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  1. JohnWS

    USN WWII Torpedo Colours

    I'm a little confused trying to determine what colours (colors) I should paint the the Mark 13 torpedos for my late WWII USN Elco PT Boat build. It seems that there are a lot of different opinions about what colours the torpedos were in the 1944-45 time frame, e.g - the instructions included with my after market resin torpedos state the torpedo nose cones are light grey & the body should be brass colour (photo). - another opinion suggests the nose be light (primer) grey, while the body would be bare (steel) metal (photo). - while another option is the light grey nose with black or oil yellow stained bodies to simulate a protective coating on the bare metal (photo). - some torpedos were painted the same colours as the PT boat for camouflage purposes, at the discretion of the boat's captain. - and finally, one source states the late war torpedos were painted all black (training torpedos had yellow nose cones & black bodies). I'm leaning towards light grey and brass/oil yellow for my torpedos, but was wondering is anyone here has thoughts or references about what the Mark 13 torpedo colours should be? Thanks. John
  2. JohnWS

    18th Century 28 Foot Longboat

    Rats! No guns or torpedoes ... again! It'll be fun watching this build come together. John
  3. I feel your pain. I used Model Master enamels for a number of years, but changed over to Model Master acrylics (no odour & easy cleanup) only to find that Canadian stores are no longer stocking the acrylics due to lack of bilingual labelling. As far as the different paint shades go, I've found that there are even differences in colour shades for the same FS number within a paint brand, e.g. Model Master acrylic dark ghost grey FS 36320 looks the same (to me) as MM enamel light ghost grey FS 36375. My only suggestion is that you pick the paint brand and colour that looks close to what you want, even though it may not match exactly. There are a number of colour conversion charts on the web that describe the recipes for making the various FS colours by mixing each brands' standard colours. An alternative that I'm considering is travelling to the US to buy Model Master acrylic paint in the future. John
  4. JohnWS

    BPBC 466-MTB

    Let me know if I can be any help, as well. I've got a pile of research material, & used Coastal Craft guns & torpedo tubes for my BPB build. Good luck beefy! John
  5. JohnWS

    Avro 504K, 1/32, Scratchbuild

    Have a great holiday Steve.
  6. JohnWS

    Tug S.A. Everard

    Looking good, Stuart.
  7. Thanks beefy. No red suit or white beard for me, although I could have a grey beard. Thanks Stuart. No modelling stuff on my Christmas list, but money will work just as good. Thanks Terry. Your comments are appreciated. Thanks Kev. It is a fun project. I thought I knew a lot about the Elco boats, until I started doing research for this build. Boy, am I learning a lot! Thanks Steve. At my modelling speed, there's no worries that I'll be finishing this project anytime soon.
  8. Hello again! It's been over a year now, since I started this build. And I've reached another milestone. After spending a lot of time building the radar mast, I finally was able to complete the day cabin. I was surprised how many bits & pieces had to be scratch built to finish off the day cabin. Here's a couple of photos showing the day cabin & engine room cover assembly dry fit to the model's deck. I couldn't resist dry fitting the the 50 cal. guns on the turrets & the 40 mm Bofors gun depression rail on the engine room cover. Now I can start focusing on the main deck details, the deck guns, & torpedos. But, that will have to wait while we prepare for the Christmas season. There's lots to do and not much time for modelling. Hopefully, I should get back at this build later in December. Thanks again for looking, John
  9. JohnWS

    Radar MTB 378

    I agree Kev ... both on the antenna & Arjan's models. Here's a link to a photo; http://www.rodericktimms.royalnavy.co.uk/media/images/user-images/5803/482b6radar.jpg John
  10. Lead wiring and the FOF antenna have been added to the radar mast. I also revisited the radar antenna. I originally made it from strips cut from plastic sheet, but it just didn't look right to me. So, I went searching around the house for something I could use to remake the antenna. I thought window screening might work, but no joy. Finally, looking in my parts bin, I found some metal rigging on a small metal ship model that was just the right size to make the antenna. I think it looks much better now. Here are a few photos showing the mast wiring & new radar antenna prior to paint. Next, painting the mast and continue finishing off the day cabin. Thanks for looking. John
  11. When I was researching stuff for my BPB MTB, I found that many boat crews removed the torpedo supports to reduce weight & increase speed. The supports were re-installed while the torpedos were loaded, and removed again before leaving port. John
  12. JohnWS

    Vosper Perkasa to Brave Borderer ?

    Nice! Glad Les Brown was able to help. No excuse now. Did I mention the clock's ticking?
  13. Great scratch building Terry.
  14. JohnWS

    Astute Class SSN

    Very nice presentation, Stuart.