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  1. AdrianMF

    From Failure to Failure

    Yes, I always forget twin-engined aircraft are four times the work.  Is this the introduction of an "engines squared" law? I think you are on to something. Would a trimotor be nine times the effort? And would a late B-36 be 100 (as opposed to 36 for an early one)?? I think we need to know. Two really nice Blenheims there. I hope you can eventually dissociate them from your current stresses and appreciate them for fine examples of the modelmaker's art. Regards, Adrian
  2. AdrianMF

    1/24 UH-1D Huey conversion Take Me Home Huey

    Great conversion! And I just did a google search on the original - that's some artwork ahead. Regards, Adrian
  3. The stringers look great. When I did something similar with a model of mine, I tried with a variety of glues, not including epoxy, finishing up with superglue. Lots of trial and error. But I think 2 part epoxy is probably the best choice there. Regards, Adrian
  4. Looking very nice indeed. Those yellow dashed lines round the cockpit frame are the very devil to align. Regards, Adrian
  5. AdrianMF

    Milicast 1/72 A10 Cruiser

    Thanks Keith! I had to brush the bright blue fragments of slug pellet off first though. The Hostas round the back door have all but disappeared in the last few months... I've noticed since looking at the photos that I need to give the body another rust wash - the turret wash is stronger and makes the greens look browner, which I think looks nearer to the early war colours. Regards, Adrian
  6. Very nice Delta! Regards, Adrian
  7. Is there a finer thing than a day at Old Warden? Nope.... Glad you got back safe. Regards, Adrian
  8. AdrianMF

    KV-2, Trumpeter 1:35

    Fantastic paint job! Regards, Adrian
  9. AdrianMF

    Milicast 1/72 A10 Cruiser

    Thanks Stix! I have to thank Milicast for the great detail - it's OOB apart from the aerial! Regards, Adrian
  10. AdrianMF

    Catching Pictures in the Air

    Trrrific progress - it's coming together a treat! Let's hope you don't do yourself an injury with magnets and scalpels while painting! Regards, Adrian
  11. Hello All, The Milicast kit is a rather nice resin kit with surprisingly few parts. The build thread is here. I took advantage of the sunshine to take some photos on my back doorstep: Thanks for looking, Adrian
  12. I always thought the cannons on the late Spitfire looked like they were drawn on an angry schoolboy. Now you tell me they are meant to be even longer!! Regards, Adrian
  13. AdrianMF

    Milicast 1/72 A10 Cruiser

    And done! I copied one of the schemes from the Bronco kit, showing a 1st Armoured division tank in Alexandria in 1940: The light weathering is a combination of dry-brushing lighter shades and a rusty grey wash. All markings are hand painted because I don't have an armour decal stash. The 1mm high serial numbers look a bit ropey close to but they are OK from a foot or two. There are a couple more pictures in the RFI section too. Thanks for looking, Adrian
  14. Nice work on the cannons. And they do look good wheels up too. Regards, Adrian
  15. Get well soon! And take it easy with the lifting... The last time I fell off a ladder I landed on Mrs MF, who broke my fall admirably, fortunately without injury to either of us. Regards, Adrian