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  1. Thanks David - the gun turrets are due solely to "Micromaster". Rob
  2. I think that's pretty marvellous Rob
  3. This might be helpful and Chris Meddings is likely the way to go... https://www.insidethearmour.com/product-page/postcards-from-the-jeune-├ęcole Rob
  4. That is absolutely Super - I love the detail and sea base - Outstanding work And thanks for the link to the video - very helpful Rob
  5. It IS nice to see him back isn't it! Sterling work as ever John - looking is here is always an inspiration! Rob
  6. As usual - realy nice job on the PE especially the radar gantry. Thanks for the tip about the Harpoons - I didn't know they existed or that I needed them I plan on doing HMS Kent sometime in the "afterworld" Enjoy the break Rob
  7. Interesting build and I like the way you "plant" the hull in it's base early on. Rob
  8. Thanks Stuart - much appreciated. And how nice to have you back posting!! I've missed ya! HMS Colombo coming soon........... Thanks Brian Rob
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