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  1. Fabulous collection - really like the weathering and exhaust staining CJP
  2. A really convincing Typhoon - love your craftsmanshup CJP
  3. Beautiful model - the red scheme really looks good on this Spitfire - would love to have seen G-FIRE in the air
  4. That is looking really nice so far - the VF131 markings really look good on the Demon - like how you painted the cockpit out CJP
  5. Great job on the Demon - I really like the jets from this era CJP
  6. Wow Callum that is a superb Skyhawk model - I really have to add a Kiwi A4 to my collection as this camo scheme really looks great. CJP .
  7. fabulous Starfighter - nice weathered finish
  8. Great model of Vietnam work horse Whoops duplicate entry
  9. The cockpit is looking very neat Christer - what brand are the blue seat belts , they look very nice. CJP
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