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  1. I should have had more faith! Wonderful stuff. I think the observer/gunner was meant to crawl under the rudder bar assembly and do bomb aiming through the opened hatch in the floor. The space in front of him would be where the radiator retracted into. Regards, Adrian
  2. Someone was saying the other day how when Airfix and FROG were in their heyday it was only about 20 years since the war and everyone above 30 would have very clear memories of it. Seems impossible to imagine now...
  3. Looking forward to freehand airbrush smoke rings! The colour photo is interesting to me because of the sand colour - it looks almost grey. Regards, Adrian
  4. Not seen this kit before. Looks very nice (albeit with some filler). Good luck with the painting! Regards, Adrian
  5. That is a classic paint scheme, very nicely done. And fast too! Regards, Adrian
  6. That reminds me, I must make some Jerry cans out of balsa... 51! Gosh, time flies, doesn’t it? Thanks Dave!
  7. Woohoo! Finally got some modelling time this evening: It must be forty-five years since I last made rivets using a pin and 10 thou plastic card...
  8. If it's not too late, you may care to represent the stringers under the linen covering with some lines drawn on the inside? You probably can't see them from the finished openings (I could hardly see them on m 1/72 attempt) but just a thought... There's a good shot of the gunner's cockpit showing the stringers here. Regards, Adrian
  9. Taking a seat for this one! I believe John Adams of Aeroclub fame provided Arsenal with lots of information so the kit is very well researched as well as beautifully moulded. Too expensive for my modelling budget though - I managed to bag an Aeroclub 1/48 Demon a few years ago and that will do me! Regards, Adrian
  10. Looking forward to the project. Italian colours of WWII are a bit of a mystery to me so I’m interested in what you find! [edit: and Italian airports do have some interesting historic aircraft parked outside - I’m thinking of the SVA5 at Genoa airport] Regards, Adrian
  11. Looking forward to this. The Little Prince was one of my kids’ favourite books. And I love a P-38! The Academy kit is reputed to be a good kit, so I hope it works for you. Regards, Adrian
  12. As a kid I would have to have differed. Guns, torpedoes and rockets please, and bombs too if there was room! If I had known about the Martin Mauler back then it would surely have been my favourite! Regards, Adrian
  13. Overall sand huh? Makes sense In a desert I suppose! Looking forward to the build. I am warming to the tri-colour schemes, partly from VVS schemes and partly from the colourful French builds from @Heather Kay. Regards, Adrian
  14. I’m sure a Tamiya Beaufighter is going to provide a splendid build - no pressure! Strange that the RAF in the MTO often seemed to get by with a single letter for ID whereas in UK based ops they used the two letter squadron code plus ID letter. Regards, Adrian
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