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  1. You can add me, my stash is about 75% prototypes & paper designs so lots of options for this GB.
  2. I've got a few Japanese WW2 tanks & also some anime tanks in the stash too, so you can put me down.
  3. Hah, you're right I mistakenly made the calculations in 1/35 (my usual scale) & not in 1/72
  4. The tracks, wheels & sprockets are all just dry fitted, I prefer to paint them separately & add them at the end.
  5. I spent the day fighting with the photo-etch set, or more accurately with my soldering iron. The tip is to oxidized & wont "tin" any more despite my best efforts, so I ordered a new one which should be here tomorrow. Great thing about living in the Netherlands, being a small country everything is next day delivery & express shipping is just a few hours
  6. I've made a lot of progress with the Coelian, all of the major OOB construction is now done. Torch cut marks were added to the edges of the armoured plates & the weld seam were all redone with 2-part putty. I left off one weld seam on the top rear of the turret as it would have been imposable to add without damaging a lot of parts. The kit doesn't come with any view ports for the turret, I have some spare ones that I can use though. I pained the inside of the view port covers black first as it will probably be be hard to get paint in there later. The barrels that come with the kit have sol
  7. It's been awhile! I've been continuing to slowly work on this build, doing little bits & pieces as time & my health permits me. I added some parts from the spares box; Gun lock from a Tamiya Panther G, which replaced the very simplistic one that came with the kit. Fuel cap on the engine deck from an Trumpeter E-75, which was missing from the kit. The close defence weapon on the turret roof was also missing so I added one from a Voyager E-50 sets (which comes with 4 of them!). The rest of the 3D printed parts for the view ports were added, along with a new 3D printed air vent. Grab
  8. Big & British you say... well cant get much bigger then this, the Vickers Type C heavy bomber... There is a 1/144 scale kit of this beast available which even at that small scale still has a wing span of 45cm. I want to go much, much bigger though & scratch build one in 1/72, at that scale it will have a wing span of about 1.8m (just small enough to fit on my 2m work bench ) I was thinking of possibly building this in the "Anything but injection" GB next year but will have to see how that goes, it might be more at home here with some other big winged British brethren.
  9. @stevehnz had to give up on his build because of the tracks in his Dragon kit fell apart as he took them out of the bag... It's a known issue & Dragon are now replacing the rubber DS tracks with plastic link & length ones in their newer releases/reboxes.
  10. The Panthers in the two colour plates & the film are painted dark green (Olivegruen) & not grey, in the last few months of the war dark green replaced dark yellow as the base colour & has sometimes been misinterpreted as grey in black & white photos. The first batch of panthers were built a few weeks before the change to dark yellow (Dunkelgelb) & so were painted in dark grey (Dunkelgrau) at the factory, they were repainted before being sent to the front though.
  11. So after a month of deep thought & completion about which of the Flakpanthers to build, I've decided on the Coelian. Mainly because I'm feeling lazy & it should be the easiest one to build This is an old Dragon kit from the 90's & doesn't have that many parts in comparison to the other kits, the suspension arms, tool racks & skirt mounts are moulded onto the hull etc. To compensate for that though I have a photo-etch set that should keep me busy & also add some needed detail to this old kit. As with most of my builds the first thing I do is remove parts of the kit th
  12. If I understand the rules correctly then anti-aircraft weapons/tanks are allowed in the GB..? I guess if I dont get around to making the Flakpanther in time for the Panther GB I could just build it here instead
  13. Obscure AFV prototypes & what-ifs are my thing, I can probably join in with whatever I'm randomly building at the time of the GB
  14. I have a Revell Leo1 kit that I'm planning to convert to either the Jagdleopard concept design... Or the Matador prototype anti-aircraft tank, which was a competitor to the Gepard. The "Erprobungsträger mit 3-achs-stabilisiertem" prototype is on my todo list too. It was a heavily modified Leo 1 with a new experimental oscillating turret equipped with 3-axis stabilisation. Only the running gear & engine deck is the same as a Leo1 so this one would probably require scratch building/3D printing.
  15. Nice to see our host finally join us I was kinda looking forward to seeing you tackle a scratch built Ersatz M10 conversion. But It's up to you, so build whatever you feel like.
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