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  1. That looks fantastic Michal I've got this kit & your extra work on it really shows well. Lovely paint work. Always looks better when using masks. Martin
  2. I've still got an original copy of Forge Of God & can still picture in my mind's eye what happened to the Yosemite Mountains & Yellow Stone Park at the end of the book. It's like remembering what happened in a movie it was that vivid. One of the greatest Sci-Fi books not yet made into a movie!
  3. If you're into the likes of Stephen Baxter & Arthur C Clarke where they in corporate the real world then I would definitely recommend Forge Of God & Blood Music. Both of which I have always wanted to see made into blockbuster movies.
  4. Martyn Ware's autobiography "Electronically Yours".
  5. Just seen the very sad news that the Hugo and Nebula-award winning author of over 30 novels has passed away as notified on his facebook page. Other than Arthur C Clarke some of my all time favourite sci fi books had been written by Greg & I'd go as far to say that he was the greatest sci fi writer as he went further in scope that Arthur C Clarke & also in my opinion beat the path for Stephen Baxter to follow. If you haven't read the following, these come highly recommended; Forge Of God & Anvil Of Stars, Blood Music & the "Way Series" of books which included EON & Eternity. If only one day someone would turn the Way Series into movies as well as Forge Of God which is crying out to be made into a film. https://gizmodo.com/obituary-greg-bear-sci-fi-author-1849806303 https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Greg_Bear R.I.P Greg.
  6. Something to brighten a miserable November afternoon.
  7. What an amazing album Time is. Definitely in my top five favourite albums. Apparently was very popular in the USSR on the black market when it was released. I'm sure I once read somewhere that Yours Truly inspired this movie. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Her_(film)#:~:text=The film follows Theodore Twombly,Olivia Wilde%2C and Chris Pratt. Brilliant intro with the vocoder but shame it wasn't included in this video.
  8. Still think this is one of the best things ever seen & heard on Eurovision. Mahoosive alpine horns that sound like a marauding herd of elephants, folk orchestra, brass section, the oddest looking (& sounding) folk music instruments & stunning band members dressed like off duty stormtroopers. Oh & there's a hurdy gurdy being played. The music is all quite dramatic in a very futuristic way which is quite an achievement considering the instruments being used.
  9. A bit late in the day - glad it's more or less over. Thomas Dolby's son re-worked an old classic during lockdown.
  10. That is gorgeous, really neat looking build & very nicely painted. Martin
  11. Great news mate. Was keen on doing a F1/2 at some point. I hope they can do a F-84F to go with their Thunderflash while they're at it.
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