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  1. Just read through this blog from the start - inspirational! Rob
  2. Dan - just a suggestion re the arms and filler. Mr Hobby "Dissolved putty" - apply with a cocktail stick - viscous liquid that gels within a few minutes and is (nearly) self levelling. Great to meet you again - hope you had a good W/E and Kev mentioned ………..snow? Rob
  3. Great looking ship and very fine crisp etch detail - love the rigging The Name it plates are just the business aren't they! You've become a Warhol-esque factory - Beefy - knocking them out I'm going to have to sleep less Rob
  4. As per Stuart John - I'm always surprised when I hear people using spray cans to apply Primer - always seems a gamble in terms of thickness of layer and splatter. have you tried the Mig ammo One Shot? Gets my Rob
  5. Thanks Rich Spent Saturday at SMW - very early start and breakfast with @Dads203 and @longshanks, great to see you Guys again and also to meet Simon and Richard. Caught up with @Terry1954 and @Courageous during the show. Great to meet you Stuart and nice to see Terry once more. Show was busy and at times it was difficult to "shop". The haul was modest... DSCF8837 (2) by Rob Matthews, on Flickr And here are some pics caught on the hop. The competition area shuts at 11.45 for judging, by 11.30 there were very few maritime entries. IMG_2182 by Rob Matthews, on Flickr IMG_2180 by Rob Matthews, on Flickr IMG_2179 by Rob Matthews, on Flickr IMG_2172 by Rob Matthews, on Flickr IMG_2171 by Rob Matthews, on Flickr 2 non ship models caught my eye - The Rocinante from "The Expanse" (hugely under-rated IMHO) and the Shorts trials craft scratchbuilt in 1/48 IMG_2178 by Rob Matthews, on Flickr IMG_2176 by Rob Matthews, on Flickr Stuarts BPB Whaleback was even better up close …. IMG_2169 by Rob Matthews, on Flickr And Barry Sharman displayed Sir Kaye that I had not previously seen - hugely impressive as all his work is IMG_2166 by Rob Matthews, on Flickr IMG_2168 by Rob Matthews, on Flickr And Finally This instructional piece caught my eye an provides a good primer for some seascapes to come (hopefully). Wish there was more like this. IMG_2184 (2) by Rob Matthews, on Flickr Spent some time talking to Mark Smith (Coastal Craft History's author) on the Coastal Craft Models stand. Volume 5 may yet appear or very possibly a collaboration with Al ross to produce a 3rd volume after John Lambert's first 2 involving Vosper craft and then Fairmiles. Thanks again mark for the inspiration for the ML Landing Craft control Fairmile B. Your work has inspired me!!!! No Fairmile B yet from Coastal Craft models though they have some new etch sets of a redone 2in flare launcher and 2in flare racks as found on Vospers (horizontal). They are also releasing some etch sets of window "circle" vents, together with instrument faces and various etch discs and squares - all will be handy. Rob
  6. Stuart - Great to meet you and put a name to the face! Your Whaleback was even better up close and in the flesh. Loved the sea-planes too. Here's the pic showing the scramble net fittings - I think he's nailed it IMG_2170 by Rob Matthews, on Flickr Rob
  7. Thanks Murdo Know what you mean - there'll be no rust but it it has to have a little grime or it wouldn't be Costly Farces Rob
  8. Already researched these Kev - only about 10 or so were built - fascinating objects - one still extant up north Coming soon near you when time allows There is a build on the web elsewhere of one in 1/72 and there are a couple of pics showing Whalebacks attending Interestingly there's no record of them ever actually having been used in anger Rob
  9. Thanks Mike - I found them belatedly. Will you have them on Saturday at the show? - if its a yes - will you keep me some back please. I just took Flyhawk's Penelope off you and am thinking of adding some tugs to a dio. Rob Matthews
  10. Intriguing (and very finely presented)! Rob
  11. Stuart - did you replace the Oerlikon barrel (This is the CC offering - right?) Rob
  12. Stuart - Cracking job - the best example I've seen of these wonderful boats. Great finish on the Whaleback - super job on the cage aerials and the scramble nets and to cap it off you've captured the motion with the sea-scape and spray One to be proud of - looking forwards to seeing this in the flesh - Saturday? Rob
  13. Enjoy I did - super build - Like what you did with the base Rob
  14. "Big boys did it and runned away". Adopted by the Matthews family.
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