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  1. Well you could look at it in retrospect and pick an aircraft which is synonymous from our point of view. But if you look at it from the point of view of the public at any given point you would get different answers and that would vary according to nationality. Also people were more air minded, pilots were literally celebrities. So I suggest: The Wright flyer Bleriot, Santos Dumont Early Curtiss Be2, any Sopwith, Nieuport, Albatross Camel, Fokker, Spad, Se5, Zeppelins 20s, any of the pioneer airc
  2. Colin, Britmodeller itself is a great resource I had bought one but before I built mine an uncle bought one for my younger son for Christmas. So the two of us set about making it. I was taken aback by the complexity. But we had fun. He wasn't bothered. Look it's perfectly OK. It's when they made it a 1D etc. When it went wrong. I like it a lot. I know it has it's issues but modelling requires some skills.
  3. I don't have any experience on Porters but many skydive aircraft have a bench either centrally or set opposite to the sliding door. They also may have seat belts. Also often there's a rear facing seat beside the pilot. Actually the second photo link in exdraken's post shows a typical layout for parachuting. I would suggest searching YouTube for skydive videos featuring the Porter. There isn't a skydiver alive who doesn't have a GoPro or similar. There has to be a video online which shows the interior of that particular aeroplane.
  4. As above. I always understood white was standard for the wheel wells,doors and legs. The oleo would be natural metal. The rest ZCP. As for the kit. It can be a tricky build. Not shake and bake like Tamiya. But with work it can come out nice.
  5. Sounds very interesting. Unfortunately the pictures aren't working. But I suspect you know that and are working on it at this very moment. I'll check back later.
  6. .. and fill in a lot of paperwork. As to their fate well that depends what actually happened. But it's the end for that 737. Probably beyond economic repair. It'll be joining the other one lying derelict.
  7. Great rendition of a famous Spad. Cue the inevitable puns. Let me be first. The mission was to flush out the Viet Cong.
  8. Very nicely done and I think you're right about the Sea Fury. It probably was the best piston engined fighter ever built. I think the unlimited air racing community fraternity in the USA might agree. The Sea Fury often keeps those P51 'Ponys' corralled.
  9. Interesting read about your Grandfather. His reaction seems typical of many veterans. Young men often just get through war as a bit of an adventure. It's only later when it becomes troubling. While many don't talk about it much, I doubt it's ever far from their minds. One of my Grandfathers was a Great War veteran. I never met him because he walked out on his family in the early thirties. I wonder if part of the reason was his wartime experiences. We'll never know as he vanished quite thoroughly. His logbook is very neatly written. Mine is a mess, it's sh
  10. I love the load for Port Moresby. I note the Ginger beer bottles.. Well I believe empty bottles make a bomb whine as they. Psychological warfare! Nice model too. A fitting tribute.
  11. Love it. I never managed to fly a Tampico although the club had a couple. You did a brilliant job on it. It must have been a a rare bird in the US. You've done it justice for sure. I'd love to build a model of the aeroplane I mostly learned to fly in and first solo. A rather more prosaic C150, EI-BCV back in 1978. Incredibly it's still flying now in the England as G-BOBV. I didn't get my private in it though. But a relative of the Tampico, a Rallye 100. Therein lies a tale. Great memories.
  12. Looks good. I like the way the P47 had some unusual colour schemes. I've had to stop modelling too for quite a long time. But, fingers crossed, we're about to move into a bigger house with plenty of room for my models. Hopefully I'll get a few finished this year. Great work on that P47.
  13. Looks brilliant. It's a long time since I had a work desk or indeed a desk job but it would have brightened it up no end. Having my said that my old desk was so cluttered with aircraft maintenance manuals and revisions that I might have been better hanging it from the ceiling.
  14. I'd ask how many of the new Airfix Vc have you built and or bought? I can just see the Airfix Accountant having raptures over the sales of the new kit. Until it's pointed out that most of the sales went to some chap called O'Toole.
  15. Great job on the kit. One of my favourite fighters. Just one point. The red stripes on the paper drop tanks were not visible when fitted to the wings. The lines were for alignment purposes and were covered by the straps which held the tank to the wing.
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