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Mig Eater

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  1. Mig Eater

    +++Film, Fictional and Speculative GB: at 30!

    It's from the game Valkyria Chronicles, which also spawned a manga & anime series.
  2. Mig Eater

    +++Film, Fictional and Speculative GB: at 30!

    I'm not sure what I'll make yet, the theme of this GB is pretty broad & covers most of the stuff I'd normally build, so I could probably just enter whatever I'm building at the time of the GB With that said though I do have the Zoukei-Mura kit of the Edelweiss tank, this GB might be a good excuse to finally build it.
  3. Mig Eater

    +++Film, Fictional and Speculative GB: at 30!

    You can add me to the list too, I've got plenty of stuff in the stash that can fit in this GB.
  4. Mig Eater

    Bucket-list scratch build T92 HMC

    The upfront cost of buying the printers is expensive but the cost for each individual print isn't that much. The cost in basic materials to prints this model will probably be around the same as an equivalent injection moulded kit. In contrast the cost of getting the parts printed by a company such as shapeways though would be extremely high, a project such as this would be hundreds of euros to print.
  5. Mig Eater

    Bucket-list scratch build T92 HMC

    Its has been a few weeks since my last post, I've spent most of that time working on the set of Bronco T80E1 tracks, which are made up of 1124 parts & are about the most tedious & mojo killing thing I've ever built I managed to keep my sanity though by doing some more work on the 3D model & continuing to refine the suspension parts. I've also finalized the design for the lower hull too & will start printing the parts for that later today. So hopefully I'll be able to show some photos of the physical model later in the week. Here are the individual parts laid out as they will be printed.
  6. Mig Eater

    King Tiger - Wheels Camo or Not

    This is an unsubstantiated myth created by what-if model makers over the last few decades. In reality German tank parts were made & then painted in different factories before being sent to a single factory for final assembly. As such the original red primer would have been painted over long before a tank was assembled let alone gone into combat. There is an exception to this rule, some unfinished prototypes were still in red primer when discovered at the end of the war, these were unfinished hand built prototypes through that were never used in combat. In relation to to the original question, this also means that a factory fresh tank would have had the wheels painted in just base colour, as they would have been painted separately from the hull before hand.
  7. Mig Eater

    Ralph's Korean War Pershing

    I'm building the Bronco T80E1 tracks at the moment for my build & I can only recommend them if you are extremely patient. The set consists of 1124 parts & after nearly a week I'm only about half way though cleaning them up. I'm starting to regret not buying Friul tracks instead, which while twice the price they would have only taken a few hours to put together.
  8. Mig Eater

    I soooo want to build this GB (My Ultimate Build)

    Oh wow a Bugatti 100P, I would love to see that built.
  9. Mig Eater


    I had the same problem last year (my ISP blocked me from multiple websites & forums, including my own), it took about 10 months for it to be fixed in the end, I hope it goes quicker for you though! During that time I used hide.me VPN, their free version was able to get around the block & let me gain access again, but it has a bandwidth limit so you can't use it constantly.
  10. Mig Eater

    Panther Mk.V STGB ... 10 Oct. 2020 - 10 Jan. 2021 !

    The gun & mount will be 3D printed, the modified hull will probably be made from plastic card.
  11. Mig Eater

    Scargsy's IDF Magach 7C "Gimel" 1/35 Academy

    The kit was original motorized, hence the poly cap so you open up the hull & change the batteries & the gaps in the rear are so you can remove the motor/sprockets if needed.
  12. Mig Eater

    Magach 6B Gal Batash.

    Note that Academy's M60 kits are based on Tamiya's original M60 from the 1970's. Tamiya has since re-tooled most of there M60, but looks like Academy has just added new parts to make different variants with the same old hull.
  13. Mig Eater

    Magach 6B Gal Batash.

    The dampeners should attach to the middle of the suspension arms. Looking at other Academy kits it seams to be wrong on most (if not all) of there M60 kits. This is the suspension for the M48 BTW but it's pretty much the same.
  14. Now get a Trumpeter 1/16 scale King Tiger for the complete set
  15. Mig Eater

    Bucket-list scratch build T92 HMC

    I've done the first test print of the wheels, overall they came out ok. I had some problems fitting the parts together so I'll need to adjust the size of some parts to eliminate the need for sanding. The base of the return roller bracket was also to thin & fragile, resulting in it breaking when handled, so that will need to be made thicker too.