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  1. About 80% of my stash would qualify for this GB so you'd think I'd have no problems finding something to build, but there are just to many options to pick from and I cant decided 😅 I might try and narrow it down to a few and post a poll to see what my fellow modellers think...
  2. I instructions mentions the ISU-122-1 in only one place and I presume is a typo. The two options in the kit match the differences between the ISU-152-1 and ISU-125-2, with the ISU-152-2 having a slightly shorter barrel and different mantlet. As you said the ISU-122-1 had a different barrel and couldn't be made with the parts in the kit so I think it was just a mistake, the kit also says 155 instead of 152 in several places too so it wouldn't be the only typo. ISU-152-1 ISU-152-2 ISU-122-1
  3. You can add me, I have several Soviet tanks in the stash I'd like to paint in winter camo.
  4. I think you've jumped the gun a bit, the GB doesn't start for another 2 days and you're already half done.
  5. A bit late but probably one of the best website for Tiger tanks https://www.panzerbasics.com/ it hosts lots of original factory drawings of the Tiger, Tiger II and Jagdtiger which have been an invaluable resource for my 3D modeling.
  6. The tracks have nice detail but they are made from a rubbery plastic that can be hard to work with and with 6 sprue points they require a lot of cutting and clean up 😪 If I had more time I probably would have designed and 3D printed some new workable ones.
  7. Time for an update! The upper and lower hull have been joined together without much fuss, I gave the insides a quick blast of black primer beforehand as the new engine grills let some light though. The kit's turret comes with a full interior, none of which will be visible once built so I skipped most of it and just added the minimum parts needed to fit the gun mount. The interlocking plates connecting the sides of the hull to the rear were comically oversized so I filled them in with some plastic card and rescribed the weld seams. Of course if I redo one weld then I then have to redo them all 😅 So I've spent the last few weeks slowly rescribed every weld on the kit, correcting the shape of a few and also adding several missing ones too. Next step it to add some surface texture to the the armoured plates, after that I'll finish redoing the welds by filling in the weld seams with putty and sculpting new weld detail. I also made a start on the tracks, there are 244 track links in total and each one had 6 sprue connection points that needed to be cut, it took me several hours to get them all separated, but it gave me the opportunity to catch up on some podcasts 😋
  8. Interesting choice, I've thought about getting one of these in the past but the kit is quite expensive for the amount of plastic you get in the box. I look forward to seeing your build
  9. int main() { for(;;) { cout << "Shampoo\n"; cout << "Rinse\n"; cout << "Repeat\n"; } return 0; }
  10. Yeah I have a box of empty drinks can ready to be cut up for scratch building, its a great and cheap building material
  11. With a few extra weeks I might be able to finish my build too...
  12. My favorite E-Series tank 😃 Looking forward to seeing what you do with with it.
  13. I started the GB strong but then life intervened and I had to put the build away for a few weeks, after that I then struggled to find the time and motivation to properly get back into the build and only managed to work on it an hour or two a week. My build wont be finished before the end of the GB but I'll post an update around the 30th showing how far I got.
  14. Looks great 😄 the airbrushed camo espeshialy, I'd really struggle to paint that pattern at such a scale.
  15. Great work and really fast! I really like the balanced level of weathering, it looks really dirty but you haven't hidden any of the small details under layers of mud.
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