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  1. Hi Jeff, Good job on flattening the cut line. As much as I've tried to do straight saw cuts manually, like you I always end up filing & sanding the cut edge flat. John
  2. Well, in my (anal) quest for accuracy, I tried! I glued six tiny pieces of stretched plastic sprue around a seventh piece in the centre to make the barrels. Lots of fun ... not! Here's a close-up pic of the finished gun in a fresh coat of primer. Thank goodness for having a magnifying glass. John
  3. Thank you! As always, your comments are really appreciated. I've missed modelling over the summer months, & it's good to be back at it. John
  4. Hello again! It's September & time to get back to some serious modelling. I've turned my attention to the helicopter hanger roof & the flight deck. The equipment located the hanger roof of HMCS Regina was configured differently during her refit, as shown in the following comparison photos. I found that the required parts either were omitted from the resin model kit or were new & needed to be scratch built. Some of the parts were already cast on the hanger roof. I decided that, rather than modify these cast parts, I would remove them & start with a clean slate, as shown below. I also removed the Phalanx gun's cast base located in the corner of the hanger roof, as well as the Landing Signal Officer's 'Howdah' located on the flight deck. This eliminates the need to mask off these parts when painting the decks & allowed me to reuse them later. In case you're wondering, the word 'howdah' means "a seat or covered pavilion on the back of an elephant or camel". The Landing Signal Officer (LSO) compartment on the flight deck reminded the airmen of a camel's hump. The word was derived from the Arabic word 'hawdaj'. I've scratch built the antenna, Phalanx gun system, & the helicopter visual landing assist equipment using white Evergreen plastic plus some resin & PE parts supplied in the kit. Again, it was a bit of a challenge due to the small size of these parts. Here's a photo of the completed parts waiting for a coat of primer; Next up, I'll prime the parts, lay out their locations, on the hanger roof, & drill locating holes to accept locating pins I've included on the scratch built parts. Unfortunately, I don't have a drawing showing the positions of these parts, so I'll be using photos and a little guesswork. Thanks for looking in. Stay safe! John
  5. Hey, Kev. Sorry to hear about your health issue. But, it's nice to see you trying to soldier on with the Citroen build. Coincidently, my wife was watching an old Rosemary & Thyne episode on TV earlier this week where the lead characters were driving one of these 'beasts' on the French Riviera. No rust though. Best wishes for a successful build. John
  6. Hi Kev, Nice to see you giving this model a go. I'll be watching with interest. BTW, I've always tried to prevent having rust on my (full size) vehicles, not add it. So this build will be a new experience for me. John
  7. I'm assuming they were the same depending on the aircraft carried, but I really don't know for sure. beefy, here's a link to a nice video fo keep you entertained while you wait for the answer - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6dmNyts7f1w John
  8. Interesting subject, Jeff. Looking forward to following along, as well. John
  9. Another short update. This time, the UHF Antenna & Support Mast located amidships. I scratch built this mast using plastic bar for the mast & plastic rod for the antenna. Two small antenna were made from sections cut from 1/350 scale PE handrails & stretched plastic sprue. The mast main supports was made from wine bottle foil & plastic sheet. Overall the antenna & mast assembly was made from 16 tiny parts. Here's a photo of the assembly dry fitted & waiting for a coat of primer. Unfortunately, this build has been proceeding slower than normal as we continue to deal with our summer heat wave, e.g. today's high is 40°C including the humidity index. Luckily, so far we haven't had to deal with forest fires like other regions of Canada & the world. Thanks again for looking. Stay safe! John
  10. Nice touch building the canoe in your garage diorama. John
  11. Thanks beefy. The white plastic details get washed out in the photos. I haven't mastered all the camera lighting settings. The grey primer does show the details, but it shows the mistakes too. John
  12. Thanks Kev! Appreciated, as always. I guess some of the magic is making the tiny parts disappear in the carpet monster. I wish! Then I could reduce my stress by paying an expert (like you) to make my models. But, where would be the fun in that?
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