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  1. I copied it from Lester Plaskitte, on his "Corn Crusher" article, in one of the AFV modeling mags But I'd found the same problem, with assembling tracks and wheels after painting.
  2. Just good to know you're well, and safe, Simon !! Looking forward to your build !!
  3. I missed what you're doing, Dan !! What unit/theater were you planning ?
  4. Wonderful job, Dan !!
  5. That's some really nice detailing, Darryl !! It's another kit I have in the stash, that is waiting with patience.....
  6. Yes, they did. The mold line remained long after the tires were fitted, and used. I do actually remove them, as I can't stand the look, but for accuracy, a mold line should remain to some extent or another.
  7. Looking good Andy !! I love the shades of color, you've used !!
  8. Superb workmanship !!
  9. Looking good, Dan !! Now, stop dragging your feet, there's a good Chap
  10. About as much chance as The Jam reforming, for a world tour... As for Goats... I'm sure Andy has a reference book, that covers that
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