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  1. Fantastic, many thanks for that info Peter, now tempted to get some covers for it now & maybe fashion something for the pitot. Wonder if engine inlet covers are available in 1/72? Martin
  2. Got mine from Model Junction, they were charging £43.99 but luckily I'd been given a shop voucher for £25 so happy days! The swing-ometer has swung a little further toward building it swept forwards thanks to your comment. I might have to cast votes!
  3. Stunning work & fantastic photography.
  4. Always a pleasure to see your work Libor & this certainly doesn't disappoint. The extra work with the riveter is excellent and helps with the subtle weathering. Keeping the standard up in 1/72 to aspire to as usual! Martin
  5. That is a little beauty. Always liked the look of these & I think your's is the first Valom kit done really well. Martin
  6. Fantastic work! Anything with that Ukraine trident is a thumbs up from me! Martin
  7. Excellent work, looks superb. The white balance on the camera is a wee bit too warm though. All the same, looks like another kit I want! Martin
  8. Very nice clean build and your work on that kit is very tidy. Martin
  9. Superb, thanks for those walkaround photos, very helpful thanks. I have already got the Tiger Meet tailed UH kit but haven't looked & compared the two kits yet. Looks like a lot of plastic in the Hobby 2000 box. Cheers Martin
  10. Many thanks for your very helpful answer Ron. The idea is to build a few Suffolk based fighter jets, some already done, but yet to build some LN jets. Today just purchased the Hobby 2000 Desert Storm kit, so 70-2390 (shows all the squadron badges on the stbd side) will be the chosen airframe. From what you're saying that steers me towards full forward. Only just looked up this airframe on Flickr & looks like they posed the wings swept for the Mildenhall Air Fete 1991, more than likely for display purposes. Thanks for your help. Martin
  11. Just wondering if F-111's were ever regularly parked up with wings swept back? Looking at most completed models one usually see's them finished parked with wings spread & flaps down. Does anyone know if that was general practice say at Lakenheath as I plan to build one from one of the squadrons with the 48th. Is it realistic to pose a parked Lakenheath based F-111 with wings swept back? Martin
  12. Verrry good choice! Regret missing the chance to see this performed at Docklands, but did get to see him play a couple from this album at Wembley.
  13. Lucky to see them live. You mean the wife of Will Gregory? Small world. He is a very clever chap & Goldfrapp is as mad as a box of frogs! Oh, yes this is from the most recent album which is quite strong tune wise. Very well produced. Often listen to the Martyn Ware podcast interviews & he's done a superb chat with Mr Gregory & Adrian Utley of Portishead, highly recomended listening especially if your averse to the crap on the TV or radio! https://anchor.fm/martyn-ware/episodes/Electronically-Yours-with-Martyn-Ware---Trailer-emvg7n
  14. Good throbbing spacy synths & a girls voice do it for me every time.
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