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  1. Not too many FM kits make it to RFI so congratulations on your Halifax CJP
  2. Fabulous Hunter - I always loved this 12 Squadron wrap around camouflage scheme CJP
  3. You’ve done a great job on this Intruder ーlooks like this kit is very good starting point CJP
  4. Great model and love how you set it off with the Reedoak figures CJP
  5. You've done a very nice and neat job on your Sea Harrier CJP
  6. I was so overwhelmed by the quality of your build and paint job I did not notice the masking on the windscreen - it would be nice to see a couple more photos once your remove the masking? Just noticed the new photos - amazing job CJP
  7. After studying the 1/32 A4 models on LSP of Anthony in NZ, GDW and alaninaustriaI I made a start on fitting those etched Eduard vortex generators - having got the camouflage colours as good as my modelling skills will allow I was reluctant to spray through the template as alaninaustria of LSP did to mark out the positions of the vortex generators so I took a less risky approach for me of daubing paint with a stiff brush through the templates I had taped to the wing. When the paint had dried I placed the template on the wing again and marked the straight edge of the VG's leaving a white scribed line I then marked the leading edge of the VG's with strips of white tape - I then I picked up each VG with my Tamiya tweezers and placed a tiny blob of CA on it and carefully lined each one with the white line and tape - after a few goes I was able to position them pretty accurately and it was not hard to remove ones that were not aligned correctly & reposition them again - the CA seems to bond to the acrylic paint well enough to hold them firm. A bit of careful touch up painting of the VG followed and a consult of the decreasing list of things to do! CJP
  8. Great to see Sierra Mike Foxtrot come to life again in your skilled hands- she is really looking like your 1960's photo now CJP
  9. Hello - I purchased the 1/32 Flight Path US Navy Carrier Deck set - it has a nice easy to assemble white metal boarding ladder and tow bar with etched detail - the wheel chocks are a fold up etch & I have put them aside for now as I don't find them that easy to assemble - a nice cast set would have been easier for me - still need to finish painting the ladder CJP
  10. Great job Adrian - I have fond memories of the range of Frog naval aircraft - still have a Frog Wyvern I made decades ago CJP
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