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  1. Nice to see a second Danton on the go Always interesting to see how people come at the same subject from different directions Rob
  2. Love that wood stain and the roof canvas effect. ??http://www.milicast.com/shop/product.php?productid=1355&cat=6&bestseller=Y In 1/76 though. Rob
  3. Nice (prolonged) work on the sanding Interesting build Rob
  4. Hey I resemble that remark!!! The old Matthews family motto comes into play Nonne magnus pueris et aufugit Rob
  5. Too kind Dear boy, too kind! And funny you should ask........ ....coming soon to a Blog near you I'm partly waiting for Micromaster Goodies to come from NZ and for PE sets to be released. I've been inspired by your big Capital ships Rob
  6. Lovely wheel and wood effects. The wood effect accentuates how "square" the windows all are...........enviable Rob
  7. Thanks Fellas - Your positive and generous comments always mean a lot. Hi Stelangton Nothing sophisticated...... One overhead Shesto light with a single cheap bedstand lamp fitted with a daylight bulb and a piece of Artist's card which I stick up as pictured. I'll also turn this so it's lengthwise. Occasionally I'll crop pics when the corners exceed the card. I actually have some large diffuser lights but it's such a faff to set them up in the limited space that it never seems worthwhile. These 2 lights often give colour gradations that are unplanned but quite attractive versus completely shadowless diffused light with the bigger lamps. There's obviously a limit to the size of model I can photograph with this set up - so far everything has fitted including my Fairmile. Thanks Again everyone Rob
  8. Superb model and beautifully finished - the lighting ust brings an added dimension Rob
  9. Really nicely finished, weathered and photographed Rob
  10. What an absolutely cracking piece!! Thrice Wow on the construction and the experet weathering. Models like this make me wonder whether I should reconsider working in 1/72!! (or not because I suspect it's a lot harder to get quality results like this) Rob
  11. Beautfilly done and the red background really works Rob
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