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  1. So the one shot down over Lake Huron turns out to be a Hobby Groups Weather balloon. $13 worth, shot down with a really, really, expensive missile, after the first one missed… Gotta love the US .Gov.
  2. Would love to join this Group Build, but I unfortunately just don't have the time.... Good Luck, everyone !!
  3. Superb job so far, Bertie…. I love the way you think outside the box, for each project.
  4. Okay, that sounds right. I’ll try and dig up the photos I have, and PM you if I find them, to not clutter the thread.
  5. Here’s an M4a3 105 on Okinawa… I also had photos of late war M4a3 105 VVSS in the Pacific in the Sherman Group Build thread…
  6. I know there is a Mid-East or European location, but can't give you a definitive answer on that, sorry !! I know they do ship internationally.
  7. I have no affiliation with Andy's Hobby Headquarters, but an advert on his site reports a full container of Wingnut Wings kits arriving at his location, this week. They are processing the arrival at the moment.
  8. Decals are here for the 13 Kompanie Tigers. Incoming are the S company decals, and the medium panzer decals for LSSAH. I may be doing a few Kursk vehicles.
  9. Water 44/45, and Spring '45, these things could get real dirty.....
  10. Ahh... The joys of the Dragon instructions lol....
  11. I was looking at that this morning, as I'm actually working on 1324 at the moment. Unfortunately there seems to be no supplier her pin the States, at this time. Maybe soon....
  12. Looking good !! Are you still doing S45 ? I have no idea how to post a Gif, or I’d have posted it.
  13. I would not pay. I see the pin on the lower side of the gun trunnion. Id just drill a hole in the base plate, and slot the gun on.
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