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  1. I do like the camouflage and markings. Nearly there! Regards, Adrian
  2. I love the undercarriage! Do the instructions say “shake six seemingly similar sticks together until it looks like the picture”? Looking forward to this, although I’d do it wheels up if I were you! Regards, Adrian
  3. It looks terrific. A model to be proud of. The photography is very nice too! Regards, Adrian
  4. Nice work on the engine. It looks like a gem of a kit. Google Translate is really good if you are working with far Eastern TV remote controls and want to know what the buttons do. It is quite amazing! Regards, Adrian
  5. My sympathies. It’s hard losing a member of the household. We are all rooting for you. Regards Adrian
  6. Lovely aeroplane and brilliantly set off by the diorama base and background. Smashing! Regards, Adrian
  7. AdrianMF

    Gloster Gamecock 1/48

    The fin flash order change is described here on BM. For those who don't want to click: " OK, here are the dates. 15 May 1915 adoption of rudder stripes, like the French but different hues 15 August 1930 reversal of colours - to be effected from 19 September 1930 1 August 1934 Rudder stripes discontinued 7 Dec 1939 Fighters in France to have rudder stripes (actually only AASF - GB comment) 20 September 1940 Fin flash standardised at 27in x 24 in Dates from Harleyford's Aircraft Markings of the World 1912-1967. Sometimes the old references are the best, but it does lack a date for the introduction of the fin flash. I believe fuller information on the 1940 introduction of the fin flash can be found in the Ducimus Camouflage and Markings series. if you really want to know I'll dig it out, but can I move my camouflage references nearer to the loft ladder first? " Regards, Adrian
  8. AdrianMF

    Savoia Marchetti SM.79 Lebanese Style

    "What do you call him?" "Anything you like, he can't hear you!" Adrian
  9. AdrianMF

    The Gentlemanly Pursuit

    Looking good! A little square of clear sellotape works wonders for leading edge light covers. You can touch up the edges with paint to look like the frame round the outside. Regards, Adrian edit - was it one of those solid ones where you paint the back silver, in which case sellotape probably isn’t the answer
  10. Maybe fuel vents? Lovely work and it's only improved by a coat of rattlecan silver. Does look very shiny! Regards, Adrian
  11. AdrianMF

    At the Mountains of Madness

    Loved the build and all the detailing and improvements! Breath of fresh air... Regards, Adrian
  12. AdrianMF

    The Gentlemanly Pursuit

    Great stickering! Looks good. Regards, Adrian
  13. Lovely work, very precise! Regards, Adrian
  14. Wowza! I love the way your scribing goes through all those different materials without the slightest wobble. And the extra detailing of the intake interiors (when I did a Frog Wessex I just left a solid wedge!). It looks a bit like a fish - its making me hungry! Regards, Adrian