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  1. This jury member finds you guilty of doing a great job. That second photo looks like your outhouse dog house is covered in barnacles. John
  2. Hi Rob, Echoing what everyone else has said, your attention to the little details has resulted in a terrific looking build. You're certainly setting the bar higher for the rest of us to try to achieve. John
  3. And, I thought Kev had a lot of holes in his LCM. Beefy, did you do anything special to hold the tiny drill bit in the cordless drill's chuck? John
  4. You've been busy Rob. Your attention to the little details makes those small assemblies look like they're a much larger scale in the photos. John
  5. Another terrific build, Steve. I really enjoyed following along, learning from your metal work experience & about this very unique vessel. John
  6. Wow, she's really looking the part now. John
  7. Hi Dmitriy, Unfortunately, choosing paint colours on this build & for this time period has resulted in a lot of guesswork, due to the lack of available information & colour photos, e.g. comparing blacks, whites & shades of grey in B&W photos to colour photos of other boats & ships taken in the '50's & '60's. I haven't put much faith in colourized photos, as many times they're not accurate. Based on what little information I can find, the colour choices for Royal Navy 21" torpedoes in the 1950's to 1970's came down to having the warheads painted
  8. Thanks Stuart! Getting there. Thanks Terry! She's certainly starting to look the part.
  9. Thanks beefy. Still depth charges, flare launchers & guns to go. John
  10. Wow, that rust looks terrible, Kev! I mean that in a very good way. From the photos it's hard to believe that it's paint & not actual rust. John
  11. Thanks, Rusty! Your LCM is looking pretty good, as well. Thanks Steve! I'm in the "the more you know, the more you don't know" phase of the build. As I add more detail, I'm finding it's taking longer to research those little fiddly details that are left to build. Thanks Rob! I really appreciate your feedback from one of the masters. John
  12. Hi everyone! I've finally completed Brave Borderer's auxiliary fuel tanks & torpedoes. There is not a lot of info on the 'net specifically regarding BB's auxiliary tanks, so I had to use a little imagination. One of the better tank photos shows what looks like a goose neck & a straight vent pipes on the tanks' top surface. There are also 'bumps' on each end of the top surface. I decided to interpret the 'bumps' as aircraft style filler caps. I found one article available on the 'net that describes the need to quickly refill BB"s fuel tanks. The 'Flight Refuelling Ltd.
  13. Very cool, Kev! Now that I think of it, I had a '59 Austin Cambridge that looked like that after a few Canadian winters. John
  14. Terrific start on your build, Tomas. I'm looking forward to following along, as well. John
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