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  1. Interesting, when I do a search for Vc it only comes up with 82158X. What's the difference in the other one?
  2. Thanks for that, I should have let the instructions fully load before reading them I just checked the instructions as I wanted to make sure I could build two Vc's from the kit, which it looks like I can do.
  3. I was just looking through the instructions for the Dual Combo and on the new sprue there's another set of undercarriage legs, so I assumed these are for the Vc to take into account the change in rake. But I was then surprised that they indicate to use the legs from existing sprues on all versions. So is this just a mistake in the instructions or am missing something?
  4. The series 2 had the cannons almost flush with the leading edge of the wing, whereas the series 1 had the cannon fairings. The series 2 also added the ablility to carry drops tanks and bombs under the wing. The series 2 didn’t have the fish plates on the tail, though I don’t know if all series 1’s had them.
  5. I guess if I order enough the postage will work out reasonable. I think I'll contact them first to make sure they are still selling to the UK, as some companies like Ultracast don't anymore ( and it's not clear on their website ).
  6. Since they just state D-30, rather than D-30-RA, I suspect they have just used something like the Detail & Scale book which incorrectly states the flat floor was introduced on the D-30-RE and RA.
  7. Like you say when did Evansville start fitting it, most likely the D-26, but unless someone comes up with some Republic documents it’s just one of a long list of things we will never know when they were added to production aircraft. At the moment I just stick to the general rule of if it’s a D-25 or later then I’ll use a flat cockpit floor.
  8. I would like the flat cockpit floor, but I don't know of anyone in the UK that carries Obscureco stuff. Just as a note, I believe the flat cockpit floor came in during the D-25 production run, so it's a much needed part for the Tamiya kit and I'm surprised Quickboost haven't done one.
  9. If you do want to do a D-30 or later or an aircraft with a dorsal fin, Quickboost do resin drop in parts for the Tamiya kit.
  10. Humbrol 116 is Fairly good dark green, or if you don’t want to play the Humbrol lottery there’s always Colourcoats enamels.
  11. Just stick a picture of the real thing with the model. Some people probably think I painted the fin band at the wrong angle on this P-47, but that would who ever painted the real thing!
  12. Very impressive and in ten days! I would struggle to build the cockpit in ten days.
  13. Love finish you've got there. Great work on getting the wing stripes to match the decals.
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