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  1. Thanks for that. I've set it up for recording.
  2. Not the first time an Avenger had to ditch in the ocean. Hopefully the last time. I hope it was recovered quickly before too much damage was done by the waves. Ironic that it is painted in the flight 19 colours considering that it too ditched in the Atlantic. Tempting fate perhaps?
  3. PLEASE don't say 'ancient'. I had that kit and I'm not that ancient. Well OK, yes I had the prop blur and the Frog stand. So I'm ancient, my teenagers would agree.
  4. That is so neat. I do have to wonder why the Finns need to camouflage a Learjet?
  5. Didn't see this first time around. It's really impressive. As it happens I visited the Cu Chi tunnels with my wife on my honeymoon. That statement really is bizarre when you think of the reality of those tunnels. Our honeymoon was in Vietnam! Of course we went down a tunnel suitably widened for flabby westerners. My wife was fine even though her backpack kept scraping off the ceiling. I don't normally suffer from claustrophobia but I had to get out at the first exit. I had previously read a book about the tunnels so was prepared, I thought. I now have the
  6. I haven't come across your work before. I was duly impressed with this subject but then I checked your 'back catalogue' so to speak. Now I'm officially a fan. Really it's modelling as art. If I had too much money or even a bit money I'd commission something from you. Keep up the good work. I look forward to your next contribution.
  7. Super, it looks just like you might see from the terminal building at a sunny Mediterranean airport. The hard shadows almost directly under the aeroplane adds to that effect.
  8. I think this is an example of what Tony is saying. See how low the black is on the fuselage. https://www.worldwarphotos.info/gallery/uk/raf/mosquito/crashed-no-23-squadron-mosquito-fb-vi/
  9. Very interesting. If only you go there with a digital camera and a bunch of colour cards. The film sequence is very good. The organisers seemed to have gathered as many aircraft and materiel as possible. An enthusiasts dream. I also noticed how many young ladies in pretty summer dresses kept appearing and re-appearing. Surely not posed? But it was noticeable how the Tiger seemed very popular with the soldiers. Nice find.
  10. Very nice Mozzie, great backstory too. I very much like the Tamiya Mossie. I like the way you very neatly painted Dark Green camouflage over the grey. Agree with Joachim about the propellors. Just a subtle neat line on the leading edges would suffice. The front face of propellors are rarely badly worn.
  11. Very nice detail work and weathering. I might just get me myself one of those kits. One nit pick I see you've chipped the trailing edge of the propellor blades. Normally that wouldn't happen. The leading edge takes the hits. The BMW engine rotates clockwise as seen from the cockpit. Nitpicking as I say but certainly an excellent model.
  12. Well done. It's a novel colour scheme too. I see you cut out the holes in the fuselage. I did that too in a half completed Alouette. So fiddly. I really must finish it. It's a tiny model. As for the real thing I hope Mobuto had a good set of ear defenders. Fancy upholstery or not the noise inside the cabin is insane.
  13. They both look great. All you need now is Victor to complete the set. As for 1/96, who knows. It's still around for boats and ships but the only aircraft models I can recall are Lindbergh and Glencoe. Like Frog both are long gone.
  14. Just now an Irish Coastguard Sikorsky S-92 inbound to the city hospital. Originated at one of the offshore islands. Sadly some islander is having a crisis tonight. It's a regular thing. As I write this I hear it returning to base. Just came up on ATC requesting an ILS approach on return to the airport. They never miss a training opportunity. Normally I like hearing aircraft overhead but when it's the Coastguard you know someone's having a bad day.
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