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  1. Hi all, I have installed the kit instrument panel decal & grey painted etch panel overlay - once happy with that I finally glued the fuselage halves together - then attached the front of the fuselage with the mesh guard over the intake. Next I started working around the fuselage adding the various piping, fairings, main wheel legs & floatation bag gas bottles. I added a piece of Eduard brass mesh to the frame under the rotor head but later removed that mesh & replaced it with a piece of diagonal mesh by ABER which looks a little better to me. I did not use the nylon mesh that came with the kit for this even though I had used it on the front grill as I found it trended to fray when cut to shape which was probably due to my lack of finesse. I raided my Evergreen stash of strip & added the drain channel? that comes out of the side of the Beetleback fairing. Below is the mesh & framework that sits under the rotor head refitted with the ABER mesh - I will leave the CA to set hard & then carefully cut the opening for the top of the MRGB. Fuselage steps still need to be added to the fuselage & some detail on the MLG legs. there are also a brackets each side of the fuselage to do with the frame that holds the folded rotor blades. After that I will study walkarounds & photos I have been provided with to see what else needs to be added before I turn my attention to the folded tail unit. thanks for looking Chris
  2. I think you will have fun with this one - builds up into a lovely little model of the Swift. Chris
  3. well now that you mention it that sounds like a great idea! - detailed with that airframe detail you do so well & you could save yourself some work & time using Hendie's detail sets😀 Chris Thanks Chris - I put the instrument panel decal on today so almost ready to glue the fuselage halves together. Chris
  4. Hi Alan - I have been provided with some RAN Wessex photos by @abat and as luck would have it they show the main rotor head area on RAN HAS31's as being painted white matching the upper camouflage colour - hope this is useful for anyone contemplating a RAN Wessex build. cheers Chris
  5. That would be a different Sea Fury CC - if I find any more photos of 114 or 115 I will post here. 👍Chris
  6. Thanks Alan - got them in place already between the yaw? pedals- a bit hard to photograph that part of the cockpit- I think it's getting close to closing up the fuselage halves so hope there is nothing else significant to add - then I guess the canopy can go on. Chris
  7. Hi all I Continued working on the Wessex cockpit area - scratch built seat belts were made from Tamiya tape stuck to adhesive alumium tape & cut into strips. I added an assortment of buckles I had from the spares box, unfortunately I have had not much luck finding suppliers of etched sheets of seat belt buckles other than L'Arsenal way over in France & postage is a disincentive on sending for them. The seat colours are a bit of a mystery so I took a guess and painted the seat back khaki & belts olive drab although I might paint the belts a darker grey. The cyclic sticks have been added but still to be painted matt black. The red fire extinguisher is from one of Hendies boxes of bits & pieces & a coiled wire lead added to the back console copying from @hendies HC2 build. The overhead console was added inside the canopy & the canopy was masked with Tamiya tape. Must not forget to add the rotor brake handle to the overhead console and do a check to see what else needs to be added to the cockpit area. Chris
  8. Hi CC - your Sea Fury looks very nice in the Oxford blue scheme - here are a couple of photos I took in February 1970 at Bankstown Airport NSW - It would be challenging to paint it looking very weathered like this - the red Sea Fury was on the civilian register as VH-BOU (ex WH588/114) at that time & both were sold to USA at some years later. They were both ex RAN aircraft WH589/115 & WH588/114. above photo found on a Google search. Chris
  9. Thanks Martian that is a good tip & is noted for future use! - maybe you could placate Mrs Martian with a tube of tooth whitener? Chris
  10. Lynx is looking very nice now under that coat of grey paint. Chris
  11. Thanks Alan, that's encouraging to hear - my wife gave me a piece of felt to try out to represent a sheepskin cover so I might see how that looks too and then decide. I decided on painting the seat back in olive drab & placed the sheepskin cover (the fibres are scenic static grass) over the yellow survival pack. Chris
  12. I couldn't resist gluing in Hendies centre & rear bulkhead consoles & I think they really bring the cockpit to life - the windscreen wiper motor & cyclic sticks still need to be fitted between the rudder/yaw pedals & to the left of the seat respectively - happy with that. I also experimented with painting the seats & modelling the sheepskin covers which looked ok until I took the close up photo above - it looks a little bit like a sheepskin cover but it looks a bit too messy & coarse I think - I will look at it again tomorrow & may strip it all off & try another method. EDIT method#2 (wife's suggestion) - I glued a piece of thin felt over the second seats survival pack with PVA & I think it gives a slightly better effect than my previous effort so I will redo the other seat with felt - using felt worked out well. In the last photo I have coloured the felt with Tamiya buff acrylic & this has helped to restrain the fibres that stick out. I think that once I add seat belts it will look ok. bye for now, Chris
  13. Thanks Alan - I will see if anyone provides any info on the RAN seat colours otherwise I will run with what you advised Chris
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