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  1. I was referring to the package with all the resin goodies and masks, which is offered with free shipping. jsolo
  2. I wonder if the resin missiles will come with rails or if they can use the rails that come with the kit. The special package could be a little bit expensive, but it looks like complete. jsolo
  3. Do you guys think Lucky Model will carry this kit? jsolo
  4. It looks great, but am still waiting for my set for the Mig-29 I ordered the first week of April. Juan
  5. Come on! There are so many more subject they could have done, but they just going to release a subject Kinetic just released and it is supposed to be very good. Sometimes I don’t understand model companies.
  6. This is exactly what I think it would have made more sense for Eduard to provide a corrected nose. I am sure more people would buy the kit because of that and I nobody doubts about the Eduard resin top quality. I own Ciro Models items and they are very good quality too, but I doubt they will release a corrected nose anytime soon since their website has been petty much dead for a long time. Time will tell, but for now I will pass on this release. I don't think this new release really offer too much for me. jsolo
  7. Why didn’t Eduard work in a correction nose for this release if they have the technology and information available? Price? Maybe not since its special edition kits are already expensive on most cases.
  8. I would love Modelsvit to do all these Soviet prototypes in 1/48. I have seen what they can do in 1/72 and it is great. I guess it is too much to ask. Juan
  9. Jeffrey, Hurry up with your SR-71 kit. It would be bad if another company beats you with that one too. I am sure yours will be better though. jsolo
  10. I’m sure that was not the response I was expecting from you, but whatever. jsolo
  11. Hi Kotey, Will the instructions be in color, or the usual black and white? Thank you. jsolo
  12. So, from all the markings KH provides on the two seater Fitter, which are correct for what is provided in plastic? Thanks in advance. Juan
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