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  1. mhaselden

    Bristol Fighter colour scheme in the 1920s

    Hmmm...not so sure about that. Do we know which airframes from that batch were finished in AMAPDT? There's a heck of a lot more than 75 aircraft in the serial range 6586 to 6800. One could surmise that it's the first 75 out of the factory...but we all know what assuming does!
  2. mhaselden

    1/72 burmese seafire

    How about these: Of course you'd have to bury them to be 100% accurate! Shall I get my coat???
  3. mhaselden

    Airfix Classics Launched

    Good one! I'd forgotten about that. For some reason, they never turned out the way I expected when I did that!
  4. mhaselden

    DC 2K RAF colours - new photo from Kohat

    The fin flash is....interesting being non-regulation size, uneven in application and even with differing widths to the stripes (not to mention the rather odd trapezoidal appearance). Sky Blue for the undersides, anyone?
  5. mhaselden

    Lockheed F-5s in Burma in colour

    Perhaps it had been a naughty aeroplane?
  6. mhaselden

    Airfix Classics Launched

    Just catching up with this thread. Saw the email announcement but haven't made it back to BM in the meantime (shame on me...and shame on work!). As with many others, I'm not sure whether this idea will work. I certainly doubt that it will do much, if anything, to cure the company's ills. That said, for a rose-tinted meander down memory lane, I'm sure there will be quite a few of us who succumb to the inevitable temptation. One of the earlier comments about "can only use tube cement" got me thinking...maybe we need a "special rules" GB for these kits: Kit must be built entirely in a single Saturday afternoon. Paint and markings optional. Extra marks for the wrong paint or the right paint in all the wrong places. Tube cement is mandatory. Extra marks if you wanted the turret to turn but somehow you inadvertently glued it firmly to the hull. Must provide a video of the model being "blown up" using caps or incinerated with a box-full of Swan Vestas. Extra marks for artistic flair, especially human-generated sound effects. I had considered additional criteria at the start, like "The kit must be bought from a newsagent and built the same day" but I think the first half of that task might prove impossible.
  7. mhaselden

    Typhoon low between Skipton/Glusburn

    I'd hope for a wee bit more than 300!
  8. Sorry for being curmudgeonly but the blue of those Chinese national markings is WAYYYYY too light. Otherwise, it looks like a lovely kit!
  9. Sign me up for a copy of this book. I really hope it will be followed by the Antarki kit...desperately want to build a few of these (Netherlands, Iraqi, Canadian...quite a few interesting schemes for an aircraft that was produced in relatively limited numbers).
  10. mhaselden

    Phantom XT864 public unveiling

    A virtual doffing of the hat in Mr Hendry's direction. That's a truly superb paint job!
  11. mhaselden

    F-35 Question ?

    If the human-machine interface (HMI) specialists have done their job properly then the displays should be highly intuitive and easy to understand.
  12. mhaselden

    Pilot replicas Saab j-29 tunnan

    I'm still hoping for Pilot Replicas (or, frankly, anyone other than AZ Model!) to release a Congo version in 1/48. Just putting that out there in case anyone's listening. Anyone? Please???
  13. 'Fraid I disagree. I think they're different aircraft. In the monochrome image, the gaps between the F, the dash and the 3 are much smaller than is the case on the colour (colourized?) image. That said, it's entirely possible that the person who colourized the second image also did some digital imagery jiggery-pokery (and, yes, that's a technical term!) to mess with the numbers so that it looks like a different airframe. Why would they do that? Who knows...but I'm rather psychopathically opposed to trusting colourized imagery or, indeed, any image for which an accurate provenance cannot be identified.
  14. mhaselden

    New A-10 wings

    Well, that's the conflict which spawned the A-10 requirements so, yes, it probably would be good providing the ground-based air defences (GBAD) are no more capable than were deployed during Vietnam. The challenge is that modern nation-state adversaries' GBAD are so good that an A-10 is a sitting duck unless something goes in first to neutralize the GBAD threat.
  15. mhaselden

    New A-10 wings

    Then you clearly don't understand modern CAS which is performed by a range of different aircraft types, including pointy-nosed things. In recent conflicts, fast jets have flown far more CAS missions than A-10s...so, yes, aircraft like the F-35 can and will be "risked" in a CAS role.