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  1. Can only agree - cracking looking 262. Rob
  2. Nice scheme - for my money 507C hull and superstructure including guns with 507A Cammo patches and Black pennant numbers. I think the gunus and forward bridge sueprstructure are just iin shadow. Rob
  3. Sterling work Guy That Detail set looks phenomenal! Rob
  4. OOOOOoooh snap! rob
  5. That's a lovely build - if you are going to spray it - I'd do it off the model and then add the radar once it's fixed? Keep it coming Rob
  6. Terry - just read this tthrough from the start Super Slick work!! Rob
  7. That's a lovely looking Buccaneer, flawless finish Rob
  8. Lovely looking Hunter, I particularly like the matt finish Rob
  9. One of the nicest represenatations I've seen Rob
  10. Grey or clear for me (late to the party!) Rob
  11. All my thoughts are with you and your family. Rob
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