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  1. Fantastic work, have to agree with Ade H, the tires would be well flat but apart from that it is stunning. Is this inspired by any particular wreck/relic? Martin
  2. Cheers Roger! Many thanks CC hope you enjoy the pics!
  3. Thanks mate, glad you liked it. Got a couple more on the shelf of shame gathering dust that need painting! Maybe another one will be completed this year! Martin
  4. Hello Lightningboy2000,


    Thanks for the feedback on the Vampire.


    I didn't know there was another Lightningboy on this forum.


    Have you seen the 1: 48 Lightnings I have done and posted elsewhere on Britmodeller?



  5. Wow! What a strange looking machine! Never knew that existed. I thought it was a what if kit bash until I saw that b&w photo. What a crazy craft! Martin
  6. Superb looking Buccaneer. Looks pretty good completed. I'm about halfway through completing mine as a Honington example but parked with the wings folded. Quite a nice kit to build. Martin
  7. Very nice indeed! Actually an excellent choice build of a Vampire. They did amazing work to it at Duxford. From one Lightningboy to another! Martin
  8. Thanks chaps, sadly nothing else done to it today. Buccaneer still in the paint shop getting all the attention, but that didn't get the RFI photographic treatment. Other issues also putting me off the modelling as well.
  9. Just a little bit more progress on this in between Buccaneer fettling. Got the wings on & cockpit painted.
  10. Superb thanks Joaquin. Looks like your technique works really effectively. Great idea & thanks for sharing the info. I'll definitely try that out myself.
  11. What a little stunner. Interesting short history as well. Very well done with the canopy as well, must have been a fiddly job. Martin
  12. Fantastic work on the painting & weathering. How did you achieve the worn markings?
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