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  1. The dragon had a definite outline that only really showed up after I got the decal on. If you look at this post you can see before and after touching up. I don’t think my eyesight is that bad but I bought a Chinese optivisor with built in LED light and a selection of lenses off EBay for around a tenner at the start of lockdown and it’s been a must-have for rigging and figure painting. Highly recommended! Regards, Adrian
  2. I omitted most of the PE apart from the seat and the dials at the very rim (the plastic detailing is pretty good anyhow). I suspected I'd never see the foot pedals again! I didn't know how bad it was going to be until I'd put the decals on, and even then, I was wondering if I could just live with it! In the end a bit of careful touching up did the trick for me. Vallejo 71.062 Model Air Aluminium, brushed on with a wide brush. It's very forgiving and even the touch ups for the transfers and construction whoopsies blended in well. Thanks Russ. On reflection, I am very pleased with the result, and I feel rather less grumpy about it than my previous post would suggest. So I have bought another N17 dual combo kit. I have plenty of varied colour schemes to choose from and I need to raise my game so I can deal with nice kits without feeling bad about them! Regards, Adrian
  3. Glad you enjoyed it! I just snagged another Nieuport combo from Kingkit so there may be more than one… This one was done with Uschi elastic thread and tiny(ish) blobs of thick CA. I also used EZLine on the SPADs. I also use invisible mending thread and drilled holes if it’s going to be silver rigging, but I haven’t for a while.
  4. Fantastic! And love the contrasting schemes too. Regards, Adrian
  5. Thanks Edward. I can believe your assertion - everything fitted like a dream and the only defect in the kit that I could see was a tiny sink mark in the fairing of the front starboard cabane strut (which I managed to forget to fill). The decals had problems too but, hey, stickers. BUT, while I appreciate how superb the kit is, the process of building it fills me with panic and terror; the parts are so small and so perfectly formed that I worry I’m going to mess them up (because I will). So I will remember this build because: * the windscreen is about 1/2mm off-centre * the port aileron push rod isn’t fully engaged with the hole in the fuselage * the gun cocking lever was unceremoniously bent out of the way of the windshield * I should have drillled and cleaned up the control wire holes before painting * and so on… Whereas I will remember my rubbish SPAD kit builds for: * scratch building cockpits that look nearly half as good as the Eduard one * refining the struts so they didn’t look like tree trunks running into deep slots in the wing * adding details like aileron cranks and pushrods and steps * and so on… So on the one hand I am downcast because it’s not as good as it should be, on the other hand I’m elated because it doesn’t look like a pig’s ear! So: it’s either therapy or a diet of cheap crappy kits for me. Thanks also @AliGauld, @Andy Dyck, @ForestFan and @Dave Slowbuild - the kit did most of the work, all I did was try not to ruin it too much! At 11.5cm or 4.5 inches span it is unbelievably small.
  6. Well, time to pick up this one again after work, life, Matchbox, Albacore and Nieuport distractions: I messed up the fin in cutting out and thinning, so I took the opportunity to make a new one from card and correct the fuselage length while I was about it. Swings and roundabouts - I was thinning down the wingtips to get the aerofoil section and lost a millimetre off each one. I’m not going to fix that. Although I’ve cut out all the struts I strongly suspect that I will make new ones from plastic card or wire Now it’s time for some cockpit detailing and working out how to get a propeller that spins…
  7. This was a lovely kit to build, although challenging due to the petite delicacy of the parts and the surprisingly mis-registered decals. I had to build the dragon version, even though that meant touching up the off-centred white edges. Pictures: WIP is in the last two or three pages of this thread, the rest being taken up with SPADs. Regards, Adrian
  8. After a surprisingly short to-do list, it’s finished: RFI, with some more pictures, is here. I’m going to declare this thread closed now because I’ve got too many other projects on the go. The remaining Nieuport 17 in the box (with some of @Terry1954’s Italian decals) will make an appearance soon after I’ve cleared the Shelf of Shame a bit and once again fancy a challenging but nearly perfect kit! Thanks for playing along, Adrian
  9. Thanks Martian! Sorry for the diversion, let the merriment continue…
  10. Superb result from a bit of a dodgy kit! Nice solution to the propellers, and your B+W photoshopped photo looks totally realistic. Regards, Adrian
  11. Ahhh. Could well be. I was going on Tony's description of fibres about 1mm long. Regards, Adrian
  12. Ah, this thread has some modelling in it (calm down, calm down, I didn't mean the other sort). I had assumed, up to your mention of linen, that the Zeppelins would be silver doped (which makes no sense at all for a night bomber if I think about it for a nanosecond). Got it! Hence the see-thru. I notice that you haven't put any dark lines on for the longerons. I wondered if they would show or whether there was an extra layer of linen over them to negate any darkening. Regards, Adrian
  13. Coming out of the Matchbox GB my standards for ease of assembly are now pretty high. Maybe Arma Hobby has managed to capture "Eduard/Special Hobby detail" and "Matchbox buildability"? Regards, Adrian
  14. Looking ready for red! Are you going to re-scribe the undercarriage door outlines over the bondo? I had a "bits on canopy" problem with an F-111 in the GB a few years ago. I rubbed the bottom of the fuselage with my synthetic running shirt (clean!) and tapped the canopy to loosen the bits. It worked like magic (OK, then like physics!). Regards, Adrian
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