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  1. Interesting indeed. The kind of stuff which makes building models such as this such an interesting pursuit. The never ending engineering by the "that's good enough" principle. cheers, Graham
  2. I can see them now. Nicely done Churchill AVRE. cheers, Graham
  3. Hmmm... Sorry, I can't see any pictures. There appear to be links in your posting but nothing else. cheers, Graham
  4. As always, the Devil is in the details. The closer you look, the more you see; the more you see, the closer you look - ad infinitum ... As far as your build goes - the more I see, the closer I look; the closer I look, the more I see Every new update shows just how big a job and complex this build has been and how well it has been executed. Well done. cheers, Graham
  5. Count is now up to 24 - that was a quick jump in numbers. Due to a bit of confusion I also updated the title - removed "run around" so it now reads Anything Wingy, Floaty, or on the Ground Thingy - From the Big Bang to Armistice Day - history we sometimes neglect Group Build How many do we need to get to the bun fight? 30? cheers, Graham
  6. I can see where the title would seem to exclude such subjects but that is not the intent. A bit of a stretch but buildings do "float" on the ground however. In any case, perhaps another tweaking of the title is in order. cheers, Graham
  7. I quite like the float plane version as do I the HE-115 and the various similar Italian types. cheers, Graham
  8. I mashed I mashed the yours and mine together - the title is getting a bit long winded thou. cheers, Graham
  9. I had a thought and changed the title already but I do like your suggestions. I may use your suggestion as is or mash yours and mine together for something else but similar. cheers, Graham
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