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  1. to drake122: it should be re-release of the OOP selfadhesive items (no more selfadhesive :-) ). In some cases, there could be minor upgrade/fix in design.
  2. I can remember that Mr.Šulc several times mentoined during discussion that Hind is his favorite....he never told "no go"....nevertheles, it is not in Eduard middle term plans up to now. Moreover, I guess Hind in 1/48 is a beast ... you can expects bigger parts, bigger sprues and to make it, you need appropriate equipment....I guess Eduard do not have such manufacturing equipment now....but Who knows. ...May be they will upgrade their machinery and then there could be new Hind, New Flyingfortress, etc .....I would expect Hind from AMK....or Anetra (still working on Mi-8)
  3. http://www.ipmsnymburk.com/forum/viewtema.php?ID_tema=12168 http://www.specialhobby.net/ At least canopy is in preparation...may be they work on airframe as well :-))))))
  4. http://www.ipmsnymburk.com/forum/viewtema.php?ID_tema=39021 Even if there is not the scale mentoined, just 1/32 make sense to me :-)
  5. Eduard CEO promised to rework their G-6 in 1Q2015... and fix the "scale"
  6. - Avia B.534 - Focke Wulf 190A family - Messerschmitt 109G - Spitfire Mk.IX - MiG-21 2nd & 3rd generation - Me-262 (but the 1/48 will be released first) Kits from the list above was mentioned By Vladimir Sulc several times on Czech discussion forum (the sequence does not reflect the release roadmap). My personal guess is that this roadmap is approx till 2017. As far as I remember, the "revolution" is more about release schema and products configuration. E.g. weekends will consists of 2 camouflage schemes, there will be "supefabric" seat belts as well. Moreover, existing molds will be released in a limited edition, may be any specials (my wish is L-39V). No 3rd party rebox is considered now (1/72) If I remember well, Eduard ambition is to release a 1/72 kit each month....:-) Note: in 1/48, Eduard will rebox Trumps Mig-23 and Hasegawa A-4M
  7. It is La-7, not La-5...see the - wheel bays shape, - oil cooler bay (La-5 has it located under the nose) - intakes in wing root all is definitely typical for La-7 :-) BTW: If you prefer La-5, Silverwing announced it for this or next year.
  8. See http://scalemodels.ru/news/7420-novinki-EDUARD---ijun-2014-goda.html June news from eduard - 73500 EE F.2A Lightning S.A. 1/72 Airfix
  9. Petr

    1/72 Su27 UB Flanker C

    See http://www.eduard.com/store/index.php?cl=search&listorderby=oxarticles.oxactivefrom&listorder=desc&searchparam=su-27ub+1%2F72 http://www.aires.cz/catalog/?s=su-27&category_name=&filter_scale_1=1%3A72&posts_per_page=12 very useful...PE interior & details (colored), seats, exhaus, wheels....
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