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  1. Clicked on your signature link by accident, and I'm glad I did! Absolutely super modelling. Regards, Adrian
  2. Looks great! It's amazing how much it misses the tip of its nose though. I've been playing with UV-hardening resin for little bulbs and blobs, but because of you I've just gone and spent 3.95 on "Liquid Glass Drops" as a diversion from some dull documentation...
  3. Good show on tackling the Dark Arts of folding etch. Enjoying watching the build. Regards, Adrian
  4. The cockpit looks really good! Looking forward to seeing more. If you are interested in Heller kits in particular, there is a Heller Group Build currently going on in the "Current Group Builds" section of this forum, where people are building lots of them. Regards, Adrian
  5. Nice work on this conversion. The instrument effects in the cockpit looked great! The T-17 wasn't the prettiest Canberra ever, was it?
  6. In the midst of a flurry of crude, poorly-shaped, ill fitting parts and lots of filler, we suddenly have this: A mounting for an offset DF pod, which fitted almost perfectly after a trim!
  7. Mine just refuses to turn on ever, so I have to read it manually: Nice work! Regards, Adrian
  8. Top join was great, bottom join, not so much, but sorted now:
  9. That is looking really sharp. I like the markings a lot! Regards, Adrian
  10. Peter, your link is the one I found for replacement tracks. I’m still mulling over my track options as I’ve gone wa-ay over my modelling budget for this week/month/year! Regards, Adrian
  11. That’s a great finish in a tricky colour! I’m particularly impressed with the lowlighting on the vents - looks very realistic. The driver looks good with a bit more weight on, too! Regards, Adrian
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