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  1. chrisrope

    Big white triangle

    Looking slick @Lord Riot Glad they got used, also saved me from buying another Vulcan just to use them Funnily enough, I finally got the tailpipes on my Vulcan today
  2. chrisrope

    All the B-25B/C/D questions you wanted to ask

    So, are the Techmod RAF decals good to go straight on this kit? https://www.hannants.co.uk/product/TM72017 Great looking kit, I’m just not too inspired by the choice of schemes. Ta Chris
  3. chrisrope

    Big white triangle

    Oooh where did you hear that? Cockpit or full aircraft, surely not the MOSI AEW2
  4. chrisrope

    Airfix 1/72 Vulcan XL360

    Regarding the Wolfpack update set, personally I found the tail cone to not be a great fit, about as good as the kit part. I could suggest taking a drill to it to reduce its weight a little but I didn’t do this myself. I was going to but I was getting so frustrated with the fit that I just wanted the bloody thing on. The dropped flaps have also been troublesome. The top wing is ok but after I’d cut the lower wing flap out, I was left with a large gap, no matter which angle they are set at. I’ve had to cut rough fillets out of the kit parts that I can now blend back in. These are not finished as I’ve only glued them on today The other problem with the flaps is I’m yet to find a picture of a Vulcan with them dropped in this configuration. I’ve seen them split with the inner half dropped but not the full section so don’t know if it’s accurate to do this. It’s done now so not much I can do now The fin cap replacement part is ok but the replacement rudder on mine was too small. Luckily I sourced a whole replacement kit vertical fin so I’ve discarded the ‘upgrade parts’ Nose weight? I’ve got around 150grams in the nose and it only just tips forward from the main gear points These points are my personal opinion. The set is good quality but they’re not ‘drop in’ Of course you might not experience the problems I’ve had but at least you have a heads up Good luck with your build Cheers Chris
  5. chrisrope

    Big white triangle

    Done with the method described. Put plenty of gloop on so when you stick them it oozes out. Once properly hardened, it sands back like normal plastic These are the first set I did These are the current ones done to same method. Currently fairing and smoothing them to the fuselage You can see where the parts join but they are smooth and seam free
  6. chrisrope

    Big white triangle

    Gloopy sprue dissolved in liquid poly. Clamp and tape tight and leave them for like a week to go rock hard. You then need long files/sanding implements to smooth it all out. Get plenty on the central pillar round the front, always the worst bit to do. You can then spot fill any small imperfections. I would paint down the intakes but don’t worry about where they meet the leading edge as you need to blend them into the airframe Its a drawn out tedious affair but worth it. I’ve got some pictures of the ones I’ve done, I’ll try and put some on.
  7. chrisrope

    Airfix Vulcan

    There is an easier way by building the fuselage as normal, do your intake blending etc while it’s still easy to handle. Then stick the upper wings on. Go front to back and you can eliminate any steps and get it flush and gap free. Once set solid, fit the lower wing and any fettling should be confined to the leading edge. I’ve built one this way and I’d imagine it works a lot easier than trying to glue two massive halves together. I’ll be doing the same on the one I’m currently building. @goggsy cracking Vulcan, really nicely done, hopefully mine will come out something like yours
  8. chrisrope

    Airfix - 2018 Release schedule

    All those Phantom Xtradecal sheets are very nice though I’ll probably build my FG1 OOB. I have emailed Hannants to ask if they plan to release them in much needed 1/48 scale.
  9. chrisrope

    It's a Victor!

    Is that the Gulf they’re flying over? Looks a bit green and wet
  10. Looking at the sprues Tony, it does The different rear turret is an extra so I’m guessing the earlier one is on the clear sprue. It also has different, unused props https://www.super-hobby.co.uk/products/item_name-197258.html
  11. Hello I have just acquired a 1/72 Italeri (MPM) Wellington Mk.X with dodgy decals (I do have a wanted ad up) Being completely in the dark regarding Wellybobs and this kit, can other radial versions be built from this kit? Decals for other radial versions like the Mk.1C are available cheaper and on a wider scale than the X (usually hiding away on a sheet I won't use the rest of) There is unused parts like propellers, side glazing, tailplanes, turrets and exhausts I'm guessing are for other/earlier versions Any help and pointers much appreciated Cheers Chris
  12. chrisrope

    Victor question regarding bomb bay

    Luckily for me the conventional doors are in the kit as I got mine missing the Blue Steel parts. It has meant buying the Xtradecal B2 sheet but I got the kit in a favourable trade so didn’t mind too much
  13. Wish it didn’t, that’s painful
  14. Aye, bit of a minefield for accuracy, this and the General :/ I’ll probably just aim for ‘Hero Car’ status, clean, shiny and instantly recognisable