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  1. I decided to try to convert the supplied "sort of" Boulton-Paul turret into a Martin 250CE by sanding it rounder, removing the frames and reducing the height.: I managed to round it off and polish it back to shiny, but I've simply created a slightly more intrusive distorting glass effect than there was before. My hitherto-clear nose cone has gone a bit unclear inside too and isn't responding well to cleaning or Future. Not sure what to do, except sleep on it and decide tomorrow morning.
  2. After a bit of a frustrating day with the Baltimore I needed some therapy time with the Tempest. Saw off the radiator, first diagonally from under the wing root to just below the spinner backplate to remove the bulk, then square off the hole to remove the parts of the cowling that swell outwards to meet it: The conversion article suggests stacking thick plastic card into the gap and carving it away, but I thought it might be neater and easier to re-use some of the offcuts: I'm happy with that! I will need to put a bit of filler on it, and also some behind just in case I sand through. Quitting while ahead for this evening. Wing radiators and smaller fin tomorrow, and I will need to find a helmetless figure to represent the Hawker test pilot. With a pilot in there won't be much need for cockpit detail!
  3. You will have to use that funny paint with the red top for more than just putting two or three dots in the cockpit and a dot on the port wingtip! Weird, eh? Adrian
  4. Looking good now! I'm sure a nice coat of primer will pull it all tigether. Regards, Adrian
  5. It's a veritable Frankenspit! But all the parts have been blended together nicely. Looking forward to the paint. Regards, Adrian
  6. You're so close to a nice blast of TSS, surely that will help your mojo! Would posing the canopy open help with getting it all to fit or does that just introduce more cutting and grief? Regards, Adrian
  7. I retrieve my Airfix boxing of the PM Sea Fury from box "C" in the garage (thank goodness for spreadsheets!) and dry fitted some parts: It looks the part and matches the profile very well. I like the restrained panel lining, although I will sand back some of the more textured areas, and I will consign the crude undercarriage, stores and cowling/propeller to the spares bin. I have to construct a new cowling, propeller and radiators, and adjust the fin and rudder shape. I have just bought another PM kit and will make the Griffon engine version too, which will be a lot easier if Peter can find the engine he has so generously offered to me. Now I'm going to forget about the Fury until the "Project Cancelled GB" starting in June, and concentrate on my more immediate builds! (edit) I had a look at the Shackleton cowlings/radiators, and they are a completely different design to the Lincoln. The Lincoln cowlings look to be a much better match, despite being for Merlin not Griffon engines. Regards, Adrian
  8. There are a lot of smashing albums on this thread! I'll be visiting (or re-visiting) quite a few, I think. Although I wouldn't have said EDM/pop was necessarily my thing, Robyn, Body Talk and Honey are all pretty solid albums. And Art Pop certainly isn't my thing but Caroline Polachek's Desire is my album of the year. Other albums that refuse to get out of my regular playlist: Blood on the Tracks Hunky Dory The Black Parade Regards, Adrian
  9. What is it with those initials? I've just bought a kit from AMI, and there's Arsenal Model Group (AMG) just around the corner. Jeez, other letters are available... Regards, Adrian
  10. Just found it - terrific build, and the rigging looks very neat. Regards, Adrian
  11. Jeepers Dave, it's all go! Hope you have/had a good time away. Is your DH4 build up on the web somewhere? Regards, Adrian
  12. Best - both at Shepherds Bush: the White Stripes, and John Lydon, wa-a-ay over a decade ago. Also any little known ska-punk outfit I've ever seen; tons of energy, great friendly crowd. Regards, Adrian
  13. I'm posting here rather more often than I should... I have a Frog Squad II GB project to build a Tempest Mk I and it needs a yellow "(P)" so I went to big H and got some at a nice price, free postage. But it was below the minimum order threshold. I mean, what's a boy to do? So I've added to my Italian fighter collection, this kit having a spare cowling and additional decal options to beef up my old Airfix G50 with its weedy cowling and 1960s decals. Regards, Adrian
  14. So here are my key references for shape: The IWM profile photo (top left) seems to be the best representation and shows up quite large inaccuracies in all the drawn profiles. The next photo down is a pretty good match too, but the silver and trim photo is not sufficiently side on to help me in my simplistic analysis. But I now have my definitive profile to guide me through that conversion. ....after the Baltimore... ...and the Tempest 1... ...and my stalled Arado 234 in Twins... ...and two Mileses in Golden Age... ...and a Blitzbuild coming up too! Regards, Adrian
  15. Rolled paper secured with PVA or CA, painted black/silver? Regards, Adrian
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