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  1. Cracking build, and like Steve said - really neat and clean Rob
  2. Hi Steve "Oil canning" describes the way the skin of a sea vessel "Dimples". It's very evident in one of the IWM pics looking from the Port rear quarter. Modellers try to replicate by either scraping away - See Beefy's Blog illustrating the technique here... USS Fletcher 1/144 Or in smaller scales - a Tromp d'oeil technique can be used with paint - which I don't imagine will work at 1/72. I've not really noticed it on many Flowers previously. As to the Depth charge rail - here's the link - considerably more expensive than when I bought it - shapewa
  3. Great project Steve. I hadn't come across La Malouine before but you are well served by IWM photographs that cover all quadrants. There's not much different about her from the kit - clearly she is pictured without a fwd gunshield which is quite unusual bit rather fetching. She appears to have one of these on the port 2nd Carly float position - Wooden Reversible Liferaft, once again not commonly pictured on Corvettes and finally she has raised Depth charge rails as distinct from the low rails in the kit (clunky as they are) Nial Orr does some on Shapeways - here's mine from him (in anticipa
  4. Well done Tom! No customs or VAT charge then - lucky - I'm getting stung on every Micromaster order from NZ. Have you a had a chance to look at it and if yes, ?good news/?pleased Rob
  5. Once again Fabrice a dense and beautfully detailed dio with all parts being of an equally excellent standard. The Telegraph lines move it to a different level - I bet you were pleased as to how they turned out Rob
  6. Niiice. I'm flattered that anyone should heed me Rob
  7. Just Beautiful - looks real - superb modelling Rob
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