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  1. There were physical fences for manually operated guns on the Hampden (with two bumps because it was twin tail). I did some research on that for a model a few years back, but for power turrets later in the war there were mechanisms to stop the guns firing so you could still track your target. There is a link that says it better than I can here. Regards, Adrian
  2. Looking good! Regards, Adrian
  3. “What the heck’s he doing now?”, I hear you ask. Well, the Chrome pen didn’t work out (too much to cover?) and the ink dried before I could coat it all, so I thought of Plan B. if you keep your Christmas Lindor chocolate wrappers, you can peel off the sticky foil and stick it on your metal bits, burnishing madly with a thumbnail as you go...
  4. Good things come to those who paint: I have lost count of how many paint-sand-repair cycles I have been through, but it’s done (although I might have just one more teeny coat on the wings) Thanks for looking, Adrian
  5. Nice to see a Beaufort in the GB. The kit has a few issues but the Frog Beaufighter engines will make a big difference. Regards, Adrian
  6. Looks like fun! I’m in the throes of a Novo Airspeed Oxford build with enlarged wings in Trainers GB here if you are interested. Regards, Adrian
  7. I have been acquiring a set of Miles Masters: The parts are mostly flash free, and the plastic is very hard and brittle: My intention is to build one here as a Master MkIII, with a more detailed cockpit and a correction for the rear fuselage lack of taper. If time allows I want to do a MkII conversion and a Martinet conversion, using engines from a Revell re-pop of the Frog Blenheim, which is winging its way to a pickup point near me from EBay. Regards, Adrian
  8. Looking forward to your build! I’m doing a Master (or two or three, depending on time pressures) as a kind of continuation from the trainees GB. Regards, Adrian
  9. The Blackburn Shark was also one of the first batch of kits released by FROG in 1936 in their Penguin range. I doubt we will see one of those being built here... I’m sure you will have lots of fun with this one! Regards, Adrian
  10. You wouldn’t believe it (and I know you doubt my sanity) but that’s how I start off with most of my builds! Regards, Adrian
  11. All yellow, from quite a well-known photo of one of the prototypes. Silver cowlings will be coloured in by one of those chrome pen thingies.
  12. Never, ever do that! I have spent far too long on this one. I think the canopy and roof fix has made a difference, but not as much as throwing it away and buying the AZ kit would! (or even the Pavla, which has its challenges, as Heather demonstrated earlier in this GB) Regards, Adrian
  13. I think I’m calling it a night: i have been using Humbrol 93 as an undercoat because it’s more opaque than yellow and close in colour. The blotches on the wings are to darken the yellow that is over white Milliput, and the dark blotches on the fuselage are repairing where I have been sanding to get the canopy to blend and also to restore the crease just below the roof line, which had got rounded off during sanding. Thanks for looking, Adrian
  14. Landing lights, hollowed out air intakes and doors with added details: Make sure when you add ribs to the doors that you are making two lefts and two rights... (no, I didn’t) Thanks for looking, Adrian
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