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  1. Looking good 😎👍 I'm fascinated by this new-fangled printing mularkey - might have to invest if I win the lottery. 🙂
  2. Anybne else in the mood? 😉
  3. Great to see you starting to overcome such a setback. Stick with it, Jeff - we're all rooting for you. 😎👍
  4. Superb photos. Thanks very much for sharing. 😎👍
  5. Nice! Looking forward to seeing this come together. 😎👍
  6. Kichen foil crumpled to taste, PVA glued to stiff card, a base coat of 'sea' coloured paint, and AK 'Atlantic Blue' water gel. So simple even I can pull it off.
  7. Seeing the pics now. Well worth the wait. What a beautiful ship!
  8. Picking up my guitars for the first time in weeks and banging out some Wey Delta blues. Rusty as heck, but I don't care - it's in me an' it's gotta come out...
  9. Looking forward to seeing it 👍 - I was advised that the motor boats that come with the kit are actually a German pattern.
  10. Oooooh! They're very nicely done indeed. 😎👍
  11. Great result! I spent a lot of time on Jersey and Guernsey - that little beauty brought back a lot of memories. 😎👍
  12. Nicely done! I was gifted this one at Christmas, and I'll be delighted if mine turns out looking like that. 😎👍
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