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  1. AdrianMF

    Building a Heller 1/72 Connie

    Love that metallic finish! Regards, Adrian
  2. AdrianMF

    C-119C, Armée de l'Air, Hanoi, 1954...

    Lots of nice detail on the kit and your painting is showing it up well! Let's see if you can get it done in less than 100 pages Regards, Adrian
  3. AdrianMF

    Catching Pictures in the Air

    Looks excellent in the primer. I like the little farm of detail bits too - it's always good to have got them done before the end stage because I for one never feel like doing the fiddly bits after the paint's on. Regards, Adrian
  4. David, my fault entirely for not checking. I apologise. The Flightpath set that I have personally used is for the Airfix Anson, which fitted perfectly. Regards, Adrian
  5. That second coat of black looks just the biz! Did you lighten it at the leading edge or is it just the lighting/reflections? Regards, Adrian
  6. Love the weathering. A struggle to build anything with that tired old mould, let alone turn out a really nice model. Loved the prop weathering too the first time round but if it's wood, it's wood Regards, Adrian
  7. AdrianMF

    Airfix: The Golden Years Gallery

    Got one in - the Westland Whirlwind 1978 edition. Build thread is here: I may do some weathering when I get back because this airframe was photographed in a state of extreme shabbiness. Thanks for a great GB! Adrian
  8. And... done! There are numerous other things I could do, but I’m calling it done for now because I’m away tomorrow morning for two weeks of work. When I get back I may weather it some. Thanks for looking, Adrian
  9. I think I must have done the same when I built my nostalgia-value-only Spitfire IX! Nice progress on the builds (or is it "build"?). Regards, Adrian
  10. Bit of a bad picture, but canopy done with early version aerial (and lead) and a rudimentary gunsight: Thanks for looking, Adrian
  11. Thanks Mike (edit: and BigX!). The damage wasn't as bad as it looked, especially now that I have a decent match for roundel blue. I think I've seen a Flightpath set, but the person doing the build had trouble making it fit. Otherwise, (it is said) the Pavla kit makes a great detail set for the Airfix kit! Regards, Adrian
  12. Just when you thought it was safe.... Wandering drill bits! Thanks for looking, Adrian
  13. I made up some radiator fronts from plastic scraps to fill the ducts: The test fit went well, so well in fact that I can’t get them out again! Matt varnish will be my friend here. Thanks for looking, Adrian
  14. Aaaah, the Pavla. It doesn’t have a great reputation. However, I hear the cockpit fits the Airfix one well Well I can thoroughly recommend this kit as a fun build, and it’s quite petite too so I’m sure you could get it in your cabinet somewhere. As for templates, there is the @CedB style high road, with computer controlled cutters and whatnot, or there’s my way which is somewhat, errr, lower tech! This is the fourth time I’ve done my own codes (despite owning sheets of the damn things which never have the right size/style/colour), and it gets easier every time. I brush paint everything unless it’s a rattlecan job, and I keep meaning to buy an airbrush. But that would turn a hobby into hard work! Regards, Adrian
  15. Well this morning brought more masking: the stripes are too wide to use the Xtradecal striping, so insignia blue was Revell 54 night blue mixed with black, white was a strip from MPM Free French Blenheim markings and the red was mixed from Hu 70 + 60. Serials were bodged together from the kit ones with a tiny hand touch up: Thanks for looking, Adrian