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  1. We might have been but that question is long since impossible to answer, as, from about post number two, nobody, myself included, had any idea what "on track" was. I think it was something about an overblown gas bag dropping horse dung while it floated above Melchett Towers. Lady M was horrified whereas Baldrick thought is was some sort of food aid drop to the denizens of Much Snivelling-in-the-Swamp. Something to do with floaters anyway. Doubtless @general melchett will be able to "clarify" matters? None Too Hopeful of Mars πŸ‘½ PS: Just to get even further off track, the L.25 is now in primer and I might be able to start painting her next week. The LZ.85 just needs her outriggers soldering (not soddering!) and she will be ready for priming. Apologies for the digression.
  2. They hire out buggies at Telford if your leg is still a bit dodgy. Helpful of Mars πŸ‘½
  3. Not gilcup M'Lud! I never mentioned soddering and if the colonial types round these parts used the correct term, things would not have got smutty. Well; to be honest, they probably would have but in a different way. This is what happens when you don't wear anything under that regimental kilt of yours. Hopefully any midges that have taken advantage of this are now ex-midges. Firstly, get yourself well, get out of that hospital bed and get your Earthling butt up to Telford. The display is indeed mine and realistically I will probably overdo things getting it ready but better to feel physically unwell than mentally so. As an added incentive for you, my costumier is making a special IPMS 60th anniversary outfit for the event which she assures me is even sillier than usual. Martian πŸ‘½
  4. They might get a nasty surprise over here if they asked for some soddering! πŸ‘½ I am led to believe that @general melchett fell victim to some of that in his first year at Harrow where he gained his school nickname of Toast Rack Melchett minor. Martian πŸ‘½
  5. You lot may be but there is no family or indeed any DNA evidence that I am. in any way connected with that rabble. Even the Ice Warriors won't have anything to do with them! What you actually see in the film is a riot following a football (soccer for you Colonial types) match between the supporters of the arch rivals Pyramids Athletic and Demos United My antecedents are the nobility of the satellite Phobos. On a slightly more sensible note, I have managed to make a small start on detailing the gondolas of the Snowman kit and have done the drawings necessary for the outriggers. I am replacing the two dimensional etch in the kit with soldered 0.3mm brass rod as per the 1/720 scale Mark 1 Models kitsI have built. Martian πŸ‘½
  6. Quatermass and the Pit is currently on the box. Before anyone says anything about ancient Martians; I wasn't there and I didn't do it! Innocent of Mars πŸ‘½
  7. Just a quickie to let those who follow this thread why things have gone a bit quiet of late. Some may be aware that I have become seriously unwell with my mental health and as such have not done much modelling as a consequence. I did manage about an hour under supervision yesterday but it left me completely wiped out. I am trying to get back to something like normal but, if it happens at all, it is going to take some time. I am not looking for sympathy or anything, it's just that I think that you guys that have been loyally following the thread deserve to know why I have been AWOL. Martian πŸ‘½
  8. Both are correct Ralph. When Mayfly was first weighed off she was found to be over weight and steps were taken to lighten her structure. It therefore depends at which period you want to show her. Colours? various shades of unbleached linin are appropriate and MRP paints are you friend here as they do three shades. Martian πŸ‘½
  9. Well. if God is telling you to get on with it, my advice would be to do as you are told. The wise Alien πŸ‘½
  10. At 56 seconds: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nMUnbNPCoSw Constructive of Mars πŸ‘½
  11. In this day and age; both. Martian πŸ‘½ PS: In more breaking news from the "Much-Snivelling-in-the Swamp Pig breeders and d Dung Eaters' Gazette". https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LWIrB6uSXiI The brief appearance of a certain regimental crest is more than a little worrying! Extremely Concerned of Mars πŸ‘½
  12. Well, neither is the Phantom Raspberry Blower but it is about time that the youth of the planet were introduced to some of the realities of life, unpleasant as some of them are, Martian πŸ‘½
  13. Well he certainly merits something, perhaps we should ask Lady M when she has sufficiently recovered as to just what he merits. Thoughtful of Mars πŸ‘½
  14. Why blame me? It was the shocking revelation about Pete-in-Lincs and the accompanying raspberries that pushed the two ladies over the edge. I was as traumatised as anyone! After all who expects to find themselves sitting next to the Notorious and legendary Phantom Raspberry Blower of old London Town? My tentacles went completely rigid with terror, 😱 resulting in the Baron's unique photo opportunity. I Didn't Do It Of Mars πŸ‘½
  15. 🎢There's a light, over at the Frankenwessex place. There's a light....🎢 Helpful? of Mars πŸ‘½
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