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  1. Resin moulders mist the surface with alcohol. It gets rid of the air bubbles. Now…. Don’t Jack this up !!
  2. You’re a “Tree Hugger”…. I can tell. Saving the Planet. One diorama at a time
  3. Looking very nice !! Now, crack on !! There’s a a good chap
  4. I agree with Mr. Pig. Definitely a German in the first pic. Nice pix, btw.... I have tried to use the archives before, but struggled to locate anything at all, due to being a non-German speaker. (Despite what Kirsten Burger once said, in Koln....)
  5. It’s a Daimler Benz factory camouflage scheme, in the photos that Stef has referenced. The Tamiya diagram is incorrect as having the dots, as far as I can tell. The photos that Stef references have no ambush scene dots.
  6. I have not. And as stated above, it’s just my 2 cents worth. There’s no proof that it Did happen, and no proof that it Didn’t happen. But with a little digging, you do find this. Quote :- The first unit sent to Africa was the 5. Leichte-Division (later in August 1941 it was renamed 21. Panzer Div.) and these were the only combat vehicles sent in grey paint. There are many photos of their landing and parade at Tripoli. There is some opinion that only recon vehicles (and perhaps the earliest in arrivel of some motorized AT) were camouflaged with local sand/mud mixes, as these vehicles were sent immediately forward to scope out British dispositions. The main armoured units remained in Sirte for a work up period before the first offensive was launched on the 24th of March. Tropical colours were decided upon a week prior on the 17th - whether that was enough time to send paint tins of RAL 8000 as well as apply a hurried paint job is unknown. Sirte does have an airfield, so who knows. Some have suggested possible Italian paints were used, but they too did not officially have a desert sand paint for their army until a decision was made on the 18th, a day after a choice was made for the Afrikakorps. The next tank unit, the 15. Panzer Div., arrived between April 24 and May 6th 1941. These were finished in tropical paint at the factory. What is further interesting about these vehicles, they arrived with the rubber sides of road wheels and return rollers painted in white. Apparently this was just for parade purposes while at their Italian harbour before boarding ships.
  7. This photo is actually dated June 22nd, 1942. When we’re the Tropen paints introduced ?
  8. I was actually suggesting Italian paint. With the Germans entering Tripoli in February of ‘41, I’m sure they probably grabbed the easiest paint to find, and slapped it on the Panzer gray vehicles. The paint doesn’t seem to have weathered too well, wearing off those early vehicles quite badly, which leads me to believe it’s not British paint, but a much less durable Italian Air Force shade. Anyway. Just my 2 cents worth, with nothing to back it up. But yes, with as much sand, dust, dirt and grime, pretty much fade the crap out of it, and you’re good to go
  9. When it’s rained all day, and the GA Clay is as slick and sticky as Molasses…. The Amazon van better not stray off the path His only hope is to call a wrecker truck. His… Only… Hope. He’s been there an hour, and dispatch hasn’t called him back, yet.
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