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  1. Looking great. The extra detail under that clear canopy is really paying off. Regards, Adrian
  2. Nice weathering. The rivets show up nicely in the chipping too. Regards, Adrian
  3. Looking good! Microscopic instrument panels, but I suppose they dont have all those dials for oil pressure etc Regards, Adrian
  4. Ali, I don't want to be the bearer of bad tidings but I think Trumpeter have made the same booboo that I got pulled up for when I pimped up the old Airfix one a few years ago. The exhaust ring is pretty heavily segmented. As I understand it, this is a feature of the modern restored flying example only, the wartime ones having smooth unsegmented exhaust rings. If you take a look at the navywings site and watch the video, you can see at 6:53 that the modern one has a segmented exhaust ring, and then at 8:14 you can see a similar shot of a wartime one with no segments. I'm working this weekend so I can't dig out anything more solid I'm afraid. Anyhow, that's information for you. Up to you what you do with it. Mine's still got the segments on it... Looking super (and big) though, segmented or not! Regards, Adrian
  5. Er, don't you have to buy another seven Raptor kits from different manufacturers before you can start? After all, you can't just build one old chap! It's just not done!! Regards (and happy belated birthday), Adrian
  6. Indeed. You guys are 12 hours ahead so it’s Sunday for you already. Hope you have a super dinner! Regards, Adrian
  7. Thanks for the kind words. I do love the scheme, and I’m grateful to Hasegawa that I didn’t have to paint the red bits! What I really want is a fully closed up F-102 with a little button that, when pushed, springs the doors open and the missiles out!
  8. Ooooh yellowwwww. Looks like a good solid foundation for your stripes. Regards, Adrian
  9. Very nice! Looks like a super starting point for a worn finish. Hope you are feeling better… Regards, Adrian
  10. It’s looking splendid! BTW, cocktail sticks also make good cannon fairings (ahem, so I’m told…). Regards, Adrian
  11. It is indeed looking Fireflylicious! Noice tip with the silver foil too. Regards, Adrian
  12. That rotor head has more parts than lots of the whole kits that I put together! Super progress. Regards, Adrian
  13. It was produced to the F.9/37 requirement issued in 1937 and preceded the Beaufighter, which was a derivative of the Beaufort (which is how I could steal the Airfix Beaufighter wings and tail to put on the FROG Beaufort body in the dark days before Airfix kitted the Beaufort!). A later version was put forward into the competition that produced the Beaufighter but it was withdrawn so Gloster could concentrate on jet designs. Given that I already made my other Magna kit (the Gloster F.5/34) for the Anything But Injection GB, this would be a nice excuse to get this one done! (But P-38s need to get done first!) Thanks, Adrian
  14. Gorgeous. Love the scheme too. Regards, Adrian
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