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  1. OK, Managed to identify the FW-190. It's the Italeri 190 D from 1978 moldings. That's one mystery solved, but the restoration will be something for another thread. Aiming to improve on my new benchmark for aircraft which is the Heinkel above.
  2. Wow, last post almost 4 years ago. A lot of modeling since, but mainly cars, and this one was locked away in a tupperware container in small pieces for quite a while. I completed it in Romanian colors with some aftermarket decals and show it here for your perusal. I did a lot of things on this one that I'd never done before, including applying a matt coat and fitting and tensing the antenna, not to mention an attempt at weathering. Perfect, it isn't, and the camera does bring out all the blemishes, but it looks great in person, especially beside the shiny cars it shares shelf space with.
  3. Yeah, got lucky on ebay... makes up for all the times something I really wanted slipped away at the last moment! . I've subscribed, so whenever it resumes, I shall be here, popcorn in hand.
  4. Just bought myself one of these (Testors boxing with some aftermarket decals that weren't mentioned on the inexpensive ebay listing but are much appreciated), so if it ever comes back to the front burner, I'll be watching with interest!
  5. I've built a pair of these, and they are great kits. They definitely give you value for the money, even at $52. Decals take some work to get conformed, but once there, they look amazing. The only thing I don't like about them is that the tire rubber seems to be of that kind which will eat through decals and other plastic, so take care with them! Having built their Meeke Peugeot and their Skoda, I went ahead and bought the Escort (and will be buying the Manta when it finally releases).
  6. Thank you for the journey, and what a result!!
  7. Detail spray... what brand / product are you using?
  8. Hooray! Sweaty palms during the process?
  9. I actually have a model of the Cobra that Hel Keck drove to victory in the 1965 SCCA nationals sitting in my office (I'm at work right now). It's built from the Monogram kit and has a nice display case. The Cheetah, on the other hand, is in a box awaiting its display case!
  10. You are correct. It is a huge effort, so here go a couple of my takeaways from this: 1. Your method of rethinking each piece a few times has led to a much better model than if you'd used my method (going forward until I get a reasonable result from the method I chose to begin with). I think that's probably the great strength of this build and the reason it's looking so good. 2. Your build as well as a couple of other large-scale builds here have actually inspired me to move away from 1/24 and 1/20. I recently received a 1/16 kit, but even worse, I have the drawing
  11. Agree with the above. I look at every single post (often with awe), but other than offer encouragement, I have little to add. But it's valuable and I'm learning lots of things!
  12. But if Peugeot was doing those roofs in the 1930s, surely Rolls royce was doing them in the 20s? Come on, Codger, you know you want to!
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