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  1. Nice build so far, I contacted Special Hobby too for the decal set too but they don't respond unfortunately. Good they came through for you.
  2. Good start for a new show, venue was close to me so was a no brainer. Enjoyed it and hoping for a re-run next year.
  3. Okay my mistake....please delete this thread...
  4. New release Mig-31BM for this year perhaps unless I'm mistaken.
  5. I think this laminate fibreglass version will win out over that vacuform offering in regards to accuracy. Would have liked to have seen a D tall tail version but this H is the modern take and given the DACO book I can see why they went with this one. Would look good next to a Revell 1/48 B-1B, all you need is a B-2 in 1/48 for a complete Edwards AFB lineup.
  6. Didn't know there was a variant with an underside turret. Nice build.
  7. Anyone who signed up for the pre-order at Telford get a invoice yet?
  8. Arkansas Traveller...Chico the Gunfighter........Steve Ricthie mount - Triple Nickel was it?
  9. Wasn't there a Hollywood film featuring the B-36? I think it was called Strategic Air Command or something with James Stewart as the lead/pilot. Look forward to seeing this at Telford. Tempting...
  10. If I screw up she might be up for grabs.....
  11. Thank you appreciate that, I'm refining the buck master and going to give it a go.
  12. No life got in the way.......she rests on the shelf of doom as i try and vacuform a new cockpit...
  13. Cool shots.. Especially the last one with all its junk hanging down/open- would look good replicated by the Italeri.....getting one..
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