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  1. Lightningboy2000

    1/72 Kfir TC.2/7 and TC.12 based on the AMK Kfir C.2/7

    Looking forward to this, can you let us know when that TC.12 Colombian set is available then? I specifically purchased the 1/72 AMK kit last year in the hope that you would produce a conversion for the Colombian version after seeing a feature in a magazine last year. When do you think it will be on your site to order? Many thanks Martin
  2. Lightningboy2000

    Buccaneer S.2B Airfix 1/72

    Hi Laz, one day I plan to do a similar job as I have similar resin and Airwaves parts. Are those the same resin intakes from the Neomega set? Also do you use Tamiya extra thin cement on your scribed panel lines to clean them up? Interesting to see how you progress with this as you don't see this done very often to the Airfix kit. If anything I have only seen people build the resin kits in 1/72 It looks daunting and needs some dedication & maybe a stiff drink before you start. A bit like contemplating a mountain climb ? Look forward to more progress pics! Martin
  3. Lightningboy2000


    Just tried it using Firefox and they are still there.
  4. Lightningboy2000

    How to remove an airbag through the screen!!........

    So that's where my van got to! The $@£%&@£*!!!!!!!
  5. Like millions I just had to google Halaldi after watching that car share then found this. As if it's for real or something I was reading this article then started to wonder if it was a classic April fools joke, then got to the end of the article.... http://southendnewsnetwork.net/news/halaldi-discount-supermarkets-to-open-after-asian-population-boom-in-essex/ Martin
  6. Lightningboy2000

    MiG-29A (LSK-NVA, Trumpeter)

    Superb end result with your MiG-29 love the deep color finish and the details. Your weathering is very nice. I have also built this but decided to scratch the upper intakes closed. Did you use a resin set for the upper intake doors? Martin
  7. Lightningboy2000

    Doos and Darts - William Tell 1980 (more added 10/4/18)

    I'm going to have to say that the old greys are better than the new greys! Some superb photos of some of my favourite aircraft. I would also have to agree about the yellow tailed 900006, oh and not a panel line in sight - nice and clean! Inspiration to get cracking on my F-106 and some old Microscale decals! Thankyou for sharing! From another Martin!
  8. Lightningboy2000

    81st TFW A-10 'WR' decals in 1/72

    A good sheet for you would be Xtradecal sheet X72-010 which has decals for four airframes AF 81-978, AF 81-950, AF 81-990 and AF 81-280 as well as a few other USAFE aircraft. https://www.scalemates.com/kits/932310-xtradecal-x72-010-usafe-pt-2-ef-111-f-111f-a-10a There are other sheets that I have seen elsewhere but can't think straight off who does them. Martin
  9. Lightningboy2000

    F-5E USAFE adversary Tiger II Revell 1:72

    Superb piece of Alconbury history there, and very well done. I really do like the colorful schemes they had. Martin
  10. Lightningboy2000

    Southern Expo at Hornchurch - this weekend

    Never seen that weather site before, looks pretty cool.
  11. Lightningboy2000

    Sea King HU 5

    That certainly is a King of a model and I really love your sea effect which looks remarkably realistic. I would be really nervous about creating that sea effect! Martin
  12. Lightningboy2000

    What music are you playing ? Part IV

    Listening to 6Music is testament to that! Glad they are still going.
  13. Lightningboy2000

    What music are you playing ? Part IV

    That reminded me of the early 90s chart show on channel 4 that showed only videos. It was my era so I'm biased, but I rarely watch videos of "new" chart music. Maybe new stuff that would never get a look into our current charts.
  14. Lightningboy2000

    What music are you playing ? Part IV

    Exit, Hyperborea & my personal favorite The Poland live album are never far from my play list. Perfect train journey music, even better for long distance European journeys! Oh and the recent and last album that Edgar Froese worked on is a must for any fans of their late 70s early 80s albums.
  15. Lightningboy2000

    Any good book shops for my aviation fix in York?

    I wouldn't like to guess, but he seems to keep getting more in every time I visit. Sometimes their shop is the only reason for me to visit Felixstowe unless the museum is open as well!