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  1. Airfix showed off a new tool 1/72 Vulcan B.2 at the Telford show, so if you want to build one you might want to wait for this new version to be released.
  2. Considering some of the stuff they did put on their mules I wouldn't be surprised...
  3. If you want to do something different you could use this camo...
  4. I get the feeling that I might be the only one building an AFV for this GB I have a Finish BT-42 in the stash that will be the quick OOB option, if I have the time & energy though I'm contemplating 3D printing the Swedish "Kranvagn" prototype tank.
  5. Does it specifically have to be a plane, how about Bovington's Tiger 131?
  6. The GB is currently last place in the poll thus far, I thought there would have been more interest in a British GB given the name of the forum
  7. Mig Eater

    Cuban Cigar

    I didn't think about that! The travel mode might be too long to fit in my display cabinet, however it might be to tall in the launching position as well
  8. Mig Eater

    Cuban Cigar

    I found a 3D model of a T-72 online that has nicely detailed sprockets, this saves me several days of work making my own one. I'm going to try printing it in one piece first, but I can see a few areas that could be a problem so it might not work, if so I'll need to cut it up & print it in several parts.
  9. Mig Eater

    Cuban Cigar

    I've finished putting the launcher & missile together. It's a pretty simple build with one sprue for the missile, one for the launcher & another for the pad, which I wont be using. The rail & the base of the launcher is just dry fitted together at the moment, have to decide on if I want to have the missile in the launching or transport position, as it wont be moveable once glued together. I decided not to cut up and fix the T-54 hull, I feel like it's a lot of work & could start me on a slippery slope with me turning this quick OOB build into a long project where I end up replacing half the kit with new parts... In other news I took my 3D printer apart today & replaced the broken LED screen, so I can start work on designing & printing the new sprockets now.
  10. Sure that's fine, I'm here more for the comradery than the glory
  11. It would fit in that GB perfectly, but I dont think I could work on two different GB's at the same time right now so just looking for alternatives.
  12. I've been planning to convert a Hasegawa F-18 into the Black Eagle from the game Red Alert 2, which is a F-18 with the the wings flipped & a single tail. I'm guessing this is too fictional/what-if for this GB?
  13. Excuse my ignorance but what does MTO stand for?
  14. The kit includes both the Polsten & BESA so you can build it as either the prototype or production Mk.I, I know because the Mk.III shares a few parts with the Mk.I kit & comes with nearly a sprue's worth of unused Mk.I parts.
  15. I picked up the AFV Club Centurion Mk.III kit at the Scale Model Challenge show last weekend for this GB, I also had a chat with the staff from AFV at the show & found out that the Centurion Mk.I will finally be released around Christmas this year.
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