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  1. Thanks Sam. Really wanted one of these in my collection so hopefully try best with it. Martin
  2. Thanks to Frank for your help with the detail changes. Hope you don't mind me posting that photo you sent me as it descibes perfectly what needs to be done to the exhaust area. Just a little bit of fettling today. This is one of the burner cans from my previous model. I had made up the exhaust tubing that's exposed by the cutaway fuselage panel. This is the other un painted exhaust & burner just held in place with blutac.
  3. Many thanks Steve, yes the colours are really good. Great colour matches. A kind mate of mine has lent me his Mr Hobby JASDF set of paints which are a must & probably are the best. Do try & obtain the paints if you're going to be painting this. Thanks mate!
  4. Just taken a look at your build thread, which looks to me like "the" instruction manual in how to build a Hun properly! Feel bad that I missed out on that build thread as I have built this kit in the past but not as well with the extra corrections that you have. I have both Trumpy & Esci kits to hand & at some point in the future plan to build one of the Lakenheath aircraft - one day! I'll definitely come back to your build thread for reference! Martin
  5. Exactly my kind of subject! Shame that a kit like the Trumpeter kit can be so wrong & be used as a donor of parts but looks like this is definitely the way to go, to spruce up that Esci kit. I might have to give this a go on another F-100 project. Thanks for sharing & superb results! Martin
  6. Hi Frank, it's from the microscale decal sheet, can't remember off hand the serial. I remember you helped me out with my last attempt regards the nav light on the tail fin. I'll get back to you this evening cheers. I've already corrected the exhaust tubes.
  7. They are pretty reliable paints. Luckily I only have three cats, never had problems with nasty smells from them!
  8. Cheers modelling minion! The main issue for me will be getting the metal painting right. I might go down the alclad route like with my Lightning from a couple of years ago or it will be the easy option of Vallejo Metal paints. My previous attempt at alclad on a voodoo ended up in total disaster!
  9. Thanks Martin, seems to be going together better than my last binned attempt!
  10. Sweet little car, more sports car than four seater family car. Looks like the forerunner to the MX-5. Will look great when finished, don't think I've ever seen one of these before. Martin
  11. Given this a gloss coat now that all the paint is down. Not long now until the decals go on.
  12. Back to the Voodoo. Started off this afternoon with inserting the resin "handed" intakes. These have the injection plastic engine compressor faces attached. Will blast some paint down the orifices once everything is fixed together. Even shining a lamp down it & even I can't see them. Both of the etched intake splitter plates are the same size, but for some reason the left hand one wasn't tall enough to touch the ceiling of the intake so I cut out another from thin sheet plasticard. Cockpit isn't quite wide enough to fit, so added some plasticard to help it touch the fuselage side. I found that this helped perfectly with the wing topsides butting up to the fuselage. 32.5mm wooden spreader bar superglued in. I actually lined it up with the double panel lines that go across the top of the fuselage fuselage strengthening panel? Also added a length of sprue to strengthen the spine joint. Had to be extra careful to line the fuselage top halves together so as not to get a step. Note, with spreader bar in place, the tops of the wings touch the fuselage. Probably the trickiest part of the kit. Taped wrapped & beaten into submission! The plate plasticard inside the front fuselage was essential to both hold each half level & for the wing section to sit against. That's the first major stage of Valom Voodoo madness completed, next stage will be cleaning up & loads of filling to make that spine joint invisible! I've had enough of that for one day!
  13. Cockpit work looks fantastic so far. In this scale it's got to be a representation hasn't it. Not surprised to see you're widening the fuselage a little. Good to see some elements of accuracy from Sword. Oh & that wheel bay section from Sword matches up pretty darn good. I have a feeling that Sword got their wheels wrong in that they show the wheel facing the wrong way. What you see on the Airfix kit is accurate & I think the Sword wheel shows detail from the other side. Looking good so far! Martin
  14. I think Kate Bush is as far as I can see pretty unique in her style, the way she creates music & the subjects she covers & I accept the fact that she's influenced so many people. That simple phrase in that interview "vastly influential" is spot on. Influencing Bjork & in turn influencing this Ukrainian artist. In my opinion the only artist that comes close is Onuka, especially for oddness. Pretty much like the first time I heard Kate back in 1979 I was blown away, this gave me the same reaction as I don't think I'd heard anything like it before. This released almost exactly a year ago in Ukraine. And this was released as a single from the same album. She's very much Ukraine's Kate Bush. Just wish they would be able to tour the UK & even appear at Glastonbury.
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