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  1. The "Pilot" decal over the bonnet louvres on the Escort looks like it was a pain. Nice project.
  2. As I know the Safari Celica will be a long-ish build whilst I wait on sourcing the safari-specific decals, I've decided to build another rally car concurrently. I went for a kit I bought in York's model shop about 18 months ago. I have seen a few of these at model kit shows built up, but I rarely see them online here or other forums - and especially compared to how many Imprezas there are. Anyway I figure no rally car collection is complete without a bit of Tommi Makkinen Evo in it. And what better kit than this one from Tamiya? I'm going to start with the outer body whilst the weather is still a bit warmish.
  3. Both front and interior could've been easier with more parts in the kit, but nonetheless a load of masking tape and time does the job.
  4. Thanks! It's the yellowest box I've seen. Ugh.
  5. First Photo: I bought this kit for 1000 Yen (£6.40) whilst on holiday in Japan in a pre-pandemic November 2019. The first photo was taken in the hotel room at the time. I discarded the box in Japan for a) Lack of suitcase space and b) It smelt like the colour it is. The kit was quite a long way assembled but ... £6.40. Nothing was painted, no parts were missing. Second photo: 2 years and 11 months later, I've mostly dismantled the car. A few bits were too fragile like the interior brake levers etc so I left them glued in. Whilst rooting through the bits I realized that since the kit is based on the 1992 Safari ST185, all the parts necessary to build the 1993 Safari version are there aside from a few decals that I'll have to source, and the some chunky tyres. This led me to pick this kit now, and to decide to make Kankunnen's 1993 Safari Rally winner. After quite a few shiny cars this year, I fancy something bit more dirty. Perhaps not quite as much as that classic photo of Kankunnen emerging from a swamp, but not clean either. The now painted and partially reassembled underbody. Swapping the tarmac suspension parts for the higher riding safari parts. Completed underbody. Weathering to follow.
  6. Welcome to the forums. Great Impreza build. *The* classic rally car.
  7. Nice looking colour scheme. Shame Nascar wheels are black, silver would be more interesting.
  8. Nice. I've seen this kit for sale and I do wonder at the naming "Hippo sleek".
  9. This actually makes a pretty convincing colour scheme on the Monte-Carlo. And the yellow wheels are so much better than boring black.
  10. Great stuff. More pics? Classic livery.
  11. Background: Summer seemed a good time to make another open-top car, the seemingly forgotten (both in real life and in kit form) Toyota MR-S aka Toyota MR2 Spider. For the colour scheme, I've chosen upmarket elegance rather than sports-custom as the theme for the build. Based a lot on a pic I saw online from a motor show. Pros: Easy to assemble and the proportions look like an MR-S. Cleanly moulded with little cleanup necessary. Wipers actually conform the the curve of the screen (many kits do not) and everything - including the seats - is solidly mounted. Mostly very nice interior - the main detail is focussed here, fortunatly for an open-top car. Cons: The moulding of the top of the dashboard is a bit rough. Windscreen doesn't fit perfectly at the top. Overall the model is quite simple. Verdict: Cheap, cheerful and fun to build with no stress and a nice result. Build notes: Painted in Hycote Audi Dakota Grey with Mr Hobby gloss. The interior is Tamiya AS-22 Dark Earth and semi-gloss black. Wheels changed to Fujimi Speedline COMPE-2 17 inch. To the boxed kit I added a front lip, rear wing, seatbelts and retainers, carpets, front fog lights and a small bottle in the cup-holder between the seats. Also the front and rear Toyota emblems are Tamiya chrome-y parts, not Fujimi decals.
  12. I thought this car would look better with a rear wing and this Fujimi 180sx item with added legs will do the job. Rear wing in position. Some alu-fabric for a bit more elegance. There is no wind deflector in the kit, so I made one from scrap plastic, Tamiya smoke spray and of course - electrical tape to hold it in place. A scrap piece of transparent sprue was rolling around on my cutting mat whilst I was completing the interior, and I was struck by how much it resembled a bottle so with a spare decal and painted cap, in it goes. Completed interior. Toyota emblems front and rear are Tamiya items. The rear one was a right bugger to get on as the last TA broke off from the main. Final item: The mirrors. For a while now I've been wanting to do one of these kinds of photos, and this build lent itself perfectly to it. It tidily ends the WIP.
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