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  1. You couldn’t use the aftermarket column drop bracket on them either with the airbag wheel. Was a godsend on my 84 Mayfair
  2. Deep panel lines to fit the rust bubbles in Late models were fuel injection and distributor-less but that kit engine is a bit bare. Also if it is a late MPi, the radiator should be at the front and not still at the side
  3. Well, I must say thanks for all the replies. I must admit it went a bit further than I expected It seems 149 is winning by a nose, luckily I found a tin of it in the stores to use in the cockpit. I should add in addition to the box schemes, I also have decals for the preserved ‘Texas Raiders’ which is painted green throughout. That shade is a whole other can of green worms Cheers Chris
  4. I’m tentatively looking at starting the interior on an Airfix B-17G. I do work mainly in Humbrol enamel for brush painting the insides. The colour call out is for 195 Satin dark green which I don’t have. However I have a bunch of other interior greens in Matt finishes. So, which one is going to be the closest to do the job. Doesn’t have to be exact, just close as possible to avoid buying more paint 🫡 Cheers Chris
  5. Amazing rendition, nicely done. I’ve been on that exact aircraft too
  6. Latest charity shop find, all still sealed for the princely sum of 299 pence Will go well with my Vampire T11 and JP
  7. Ordered a set of these 26decals for my Airfix Vulcan Always preferred the late wraparound scheme and the fact my mum had my late Dads name put under the wing of XH558 meant there was only really one choice to finish it as 558.
  8. I went back to the charity shop and bought the other 2 Luftwaffe kits. I’ll build the 262 and 109, reading online, I need to source some smaller wheels for the 109. The Heinkel, I’m not sure. It would be well down the build pile so may move it on/trade for something. Sadly it only has the German decals and not the colourful Romanian ones. The Matchbox Meteor was a cheap eBay purchase. Probably built half a dozen in the past but never as the NF14 so that’s what it will be
  9. These were in my local Charity shop today. I picked up the 262 for £3 but left the other 2 @£5 each. Are they worth the extra £2 each? Might go back tomorrow when I’ve been paid
  10. I’m ready to print bank statements to prove I paid for mine in instalments last year, well before the original release date I can guarantee it will arrive when I’m at work and she isn’t
  11. Can’t advise on brush painting a car shell as I tend to use rattle can or occasionally the airbrush. I can recommend the Tamiya R34 Skyline GTR as a build friendly car kit. Ok, it has no engine but you can add the bumpers and spoiler before painting the whole shell which avoids dodgy gaps. The chrome parts aren’t overly shiny, really simple to build and has window masks which is an excellent bonus. This is my first Tamiya car kit but probably not my last
  12. I thought that was spaghetti at first when scrolling through This is a great build, way above my skill set but very interesting as a fellow Dukes fan
  13. Nice haul. Can’t say I’ve ever seen a Revell kit sealed like that though
  14. No nothing wrong with the Revell kit, it’s great. They were just few and far between when I was looking
  15. I got the itch again to have a go at another car kit. Playing too much Gran Turismo had me looking at JDM cars and scored a slightly started Tamiya R34 Skyline GT-R. Rear axle started but is glued nicely and cleanly, the painted interior will get a strip bath, other than that it’s unstarted and snaffled for half the price of a new one. Last night I won a Revell 69 Yenko Camaro. With no decent 68/69 Dodge Charger kits knocking about, I broadened my 1/25 Muscle car search and landed the Camaro (probably the 2nd best looking Muscle car after the Charger)
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