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  1. Sign me up, got some Japanese projects on the to-do list, including scratch building an O-I heavy tank.
  2. Well it was just a quick edit to change them. funnily I originally used "nordGB" for the image's file names because I thought "ScandinavianGB" was to long, must have been a premonition
  3. I put together a banner if anyone is interested. & for those that are fan of a more modern minimalist style
  4. You've built the model in lightning speed, but you now have less then 48 hours left to paint & weather it
  5. There is currently a what-if speculative GB that ends in a week that covers concept & prototype stuff. There is also a proposed "46" themed GB that focuses on concept & prototypes from the end of WW2 too.
  6. There are already many "Designer" GBs suggested, the BAC proposal just a few post below this one etc.
  7. My planned contributions to this years GBs... Scandinavian GB - BT-42 T-34 GB - T-34/37 flak Panther GB - 12.8cm Scorpion or 5.5cm Flakpanther I noticed that the Battle of Britain & the He-111 GBs are running at the same time, which seams a bit redundant as most of the He-111 builds could probably be included in the BoB GB Hopefully the He-111 GB will be filled with lots of unusual pre-war variants, or a late-war V1 carriers etc.
  8. Mig Eater

    Cuban Cigar

    I'm unfortunately not going to be able to finish my build before the end of the GB. I was on-track to have it done with possibly just hours to spare, but in order to do that it I've had to push myself really hard the past two weeks, some times spending up to 10 hours a day on the build. This pace proved unsustainable for me though & I'm now burnt out I'm going to need at least a few days of rest before I can do anything else, I'll slowly continue with the build next week & hopefully get the last few bits done by next weekend.
  9. Nice to see another 3D modeller on the forum, you've also picked a really interesting subject to build too. I look forward to seeing future updates
  10. I'm currently sitting patiently twiddling my thumbs waiting for oil paints to dry, but I should hopefully be able to finish the last few bits on time.
  11. Mig Eater

    Cuban Cigar

    The base colours are now done, I decided to go with the bright green, dark green & red/brown scheme from 2013. These tanks are always seen freshly painted for display in a parade, which I find to clean & boring so I took some artistic licence & went the complete opposite with a bashed up & warn look. I did this by first painting a darker base colour, a layer of chipping fluid & then a lighter top colour. The contrast between the two colours was a bit strong (should have tested them first) so I then mixed the light & dark together to make an in-between shade, which I then painted on with a sponge, it helped to blend the colours together & add even more colour variation. Still lots more to do, filters, washes, paint chips & mud/dust etc. When seen in the parades the SA.2/S-75 missile is always painted in the same colours as the tank, I decided to instead paint it in the standard light grey with the idea that the original one has been used & a new missile from storage has been fitted. I want to break up it's monotone colour though so I'll probably paint the panels & fins in different shades. The tracks just have a base colour made of dark brown primer, then a layer of gun metal & dark grey randomly mottled over, still needs washes, mud & dry brushing. I put my 3D printer to use once again this time making a mask for the wheel rims, it has a ridge on the other side that fits around the wheel so I dont need to hold it in place while painting too.
  12. Probably a bit to "whiffy" for this GB but here are two of my Panzer46 builds currently waiting for some paint on the shelf of doom I've got a stash full of Panzer46 stuff that I can post photos of if anyone wants some more inspiration? Panzerkampfwagen E-75 "Königskobra" Sturmgeschütz E-100
  13. Nice, I'd been panicking a bit with only a week to do all my paint work, I can take my time now.
  14. Mig Eater

    Cuban Cigar

    I've finished construction, I made lots of small additions to the hull: Scratch build brackets on the front of the hull. New wooden board on the front. Copper tow rope made from old electrical wire. 3D printed second crew hatch for the radio operator. 3D printed rear cable drums, with covers made from an aluminium drinks can & plastic wire rapped around. New scratch build squared off front & rear fenders. Added weld seams & torch marks to the front plate. Left over epoxy from the weld seams was made into a tarp. I'm not sure what it does but there was some sort of box next to the exhaust that I 3D printed. 3D printed drive sprockets to fit the new MiniArt RMSh tracks. Only a week left of the GB so I'm going to go get some primer on it ASAP, next update will probably have the base camouflage colours done.
  15. I unfortunately wont be able to contribute to this GB. I had set aside the whole of the 27th for my build, I got up early full of energy but after a few hours I felt exhausted so I thought I'd take a quick nap before I start. The next thing I know it's 11pm at night, so my 24 hour build turned into a 24 hour siesta I'll still build my panzer doggo at some point, I'll post it in the Science Fiction section for those interested.
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