
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