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  1. What kind of bee makes milk? Boo bee!
  2. That is a perfectly executed build of a tricky kit. I really love your quality paint work & weathering. I built this a few years ago with the other Australian markings to yours in the kit & mine is nowhere near as good as yours. Martin
  3. Stunning build & superb weathering on that. Modelmaker do some quality decals & I think the MiG-29 looks best in those Kosciuszko schemes. Martin
  4. Very impressive build. Seems everyone else thought the same as me with your first photo. Martin
  5. Very nice Steve, ditto wot RidgeRunner says! At least you've finished one which is more than I can say! Martin
  6. Hi Stuart - Sorry MrEd for hijacking your thread! I thought the same Stuart until I referred back to a few fotos wot I took.. Belgian Air Force Republic F-84F Thunderstreak FU-50 52-7011 by Martin Laurance, on Flickr The ground clearance of those tanks is extremely low but other photos of operational Streaks might show differently. Looks slightly less than the radius of the front wheel I'd say. Martin
  7. Superb build MrEd, one of the best 1/72 Thunderstreak builds I've seen in many years. Also appreciate your advice on coating those Microscale decals as I've got a couple of those sheets ready from when I've finished correcting my old Airfix kits. In the meantime I've placed an order for one of those PJ kits to collect at Telford, & that was after being inspired by your build. Undecided as to which USAFE squadron to go for. Martin
  8. Superbly finished Blenheim! Time to start building WW2 twin engines again! Very nice. Oh & what paints have you used on this by the way? Martin
  9. An attractive scheme with those yellow stripes & those Revell kits still look good completed. Where are the decals from, on FB337? Martin
  10. Stunning work as always, but this is 1/48 or bigger isn't it. Not 1/72! Who needs to build larger than 1/72 anyway! Martin
  11. It was a busy high street, there was a slow old lady cycling in front of me. I thought I would overtake her by wheelyiing up onto the pavement, when I wheely'd back from a high kerb onto the road in front of her my centre of gravity went over my back wheel, I went over on the floor in front of the old woman and found a brake lever embedded in my thigh. There I was & all she could say was " stupid sod!" & I staggered across the high street trailing blood & giblets into a sweet shop to see if they had a first aid box!
  12. One day I was cycling with a friend, we both had Raleigh Choppers. We were going along & as he went to change gear, the gear housing exploded & as there was a coiled spring for the gear return it sprang open into his thigh. Very dangerous design as it was just clipped in under a plastic cover. I can still picture this spring in a perfect circle sitting in his leg. I also tried wheelying one day and the clutz that I am ended up with a brake lever in my leg!
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