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  1. The chaps at Solent Sky were great when I went a few years ago. Lovely museum. Your Sunderland is really beginning to take shape now! Regards, Adrian
  2. It’s certainly interesting to see how the turbochargers were liked together. Looks like an interesting project! Regards, Adrian
  3. The RWD5 looks lovely. As does the Anson! I am however wondering with the Skyraider whether the FAA went through a phase of not using an aeroplane unless it was uglier than the Fairey Gannet? Regards, Adrian
  4. Wow! Looks lovely in the shiny new paint job Bill. Regards, Adrian
  5. I hope you are going to have an open cockpit with all that lovely detail... Regards, Adrian
  6. They look great. I like the yellow and black bands too, reminds me of the US Coastguard scheme. Regards, Adrian
  7. It is! I will get it right one day… Thanks, Adrian
  8. Looks like your Revell kit is the repop of the 1972 FROG kit, which was basic but a massive step up from the 1962 Airfix kit. Revell later reboxed the Hasegawa kit at a fraction of its original price. I’m looking forward to your one man group build! Regards, Adrian
  9. Well the paint phase was definitely a learning experience It would have made a good Blitzbuild subject. I switched to acrylics when Humbrol started doing the "new" enamels, and I was finally allowed to model somewhere warm as a reward for not making a stink, so I can't go back! Regards, Adrian
  10. The strange thing is that the other side is blank except for the star and the number. So it's like getting two schemes for the price of one! Regards, Adrian
  11. Looking rather splendid there. Masterclass! Regards, Adrian
  12. I can't really speak for the accuracy but it was a pleasure to assemble. Regards, Adrian
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