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  1. Beefy, I've noticed something and it's bugging me! In post #201 what're the markings on the backdrop from? Just curious Tom
  2. Looks like 6 months well spent! great build, but I must admit that rigging scares me! Tom
  3. Modelholic

    MTB ID

    I've found this pic on Armchair General and was wondering what type of MTB it is. The step fwd of the wheelhouse and the twinned gun tubs amidships are a new one on me. I thought for an instant it could be the Revell 1/72 MTB but there's a gap between bridge sides and gun tubs and is flush decked. https://forums.armchairgeneral.com/forum/military-history-related-hobbies/military-modelling-and-other-hobbies/159221-vosper-mtb-1-35th-scale-italeri/page3 scroll to post #38 Tom
  4. Do you mean the type 253 IFF that extends forward of the mast over the bridge and is kind of a wire frame egg timer?
  5. Following on from Beefy's suggestion of a reference thread. How were the reload torpedoes secured? I'm thinking steel bands (imagine hoops on a barrel) perhaps as chain could damage the torpedo skin. Tom
  6. Is that the 48 Flower on top of the cupboard? Tom
  7. Thank You, Mike. It's only taken me about 3 years! The secret of my success? I got my son to explain it! He realized that the pics stored in Flickr have to have their little padlocks unlocked to enable them to be whisked through the electricals to my post. It's sorta like watching the crew of Enterprise teleport. Always wondered how they did that (Should've asked my son!) Do you think it's a little large (assuming your in the 'size matters' camp?) Tom
  8. A quick question for all the Coastal Forces 1/72 modelers. What do you use to rig these wonderful models? Tom
  9. Regarding the aerial question (Feb. 10) It's thin rope/cord tied around the aerial and to a convenient location on the hull and pulled taunt to stop the thing whipping around. the spring base would bend securing the aerial at an angle (45 degrees ?) Here's a pic of a HUMVEE but you'll get the idea http://www.nf6x.net/1999/12/m998-hmmwv/ Tom
  10. Modelholic

    HMS Cornwall

    The man to ask is Jamie @ Sovereign Hobbies. I'm sure he'll be along soon. Some pics and profiles (click on 'Art') here: http://www.world-war.co.uk/ Tom
  11. I'm hoping to build my first resin kit this summer (a CC MTB in 1/72). I understand the safety concerns regarding working with resin (good mask, ventilation wet abrasive) But what about other occupants of the house? My workbench is the dining room table (on special occasions) and my son is usually glued to his computer on the other side of the room. Should I pray for good weather and take my resin into the garden? Tom
  12. If removed during refit early '43 it would probably be Durban SA (18th March - 13th April) or Greenoch (10th - 31 May). http://www.naval-history.net/xGM-Chrono-01BB-HMS_Warspite.htm Tom
  13. DC throwers would be the same colour as the superstructure vertical surfaces depending on what camouflage (if any) was applied. I'd imagine the actual DCs would be painted in whatever grey was the base for whichever theater (home fleet, mediterranean, etc). Get well soon Tom
  14. I know the technique and used to be very good at stretching. But since getting back into modelling 20+ year ago it just won't come back! Although, I must admit I haven't tried in a while. Stephen, I meant to say earlier. If you can pivot the Bren gun more vertical It'd only be in that position if someone was holding it. Tom
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