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  1. Indeed, I did the same to mine & I also personally hate filler with a passion.
  2. Excellent, just nice to see another one of these completed. Italeri do cover some good subjects, but they do re-pop some kits which are getting a little tired. With this one I ended up having to re-build/scratch build the cockpit as I found the central console innacurate. Apart from that, the rest of the kit stands up pretty well. I believe the overall shape is more accurate than the Trumpeter kit. I built this same airframe, but I also ended up using decals from my F-100 spares & the yellow sash round the nose doesn't fit so I ended up masking & spraying mine.
  3. Lovely looking build & I personally think that Revell kit brings very good results. I remember having to relocate an underfuselage intake, & I had to scratch build the LRMTS & FLIR pods. Also re-instated the rivets that they omitted from the underside. Apart from that I think your finished article looks superb. Martin
  4. Thanks for sharing your technique reini, makes for a very convincing finish. Mart
  5. Another superb build from you! Gorgeous little Skyray & really nice scuffy weathering! Martin
  6. That certainly does look very nice & your weathering brings it up very realistically. Which Flory washes did you use & which matt finish? Some of these Sword kits are really nice. Just wish they'd hurry up & do a Thunderstreak to compliment their Thunderflash! Martin
  7. Cheers! We'll I would normally try & keep everything accurate, but as I'd sprayed up everything that hung I thought I'd attach everything in the box. It's going on a long range mission!
  8. Thanks Mike! I tried to retain that rough menacing edge to it! Martin
  9. Thanks Bill, I hope my photos have prepared you for the canyon trench like panel lines though! They are a bit in yer face, & there's the walk through engine intakes! A 1/72 family could live in there!
  10. Thanks Martin! That ICM kit looks very tempting, another kit to add to the ever climbing stash mountain! Much appreciated thanks Allan!
  11. Excellent work on what is an awkward kit. I built three of these together for a customer & I found them nightmare plastic to put together. Also the shape of those radiator intakes really bugged me so much that I really had to correct them. Something that the Trumpeter kit hadn't rectified. Superb work! Martin
  12. Superb F-106 & agree with the comment above, about the nicely restrained panel lines. A fine example of how it's done! Martin
  13. Wow! That is incredible! A work of art! Martin
  14. Looks pretty good to me! Those Hasegawa kits aren't bad either, got a couple of their Tiger Meet kits to do at some point. I also use those Hataka acrylics & find that they're not too bad. Pretty good if just adding water to it as well. Martin
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