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  1. Hi Can anyone point me in the direction of some aftermarket decals for a Group A decals for one of Colin McRae’s Imprezas? I can find plenty of later WRC car decals but stumped on the earlier 4 door GpA cars. Just bought a Hasegawa Impreza off eBay and apparently it’s missing some of the McRae decals. Any help appreciated Cheers Chris
  2. Mostly yes, the bonnet is moulded on. Has the bottom of the engine and gearbox and a top part you can see through the bonnet grilles but it’s not a fully detailed engine. It’s enough
  3. Mine are the 15” with Dunlop tyre tread ,MBA24025
  4. Motobitz do the 4 spoke RS wheels too, think they’re called Ronals on the site. I considered them for mine but thought they would look lost in the arches so stuck with the Minilites
  5. Me again These came too, Motobitz wheels for my Italeri Escort Mk2. Soooo much better than the kit wheels and tyres
  6. I’ve just ordered the new Tamiya 1/24 Ford Mustang GT4. I’m not usually one for modern or race cars but it’s one of my favourite cars on Gran Turismo Sport. The kit looks amazing too
  7. Excellent work so far, looks like this will be awesome. I've just bought another of these after I sold my first one. I'm planning on a Signal Green fast road car. Are the aftermarket wheels from Motobitz? Just been looking at their stuff but can't figure out which ones would be best to order
  8. Found some. It was simple but it worked. slots cut into the wings for the spar to pass through I also added some flat plates to the outer wings to stop the tips drooping It’s hard to tell but there was definitely a more correct dihedral I got the spar to pass behind the rear firewall but I didn’t use the engine at all anyway so it could be a bit rough and ready I built the kit as it was a £15 Debenhams one bought for me. I remember lightly wet sanding the airframe rivets back to smooth them all out, looked And felt a lot better to my eye. I closed every panel and boxed in the wheel wells I’d build another if it wasn’t for the annoying main undercarriage legs, too long and I fitted them solid early in the build so always getting knocked and in the way. I don’t have it anymore, sold handsomely on eBay to sit on someone else’s large shelf
  9. I made one with thick plasticard and glued and braced as much as I could within the confines of the wings. Took about 3 days to clamp up the middle and each side at a time. My rough template Need to find the other pictures I took, I’ve deleted them off Flickr but should have them somewhere
  10. No great progress today as I had a good tidy of my shed/work area. I did find an old Tamiya Mini roof rack I totally forgot I had which may find its way onto this one Started the engine too. Looking at the engine parts I noticed something cool that may just make this my favourite kit— the distributor has the plug leads moulded on, nice touch Hope the points are set correctly and leads in the correct order They’ve stopped short of tooling a marigold with the fingertips cut off to keep the dizzy dry
  11. Built stuff definitely has a use and can have a new future. Ive rescued these 2, left hand one was a completed glue bomb which nearly fell apart when you touched it, all put together with glue on painted surfaces. Right hand one was a badly painted shell with most parts to finish it. Both have been stripped back, cleaned up, primed and repainted and will live on As long as parts can be cleaned up and recommissioned, given a fresh lick of paint, a restoration is as much fun as a new build
  12. I like this colour and the coverage of the little Hycote spray cans. I have decided to go white with the roof. It’s in white primer so I can mask off the guttering to paint blue and then clear coat it to shine it up. I can always chuck the union flag decal on if it goes pear shaped
  13. Saab V4’s were 95 estate or 96 saloon, either way they’re pretty cool though I prefer the 99 I tried one of my new sprays to see if it suits my needs. Ford Riviera blue over white and grey primer test mules. Not really much different in the picture but the blue on the white primed Draken is brighter than the grey primed Hawk. For me I prefer the blue over the grey for this build so I have primed all the body colour bits grey I haven’t fully decided on roof colour yet but primed it anyway to check for and imperfections before topcoat
  14. Think I’m just a dyed in the wool original Mini guy so I’d never build it. I’ve had 4 or 5 classic Minis in various states before I got into Saab’s so they appeal to me more.
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