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  1. Got it! And for less than a tenner. Ah the memories... Roll on 2022.
  2. Hello All Is there still room for one more? I have my eye on a kit on eBay that will do very nicely...
  3. Hello It probably would have been a 4 spoke wheel. There is a picture of US-X, NV728 if that is the aircraft you are interested in @Chris Thomas book accompanying the Eduard Royal Tempest boxing. In fact he references it as being flown by a Sgt. P.C. Brown which I suppose has to be your uncle! I wouldn't want to post that picture as I'm not sure of copyright etc. etc. but maybe others may do so if they are more sure of their facts.
  4. Nice job! I used the Heller kit to build NV980 from the same Almark decal sheet. You've done justice to both.
  5. I certainly is. My first copy was found in a second hand bookshop in Fuengerola visiting a cousin. I read it in a day! I got the reprint by Cassell recently as it has been updated and has photos. I you havent read it yet, Lonely Warrior by Victor Houart, is as good a read but from a Belgian perspective. Thank you. Heller kits of that period, with the Francise Bergese illustrations on the box, have a certain "je ne sais quoi" that set them apart for me. I have their Arado 196 and Dragon Rapide from that period in my stash to testify to that. The aeroplane is, not so sure
  6. Hello Folks I've been lurking in the background for a few years marvelling at the splendours posted here by others. I've finally taken the plunge and submitted an RFI of my own. I was a mad keen modeller until my teens but stopped when I went to college, though I have to say I found the skills useful when completing my Interior Design Degree. As I have reached my 50's and my kids have got older and are not so demanding of my time I have slowly taken the hobby up again, though I have to say if it was not for the advent of acrylic paints it would have not gone much further!
  7. Hello Folks Ever since reading the Pierre Clostermann’s Big Show as a teenager I’ve had a thing about the Hawker Tempest Mk V. I think it is something about it’s elegant menace - think Lauren Bacall in a ball gown accessorized with bovver boots and a knuckleduster - that does it for me. This is the venerable Heller kit nearly ten years in the making as I gradually pick up model making again. I’ve used some Scale Resin aftermarket to replace the kit wheels (one of which was lost to the carpet monster) as well as the kit’s rudimentary exhaust stubs. I’ve also scratch built the gunsight
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