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  1. Good job, reminds me that I really must dig out my kit and finish the bloody thing. I agree on the colour of the mine. As I understand it the one the Germans recovered was in red oxide primer. Stands to reason there were others.
  2. noelh

    "Hurricane" movie on Netflix

    Yes I started to watch it hoping for something good. Well the CGI was clunky but I can live with that. The rest, well it's not the worst but a lot of artistic licence. Zumbach didn't have an English girlfriend. Well not that one. Nor did he steal a plane to escape the Germans. He arrived on a ship. There's another film on the same subject, a Polish one with better combat scenes apparently. They ending where the Poles were betrayed by the British is real enough. But Zumbach was back in Switzerland by then anyway. Not watching the parade from a hotel room. Still I liked the Hurricanes, real or CGI.
  3. The orangeness! I'm blinded. The glare. Actually to be fair, that's my phone's fault. It tends to exaggerate colour. Viewed on my TV or PC. The colour is far less intense and realistic. I really like it.
  4. Excellent, I believe the original was very good at penetrating enemy defences......
  5. Down to bare metal sometimes assuming the propeller is metal. Particularly near the tip. Same with coral strips in the Pacific. Counterintuitively the back of the propeller suffers more weathering than the front. Something a lot of modellers aren't aware of.
  6. Well the point of yellow tips is to stop people walking into them, as in making them visible. The Sunderland wouldn't really have that problem. They were quite high. Not sure if bright tips really work. I once came really close to walking into a turning prop, complete with coloured tips. The sick feeling remains vivid. Sorry no help that. Reminds me of quite a moment.
  7. noelh

    RAF Camo Jag

    One of my favourite schemes on a Jag. The 54 Squadron colours stood out very well.
  8. Many years ago as a child. I was at an art and crafts exhibition. Mostly kids stuff the usual dodgy papier mache creations and various none to well made but colourful craft objects sitting on some tables. A disappointing bunch I thought. Amongst them all were several very nicely made models that stood out in terms of how well they were built and painted. An Airfix Boy Scout, I recall was one. A man and woman arrived. She commented on how well made the models were. He dismissed her comments with an airy wave of his hand saying they were just kits, easy to make and paint. In effect they were not art. I thought he was harsh and didn't believe it was as easy as he thought based on my own hamfisted efforts. But I suppose he was right that it wasn't art.
  9. Oh That's something. I know you reject the notion that what you do is art. But your body of work is surely more than the sum of it's parts? We've discussed this before. I could print one your pictures and hang it on my wall as art. Am I wrong?
  10. noelh

    1/72 Hasegawa F-110A

    Love an F4, sorry an F110. Great seeing a light Gull grey USAF Phantom.
  11. O BEBE, I do wonder if they registered that on purpose. Bebe being French for baby.
  12. Very nice job. You know I've always liked the Avenger but never actually even bought a kit let alone built one. Have to add it to my to do list.
  13. noelh

    Aer Lingus

    I agree, having experienced that first hand. Going through immigration before the flight is quick and strolling off totally unmolested at the other end is amazing. I noticed that a lot of passengers on the flight were transiting from everywhere but Dublin. Once on a return flight from Chicago it was nearly full but very few turned up in the baggage hall at Dublin. Most were transiting. They don't care about the colour of the aluminium tube they were in. We'll just have to get used to it.
  14. noelh

    Airfix 1/24 Spitfire Mk VB

    In fact the kit decals depict the Battle of Britain flight Spitfire AB910. But the kit isn't correct for AB910. That has the different antenna and mirror, four bladed propeller and wing stiffeners as can be seen in this photo. Also obviously the weathering isn't appropriate if you were building AB910. You could change the serial to the actual WW2 one to the correct it. But to honest it's such a good build I wouldn't want to mess with it. I personally wouldn't be bothered if it was mine. I like it as it is wrong serial or not.
  15. noelh

    And this is Art?

    Well the artistic element may be questionable. But it could be argued that at least they avoided the fate that befalls most retired aircraft. The scrap man's torch.