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  1. Smashing job on that old Airfix classic! Regards, Adrian
  2. Michael, welcome aboard! I will add your name to the list! Regards, Adrian
  3. Fuselage together and cowling well on the way. The air intake was opened up with a triangular needle file before fitting and the exhausts were rescued from the carpet monster after pinging six feet off the tweezers while being painted: ...seat belts: This kit does have a nearly-fatal flaw. The cabane struts are terribly moulded and almost impossible to prepare without breaking. Here are mine after gluing the one on the left back together after it broke into three before it even started to come off the sprue: The irregular blobs of plastic around the
  4. A bit of a late entry with this one, in the fifth scheme boxed with the new(ish) Airfix kit. I’ve built the other four versions and enjoyed it every time! Here’s what I’m building: Cockpit will get seat belts but otherwise it’s pretty much done: Regards, Adrian
  5. This just gets complicated-er and complicated-er! Epic modelling. Regards, Adrian
  6. I’m not sure if it looks more reassuringly stronger or still terrifyingly fragile! Wonderful modelling either way. Regards, Adrian
  7. All sounds very tech to an “invisible thread, EZLine or stretched sprue” guy! Looking forward to seeing what they are. Regards, Adrian
  8. Looks nice and colourful! Immaculate masking round those tail bits. Regards, Adrian
  9. Looking good! The underside view shows up how surprisingly wide the fuselage is when it gets to the water. I appreciate your misgivings about the swirl patterns but my 2p worth would be to do the same on the other side and damn the torpedoes! I think it looks terrific. Regards, Adrian
  10. That interior looks great! I’d be tempted to leave the door open too. Regards, Adrian
  11. And there was I thinking they look a lot smaller than the wings they took off! Nice work. I thought the copper wire was going to be your rotor support. The kit looks like an interesting mix of finesse (seat belts, internal bracing) and short run goodness! Regards, Adrian
  12. It looks immaculate in its white paint. Well fettled sir! Regards, Adrian
  13. Immaculate finish. Very nice. Is the Hasegawa plastic still available in the Revell boxing? Regards, Adrian
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