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  1. Glad you didn't bin it - you've made a really nice Buccaneer
  2. Really enjoying the progress on the Firefly - maybe someone on BM still has some contacts - I know NAVY870 has an ex RAN Griffon Firefly in his private collection so maybe he might be worth contacting for info. CJP
  3. The Airfix Buccaneer captures the lines of the aircraft very well and you have made a stunning model from it - beautiful paintwork and accurate boundaries between the EDSG white camouflage - a Really smart scheme CJP
  4. Great model & love the effort you put in to photographing your models CJP
  5. Please do airscale & work your magic on the Firefly CJP
  6. A couple of really nice Tempests - the bases are great too
  7. Nice looking Skyraider AEW1 CJP
  8. That looks like quite a nice kit and it is coming together well - good job CJP
  9. Hi Abat - here are a couple of photos I took of 844 when she had an engine problem & spent a few weeks parked outside Cooma FSU until they replaced the engine - I think it was mid eighties - the RAN Historic Flight had come over for an airshow at Cooma airport - the inside of the cowl looks to be light colour like white or light grey. CJP
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