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  1. Thanks again, Darryl.... I'll hang my head in shame, over the figures, as I decided to do the Stug rather than start on the figures.... Maybe today I'll get a start on them lol.
  2. Hi, Rob.... This time the tarp was a piece of kitchen paper, folded, and a heavy coat of Vellejo gloss varnish. I just held it place with one hand, and hit it with a hair dryer with the other Feel free to use it The Tamiya Extra Thin is a little too thin, and tends to run/spread, too fast.... If you have Humbrol Poly there, that may work a little better. Do a test first, cut your net a little oversized, bigger than the panel you are working on.... Good Luck !! Nice little Stug, Darryl !! Still working on it for now.... Well.... At work actually, but in my head I'm working on it Thanks for looking in, Roger !!
  3. Looking great, Steve !! You've moved long quickly with this one !! (whistling Dixie while waiting on some Camouflage.....)
  4. Darryl, Thank You for stopping by and the kind words !! The rest of the markings were decals, with a One Shot Clear Primer overcoat. Now I'm just waiting on you to crack that Big Panzer box !!
  5. Mat varnish is on... I can get the tracks and wheels finished tomorrow. Then the start of the figures.
  6. It’s over in the RFI Thread I thought you’d abandoned us !! Gloss varnish is on.
  7. Thanks Stuart.... I just wish other Zimmerit was this easy lol.
  8. That weld repair was very nice.... Did you wet sand it ?
  9. Very Nice !! Stunning build and rendition !! What are you using for the metal effects, if you don't mind me asking ?
  10. Well that’s looking pretty darned good !! I like those heavy streaks, the ones you think are too much. Tanks are big, dirty, lumbering beasts !!
  11. Always Welcome , Roger !! two days....... And you have LOTS to do !! Almost..... I used that nylon mosquito net that comes in the Tamiya kits. Just glued it down with Tamiya Extra Thin. Soaked it, actually. Waited 20 minutes and the ripped the net off. Instant thin Zim
  12. Hi Guys.... Again !! This is the Tamiya Stug III G Early. built as a quick while waiting for call-outs. After coming up with ideas for the M10, I came across a couple of photos of a knocked out Stug in Normandy. Now, the pix show the vehicle as pretty well destroyed, but I certainly didn’t want to go that far. So, a recent recipient of two AP rounds to the casement. Here are the pix. I did’t want it exactly the same, so made a few changes. The Tamiya kit is an extremely quick build, and is basically out of the box, with only a few added bits, jerry cans, a few tool clamps, a box and a tarp. The MAG cross hatch Zimmerit was quick and dirty. Shell hits have piped bolts and hinges. Mud is just applied Milliput mixed with liquid cement.
  13. They could be on “Anti-Sniper patrol”. Commander takes a clang to the noggin. “Contact Right !! Range, 400 !! Bell Tower !! Watch my HE !!”
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