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  1. Not strictly true it was the Martynsyde Type A Mk II which was the first. But it was based on the Buzzard so a close relative. So arguably yes. Bristol Fighters came next followed by the Buzzards. Amazing to think there was a Buzzard still extant in 1936.
  2. noelh

    Lockheed F5s in Burma in colour

    It would make a fine and colourful subject. On the subject of the nosewheel. I thoink the crew chief kicking it to make it turn because it was trying to run straight on the soft ground. Note the angle of the leg. It would be damaged if the pilot persisted in trying to turn. I think it was a pilot error by trying to turn too soon after moving. That only happens at slow speeds. Once moving it's less of an issue. Another problem with castoring wheels is that you have to make sure you've straightened them on shutdown or you'll lurch right or left on initial taxy, to the accompaniment of coarse laughter from onlookers. Worse on softer ground it might slide putting a sideways strain on the leg. Generally taildraggers are better on austere and soft airfields. The nosewheel can dig in easily on softer ground as I found out once in a C182 when I taxyed off a narrow runway onto very soft ground as I tried to turn around. The nosewheel started sinking as I desperately tried to recover the situation. The wheel locked sideways and continued to dig a hole. Eventually I had to call for rescue from the ground crew. Boy did they have fun with that, most embarrassing.
  3. That amuses me. I remember when Jürgen Klopp took on the Liverpool job he commented that he couldn't understand the fuss because he was just an ordinary guy from ' the Black Forest'. Which to me is a cake. But regional pride I get. In America Texans like to point out they're Texan just in case anyone thinks they're some kind of ordinary Americans. In England it's Yorkshire people. Here in Ireland it's Cork people but I'm not sure if they are actually Irish at all Give them independence I say, no really. In WW1 a British line was held opposite some regional German soldiers. They were to be relieved by Prussian troops. Before they left they sent messages to the British to give Prussians hell. Maybe they were Bavarians. People are the same and different the world over.
  4. Very nice and well preserved Dart. 1978? I've nothing that old although I did a lot of modelling back then. I had a lot of time on my hands too. Never went to college though, sadly. Just the first of a long line of dead end jobs. I wish I had the time and opportunity now.
  5. noelh

    IAC vampire T11 pilots suit and aircraft scheme

    It's dayglo, that very vivid very bright orange red. It also faded very badly on the upper surfaces just like on RAF aircraft.. But there is a picture of 187 with unfaded dayglow around 1970 so obviously repainted recently. Silver helmet yes initially but likely to be white towards the end of service but the Air Corps was actually part of the army at the time so very unlikely to be a blue flight suit unless they wore them soon after delivery in the fifties. Any colour photos of Aircrew of the dayglo era show green flight suits.
  6. noelh

    Revell 1/72 Irish Air Corps UH--60A Blackhawk

    That's exactly what it was bought for, flying fat ministers to open off licences. Doesn't happen now of course but the Air Corps is left with a undeployable civvie chopper instead of a military aircraft. Eamonn I think you're mixing up the two. The S92 was ordered as an SAR helicopter. Eurocopter stopped that and in any case the Air Corps because of the infighting lost the SAR role. Not their finest hour. As for the PC12, it's another excellent executive aircraft, this time painted grey, with no obvious military utility. Should have been a Caravan. Should be renamed, Irish Air Club.
  7. noelh

    Revell 1/72 Irish Air Corps UH--60A Blackhawk

    Late to the game I know. That's what they should have bought instead of the green painted executive helicopters they ended up with.
  8. noelh

    F-4u-1 German Corsair

    I like the scheme in the drawing but more likely any markings would resemble other captured allied aircraft assuming it ever reached that stage. As for wing fold, I imagine despite the pilot's lack of cooperation. They would have figured it out. The Corsair looks quite Teutonic. I think.
  9. noelh

    “500 Server Extistensial Crisis”

    Don't worry. If you can hear the helicopter someone else is the target. You never hear the one that gets you.
  10. Fond memories of Hasegawa Panther. Built one back in the days when I actually finished kits and when you could go into town find a shop that sold Hasegawa kits for less than a king's ransom. Sighs, and drifts off into a nostalgic reverie............
  11. noelh

    Today is the Big Day

    Indeed it did. A fine ceremony and a good meal. The young lady was vibrant in her long white dress, a simple but elegant design. Later we all made our way to the garden of the residence and castle, a bouncy castle that is. All very pleasant.
  12. Still a member as of today. In any case I think you'll find Britain had a major input into it like so many other EU rules. Plus the new UK data protection act will be all but identical. But it applies to non EU entities who deal with EU citizens. So no escape. Incidentally I think it's a good thing. It probably doesn't go far enough. I really don't like the idea of people having a lot of information on me. I think we can all agree on that. Don't see why it's an excuse to close small forums though. It's really to tame the big hitters like FB etc.
  13. noelh

    Today is the Big Day

    As I said earlier it's on my to do list but today in fact I've been invited to a ceremony where the ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls will be wearing their best clothes. A young lady at the centre of it will be wearing a fabulous white dress. There'll be a religious ceremony followed by a splendid meal at a high class venue. Many photos will be taken. A day to remember. Yes my wife's niece is making her first communion. She will be a princess and lots of money will be coming her way. A day to remember for her anyway.
  14. noelh

    Today is the Big Day

    No live coverage, probably because of it's gladiatorial aspect. It is dangerous. Road racing of this sort only happens in Ireland, both sides of the border and the Isle of Man. Never made it to the NW200. It's on my list. Back in the day I got to see 'Yer Man' Joey Dunlop at Mondello. Sorry to say never in a road race. Real racers. I rode my bikes fast in my time. But when you watch those videos,........OMG.
  15. Another forum I occasionally frequent is closing next week on the basis of this: https://www.eugdpr.org Basically the new EU data protection rules. Which is probably why some of have had our inboxes filled with new T's&C's from everyone we ever had and dealings with. Now thay is an American based forum and frankly quite niche so it puzzles me why it should be affected so. They're way out of reach of any enforcement. On the other hand possibly it's an excuse by the admin to call it a day. But if there is any problem. Could it affect Britmodeller? I know nothing about the ins and outs of the legislation. So has anyone a clue?