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  1. Looks great. I do love the new Airfix 109E kit. I built the tropical version a few years ago an I’m building the E3 version on today. Regards, Adrian
  2. I fancied a simple build as a break from my current conversion so I dug out this Airfix starter set 109E3: The day it was delivered I was woken by someone struggling with the front door. The postman managed to fit the parcel through the letterbox, but only by crushing it so that the starter paint pots got crushed into the kit, breaking the windscreen. Luckily, I have an ICM 109E4 that has a spare E3 windscreen, and this fits with the tiniest bit of 10 thou shim: I’ve had a very enjoyable modelling day: I’m hoping to be able to stick it all together and get some paint on tomorrow.
  3. Good save on the canopy! It looked a bit draughty… Regards, Adrian
  4. Strangely enough, I seem to have picked up X72202 quite recently!
  5. Looks super so far. Those aftermarket decal sheets are sooo tempting… Regards, Adrian
  6. It's a refreshing challenge! Regards, Adrian
  7. Well just once in a while things just go so right you have to share it. My first ever successful vac with 20 thou PETG: Every previous time I tried to use it I got bubbles before it got soft enough to mould. This mould is quite a bit smaller than the fuselage so I needed a thicker plastic than my usual 10thou, so I heeded the advice, given by Bill @perdu and others, and gently warmed the plastic up slowly to dry it out first. And bingo! I wonder if it starting off at 30C in storage helped a bit. And what was I thinking, using a heat gun on one of the hottest days of the year (so far)?
  8. The Stranraer is looking fantastic and that doughnut has just reminded me it's time for lunch! Regards, Adrian
  9. Scalemates has the original release date as 1966, so you have the original issue as it first appeared in a bag with a header card. The enhancements look very nice - I am looking forward to more gilding! Regards, Adrian
  10. I’ve just seen the finished result with the forced perspective and it looks terrific! Really nice posing, background and effects, shows the models off really well. Regards, Adrian
  11. Another vac! I’m hoping you will add a couple of wing spars stuck to the floor and sticking out of the sides before you close up. Looking forward to this one. Regards, Adrian
  12. A dab of Milliput and a few dainty strokes of the file later:
  13. Nice work on the interior, This kit got a lot of negative review but I enjoyed building it. I added some interior detail (not a patch on yours) but can't see a thing! FWIW I found that I had to swap over the front and rear turrets to get them to fit (could have done with two small ones rather than one big and one small), and I also added a bit of Milliput to beef up the front "chin". Looking forward to the next steps! Regards, Adrian
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