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  1. Alain -ton Anglais est tres bon!! Je parle Francais commes une vache Espanol So Flickr. though it looks like ce marche. When you sign in, you have a cloud shaped icon top right as you view the page L click on that and it invites you to "choose photos and videos to upload" click on the link and it will take you to your OS where you should naviagte to your "pictures" (at least in Windows) When it does choose the pics you want to upload Then press "open" and they'll upload to Flickr - you need to press the top right icon which says "upload 1 item" And
  2. Those Camouflage contours are super Jamie - that Cricut machine is really delivering Rob
  3. The model is just superb - as is the Schwimmwagen. What fun Rob
  4. Hi Alain. I use Flickr. A lot of people usd Photobucket which abruptly changed from being a free hosting service to a high fee use service causing chaos amongst hobby sites resulting in many photos disaearing forever. A salutary lesson as to the dangers of using free services on the Internet. Flickr is well established and offers 1000 photos storage free (with adverts) then you pay beyond 1,000 pics or pay up front for no advert hassle free storage. If you choose Flickr - come back to me and I'll talk you through the steps which are pretty straight forwards. It's been has
  5. I've followed the arguments. For my money, part of the answer lies with Kent in the background. I'm certain Kent did not have B55 - What I take to be the G45 areas on Kent match the hull tone and superstructure for Bickerton. I feel the dark hull colours are G10, as highlighted by the difference with the black pennant number and is similar to many other RN schemes However - in the 2 separate pictures there is an unequivocal second colour in the "middle" dark (G10) block with a horizontal divide, the lighter being topmost which is very unusual I think that top colour matche
  6. Alun - great paint job and the detail on that Oerlikon is astonishing As to decals - problematic at this scale I think masks would work better - I've used these guys and they are great https://shop.maketar.com/ Rob
  7. Hi Chewbacca, I'm not sure adapting this to a D is a goer considering the dimensional differences. Be better off scratching the hull which of course would then cause The Universe to react and Trumpter to announce a "D" The wood deck was lightly stained with diluted Neutral Grey wash and then the aft superstruture was stuck down. Meaning that the Foc'sle deck could then be stuck down with the wood deck being stuck down. All without fuss and drama - I do like these wood decks Tne base was sanded down ....and down prior to painting
  8. Lovely build Andrew - really like the deck detail and as others have commented - the sea is really vibrant Rob
  9. Hi Jon Checkecd "British Cruisers of WW2", Raven and Robert and Friedman's "British Cruisers". Nothing I'm afraid. I think the boys have done a good job above. Jamie has captured the line drawing in "Warship Perspectives " by Raven and his profile is clearer than if I copy the original There's this further pic purporting to be Hermione From UBoat.net https://uboat.net/allies/merchants/ship/1817.html All the evidence seems to suggest Home Fleet Grey 507A as Jamie has alrady said for most of her time at war Rob
  10. "He's got 2 builds on the go ....he's got 2 builds on the go - look everyone ..........."
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