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  1. I have made the same with the DK decals in 1/72 Alain
  2. For me, it's black green RLM 70. Alain
  3. Happy for you. Best regard Alain
  4. It will be better to put a third spinner for DH propeler instead of there bl....dy pilot. Alain
  5. If you can wait a few years (3 to 5), Eduard will produce a brand new range of Spitfire Mk I to V, first in 1/48 and in 1/72 afther... ALAIN
  6. Hannant's have the AZ Spitfire in stock at normal price Alain
  7. I had also receive some "lost" parts a few years ago, but it can take some times!!! Alain
  8. Humbroll 157 was not a good color for Azur Blue, it look more Dark Mediteranean Blue. HU 89 is not really a good idea Trie something else than Humbroll. Alain
  9. I have just received my Xtradecal sheet, 15 Spit. that's what I need or more if Airfix' s is good ! Alain
  10. Hello everyone, I would like to build a DC 2 with RAF marking operating in Africa. Can somebody help me ? Thanks Alain
  11. Yes I have see, most of the time, it's out of stock. But try to contact DK decals self. http://www.dkdecals.cz/
  12. Hello, DK decals made decoration for such planes in 1/48 and more in 1/72 Regard Alain
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