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  1. Are you sure they are Friul model & not from a different manufacture? AFAIK all of their tracks have used wire to connect them.
  2. Yep you can continue to count me in.
  3. Its a late production "big hatch" M4A2 with the high bustle turret, common for the USMC late in the war. There is an mid production "small hatch" M4A3 Sherman with a low bustle turret in the National Museum of the USMC that has been incorrectly painted with the same 100455 serial number as your photo (11578 is stamped on the hull though), which might have confused you?
  4. I managed to get some black primer on the little Sherman but my sleeping pattern is currently flipped (I have a sleeping disorder ) & I dont think my girlfriend or neighbors would be happy with me using an airbrush/compressor at 3am So I'm not sure when I'll be able to get some more paint on this kit. For now I'll return to the T31 demo tank build that I started the GB with.
  5. I built this kit about six months ago, currently sitting on the shelf of doom in primer & pre-shade waiting for me to pluck up the courage to tackle the four colour camouflage scheme It's a great kit that went together without any issues & has plenty of detail for its modest price. I look forward to your build, maybe it might encourage me to finally finish my own one.
  6. Construction is now finished, I stippled a thin layer of Mr.Surfacer onto the hull & turret to add some subtle cast texture. It was quite fun a build overall with minimal clean up required, if your not a sloth like me then you could build this kit in an afternoon (as evident of @PlaStix 24 hour build). All the parts have unique locating tabs so you cant really get them mixed up too, I only flicked though the instructions when I first started & never needed to look at them again. A noticeable detail missing on the model IMO was the strip of bolts that attach the drive cover to the hull, I scribed a panel line & then used a punch to make indents for the bolts. In hindsight it looks a bit out of place having such a small detail where as everything else on the model is oversized in comparison, but it's done now. Next is some primer & then I get to have fun mixing up a bunch of different shades of pink
  7. I'm spending way more time on this build then I had anticipated, but thus far I'm enjoying it more then my other T31 build in the GB The hull is made from four large parts that fit together extremely well without any need for glue, but unfortunately there were some rather noticeable gaps between them. The gaps were filled with some "sprue glue" filler which is made by melting down some random bits of sprue in Tamiya extra thin until it's a runny glop that can then be applied to the gaps. Once it's dry your are left with a strong bond that can be easily scraped & sanded, as it's the same material that the kit is made from... For some quirky reason Meng decided to add an extra pair of lifting loops to the sides of the model kit, the real Sherman didn't have them & they look ugly IMO So to fill in the large locating holes I instead added the loops to the inside of the hull, sanded down the ends of the locating pegs & smoothed it out with a bit of help with some more sprue glue filler. The turret had some noticeable slide-mold lines that need to be cleaned up, gluing the two parts of the turret together also left a big gap around the bottom (you can see it in @PlaStix's photo above) that was filled in & smoothed down. The turret features pistol ports on both sides of the turret, which triggered my inner rivet counter! The real Sherman only had one on the left side or in some versions none at all, so the one on the right side was sanded down & filled in. The same for the commanders cupola, it originally came with view ports on both sides of the hatch when it should only be on one of them, so one of them was sanded off. Due to overwhelming demand (i.e. @Bertie Psmith ) I'll add some cast texture to the hull & turret with some Mr Surfacer next.
  8. I have several of these Toon kits in my stash & have thought about building one of them in a Blitzbuild GB a few times, as they seem like the perfect kit for such a challenge. It has taken me 4 days to put the hull together on this build though so maybe I'm not up for such a sprint
  9. Oh I've already ruined the pink plastic with filler & sanding I'll (re)paint it pink with some shading & highlights though so that's not a problem.
  10. I'm debating with myself if I should add cast texture to the hull & turret, on one hand it might ruin the cartoony look, on the other it would help me hide the mold lines & modifications that I made
  11. Yes it's Japanese subject & not Japanese kit manufacture.
  12. I'm pretty sure it's based on the Cromwell conversion, it has the same part count/layout & looks the same even down to the cast texture Either way I'm just glad a conversion of this boom box is available. Cromwell Bolddevision
  13. I'm back from house sitting, in the end I didn't feel like starting on this build while I was there. My friend's doggo shared my level of apathy & we spent most of the time on the couch binge watching TV together Once I was home it took me awhile to get back into the model making mood too, but I've finally made a start on the build. Thus far I've removed & cleaned up all the large parts that can simply click together. The only things that are left are the smaller lamps, hooks & tool parts etc that will need some glue. I still need to clean up a few mold lines & fill some gaps between the upper-lower turret & the four hull parts. There are a few parts I want to modify too, so I'll sort all that out before I start adding any of the remaining parts.
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