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  1. Nice to see it finished. As I mentioned in the build thread I remember the Alouettes in those colours. They used to fly low over my house nearly every day. I even got to fly in one eventually. By the time they were retired it was said they were like the proverbial sweeping brush. Five new handles, six new heads but the same brush. Rebuilt several times.
  2. This morning. I was awake about 4am considering whether I really want to go to Africa with my mate. I heard jet noise and I upped my radar 24 to see what's inbound. Well everything. literally a stream of jets, like a bomber stream all headed for Europe from North America. All the red eyes due to land in Europe first thing. Get your business done and head back. You know the ecos, worry about all the jets. If they got up early enough they'd see it.
  3. Timothy Hourigan, my great Uncle. Munster fusiliers..died 1918. One day l'll visit his grave.
  4. Thanks for the link to the Aparthotel Tony. I showed it to the missus and she agreed it would be a good alternative to staying in a hotel. I've plenty of family in Dublin but landing my lot on them isn't always a good thing. Totally agree about getting that fix of big city vibrancy every now and then. While I live in Galway city it's too small to get that lost in the crowd feeling you get in my home town. As for the Anson making great progress. Luckily the Airfix big unveiling at Telford wasn't a brand new state of the art Annie. Although one must surely be on cards.
  5. You're not joking. I once stood on the ramp at Baldonnel quite close to two of them starting up. I covered my ears but the wave of noise felt like it was vibrating my brain. It was insane!
  6. Very nostalgic. I d love to go back in time to visit an Aerodrome like that. Having said that there is a grass strip near here, Craughwell airfield complete with hangar and clubhouse and some unusual light aircraft. It is like going back in time.
  7. Very nice Indeed, looks ready to fly. At one time I believed I might one day fly one for real but the Air Corps thought otherwise. I miss seeing the originals scooting across the sky near where I grew up.
  8. I feel for General Melchett, easiest Airfix job ever. Paint a white Vulcan and no James May, bloody, BBC leaning on Him and some twit, leaks it. I don't really, GM has it good.
  9. Whatever I'll be sitting by my phone waiting for the the announcement tomorrow morning. (My emails arrive on the phone). It's an event but hey I'm a sucker for an event. If it's a Vulcan it better be the definitive Vulcan. The forever Vulcan.
  10. I wonder if it's a clever diversion but I'm always a believer in the cock up rather than the conspiracy theory. So probably not. I did feel it might be a Vulcan after the last Airfix workbench with the word 'revel' in it. I was put off the idea though and suggested a 1/48 P47 because of the emphasis on BIG. Well it obviously pleased a lot of people here. I'm glad for that. I won't be buying it though. Not my thing. Now a Halifax...……………... I wonder if there'll be other announcements? If the Vulcan proves one thing then Airfix is updating it's back catalogue. Also I do think that a 1/48 P47 can't be too far away.
  11. I always find Hastings the most readable but Beevor isn't far behind. I've never read Holland but see him on TV a lot. I've literally had the same dilemma in a bookshop, Hastings or Beevor? Then walked out having bought neither. So I'd be interested in the result although I suspect I'll buy both eventually.
  12. I liked your post because I liked your build, US Navy aircraft of the era and flying boats. But it is an ugly beast.
  13. Well given that it still exists allowing for a restoration after being damaged in a fire. The original has to be a definitive reference. Looking at some colour photos of it. Some are very green some with a brownish tinge. PC10 perhaps? Any of our antipodean members fancy a trip to check it out? It was a late production Vimy which never saw service so PC10 seems likely. But when did Nivo appear? The RAF museum Vimy replica is said to be painted Nivo on various websites. Wingnut Wings recommend XF 62 from Tamiya for PC 10.
  14. noelh

    The Weather,

    Raining a lot here but not too cold. (West of Ireland). But the week after next I'll be in Harare in Zim. It is the rainy season but it'll be hot. I look forward to enjoying a cold beer while looking out a tropical downpour.
  15. The Anson is coming along nicely although how you find the time with everything else going on in your life. I don't know. Marauding cats as well. Speaking of butter dishes. I need another too. Not cats. Broke when the dishwasher fell over, don't ask. A trip to Homestore and More is needed. I'd fancy a few days in an apartment in Dublin. Need a break from the kids. Not sure about the area around the Guinness Storehouse. I wouldn't be wandering the streets round there at night. Some right dodgy characters lurking in the shadows. Looking forward to the next installment.
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