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  1. Update, the new 3D printed casemate for the FT75 is done & fitted on a base/mounting brackets made from aluminum (drinks can). I also made a new more detailed trench crossing skid for the rear & also a storage box which is missing from the kit. The first attempt at printing them failed though, I'll probably need to re-level the build plate & mix the resin some more, which is all part of the process of 3D printing. I also made a start on the B1 hull, it will have a new open topped fighting compartment so I need to scratch build a basic interior for the front of the hull before I put the top on. I'm going to be away a for few weeks now so it might be awhile before the next update.
  2. If you really want to be confused, multiple types of transmission cover were used too 3 part bolted, cast sharp nose, cast round nose, cast round nose jumbo, EX100 Cross drive. several welded prototypes...
  3. I can understand, I'm building an FT 17 in 1/76 scale & it's so small it feels like a 1/144 kit
  4. I'm confused Meng's FT 17 kit (TS-008) is in 1/35 scale & it comes with decals for Le Tigre.
  5. I made a start with little FT 17 which only took a few hours to built up, I sanded down the turret ring in anticipation of the new 3D printed part & replaced the end of the exhaust with some wire, which was damaged when I cut it off the sprue. My 3D printer is currently whirring away & should be done with the new superstructure part in a few hours. I also contemplated 3D printing a new set of tracks, but for the sake of time & my sanity I decided to just use the rubber tracks that came in the kit.
  6. I was reminded by @stevej60 that I had a old Matchbox/Revell Char B.1 Bis & FT.17 kit in my stash. I picked it up many years ago out of a bargain bucket & it has been hidden away at the back of my stash ever since. Well now seems like the best time to build it before it gets forgotten again! So as not too overlap with Steve's build of the same kit & because it's impossible for me to build anything OOB I'm going to convert both of them into self propelled gun versions. The FT 75 BS was a modified version of the FT 17 replacing the turret with a fixed superstructure fitted with a short barreled 75mm fortress gun. Production begun in late 1918 with only 11 finished before the war ended, a further 29 were built in 1919 & they went on to serve in North Africa. There last use was against American forces during Operation Torch in 1942. The 10.5 cm leFH18/3 (Sf) auf Geschützwagen B-2(f) was a German modification of captured Char B1 tanks, the 75mm gun in the hull was removed & the turret was replaced with an new open topped superstructure fitted with as the name suggests a 10.5cm leFH18 field howitzer. 16 were modified between 1941-1942, they were at first used in France & then later transferred to Italy were their fate is unknown. Here is the obligatory box art photo, complete with the bargain price I payed for it It comes with a total of three sprues, two of them are for the tanks, the third is for a basic diorama (which I wont be using) & lastly there are two sets of rubber/vinyl tracks. The parts needed for the conversions will be 3D printed, they are just small boxes with barrels sticking out, so I dont expect it will be much work to design & print
  7. Quick question, would a French tank captured & modified by the Germans (or British) be eligible for the GB?
  8. I'd completely forgotten that I had one of these in the stash too I might join you with a quick build before I tackle my main 1/35 project.
  9. If you dont mind me asking, what happened to the bottom of the front plate, it looks like it hasn't been molded correctly or you cut it up?
  10. I eagerly started my build on Wednesday morning by putting all the parts back in the box & then turning on my computer to start work on the 3D model of the prototype ACL turret, so much for it being an after thought There is only one known photograph of an ARL 44 fitted with the ACL turret & it's not at the best angle... The ARL 44 prototype is featured in both of the online games World of Tanks & War Thunder, the later one looks more accurate so I'm going to use that as a reference for the parts you can't see in the photo. I also didn't want to start building the model just yet because I'm going to be away for a few weeks & would rather start the build when I'm back instead of having to stop halfway through. So it might be awhile before I post some more plastic, the 3D model of the ACL turret is nearly done though so maybe some 3D renders before I leave.
  11. French Blue was used on tanks for awhile post WW1, Amusing Hobby's recommendation to use it on the ARL 44 comes from the game World of Tanks where all the French tanks (FT-17 to AMX-30) use French Blue as a way to easily differentiate them from the other nations with green tanks. Amusing Hobby regularly copies World of Tanks for paint schemes & markings, they have even released kits based on some of the fictitious tank designs in the game.
  12. Yep I'm making its bigger 1/35 brother, I'm planing to use AK's French Army Green paint which (going by my colour chart) looks similar to Vallejo's US Dark Green (71.289).
  13. Yes that's the mount for the M1 dozer blade.
  14. Best place for French armour www.chars-francais.net
  15. There are five "surviving" tanks; Musée des Blindés Saumur Monument out side the 501st-503rd Tank Regiment Three different wrecks that were rescued from target ranges & are now at the ASPHM Association in La Wantzenau
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