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  1. Yes, you are right that it is concrete. It looks concrete but somehow I keep saying it’s stone. I intend to give it a light coat of grey after I had coloured it with grey water colour pencil.
  2. Painted the tiger tail but the orange turned out to be more yellow. I will live with this since I am running out of time to the Airfix Cup. Hopefully the colour will darken after I spray the gloss coat. Next up will be hand paint the stripes tonight. I am glad I put in the time to scratch build the intake mesh. It looks better after given a coat of silver.
  3. Green painted, not the most ideal due to a new mask I used. I tried for the first time using AK masking putty and it didn’t performed like I wanted. This masking putty is easy to put on but does not hold long. It moves to conform to contour but moves too fast to change my camouflage shape. I will likely use a combination of masking tape and this putty the next time.
  4. Finally painted the grey for the helo and put up the stone structure. Covered the plastic structure with sandy plaster, followed by MP. Taking the advice given from BM, I dapped the MP with a sponge to create an uneven surface. Spray painted the structure black, then coloured with a water colour pencil I found in art shop. I am glad it looks like stone with this technique.
  5. How exciting! I finally painted the pilots and had them seated in the cockpit. Say Hello , guys…. The crew will be painted next, possibly in a camouflage uniform for some colours. Dry fitted the helo to see the hovering helo. Now to work on the structure. I didn’t realized foam plaster for train model diorama cost a lot when I checked it in an art and craft shop today. I came home instead with a can of Mod Podge. Think I will try MP for the structure stone texture. Any advice will be welcome for this diorama first timer.
  6. The magic of the hovering helo completed. I decided that the stone structure shall be made from plastic sheets (for support) and covered with plaster. 2 tubes are anchored into the structure to receive the metal rods fixed into the skid. Starboard side of the intake mesh fixed so that I can duplicate the other mesh.
  7. I am late for this build. I bought the 1/35 Italeri boat but is a S100 without realizing how big the boat is too. Strange that I was captivated by this big boat that I bought the crews too. It’s still in my stash waiting for a display space. At 1 meter long, I will have problem building on my current half meter work table.
  8. I had a hard time looking for one too. Out of desperation, I made one out of sprue. Once fitted into my tiny A-4, it looked good enough.
  9. The Queen passed away and my mother-in-law decided to join her. It happened with a fall from bed and everything was over in a span of one week, then another week of funeral that was completed last Thursday. RIP my mother-in-law. So the build continues……..learning from a post here in BM, I struggled to fabricate a mesh screen for the intake. It’s not to the exact shape but good enough, better than the kit transparent screen. Now to struggle with the other screen…..
  10. I am working on my Lynx helicopter and it’s about time I build a structure at this stage. I know nothing on diorama making but would certainly want to do it for all my models, at least a decent base. Can someone kindly suggest how can I make this cement structure? I am thinking of building a shell of this structure with foam but not sure what material can I use to coat the outer surface to achieve that “Stone” effect.
  11. Amazing buildings. It would be nice to see you build the Neuschwanstein castle.
  12. Thank you for your confidence in me. After more than 20 years in the dark side and just coming back to this hobby, I am not sure if I can pull through. This is the first time I am using acrylic paint and still working on the airbrushing skill. Enamel was such a forgiving and easy to use paint but not acrylic.
  13. I have reached the stage to close the fuselage with the windscreen and doors, then it will be painted. The exhaust from Airfix is kind of thick and protruding from the airframe. Photos show that the exhaust is flushed and not really in the center of the airframe hole. So more filing was done to make it look the part. External PE parts fitted. Will have to complete paint the pilots before I can close the windshield and doors.
  14. With these moving control surfaces, I think this harrier will fly. This is ultimate modeling.
  15. With the seats assembled, I hastily fitted the cabin into the fuselage. How exciting to see the helo coming together. Bearing in mind the numerous advices from Modellers here, I made sure the cabin was trimmed so that the fuselage halves fitted over the cabin like a glove. There were some small gaps from the top part of the fuselage. I think Airfix has done a good job of getting the various parts to join at the gaps of what the real Lynx has. So, no filling of joint lines required other than those with bigger gaps. Cooling intake and exhaust were also carved out from the kit sealed parts. I was late in placing the PE parts and realized the tail has one mesh screen. The tail had already sealed, so it was more work to cut out the holes and installed a rod inside to simulate the driveshaft to the tail rotor.
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