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  1. robgizlu

    Austin Tilly.

    Nice paint job John - that SCC2 looks Good. Such a hard colour to get right. And nice seats by the way! Rob
  2. robgizlu

    Tug S.A. Everard

    Wise words - how about I get some T-shirts made up Actually I'm being flippant - they really are wise words Rob
  3. robgizlu

    Landing Ship Medium

    Thought you said that you couldn't paint figures????? Well Tidy!! Rob
  4. robgizlu

    Vosper MTB Colours - Advice Please

    Hi Nigel Check your inbox Rob
  5. robgizlu

    Vosper MTB Airfix 1/72

    Always good to see these venerable kits being built - good selection of Aftermarket Goodies there Joe. Looking forwards to seeing this develop Cheers Rob
  6. robgizlu

    Vosper MTB Colours - Advice Please

    Hi Nigel Most of the wartime Vospers seem to have been painted in 507c/G45 light grey with B15 Blue (vs (Blue Grey) decks and occasional patches on hull sides with white as counter shading and often on bows etc. There was variation from early war through to late . This contains all you would need to know ... Coastal Craft History Volume 1 - Vosper Motor Torpedo Boats And Jamie Duff has recently re- interpreted colour schemes and paint hues - he posts here and his work is compelling... There are substantial differences between his range of Sovereign paints and some in the "old" White Ensign Colourcoats range If you are into Acrylics AK do "507C" which is a closish match to Jamie's offering. To see his colours "in the flesh as it were - check out my Fairmile B Blog ...Paint job from page 9 onwards HTH Rob
  7. "If you build it - they (the pics) will come" And I think the pressure has become overwhelming for a Deck plate - (I hate cutting squares!!!) Thanks Fellas Rob
  8. robgizlu

    MGB658 Scratch built

    Love it - My work here is done (Maybe an MG42 coming through the hole?) I do like that rope bumper!! Carry on Major Capt! Rob
  9. Every time I look in - you've leapt ahead. I'm still having difficulty getting a handle on the size of this. Any which way - it's impressive Rob
  10. Impressive work - and having watched the TV episodes - I'm hooked Rob
  11. robgizlu

    Landing Ship Medium

    Wow - those figures look really good - as does the water !! Intense! Rob
  12. Thanks Al, Stuart and Kev. Kev - they just don't show up very well I thought about a deck plate.........How necessary do you think? I know Lambert shows one but these would not have been that heavy ?? Rob
  13. Thanks Terry - I really appreciate that. One of my modelling pet hates is stowage or other material that somehow sits un-suspended defying gravity . Everything needs straps So here's some... I bought some Thick EZ line in Tan which purports to represent rope. I don't think it works And it's time to whinge about Shapeways 3D moulding again. As I've mentioned previously - I have an ambivalent attitude towards 3 D moulding. On the plus side there are objects that are obtainable that really don't lend themselves to scratching. However the finish and surface quality is to say the least very variable, I'm not sure if this is just the Shapeways 3~D printing process or is common to other suppliers. I understand that part of the printed object sits in wax during printing and this surface results in the "frosting". It does impair the finish significantly. I really don't think I could easily replicate the Flot-anets" and they look great but Boy have they taken a lot of preparation - the following pic doesn't really do justice but the highlighted region on the left is "frosted" and requires gently scraping with the back of a scalpel. Each piece needs approx 40 mins to clean up I feel as a technology - it's still pretty immature. As a Landing craft control one of the USPs of this boat was the fact that it carried Taut Wire Measuring Gear. Pre GPS - you tied a length of wire to a known object such as a buoy and then as the wire ran out you measured your distance more accurately than was possible with a ships log. Loyal readers will know that I produced this ... ......which was all very worthy having forgotten that @Danny L had reminded me that this was a version carried on larger ships and that there was a smaller version applicable to this Fairmile The only single reference I have is the line drawing in Lambert and Ross. Neither @Danny L or I have been able to find any photographic evidence that depicts this smaller Taut wire gear in actuality. So on a best guess basis - I had a second go at producing a version and sent it to Danny who was extremely helpful and constructive. So Take 2......(I'm not going to expose myself to ridicule showing you version 1 ) And with further input from Danny (Thanks again - I am in your debt to Many Beers!) it's Take ....3. And Danny also said that - there were 2...so ...yeah you get the picture That officially marks the last piece of scratch building for this project - it's all just finishing now. And without any available original pics - No-one can contest our interpretation Thanks Danny Rob
  14. robgizlu

    Tiger Models Nagmachon (Late)

    Cracking job - nicely weathered and presented I love the look of these vehicles and it's hard to credit that essentially they began life as Centurions Rob
  15. robgizlu

    Morris C8 Airborne & QF 17 pdr

    Can only agree with both of the above - this would be impressive in 1/35 let alone 1/87 Rob