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  1. Some reading up this muggy evening. Still high twenties here on the South Coast at 22.00hrs. I think I'm going to avoid outdoors this weekend as it gets even hotter Not that I can do much anyway right now as I'm still testing positive. Anyway, there are some amazing threads on this forum for this venerable old Matchbox kit. I'm now taking notes on some of the areas that need addressing. @TheBaron has set the bar impossibly high for me, but his build is a joy to follow. @Andrew.S build is stunning too, and more the look I am aiming for. At the moment, I'm steering towards as much OOB as I can get away with. We'll see how much the inaccuracies with the engine gondolas and propellers annoy me ... I now need to research colour schemes. I love the yellow wings but no idea if D-AANE adopted this scheme. The scheme with the kit is silver undersides, very pale grey hull and slate grey wings. Link dump https://www.bare-metal.com/Matchbox-Dornier-Do-18D-2G-1.html https://www.aircraftresourcecenter.com/Gal6/5301-5400/gal5369-Do-18V-Fernandez/00.shtm
  2. My favourite 'plane as a kid, I remember reading Johnny Red in Battle Action comic and his blood red one! I've got much less war like the older I've got though. I quite like the BOAC scheme ...
  3. It's strange, you'd think most enthusiasts would go for the Sopwith Camel, arguably one of the most famous 'planes of the Great War. I'm currently on my third or fourth book in quick succession about pilots exploits flying this machine, yet it leaves me rather cold as a modelling prospect, I can't explain why. My interest is really in the prewar Schneider racer. Several years ago now, I started a blog with a work colleague, where we posted up long lost letters from a young RFC pilot. The aim was to share knowledge, but also to try and find any descendants. We ultimately did, and returned the letters to the family. (They had surfaced in the rafters of a roof needing work, and something made the roofer think they were interesting enough to keep, rather than skip with the rest of the junk) Of course, he ended up a Camel pilot, briefly. http://olivercharlespearson.blogspot.com/
  4. I think I've decided on the Do18 too. I had so much fun building the Stanraer, that old multi-coloured plastic is a massive nostalgia kick. I've already got a folder of images saved. I think it is a relatively straightforward build as well. (Although there is some rigging!)
  5. Good point @Ngantek but I did that with the 2cv build and just wasn't feeling it. I've come to realise I don't like building for buildings sake anymore, I do like something I can get my teeth into. I'm not a prolific builder though, I'm quite happy to plug away for a few months on one build. Basically the opposite of what I was like as a kid! Yeah, I spent an hour in KB Models just before Christmas I think, with no shopping list, I just wanted to check the place out. I was blown away by the selection of kits! If felt wrong leaving empty handed too, hence the Albatros
  6. Well this is embarrassing. Despite aeroplanes being my chief interest, I've been absent from these lofty halls ALL year, since the Stranraer was completed at Christmas. I know I tend to build less over the summer, but an enforced downtime (double hernia op) at the end of June, was squandered on an unfulfilling Heller 2CV build. Now I'm confined to barracks yet again with COVID after a work colleague returned from the US with a persistent cough ... There really is no excuse for not starting another build now. I've tried to narrow it down. Automotive is definitely out, for the time being. The old Airfix Hawker Fury (1/48), the big Airfix Walrus, a 1/48 Hurricane, all sit on the shelf still. The kits that tickled my fancy are here ... What to build next? by Mike, on Flickr You won't be surprised to hear I'm also reading a lot of Great War pilots accounts at the moment. Another distraction from the workbench. (Currently WInged Victory by Yeates) Starting from the top, the Baby is from the early 90s I think. The injection plastic parts look basic, with little detail and lots of flash. There a a big sheet of PE though, a white metal engine too. I don't think I'm ready to jump into a kit that may need a little work to make it shine. Next up the Special Hobby Tabloid and Schneider. The detail in the moldings of these kits is much better than the Baby. My plan is to build the Tabloid Scout as the prewar Schneider Race winner, and use the Schneider kit as a guide. I think, despite the lack of floats, the Tabloid is a closer airframe match. Then the Albatros DIII ProfiPACK. Bought on my last trip to the LMS in Havant, seemed like a bargain for £18. A joy to unbox, detailed plastic, PE, masks, and a colourful choice of five different schemes. The Dornier was picked up cheap while the Matchbox group build was still going on. I fancy making the airliner version, I also fancy an unchallenging build and this could be perfect ... The Dornier and He115 popped up as potential stable mates while the Stranraer was on the bench. And finally the Tamiya Mossie. Wow, lots of 'plane in there! A bit daunting for me if I'm honest ... So, just typing this gubbins out is helping. It's between the Albatros and Dornier I think. Now, if anyone can help with a dose of motivation I'd really appreciate it!
  7. Looking forward to this one. I have an Eduard Albatros on the shortlist of next kits to build, this may bump it to the top!
  8. Looking splendid Bill! I'm going to have to rethink commuting to work on my velocipede, as I do struggle to read the paper. This is obviously the future! Talking of the future, look at this. A horseless carriage, on rails! What sort of dark magic is this? The Spitfire Makers Supermarine Tour by Mike, on Flickr (Visited my local, Solent Sky, and much impressed by some of the new displays, including this street scene of Southampton.)
  9. Lovely build Chris, the details and weathering are spot on! I thought of this build at the weekend when I had an unexpected trip into the Solent Sky museum. One will get added to the stash in the not too distant The Spitfire Makers Supermarine Tour by Mike, on Flickr
  10. They look amazing Adrian! I thought of these builds at the weekend too, when I saw this stunning artifact at an air museum in Suffolk. I'm in love with that lozenge pattern ... Bukta Weekend-1416 by Mike, on Flickr
  11. Sorry not to have any relevent advice, but keen to see results. I still shoot 35mm film. I prefer to use my grandfathers old Voigtlander he picked up in Germany at the end of his stint in the Army. Depending on how flush I am feeling I occasionally use out of date film stock of unknown provenence, usually with underwheling results! I wonder what exposed film will be like after such long storage? I recently ran an old slide film through my camera (Accidentally, I didn't read the label) and it came out predictably aweful. I managed to save something by converting digitally to b/w, but an expensive mistake all the same. In agreement with @Jinxman, get one developed and see how it looks ...
  12. Can't believe I overlooked this build, it's marvelous! Top work!
  13. What a glorious result for a fascinating subject
  14. I enjoyed building their S5, but it has challenges. Annoying things were the cockpit interior, the instructions tell you to build it all back to front! I used a Tamiya blue straight out of the bottle, I forget the number but it'll be in the WIP thread.
  15. That Tiger Moth is looking great Chris, well done on the rigging. After following yours and Johnny's builds I'm definitely going to procure one. De Havilland do make beautiful aircraft, and you're doing them more than justice!
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