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  1. Excellent looking Audi, enjoyed the WIP too. Look forward to the next.
  2. Excellent looking build and modifications.
  3. Seems to have come together very quickly at the end, Looks great, I look forward to the RFI or RIP I didn't know the trick with washing up liquid on the wheels, that's a good one.
  4. It was slim pickings for car models that interested me at last year's IPMS in Telford, but I did come away with two. Unlike the other, this one was an unplanned spur of the moment choice. It is a cool looking a race car to me. But the almost-sponsorless yellow looks quite boring even though I know it's kinda of a Corvette thing. Anyhow it has little meaning or appeal to me so I'll be doing something else, with a bit of help from other decals that like the M1 Procar, I ordered from Indycals. The car has an engine like most Revell kits. In other areas it's very simple. An unusual idea for the brakes. The doors are moulded separate. The door cards are those moulded into the body, no others. There will be a lot of test fitting. A) It's Revell. B ) I've seen a few others build this kit whilst researching, and not have a lot of joy with the fitment. Grinding huge chunks off the dash I saw in one example. So far, so fit. Painted and assembled chassis. Aside from two metals axles, this is what you get for the entire chassis and suspension. To be fair, once the car is assembled, you can see none of it. Assembled and painted engine. Quite nice. Rolling chassis. Test fit interior. Again. The glass comes with pre-painted masks. I'm kind of sorry it does as the deep one on the windscreen means you can't see much of the interior. Endurance racers must love driving through a slim letterbox view. Primed for action. I've been looking for an excuse to use more of the can of Porsche Peridot Green I've got stored away. It's already done 3 cars (including the Porsche Cayman it belongs to). I saw these drills in B&Q and thought a green-gun metal-silver and black livery would look good, with Ryobi as a sponsor. The front 3/5 of the car will be green. I have since sprayed the interior black and the lights silver, so more test fitting.
  5. Nice idea on the sump guards. Great looking build so far.
  6. These are the brakes I'll be using on the front - from some Tamiya kit. Compared to the kit's original discs. Painted suspension parts. The Tamiya disc fits perfectly onto the Revell hub with no work needed. And the Tamiya wheel's male fitting fits exactly into the female hole in the revell hub, no drilling required. Small mercies. Completed dashboard and centre console. The 6 trumpet intakes with the kit are solid items, with a black circular decal to go on the top of each to simulate a hole. That just won't do. (Below) This is not my original idea - I found a guy on a German forum had done the same. These small metal trumpets, extracted from their plastic covering, make perfect engine trumpets. The items themselves are actually called ferrules, a word I didn't even know a week ago. I got these from an electronics shop in Derby. they were 5p each. After a few unsuccessful attempts at making the mounting, I eventually got one that worked. They are more or less in a straight line evenly spaced. So yeah, this is going to be one those builds. See engine, detail engine.
  7. I got one of these off ebay for £21 the other week. A lot cheaper than any other Focus I've seen on there for a a long while too. And I did fancy a Safari car at some point. I've seen the real one of these at the Ford place in Cumbria whilst doing a photography job on a WRC Escort. (not my photo. But it's the same kit).
  8. Well you can never have too many Impreza Rally cars. That black blobeye one in the middle looks quite interesting too. As does the Police special on the left. I have this same kit, although it's missing it's rear wing. Not decided what to do about that yet.
  9. Very nice. CF on the lip- cool.
  10. It already looks better in plastic than that rather unflattering image on the front of the box, which makes the boot look longer than the bonnet. I'll be watching along with interest.
  11. Insofar as the Williams FW08 wasn't sponsored by BeerLao, yeah they're my creation. But it's a real brand https://www.beerlao.la and the green is similar enough to Saudia green that I could make them the same for this purpose.
  12. Not the large ones. Unless I go over the rear arches and move Goodyear and Yaskawa elsewhere. Top beer though!
  13. I had better test fit everything with this kit. The front bumper does fit up to the body, but there's nothing there to fit it onto. If fitted snug up against it's mountings, the rear bumper creates a step in the wheel arch. Some plasticard front bumper mounts. Plasticard also used on the rear bumper to reinforce the mounting. After lot of sanding, filing, fettling, filing, cutting and gluing - an assembled body. I've drilled bigger holes in the bodywork to make some more modern style fuel fillers. The filler caps themselves are some spare parts left over from a 1/72 F-16 Falcon. No idea what they are. And here are my decals, direct from indycals in the USA as "print for hire". I made the artwork for all of them. Inspired in a large part by the late 1970s Williams cars - the FW08 in particular. Some of them I'd drawn to a set size - there's a white or a green option to fit the rear wing for example, on the far left of the sheet. Some of them I'd just drawn to a size and I'd fit them to the car later. Some of the brands shown did not appear on the real car, they just fit nicely with the colour scheme. Indycals have no close cropped carrier film, so I've cropped the decals as tidily as I can, and blu-tacked them onto the car in order to determine the best locations. The black electrical tape represents what will later be dark green. Trying out some alternative wheels, those from a WRC impreza. Trying some other wheels - Skyline. These are too wide however - a lot more work if I wanted them to fit. I can't remember where these white wheels are from but they do suit it pretty well.
  14. And this Revell re-release has all the quality of a 1979 ESCI kit.
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