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  1. Great result. I love this car and I've occasionally thought about getting the kit of it, although I'd read many times before it was a crappy kit. Your initial description only reconfirms that so I think i'll stick with admiring yours instead.
  2. Nice Kit. Easily goes together, plenty of detail, scope for adding more. What's not OOB: 1) Fuel fillers (scratchbuilt) 2) Shut-off handles in bonnet corner (scratchbuilt) 3) Bonnet pins (scaleproduction) 4) Boot pins (scaleproduction) 5) Tow hooks front and rear (scaleproduction) 6) Roof mini-arial (scratchbuilt) 7) Couple of cables on the underside. (scratchbuilt) 8 ) Door mirrors. Not the best fit but better than the road-car stock ones that came with it. These are from the Aoshima Drift parts pack. The rear spoiler was in the box, but was not meant for this kit. I think it looks better however.
  3. I built this one back in 2010, and in 2018 I stripped it apart and redid much of it, including the entire exterior which was paint stripped and resprayed. I was never happy with the original build and it had sat in a dust gathering place bothering me with it's crapness. I always was happy with the interior but never the outside. Amongst other problems with the original build are that I used two types of paint from different manufacturers for the black (I don't recall why) and they interfered with each other, giving a really crappy finish. Not easily visible but the door mirrors are that bad too. I also used poly cement and then super glue on the headlamp covers, because I didn't know about Micro Kristal and also, the damn things don't fit well at all either. As you can see in a later image, these transparent parts are not in a good way. These were pretty much unrescuable in the restoration so the remain as before. Aside from that I've done many little improvements and took the opportunity to make the bonnet white this time.
  4. It's Tamiya TS-17 Gloss Aluminium from a rattle can.
  5. Pros: It's the only kit of an EK9 Civic Type R, and it assembles easily. It looks right once the ride height is altered. Cons: Curbside. Interior doors lack any detail. Ride height is too high, boxed wheels seem a little on the small side. Verdict: It builds up into a nice model kit of te Civic Type-R with only a small amount of effort. Recommended. Build notes: It took me about 3 months to complete this one, mainly due to work travel commitments, and two of the panels on the car got black paint leaked into them whilst spraying the winder surrounds, needing a lot more masking and respraying of those panels. Alterations to the boxed kit are: Scratch built seatbelts retainers, Rear seatbelts, interior carpets, door cards and some other interior details added. Ride height lowered by about 1mm. Wheels exchanged for Aoshima Rays 57Xtreme 18 inch. Moulded front mesh removed and replaced with real mesh. Red Honda badge decals replaced with shinier ones from Hobby Design (HD01-0045).
  6. galaxyg

    Aoshima BTTF DeLorean 1/24

    Very nice build. I have this same kit sitting in my to-do pile.
  7. galaxyg

    Aoshima 1/24 McLaren F1 GTR Gulf Livery

    Looks fantastic. Great to see one of these built up in such detail.
  8. Pros: Aside from the few issues mentioned below, this kit just falls together perfectly. An example would be how well the headlight glass fits the hole and the headlight fits from underneath. The interior is nicely detailed, the optional PE parts version contains some useful PE for badges, brakes etc. The wheels are moulded and plated in a nice correct-looking version of alloy and need no further work and the tyres are good. The mouldings are crisp and with few mould lines to sand off. Much of the way the parts are divided in the moulding makes for easy and convenient painting, such as the seperate black front and rear sills. Cons: Curbside. Seat mouldings make them look like they were carved from slabby granite, not "comfortable" looking. Rear ride height is too low unless corrected. Body does not sit low enough onto base - which as the lower black side sills are moulded onto the base, creates a gap. Paint instructions are not quite correct for a 575 dashboard, they're more for a 550. The front and rear bumpers need extra reinforcing to make them hold on, and out of the box they're splayed out too far. Decals lack European number plates. PE wipers are so fiddly I discarded them. Verdict: Overall a pleasure to build with a great looking result. It's also your only choice if you want to build a 575 Maranello, fortunatly it's a good one. Build notes: Scratch built seatbelts, number plates, rear parcel shelf carpet and belts, carpets. 3rd party Ferrari emblems used on bonnet, wheel centres and front wings.Mesh added to bonnet duct and some parts used inside to simulate an engine. Interior is semi gloss black and Tamiya AS15 USAF Tan. Exterior is about 6 coats of Tamiya TS18 Metallic red over matt black as a base, with a Tamiya TS13 clearcoat over the top.
  9. galaxyg


    Looks good. Got more pics?
  10. galaxyg


    Classic car and livery and a nice result from it.
  11. The result is pretty much as it was in my mind when I bought the kit. Not the best Fujimi kit in the world but good enough to do what I wanted and I'm very happy with the outcome. The F355 is probably my favorite looking Ferrari ever. Decals are from the kit, spare from other kits (The Bosch 155 for one) and from 3rd party for some of the Agip ones. The 28 numbers are from the McLaren Formula 1 car decal sheet.
  12. I'd been wanting to do a classic JDM white and gold two-tone for quite some time and the Celsior (LS400)was a good fit. It did remind me how much of a pain white cars can be, especially if the base plastic is anything other than (and in this case the opposite- black). This kit has got a bit grubby in places on the white and proved hard to clean and the BMF shiny chrome bits such as the lacing were a pain to put on as well - and don't photograph very well either. Overall I'm only so-so about this build, although the engine is nice. Much as I love the white/gold I don't think I'll be tackling it again any time soon. I do love Japanese 4 door saloon cars but in many ways the Celsior/Lexus LS400 is one of the most boring looking of them all, I guess to be expected what with Toyota playing it very very safe for the first ever Lexus. I scrapped the kit's tiny wheels and giant tyres and replaced them with the wheels from a Tamiya Porsche Boxster.