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  1. ' I'm the kid at the back of the class that isn't put forward for the exam......' At least they let you in the class! Tom (from the corner of the main hall)
  2. Amazing! How long will it be before someone makes an aftermarket upgrade set where you don't have to buy a base kit? Just make the whole thing out of brass! Tom
  3. I've built that Firefly kit the Sherman V hull was the longer variant. Makes a nice comparison alongside a Sherman III Tom
  4. There's no mention of pom-pom directors in the book, which I find strange as they were widely fitted by 1943 Could you post a pic of the number descriptions for the Ulysses diagram? Tom
  5. Looks like some sort of tub with torpedo aiming sights or lookout position? I've the NMM plans for Exeter stored safely. When I get a while (probably tomorrow) I'll unroll them and take a look. They're about 8-9' long (1/98 scale if I remember) so they're a bit cumbersome. Tom
  6. I think UP was Unrotated Projectile http://www.navweaps.com/Weapons/WNBR_UP.php
  7. In the pics in posts #98 and 146 the sqare scuttles (deadlights?) are opening outwards. In the pic in post 200 (stbd amidships) I can see no evidence of them. Could they have been removed? Tom
  8. Looking good! I remember a reference in the book to a 'square cruiser stern' does this mean a transom stern?
  9. Wrong Dido! Not to worry. Now you mention it I remember looking at the Ikara thread (I think). Tom
  10. Dido build? My favourite cruisers! Can you share the link please if possible. Tom
  11. The #137 post photo's scuttles look more blanked off than deadlighted. The shadow around the left hand edge looks to be proud of the hull whereas deadlights would be inset with the shadow on the other edge. Tom
  12. Why was 507A Home Fleet Grey being painted over 507C Mediterranean Grey? when she was still in the Mediterranean? Was she due to leave the Med. and go to Home Fleet, or was it just 'available paint'? Tom
  13. I mean the matting around the fwd deckhouse. It reminds me of my old sofa. Tom
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