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  1. Nicely done, looks great.
  2. Very impressive work with some excellent painting and weathering
  3. Excellent work! How the fit of the kit, I want to do a NMF one?
  4. Tbolt

    Spitfire Mk. I decals 1:48, fündecals

    Strange that they don't seem have a UK importer. Not like Spitfire models are popular here...
  5. Very impressive detail and finishing, well done.
  6. Superb looking Sea Fury
  7. Tbolt

    Eduard Spitfire I, II, V, Seafire -- 1/48

    Eduard did mention several times over the last couple of years that they were doing the earlier Spits. It's probably going to be a gew years before the Mk.V appear though, so pick your time carefully to get rid of them ( bearing in mind the Tamiya Mk.V probably isn't that far away ).
  8. Tbolt

    Eduard Spitfire I, II, V, Seafire -- 1/48

    The fact that they have announced so many version makes me think they might have lost interest in the Mk.XI which they said they were looking at doing in a limited run boxing. Anyway it will be quite a few years before all these appear, so I need to get on with clearing the stash to make room
  9. Tbolt

    Eduard Spitfire I, II, V, Seafire -- 1/48

    Great news, I was concerned they might not do the Vc like all the other companies that have ignored it - this is going to get expensive
  10. Good point about the speedbrake, I think I'm right in saying the smooth one is only for the F-15E. The manufactures logo on the sidewall is usually a raised outline so neither raise or engraved is correct, but 1/72nd scale is too small to mold it correctly. It would probably have looked better raised which is what most resin manufacturers seem to go for.
  11. Tbolt

    New Tool Tamiya 1/72nd Spitfire Mk1

    If they had done the cowl in one piece it would have required some sort of slide mold arrangement and pushed up the price of the kit anyway, but after all the complaints maybe they will one piece it on their Mk.I/V. I would have like to have seen the intake made separate so it's not split ( like the Airfix and Tamiya kits ) as I hate trying to get a good finish on the inside of ducts like that.
  12. Tbolt

    New Tool Tamiya 1/72nd Spitfire Mk1

    I thought it was worth pointing out. Some errors are obvious errors which are shown up by the photos in the book.
  13. Tbolt

    F-16N AMA Pod

    Thanks. I'll go with that as I couldn't find pictures of this config on the N. I've got the ACMI pod ready and I'll use the AMA pod for another build.
  14. Maybe I wasn't clear, that's what I was referring to :