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  1. Now for the fun bits. Fortunately these these vehicles were pretty well worn.
  2. Well. The detail painting is done. Think it’s time for hairspray and winter white wash.
  3. And another one.... Covering the basics, and all with a brush and washes.
  4. While at work, I've been browsing some of these fantastic interior detailed builds, by the talented folks on here. I'm not a very "Interior" type person, and I'm too impatient, and want to get to the painting parts. But anyway.... I went and ordered the Takom early Jagdpanther, as I've not built a Jagdpanter before, and it comes with a full interior and Zimmerit in the MIAG pattern. It should be here early next week, and Andy's Hobby Headquarters are little slow in the shipping department, unfortunately. Pretty sure I'll have this one complete, and back on the Nashorn build by then.
  5. Gap 1 should not be there. It was a cast piece.
  6. Hamilkar Barkas used a very simple technique, which seems quite effective.
  7. If Edison had given up on the lightbulb.... Look Ash, I know it’s frustrating, but keep going. You can achieve a lot with a brush. I think @PlaStix uses a brush... Check in with him. Lee.
  8. Alas.... Poor Vytautas.... He was a friend...... See.... That's Shakespeare !! Good point on the chipping, and I have to say that that is something I'll look into. Especially the scratches. I was having issues with getting them to paint fine enough. Which is all due to my lack of talent. As for the Nashorn, it is still close by I didn't want to spend time struggling with the airbrushes again, and having another disaster. I needed something to build my confidence back up, after a couple of train wrecks.
  9. Hmmm.... Pretty sure that's not a Shakespeare quote..... But, could be wrong.....
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