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  1. Just to be precise, the translation is "We would like to make Tempest with SH cooperation again" ... they are referring to successful cooperation with new Bf-109E 1/72. Mr.Sulc (Eduard CEO) did not say that that "Eduard are working on Tempest in 72 scale"...gioca translation is (unfortunately) misleading. Mr.Sulc as well mentioned that for another 2021 announcements we should wait till January newsletter....so stay tuned :-)
  2. I guess You can build indian FL if you combine overtrees PF & PFM (proper wing and proper hump and larger rudder, am I right?) and these decals: https://www.armycast.cz/gb/home/225-acd-72037-the-fishbeds-vol2.html
  3. If German, then Hs-123 ... but I guess it can be something Polish like RWD-14 etc. as well...
  4. You are right...my mistake...I was sure that the canopy is not part of the set and I did not check it....Sorry for confusion. I just remember few complains from another review. I didn't do my own research about CWS canopy acurracy simply because the nose quality is mot acceptable for me and I'd rather wait for Ciro sets which will be far better and accurate I believe (based my previous experience with CWS and Ciro products). Poor quality of the nose is visible on pictures and was discussed on another forum as well. Petr
  5. My point is more on quality of the master in terms of surface details and rude and "jagged" panel lines. If you want to make it comparable/consistent with the rest of the kit, you need to sand down all the details, fill the panel lines, rescribe it again and scratch all the surface detail again. Imagine the challenges to rescribe resin combined with putty. In terms of accuracy, CWS do not fix shape issues with canopy...
  6. ...it is about price. Correction set would make it much more expensive. Moreover, Eduard strategy is "do not correct" the kit but enhance it. Corrections are business for the others. This was told by Mr.Sulc several times. The correction will be made by "Ciro"...smal AM copmany owned by the author of books from Mig-21, Mig-23MF/ML and BN limited editions. According to statement on CZ forum, there will be three "levels". Basic - just new resin nose correction, Advanced - with resin interior, Supetdetailed - with electronic compartment. First two should be available on eday. New vacu cano
  7. Hansa Brandenburg C.I ... check WNW website...there is the pic with engine and the upper wing box which looks like HB C.I (different from D.I - to be released by CSM)
  8. Almost everything is possible...just matter of time and effort and skills, nevertheless personally I'd not undergo such adventure (cross kiting Zvezda and Trumy Fulcrums). At least because of Zvezda's shallow panel lines and cost of two kits. Considering necessary surgery and filling around followed with necessary rescribing of Zvezda's soft plastic...for me it would be nightmare, I'm sure. I'd rather invest to aftermarket exhaust for example.
  9. New tool Mig-29 made by Eduard is pure fantasy i guess ... they have different planes in their pipeline (e.g. do not forget that they have CAD for Mig-15 - Mr.Sulc told that Mig-15 1/48 is in their long term pipeline - it means that project has not been started yet and nobody works on it now). Theoretically they could consider a new rebox with book, focused to Czechoslovak, Czech and Slovak Fulcrum service like they did it for Mig-21MF, Mig-21PF/PFM, Mig-23MF/ML, Mi-24D/V, Mig-23BN (in prep. for October) ... it would fit into their CZ/SK related Limited edition product line. In tha
  10. to drake122: it should be re-release of the OOP selfadhesive items (no more selfadhesive :-) ). In some cases, there could be minor upgrade/fix in design.
  11. I can remember that Mr.Šulc several times mentoined during discussion that Hind is his favorite....he never told "no go"....nevertheles, it is not in Eduard middle term plans up to now. Moreover, I guess Hind in 1/48 is a beast ... you can expects bigger parts, bigger sprues and to make it, you need appropriate equipment....I guess Eduard do not have such manufacturing equipment now....but Who knows. ...May be they will upgrade their machinery and then there could be new Hind, New Flyingfortress, etc .....I would expect Hind from AMK....or Anetra (still working on Mi-8)
  12. http://www.ipmsnymburk.com/forum/viewtema.php?ID_tema=12168 http://www.specialhobby.net/ At least canopy is in preparation...may be they work on airframe as well :-))))))
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