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  1. Don't forget the black mats before closing up! Never done a bare metal finish plane, and I'm thinking...maybe. Tom
  2. Nice subject. I can remember thinking the same about the bogies on a carrier I built many moons ago. Turned out I had some pieces on wrong left hand spring on right hand bogie or somesuch (Which I suspect you've done as well ). Luckily I caught it before the glue was dry! Trouble is they look right until you compare them. Tom
  3. Great work! You must have quite a fleet on the shelves. Any chance of some 'multi-model' shots for comparison? Especially if WHIFs are included. Tom
  4. You might think beauty sleep doesn't work but have you asked anyone else? They say beauty is in the eye of the beholder (not aimed you) Jamaica certainly qualifies! Tom
  5. Chewbacca, Maybe it was a pre-war thing when things were quieter (and I can't imagine the Asdic of that time would 'hear' as much ambient noise as a modern sonar) I can't remember where I heard that reason for DCs on cruisers from. I do seem to remember It was a web forum discussion albeit some time ago. Perhaps Navweapons or the Naval History Archives. Tom
  6. She's lookin good. I've heard RN (and possibly other navies) used depth charges to signal via noise of DC and asdics when out of visual range (Probably, just guessing, something along the lines of 'When you get to co-ordinates ??XYZ drop a charge to tell the flag'). I've made fairleads from styrene strip (in 350) 2 small drill holes joined by cutting an inverted 'T' then shaped on the outer edges. Didn't use them in the end but they looked okish. Tom
  7. Just had a strange thought pop into my head so thought I'd try my luck here. Yagi antennae etc. What colour were they? Tom
  8. The Ganges photo has a sort of 'Passing Out' (more a posed ceremonial/official/finished the course) vibe to me. I'm wondering if the ship's name on the cap was discontinued during the war as a security measure? Tom
  9. Apologies what's is WASMex? It's a Western Australia model show. As for the 'deliberate mistake' (yeh) The models facing the wrong way! The bow should be to the left. Like the placement of the 4" gun shelters though. I just love your 1/600 work. Tom
  10. Faraway, Have you seen this site? https://www.world-war.co.uk/Dido/hermione.php Tom
  11. I'm trying to accurately cut some 5/16" styrene tube into 3.5mm lengths (I'll need around 20 pieces for 1/350 20mm gun tubs) I've been using a cordless drill as a lathe but it's just not accurate enough. Any ideas? TIA Tom
  12. Could you elevate to .50's slightly to align with his sight line? Tom
  13. Have a look for any wood turning hobby clubs in your area and see if they could make you any. Tom
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