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  1. I never realised the 'flying bridge' actually moved. I thought it was where the air group commander controlled/observed flying operations from (sort of a pre 'FlyCo') and was so called the 'Flying Bridge' Terry, Good call! I thought the flag flying from the funnel was an ensign and was going to say it was Sunday because of the sailors uniforms. Tom
  2. Crisp, That's the bottom wing isn't the top wing slightly longer? Don't know what happened (maybe the Carpet Monsters are in a giving mood, hypnotised me and did it out of pity) I've two bits of brass that actually look like cranes! I'm well chuffed with m'self! 12 bends And minimal super glue! (And I've still got all my fingers and thumbs) RESULT Tom
  3. I've just spent 40 minutes repeatedly putting the PE sides (4 parts) on a pair of 1/350 octo pom pom mounts and think they look rubbish. You on the other hand. Well Crisp I salute you! Tom I'm now going to see if I can bend the two kit cranes into something resembling cranes. Les, Yep your about spot on.
  4. Modelholic

    HMS Matabele

    The thingy at the masthead is the antennae for Radar 286M fitted in May 1941 Also at this time she had the after funnel shortened and mainmast removed. Tom
  5. John, Yes. In the kit instructions go to page 13 step 25 (top middle diagram). They attach to part B13. If they are BD positions you'd think there'd be some gubbins in them. Tom
  6. Hiya, John, There's no connection to the superstructure. It reminds me of an oerlikon tub (though of smaller diameter) with an extended vertical forward face faired into the after part. HMS Belfast AotS book has nothing on it bare the overall line drawings. If you was to sit/stand in it you'd not be able to see past 90degs to the ships side. On page 37 of AotS there is a plan drawing of the area (A3/8) with a BD (Barrage Director) marked piece of equipment in this location, but no tub. I'd think a BD would need to cover the arcs of fire for the main turrets not just the aft 180deg. Tom
  7. Can anyone tell me what parts F4 are? Pt and stb at forward end of 'X' gundeck. I'm not convinced but I'm thinking lookout posts maybe, ish, possibly. TIA Tom
  8. That postie must like you. He gives you some good things! Tom
  9. What's are your opinions about drilling out the scuttles (port holes) on a 1/350 ship? destroyer size or bigger. Answers, on a postcard,.. Just kidding Tom
  10. Ta Jeff, It's a good job I didn't put any money on that bet! Tom
  11. Jeff, Whats an ATF? (I'm betting the 'A' is for Australian). I'd be very interested to seek a peek at their RN group builds if possible. Have you considered sticking a HACS aft as well. Tom
  12. In Whitby on the Abbey side near the bridge there's a toy shop with some modelly stuff in it. Might manage a trip to Chester Moor tomorrow if I can get SWMBO distracted for a few hours! Tom
  13. If the plug isn't long enough, could you put a shim of plasticard in fuselage slot to raise the top wing up a little up a little? Tom
  14. got a Boyes just down the road from me. Thanks for the tip about NE Model Centre. Tom
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