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  1. Great stuff. What did you do to the tyres to get that effect? Sand off a flat-spot?
  2. I'd say 9/10 of the photos I've seen of this car have the roof vents open, so I've decided it's more interesting to do the same Aside from a few decals on the glass, the exterior is complete. I can't remember where I first saw this technique for removing seamlines off slicks and putting miles on them, but it's a good one. Underside complete, aside from wheel decals. Adding hoses to the fuel tank. Interior comes along Now adding a battery taken fr
  3. Looks cool. You've done a lot in a short time.
  4. I'd not noticed. I think I only notice when wheels are too small (*cough* Revell) Bigger alloys usually look good to me. Indeed even if inaccurate. I have a 3rd Gen Fujimi MR-S yet to build. I may convert it to the superGT Autobacs version. Then I will have a Mk1, Mk2 and Mk3 in my collection.
  5. Yesterday near Telford I saw a Fiat X-19 on the road. Not sure I've ever seen a real one before, let alone being driven.
  6. Very nice. Don't often see kits of Korean cars. I know Academy make a few, but it's really a few.
  7. I can see how it'd look like that from this angle, assuming you're referring to the first image in the series. However it's not - dark blue on the left is a Mazda RX-7 Spirit-R. FD3S - with a Tamiya' RX-7 rotary engine on the pallet out front. And the wheels on the top row of the rack are from Tamiya's Honda NSX (as are, on the right, the gold bumper, bonnet on the wall and two front wings) . Although as I've made a Mk2 MR2, I can say they're very similar 5 spoke 90's alloys. The MR2 is in one of the photos on the top layer of the hydraulic lift.
  8. So the post doesn't get entirely lost from the automotive modellers here in the in the mostly military diorama part of the forums, I'm making this post to help it be found. Here is one image. 13 others are in the diorama post here:-
  9. About 2.5 years in the making but some 75% of it was done between March 2020 and March 2021. Should/could have been a lot quicker but I kept getting distracted building more cars.
  10. The pictures don't quite do it justice but the clearcoat over the decals has polished up nicely. And on the inside, mesh. And the Corolla's engine. Quite a few things were done between the photo above and the one below, including all the window rubbers, the door handles, the fuel cap, door mirrors and then finally as it was a bit warped, the rear wing pegged in place whilst they glue dries. Meanwhile back in the interior, since no pedals were supplied in the kit I've taken some from the spare parts box, mounted on some
  11. Two other alternatives. Green one I'm quite partial to.
  12. Thanks. Yes, I saw a photo of one in metallic black with the bonnet and roof in dark gunmetal. I may copy that if it's not too hard to mask, possibly with the side dishes as well. It was that style (and with bigger rims on it) that got me thinking "actually this car can look pretty good". It's a version known as Novitec Rosso. https://duckduckgo.com/?q=scaglietti+novitec+rosso&iax=images&ia=images It's amazing how much the choice of wheels can make or break the appearance of some cars. The standard 612 wheels, as used by Revell, are just the most awful thing.
  13. Got any plans for the colour? When I build mine I'm likely to go with Tamiya Metallic Black. It seems to suit darker colours better and it's certainly one of the few Ferraris that does not look good in red.
  14. I did most of the rest of the decal work last night, and then today by lunchtime the Marlboro decals came in the post from modelworks; I've just added them.
  15. The decals are very matt. I hope they don't react to clearcoat, which they certainly need. These first blobs are likely to be the most tricky ones and they went down well.
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