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  1. The molded base on those rafts doesn't look too bad, while surprising the PE looks a little bulkier in the photo. For me, it would come down to whether I'd want bigger openings between the slats, or not. Both look pretty good, so IMHO going with either the kit rafts or the PE would be okay. John
  2. A very nice tribute & remembrance, Kev. Well done! Lest we forget. John
  3. I'll echo what beefy & Steve said. Another wonderful build, Kev. Thanks for allowing us to tag along & to share our thoughts (feathered & otherwise). John
  4. Thank you, much appreciated.
  5. Thanks for the 'Like's everyone. Thanks, Kev ... I think! Hi Stuart. Thanks for your feedback. Gee beefy, I thought making these lockers at 1/72 was bad enough. I can't imagine trying this at 1/144. John
  6. Hello again! I've had a busy couple of weeks building Brave Borderer's stowage boxes and ready use lockers. First, two stowage boxes for breathing apparatus. These boxes will be located on top of the turbine intake structure, just forward of the generator exhaust assembly. Next, four ready use lockers for rocket flares. Two lockers are located on both the stbd & post sides of the turbine intake structure, one each on either side of the vertical generator exhaust. Here's a photo of the finished stowage boxes & the completed rocket flare lockers (waiting for paint). And finally, the most time consuming build ... ten ready use ammo lockers for the two 40mm Bofors guns. Five lockers were located around both the forward & stern guns (someone must have thought Brave Borderer was going to use a lot of ammo). I tried to make these lockers as close as I could to the actual lockers, at this scale. This resulted in having to make 46 tiny bits & pieces cut from plastic card for each locker ... not that I was counting. I'll let you do the math to determine the total number parts used to make all ten lockers. The biggest challenge was copying & assembling the bits & pieces so all 10 lockers would look the same. And, here's a photo of the completed ammo lockers waiting for a coat of primer. Note the pic was photo bombed by one of longshanks' feathered friends. Next, I'll need to build two additional vents before the turbine air intake structure can be finished. Thanks for looking. Stay safe! John
  7. I like the new additions, Kev. I think the helmet subtly ties this scene to a wartime event, & separates it from that of a generic' shipwreck. As an aside, last night I watched an episode of the British Antiques Roadshow from Dundee. A fellow brought his father's WWII memorabilia, including his Dunkirk medal, to be appraised. I wasn't aware there was a medal for the Dunkirk evacuation, but after a quick search I found the medal was issued by the French to both military & civilian personnel who took part in the evacuation as an unofficial medal to commemorate the event. I found it interesting that after surviving the Dunkirk evacuation the soldier, whose memorabilia was displayed on the Roadshow, went on to join and serve in the SAS. John
  8. Shows how much I've degenerated while in self imposed isolation. Now I get excited when I find a new word that I can actually use. My english teachers would have been so proud. I bet it does sum up how a lot of us feel. John
  9. This old thalassophile thinks you nailed it Kev. John
  10. Still pretty impressive. My metal working skills only involve wine bottle foil & CA glue. I've got a very long way to go to get even close to what you're able to achieve. John
  11. Absolutely! Each of your posts is a great learning experience, both about the boat design itself & modelling with metal. I'm always impressed by you metal working skills, Steve. John
  12. Wow Steve, that's a lot of research. Your posts here provide invaluable information for scratch modellers of similar ships. Great work! John
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