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  1. Chris - Thankyou, that really is effective. When you say 1/200 "ladders" - I take it that this is the PE fret? I have a similar template for 1/700 ships but have ondered how to handle "tin canning" on an RN Type 23 1/350 Rob
  2. Hi - I fit them before painting - just occasionally they'll clog with paint but I use the accupuncture needle which is very fine to clear - it's looking good Rob
  3. robgizlu


    Hi Kingsman I eventually recieved my order just over 4 weeks after ordering. Interestingly it had been posted 12 days after ordering so the remaing delay was postal. Despite 3 emails I never received any acknowledgment. I think the message is you end up receiving the order but with considerable delay (at least by modern standards) Rob
  4. Just caught up with this Christian - Very nice work - I particularly like the effect you've got on the hull with the ribs and plating - how did you do that? It is Very effective the hull join was also really well done Rob
  5. Hi HG I think you asked about BBs before - and Jon answered. I tend to cut mine using a scalpel blade against some toughened glass. I drill a 0.2-0.3mm hole deep enough that the buckle shaft will sink to the loop. I then put a dab of CA gel (Cyanoacryate glue - liquid will work but I tend to exclusively use Loctite Power Flex gel) on an old credit card, take the buckle by the loop with some fine tweezers - dip the shaft in the Glue and then gently slide into hole. Leave 5 minutes and it will have bonded enought to take the strain of 20/40/70 dernier Inifini lycra thread. A further tip is to place the loop so as to best thread it e.g. for funnels - placing the loop North to South i.e. vertically make sit easier to thread the lycra. This will vary according to where you place the eyelets. Bank on losing about one in 4 that you get out. Let us know how it goes. To my mind funnel stays really add detail to a build HTH Rob
  6. Yeah you are - have a go! The stays are usually easier than the mast rigging. I tend to use Bob's Buckles as do a lot of the clan here. They look to be slightly smaller than the etched offerings. Bob often posts here and is an excellent chap - delivery is always immediate. I use them on the funnel and into the deck so that it's occasioonally possible to put in a "running stitch"! I usually double or triple knot the Infini thread I use, then further secure with a dab of CA glue applied with an accupuncture needle. (Top tip that I picked up here from Jamie Duff - buy a box of accupuncture needles from EBay - I use 0.25 x40mm) On y' va! Rob
  7. Looking good Jeff - like those decals FWIW all of the Royal Navy name boards I have seen have brass lettering against a dark brown background Rob
  8. Utterly masterful - up to your usual superlative standards Rob
  9. That is a lovely rendition - weathering is excellent and as Keith mentioned above, particularly well photographed Rob
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