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  1. Looks like Starling Modals will be releasing their own RN figure sets in 1/700 and 1/350. Check out their Facebook announcement. Rob
  2. So with the RFI presented today...... This will be the close down thread. Final Balloon rigging involved attaching 40G Infini thread to the upper guy points. A single line runs from the nose scoop to stablize the ballon in a longitudinal direction and was tied to the gunwale One long piece of Modelkasten wire was used to represent the "billowing" handling line. There is definitely some creative licence anchoring such as this. Wartime pictures seem to show these D7 ballons being tethered at several points which would have produced a modelling headache. The deck parts were added as was the flag (from cigarette paper) and what I presume is a tiny staysail on the boom sheets. The ship rigging ws a mixture of Infini thread and Modelkasten wire which is ideal for these short distances, it would likely bend over longer. Figures are from Black Cat Models US figures with some gentle fileing to their hats It's been a hugely enjoyable build and has given me the confidence to try a Castle Class Trawler next. Need to finish Colombo and a Centurion first I would have liked the main support to have been thinner but c'est la vie, at the start I wasn't sure it would even work without a transparent rod (which I desperately wanted to avoid) Thanks for looking and all the support It's a wrap! Rob
  3. Great Subject Steve - they look so similar to Fairmile Bs Rob
  4. Hi, https://ffsmc-productions.com/product-category/decals-militaire/figurines/pays/uk/ HTH Rob
  5. Hi George - I've picked them up from bargain nins at shows. Just bases now defunct also used to sell them. Andrew the PE was very well behaved, and a kit this size does need it. After finishing a ship over on maritime I've been adding paint details to this today Pin wash followed Current plan is to fit the seated driver. Camo wil lbe Desert DPM as befits the time period these vehicles were used. Painting such a fine pattern at this scale is difficult IMO and I followed @Dads203 figure build on his FV 423 build with interest. I've used camo decaals before such as this ACU figure that went withh an NBC Stryker. So the plan is to use FFSMC DPM decals They recommend spraying a gloss cream base though on previous occasions I've laid decals directly onto the figure plastic. More soon thanks for looking Rob
  6. Nice job on the putty Turret mantle and kudos for replacing the tie-downs. You've made me feel unworthy! Rob
  7. Diolch Keith Thank you Zen Master! Finish off Colombo - flirt with some armour and then sooner or later try a Castle Class Trawler, HMT Oystermouth Thanks jeff Thanks DNL. "Modelling the mundane" Rob
  8. So just one more thread, long after the RFI was presented It's taken me this long to getting around to digging out a better sized anchor and painting it. Several commented that the anchor that came withthe kit was too large and i think they were right - so this Micromaster offering replaced the original Summary Starling models HMR Rhyl Bangor Class Mine Sweeper: A beautiful kit that needed only alittle adaptation to represent HMS Poole, namely in the extra Carley racks and the "flying bridge" canvas. The hull is moulded without any flaws. Black Cat Model 3D printed parts are supplied, which really do justice to the whole model. I regret not having used etch portholes. The ships boats were replaced by Micromaster offerigns that are unsurpassed. The etch railings and detailing are well moulded and fitted flawlessly. What a marvellous kit Painting: Sovereign colourcoats over Mig Ammo "One Shot" primer - that did lift, and I may use Alclad fro future resin hulls. The Colourcoats covered effortlessly as usual. The B55 colour is a first for me, though in the future I may well "lighten" it. i was particularly pleases with the worn teak deck Rigging: Using Bob's Buckles and Infini 40 Gauge mnofilament. The Boat line on the starboard side is Modelkasten metal wire 0.3mm and whilst expensive is just Fab as it will curve and "hang" unlike monofilament Base: As per my usual method using styrofoam, on this occasion "indented" with a padlock hasp to simulate the chop. Nameplate: Nametiplates.co.uk and it's good to see others using their products on the site So it's a very belated close Thanks for all your support Rob
  9. Thanks are due to @longshanks for all his tuition, guidance and support. WIP here: Thanks for looking Rob
  10. Hi Steve From Ebay - It's hard to get hold of but at this scale it's really, really useful for fine rigging etc Worth every penny! Thanks Kev, EJ, and The Baron. Hi Tom Thats the plan though more to draw the eye from the main "stalk". It would be too delicate without the central rod. Rob
  11. The original intention was to "Glaze" the window with tranparent sheet but the recesses will end up too deep so I reverted to the idea of Krystal Klear. Further window frames were added. If i was to build further drifters I'd invetigate printing the wheelhouse in etch (Wahteveer that entails) Depsite being tiny, these are all bits that willl need adding The coal scuttles from White Ensign are added and give perspective to the deck At the same tiime I begin the job of varnishing the sea surfce with multiple coats Yesterday I plucked up courage and attempted to "fly" the balloon. Sadly 2mm metal rod was far too bendy as was 0.33mm The cofg is quite far back - there's quite a lot of weight in the fins, so it came down to 0.45 rod. Slightly clunky but c'est la vie. As Beefy suggested - clear rod arising froomm the side of the base and entering the balloon from the side was another option but not one I was wild about I'll attempt to obfuscate the main rod with additional "balloon lines". This is the first layer using 0.3mm Modelkasten "metal rigging" (Love the stuff ) Todays job was adding tyre fenders which feature prominently in the original photo. Luis Hildalgo from Holden figures (https://www.facebook.com/HOLDEN8702) produced the 3D printed tyres And talking of which - some of you might want to checkout my Review thread on figure comparisons including his range - I published in "WW2 Maritine discussion" but it immediately gets buried.... I hope it's helpful for some of you. The roof was stuck doown tonight - the superstructure had a pin wash and the stack some supports More soon And if you are interested in Radiohead - check out the Smile's new album Thanks for looking and all your very kind comments and likes Rob
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