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  1. Looking good, beefy. John
  2. Detailing & painting continues ... I'm still experimenting, as I'm entering more uncharted territory (for me) on this build in 1/350 scale. For example, detailing the Multi Ammunition Soft-Kill System (MASS) parts. Each MASS dispenser has 16 visible rectangular openings covered in some sort of black material (8 on top & 8 on the forward surface). Even though these openings are very small at 1/350 scale, they would still be visible on the model. Masking & painting the black covered openings was going to be difficult, if not almost impossible, so I needed to find an alternative. You might recall on my 1/72 Brave Borderer build, I made Inkjet printed decals to add detail to Borderer's deck vents. So I decided to try making decals for the MASS parts, not knowing if my inkjet printer could print the decals for the smaller 1/350 scale parts. I was pleasantly surprised to see that the MASS decals turned out looking pretty good. Once the decals were applied, I sealed them with a light coat of clear flat lacquer. Here's a photo showing the sequence of making the MASS assemblies from initial scratch building to test fitting the completed parts on the Regina model. One small hurdle overcome, & now it's full speed ahead to assemble & paint details on the model. Thanks for following along. Stay safe! John
  3. I'm in the process of sorting Regina's scratch built bits & pieces accumulated over the past year & a half+ in an effort to identify the sequence for adding these parts, plus the PE handrails & landing pad netting to the model. Here's an overhead shot of the parts in their metal biscuit storage box. (BTW, those shortbread scottie dogs that came in the box were yummy. ) First up, I'll be painting the cast details on the model, e.g. bollards, fire hoses, exhaust ports, sliding padeyes, etc. John
  4. It's hard to believe, but Regina's dazzle paint scheme is complete. Like pretty well everything on this build, I ran into a lot of extra work. This time trying to determine the proper paint colours for the paint scheme. Colour photos show a wide range of colours for the paint scheme. Everything from turquoise to navy blue, and many colour shades in between. To select colours for the model's scheme, I chose the the scheme shown in the following photo. I feel the photo closely replicates the RCN grey on the hull. Having the hull colour in the photo closely resembling an actual RCN ship, I thought the paint scheme colours should be close, as well. Now having the blue colour in the photo for reference, I ended up mixing a matching colour, since I couldn't find a pre-mixed paint. I started with a bottle of Tamiya white acrylic paint & added blues & greens until I got a blue shade that closely matched the blue in the reference photo ... at least to my eyes . Finally, I was able to paint using the templates discussed in a earlier post ... plus lots of Tamiya masking tape. And here's the final result; There's still some touchups to do, but overall I'm happy with the end result. My wife commented that it was nice to see one of my model warships that isn't grey. Next up, I'll be painting all the little details & then start adding all the scratch built bits & pieces. Thanks for looking. Stay safe! John
  5. Ray, best wishes for a speedy recovery for your Dad. John
  6. Another beauty Rob. Great detail! Having said that, your builds are starting to cost me money. I received a couple of packages this week - Modelkasten "Infini 0.3" metal rigging wire & a few bottles of VMS Flexy 5k glue. I've tried the glue & it works great. Thanks again for the tip. John
  7. Guy, There is a feature length film (approx. 77min.) with the same title. Here's a link to the Wikipedia description - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/For_Those_in_Peril_(1944_film) John
  8. Welcome back! Luv your workshop. Here's a video link to For Those in Peril. A great reference as Rob suggested. Also, another video link for reference - The Pilot is Safe Looking forward to following your build. John
  9. Beautiful work as always Rob ... and thanks for the rigging & adhesive tips. John
  10. Thanks Rob. I like using templates to transfer curvy shapes to the tape paint masks. They save a lot of guesswork when drawing & positioning the masks. John
  11. Hi again! I'm in the process of making templates for spraying the North Atlantic 'dazzle' scheme on Regina. First, some background on the development of the North Atlantic paint scheme. The scheme was introduced to commemorate 75 years since the end of the Battle of the Atlantic (3 May 2020). Canada's contribution in the 6-year battle included warships and aircraft hunting U-boats, as well as escorting supply convoys to Britain. In all, the RCN lost 22 ships, including the original HMCS Regina, a corvette. 59 merchant ships were also lost during the battle. More than 70,000 Allied sailors, merchant seamen and aviators perished, including 4,600 Canadians. After reviewing paint schemes applied to WWII ships, it was decided that the dazzle paint scheme used on HMCS Ottawa (H31) during the Second World War would be used as the basis for Regina's commemorative scheme. Regina's final commemorative paint scheme was introduced in October, 2019 with a plan to retain it until year end 2020. Now, back to the model. I decided to use scaled down photographs of Regina to develop paint masks for the model. Unfortunately, I needed to tweak the images to fit the model since the model's 3D hull shape is slightly different than the actual ship's shown in 2D photos. I wanted to make the shape of the templates as close to the actual paint scheme as possible. Here's a photo showing the final tweaked paper template taped to the starboard side of the model compared to a photo of the actual ship. Next, I'll trace the template shapes on masking tape. Then cut them out & apply the masking tape shapes to the hull sides as paint masks for spray painting. Thanks again for following along. Stay safe! John
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