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  1. There is only one day left of the GB & my build is far from complete, I at least reached the mile stone of putting the hull together thought. As mentioned before the fit of the parts wasn't that great, especially on the two front plates which had some big gaps & so needed a lot of putty (still working on it). BTW The wheels & return-rollers are just dry fitted, they will be painted separately & added to the hull later. I left the lights & tools off for now too to avoid damaging them during the rest of construction. I will continue with this project (my shelf of doom is already filled up ) but I'll be now switching my main focus onto my build for the Tiger tank GB though. So I'm not sure when the next update will be, or even where? Shall I continue posting here, make a new thread in the work in progress armour section or maybe one of the moderators can move this topic there?
  2. Deep Bronze Green was introduced in Jan 1948, this applied to newly produced vehicles though any older models still in service after it's introduction (Cromwell in Korea etc) would most likely still be in the earlier SCC15 though.
  3. I've been feeling a lot better so I spent the weekend at the bench & added the clear parts to the front view ports (sorry no pics). Before that I first had to paint that area, which first required a priming coat, then the ivory interior colour & finally the olive drab exterior colour. After that I filled the view ports with Revell Contacta Clear, which is a a special glue that that dries completely clear & is mainly meant for use on aircraft canopies etc. But it's thick enough that it can easily be used to fill small holes such as the view ports. Unfortunately just as I'm getting my energy back we have been hit with a heat wave here, with the temperature nearly hitting 40°. So my modelling room in the attic has become an unbearable oven. Hopefully later in the week it will cool down & I can finish putting the hull together & post the last pics for the GB.
  4. Thanks for your words of support, I definitely will finish this build it just might take awhile! I have a chronic condition called Myalgic Encephalomyelitis, or more commonly know as Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. The most relatable way I have found to describe the symptoms is that it feels like having a bad hangover but without the fun of the party the night before It varies in intensity depending on how much I exert myself, most of the time I can just fight through it & get on with life but lately its been worse & I haven't been able to do much. I'm feeling a bit better today though so I'm going to head up to my lair & spend some time at the bench this evening, maybe get some primer down on some parts.
  5. Unfortunately my health hasn't been the best so I haven't made any more progress since my last post. There is no way I'm going to be able to finish the build in time, but I hope to at least get the hull complete & maybe the wheels & tracks done too though.
  6. I'm surprised I didn't join this GB yet, many, many possibilities Two such possible projects that I have on my to-do list are the T-34/37 SPAAG & the T-34/122. Both are concept design that were never built, not sure if such builds are allowed in this GB though? If not maybe I'll go with the cold-war Egyptian T-34/122 that RFM recently released.
  7. It's staring to take shape! The main parts of the upper hull are together now, it's just dry fitted to the lower hull here along with a few other parts. I need to paint the inside & add the clear view ports before glueing the upper & lower hull together. The edges of on a few of the parts weren't completely straight (because of the the way the printer works there is more stress/pressure on the edges of the part during printing) so some filling will be needed along the edges of the joints. The resin parts became a bit warped, curing up at the corners after awhile, espeshialy the large top engine deck so I printed a plastic frame to help hold it all together.
  8. I've been working on adding the last few bits that I missed as I skipped through the instructions, such as the front light & the power corded, which I replaced with some metal wire. The exhaust cover looked too thick so I made a new thinner one out of metal, it also gives the advantage of being able to bent & dent it to replicate the damage often seen on these covers. I'm only going to add one of them BTW, didn't want my tiger to have two tails It was made out of a simple drinks can, just cut off the top & bottom off & flattened it out. You'll then have a thin metal sheet that can be used to scratch build all sorts of different things. I plan to replace the plastic side skirts with scratch built metal ones too etc. I've also prepared all the wheels & sprockets, so next step is to give everything it a coat of primer.
  9. AFAIK the Warsaw Pact all used the same standard NPF-10 green (or a similar locally produced variant), but as the above picture demonstrates the "same" is relative though. So if you want to add some variation to your models you could apply different filters etc & I doubt anyone would complain. Non Warsaw Pact users in Asia & Africa would often apply their own camouflage colours but the base colour would generally remain the original NPF-10 though. There is also the matter of the Chinese produced copies too, which used a different colour that looks more like the war-time 4BO IMO.
  10. I think any shade of green would suffice
  11. They are just CA glued to the plastic, there were some small indents in the retainers for the original plastic handles though that helped me position them. In hindsight drilling holes in the indents would have been a better more secure option, if any break off later I'll probably do that.
  12. So while I was waiting for my 3D printer to make some parts for my other build I thought I'd make a start on my wild Tiger I. I've finished the major construction of the hull & turret, which went by so fast I didn't even have time to take any in-progress photos The only real complaint with the build was the upper front hull being a bit fiddly & required clamping to get it to fit, but other then that the kit practically fell together. I also only want to use a few tools on this build because of the unique paint job, but I'm unsure of which ones. So for now I filled in the location holes for all the tools on the hull, I'll pick which ones I want to use after the main painting is done. The exhausts have also been left off, as that will be painted separately & added later. All that is left now is the wheels & tracks, then I can start the first phase of painting. My 3D printer is done now though so I'm going back to my other build but I'll return to this build when I need to print the next lot parts. As mentioned above in the first post, the zimmerit in Trumpeter's kit is an optional part in the form of thin textured plastic card, I've roughly cut out some holes around the edges to add some ware & tear that would often happen to the zimmerit. BTW I haven't added zimmerit to the side of the hull or turret yet, it will be cut up even more then the front parts & added after after the first phase of painting. I've replaced all the handles on the turret & engine deck with metal wire. The tiny ones on the spare track holders were challenging, I'm going to have to be really careful with them when adding the paint masks later.
  13. My 3D printer has been running near constantly for the past week printing the parts for the upper hull & rear blade. Some of these parts took 12 hours each to print, a few of them failed & had to be printed several times too, so it has been slow progress. With just under 4 weeks left in the GB I'm doubtful I'll be finished in time, I might hopefully be able to finish construction before the end. I plan to persevere & continue with the build until it's completely finished though irrelevant of the GB Here is a close up of the hull parts, it's really hard to see on the photos but there are lots of panel lines & bolts that will jump out after a wash & some dry brushing. BTW I originally planed to make the engine hatches separate workable parts, but the first attempt to print the engine deck without the hatches failed as it wasn't structurally strong enough. The parts for the rear blade came out really well, I was stressing about how I was going to cut up the complex supports for printing, but I thought what the hell I'll try the whole thing in one go & it worked without any problems I put the lower hull parts together awhile ago, removing the striation marks required about a week of filling, sanding, priming & then more filling & sanding BTW I haven't attached the suspension parts yet for fear of damaging them while handling the model, I'll probably add them once the upper hull parts have been put together.
  14. If the theme is going to be specifically what-if prototype aircraft, then I guess I'll go with an in service TSR.2. Not the most original but I dont have much else in the stash that fit the theme.
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