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  1. AdrianMF

    Airfix B26

    The RAF camouflage makes it look very different! For landing lights, you can cut a little rectangle of clear sellotape and wrap it around the leading edge over the light. I did that for my B-25 build in this forum. It's surprisingly resilient, especially with some varnish to blend the overlapping sellotape on the wing. Regards, Adrian
  2. AdrianMF

    US issue He111

    I have a vac one that I made for the old Heinkel. I modified it (see here) so it will be a bit too tall and God knows it certainly isn’t perfect but if Pete’s doesn’t turn up it’s yours if you message me your address. I had the kit one in the same box but I cleared it out about a year ago Regards, Adrian
  3. AdrianMF

    Martin Marauder (sans decals)

    Thanks Greg! Looking at photos and the parts, I think I have another assemble-fill-sand-respray to do yet In the interests of time, I will be going for DeeFeater with home-made and stock decals with some hairy masking. Thanks! I think the fact that there’s three of these and four Whirlwinds in the GB points out that there are some Airfix kits which may not have been at the top of everyone’s wish list back in the day but certainly intrigued many. Not sure how good the new moulding will be though. My old one from EBay is very old school and sharp. Thanks Pat! Let me know when you’ve masked off the wheels with Tamiya tape and got a broom handle up the exhaust to hold it with... Regards, Adrian
  4. AdrianMF

    Martin Marauder (sans decals)

    Thanks Troy - I've got the turret sort of clear! I may add some very thin lines of white or grey just to show something is happening at the join. Haven't started to think about making the turret internals yet. Regards, Adrian
  5. AdrianMF

    Martin Marauder (sans decals)

    Well my newest favourite silver spray is Halfords rattlecan aluminium. Super cheap and super shiny too: It is an almost perfect match to Revell Aqua 90 silver too, so I have a touch up colour. The back end looks like a dragon: And it makes a nice contrast with my dirty Nissan Silver bomb bay and wells: Now I need to choose a scheme and weather this up before the bright reflections get to me! Thanks for looking, Adrian
  6. AdrianMF

    Martin Marauder (sans decals)

    Thanks Greg! I still haven’t decided on a scheme. I have two sheets of generic stars and bars, so that isn’t the problem. DeeFeater has a great picture in Wikipedia and the custom bits aren’t too hard to make decals for (I have the fonts). But if I’m only going to make one Marauder ever, there are some gorgeous but horrendously expensive decals for pin up nosed ones. Still wavering... Regards, Adrian
  7. AdrianMF


    Looks great - are you missing a tailplane or is it not in shot? I did lots of builds like that on family holidays too. Regards, Adrian
  8. AdrianMF

    Martin Marauder (sans decals)

    Well I’m back. Today I have stuck all the major components together and there has been much filling and sanding and filling anzzzzzzzzz: the wheel hub detail is amazing: Primer next. Thanks for looking, Adrian
  9. Looks fabulous, big and silver! Write yourself a list of work items to do and cross them off as you do them. It’s daunting at first but it helps you see that you are making progress. Try not to add too many list items as you go! Regards, Adrian
  10. AdrianMF

    HO/OO Scammell Scarab

    They are looking very nice! I had always thought of that scheme as “plum and custard” so “blood and custard” sounds rather grim. Anything and cream invokes something in the past for me: Sky and cream for old Fiat 500s, and dark blue and cream for 1970s buses in Brum, to name but two. Regards, Adrian
  11. That's a very effective base too. Regards, Adrian
  12. AdrianMF

    Now look what you´ve done...

    My paint mule is a US boxing, with horrible artwork and quite brittle silver-grey plastic.
  13. AdrianMF

    Now look what you´ve done...

    I've just noticed that the classic type 3 box art has RAF-style yellow propeller tips! Should I get out more? Regards, Adrian
  14. AdrianMF

    1:147 HMS Surprise

    Uh, I didn't realise you were putting all this detail on the LOWER deck! A fascinating read (interrupted by lots of trips to Wikipedia to look things up) and an epic modelling saga. Regards, Adrian
  15. AdrianMF

    Bristol Fighter 1956

    Absolutely no problem! I have 74 light oak in my paint tray too, and I use it pretty much interchangeably with 103 cream. I didn’t quote Hu 66 because the acrylic version that I bought is an icky grey colour rather than the nice green colour that the enamel used to be. So I’ve switched to 86 as my go to olive green. Regards, Adrian