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  1. A few shots of some plastic. https://www.instagram.com/p/CdtWuC3oKSa/?igshid=YmMyMTA2M2Y%3D&fbclid=IwAR3-v1CBgaDLtRQK-EKL4HLyFMcO-9T4DwKM1Z-HUHApJI2PdOqhWnPoSKg
  2. I thought dark dull green normally a a slightly blue tint to it which you will not get by just adding black to zinc chromate? Also isn't interior green tinted zinc chromate with aluminium powder added, though I'm not sure what powder does to the look of it?
  3. Impressive stuff! I feel bad now that I don't have one Finnish aircraft in my collection By the way there's no real need to have the date stamp on your images.
  4. Of course but this a picture of Witchcraft parked up so the yoke is in the neutral position and unless you are deflecting the elevator for some reason ( eg not parked up with crew in ) this would be correct.
  5. Yes 0.8mm might be too short, I just go by photos rather than instruction figures for things like this.
  6. That's a really nice I-16, love the finish.
  7. I would attach the PE the IP then drill a hole all the way through and then you can pull the rod through till you have the right amount sticking out then touch it with some glue, when dry cut of the excess at the back. You can do a similar thing with the trim wheel, PE3, just drill the hole a lot deep than you need then push the rod in till it's where you want it then touch with some glue.
  8. They really do look yellow compared to Lace, though in the first photo you can see the difference between the anti-glare and the yellow cowls. The aircraft in the background in the second photo looks like faded OD.
  9. Yes "The Mighty Eight in Colour" is a great book and Roger's "The Mighty Eighth Warpaint & Heraldry" is another nice book which has some good colour pictures and info on colours and markings in, which is worth having.
  10. While looking for pictures of the B-26 "Rationed Passion" I came across this first photo but unfortunately it's of very poor quality. It's quite interesting as it seems to have a lightly coloured nose wheel cover possible with some red on it? The bottom photo earlier in her life and shows what looks like a standard NG nose wheel cover. It also looks like the left engine cowl is a replacement NMF one with OD painted on the top. The first 3 numbers of the serial number on the tail, 295 appear to be white. I had assumed the patches on the leading of the fin ( which I assume are on the tail plane and wing as well ) are the standard medium green, though it looks more like faded OD in this picture. Has anyone got any more info or better photos of her?
  11. It does look like heavily faded OD to me, maybe your monitor needs recalibrating Thomaz' image of the B-17 shows what OD can look like. It does not look like primer and zinc chromate would give too much glare and it's not a tinted ZC either. Can't say I've seen a RAF primer that colour either. The image below is from a video of Lace is OD, although this is from an earlier time, but shows it was OD at that point. I don't see a reason why would they paint it a different colour either. Some aircraft used other colours but they were normal either black or another colour to match a colour scheme on the aircraft. Since it doesn't match another colour ( the aileron and rudder are much fresher OD ) on Lace the most logical colour it would be is OD which is what it looks like. So if it was OD, looks like OD and there's no info to say it was painted another colour, then I would go with faded OD, beacause even if it wasn't, that's what it looks like so you can't really be too far wrong. Modellers painting it yellow must be doing so from poor versions of the available colour images or poorly calibrated screens.
  12. Really nice work. That replacement canopy looks great. Reference the filling of rivets and panel lines, anywhere you could point me with more info as I'm waiting for the 1/48th version of this kit?
  13. The best places for this sort of thing is in manuals try these, they have all got F-4 and F-5 info in them. https://ww2aircraft.net/forum/attachments/p-38-pilots-notes-to-01-75f-1-pdf.51007/ https://ww2aircraft.net/forum/attachments/p-38-pilot-training-pdf.51057/ https://ww2aircraft.net/forum/attachments/p-38-pilot-notes-h-j-l-f-5b-pdf.51055/ https://ww2aircraft.net/forum/attachments/p-38-hjl-parts-ocr-pdf.591544/
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