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  1. Ahhh, YES more! That's just beautiful work. More, more, more!
  2. I'm having a very hard time thinking you are pulling our leg and this is a full sized bike! You've got a really big dresser... and coffee mug... and glue bottle? Wow!
  3. Super clean. Flawless from where I sit. Really strong build.
  4. It's not a "cool" car or plane but it is freaking cool! That's an awesome build. Those tires look, first consistent, but like they just drove down a slightly dusty road. It's dirty where it should be and not where it shouldn't. I love it!
  5. Nice wheels and stance, the finish looks wet, and the pics are first rate. Well done!
  6. I was concerned with that too. The light I have, LED with 8 sources albeit closely spaced, has a fair amount of diffusion. It also pivots on one axis. I was thinking of bouncing it off the back. I'm going to work with it for a while before any changes.
  7. Good points... I thoroughly taped, HVAC tape, the interior fan and electrical assembly of the fan. Mainly to improve fan efficiency, but it also serves as a vapor barrier. A vapor barrier for the switch is a good idea. I have a shield for the interior portion of the light. An exterior housing is a good idea. Thanks for the suggestions!
  8. Hey all, I made this yesterday. Found the design on the internet. Had an old bathroom exhaust fan and a light. For the cost of a sheet of plywood and some sweat I've got a nice paint station. And then there was light: Switch on the side turns both the fan and light on. Project would have been much easier with a table saw but one makes due. I still need to run the duct work but that'll be easy. I'll tap into existing duct work in the ceiling. (Note the empty tumbler ). In case you are interested: https://hobbyzero.com/model-supplies/homemade-spray-booth-for-models/. I used wood for the filter holder. I also changed the design reducing the angle of the front. This made the top longer for a larger enclosed space. I'm also thinking of added a hinged section of clear plastic (plexiglass) that covers 1/2 to 2/3 of the front opening. Thanks all!
  9. The fuel lines are ridiculous!
  10. Do you think this is where Racing Point got the idea for their RP20? Imitation is the sincerest form a flattery. This looks like a great project and will be following too.
  11. Does it start? I've always heard Jags were notoriously fussy. Really, does it start? It sure as the devil looks like it should. Fantastic build.
  12. The white decal covered perfectly! Those 70' bumpers could stop a tank. Great build, I love it.
  13. Hi All, Work on the cockpit and monocoque continues. Yesterday and today has been the steering linkage. This was new for me and it took a couple tries. Bending: After a great deal of fiddeling: Dry fit: Dry fit in the chassis and front bulkhead: I'm not sure which is more precise Tamiya or Top Studio. This one was hard but REALLY fun! Oh and it works smoothly as a U-joint should. JCH
  14. No no no! The fitment on your hood is perfect! These were work trucks. Alignment and gaps were of secondary concern from the factory. For this build the hood is excellent. It's a really strong build!
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