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  1. The silver T-bar section on the roof acts as a clamp for the windscreen and the two glass panels on the roof, meaning no glue is needed for this glass. Yet another sub-assembly finished: The dashboard. The photo as quite a lot of grain in it as was taken in less light that I'd have liked. Making seatbelt material. Masking tape put onto a suitable low-adhesive background (Hotel Chocolat wrapper!) then sprayed once with orange and once with yellow. Adding seatbelts and retainers are the only additions I'll make to what's in the box. Except *perhaps* a custom number plate. With all the hidden details in this kit, it's amazing it didn't just include the very non-hidden seatbelt retainers. I don't know what kit manufacturers have against them - never found a kit yet with them. Fortunately the as-yet unthreaded seatbelts have the holes already opened in Tamiya's mould. Also added are two seatbelt retains which shortly get a dab of red paint. Finally many sub-assemblies come together in the completed inner body. Minus the wheel arches which I'll add now the photos are done. I've taken some better photos at this point as the inner body is as much a completed model in itself as the entire car will be.
  2. More or less done now, just lacking a few details such as mirrors. Expect some pics in Ready For Inspection soon.
  3. Very very impressive and certainly better without the wheel covers.
  4. These orange aero parts are tricky to install. It's not that they don't fit, they just don't easily stay where you've put them. The smaller ones (the lower ones in the photo) probably too me about 15 attempts for each. Certainly it'd be a mess to attempt this with regular model glue already on the part, you'd just end up with it all over the place, paintwork, etc. I've got them all in place and then used a few blobs of PVA instead. Now I've added the light sub-assemblies (6 parts per side), it's starting to resemble a car.
  5. I'm using masking sheet backing paper to protect my (albeit clearcoated) decals, just in case. Part of the long masking job for the black sills and other bits. This kit is from long before window masks, so the glass has been done with black paint (front scuttle panel) and a magic marker (the rest). Stingy mounting points for the glass-glue contact. Good old BMF, how did I ever do without it?
  6. Each door is 4 parts plus one decal for the speakers.
  7. Excellent build and I enjoyed following along with the WIP, interested to see what kit you tackle next. Michael.
  8. Under really bright sunlight, the paint does look something other then metallic BR Blue. And finally.... clearcoat and polishing. Although there' a little way to go yet, several semi-gloss black lips and lower panels that need masking and painting. I've never know an build to pick up so so much dust, knocks, scuffs, imperfections and stuff as this one all slowing down arriving at this point. There's a lot of polish in the panel lines at this point.
  9. These are all the McLaren orange parts - using Mr Hobby Orange-Yellow. Completed brakes. And the discs do rotate as Tamiya intended. Installed into chassis.
  10. The first piece of bodywork gets attached. Assembling the rear wings, each wing is made of 5 parts. They're not attached here, just balanced in place to see how it looks. It's certainly unusual. Meanwhile in the interior... masking off the Matt Black in order to spray the Semi Gloss Black area.
  11. Looking good, nice weathering on the chin spoiler.
  12. Even with brand new decals these white side stripes would be hard to get straight. With 30 year old decals that tear - that's not going to happen. Even the bit done right looks like a scratch. Fortunately the rest of the decals go down mostly without problems, and they're more important. And a nice coat of Humbrol Baltic blue for the calipers from a Toyota Crown.
  13. Very nice classic truck. I'm trying and failing mentally to do the maths for what year an R reg is. Michael
  14. The dashboard is comprised of 14 parts (and 4 decals), some of which are shown painted below. I've already glued the two parts of the steering column before painting - the bit with the indicator stalks and the bit with the flappy paddles. Not shown but of note - the silver rings around the air vents are separate parts to allow easy painting. Like so many parts of the car the painting instructions call for black, matt black, semi gloss black and gloss black. And a bit of grey. I'll be increasing the amount of grey to make some contrast but what's nice is that Tamiya have separated so many parts that if you wanted a more varied interior, you'd be able to do it with little or no masking. Meanwhile, on the outside of the car there's about 20 or so parts that comprise the exterior. Some of them are shown here in silver but not yet clearcoated. More silver parts will go on pause until after the weekend as my can of Tamiya Mica Silver has run out and I need to buy some more.
  15. That's a very period shade. I see brown cars are back in fashion now, albeit metallic.
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