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  1. That's because people are becoming use to this look on models, nothing wrong with that if that's what you like and a lot of people do, but generally a lot of real aircraft don't look as interesting as models often do, so we tend to get overdone riveting and painting/weathering effects. So there will always be this split between modellers who like a model to look really interesting and those that prefer a more realistic look. Personally I prefer to keep rivets to 1/32nd scale or bigger ( and would rather they were rings in those scales instead of holes ) but I can live with them in 1/48th scale if they are fine like Eduard's as they don't look too bad on a NMF aircraft but not so great on a painted airframe, so I'm quite happy that Tamiya keep the rivets for larger scales.
  2. Eduard and Barracuda are also sure to bring out some nice resin for the kit as well. I'll probably end up buying this kit, though I should really wait for the 1/72 version as I'm running out of room quickly
  3. That's quite common for engine cowls and other large quick release panels and not just on the Spitfire. It's not surprising that a small hinged panel like the cockpit or camera door fits well in comparison.
  4. I wouldn't call them awful but they did mold them with hard lines rather than a smooth impression of the ribs and frames, so I did use some 800 grit sand paper over them to reduce the effect.
  5. Brett's copy is pretty bad. Airfix really need to get on top of this.
  6. Completely agree. If the casual modeller is where Airfix make a lot of their money then some of these problems could effect sales in the future and I’m sure we all want Airfix to do well so they can continue to bring us kits we want.
  7. Well surely there are no weld seems on the exhausts, just the mold lines. You can use them as weld lines, though a bit of cleaning up would be needed. As for the tank cover did he say it should be flush with the fuselage? He said the fit was dreadful and I thought the cover should be a little proud not recessed with a large gap, so I thought his comment was valid, his didn't fit very well.
  8. If you are using the noise reduction setting from the camera try turning it down, it's better to have some noise than mushy detail.
  9. Is not the lower pay down to the fact that the cost of living is a lot lower? China is the same but companies like Dspiae prove that high quality products can be produced in these countries if they want to. If the companies like Airfix started refusing poor quality then the quality would have to improve, but it's almost like Airfix think well it's cheap so that will do. That's what's puzzling to me. At least buying from a store you can check it before you leave.
  10. Tbolt

    Spitfire Finish

    Quite a few warbirds used to be finished in a high gloss but thankfully most seem to be finished in a more realistic sheen now. I'm guessing most owners now prefer their aircraft looking more realistic.
  11. Tell me about it! I keep looking at all these new kits on here thinking that I'm going to buy a lot of them, but I've now got to the point that I have to stop myself spending as I need to bring the stash down. But hey I might live till I'm 130 to finish my current stash
  12. For anyone that hasn't seen them the Military Armed Forces posted a set of excellent pictures on their Facebook page. Plenty of details here for some great dioramas!
  13. The Salmon version is pretty sexy, though the others look good as well.
  14. Looking at the listing it's shown as a A2/B2 and according to Wikipedia the A2 could either have the inline or a radial engine. I think it looks even better with the radial.
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