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  1. I'm still ensure of the new tax implications and if someone in the UK is selling it's just easier to go that way for now. Back in the day I use to order a lot from HLJ when the exchange rate and shipping made it silly cheap.
  2. Phone them, that is old?! Most people would just message them on FB. Anyway I was just having a look on their site, I'm waiting for the RF.
  3. Some one in the UK that stocks Fine Molds, cool thanks for that. EDIT - Doesn't seem to be any Fine Molds Phantoms on their website though, well none that I can find. It doesn't help that their search function is pretty bad and when you select post war aircraft kits all you get is 4 ship kits!
  4. Superb looking Thud. Makes me want to get on and build mine. I was a little concerned at how the rivet holes would look, but looking at your they look fine.
  5. Beautiful work, the painting and weathering are both very good. I wish I could get my 1/48th scale kits looking that good.
  6. We do have a free trade agreement with Japan, but I don't know the details of what it effects. Under the old rules anytime I went over the £15 limit I always got charged ( once it was under £16!) , but I know some people didn't in other parts of the country. Maybe I'll just order one and see what happens.
  7. Thanks for that. Where does the £25 come from, I thought VAT is payable on everything now unless it's a gift under £39 in value?
  8. I don't think there is an importer, or there wasn't one a while back but I would also love to know if there is a retailer stocking them. I know PM Models stocked the F-14 when it came out but I think they were only in limited numbers.
  9. A really great finish you have there, very nice.
  10. Thanks for the FS numbers, I was having a problem with the Duco and Wedevåg paint numbers. I'm guessing standard zinc chromate, FS 33481 would be fine?
  11. Good idea. I think I'm going to try airbrushing it first and see what happens and use that as plan B.
  12. You could try the email address but it was published in 2008 so they probably haven't got any left. or just search the ISBN, but it probably won't be easy to find one at a sensible price - https://www.amazon.co.uk/P-35A-AT-12-P-66-Swedish-Service/dp/9163160722
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