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  1. noelh

    Oh look, a Tempest

    Never heard of anything. What happened?
  2. noelh

    Has the heat...

    Wayfair, ah yes I remember seeing a Wayfair shop, a couple of minutes drive away. I dropped in after I picked up one of the kids from his friend. The sign said 'Welcome to Wayfair'. But it wasn't a shop, there was no welcome and no they had no hammocks, you can't even click and collect, lots of office furniture though because it was European corporate headquarters or something. Who knew? This is a small city on the west coast of Ireland! It's like finding a Mc Donalds in North Korea.
  3. noelh

    New movie - First Man

    I got the definite impression from the book that Armstrong controlled the contents which was in keeping with the man and his personality. He was no Chuck Yeager and not inclined to hyperbole. I'm re-reading it now.
  4. noelh

    Oh look, a Tempest

    What did the F35 cost in the end? Over a trillion dollars? What's the UK defence budget? In any case remember that this announcement is nothing more than a setting out their stall by the industry. They know as we do that an all British sixth generation fighter is as about as likely as a joint British/Russian mission to Mars. Essentially they're saying we're in the game and we have something to offer and they certainly do. The minister said as much in his speech.
  5. noelh

    Oh look, a Tempest

    If history is anything to go by it will eventually be dropped and the UK will join either the Franco-German project, which contrary to reports, the UK was not excluded from, because it was a bi-lateral agreement between the two with the door open to others. Or as usual the UK will join the sixth generation US project, possibly the F51 Mustang II? Going it alone is not an option anymore unless anyone has forgotten the TSR2.
  6. noelh

    New movie - First Man

    I have book, actually I must re read it. One thing about the book is that clearly Armstrong didn't just want his legacy to just be the moon landing. Throughout the book there was emphasis on his other aeronautical achievements and some emphasis on his exam results and professional achievements. I hope the film honours that to the extent you can in a movie. I watched the moon landings live and even now looking at the moon I still haven't lost the sense of wonder I felt that morning in July '69.
  7. noelh

    Has the heat...

    He's called Peter. Does all the other little jobs in the garden too.
  8. noelh

    Has the heat...

    I think in this part of the world we associate heat with being on holiday overseas. So we end up acting like we're on holiday as I sit here outside in the garden contemplating strolling down to the beach later. I think I need to invest in a hammock.
  9. noelh

    Spitfire MK1a

    Same thing here. That's how a Spitfire should look.
  10. Great video, old skool. Look at those 'taches. I was looking at the faces hoping to see a familiar one. Back in my part time soldiering days in Dublin. A group of us decided to go on a static line parachute course. On the day one turned up in full Para uniform, Denison smock and all. A unique sight in a rural town. A total Walt you might think but he later went to Sandhurst and ended up as a Captain in 2 Para. So I guess not. Anyway we all survived the drop, just about.
  11. noelh

    It’s too hot!

    I just checked and it's 23 degrees in the house. It's night time too. Outside it's 19. But it's raining and it has been all day although it hasn't penetrated far into the soil. It's dry as a bone a few millimetres down. I've never known anything like it. Freakish weather.
  12. noelh

    It’s too hot!

    No broad daylight and he said 'Oi you' referring to my friend John who was a bit of a lad and inclined to get into trouble. So he must have had a head. We were sitting inside a field when there was the clip clop of hooves. John leapt to his feet and said 'Run'. At this point a horseman appeared. Totally confused I decided that disgression was the better part of valour and legged it. Given that it was a horse v boys. It might have ended badly but we managed to clear a hedge that even Red Rum wouldn't have jumped. Turns out John had nicked his horse previously. John got me in a lot of trouble. Just being his friend marked me out. Great fun.
  13. noelh

    It’s too hot!

    Great fun though it was. There was a price to pay and there were casualties. My first funeral was for a seven year old boy killed crossing a busy road on his way to school alone. It wasn't the last. I had some narrow escapes. Fell out of trees and into blackberry bushes, chased by a horseman on two separate occasions and kidnapped by Travellers for a short time. My two boys are eleven and nine. Yes I am too protective but I wouldn't risk it.
  14. noelh

    Ospreys * 3, Galaxies * 3

    The Ospreys are ungainly creatures aren't they? Speaking of presidents. I remember seeing President Kennedy's helicopters passing over in 1963. One of my earliest memories.
  15. noelh

    What have you purchased / been given

    A couple of grand I reckon.