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  1. Thanks Phil, that's very kind of you! I shall take you up on those roundels. Also, I have found another prewar 38/39 photo of a North Sea Fleet Watchdog flight, with two planes in camouflage, and third still in silver. It's in a Supermarine book I have, unfortunately not clear enough to make out the serial numbers, but I'll share it on here when I get a mo. My gut tells me these planes planes would have silver undersides, but I have no proof of that yet. Yes, I'm definitely in agreement about adding external detail, and I have the tools to hand now! I'm actually looking forward to
  2. They are crystal clear too aren't they? You just wonder if the same chap took some shots of the cockpit ... There are good galley views in this pdf as well, but newsprint quality as it's a 1935 Flight article. https://www.seawings.co.uk/images/Articles/Article PDFs/Stranraer - Flight - 1st August 1935.pdf
  3. Well, there is a famous photo of one taken through the nose of an He111? But I don't know if it was attacked or not. I'll try and find it ... Edit Edit - It's a Saro London, not a Stranrear, thanks for the gen @Carl V Edit - it's in this Hughie Green link, taken over the Shetlands but little other detail. https://www.a-e-g.org.uk/supermarine-stranraer.html
  4. Such beautiful lines on these early Nieuports, I look forward to to seeing this one develop!
  5. Looking fantastic Johnny, enjoyed following this whole build but especially these final steps. I have had the same issues with the Dark Grime wash, it definitely needs agitating properly each time I use. (It usually stands for months as I'm such a slow builder)
  6. Quick shout, does anyone have a pair of A1 style roundels for the top wings? They need to be 30mm across. I'm a long way off needing them but thought I'd get in early ... I've checked my meagre stash but drawn a blank.
  7. I'm been fairly busy, if you call google searches 'busy', rather than the more common 'avoiding the issue'. No actual modelling has commenced yet. These threads are a goldmine of information. I'm leaving them here just as a quick reference for me. A good gallery of images here, including several RAF examples. Understandably the RCAF examples are much more common, they built and used twice as many as Supermarines did. I am struggling to find images of RAF examples in prewar camouflage, the one in the post above might be all I have to go by. ht
  8. Thanks for the methodical step by step breakdown @hendie , I'm taking a lot of notes!
  9. Apologies if these are old news @Tweener, I'm pretty sure they will have been mentioned already by those who have done much more intensive research than me, they are the only period images I can find of the interior of the Stranraer. (A Canadian built one) I'm trying to decide if that's silver paint, or interior grey/green. I have found a very good cutaway of the Scapa, and I wonder how different the airframes actually were. (Galley photos are half a dozen shots down in this online album) http://silverhawkauthor.com/canadian-warplanes-1-canadian-vickers-supermarine-
  10. I shall follow with interest, I've just started the same kit! (When I say started, I mean I've decided it's next on the chopping block. I will probably look at it for a week before anything close to progress is made ) What paint scheme are you going for?
  11. I call this a nostalgia build, but really it is anything but. I am exorcising some deep rooted modelling demons from my dim and distant past. I remember badgering my poor mother to get me this kit, on the fortnightly Friday shop at Tescos in Eastleigh. I was very young, and this must have been around 1979, the kit couldn't have been out long. She had obvious reservations that the modelling skills of her 6 or 7 year old son would not be up to the task, and she was of course correct. Getting the top wing on was way to much for me, and I remember - still with a shudder - the mess being chuck
  12. No problem at all, but did you say you were doing the 1/72 scale? I doff my cap sir!
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