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  1. Another nice model from you Pat - I really like the FAA ones
  2. Hope you pull up well soon Martian - we need your continued guidance CJP
  3. Amazing work on the cockpit!- cant wait to see them printed out. CJP
  4. A lot of hard work on your behalf but what a superb Lightning - she looks neat from normal viewing distance & the brave cockpit close ups look great under such close scrutiny - also like the couple of B/W photos you have added. CJP
  5. Wow that is one impressive Phantom - good job CJP
  6. Reiterating what everyone has said - sending positive thoughts your way CJP
  7. Hi All - I can finalise this post with the news that I received the replacement left hand inner wing part for the wing fold from CMR today - fantastic after sale service from them & thanks to Hannants too. CJP
  8. Hi Maurice I used the 4 Plus Wyvern publication which lists the following colours for the Wyvern - cockpit interior - Black, I used a weathered black like Tamiya Nato Black. Wheel wells - interior of wheel wells & undercarriage doors is sky. Undercarriage legs and wheel discs aluminium. The folding wing tips were deactivated on airframes subsequent to VZ791 - as far as I know the Wyverns with the reinforced metal rear canopy did not have folding wingtips - maybe 71chally can verify this. CJP
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