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  1. Started on the bulkheads and glazing: Thanks for looking, Adrian
  2. Smaller diameter engine cowlings because it was a sleeve valve Perseus, not a tappet valve Pegasus. The power was lower but so was the drag. Regards, Adrian
  3. J-W, I might well steal your idea for the squarish windows, because they are in groups and the fuselage side is pretty flat around them - thanks. The portholes are candidates for a clear glue film I think That Clipper looks amazing, doubly so when you know it started life as some bumps in plastic. I don’t think the colour picture is an Empire (is it a Sandringham?), but the other two are, showing the promenade deck and smoking compartment. I’m sure there will be lively debate about the colours and patterns on the curtains! * If you are serious about building an Empire, I should have some spare patterns and parts at the end of this build... Regards, Adrian * no there won’t - it’s neither VVS nor Luft46
  4. I’ve no advice on silvers I’m afraid - I hate ‘em all! It looks great with the primer on. Regards, Adrian
  5. Somebody needs to have a quiet word in a dark corner with Transmaldivian about getting some simpler colour schemes...
  6. Your Tomcat is looking very sharp! Regards, Adrian
  7. I thought at 100 pages it deleted all the content and started again at page 1...
  8. What 2mm? Where?? Given that this will go in a sea base I think I can ignore the difference because a big chunk of it will be under the waterline. Regards, Adrian Regards, Adrian
  9. That's come out wa-a-ay nicer than it has any right to, given the starting point. Good work on the struts and propeller too. Regards, Adrian
  10. Consulting the Airfix Sunderland fuselage lying in the middle of my Empire vacforms, it's all in the same place as Italeri, presumably on the rear spar. Regards, Adrian
  11. Just find a kit that requires a pair of tweezers to be firmly superglued to a brass pitot tube. Then the tweezers will fail to stick every time. Simples.
  12. Hope to see it finished in WIP if not here. That cockpit looks great. I know what you mean about getting to the bench. Regards, Adrian
  13. Very nice and neat build. Looks like it belongs on a Soviet propaganda poster! Regards, Adrian
  14. Those details look great! I bet the exhausts were a pain but they are worth the effort. In the close up some of them look a bit light inside - maybe some thin dark grey paint would help? Regards, Adrian
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