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  1. AdrianMF

    Gloster Gamecock 1/48

    Hmmm finished by Christmas then? it is looking very very nice indeed. Regards, Adrian
  2. AdrianMF

    Listening to the Solstice

    A very interesting trip through the archives! It's very hard to see what's going on in old fuzzy black and white photos. Funny that they should fabric cover something that spends 90%+ of its life tucked inside the nacelle but that seems to be what it is. Looking forward to undercarriage Mk II... Regards, Adrian
  3. AdrianMF

    1:72 AZ Model Supermarine Attacker

    Looks great! Regards, Adrian
  4. The only thing missing in that wing fold is the clean up rag! When I was walking around the Buccaneer at the RAF Museum on Wednesday they had one stuffed in the inboard side... It's looking great (the Buccaneer not the weather!) Regards, Adrian
  5. Looks immaculate! Regards, Adrian
  6. I’m getting happy with the Frog Beaufighter cowlings. I sanded and scraped the front edges to make them a bit more angular rather than a smooth curve and I used this setup to scribe the panel lines: The plastic card allows me to adjust the scribing by ones or halves of millimetres (20 and 40 thou). Once you learn that the scriber handle has a flat side it all works swimmingly. I’ve also remembered the math for making conical cooling gills... Thanks for looking, Adrian
  7. I can't answer why but I can say it is the case. This picture shows a single gun on its side in the right hand position. I'm guessing it would be to do with collecting used shells (the K gun ejected on the RHS) and possibly not being able to get two drums side by side. But then you get pictures like this where I can't really believe that it shows a K gun on its side (but if it isn't that, what is it?). Finally - third picture here shows one K horizontal and one vertical. Knew I'd seen it somewhere. Regards, Adrian
  8. And here it is with a freshly-futured canopy in situ, so it is possible to manoeuvre it all in: Now I have to do the framing before I install it. When it’s in I will mask it with cling film while I tidy up and paint everything. Thanks for looking, Adrian
  9. Well thanks chaps! I finished cataloguing my kits and I’m pleased to say it’s -er- well under 400. I don’t want to talk about 300 thanks... (Note to self: stop buying Airfix Hawker Demons) This is as close as I’m ever going to get to reproducing the Mk1 Beaufort turret in 1/72: I have a strange urge to shout obscenities now. It must be Turrets Syndrome. Adrian
  10. I needed to leave those parts to dry so I found something else to do. Because my wife is away this weekend, I thought it would be a good move to update the stash spreadsheet without any interruptions along the lines of "do you really need four of that kit?". I was going through the FROG box when I came across this: Now one thing that's been bothering me since page 1 of this build. I have three sets of plans: Top is from "Aeroplane" May 2007, bottom right is from the Warpaint book and bottom left is from a set of plans posted here which have been annotated against a real one. The Aeroplane and Warpaint plans both have the nacelles at 18.5-19mm, about the same as the new Airfix Beaufighter cowling diameter. The other plans have the nacelles at about 17.5mm diameter, which looks a heck of a lot more like the real thing to me. This is the same size as the Frog Beaufighter cowlings. So I'm thinking of re-doing the comedy cowling flaps and using the FROG cowlings instead of the Airfix ones. It will mean a bit of re-shaping and scribing, but I think I can make them work: L-R: Airfix Beaufighter, Frog Beaufighter with Gills, Frog Beaufighter cut down. The Frog Beaufighter cowling is still miles bigger than the Frog Beaufort one! Regards, Adrian
  11. Exactly the opposite! In addition to my full-time tech and management job, I now get to run the company. In principle it's not exactly a surprise but the outgoing MD has changed tune from "I'll sort out that side of the business and retire" to "I'll retire next month", and the valuation of the company allows the two founders to more or less clean out the coffers. At least I won't have to deal with them any more... Regards, Adrian
  12. It’s been an interesting couple of days. I put Mrs MF on a train to go see her sisters in France this morning with no idea of how she was going to make a connection between stations in Paris with no public transport and riots. It turns out that this girl can find a taxi anywhere. Phew! And yesterday the two founders of my company announced that they will be retiring at the end of January, taking most of the working capital with them and without resolving any issues in their loss-making side of the business. That will all become my problem. Thank you gents... Aaand (most importantly) I think I have built a good enough turret: Now I need it to dry thoroughly before even touching it again! Thanks for looking, Adrian
  13. Classy. I was expecting Jon Bon Jovi... And Frank is looking excellent! Regards, Adrian
  14. Looks very nice in pale grey, especially considering all the surgery! Regards, Adrian
  15. AdrianMF

    Listening to the Solstice

    To me, man flu always feels more like this: Get well (and soldering) soon! Regards, Adrian