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  1. noelh

    Chores in the garden

    Well I've recently removed gravel from the entire garden and put down a turf lawn, I put new felt on the shed roof. Planted lots of flowers and bushes, put in a garden arch and more. I don't even like gardening! So my conscience is clear. The shed does need painting and the grass cutting but as I have two idle teenagers open to bribery. That issue is resolved Now I just sit out here in the sunshine and admire my handiwork instead of working on that Hurricane and Beaufort I started. Maybe when it starts raining again?
  2. I had a look at the aftermarket section. It was all too much for me.
  3. Great stuff, different times and different camouflage schemes. Different rather posh and now archaic accents too from the Officers. The desert 'empire' scheme on the Hercs seems odd considering the NATO element but obviously that changed shortly thereafter. But things have come back around. Very interesting no need to FF. Good catch Tony.
  4. Well that's another 'you learn something new every day' type. I wonder what it was like to fly. No ailerons so wing warping, a tiny rudder/fin and a machine gun without interrupter gear. Looks scary. Beautifully built model though. Tremendous detail. Brilliant.
  5. Indeed he and his sister also go horse riding. I have read that horses are very beneficial to autistic people, actually I think horses are good for everyone. Unless you bet on them too much. I'll be definitely be watching what he makes. His eye for detail is superb.
  6. Sometimes I dream I'm in a huge model shop somewhere absolutely wall to wall with every model I ever dreamed of. I usually wake up in a panic. I fear if I ever entered one of those Japanese model shops I had have to be carried out on a stretcher on oxygen.
  7. My guess is that the drivers side does more work as it also covers part of the passenger side plus as suggested earlier it's usually bigger thus subject to more pressure. That and grit coming from oncoming traffic. I'll bet someone somewhere has written a paper on it.
  8. I only ever got to the Hannants Colindale store many years ago. Last century in fact. Definitely would love to visit the warehouse. I suspect I would leave with my hands full. The nearest I came a place like Hannants was the Aviation Megastore near Schipol. What most protected my credit card was the sheer scale of it. I simply couldn't see the wood for the trees. I'd have to spend the day there. That and the fact there was a limit to what I could carry back on the flight. But I managed a few items. A trip to Hannants one day has to be on the cards.
  9. Thanks for the comments and indeed likes. Word back is that he is very pleased with his haul. I don't want to take much credit because his parents and sibling bear the brunt. In fact his sister was born with a congenital heart condition which requires constant care. So you can imagine how tough it's been for them. But luckily the extended family is always ready to step in. Which is fortunate. We all do our bit to give a little respite. My only worry now is that he starts turning out nicely made models and make me look bad.
  10. Welcome, looks great. I suspect my younger son would love your models. I'd love if he got into it.
  11. Most older people are fully vaccinated and are we not the generation who love an airshow the most? In any case the Typhoon is a Delta surely?
  12. noelh

    The Weather,

    I just checked the temperature and it's a remarkable 25°c inside the house and 21°c out in the garden. Remarkable you might ask? But check out the time, it's nearly midnight as I post this and I live on the west coast of Ireland. Not an area noted for its tropical climate. It rarely gets this hot here. Tomorrow is supposed to be even warmer. Phew
  13. Brilliant, I've often fancied building one of the Ju88 nightfighters. Near the end of the war one ended up in Ireland having defected here from Norway. We Irish had no use for it and offered it to the British. No less than Eric Brown was sent to collect it. Despite being advised otherwise he and his colleague appeared in uniform to receive a frosty reception. But once he changed into civvies he had a hilarious night in Dublin. A situation that hasn't changed since. I remember the Red Arrows having a hilarious night in Dublin a few years ago. Anyway that's a brilliant build of the type. .
  14. Oh no that's super tough. Corsairs would figure heavily. Hellcats Phantoms too. F14s, Hurricanes, Spitfires. Can we go fifty best?
  15. Well given the age range of most airshow visitors the only Delta variant will be in the air.
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