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  1. Background: I love how the Mercedes AMG GT looks in it's road guise (much less so the GT3 version), and it's become one of my most used cars in Gran Turismo Sport, with this same colour scheme. If I had the money, this car would be on my shortlist. Pros: It's tough. There's no way this one will come out of the box with squashed A-pillars - they're a decent realistic thickness. The body fits snugly to the to the chassis, there's is no gap whatsoever. Same in the wheel arches. This is unusual and good - most kits I build have some kind of gap. There's a full engine - sadly
  2. I don't often build aircraft, the last one of 7 in total was back in 2016 and 45 1/24 car builds have occurred between that one and this SU-25. But it's a nice change to do something else and this flying weapons array appealed to me. Soviet aircraft can be quite interesting since they're "the enemy" and at least it's a decent camo pattern rather than the grey on grey of more modern planes. I used several different reference photos for the colours and weathering. It seems military aircraft are a bit like diesel locomotives - no two are quite alike. The kit is fairly simple to put together and
  3. Very nice. The classic Rally car of modern times.
  4. Background: I bought this kit on a whim when I saw it on the shelf (6 years before actually building it) - I'd never heard of the car before but it looked 80s. It'd be a prime candidate for the Festival of the Unexceptional*. Online research led me to two things: It shares a lot of parts with the Nissan Cherry, and when known as the Pulsar NX, they were really popular in Australia. One of the reasons it sat so long in the stash was deciding what to do with it - several more radical treatments came to mind but eventually I thought "If I saw one in real life, what would I want to see?" : St
  5. Very nice. I keep seeing these going for quite high prices on Ebay, otherwise I'd be tempted to have a crack at one.
  6. Excellent scale on the dirt. As usual the "hand of god" image makes it all look a bit surreal in the otherwise very realistic result. Great build too!
  7. Background: Japanese 4 door saloons are one of my favourite sub-genres and the chance to build a Tamiya one is too good to pass up. Eventually one came up on Ebay at a price I was happy with, I built it within a month of it arriving in the post. It's an unusual choice for Tamiya - by this point they'd almost stopped doing JDM-only vehicles (more's the pity). I do wonder if the impetus for this kit came about because like the real car - the kit shares it's entire chassis/suspension parts and door mirrors with the Celica 165, an earlier Tamiya model - so saving on tooling costs. Pros: T
  8. Great paint job. How do you get it so shiny without polishing through the paint?
  9. Thanks. It's a 22" computer monitor in an otherwise dark room, showing a photo full-screen, with another small light just to bring up the ambient on the other side of the car,
  10. Background: I do like Japanese VIP saloons of a certain era very much, and yet I let this one languish in the stash for some 7.5 years before it got it's time in the sun - it was one of the 5 oldest unbuilt kits in my collection. Not too modern, not too boxy, it's the perfect shape and the sort of car I'd love to have in real life. Pros: It fits together with few problems. Proportions are good on the outside, chrome parts are useful. There are two entire sets of all the transparent parts - tinted and clear. The wheels are nicely moulded and plated and the tyres are good.
  11. Amazing. Like others I thought the first photos were reference shots of a real car.
  12. Thanks. Yes, I should have mentioned that in the "Pros" section. This kit is very cheap for some reason - more so than many other Tamiya kits. Perhaps it's just because it's so easy to find. This example cost me £12 off ebay *including* UK postage and it was brand new. Looking at 1999.co.jp it's still available as new on there for approx £14.70. which makes me wonder if Tamiya have had it in continuous production since back in the day. As for three weeks - it's one week longer than the Mercedes McLaren SLR I posted a few weeks ago! As I'm working at home *and* going nowhere at the
  13. Background: For a change, I decided to experiment and buy a model I'd not normally choose and build it immediately. This 959 is the result. I'm not an admirer of Porsches especially but I certainly understand the significance of the 959. It's shame that the exterior and the interior of the car looks little different from a 1960's 911, even with all that cutting edge engineering underneath the aesthetics. Pros: For a 33 year old kit it's remarkable. Full engine, suspension, more or less perfect fit and plenty of detail with good proportions. Tamiya often give supercars the
  14. Thanks. I'm not entirely sure what that bonnet thing does. It's some kind of shield for sure. Can't be for anything as small as insects and it's be useless against weapons or paint bombs. I wonder if it's some kind of crash protection for pedestrians?
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