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  1. Lightningboy2000

    What new stuff have you bought/been gifted?

    Excellent choice, I purchased it last year when it came out. Very good listening for long train journeys & background music when modelling! Also judging by other comments there's a few other TD fans out there. My recent purchases were.. Ultravox - Vienna remastered two disc CD - Owned many "electronic" albums over the years but never owned this one until now. Yello - You Gotta Say Yes To Another Excess - From the genius wizardry that is Boris Blank & the oddness of Dieter Meier. This album came out long before The Race (1983) & sounds very odd to the untrained ear, but there are some very atmospheric tracks. As electro pop albums go it is decades ahead of its time. Art Of Noise - In No Sense Nonsense Deluxe Hobby Boss 1/72 F-14D Arma Hobby 1/72 Hurricane Mk.I Expert set, just got one before they sold out at the big H Martin
  2. Lightningboy2000

    Libor's 1/72 scale flies...

    I salute a fellow 1/72 builder! I'm always impressed with your modelling skills, in quality and quantity! Martin
  3. Superb work on what looks like a classic Airfix kit. For an old kit it looks great & I've always been a fan of the movie. Martin
  4. Well, judging by your photos, if your saying what I think your saying then i'm going to say it all looks too good to be true! Anyway I thought there was a scanner on a tripod near the one at Duxford a few years ago? I hope it be true and in the one true scale!
  5. Lightningboy2000

    Just to show that I do actually finish models - sometimes!

    Cheers mate, these subjects would look impressive in 1/144, & yes I foresee quite a few Tonka's this year! Yes, a successful year as I actually completed a few! Martin
  6. Lightningboy2000

    Just to show that I do actually finish models - sometimes!

    Cheers Julien!
  7. Lightningboy2000

    Just to show that I do actually finish models - sometimes!

    Cheers Jaime! Much appreciated thanks!
  8. Lightningboy2000

    Just to show that I do actually finish models - sometimes!

    Cheers mate, glad that I had a few to take pictures of at the end of the year! I do love the hobby in every way but I really don't know how some people can churn a stunning kit out every two weeks. I would get modellers mental burnout syndrome which is basically what I've been suffering since the Nationals, maybe I shouldn't have gone otherwise I would have had another completed! I should ban myself from attending model shows! Martin
  9. Lightningboy2000

    My 2018 - A Fairly Good Year.

    I'd say "fairly" would be huge understatement! That is an awesome annual collection! Martin
  10. Lightningboy2000

    Just to show that I do actually finish models - sometimes!

    Many thanks CC much appreciated! It was a good year I guess, 5 completed but as I look on the shelves there's another 16 yet to be finished. Cheers Martin
  11. The great outdoors beckoned a little bit more than usual this year what with the glorious weather & a couple of decent airshows drew me away from the workbench. Also my modelling mojo or lack of seems to keep me away from the plastic fettling way too much. I'm also glad that I invested in a half decent airbrush, but still need more practice! Well here's my evidence that I do finish models! With all good intentions I've still got around another 12 builds on the go, & still purchasing more! 1/72 Hasegawa Royal Air Force Eurofighter Typhoon FGR4 ZK349 wearing B.O.B 249 Sqn markings 1/72 Revell RAF Tornado GR.4 ZA548 31.Sqn 2015 1/72 AZ French Air Force Dassault Super Mystere B.2 1972 Tiger Meet Cambrai France 1/72 Trumpeter Polish Air Force MiG-29 1.elt 56 Heroes Of Kosciuszko 1/72 Airfix RAF English Electric Lightning F.6 XR761 11/74 Sqn RAF Binbrook 1979 Thanks for looking! Martin
  12. Lightningboy2000

    The Deanflyer Collection 2018

    Superb conversion on your 1/32 IX & your 1/72 "Elizabeth" is also impressive. Martin
  13. Lightningboy2000

    My 2018 Cold War Warriors

    All look superb especially your Gannet which looks impressive completed. Martin
  14. Lightningboy2000

    TonyW's builds.

    I do like your S.M. 79 & that Humbrol box!
  15. Lightningboy2000

    Rabbit Leader's 2018 stash dent (slightly smaller than planned)

    Lovely build's there & love that Beaver! Martin