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  1. Late night update from another days few hours fettling. Managed to fit the wings & all the other lumps & bumps to the fuselage. I actually ended up fitting the cannon to the wrong side & the other side faring vice versa! So I had to prise them off & reattach. Added the nose attachment & blended that in with a small amount of filler. Got the cockpit painted up & given a dark grey wash. On the clear Instrument panel I applied some liquid mask with the tip of a cocktail stick to the circular dials, then airbrushed with mat black. Saved using the decals, hone
  2. Started back on the MiG today & had a look at that intake. I think we're starting to take todays moulding technology foregranted, goes to show how far things has come along in 16 years since this was released. I couldn't let it go, so I heated up the scalpel, cut through the plastic to release intake/radar cone & replaced the cross frames with plasticard. Nicely thinned the cross members & took a file to widen the intake. Also I notice where the nose ring meets up with the fuselage halves there would have been a bit of a step, so I sanded back the contact faces on the fus
  3. Convair F-102 56-0977 32nd FIS 86th FIW Soesterberg Netherlands 1961 Model - Meng 1/72 F-102A Case X Extras - Microscale 72-363 with decals for 56-0977 of which I only used a couple of bits. Microscale 72-359 for the 32nd Fighter Squadron badge. Master brass pitot. Paints - Vallejo Model Color 70.907 Pale Grey Blue. Vallejo Model Air Red & Blue. Vallejo Metal Color metal shades. Ammo Mig interior grey & zinc chromate green and Black. Ammo Mig PLW.
  4. Finally completed! On to the next one...
  5. I am a total synth nut & love the sounds on this. And this final album with Edgar, but with incoming Ulrich Schnauss. A fantastic final album.
  6. For Lasermonkey! If you like Richard James stuff, I bet you've already known of Ulrich Schnauss. This is quite spectacular from him. This is my perfect background modelling music & his album "No Further Than Tomorrow" Is a must if you like electronic music.
  7. Been adding a few decals. Managed to get hold of a Microscale decal sheet with some badges which included the badge for the 32nd Fighter Sqn. So that was good, saved me using the undersized decals on the sheet. Apart from that a small forest of Falcon missiles appeared, along with the barbers pole curtesy of Master brass bits for the pointy end. I thought I'd show these little beasties off & have the weapons bay doors open & a couple of the launch frames lowered. After adding all the small bits & pieces I'll give it a panel line wash & some dirty bits
  8. I've never really taken notice of this aircraft until now. I think that's a seriously good looking aircraft, something different to the usual. Very nicely applied metallic paints, Humbrol which I haven't used in a long time & looks like another must have kit. Martin
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