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  1. Nice to see a Mustang in civvie markings for a change - very smart and interesting to see some of your other completed models too! cheers Chris
  2. Fabulous job on the model and photography
  3. Hi Tony - just amazing how you developed the Wasp rendering from an ellipse on page 3 to its current 3D image
  4. Beautiful work - what a shame Fishers range is no longer available
  5. Beautiful precise work - as an aside will the Firefly ever get resurrected? CJP
  6. Great set of models and photos - you have really nailed the angles, great work CJP
  7. Great markings & great finish on your model - good job CJP
  8. Great work - you did a really neat job on this kit CJP
  9. Wow your build looks superb - got to get me one! CJP
  10. That's a long list of improvements/corrections but you certainly turned out a very nice Demon in the end CJP
  11. Gglad things are looking up for you - the Demon is coming on nicely, the jets of this era I find far more interesting than their modern equivalents CJP
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