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  1. Thanks Tony. No, there are a limited numbers of Canberras I want to build and a stack of other interesting projects to tackle as well. If I do turn into a carbon copy of CC, I shall be blaming you lot for not having called the vet in ages before. The Naughty Corner isn't big enough for the both of us, and to misquote Sparks, "and it ain't CC who's going to leave". https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-ztSKDbDRXc Martian
  2. Thanks Pete, Mk3 seats it shall be. Luckily, I quite enjoy scratch building ejector seats, although it might be possible to convert the kit seats. I shall have a look at my Martin Baker reference file. Martian
  3. Wonderful job Kev; even without the seagulls or cricket match! Martian
  4. It has been far too hot here at Martian Towers to have a full on bench session today. Its hard to concentrate when you have sweat pouring down your face and although I'm not going overboard on these builds, I do want to make a decent job pf them. However, before the heat stopped play, I sanded down the cabin sides and scratched a new instrument panel based on drawings from the AP on the aircraft and pictures I had found on the net. I think I need to assemble at least the basics of the kit ejector seats next as I can then determine where they should go and to be able to calculate where to fit the beam that supports the rails for the seats. I have noticed that there is a small structural piece near the nose that has got glued in askew and this will be getting sorted PDQ. I know its there, so do you now come to think of it, as it will bug me and ruin my enjoyment of the kit until I do do something about it. Thanks for looking. Martian
  5. Thanks Johnny. An Alien's internal scratchings are his own private kingdom and I shall defend mine with @corsaircorp's life. Pint? Yes please, some of @general melchett's Old Shredded Jockstrap please. Best get yourself to Specsavers then CC. Martian Edit: I just remembered i had a serious question to ask. The Instructor and Navigator on the T4 had the same ejector seats but the type of seat for the pupil seems to vary. Is this just the mod state of the individual aircraft or have I just got my tentacles round my neck again? I does occasionally happen.
  6. I get the hint Crisp. I'm weird. This Autocorrect thing is getting a bit silly. At the start of my Canberra thread, I wanted to make a reference to someone pricking their ears up and got some waffle about "Gentleman's parts" with some numbers thrown in for good measure which made the whole sentence totally nonsensical. Wibble. Martian
  7. Gunpowder Proof Rum cures just about anything. This has been established after extensive clinical trials at Martian Towers. We won't be expecting you to sign up for the Maritime Volunteer Service any time soon then? Perhaps I'm a bit weird but I quite like the look of the Tiger/Blake conversions. Martian
  8. That's pretty much what @general melchett's hair looked like at Telford when he was presented with his costume! Fortunately we were able to round it up and cram it under his cap. Martian
  9. Here we go then, my second attempt at the cabin layout, incorporating the information so kindly re-posted by @Pete M.. I have narrowed the pupil's side consul and added the raised floor for the navigator. I have also been wielding the grinder today and have thinned down the cabin walls. This will make building the airframe structure both easier and more realistic. The thickness of the kit plastic, if scaled up to full size would put many a battleship to shame. On Pete's model the raised floor is curved at it's rear end. This is a cover that protects the bar that the control columns operate. This is missing in my pictures as I intend to fabricate a separate part and incorporate it into the whole control column assembly. Next I will be spending some time sanding the interior smooth. I then have to decide where exactly where to fit the beam that holds the ejection seats so that I can drill the necessary holes in the fuselage halves for it. I shall be making the beam from Albion Alloys slide fit aluminum tubing. This, although stronger than the kit plastic, is about the same hardness which makes sanding and blending it into the fuselage exterior a simple task. The cunning plan being that I can cut sections of the tubing and slide them over the bean before closing up the fuselage. They can then be adjusted to mate up with the ejector seat rails. Thanks for looking. Martian
  10. Thanks Pete, I have spent most of this afternoon gutting the cabin and starting again. Some of the pictures I had not seen before and are very helpful. I think I have the basic layout now. I am not sure of the length of the Navigator's floor. It may be a bit long but I can work round that. I don't want to do it again, that's for sure! The picture of the support beam for the ejector seats is really helpful. I am using the kit glazing which will allow me to model this feature. I think the kit side consul is a bit wide so I think I will take it out and scratch a new one. Hope fully we should have some pictures later this evening. Now I need a drink as well Martian
  11. Judging by the rash of vacform builds, he did so some time ago! He has known that from the start and if he doesn't, we have the secret weapon. (Hot potato, orchestra stalls etc). Thanks Adrian. Martian
  12. Gorgeous looking model! A definite tentacles up from the Martian. Martian
  13. I have been a busy alien over the last day. I began by using the B(I) 8 cabin floor to make a replacement for the T4 kit, which set me thinking about how I did not like the way Airfix have approached the way the B(I) 8 interior is put together. That's for another post however when I am clear in my head as to how I am going to do the job. I then began marking out the pilot's floor and built it up with plastic strip of a suitable size. The floor itself was cut to an approximate size and shape and the trimmed to fit when it had been glued in place. Thanks for looking Martian
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