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  1. Firstly this is a really great build and deserves to be finished - I wonder if it is worth a post on Large Scale Planes website to see if you can pick up a canopy from someone there - I put up a post of my Hasegawa 1/32 Skyhawk that I was rescuing from my shelf of doom and I got an offer from a modeller in the States of his left over A4 spare sprues - what he sent me was basically the kit sprues including canopies minus the fuselage/airframe that he was using for a paint mule! CJP
  2. She's looking very nice Callum CJP
  3. Hi Eric - your Ejection seat is very convincing with the seat packs and harnesses - cant wait to see it all painted up. CJP
  4. Stunning work Fozzy - your detail just continues to amaze me CJP
  5. Thanks for that offer Steve - I had a look over the model today and the damage is not as bad as I thought - I have already straightened the white metal landing gear with a bit of judicious bending and straightened the gear door and refitted the windscreen so I don't think it will take too long to get it back to where I was. thanks again - I'll be in touch if I need any parts Chris
  6. So I bought some Maketar paint masks for the A4G roundels and was having a bad day learning how to remove them from the backing paper and apply accurately to my model - after about the third mask I was getting the feel for carefully easing them off the backing paper and on to the model with Tamiya tape - the first two masks ended up looking pretty shabby but anyway onwards and upwards - I ended up spraying the roundel blue I mixed up and decided to leave it for the day after a couple of false starts - I sat the A4G on the top shelf of my modelling desk until the next modelling session so you can imagine my horror when I somehow bumped it and watched it tip backwards and disappear down the back of the desk to the floor with crunching sounds! The main and nose gear are badly bent and slats destroyed themselves - slat runners disappeared into the carpet never to be seen again - apart from one landing gear door the rest seem to have escaped damage - the windscreen also separated but did not break - back to the shelf of doom? - will have to do a survey when I'm more relaxed and assess what to do - a pity because she was almost there CJP
  7. Hello Steve - you've made a very nice model of the Seahawk - I find the tall rudder on the German Seahawks adds a bit of interest to the elegant lines of the Seahawk - I have one on the to do list at some point. CJP
  8. Hello Tony - I'm jealous of your Dental Vac form Dalek -well done on spotting such a bargain - what with your brass skills and this machine there will be no bounds to your modelling now. CJP
  9. Great to see the Vixen moving again and you have done a good job with Perdu's wing castings to salvage the build CJP
  10. Nice work on those new photos Harry - the Navy colour scheme really suits the F104G in my opinion CJP
  11. Great to see you and Callum doing Fireflies - should be more of it CJP
  12. Hello RCMS - that is one really neat and interesting model CJP
  13. Really nice Buccaneer - paint finish and decaling is very neat - great work CJP
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