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  1. That looks superb! Never seen one before or in kit form. Always like an autogyro! It certainly has a lot of character to it & I do like your ring mounted machine gun, that really sets off the rest of the model. That's got me looking at Autogyro kits now! Martin
  2. Hi Troy, thanks for that fantastic photo & those details. My memory is terrible! As a result it was really bugging me so I've just had a look back into my flickr messages from the chap who purchased my Typhoon cockpit photo from me. The request was to include the photograph for a ducumentary being made about this chap.. Henry Talalla. Best I could find was this history of Henry & his brother Cyril. Not sure what happened to the aforementioned documentary as this link doesn't include my cockpit photo! http://viweb.school/talalla-bros.htm
  3. Fantastic work! Now I'd like to see a Lakenheath F-15E on a night time performance departure! Oh & could you incorporate sound with that! Martin
  4. Stunning work Tony! Love that Stirling, & the kit looks like it gives good results, especially in your hands. Where was that Stirling based at that time? Martin
  5. I couldn't find reference to the Burmese pilot in there. I had pics of the Duxford located Typhoon cockpit on Flickr & some chap was doing a government funded Burmese WW2 website & had details on the pilot. I'd have to dig into my Flickr messages to find more details on the pilot. Look forward to seeing the Beaufighter & the subject is a superb reason for building a particular aircraft, instead of building with decals from out of the box. Martin
  6. Fantastic snow diorama, very inspiring & thanks for sharing that video. So is that corrugated brown cardboard for the base? And the snow you sieved onto the glue was baking soda, is that right? That Trumpeter kit is also a superb kit to work with & you've finished that very nicely. Martin
  7. Really nice work with your NMF! Lovely colourful jet, really like this era for American jet fighters. Martin
  8. Love that first colour photo of James with his dog, & that Spitfire model is superb tribute. Always good to hear about international & commonwealth pilots flying in the RAF during WW2. I was once asked by someone in Burma doing research of a Burmese Hawker Typhoon pilot for use of a photo of a Typhoon cockpit, & was quite surprised to hear about this chap. Sadly I've forgotten the pilots name only that he flew from RAF Warmwell. Martin
  9. Just seen the Meng photo etch bender in the new arrivals on the Big H site. How much??? I felt everything clench when I saw that! Is a decent photo etch tool really worth that much? Martin
  10. OK, French plus design equals stylish. Having done my art & graphic design degree I didn't know that of Malevich. I strongly believe that French aircraft design can be compared to French typography. Just look at any gallic typo & you know instinctively it's French.
  11. My first model was the Airfix 1/72 Yak-9D in the blister pack. I can clearly remember buying it from a sale in Sudbury Town Hall in Suffolk. https://www.scalemates.com/kits/airfix-01034-6-yak-9-d--130091 Looking at the release date of the kit it surprised me how far back I can remember. I must have been threee years old to choose this & I can still remember building it without being shown how. I can vaguely remember ending up with glue all over the carpet & the canopy! After that it was always newspaper on the carpet in front of the telly. The reason it being my first, as my sister was born in 1974 & I can remember having built the Airfix Apollo Sea King before she was born & during mums stay in hospital I built the Airfix 1/144 Pan Am Clipper which had the clear plastic sprue missing & posting off the little bit of paper with Dick Emery's laughing face on it! My return to the hobby was back in 2008 with the re-released Airfix Sea King. Martin
  12. I doubt it. Can't see why they couldn't have just included them in the box & priced the kit accordingly. I just think these far Eastern manufacturers take the piddle. They're all the same, for instance they make well detailed cockpits but never include seat belts. Martin
  13. Eh? Ugly, that's a matter of opinion isn't it? Ugly plus airplane equals character, typical gallic ways. Martin
  14. Dream Model have answered a question about the canopy & the actuators on Facebook. They're going to release aftermarket parts to pose the canopy open. Martin
  15. Hi Wez, add me to the list please. I've got a Heller Bloch MB.174A3 on order, so might as well join the party. Thanks Martin
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