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  1. I really like your Aeronavale Corsair - the weathering and exhaust staining is excellent CJP
  2. Hi Peter - I was just looking over this Seahawk build again - really nice neat work and techniques - wondering if there are any updates planned soon? Chris
  3. Great stuff! - nice seeing it coming together - I love seeing the Sea Vixen's big wing in plan view CJP
  4. What everyone has said! - the way you have steered this project from conception through planning, learning to use a 3D printer and ending up with print out you have is nothing short of brilliant. CJP
  5. What a shame this kit is no longer available - looks like the basis of a nice model CJP
  6. That Aires cockpit looks great - lovely work on the Phantom CJP
  7. Looks very neat all folded up like that - lovely modelling and like the colour scheme too CJP
  8. Very nice result Christer - I have followed your WIP and filed it as a reference for my future build - also David A Collins info too! CJP
  9. Nice job on the Javelin - very nice! CJP
  10. Nice job on the Buccaneer but I would not trust my cat that close to the model CJP
  11. Thanks mate - whichever way you decide to do the wingfold break it is a complex looking job but I'm sure you will do it justice! CJP
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