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  1. Tony, I've been thinking about this build, and I think it's significant for a number of reasons: 1) 3D printing technology is finally here in a high quality, affordable package. 2) This is done by a modeller going out and doing primary-source research. Not once have you said "The Airfix 1/48 kit does that, I will copy it and be done". 3) It is more detailed and more finely modelled than most of the kits out there. 4) It essentially comes with its own aftermarket. No need to replace sub-standard wheels or dodgy ejector seats. 5) It is not just the "only" kit or the "bes
  2. They are coming along very nicely! You are certainly taking advantage of 1/32 to add lots of great detail. I work my way through a fair number of 0.2mm bits too. The good news is when you go back to 0.5mm, it feels so easy. But the holes look massive. Mind you, if you're using 0.3 mm drills in 1/32 and I model in 1/72, then my drill sizes should be... - er no, not going to happen! Regards, Adrian
  3. All is forgiven and forgotten. I love the smell of Decalfix in the morning: Matt varnish and rigging to go. What could possibly go wrong?
  4. Er, super paint job. Get well soon, @CedB Regards, Adrian
  5. Car body putty? The two part “golf ball of putty, pea of hardener” sort (eg Isopon P38 in the UK). It gets a bit warm but not that hot, and it’s set in ten minutes. I have used it in largish quantities on plastic card structures with no thermal issues. I would be tempted to put cling film (Saran wrap?) inside the parts so that the filler stays unstuck. Regards, Adrian
  6. Apart from the cowlings and the length of the nose, I don’t think the Baltimore is too bad. The SB-2 is pretty good for a 1969 Western model of a WW2 Soviet aeroplane of which there were no surviving airframes. Regards, Adrian
  7. I decided to go for the repaint before I got disheartened: The brown is more coffee and less yellow in real life. The spare wing shows the paints I used next to the paint set I gave up on.
  8. It’s looking very Lerwick-like. Nice progess. Regards, Adrian
  9. Crikey! It’s huge!! The weathering looks good and grimy too. Regards, Adrian
  10. Well, I wrestled the ICM fuselage together (it fits nicely) and did a comparison to the FROG. Side view: Definitely a family resemblance! Plan view: Oh dear! The FROG kit starts off wide and gets even wider by the time it gets to the rear gunner’s canopy. I am reviewing my options but I definitely see a very large file in my future...
  11. I decided I couldn’t get on with the upper side paints: I didn’t like the way they brushed, and the colours were too light for me. The grey was the final straw. Because of all the delicate sticky-out bits I’ve decided not to strip it but to overpaint. I had trouble over painting with HU102 so I’ve only managed to get a diluted layer on. Something in the Ammo paints must be interacting with it: I’ve kept the blue underneath, but to be honest I think I’ll go back to my previous mixes next time. This is what happens when I make nice kits...
  12. Ah but you moved the panel line too. That’s cheating! Adrian
  13. Hmmm, the FROG fuselage seems to be a little longer than the ICM:
  14. Interior complete and waiting for the wash to dry before assembling: I can add the control column later - it will be less faff than trying to get it past the instrument panel when I glue the nose on. While I am waiting I am going to see if I can get brushed feathered edges with Mig Ammo paints...
  15. A bit of washy goodness to bring out the detail: And then start assembling the front half of the cockpit on the back of the nose section: I've spent half the day whittling all the parts and it’s very satisfying watching them suddenly fit together when you remove the right little lump of plastic. The Frog one will get a turn when I’ve got this fuselage together - I need to see what I’ve built!
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