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  1. A thought on this. Can't say I have ever seen any thread sealant on my two Iwata airbrushes but I am aware of the purpose. But if it is so important to replace when reassembling why isn't in the Iwata cleaning set - why do you have to go and buy need was separately. This is an example why I'm not that impressed with the cleaning kit - in my opinion it only covers basic gentle cleaning which is fine but you can achieve that much cheaper. My personal experience - I have the Iwata cleaning set but on top of that I have felt the need to buy Bees Wax Liquid Reamer
  2. Small nozzles are fine as long as the paint is thin enough and more importantly, the pigment grain is small enough. Some paint has coarser pigment and will block small nozzles more frequently. This applies to some makes and ranges but also more generally to primers and metallics. The badger (UMP is the same stuff) primer actually specifies a nozzle of 0.4mm or greater on the label. Cheers, Nigel
  3. I have the Iwata cleaning kit - in my opinion the only thing of any value in there is the nozzle wrench - it is much safer to use on the tiny Iwata nozzles than the spanner that comes with the airbrush. The rest - well it is okay but nothing that you can't buy a lot cheaper elsewhere. The magnifier is cheaply made - I have found that on the few occasions that I have tried to use it I have had to take it apart to adjust and clean the electrical contacts so that the light works. The pipe cleaners are just pipe cleaners. The brushes are just inter-d
  4. Just back from Tesco. Plenty of both on the shelf. As far as I could see they are two separate items. Each scans in their own right and scanning them both simply adds the two prices together - no discount. Cheers, Nigel
  5. Good call. My experience is when a magazine comes with extras in the newsagent they are all enclosed in a sealed plastic bag. Cheers, Nigel
  6. Hopefully a mistake, because if the catalogue is being offered for free at the newsagent but not to subscribers then they had every opportunity to tell us. Because I assume that all subscribers, like me, got an email before Christmas explaining that because of logistics subscriebrs would get their copies after it was available to the general public. i accepted that (still waiting for my copy) but if it turns out that joe public is getting the catalogue free too I will be most miffed. Cheers, Nigel
  7. nheather

    PAK 38/40

    Thanks, yes I found that out last night. The first wheels (on the PAK 38 at least) were pressed aluminium wheels - a lot of the PAK 38 was aluminium but the carriage was later changed to steel as aluminium was needed for aircraft production. Cheers, Nigel
  8. nheather

    PAK 38/40

    Hi, A question about the wheels on the PAK 38/40 gun carriage. I assume the spoked wheels came first, roughly when did they swap over to the solid wheels. And would a PAK 38 ever had solid wheels? Cheers, Nigel
  9. nheather

    Loyd Carrier

    They look very nice, but there are so many approximations in 15mm wargaming models I’ll just stick some plasticard on the back of the seat bases that are already present - good enough for my needs. Cheers, Nigel
  10. nheather

    Loyd Carrier

    It’s the PSC models I am making but in 15mm rather than 20mm (1:72). What is shapeways. - I mean I can google it and find 3D Printing Services home page but unsure where to go from there. Cheers, Nigel
  11. nheather

    Loyd Carrier

    Never mind, answered my own question. Typical, I googled loads, not finding anything before posting here. Then after I had posted I tried a different google approach and bingo. If anyone else is interested https://www.super-hobby.co.uk/products/Loyd-Carrier-Mk.I-II-Tracked.-Towing-6-pdr-Anti-Tank-Gun-Tractor.html#gallery_start Cheers, Nigel
  12. nheather

    Loyd Carrier

    Hi, Anyone got or seen photos or diagrams that show the seats in a Loyd Carrier (the one used as a 6 pdr tow), the instructions for the Bronco kit would also do. I’m building some 15mm scale (approx 1:100) wargaming models, which have four crew figures but I don’t want to use them so will need to put some plastic card in to represent the seat backs. I don’t really care too much about authenticity and if I can’t find anything I’ll just use some rectangles of plastic card as I imagine best. But even so it would be nice to see some pictures showing what they w
  13. Hi, Maybe not the best place to post, but I figure as this is quite specific to tanks tracks some of you may have encountered this and have some excellent advice and suggestions. In addition to my normal 1:35 model making, I do table top wargaming in various scales 28mm (1:56), 20mm (1:72) and 15mm (1:100). Because wargaming models have to be robust the track, suspension and wheels are usually moulded as a single piece. More often than not, this piece as a mould line down the centreline of the track. With smaller tanks and particularly at smaller scales th
  14. Just a reminder for anyone ordering now in the UK from the German warehouse. From 1st Jan we fully won’t be in the EU and looks like it will be without a trade deal. I recently ordered (and received) a watch from Germany so I looked into what would happen if it were delivered after 31st Dec and here is the gist of what I found. If you can demonstrate that the item was sent before the 1st Jan then you won’t have to pay any import duty or taxes - or if you do, you can get them refunded. If however, the item is despatched after 31st Dec, regardless
  15. Moved on from 500, just had a 503 error. Same thing though, refresh the browser and it goes away. Cheers, Nigel
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