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  1. I think that's a fabulous result - Your PE work on the cranes and catapault asembly looks faultless. The railings are really neat, as is the rigging. Top notch What will your next build be? Rob
  2. Thoroughly impressive and I can see how this gets addictive Rob
  3. Love that bilge pump I can see that you are enjoying this!! Rob
  4. Very nicely done - I have one in the stash - I still need to source some railings You've given me some futher inspiration Rob
  5. Love that sea - really dynamic - Great presentation Rob
  6. Thanks Matt - For next time as I'd already CA'ed the tails in. The base was prepared with some AK scenic products that are easy and very convenient to use... The Dragon etch stirrups were fitted Some Archer dry decals were used showing Recce troops And finally some snow products with an attempt to capture thaw conditions And finally EZ line was used for reins - a little thick but easier to use than cut lead foil. RFI now up Thanks for looking
  7. Really nice clean job on that clean up (not easy!) Great news about the late delivery Rob
  8. I think you are doing a Grand job - particularly nice work on the mast soldering and the walkways. Speedy progress!! Rob Like the look of the Chih Yuen
  9. Hi Tom - I've wondered this and it's clearly come up in a thread on "The Ship model" forum. As Ned says - I cant see any evidence on Colombo, and it's impossible to gauge on the very poor and distant available photos of Calcutta. However - looking carefullly again at Cairo, they are evident stetching back from the forward breakwater and I think again on the rear most gun - See what you think... I still haven't got my model - they've not made it to the Uk importers yet Rob
  10. Thanks for all the comments, likes and interest Fellas (not at all like those stuffy boat types ) Thanks - I hadn't realised this - as it happens I have a couple of these in the stash Thanks Beefy - can we expect a similar build from you soon? That really was a quite a display - amazing that no one was injured Understood Skip More soon Thanks again Rob
  11. Nice painting - it's the fine details that count Rob
  12. I agree Matt - but I've been puzzling what to use. Too much and its looking matted and manky - je vais reflechir Rob
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