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  1. So this is where you have been hiding! Excellent progress your Generalship. Martian
  2. To be honest, I am more likely to ask for a barrel of real ale. Laser guns only come out if the ale is withheld. Martian
  3. Sorry Bill, I forgot to mention that copious consumption of ale between sessions is an essential part of the process. Even I am not stupid enough to attempt this part of the build without my brain being fogged by multiple pints of Baldrick's Old Scrotum IPA.* I stand corrected! Martian *Edit. Other forms of intoxication are available.
  4. Perhaps you would be so kind as to round them up, if necessary at blurglecruncheon point, and return them to the aforementioned pants, via the Martian modelling bench. I trust you remember where you put the ostrich feather. Talking of @general melchett's battle pants, they would form the basis of a good question for pub quizzes; Name the ten most horrific things to be found down General Melchett's battle pants. Martian
  5. Well, I am sad to report that @Brandy seems to have let the side down big time. I left an order for two thousand rivets from @general melchett's goblins before I went to bed last night and what did I wake up to? Nothing, zilch, bugger all; not a single tiny disc of styrene in sight! Not even a signed photograph of Lady Melchett in full NBC gear and tiara! Very disappointing! Fortunately, I am made of sterner stuff than the average Earthling, so I girded my loins (Now there's a disgusting word!) and started knocking out more discs of plastic to replicate the rivets. I found that the
  6. Never mind, I frequently can't sleep. You can console yourself that, in the darkest hours of the night, you will at least have the Martian for company. Feeling better? Empathetic of Mars
  7. If you had spent some time looking at the pictures, rather than looking at the spots on your bottom and confusing them for rivets, you might have reached enlightenment much sooner. Mind you, I think we would all be interested in seeing what Lady Melchett looks like in full NBC gear! Ungrateful wretch! We're not sending you to get the Holy Grail, just a few goblins and we would be giving you an extra large feather to secure them back in place. Imagine the glory! (Or was that gory?) Martian
  8. That's the ones! They do pretty much match the scale size of the real ones but as I say, they were hammered as flat as it was possible to get them. Most of the submarine was very well thought out, right up to the point that some plonker decided to have open topped ballast tanks. As to removing things from the General's battle y-fronts, I was rather hoping that somebody, such as yourself for instance, might covet the chance to do it for me? You would of course, be rewarded with the high honour of putting the little goblins back again. Generous of Mars
  9. Thanks Rog. Just one question though, when you mention "such an awkward area" do you mean the model or General Melchett's battle pants?? Cheers Arnold. I think when you mention patience, you mean patience spelt bloody minded and of course,I had the advantage that I was barking mad before I started the project! Wibble! Martian
  10. Thought I ought to put up a post on this just to show that between sessions on trying to refit the Harbour Patrol launch while still afloat, something of a nightmare but getting a lift out at one of the boatyards around here is virtually impossible at the moment, I have been plodding away at this build. I have actually been doing quite a lot as I find this project very difficult to put down for any length of time. This is most likely because I love learning new things and this build is providing that in spades. The first issue I hit and one that I had not seen coming, is that the i
  11. A most interesting build and you are making a good fist of sorting the kit out. Martian
  12. One would never think that this is the old Airfix kit. Excellent work! Impressed of Mars
  13. We have a similar situation in our local MVS unit. We have so many Daves that Mrs Martian, our Head of Unit, is considering sending out deed poll application forms to all of them in order to cut down on the confusion it creates. Strangely enough, whenever the name Captain Ahab is mentioned, everyone knows it is me that is being referred to: can't think why? Martian
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