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  1. Thought they might have dismounted it and fitted it to the turret. Tom
  2. Does the subject tank in your pic has the bow mg missing? Tom
  3. You're pic shows the way i thought it would be. The shafts and pulley wheels are supported as near to the wheels as possible. Tom
  4. A query regarding the winch. The outer pulley wheels (just visible bottom right corner of image #7549) that run fore and aft would be under a lot of pressure when they had a couple of turns of rope around them I'm wondering if there were parts (similar the triangularish bits that hold the main drums in position) to reinforce the shafts as they enter the inboard sides of them? I could see those shafts bending pretty quick! Tom
  5. Steve, It's hidden in Beefy's post. 'Also managed to get the PDF plans from Black Dragon or Profile Morskie need to enlarge the print on these sections' https://profilemorskie.com/Profile_1a.htm Tom
  6. Great pic! IWM A 10296 Tom
  7. I've a suspicion that not all the ASRLs had the perspex in the turrets. I think there was a previious thread by Robgizlu, Courageous, or, someone else with pics in one of the posts. Tom Edit: I'm pretty sure that 142 in this pic doesn't have them. https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:British_Power_Boat_Company_Type_2_'Whaleback'_High_Speed_Launches_of_the_RAF_Marine_Branch,_at_sea_off_Dover,_7_April_1941._CH2495.jpg
  8. Here's a pic I found http://www.shipmodels.info/mws_forum/viewtopic.php?f=48&t=6603&start=200 (post 1434) So thought I'd have a go on my '350 San Francisco '42 kit. Off white is good for me. Thanks All Tom
  9. The RN made extensive use of countershading. So very probably white (RN white had a cream tint to it I believe). for example: https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/0730/0927/files/HMS_Belfast.pdf?v=1609588664 Tom
  10. Say's it all, really. What colour did the USN paint the interiors of their ships. Specifically hangars on cruisers. Ta All Tom
  11. I once watched a wrecker pulling a truck from a ditch. The high purchase position was used to 'lift' the truck's front and help the traction of the wrecker by adding some of the truck's weight to the rear. If your going down the recovery route I'd suggest trying to find some heavy recovery progs on Discovery Channel (Highway Through Hell, is one I remember) for some ideas. What those boys can do with a cable is amazing! Tom
  12. You must have more pom-poms than the Dallas Cowboys by now! Lovely work. Tom
  13. Great looking model. Shame there's no 1/350 Commonwealth infantry. Tom
  14. Nice subject, I've got the kettle on and an extra cushion on the chair. I'm hesitant to say anything, knowing how good Jamie is with camouflage. But the superstructure on the lower pics looks the same colour as the hull, especially on Seaham. Tom
  15. The KGV's dispensed or integrated all the gubbins in between the bridge and B turret into one structure. It was (to all accounts) a lot roomier and weather proof. Would the three windows at the bottom of the pic be the admirals bridge? Tom
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