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  1. Thanks to all of you for your kind comments - both the Kinetic and Kitty Hawk kits were nice to build. I have seen that photo of the SAM damaged Etendard so look forward to see you do that model I must admit the Crouze and Rafale have been considered but I think I will try and build the Dynavector Scimitar next CJP
  2. KITTY HAWK 1/48 IVP/M KIT This is my latest Aeronavale model the Etendard IVP – built from the Kittyhawk 1/48 kit which is nicely moulded but I thought the instructions could have been better in being more precise in placing the smaller parts like hydraulic rams, vents, ejection seat harness, etc – lots of tiny bits to add so you have to be careful they don’t flick out of your tweezers and disappear lost in the carpet forever! The rear fuselage is provided as a separate unit with jet engine which I thought a bit gimmicky & needs careful work on the join if you decide to fix the tail in place – would rather have seen some intake trunking instead – despite that with a bit of care it makes up into a nice model. Included in the kit is a neat little boarding ladder – the bracing between the top rung and the pad that sits against the fuselage is not provided so I added that with a piece of brass wore bent to shape. Kit decals were mainly used but the pale grey numbers and MARINE lettering came from Berna Decals sheet BD48-47. I shortened the main undercarriage legs by 1mm and cut off the nose wheel fork and added a wedge of plastic card before rejoining so the angle was increased – both of which gave the jet a higher nose up attitude. I scratch built the intake blanks from plastic card and brass wire. Fitted an ALKAN POD made by L’arsenal to the outer starboard pylon. 625 LTR fuel tanks were fitted to inner pylons – these were spares from my Kinetic Super Etendard build. Wheel chocks are in resin by L’arsenal & are very nice castings A forward radar warning antenna was added to the fin leading edge & was also a spare from the Kinetic kit Painted with Hobby Colour aqueous acrylic – H304 FS36118 H337 FS35237 Below photo with Kinetic Super Etendard SEM Below - My current Aeronavale line up - the iPhone camera seems to have distorted the photo on the right hand side of this photo Cheers CJP
  3. Excellent Crouze! & I really like that you finished it in the earlier the gull grey/white scheme too CJP
  4. What can I say, you started with a FM kit but were still able to produce an outstanding model regardless! - well done CJP
  5. Nice job so far - really like the look of those Wolfpack wing folds CJP
  6. Very nice and neat Sea Fury CJP
  7. I really like the smooth finish you are getting to your Sea Venom - I have this kit in my stash so am following your build with interest - should look good in EDSG/Sky RAN colour scheme too CJP
  8. "realms of fantasy" or alternate facts - I mean its good enough for the Orange man CJP
  9. I'm aghast at the thought of that - not a spare tentacle to save yourself?- what about using a drone to retrieve the Scimitar? CJP
  10. Ok it must be Martian mind control - I've dragged this onto the modelling desk for investigation! CJP
  11. Wow I'm glad you are back at the modelling desk - your Tomcat is a real beauty & looks great in the VF31 decals look forward to seeing more of your work CJP
  12. Here we go down the rabbit hole again CJP
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