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  1. If you take into account the extent the island protrudes into the flight deck is it still off-centre (i.e marked half the usable width abreast the island)? Tom
  2. Lewis, I'm not so sure. There are differences. The two forward ventilators and the wheelhouse roof are different. Regarding weathering, I remember a starboard quarter shot of a boat (It might have been posted on one of the coastal forces' builds here on britmodeller). Thought I'd saved it but, alas, can't find it, maybe a different class or even a BPB or MGB but it was positively filthy! Tom
  3. There doesn't seem to be much visual difference between the hull and anti fouling colours in the last photo (Howe?) look along the forefoot in the sunshine. Tom
  4. Nah! If we run out at a later date we might be able to get some cheap if he can't sell it! Tom
  5. The owner will be floating his business on the stock market come Monday. Within the week it'll rival Amazon in value! Tom PS I'm not jumping on the bandwagon this time. I've had some ages!
  6. I've a feeling money will be fleeing from my bank account in July! Zooming in on the model's photo the after funnel looks a strange shape. Any news on the Didos? Tom
  7. Terry, In post #22 of FlyingSpanner's 1/35 Vosper build log there's pics showing the bridges of (albeit earlier) boats from the rear and they look pretty dark to me. Tom
  8. I've got (partial) use of the dining table And I have full use of the garage, But SWMBO has decided to fill it up with junk! Tom
  9. Arjan, If iI'm brush painting Tamiya acrylics I thin them 10% with isopropyl alc. I find it helps! But you're right about them drying quick. Don't know if anyone can recommend a retarder. Tom
  10. Are you sure the tube is tilted? I think that's just a perspective issue from the drawing Put the tube on a flat table surface and measure the distance front and back between bottom of tube and surface, level with a 'shim' (if I'm wrong about the perspective thing. I find a suitable slice of a block of pencil eraser good for this sort of stuff) under one end. Find something that you can horizontally rest a pencil on (block of wood?) at a suitable height to draw the line then firmly hold the tube and drag the pencil/wooden block combination around the tube so you're left with a line parallel to the table surface. You could tape the pencil to the block (or bluetack it) if you wish. Rattle can or hand brush only I believe? I'd paint the tube the lightest colour first. Could you 'notch' a strip of masking tape at the required intervals and apply it? Then spray the top colour. You'd have to hand brush the ridges and support structure. Tom
  11. Yep, your right. My eyes are playing tricks again! Tom
  12. Hate to say this but the cover for the hull mg mount is upside down. http://tank-photographs.s3-website-eu-west-1.amazonaws.com/sherman-firefly-17pdr-british-medium-tank-ww2.html Tom
  13. Odd that about the bridge wind-deflector. They got it right on the box art! Tom
  14. If you can find styrene tube of around the right diameter (say 3mm) ans cut at an angle you'll get some nice oval slices. Might be a bit trial and error to get it looking right. Tom
  15. It's not magic or anything mystical. It's just that he's a Sh_t Hot modeller!
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