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  1. It was a prototype. My deco is a little bit "wat if", normally, it was yellow underside and a big yellow P. Alain
  2. Not a lot of work. Alley Cats conversions are pretty nice thinks and are preview for the Airfix kit. Alain
  3. I have post picture of the twin tail Beau Alail I have post a new topic with the twin tail Beau Alain
  4. I had also build the twin tail Beaufighter May be I'll post some picture of it. Alain
  5. There are not a lot of B 17 assembly ships, most where B24. But yes there are some B17 F as assembly ship. Alain
  6. There are nice kit to construct. Most of the Arma range are, especially there Yak 1. Alain
  7. I have just post some picture of a 1/72 Malta Hurribomber Alain
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