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  1. Frah2o - Beautiful. Fabulous. Awesome. I'd go on but it just becomes a thesaurus. Your work is mind blowing. I only hope when I can get back to my MP4/6 it will look marginally as good. Was this a commission? I ask because I would love to see this along side your other works. JCH
  2. Frah2o - You are a MACHINE! I'll be using your work as reference on my 1/12 Tamiya. Damn fine work, as always. JCH
  3. Lee - "Cracking finish" is right! Really nice work and well photographed.
  4. Frah2o - Superb! A treat to watch your work. The completed build is first rate, top marks. JCH
  5. Awesome! Really beautiful work! One comment, and not directly related to the model, as Codger has pointed out on other posts, a simple white (or mono-color) background enhances the star of the photo, the car. The car is spot on! JCH
  6. Detailjunkie - Codger et al - Forgive the newbieness of my question but are you using the Pocher's pre-painted parts as the starting point for detailing or assembling "out-of-the-box"? The majority of my model building has been with Tamiya, Revell, Monogram, and AMT (available in the US). With those kits painting is as important, if not more so, than assembly. Don't get me wrong Detailjunkie, that engine is gorgeous! (I love the jig.) Pocher is new to me (States remember), so I'm curious (and interested). Also, I see that Pocher was purchased by Hornby Hobbies and re-launched in 2012. Has there been a noticeable change in quality with that change? LOVE that engine! Please continue posting. JCH
  7. SO true! Reminds me of a plaque I saw in a carpenter's shop, "Measure once, cuss twice!" Norm Abrams, a master carpenter, always builds a prototype of a piece before a the final. Because I learn so much about a build I'm wondering if I should buy two kits? Or would that just be twice as much profanity? Beautiful work! JCH
  8. Frah2o - While your status in the forum is "New Member", I would suggest a change to "Obsessed" to "Very Obsessed" (with compliments). The detail in your work is outstanding and the volume of completed assemblies equally so. And I love the Martini livery. As always, fine fine work! JCH
  9. Very unique. Did you struggle at all retaining just the wood finish? JCH
  10. Brian - Best of luck. Looking forward to the posts. Codger - Damn fine work! Damn fine work.
  11. Love it! The headers are perfect and the wheels are spot on.
  12. Nice honest outcome. Like Lynyrd Sknyrd's 3rd album, Nuthin' Fancy (but very good!). I very much like the color selection.
  13. Agreed! I used Tamiya TS-16 on my Renault RE-20. Required several coats as well as sanding an polishing prior to clear. Almost as difficult as gloss black. Galaxyg - Very nice work! I love the 962. No engine, no problem. Just don't take the cowlings off. I am interested in seeing the scratch built engine. I've been eyeing the MFH instantiation. If I choose that build I hope it turns out as nice yours. Well done!
  14. The carburetor, manifold, and head assembly is beautiful. It's all excellent work but I really like how that particular assembly turned out. Top marks!! JCH
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