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  1. It's a shame the 1/48 Dynavector vacform Scimitar is out of production? because if combined with what the 3D printer gurus have shown us here on BM, a great model of the Scimitar would be possible. CJP
  2. You've done a great job on your Phantom and using magnets for attaching the weapons is an interesting idea. CJP
  3. Hi Peter - I have made canopy moulds using filler & primers but had similar experience with bits sticking to the moulded canopy - I wasted a lot of ABS/PETG before I got something useable - I was looking on a supplier of materials for moulding and noticed a product listed as gypsum based casting material - I have no experience using it but wondered if it would be suitable to make the buck from? CJP
  4. Fabulous Starfighter - love the weathering CJP
  5. Great job on the Canberra - looks really good CJP
  6. Wow you have some work ahead getting the Sea KIng & all of those aftermarket bits together - should be an interesting WIP . CJP
  7. Well worth persevering with the Intruder - great result CJP
  8. Hello Simon - I just started the 1/32 Revel Hunter & thought I would go through your WIP but I find that the photos don't display for me only inactive links like spacer.png except for page 2 where I can see photos from Biggles87 and the last three photos you put up showing your model in primer & panel wash which display fine - has any one else mentioned this to you or is it just me & my laptop ? thanks CJP
  9. Top job getting the no step panel lines to fit those compound curves - light years ahead of when the fabulous old Modeldecal sheet just gave red stripes for this.
  10. Thanks Antti_k I'm glad you like my Javelin - your Javelin WIP is an invaluable resource for anyone contemplating building this kit. CJP
  11. Thanks everyone for the kind comments - it really is a nice kit to build - even includes the FOD blanks & ladder in the kit something I hope catches on with kit manufacturers CJP
  12. That is a really nice Harrier - such a neat finish
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