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  1. Martian, Here's a link to a detailed paper (more late night reading) describing three bilge pump types. It's pretty wordy but the good news is there's lots of drawings & photos (listed on pages ix & x). The History and Development of Ships' Bilge Pumps, 1500 - 1840 Hope this helps. John
  2. Nice start Martian. Out of interest, where did you order the grating material? I'm wondering if it could be used for bridge/deck flooring. Funny, this was the first thing that came to mind.
  3. Another interesting subject, Kev. Count me in. John
  4. Congrats on receiving the awards, Martian. Looking forward to watching this build. John
  5. Thanks everyone for your comments & support! The superstructure is going to be a challenge - lots of curves & angles that will result in a lot of trial & error. I'm going have to keep the putty handy. As for being an author Kev, I'm not sure I want to share my building experiences (my building mistakes). It would have to be an X-rated book. John
  6. Next up the bridge superstructure. I've been looking at how to to make Brave Borderer's superstructure by modifying the Perkasa model's bridge . There are a number of differences between the BB & Perkasa superstructures, e.g. shape, height, length, width & bridge layout. Here's a photo I posted earlier with a BB drawing overlayed on the Perkasa model, showing some of those differences. I thought the best way to find what Perkasa parts I could use for the BB build was to cut the Perkasa superstructure apart & compare the resulting bits & pieces to the BB drawings & photos. In addition to reusing some of the bridge components, I think I can reuse some of the superstructure bulkhead parts, as shown in the next photo. Now the work begins! Wish me luck. Thanks again for checking in. John
  7. Thanks for the background info about the build Steve. I'm in awe of your metal working skills. Looking forward to following your SGB build. John
  8. Tiny bits. for sure. Watching with interest. John
  9. Thanks, beefy. I think the brass should oxidize with age & really look the part. Thanks Kev! No seagulls with this build, just for you. Thanks Stuart! BTW, what's wrong with my rear-end? Thanks Rob. Glad you like it. Thanks Fraser! Much appreciated. John
  10. A milestone has been reached - The transom is finished. The transom ended up being a good size scratch build project. It was fun seeing all those parts come together. I was only able to reuse the Perkasa kit's exhaust flaps. I wasn't able to identify Brave Borderer's actual transom colour, other than noting that the transom appears to be a darker colour than the hull sides, as shown in black & white photos. The Perkasa's model kit instructions call for its transom to be painted black. I decided to paint the Brave Borderer's transom a dark gunship grey. It's dark, but still light enough to hi-lite the details. I've also left the exhaust pipes a brass colour, for now. Here are a couple of photos showing those transom details; Next up, I'll be adding some main deck details, & then start building the superstructure. Thanks again for looking in. John
  11. Nice one, beefy. One more for me to watch & learn.
  12. Wow, a beautiful diorama, Steve! Your attention to detail is amazing. Well done!
  13. Hi Stuart. Yes, that's a cool video. I've taken a number of screen shots as reference for my build. Speaking of videos, here's a link to an article that includes an RN video that I hadn't seen before. It turns out to be a cigarette advertisement, but it has some nice shots of post WWII RN coastal forces - Spitfires of the Sea. Note the grey decks. John
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