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  1. Not from the Norwegian campaign, but such a cool photo I decided to share anyway Work on the Gladiator has progressed, but nothing really worthy recording in photographs. I'll take a snap today before I close the fuselage up. I'm currently part time furloughed as my work load has evaporated during Covid. My work are looking into my options as the furlough scheme ends this weekend, as I just don't have full time work to go back too yet, but we're using this downtime for me to retrain on some new software. I currently use a program called ArchiCAD to produc
  2. Those little wicker seats look great!
  3. Big stashes are not a surprise to me, but having them queued up? So you don't spend several weeks struggling to choose which one to build next? Or go in blindfolded, spin around, and pick one at random? It sounds like you keep a record of them all, but more importantly, does an Excel spreadsheet actually go up that high?? Concerned, of Southampton. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/technology-54423988
  4. I agree with you Jon. I think the slightly simpler Gladiator is a good warm up for the more technical earlier builds I'm more leaning towards. After seeing some of the outstanding builds out there I really want to do the kit justice, and my skills definitely need some practice before I jump in. (Also I fancy converting it the the 1914 Schneider race winner) The decals for the silver dope MkI Gladiator are for early '39, in Palestine. Less colourful than the home service squadrons with their gaudy markings.
  5. Thanks Moa, I shall revisit your impressive Bat Boat thread. I must admit, that since following your builds on here it has sparked more of an interest in civil aircraft. My focus has shifted from when I was a modeller first time round, in the 80s, where all of my builds had guns and bombs. While military history still holds me in it's grip, I find peacetime aircraft more intriguing now, or where military hardware has been repurposed for a civil postwar role. (I say military history, but really I see it as social history, as we fought two world wars with civilian conscript armies.)
  6. Two new books for the library. The Hawker Aircraft was picked up at Battlesbridge antique market the other week for a couple of quid. I'm currently halfway through the Sopwith history, and hankering to attempt the Bat Boat, as well as the 1914 Schneider racer. As of yet, I've unusually not got any reference books for the Gladiator!
  7. Well, after the 6 month Blenheim build I finished a little while ago, I fancied something quick and easy and a change of scene, so out came the 50th Anniversary Apollo 11 kit from Revell that my wife had bought me for my birthday. Even something as basic as this ancient kit had its difficulties though, and I agonised over the very basic paint instructions that Revell supply! A very simple kit, but little things like cutting and fitting the windows out of plastic sheet, and fixing the gold foil to the lander, were still challenging. Seeing these shots has reminded me I forgot to take the maski
  8. Agreed. A great local museum. Me and my son asked politely, and were allowed to mooch around the flight deck. Sandringham flying boat flight deck by Mike, on Flickr
  9. Following with interest. I'm currently reading 'Sopwith, the Man and his Aircraft', an excellent book, and have recently purchased a Tabloid in 1/48. I'm hankering after a float plane though, the 1914 Schneider race winner is high on my list.
  10. Excellent advice, thank you all! I feel well informed enough to get some suitable supplies and have a go now, I am very much obliged.
  11. Welcome back. As a father of two boys I can sympathise. Mine are both bigger than me now, and are likewise chalk and cheese personalities. I don't know if we were lucky that the 'handful' came out first, and the easy going laid back one second. I think maybe so. We would have been lulled into a false sense of parenthood being a breeze otherwise. They usually turn out alright in the end. I can recommend getting the snip. As soon as we had two healthy sprogs I made sure I only fired blanks. Solves the issue of having a big brood on this over crowded little blue marble! I can remember havin
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