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  1. Worth the wait but it's new to me. Beautifully done but what is it's story?
  2. They would make a nice model subject. Very clean condition too. On the rudder of the last one coming up on elevator is that Betty Boop?
  3. I like the Apache. That's an impressive build and passes my 'Does it look real?' test. It certainly does that. Well done.
  4. Indeed it does. But he worked on it daily for some years. Mechs like him always have a particular view of the birds they work on. Safe it might have been but popular it was not although the pilots like it. I'm a pilot my brother is an aircraft Engineer, imagine the fun debates we have.
  5. It certainly kicked up the dust. Classic target fixation killed more than a few attack pilots. It's either a Bae146 or one of the later RJ upgrades. As the RJ has more power that might have made the difference in clearing that ridge. My brother an Engineer who worked on 146s for years said it powered by four APUs rather than engines. He did not have a high opinion of the type.
  6. Well it could be that it's a cock up Airfix's part. Which isn't so surprising of late. Or maybe it's old new stock, a starter kit issued before the new tool in 2012? Disappointing either way.
  7. That's odd I have a couple of the Bf109 starter kits. Both definitely the most recent mould. The code is A55106. Have you got the old battleship riveted version?
  8. Nice build on what is in truth a poor kit. I too bought one new over 40 years ago. Even then I was disappointed by the masses of rivets and ridiculously overscale door rails.
  9. I recall seeing a YouTube video where the guy used nail varnish on a scratch like yours. Worked great because it filled the scratch too. Don't know how long it will last but it would be fine your needs. I find that the answer to nearly everything seems to be on YouTube even the most obscure issue. Do a search om YouTube.
  10. Meets my 'looks like the real thing' test. With flying colours.
  11. I do think it's more satisfying when you build a model of an original aircraft that has a history attached. A memorial of sorts. Personally I have two projects in mind to depict a Wellington and a Whitley that came down very close to where I'm sitting. Hopefully I do as good a job as you.
  12. Flatten the lids and store them in a portfolio?
  13. Not only a great model. But you're right it's modelling nirvana. 
  14. That’s the Mother commentating
  15. noelh


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