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  1. noelh

    Book Stash.

    Very good, smaller than mine. I've far too many. But we have have more than a few books in common. Particularly the Osprey books. In fact I managed to collect the entire Osprey Colour Series back in the eighties. At least I think I have. I'll have to zoom in on yours to see if I've missed a couple. No photos of my bookshelf because I'm currently ensconced in holiday cottage by the Atlantic.
  2. noelh

    Jack Charlton

    Not many left now of the '66 World Cup winners. Five I think including Bobby. The straight talking Englishman was indeed nearly a living deity in Ireland. Everyone has a story about him. It's no exaggeration to say the success he brought to the football team lifted the whole country at a rather grim time in Ireland. RIP Big Jack.
  3. noelh

    80 years ago today

    Yes only John Hemingway remaining. There were never so few. Apparently he had gone off the radar for some time and was assumed dead but was rediscovered some years ago. I hope he stays with us a bit longer.
  4. noelh

    Cataract op?

    I can only echo the above comments. My Mother had her cataracts removed in her late seventies, early eighties. It literally gave her a new lease in life. She only needed glasses for reading right up until she sadly passed age 89. Definitely worthwhile.
  5. This colour conundrum has been well debated over the years. I'm fairly sure you'll find lots of threads on the subject here on BM. I always understood that the modern RAF Dark Green was different to the wartime Dark Green. As WIP says they're 'different because there's no particular reason for them to be the same'. The only thing I know is to never use Humbrol 30!
  6. If there was a Bookies nearby. It could well be. He loved horsesracing. I met him in a Ladbrokes once. A great actor but very unassuming in person.
  7. Ignoring the bee bop beach MTV music. Which I usually like in context. It really is quite interesting. As speedy indicates it was a place where people lived and worked. Looks empty now, only ghosts inhabit the place. I think it's sad to see a once bustling place empty and dead. A place where many a young man and women started his/her career. If walls could talk. Christmases, parties, Hangar parties, yes if only hangars could talk. Tragedy........... All human life. It was a village once. Only the ghosts remember.
  8. noelh

    Those Lockdown Blues

    As you're in Galway, may I recommend Fat Tony's. The have it sussed. Online booking, no queueing. Plenty of PPE. I use the Liosbaun branch. There's even a coffee shop attached. Check out the website. I had booked for Thursday but my son who begged me to book him in for a cut got an earlier slot on Tuesday and when I went there with him they had a gap. So job done. It might be worth phoning them as well. My cancelled appointment was re booked in a minute or two. We were so glad. Both of us us looked like seventies throwbacks. He was not impressed.
  9. noelh

    Those Lockdown Blues

    There is a pattern of infections within family groups here too. In one a man came back after being stuck overseas. He promptly infected 14 members of his family. In another case a family got together to remember a relative who died of Covid 19. 20 of them tested positive later. You'd have thought they'd know better. But if there's any consolation it's that they're being caught fairly quickly and being localised. For now.
  10. noelh

    Those Lockdown Blues

    We don't own a cat, does anyone? Nevertheless we have three visiting cats who feel the need to interfere with us. We had two tonight. They checked us out like a couple of secret policemen. Luckily we passed. Phew!
  11. noelh

    Those Lockdown Blues

    Well I just did something I never did before and booked a hairdressing appointment for this Thursday. In fact two new firsts, because it was online. Appropriate I suppose given that my hair is long enough now that I bear more than a passing resemblance to my Mother after her perm. The upside is that there'll no queue and the conversation will be muted by a mask so no questions about where I'm going on holiday. The downside is that the prices have gone up. But it's a sign of normality. Another sign is the amount of traffic on the roads. I didn't miss that.
  12. Regrettable sales? We at least they went to someone wh6 appreciates them.
  13. If you have a north facing window. I suggest you use it. It is no accident that all factory roofs face north. Neutral light unless you live in Australia when it south.
  14. I'm not surprised. There was a similar problem in India a few years ago. Getting someone else to do your exams is tempting. I speak as someone who did both the Commercial and Airline Transport pilot's exams back before they became multiple choice questions. They were full of utterly pointless questions. What's a rhumb line? Draw the inside of an altimeter. Describe polar stereographic projection. A lot questions were pertinent of course. But a lot were not and in any case instantly forgotten. The Americans as ever had a better method. I did the FAA instrument rating exam. The questions were multiple choice and generally relevant. That doesn't mean they were bad pilots. They could fly alright. But I've met more than one pilot with a real licence who could barely fly properly. Then there's the 'Parker pen' pilots. The ones who pad their logbooks with fictitious hours. Much harder to out.
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