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  1. Very nice delicate detail in those wing folds
  2. Very nice SHAR - love the extras like ladder, RBF, FODs & tractor - are the fin markings just over sprayed or do they come like that? CJP
  3. Hi bigbadbadge - great work on that area behind the ejection seats on your Sea Venom - first time I have seen it modelled in any detail even though it sits under the rear of the canopy & still reasonably visible - I'm keeping your build as a reference for when I make my Sea Venom EDIT - Spadgent did a good job on this area too on his Sea Venom https://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/235071089-king-of-confectionery-the-dehavilland-sea-venom-132-by-revell/page/17/ CJP
  4. Really neat work Mark - it is the best helicopter model I have seen since @hendie posted his helo models
  5. Looks great in that weathered finish
  6. HI- THE F105 is an impressive aircraft and your model really captures the feel of it. CJP
  7. Very nice Hunter - always great to see Hunter models
  8. I really admire the neatness of your work having followed your Buccaneer S2 and now this F4
  9. Really nice Lightning -I think that is one of the best ejection seats I have ever seen modelled. CJP
  10. Hello bootneck - I just stumbled across this model & am really impressed with your impressive & complex build - fantastic job - I have never contemplated anything other than possible flight deck bases for FAA aircraft models so am thinking this is going to be a good reference for that! CJP
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