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  1. Gosh that looks smart! Very nice. Regards, Adrian
  2. Lovely job! The TSS colours look spot on too. Regards, Adrian
  3. Nice to see this old kit get some TLC. I think it's closer to the NA39 prototype than an operational S1. It's always nice to see the different styles in which BM members approach making over these old kits. You get extra points for "first use of garden cane"! Regards, Adrian
  4. Loved every step of your build. On a related note, I got to see the real Valkyrie in Dayton OH this weekend, standing over the X-15. Extraordinary machines -North American really knew how to turn out a good looking aeroplane. Regards, Adrian
  5. And thanks for an amazingly interesting build! Regards, Adrian
  6. Looks fantastic. The weathering looks spot on - lived in but not stylised. A reference build that I will be coming back to if and when I ever get my FROG one to the bench... Regards, Adrian
  7. Well going away for work is a PITA a lot of the time but sometimes you get a spare day in a good spot. This time it is Dayton Ohio, home of the US Air Force Museum. Some of the many highlights of today - B36, X-15 And XB-70: I make that three aeroplanes, seventeen engines and an average speed of Mach 3-and-a-bit. I’m glad I didn’t go with silver drop tanks on my X-15 build now. Regards, Adrian
  8. Looks nice in the gallery - But for the statistics-minded among us, does it count as one finish or two?? Regards, Adrian
  9. I'd just make up a story that it was repainted the day after it was photographed and they misread the Air Ministry colour chart... Regards, Adrian
  10. I was going to suggest Revell Dark Earth (I use it for my "serious" models too - maybe I should reconsider!). I was going to suggest Revell acrylic 68 too. Your Humbrol interior green looks waaay darker than my Hu78 acrylic (interior colour of my Masters builds) but it looks spot on for your purposes. I suspect that's absolutely the best treatment of the FROG kit now that there's the new Airfix one. Looking forward to seeing it done and hanging up! Regards, Adrian
  11. Looks very sharp! Regards, Adrian
  12. The fates and the fauna are against you! I hope you can forgive your mongoose and break out the putty and tape... Regards, Adrian
  13. I punch the foil on top of a couple of layers of cardboard. My punch isn’t the best (but it didn’t cost 50 quid either) and it means that the raggedy edges are in the cardboard. Regards, Adrian
  14. If you can write a list that doesn’t go on for ever it proves you are on the home straight! Beautiful build of a beautiful (in the eye of the beholder, right?) aeroplane. Regards, Adrian
  15. Looks terrific - all those pesky little details are adding interest and really bringing it to life! Regards, Adrian
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