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  1. This should be a reasonably straightforward build, I hope. It's not an especially complex kit, less details than it's Tamiya equivalent unfortunately - especially in the suspension area - there is none here, the wheels just join onto axle stubs front and rear, so no steering either. There are things about it I'm going to improve however. Beginning with the bodywork in the final image, where the yellow body wraps further around into the wheel well than the kit version. Removing the rear fins as this version has a separate rear wing.
  2. I love restoration projects. This is so cool and the results are really nice.
  3. Looks great. Unusual car/model, does not turn up very often anywhere online.
  4. Very cool - headlights and intercooler especially. This is my favourite shape from all the Silvias.
  5. Looks great. One of the best looking Ferrari's IMHO. I have this same kit waiting in the to-do pile.
  6. Thanks. It's direct from a rattle-can. It's not a perfectly smooth finish but better than usual as it had about 10 light coats rather than 3 or 4 thicker ones.
  7. This build is all done now. Here's one image, the rest are all in the "completed" section of the site.
  8. All done now. There's a WIP in the WIP section of this site. Pros: Engine included (In this version anyway - not all Aoshima FC3S are the same), Not entirely a full engine more like a top half and a moulded-into-chassis bottom that meet correctly - It's clearly an addition to a previously curbside kit, but good enough to get a very good result nonetheless. Nearly all parts fit together perfectly. Good detail on interior and doors (not a tub). Good detail on underside. Headlights can be made open or closed. Indicators and brake lights moulded in orange/red. Window masks included. Cons: Odd moulding choice of the entire front bumper rubbing strip in transparent orange, so it has to be masked and painted body colour.. The fact this is a "con" shows just how few flaws this kit has. Not sure why any of the rubbing strips/trim are moulded seperatly anyway. Also, windscreen wipers are straight and do not conform to the curve of the screen. No normal number plate decals included, just Initial-D. Verdict: Very recommended. High quality, lots of detail, perfect fitment, well proportioned, good ride height without lowering. Has a body kit so for my tastes, more interesting than the Tamiya version which is stock body spec but more likely has a better moulded engine. Build notes: It took me a month to build this one. Changes to the original kit are: Changed wheels for Aoshima 18 inch BBS Type DTM. P/E rear speaker mesh and chrome rings from a R35 GT-R P/E set. Changd number plates for thinner P/E ones. Metal exhaust tip. Carpets in the interior and boot. Luggage straps in boot. Seatbelt retainers. rear brace, lots of extra details in the engine bay. The exterior is Halfords rattle-can VauxhallBreeze Blue clearcoated with Mr Hobby Gloss. The interior is two-tone Tamiya TS-67 IJN Grey and Tamiya AS-25 Dark Ghost Grey.
  9. More or less completed work on the engine bay, save for some weathering/dirt I might add later and a couple of decals.
  10. The end of week 2 of the build. The brake master cylinder and the battery are the only two other in-the-box engine bay parts, but any reference photos shows a lot more bits in there, so I'll be scratch building pipes, electrics and so on. Interior has a half a CD sticking out of the player, though it's so reflective it's hard to see.
  11. All imges in this first post were completed within one week. I was curious how far I could progress a model kit with a concerted effort in a week. Quite far it turns out. This Aoshima kit is building well so far. The front bumper joints are a bit small and need reinforcement but otherwise, very good. It's a converted-curbside kit, so the engine parts are all about 3/4 depth and match up (more or less) with the original curbside foor pan and lower engine. Not quite as good as if it'd been engineered from the start, but given how many kits are only ever curbside, the presence of the engine is welcome. It'll be Vauxhall Breeze Blue from a Halfords Rattle Can, and I'm not using the kit wheels. I plan to add extra details where I see it necessary - especially in the engine bay where the converted-curbside nature led to me to construct a filewall/bulkhead behind the 13B engine. Below: I do like how it looks in this colour. I'd tested it out on the livery builder in Gran Turismo Sport, then looked for a car paint that was similar. Below: Starting to make templates for carpets, which i will do with my usual method of spray painted sandpaper to give predictable and sticky (when used with double sided tape) texture.
  12. Looking good so far. I am sure it'll be satisfying to complete something left undone for such a long time. I have the same feelings for Revells's "tyres". Is it so hard for them to do what Tamyia etc do? Can you find Taiya (or Aoshima, Fujimi) tyres in the same size to relpace them with?
  13. Very very nice. I love the colour and the car.
  14. Pros: Great moulding, lots of details - especially underneath, fantastic fitment (with only one exception, see cons below), well proportioned and with a ride height that does not necessarily need to be lowered - I have not lowered this one. Some of the tolerances on the parts are so perfect that in some cases, you don't even need glue. The tolerance/friction is enough to hold things together, almost like snap-fit. With some effort/force, the main windows all snap into place and hold themselves in by nature of the design of he kit, and anything that reduces the glue I need to put near clear parts is good. Windows masks also included. Decals are good quality. And something I've seen on no other model car kit before - the wheel arches entirely fit up the space to the bodywork as they would on a real car. Cons: Curbside - no engine. The rear bumper on the left side of the car does not fit that well up to the body and leaves a larger then desired panel line. The lower halves of the main front seats are moulded into the tub - it'd make changing the seats a pain if you wished to do so. There's not much detail on the door inner panels. Verdict: A very high quality kit from Fujimi. Certainly it's the best Fujimi kit I've ever built and would rival Tamiya even on a good day for Tamiya. It was a very enjoyable build and it'll be at the front of the display cabinet for a while. Build notes: Mostly built out of the box - additions are the carbon side skirts, carbon front splitter, carbon effect on the roof and bonnet and a few extra decals, such as the door laundry-list and the red Honda badges. The colour of the car is Tamiya TS-32 Haze Grey and the carbon is Hasegawa Trytool self-adhesive carbon fibre. [
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