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  1. I see that Hannants have the Xtradecal X72185 sheet – UK Harrier Retirement schemes in stock. Are there any plans to produce these in 1/48 scale too...seeing that the Airframe sheet seems quite hard to come by...?
  2. Hi Nic - great books, thanks for producing them. That engine bay on the Harrier looks very impressive too. You might want to contact one of the moderators to see if you can get your own forum for Duke Hawkins setup under the "Shops, manufacturers & vendors" section. All the best and looking forward to seeing more books in the series. Dave R.
  3. Can't wait to see this one completed...looks great! Go for 1/48...
  4. Great build and a bargain at £20. Thanks for sharing.
  5. Great pictures. Many thanks for sharing them.
  6. Great to see this being built. I'll have to follow progress so i can get some tips for when I try to do a big Hornet.
  7. Of course it could be a scale model of Leonard Nimoy...but that would be illogical...
  8. Thank You for sharing red baron 5, that is an excellent build. Would love to see the detailed build thread, if there is one, or at least get some insight on how you achieved the weathering.
  9. Great job. I'm hoping to do a Trumpeter 1/32 F/A-18 someday. I'll bookmark this page for reference. Do you have a build thread for this too?
  10. Spectacular. Many thanks for sharing the pictures, build log and list of modifications and additions.
  11. Will be watching this one with interest and I'll start saving the pennies, in case it turns out as good as I hope it does.
  12. Really looking forward to seeing this build develop.
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