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  1. Another model from my favourite experiments category, this time Westland Lysander with tandem wing (Delanne concept). Some historical backgroud you can find here I built it in 2009 as submission to Matchbox madness group build on ARC (WIP thread is here). It consisted of normal Lysander kit by Matchbox and vacformed conversion set by Airmodel. My other builds: Northrop X-4 Bantam A-37 Dragonfly D558 Skystreak XF5U Flying Flapjack
  2. Another from my favourite experiments/prototypes category, built cca 10 years ago. Built OOB, only few details added to cockpit and undercarriage. Fit was not very good, especially around air intakes, prop beams and horizontal tailplanes. Colors used are Tamiya acrylics (Sea Blue) and Agama alcohol based colors. Mahogany on prop blades was done using artist oils. My other builds: Nothrop X-4 Bantam A-37 Dragonfly D558 Skystreak
  3. Another model from my favourite X-planes category. Special Hobby kit, built OOB (only Pitot tubes replaced with needles), Tamiya acrylic (red) and Agama acohol based colors. My other models: Northrop X-4 A-37 Dragonfly
  4. raschi

    P-47 D Eduard 1/32

    Very cool, the paintwork and weathering is spectacular. But isn't there some problem with belly fuel tank that looks like touching the ground?
  5. Yes, it is typical older MPM short run kit, that means not very well fit, thick sprue gates, often unusable small parts, but usually an interesting subject that could be built into decent model with some effort (MPM had grown in quality during years and its successor in category "not very good (but acceptable) kit of unusual subject" is IMO other Czech company - the AZ model). This X-4 I built some 8 years ago, so I do not recall much from building progress, but definitelly there was some problem with intakes thus I rather made FODs. Thanks all for watching and comments
  6. Built OOB, only added FODs on intakes. Used Agama alcohol based colors.
  7. Very nice and clean, especially for vacuform. Never heard about this A/C before...
  8. Nice, very clean build and believable weathering.
  9. Man, you are definitelly a sorcerer
  10. Great collection. Seeing this I feel a need to start Revell box laying in my stash for years... As for problem with insignia outline - you probably placed the silver decal upside down as the star-and-bars insignias are not symmetrical (bars are placed slightly to the top of insignia)
  11. Very nice, glad to see Spitfire from Czechoslovak squadron. I built the same machine back in 1983 from then brand new KP kit...
  12. raschi

    Revell 1/24 Supermarine Spitfire

    Nice model, I like these late Spitfire marks. This one is Spitfire Mk.24 in 1/32, Revell rebox of old Matchbox kit (so you correctly recall number 24, only it is not scale, but version )
  13. Thanks to all I do not recall any build problems with Academy kit, only big shortcoming were completely empty engine intakes and exhausts. The Extratech PE set included besides other bits compressor faces and mesh protectors to intakes, for exhausts I made FODs (the same problem was also on old Hasegawa kit, but thanks to dark coloring of Dominican bug it played little role). Decals contained with Academy kit were for US and South Korea, both in SEA camo, I did not use them but they were obviously typical Academy "planks", glossy and thick.
  14. Hello all, here is pair of Dragonflies that I built several years ago. Thai one is Academy (+Extratech etch) and Dominican one is old Hasegawa (with positive panel lines). Both completed with Agama alcohol based colors and Albatros Modelworks decals. They still missing whip anthenas, I have to force myself to add them some day Link to hi-res photos here