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  1. Glad you got that fixed Johnny! You're not the only one with camper woes ... Kombi chassis repairs by Mike, on Flickr I'm in the middle of clearing this little mess up on ours. Working on scale builds is a lot less stressful than the 1:1 scale stuff! And the tools you need are a lot more dangerous. Angle grinders terrify me But got summer plans for it and need to crack on. Once the tin worm has been sorted out a dual circuit master cylinder and brake servo upgrade on the cards. The poor old Stranraer has had to take a back seat for a while.
  2. Looking good so far Rob. The little Citroen is one of my favourite cars and I've always hankered after one, since I was a teenager. Nearly 50 now ... I should really add this kit to the wish list! I did get this book yesterday though!
  3. Good news! My wifes idea of a Spa weekend ... (Spa-Francorchamps that is) Le Bug Show by Mike, on Flickr
  4. "Timing will be key" Oh, how that phrase resonates ... And those little windows of opportunity seem few and far between. Ah, domestic bliss But wow Chris, what a fantastic relic, and one most interior designers would kill for! (There must be a pinterest board out there to sway SWMBO?
  5. Great save Tom, very glad this is rising, Pheonix like, from the bin bag
  6. I haven't checked in for a while, what a treat to see it come together. A fantastic build, I'm taking lots of notes here!
  7. Cheers for the tips Phil, I think I'll take on board your comments about the cerrux grey undersides. I'm going do all the undersides in silver dope or aluminium, with the large identification numbers on each wing. I've painted the metal parts in what should be gloss black. It falls short of that,but it's not matt at least, and will hopefully give the aluminium parts a bit more shine than the doped fabric. I'll leave it a few days before I paint over it. (I'm not so concerned for the camouflage top surfaces.) Here's the hull and wings in primer - First coat of prim
  8. He left of his own accord. I'm not entirely sure why so can't give any details. He keeps a very good blog though! https://wingsofintent.blogspot.com/ That blue looks very good by the way
  9. The much missed modelling monk, Moa, referenced the Pegram book in his Sea Lion II build, and I put it on my wish list after that. I've only flicked through it so far but already I'm impressed.
  10. I keep forgetting this is 1/144, there's as much detail here as there is in the 1/48 kit!
  11. Malc, I've just added the details of the photos to my post - captions and the book they are from. I've recently expanded my little library with a couple of good books. The Diamond Jubilee was a local charity shop find, and is worth getting as it has some great photos of the S5 and S6. I've taken a couple of snaps of photos I hadn't seen in my google searching. I only got the Ralph Pegram book yesterday, a belated Christmas present. S5 reference by Mike, on Flickr S5 reference by Mike, on Flickr S5 N221 reference by Mike, on Flickr
  12. Such a great image Putty, there is a lot of reference material here. I'll boomark it for help refining my beaching trolley and ladder. I have a feeling this was during the high speed runs at Calshot, and Kirkhead was sadly killed shortly after when 221 dove into the water and completely broke up on impact. I'm not sure if these are a help or hinderance, but good views of the S5 with the engine cowls off. A clever idea, having the rocker covers of the Napier exposed, but flush with the engine cowlings. I got in a muddle with the exhaust ports too! Beaching trolley refere
  13. Beautiful build and weathering, your photography shows it at its best too
  14. These popped up on facebook recently http://lpmodels.eu/index.php?fbclid=IwAR3hs-C0M5P_nhZpPZS9t7VvCPvBBjM83Sam-RI4CxHEIGt42qoMPy8QyCQ https://www.facebook.com/René-van-der-Hart-Scale-Models-250725525692334/photos/pcb.923254011772812/923253848439495
  15. Thank you for the feedback gents. I will throw caution to the wind and admit, it doesn't look half bad at this point. Which is no mean feat for a first attempt, but of course this is just setting me up for a fall. I fully expect the primer to obliterate all those minute little rivet dots! I've now taken a rest from the hull. There is still plenty of little details I need to add, like the tiny cleats and grab rails and suchlike, but these can wait until I've worked on the wings. I've added panel lines and rivet lines where appropriate. A fair few are guesswork, where the drawings and photo
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