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  1. noelh

    Ole seven leg, Spider wars.

    Well it definitely has the X factor. That's a yes from me.
  2. noelh

    Ole seven leg, Spider wars.

    Or your jogging pants. Got bitten on the leg once when I disturbed it's cosy spot. I'll leave this one alone unless it comes upstairs.
  3. The name rings a bell and almost certainly it was Ray Hanna up front but maybe Mark if he was flying with them at the time. He was still in the RAF at that point. Actually it's surprising that there aren't more models of warbirds. Many of them are historic in their own right and references are readily available. I have almost the entire collection of the Osprey colour series from the eighties and nineties. Hundreds of photos of all the then extant warbirds.
  4. noelh

    Ole seven leg, Spider wars.

    Two days ago, sitting watching television. I noted a big spider sitting arrogantly in the middle of the living room floor. On inspection she'd suffered the 'slings and arrows of outrageous fortune' and was missing a leg. I scooped her up, I don't kill spiders and flung her unceremoniously into the flower bed outside the front door. The next day, she was back, freaking out my wife and son by sitting on the wall and glaring at them. This time she ended up in the neighbour's garden. Well she's a cow the neighbour, I mean. The last we'll see of her, I foolishly thought. No, she's back and this time she means business. Just now as I typed this. She charged directly at me and even now lurks under the sofa. I suppose I have pet at this point. A scary pet.
  5. noelh

    Beach Party! Buggy through the Night!

    Oh yes I remember it, well obviously because I didn't indulge in any LSD. It was of it's time. If you can capture the moment in time it would be brilliant.
  6. noelh

    British Army Land Rovers

    Yes don't know about the British but having spent a lot of time inside Irish army Landrovers which were basically the same. Green, green and green inside and out. I have the same Italeri Landrover. I want to build it like the one I spent a lot of time careening around the border area on the Irish side back in the day. The driver seemed to have a death wish as we charged down various boreens at full tilt. The Sergeant eventually said, ' Take it easy there Private' to the driver but I didn't notice much change in the velocity. You know I fancy a diorama of the day when me and another victim were volunteered to load the 'Rover' with the garbage and bring it to the local dump. The glamour of military life.
  7. noelh

    Typhoons and Limejuice

    I read somewhere before that Typhoons did drop napalm at some point. I can't remember where I saw it though, so no help really. The Americans definitely did using P47s mostly on fortifications. Whether it was known as limejuice is another question.
  8. No wonder the driver looks happy. He's had a long wait. Which reminds me I have a jeep on the shelf of doom for at least as long. Also my Christmas 2005 Tamiya Panther build still languishes beside it.
  9. noelh

    Another Mosquito comes to life - East Kirkby - link

    The Yee hah was heart felt and the body language of the chap in front of the propeller says it all. Great moment. I love the Mosquito.
  10. That's brilliant. I really like it. You say it's forty years old. That the model in itself is vintage. I love F14s, you can't go wrong putting up a any F14 for me.
  11. noelh

    Military modelling .com

    The magazine is gone as is their website presumably. May this year apparently. I found out recently myself through a thread here on BM. Sad really, MM was one of two magazines, Airfix magazine (older one) that kick started my modelling from glueing kits together onto modelling.
  12. noelh

    The Weather,

    Mrs. H is the same. I suspect when they're lowering me into the grave She'll be saying I'm exaggerating and looking for attention. Or trying to avoid having to repaint the bathroom.
  13. noelh

    How's the weather there season 2018,19?

    A snow thrower? Had to Google that. You truly learn something every day. Hmm, doubt if I need one. (Famous last words) My sister who lives in the hills and thus more prone to snow invested in a snow shovel. Kept it in the shed. The flaw in the strategy was revealed after the first heavy snowfall buried the shed with the shovel inside. Anyway the remains of Hurricane Florence is due this weekend on this side of the pond. More fun and games.
  14. noelh

    Airfix Bf-109E 1/72 scale

    Back in the day when it was new. I built and painted it for a friend, probably around 1973. I was 13. One of my better efforts back then. I was sorry to give it back to him. But he was happy.
  15. noelh

    Cathay Paciic ?

    Yeah, yeah but no one noticed when I put the wrong G reg on the wrong wing. No I'm not going to tell. It's still flying with it. Imagine the future Britmodeller controversy?