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  1. Looks very crisp and sharp indeed. The pre-shading looks very subtle and breaks it up nicely. Regards, Adrian
  2. It looks like a little baby bull in the picture! Looking forward to more. Regards, Adrian
  3. I have chopped up another Falcon canopy, this time from set #2 "RAF Fighters", and I have a windscreen and opening canopy part: The rear section is simply some clear plastic heated over a flame and squished over the rear fuselage before trimming. Front and rear parts have been canopy glued down, and all gaps have been covered with a ridiculously thick coat of Humbrol 78 ready for a bit of sanding down.
  4. Rather more filler and issues than I would expect for a new kit but it is looking very nice! Regards, Adrian
  5. I couldn't work out how you were going to use the intakes - they look great! Regards, Adrian
  6. The AIR-6 looks lovely - it looks like it has the same motor as the Po-2 - and I'm intrigued to see what the Aichi looks like - I'm imagining a Walrus or Otter? If you are into older high wing planes there is a very nice and simple (and cheap!) ZTS kit of the Polish RWD-5, which was the smallest aeroplane to fly across the Atlantic. I built one a couple of years ago and it was great fun. Regards, Adrian
  7. Nice progress - looking forward to the paint! And good luck with the interviews... Regards, Adrian
  8. Looks great Bill! You seem to have the weathering under control too. I succumbed to one of these after seeing the detail and the perforated flaps, and of course the first thing one notices is that they all need drilling out to 1mm! When I get to it, I will have to (a) seek permission from Mrs MF to do the drilling on the sofa while watching TV and (b) find something worth watching. (b) may be even even harder than (a)! Regards, Adrian
  9. Glad to see it back on track. I hope they didn't use that contraption on pitching aircraft carrier decks! Regards, Adrian
  10. Awesome! Good to see it back. You know how much I worry about projects with long gaps Regards, Adrian
  11. The tricky bit is the initial cutting down of the weird fairing behind the wing. After that the sanding is pretty straightforward once you have the right diameter paintbrush handle. I was pleasantly surprised! Regards, Adrian
  12. ...bringing it up to a level somewhere quite a way below any Spitfire kit produced in the lst twenty years or so
  13. First coat of Medium Sea Grey: The filled areas, new radiators, wheel wells and remodelled air intake all seem to have worked out OK.
  14. They are tremendously variable. They aren't ever very detailed (internal or external), their accuracy is pretty hit (Wyvern, Gannet, Corsair, Blenheim, Swordfish, Proctor and Magister to name a few that I've built) and miss (Beaufort, Oxford, Morane 406), and some are horrifically crude (Morane 406*, Tupolev SB-2). BUT they had a great range of relatively exotic subjects (Beaufort, Whitley, Gannet, Wyvern and more, which remained unique in injection moulded form until the short run and Chinese companies took off) and they offered well-researched (for the time) colour schemes and transfers which were slightly more likely than Airfix to have the red dot in the middle of the roundel! I think they had a deal with the man who ran one of the decal companies of the time to come up with interesting schemes. Plus I built them as a kid. Maybe if I'd had access to Monogram kits I'd have grown up more well-adjusted. Hey-ho, Adrian * When I decide a kit's not worth building, you know it's pretty bad...
  15. I think I've got an opening canopy: So far, the windscreen has been cut downwards by running the new scalpel blade in parallel to the windscreen facets. I think i need to flatten off the bottom to make it fit a bit better, but I might do that tomorrow when I'm feeling a bit fresher!
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