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  1. New batch of paint successfully purchased from AC Models. (And it wasn't raining this time.) The only thing they didn't have was Tamiya X-20A thinner, but my Ultimate seems to be doing OK so far. Flat Aluminium, Bronze, Gun Metal, Flat Black, Nato Black, and X-9 Brown. My Tamiya collection now fills margarine tub, so I may have to rethink my storage solution soon. (I popped by Hobbycraft on the way home, but their modelling section seems to be scaling back, about half of what was available last year. Not helped by CV19 of course ... either way AC Models are my first choice, far better selection and cheaper to boot. #supportyourlocalmodelshop ) Another first for me, actually practicing on something other than the kit. I'm finding the thought of getting the collector ring and exhausts right quite daunting. My first practice went better than expected. XF-16 Aluminium base, then X-33 Bronze on top. I tried the X-10 Gun metal, but didn't think there was enough contrast. I did like the blue tinge it gave though. I did spray a little Royal Blue on as well but it was too strong. I'll bank that if I ever do a jet exhaust though. And I stuck a roll of bluetack on the end to mask the brighter edges. That worked well in places. Not so well in others. Off course my late night photography doesn't cut the mustard, who knew snapping a spoon would be so hard? It looks much better in the plastic. I'm afraid I feel bad modelling when the Sun is shining, so pick it up in the evening. Then I get stuck in and work far later than I should ... No flash and one spotlight make it tricky to capture. Very much enjoying modelling right now, especially as my ancient airbrush and compressor seem to be working well finally. I'm not sure why it is all starting to click, maybe the experience and knowledge I am picking up on here is starting to sink in. New paints! by Mike, on Flickr *edit - another first, I'd pinched some disposable gloves from the bike workshop and started using them in the model cave. Fed up with getting greasy fingerprints on stuff!
  2. Thanks guys, some excellent reference there. I'm tempted to go over these struts in silver now, just as much ref showing them painted silver as in black. I noticed your MkIV Colin, a delightful build!
  3. Thanks Chris, that's the same reference I'm working from to make the struts. They don't show up too well but it was fun stretching the sprue and adding them. When I expand my meagre paint selection I'll darken the cylinders, but leave the heads aluminium. I wonder if I could add a few steel bolts too ... I'm not sure I have a brush that fine though! Engine details by Mike, on Flickr And the propellers turned out OK. I lost a little of the black from the mask but not enough to trouble me. I'm still undecided how much weathering and wear to add to this build. (Something I'm new too) It will be in prewar RAF livery, not factory fresh, but not worn out on campaign either. I've yet to attempt any form of chipping, but I don't think it's right for this build. Adding yellow tips by Mike, on Flickr
  4. Damn, a 7.5 mile bike ride in the rain to find I hadn't studied AC Models new reduced opening times thoroughly enough! Tuesday AND Friday, not Tuesday to Friday ... Model shop trip to buy paints fail by Mike, on Flickr But stopped off en route to check out the Mercedes Spitfire, which is looking quite sorry for itself now, with a bashed spinner as well as several years of grime. The Eastleigh Mercedes K5054 Spitfire 2020 by Mike, on Flickr The Eastleigh Mercedes K5054 Spitfire 2020 by Mike, on Flickr And the workbench ... Engines are progressing. I forgot to paint the yellow tips on the propellers first, and mask, before the black. I've just painted them white here prior to some yellow. Looking back through the reference loads of prewar propellers look like they don't have the yellow tips, but I think this may be down to the yellow not showing on some b/w photos. And the splash of colour pleases me anyway. Also, I've just read that the top hatch of the canopy is oncorrect, and shouldn't have a glazing bar, but as it's in primer now I can live with it I think. I ignored the Airfix paint instructions again, which I'm finding are either oversimplified or incorrect. There are plenty of pictures of Bristol Mercuries about. Mainly satin black, with aluminium cylinders. I've noticed that some bracing bars can be added too, and I'm just going stretch some spru for that now ... Blenheim workbench - engines by Mike, on Flickr Blenheim workbench - engines by Mike, on Flickr
  5. Wow! Like a few Russian aircraft I've seen on this forum this is totally new to me, what an incredible machine! I look forward to following progress on this build.
  6. Just catching up with this Chris. 5 years of modelling for £5 sounds a bargain to me Cracking work, and looks lovely in this scheme. (Are there any duff schemes for the Tiger Moth?)
  7. Just discovered AC Models is open again, limited hours, so will make a trip this week for some metallic paints, probably Tamiya. https://acmodelseastleigh.co.uk/
  8. First coat of primer on. It's dry now so time to look over and check for ugly gaps and blemishes. First coat of primer by Mike, on Flickr By the way, any good tips for painting metallics? I've got the engines and exhausts to paint next. I've only got a few ancient enamels, and the Airfix starter kit pots of silver. A facebook pal recently did a great job on his 1/32 Gladiator, using Alcald II Pale Burnt Metal on top of silver, then building up with Alclad II burnt manifold and an exhaust mix of Tamyia XF1 and XF9. (I don't think he's on here. those who frequent the badlands of facebook can see it here - https://www.facebook.com/photo?fbid=10156924896246207&set=pcb.10156924899861207 ) Bristol Blenheim Mk 1F's, Singapore 1941 by Etienne du Plessis, on Flickr
  9. Cheers Chris, I used the glue and talc trick on the wing fillets, which had a few gaps too! Main parts assembled and ready for primer by Mike, on Flickr All ready for primer, bar some masking of the undercarriage and flaps. Main parts assembled and ready for primer by Mike, on Flickr Main parts assembled and ready for primer by Mike, on Flickr
  10. You've really brought a rather plain paint scheme to life, superb job!
  11. A wonderful build too! Loved these bizarre looking little flying boats since seeing James Bond fly one when I was a nipper .
  12. Kinder Egg were thinking of you when they made this then!
  13. I'm watching a few of these Karaya Sea Lions on ebay after admiring your build, but I haven't pulled the trigger yet, just because I know they are beyond my current skill set! One day ... (And a Silverwings Supermarine Southampton!)
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