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  1. noelh

    P-51D stars and bars

    I pulled out my copy 'The mighty Eight in colour'. Which includes the photo above and several others of the Group and yes there is a distinct tonal difference in the insignia. But for the rest of the photos in the book it looks more like ingrained dirt. Some are pristine white, some look greyish. Even today it's hard to keep your whites from turning grey. I definitely think it's mainly a build up grime on a Matt white.
  2. That's nothing, I had a TV arrive with a cracked screen, returned it only for the replacement to arrive in the same state. Cancelled the order and got a refund, saw it cheaper elsewhere. Third time lucky and cheaper. Result! The seller put in a claim with the courier and won too. Bet they lost the contract.
  3. noelh

    Fairey Battle TT

    Nowhere near as bad as many believed at the time. There was a great deal of cooperation. The RAF supplied a Queen Mary trailer to recover crashed aircraft for the RAF and anything of interest from Luftwaffe crashes. Even a whole JU88 Nightfighter collected by a certain Eric 'Winkle' Brown, no less. If the Air Corps kept every landing, they'd have quite the little Airforce by the end of the war. Intelligence was also sent onto London by the Irish military. None of this was made public at the time so a bit of a myth of mutual hostility has remained. On the point of a 'safe haven'. It wasn't so safe for the IRA. Many were interned for much of the war to keep them from mischief. Same again when they started trouble in the fifties. I think even now there must be untold stories of period. Going back to the Battle. I have an Aeroclub metal winch in 1/72 bought which was intended for no 92. But I need to get an actual Battle kit to use it on. Bit slow on that front. Btw, one point, Ireland only became a republic in 1949. It was in fact a dominion until then. Herewith the lesson ends.
  4. Oddly I'm familiar with the type as a long time reader of Aeroplane magazine, since the 1970s. I always think they resemble moths the flying insects not the aeroplanes.
  5. I have that kit or had. I seem to remember Aeroclub produced white metal u/c for it. I may even have them somewhere. I took some pictures of one on a visit to Baldonnel but never got inside.
  6. Always like a well made Corsair.
  7. Yes basically flat tyres = brakes, just like when I did my power checks. Brakes on, power up, it wouldn't move. Of course yes the model props aren't exactly efficient. But you know with enough power anything will fly.
  8. Looks really good with the lights on and the props turning. I wonder if they could produce enough thrust to taxi? Maybe not such a good idea though. Your pride and joy might taxi off the table in one short fatal flight.
  9. noelh

    Load options for Scammell Pioneer tractor & trailer

    It does look like a set up. The unflinching cameraman being a big clue. But I imagine it was more of a re-enactment. Getting shot at while recovering stricken tanks was par for the course for recovery teams.
  10. noelh

    Enforced diets

    That's great. But it does annoy my sister because it's not just a fashion for her. When it happened, she became ill and retired to bed and stopped eating. Once she felt better her husband gave her tea and toast, as you do. It made her sick again. You're lucky there's no symptoms. But be really careful.
  11. noelh

    Enforced diets

    First stop here https://www.coeliac.org.uk/home Lots of help there. There are quite a few gluten free recipe books out now. I'm not coeliac but my sister is. It took her a while but she copes well now. She was more than intolerant, any gluten made her quite ill. However she can now cope with small amounts. But the expense is always a factor. It's better than its ever been thanks in part to a recent fad for gluten free food. So there's greater variety and many foods are labelled as gluten free. Many restaurants also offer gluten free food though it may not appear on the menu. A call ahead is always useful. While it makes life a bit more awkward once you adjust to it like my sister. Actually she is thriving. I'm sure too that a gluten free bacon butty is very tasty. Bacon is gluten free anyway. So it's only the bread you need to change.
  12. noelh

    Almost forgotten aircraft designer.

    I worked with a Yorkshire Aircraft Engineer and he reckoned everyone in Leicestershire was a bit crazy. He decided it was all the nuclear facilities addling your brains. I didn't argue, you don't argue with Yorkshire men. They don't do posh either.
  13. noelh

    A chat entitled 'its deja vu all over again'

    T11/55 Vampire. I clung on with a limited edition kit and a conversion. Then Airfix did it. Years after they should have. I never thought I'd have children by the time Airfix or someone or anyone would bring in a mainstream kit of one of the most obvious kits ever and I got married aged 45. I bought about five of the things since it was issued. Imagine how many they'd have sold if it came out in the seventies? If you want proof they produced the French equivalent, the Fouga Magister way before perhaps in the seventies and I bought about five of those too. Edit: Did Airfix even do a single seat Vampire? Or a later Meteor?
  14. Love the F4D in the SEA scheme. Great photos too. Looked real right up to the disconcerting upside down shot. I guess those pesky VC were rocketing the revetments again?