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  1. nheather

    The New Doctor Who - NO SPOILERS PLEASE!

    Agree, my opinions so far Episode #1 - Good Episode #2 - Mediocre Episode #3 - Excellent The storylines for Yasmin still seem pretty limited in my opinion. It still feels like she is unnecessary. A bit more in Episode 3 but still nothing significant. Cheers, Nigel
  2. nheather

    Kessel run under 12 parsecs

    Saw the film a while ago - wasn't impressed, wasted opportunity. Can't remember- did they address the fact that a parsec is a unit of distance not time. Cheers, Nigel
  3. nheather

    Great Model Railway Challenge (Channel 5)

    Just watched the third episode - again the best team won, which is good to see. But what about the big lad on the steampunk team whose job was to airbrush a few small sheds and assemble some card kit buildings. What a whiner. Was moaning the sheds were too much work. Then when he was making poor progress they moved him onto card kits. He moaned that he had never done a card kit before, then when he started he moaned that there were too many parts, and he failed to complete even one. Basically the guy was ballast. The girl on the same team with the buoyancy aids made up for it though. Cheers, Nigel
  4. nheather

    Just bought this airbrush ......

    Does it work? I ask because I have the exact one which I bought specifically for 0.5mm for primer. Mine is bloody useless. It’s actually okay on the smaller nozzles but leaks like hell on 0.5mm so sprays badly. Probably other things like tolerance of nozzles and needles but the main problem is the dreadful o-rings they use on the nozzles - they are often malformed or damaged so don’t seal properly - thought I’d buy some quality replacements (maybe Iwata ones) but impossible to get on their own. I found mine worked better with the o-ring removed and practically solved the priblem using airbrush wax but decided it was too much hassle so got a decent 0.5mm instead. Having said that - this is just my experience with that particular nozzle. The other two were better, and I have seen plenty of Chinese clines working very well. So there is no reason why you haven’t got a good one. Cheers, Nigel
  5. Absolutely stunning - would have guessed bigger than 54mm. Cheers, Nigel
  6. nheather

    The New Doctor Who - NO SPOILERS PLEASE!

    So far I’m relatively pleased with Jodie’s Doctor, though I would let near any soldering that I needed doing. Big improvement over Calpaldi, though to be fair he did suffer at the hands of the writers - poor story lines and his first season should have been called the Clara Oswold show. But still pretty happy with Jodie and although I didn’t think it would work, but the gang of companions isn’t too bad either. Thought the first episode was pretty good, the second not so - but to be honest all the Doctor’s suffered from inconsistent story writing. Will be watching the rest of the series to see how it pans out. Cheers, Nigel
  7. nheather

    Short Jokes III - Worst in the Series

    This may be a little risque for this site, mods please remove if it is Cheers, Nigel
  8. nheather

    Apollo 7 50th Anniversary S-IVB

    Wow, amazing presentation.
  9. nheather

    Great Model Railway Challenge (Channel 5)

    Saw second episode yesterday - good to see that the best team won again. Think I saw a gaff, Tim Shaw, who has already professed a knowledge of tanks, picks up a model Tiger and calls it a Panzer IV. Cheers, Nigel
  10. nheather

    Great Model Railway Challenge (Channel 5)

    Just watched it, enjoyed it, good fun. Glad Missenden didn’t win, they were taking the wee wee and arrogant too. At least they were respectful in defeat. Cheers, Nigel
  11. Awesome job. Have you painted the insignia or used decals - and if decals, how did you get them to sit so perfectly on the corrugated surfaces? Cheers, Nigel
  12. nheather

    Long (ish) Jokes.

    A very drunk Paddy met up a prostitute up a dark alleyway. He asks "How much for full sex", "£20" she replies. "OK" says Paddy and they get down to business. Next minute a cop appears and shines a torch in their faces "Hello, what's going on here then" he asks. "Nothing Officer, just having sex with my wife" say Paddy. "Sorry Sir" apologises the cop, "I didn't realise it was your wife" Paddy shouts "Neither did I till you shone your torch in her fecking face" Cheers, Nigel
  13. nheather

    Panzerschreck vs S U -122

    I’m betting on the Panzerschreck Great build, amazed to read that it is 1:72. Cheers, Nigel
  14. nheather

    Short Jokes III - Worst in the Series

    Won first prize in a competition, a year’s supply of Marmite. Yes you heard that right, a whole jar. Cheers, Nigel
  15. nheather

    So, AFV Club think that Zimmerit was applied by deer?

    My two favourite translation funnies came from an engineering project that I worked on back in the early 1990s. This was putting a factory into Armenia and the documentation we saw involved a fair amount of text that had originally be taken from English technical specifications, embodied in a Russian document and then translated back into English. The first, and runner up to the top spot was The room of the man that cannot see This turned out to be referring to a aspect of the way the ICL System 25 computer organises its programs called a “Blind Partition”. And the winner, and my absolute favourite Water Goats This had us really puzzled for some time before some bright spark realised it was referring to “Hydraulic Rams”. Cheers, Nigel