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  1. Finally got hold of a kit I’ve always wanted Never built an F1 car before but I’ve always liked the yellow Jordan cars. Bought for a not too shabby £20 posted
  2. Count me in. I’ve definitely got enough Saab kits to cover me for this
  3. Shelf is already occupied so it can’t fit I’ve had an idea I’ll try, if it doesn’t work I’ve not lost much and have spares aplenty for my other Chargers
  4. Bit of a ‘mare Managed to snap the front valance beyond satisfactory repair. So I decided to cut it off to use the 68 valance from the Revell kit Found the first bit that doesn’t ‘fit’ to line up with the MPC shell. Saying that , it’s not the shell but the chassis sitting too deep at the front but I can’t get it into the shell any further. The MPC is a lot slimmer and pointier than the Revell shell at the nose. After the paintwork horror and now this, I’ve not chucked the toys out the pram but I have put them back in the box I’ll keep tinkering with it to see if I can make it all fit, but for now I’ll move along with something else
  5. I did think the same, if I didn’t have to take the paint back so far due to the spattering, I might have rolled with the patina finish
  6. It didn't look too bad but I probably shouldn’t have primed in grey, it really did look more brown than orange. I had my tea and a beer and went over it with some old sanding blocks to cut the paint back All smooth again so re-prime and carry on
  7. Feel like I’m being tested. First my own mistake with the chassis build making the body hard to fit, now this. Word of warning, avoid £1shop 151 Orange spray. Started well with a fine mist coat, went to apply a second, spattering and the can ran out of propellant with 3/4 of the paint left Luckily just on the bonnet So I now have a browny orange half painted shell
  8. Rocking the grey primer, quite like it but I think I’m set on orange I’ll let this properly harden before I start the topcoat
  9. Update time. Had this week off for half term and managed to get some work done on the Charger. Splashed on some basic colours to the chassis, exhaust and engine/transmission. Also so built up the engine bay with the firewall, inner wings and front bulkhead Now kinda wish I hadn’t as the shell is now very hard to fit onto the chassis but doable.....just So, with that in mind, I feel the colour scheme needs to be kept simple as possible. If I spend an age painting it then ruin it levering the shell on, I wouldn’t be happy. Some Vectors have been cleaned up ( cheers @Pete in Lincs) and thinned to open up the wheel holes. These now need painting properly Interior basecoated Finally, a test of some Poundland spray paint. Ta Chris
  10. Small steps, too much blinking work getting in the way Fixed the firewall bulkhead to the flimsy inner wings I cut from the Revell shell. Plenty of Tamiya quick set has firmed them up and at the right alignment. Need to do a bit more dry fitting and checking. Then I can decide between gluing the bulkhead/wing section to the shell or the chassis. I’d prefer the shell but need to get it in exactly the right place As you can also see, I’ve made a start on the 440 engine and transmission Cheers Chris
  11. Only had chance to do one job since the last update. Got the top 2-3mm of the inner wings cut down and refitted. The chassis now fits a lot better
  12. I could get by with 1. Not a big fan of the 70 front
  13. I’m done now I have my Unicorn. 6 Chargers should be enough......shouldn’t it?? Or should that be 7, forgot the 1/16 scale kit
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