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  1. CJP

    Ask all your Sea Fury questions here

    Thanks for that information Steve - any thoughts on what you think is the closest to Oxford Blue as used by RAN in the model paint world?
  2. CJP

    Sikorsky HO3S-1 1/48 AMP

    This is the second beautiful model of the AMP HO3S-1 in a few weeks on BM - I can see this kit ending up in my stash before long - would look good next to a Korean War Sea Fury & Firefly CJP
  3. CJP

    HobbyBoss 1/48 F-14A Tomcat x 2!!

    Nice work - Very interesting to see you explain the mottled painting technique on your Tomcat CJP
  4. CJP

    Ask all your Sea Fury questions here

    Hi CC - interesting to note the spinner and canopy frame were the dark blue colour in the earlier photos so they must have been painted white later in its service - I think the Sea Fury looks good in this overall blue scheme and will be an attractive model for you - maybe other BM modellers will have more information to add. This is my Hobbycraft SeaFury I made in 2003 finished with an Aussie decals sheet CJP
  5. Hello CC - I have posted an answer in Cold War/Ask all your Sea Fury questions here NAVY870, so we don't mess up Crisp's Sea King build CJP
  6. CJP

    Ask all your Sea Fury questions here

    corsaircorp hello CJP, Sorry for the drift Crisp, I want to do one of these Sea Fury, So look like USN dark blue but seemingly, it is not. I bought a set for Australian Aicrafts colors and it's not the same shade of blue... As I use to triple cross my info before doing anything wrong, I'll ask if you have an idea of the FS for these antipodean Sea Furies ?? Completely stained by the sun is tempting too…. But No... sincerely. CC Hello CC - I have answered your Sea Fury questions here rather than mess up Crisps Sea King post - The references I have refer to the dark blue Sea Furies as being Oxford Blue but to me it seems too blue & I used a darker blue based on Humbrol Sea Blue Gloss FS15042 I think - don't know what Oxford Blue FS number is but if you look at the following photos of WH588/114 & WH589/115 the blue appears darker than Oxford Blue & compare it to the roundel colour - there are also a couple of photos I took at Bankstown in 1970 showing how the blue weathered to a shabby grey - also shows all red Sea Fury VH-BOU The top photo is from 'Sea Fury, Firefly & Sea Venom in Australian Service' Gillett The following two photos are of a preserved ex Iraqi Sea Fury that was on the Australian register in 1980's owned by Bruce Andrews - the blue colour scheme is similar to the in service photo of 114 &115 at Nowra years earlier - the photo below I found in 'Wings Across the Sea' by Ross Gillett long out of print unfortunately - the bottom photo is mine at Cooma NSW mid 1980's. CJP
  7. I'm with Perdu - so many reasons for variation as in the above learned discussion the photo on the left is from an out of print book Wings across the Sea - the other taken by me of the same Sea Fury at Bankstown 1970 where the dark blue had weathered into grey - apologies they are not photos of Sea Kings Ex-FAAWAFU. CJP
  8. Another excellent helicopter model on BM - great work heloman1 CJP
  9. CJP

    Grumman S-2 Tracker

    The seats and instrument panel look great - are they Eduard etches? CJP
  10. Good luck Peter when you unwrap the fuselage, I'm sure it will be fine with a touch of that CA/Talc mix - I think in retrospect I would in future probably scratch build the inner and out wing folds using the kit wings - I have quite often been disappointed with some aftermarket replacements - to me this would be a good opportunity for them to produce a part with the correct wing aerofoil section but more often than not they just replicate the kit parts which often do not have the cross section correct. I am interested however in seeing what the Wolfpack Firefly wing fold kit is like so will keep an open mind but these days lean toward scratch building these parts. CJP
  11. CJP


    I seem to be stuck in a groove where the build is involved with little things and there does not look like much progress happening - seemingly never ending patching and sanding -I thought had kept all parts together in a box but I have lost the fairing off the rear of the main gear bay so will need to mould a replacement. Little pieces of rod were cut and fitted at the end of the slat tracks to represent rollers The landing light was boxed in and I made a representation of the three lights inside - I will need to mould a clear cover to fit over it - looks like I need to do more work in the main wheel bays to fill those gaps - the inner wing fences inboard of the slats needed remaking so I made a cut with a razor saw and glued 5 thou plastic sheet into the slot and shaped it by reference to photos - the arrester hook shank was replaced with plastic rod & the hook reshaped. . CJP
  12. CJP

    Fairey Swordfish 1/48 Tamiya

    Very interesting video of airbrushing your Swordfish model - adds a new dimension to a build CJP
  13. Hi Peter - you really have me scratching my head about remembering that - I managed to dig up some photos taken during the build plus some just now The photo below show the model ready to attach the outer wing panels I used the Wolfpack outer wing panels as I thought they looked pretty good apart from needing to thin down the leading edges but I was not so impressed with the inner Wolfpack wing fold section so I scratch built that - these following photos look pretty horrible in close up but apart from gluing the wing fold hinge points, the red brace plays a big part in giving the wing fold strength & maybe the hydraulic ram push rod - even so it is still pretty delicate & I managed to knock the wings off the Sea Hawk after I had posted it in RFI on BM - I think it was after that that I resolved to try and engineer brass wire or strip into wing folds to give strength as in my Hobbycraft Sea Fury rebuild and Trumpeter Wyvern build here on BM - the outer panels are quite long and there is not much strength in the hinges Not a good photo below but shows work on mine starting to tackle the tail bullet & jet exhaust pen nib fairing - I am not sure about the tanks now you mention it & can't decide if they are too fat at the front or to skinny at the back? - I don't recall changing them myself on my model but It will be interesting to see what you decide hope this helps and that I have not taken up too much space replying regards Chris