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  1. Well .....I just bought ANOTHER Revell 68 Charger My only excuse is I got it for a tenner posted #notaddicted
  2. I definitely am, especially for the Swedish option. I’ll probably hold off buying an F6 and wait for the F4 ( unless I pick up a cheap F6 )
  3. 2nd Page and no one has said the V word yet. I’m not saying it
  4. chrisrope

    Tamiya Spare Part

    Think it’s Hobbyco in the UK. Be be prepared to buy the whole sprue your missing part is on though, they don’t do single part replacement I had to do this for 4 missing parts for a 1/48 Lancaster and was around £12 for the sprue with postage
  5. @cmatthewbacon Is that the Feb 19 edition with the yellow Porsche on the cover? Regarding the 68 kit, the shell doesn't actually have a vinyl top even though it shows one on the box. Unless you fancy adding one somehow, it just has a smooth metal top. I would have swapped the vinyl topped shell from my 69 kit but I've already sanded it smooth
  6. Probably 69 Charger is my personal favourite too. You can blame them dang Duke boys for starting it but, reading deeper, it has something over the rest. There’s many fine Challengers, Mustangs, GTOs and Camaros out there but the 68-70 Charger is definitely the boss.
  7. I got another 68 Charger (the Revell Germany box on top) I now need more 1969 Chargers!!!
  8. Big thanks to @rs2man, a reply to my wanted ad and a quick sale of some aircraft kits means I now own this little (big) beauty It’s a little bit bigger than 1/25
  9. It is the AMT Plymouth Belvedere repackaged and moulded in not so great RED plastic. I got this one from Wheelspin models for £28 which was the cheapest price I could find. The good thing about this boxing is it is it has the correct number plates
  10. If you need me, I’ll be in the shed Must say that the Hellcat does look nice though not my scale, interest or price range. I’m not hating it at all as me being one person who won’t buy one, I’m sure there’s 10 others who will.
  11. My latest and probably last for a good while
  12. I still like it, I should really get some more The Revell kit is far superior but this kit still builds up well and looks the part
  13. There’s a fella who runs Fireball models in the States who does correct wheels. I bought some once but you don’t get much change out of 30 quid for a set once they’re sent to the UK
  14. A further purchase also arrived from the States today. In amongst the sheet is correct General Lee markings including licence plates These will be used on the 69 Charger
  15. Looks ‘okay’ to me Looking at it it seems ok though the (UK)near side may look ever so slightly thinner than the off side ( obviously the other way round in the US) Is this similar to yours ?