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  1. Steve - knocked out by the printer and the printed items, the quality looks amazing. I had not appreciated they had come down in price so much. The whole piece is really coming together. You are not alone in working with mixed units. It's just as chaotic in medicine where we mix and match with imperial. Curiously we are probably close in age, and being educated in Wales I was ONLY ever taught in metric. Lots of younger people I know in England primarily STILL work in imperial Steve - for someone who has no more IT experience than Microsoft Office - how long would it take to learn a CAD programme - do you think to reach the level of design that you are at with regards to your printed pieces? She is really looking the part now Rob
  2. That really brings home the scale, all senses of the word, of this build Masterly! Rob
  3. Beefy - Fab work, the wood base looks tremendous. I really like the texture on those pieces above(not wild about the colour). Did you stipple with a paint brush? The 2 on the left are particularly effective Which do you rate more effective - Deluxe or Vallejo? Rob
  4. Chewbacca - this has missed me by (my loss)! Some fabulous scratch building - what a lot of work Rob
  5. Good job all round Terry - I think you've got to the right place and I've made all the same mistakes as you! They are very fiddly to do (not that we can get any more of them ) However - here's an alternative for single cannon (sadly not double yet) https://micromaster.co.nz/collections/royal-navy-weapons/products/1-72-royal-navy-20mm-oerlikon-mki-gun-0ยบ-elevation My great frustration with the CC guns was that the barrels were never straight - yo might have that to come Rob
  6. Hi Chewbacca No worries - I don't think you are at all rude - it's yours - PM your address and I'll drop it in the post in the next week. And Thanks Rob
  7. I never meant to cause such a disturbance in the Force Rob
  8. Round of applause for that Good looking Fella That sea base looks great - looking forwards to this Rob
  9. Nice work with the Micro chisel - be careful - they are sharp - I know to my cost! Nice detailing Rob
  10. I was researching Tribal Class Colour schemes this morning when bizarrely I stumbled across these pics... HMCS Regina in a commemorative scheme for the75th anniversary of the Battle of The Atlantic. Here's a link https://www.capnews.ca/news/covid19-hmcs-regina-cfb-esquimalt They've clearly bought into Jamie's revision of B15 Fascinating to see "historical" colurs on modern lines. I think she looks magnificent. So back to reality and the fairly rapid progress over the last 2 weeks is likely to hit the buffers as my trip to the Norwegian Fjords has come to an end and it's back to the Mud wrestling tomorrow. Railings. And thanks to that kind soul who posted on my Ithuriel thread explaining that the easy way to curve photo etch was to roll it whilst pressing into a rubber. I can't find the thread but it's the single best piece of advice I 've had in the recent past - THANKS! One minor disapointemt is the catapult. Kent's differed from Cornwall/Berwicks and so there's no photoetch help here. The kit offering is OK but it would have been nice to have done one in etch (perhaps - Peter Hall will include if he does the Kent PE for WEM?) I spent the rest of the day cleaning up the revamped 3mm boot topping and Camouflage. I tried this AK interactive "airbrush stencil mask" to show some very subtle weathering on the bow hull sides and the anti-fouling. The pics don't really do the reality justice. It's an easier and more convenient method than the salt method - spraying very slightly lightened paint over the base colour. The Weathering brief here is that Kent had just come out of refit so would not be very beat up or weathered - that would result after a couple of Arctice convoys! I've done a very minor mount of rust staining from the anchor openings (?Hawsers). I'm careful lest the enamel based "Rust effects" damage the Colourcoats BUT the diffusion works better; before I apply several coats of Klear tp begin weathering in earnest Here's the hull now ready for Gloss "Klear" coats and proof if needed that 3mm boot topping works Better!! As ever - thanks for looking Rob
  11. As Terry said - consistently Super work. I found that video of the Lynx landing faintly terrifying Rob
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