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  1. The Hurricane at the science museum (thing thank museum) at Birmingham is also a Mk IV, but paint like a Mk I of the BoB. Alain
  2. I have 2 favorite Hurricane IIc, first BD 826. 185 Sq Malta, seen the book of Tonyot "No place for beginners" page 163. Front DG, DE, rear EDSG, Sky blue under. Nr 2 is also in Malta and perhaps the same Sq L8665 B (white) Top EDSG and Sky blue underside. Alain
  3. Yes, it works, I had received from Airfix the decals of the B25 last year Alain
  4. Arma Hobby is going to produce a Mk IIa during this year. Just wait... Best regard Alain
  5. Could be one of my next Airfix Spit Vc with Eduard long wing tips and a four blades propeller Alain
  6. Some Yugoslavian and Greek Spit Vc also had 6 exhausts tube Alain
  7. Rolls Royce engine also used for Vosper MTB and recue boats Alain
  8. I have change mine with Sword, Kp, or Tamiya ones Alain
  9. I have nearly finish my first one, I have change the wheels ,spare from KP or Tamiya, wheels door spare from Eduard Mk VIII. Shortened the exhaust tube to fit better near the fuselage. Make a hole on the right place for the fuselage tank and put a .50 from Eduard Mk VIII for the cap. Paint in Sky blue underside, dark grey nearly all the aircraft and very dark grey the engine and the spinner, for a Malta plane. Alain
  10. I had no problems with mine, are you on the right side ? Alain
  11. I usually use sky blue for my "first period" of Malta's Spitfire with A1 roundels Alain
  12. If somebody is interested, I can offer 2 fuselages and arrester hook from Sword in 1/72. Just give me your address. Best regard Alain
  13. So do I, it is the same for most British shops, because of the Brexit. No more export for ECC country until January. Alain
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