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  1. You cannot just say 'Not another Spitfire'. You could say: Not another Spitfire Mk I or Mk IX and have a point. The Mk XIV is under represented. It's not just another Spitfire. The market isn't exactly overrun with that mark. There are very few aircraft that evolved to the extent the Spitfire did. The Mark 1 and Mark 24 only have the name in common. They're quite different as is the Mk XIV. So all of them are legitimate subjects in their own right.
  2. Very nice, brings back memories too. They were loud, loud enough to drown out a conversation and that's living ten miles from the airport.
  3. Did the BBC accent test and it suggests Sunderland which given that I'm a Dubliner makes a kind of sense. But I sound nothing like my neighbour who is from that neck of the woods. On the other hand people in Ireland sometimes think I'm English as do Americans. So I don't know what the hell accent I really have.
  4. Despite doing 99% of the cooking including quite a lot of chefy stuff to the dismay of my kids. I avoid baking. Your disaster confirms the wisdom of that decision. Besides my wife is quite good and a generous sister in law always supplies lots of goodies.
  5. Glad this has been resurrected. I somehow missed it two years ago. No idea how that happened. Both the model and the figures are superb. The figures are so natural and really add to the diorama. Great stuff.
  6. noelh

    Pre-owned pricing.

    I've had to tidy up my stash of late. Most now sit in the hallway in a couple of storage boxes, very large storage boxes. The reality is that most of them must go. I've already dumped the no hopers, The bin truck has just departed with them. The trouble with my stuff is that is that quite often I start a kit in a flush of enthusiasm which I think must reduce their value at least in Ebay terms. So I'm considering advertising them here. Not to make money, more in terms of sending them to a good home rather than dump them. I just have to be realistic that most will never be finished. The problem though is that as I live in Ireland postage and packing will in all probability exceed the cost of the kit thus making them unattractive to buyers. Catch 22 really. I'll have to sort out the best ones for sale.
  7. I like the concept. I would imagine the CSA would have been quite unstable if it survived. Probably a couple of the more Northern Yankee like states might have split away and rejoined the Union. Perhaps Florida might have split along with Texas. Imagine a colourful Floridian air force fighter! Dare I suggest it? A Mig 29 or Sukhoi 27? Perhaps a French aligned Louisiana state equipped with Rafales? I never thought of that before. Nice one.
  8. I like it The weathering I think shows your experience with railways and AFVs. It looks just right to my eyes.
  9. Yes the old one still builds well unless you are as ham-fisted as me. Hence the disposal. The panel lines on the new one are wide, I think scaled up they'd be 2cm wide on the real thing. Still I like the new kit.
  10. I just happened to have dumped the old Airfix Lanc in the bin the other day but retrieved it and compared it to the current Airfix Lanc. The old kit has rows and rows of rivets and a few finely raised lines. Relatively restrained for the time and easily reduced. The new kit has no rivets at all just those slightly overdone panel lines. I too have no problem with finely raised panel lines. They often work well visually at the distance we view them.
  11. Love the A6 and the F4F in particular. Just shows that a good model in a good picture can look real. If you've anymore please post those pictures.
  12. Not just Corsairfoxfouruncle. The F4U is also my favourite WW2 fighter and that's my favourite Corsair scheme. Agree with 72modeller re the prop. The back face on a propeller is always more weathered than the front a fact often missed by modellers. If you are going to take his advice I'd just lightly dust the front and scuff the leading edges lightly like you've done with the wings. I like it as it is though. Great job.
  13. noelh

    Bruce Crompton

    You've heard of the story of the pilot who returned with a damaged aeroplane. Claimed he had a bird strike. The Engineer picking foliage off the airframe asked 'Was it sitting in its nest at the time?' At an airfield I flew into were a couple of tall trees on short finals. You couldn't miss them though and one day a student pilot didn't. Ploughed right through in a Cessna 150 which I had a share in, grrrr. He performed a go around and flew back to his home airport oblivious to the damage, a flattened leading edge with the paint worn back to the metal. The Cessna flew again but I don't know about the student!
  14. Very good the only thing I would have noticed is the 'firewall' scheme which can be seen on warbird version around at the moment. Airfix got that wrong too so you're in good company. Agree with Spitfire31 about puttying. It's a detail often overlooked. Nice one.
  15. Amazing, when I saw the title I thought you were being ironic. Well done Liverpool.
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