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  1. That is some excellent camouflage painting !!
  2. Be careful, Andy. US Olive Drab was so thick and a hard shell, it doesn’t really chip like a German vehicle would.
  3. Lol @ Trump Orange !! The Great Cheeto will visit you later, if Jacob Marley hasn’t chained him down first
  4. Verlinden would base coat his Olive Drab with a dark brown, first.... But I’m thinking Andy is planning chipping, maybe ?
  5. Thanks Stix !! The G will probably get finished as Hell starts to freeze over Thanks Simon.... Everything is on hold, right now, for Mojo Meltdown, and work.
  6. Great looking start, Stef !! The kit shouldn’t be much trouble, and I have the same kit and Atak Zim, but for a Wiking build. Looking forward to watching yours !!
  7. Looking good so far, Andy !! Nice to see no chocolate is involved with this one
  8. Ooff !! Pretty penny there, Steve !! Das Werk, Darryl ! I’m building the Takom into the StuH 42, and the DW into a standard Stug III.
  9. Interesting. With all of the great’ish and new’ish kits coming from China maybe the molds won’t sit for too long. Meng just released one, and I’m wondering if they did that to recoup some costs.
  10. Okay.... You need to stop rushing now. Still plenty of time to get done !!
  11. Oh, lol... Try watching “Black Klansman”. A comedy from 2018, based on a true story. And let’s face it lol. If this threads not drifting, it would look pretty quiet
  12. Whiskey Tango Foxtrot ! I would not be happy !!
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