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  1. I've had some problems with using blue & white tac when rolling up for masking as I've personally found that both leave a residue. Has anyone used either or both the Mig masking Putty or the AK masking putty? Are they the same product as I have noticed that they are differently priced online. I've just seen a couple of reviews on youtube of the Mig putty & thought that it might be a better alternative to blutac or white tac. Thanks Martin
  2. Who asked you anyway? You mean fantasy wannabe Nazi kits sell! But do they? What a mad and twisted world we live in! If I think about that too much I get depressed, mainly about Nazi Wannabe kits. But the chances of me buying one of them is next to zero. I've plenty of kits in my stash I could cross bash to invent ficticious Nazi drivell.
  3. Well they do the night fighter two seater I suppose, but how would I convert that to a single seater. Yo know I can't be bothered, rather wait for AZ to produce one! Anyway back to the thread, why waste plastic on a fantasy Nazi kit anyway? Might as well start modelling Gundam kits!
  4. Exactly what I would have said (also shaking head!). No decent 1/72 injected Venom kits about. AZ we need a new tool 1/72 Thunderstreak please!
  5. Superbly done, & well painted. Great idea for a base! Martin
  6. Might depend on how old your Mac is & what operating system it's running. With Mac, if it's an old one, I found a browser called Opera worked. Or failing that use Firefox. I never use Chrome on the Mac. I think if your Mac is over five years old, then Opera browser was one of the last that would run. Hope that helps Martin
  7. Very sad news, RIP Rutger Hauer. If not Blade Runner, then I will always remember the Guinness ads
  8. Superb job on that kit! Was it rescribed? If not, the weathering looks spot on. Martin
  9. Superb work Stuart! Great looking Seafox & excellent updates. Liking your rigging & the wing light add-on. Your water looks great as ever! Look forward to seeing your next sea plane. Martin
  10. Superb work on your first Rafale with your first airbrush job! Not bad paints to work with either in my opinion. Excellent job! Martin
  11. Absolutely awesome build and beautifully painted and weathered. It's almost inspiring enough to stop building aeroplanes! Martin
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