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  1. Looks gorgeous! Regards, Adrian
  2. Would you recommend the Dragon kit? Sounds like not. Looks good so far though, looking forward to seeing it finished. Regards, Adrian
  3. Wow! Man vs Plastic. Possibly not Frog’s finest moment. Pulling up a chair for a ringside seat! Regards, Adrian
  4. I will follow this and glean information on how to drag my FROG Moth into the 21st century, screaming and kicking (the kit, not me!). Regards, Adrian
  5. Looking good there! I know people waterline ships all the time but I can’t remember seeing it done on an aeroplane before. It is a big project with all the things that you are doing here. Looking forward to the next instalment. And I’d never seen or heard of Hasselback potatoes until I saw them in a recent Tesco ad and looked them up... Regards, Adrian
  6. Looking good. That shot of the tail seemed very seam free - nice! Regards, Adrian
  7. That looks great, especially the colouring on the tracks! Nice work with the Oyumaru. Regards, Adrian
  8. Drill hole of appropriate size in plastic card. Put rudder hinge in in hole. Trace and cut out round bottom profile (fnarr). Stick card to bottom of rudder, getting hinge pin through hole. Sand. Simples! I'm sure I saw a robotic CNC automated drill press on Ebay for £586 + P&P the other day... Regards, Adrian (you know we love you really)
  9. Looks like an Italian display plane! Regards, Adrian
  10. It looks great! Like others, I can’t understand why I’ve never built a Tamiya kit. Hope you sort out something for the track. Regards, Adrian
  11. Looking good! I see it has the later “basher” pilot rather than the earlier “frogman”. A FROG kit is a good choice for a blitzbuild- you never feel like you are getting bogged down in intricate detailing! Regards, Adrian
  12. I’m getting Miles Master with a Zero cowling... With regards to guns and stuff, although it seems like a cheat when an instruction sheet has a call out for “10mm x 0.5mm dia” instead of a part number, it’s often quicker and better than spending half an hour trying to clean up a part before you bin it and reach for the rod/tube. And somehow more honest. Regards, Adrian
  13. Nice canopy! Tailplane looks good too - don’t know what all the fuss was about...
  14. Something a bit different! Nice upcycling too. And suddenly I have a craving for a bacon butty for brunch... Regards, Adrian
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