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  1. Thanks Daryl. Feel free to add your comments or questions as this build progresses. John
  2. Here's an indoor photo showing the contrast between the dark ghost grey superstructure and the dark grey deck & roofs. John
  3. Thanks Rob. The sun really makes for good photos.
  4. Well, it's cooled down a little around here, & the humidity level has dropped for a few days. Soooo ..... It's time to get the airbrush out & paint the topsides of the Elco. The grey paint scheme for the Elco's includes a dark grey main deck & the chart house and day cabin roofs. I chose Modelmaster flat dark grey acrylic paint (FS36176) for this job. Prep included a couple of hours of masking the hull, chart house & day cabin. I'm always paranoid when removing the masking tape, afraid I might have missed something or got overspray on a finished part. There's still have a little clean-up to do, but overall I feel the result turned out pretty good. It's a beautiful summer's day here & too nice to stay indoors, so I brought the model outside for a few photos of the final result in the sunshine. Now that this job is done, I can start adding the vents, etc. to the deck. Thanks for looking in. John
  5. Gee, I thought it was a water bug.
  6. JohnWS

    Combat Boat CB90 - colours?

    Hi Graeme. Here's a link to a cutaway drawing of a CB90. Looking at the cutaway the interior of the bridge appears to be light grey or white. http://www.dockstavarvet.se/wp-content/uploads/2015/01/combat-boat-cb-90-h-fast-assault-craft.jpg Here's another link to a Swedish CB90 rescue boat that's for sale. It includes a number of interior photos. The interior of the bridge appears to be light grey, while the passenger compartment bulkheads appear to be white. https://shipsforsale.com/en/ships-en/shipid/765/arbetsfartyg_1_helga/ Hope these help. John
  7. You're working too fast for me Rob. Nice to see you back at it. Good start on the taut wire measuring gear, & a great idea for the handrails too. John
  8. Not a lot of work done recently on the Elco, as it's just too hot & humid here. We have air conditioning, but I'm concerned I'm still going to run into masking & paint problems due to the humidity. So, while the boat sits on the shelf until the weather cools down, I decided to look at making the boat's hull number decals. I used Photoshop to design a few different sizes and printed them on Testor's white waterslide decal paper. The only issue I ran into was getting the correct background colour to hide the white paper colour in-between & around the numbers, & that matches the dark ghost grey I'm using for the hull & superstructure. After some trial & error, I ended up with a pretty good match. Testor's recommends using a gloss clear coat to set the decal colour. However, I use flat (dull) clear coat for my decals instead. The flat clear coat works well & (I think) makes the decals blend better with the painted surface they're applied to. I've also found the gloss clear coat makes the decals look darker when under a bright light (e.g. a camera flash), while the flat clear coat looks pretty consistent under a variety of lighting conditions. That's it for now. Time to get a cool one & chill. Thanks for stopping by. John
  9. JohnWS

    Falmouth Working Boat

    I'm always amazed at the craftsmanship needed to make & fit the various bits & pieces to build these small boats.
  10. JohnWS

    HMAS/m AE2, Scratchbuild

    Thank you Steve for an educational, & fun build.
  11. JohnWS

    Vosper MTB

    Not to worry. I've been corrected for calling MTB's boats a few times. I figured if MTB's were ships, they would have been called MTS's. I'm attending a reunion with my training division in September, so I've got to brush up on my naval terminology soon. As far as being damaged, I've found dark rum is the best cure.
  12. JohnWS

    Vosper MTB

    The boat's (ship's) crest is another nice detail.
  13. JohnWS

    Vosper MTB

    Nice job on the waterline. Very convincing. The waterline on MTB's were pretty grimy from a combination of oil, fuel ... and algae floating on the water's surface. Here's a colour photo of BPB MTB 460's bow showing the dirty waterline.
  14. JohnWS

    Thornycroft Coastal Motor Boats

    Here are the titles of two books that have build & service data for the Thornycroft Coastal Motor Boats #'s 26, 27, 67, 68, 213 - 217, & 327 - 331 + Thornycroft MTB's 49 - 56. Royal Naval Coastal Forces 1939 - 1945, MTB's, MGB's, MA/SB's, ML's & HDML's - A. J. D. North - Almark Publications, ISBN 0 85524 068 7 (hard cover), & ISBN 0 85524 069 6 (soft cover). This book includes a few photos & line drawings of the Thornycroft boats, as well as the build & service data. Warships of World War II, Part Seven: Coastal Forces - H. T. Lenton and J. J. Colledge - Ian Allan Ltd., London.
  15. JohnWS

    Vosper MTB

    Awesome looking build Dan. Sorry if I missed this when reading your thread, but can you tell me the boat's scale? Thanks, John