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  1. Sorry Guys, I am sure something could be sorted out. However, I have become increasingly unwell over the past year, leading to a complete breakdown about three weeks ago. I have indicated on my Canberra thread that I am having a break from everything for a while and am not well enough to do any modelling related stuff at the moment and can't even think straight for any length of time. I only became aware of this via an email brom the forum. Remind me in a month or so and I might be able to help then. I think I know how the problem might be resolved but I can't concentrate long enough to think
  2. Sorry Guys, I became ill on holiday and I know it is serious this time round.
  3. There will be a wait anyway. I am really very unwell and am packing BM in for a while.
  4. That's to say nothing of his filet mignons!! Martian
  5. Alright. who let @general melchett in for dip? Martian
  6. This is a most interesting and informative thread and has bumped my kit up the "to do list" several notches. Martian
  7. I asked Mrs Martian if she could guess who had left this comment and all she said was "MELCHETT!". Strange that. Evil child! You know perfectly well that I am 260 miles from the Martian Cave. Even my tentacles aren't that long! I am however, enjoying myself so much here that I shall be in a mean mood when I have to return home. Martian
  8. I think it's more the use they may have been put to that worries her rather than their appearance. Martian
  9. Mrs Martian says all of you need to be sure to take all the wellies, both used and unused, with you before you leave. She doesn't want to keep finding them for a month of Sundays after we get back; mostly on the grounds that she knows where they have been! Martian
  10. Alternatively, word is that CC's rocket fuel kills 110% of all known germs and a few that are not known of yet! Doubtless CC will send a sterilized and socially distanced Haunebu round to collect and deliver you. Believe me, it's better than him bringing the suspects round to the Kaybunker! He is only halfway into his stint looking after Martian Towers and already I am in wibblesville. Martian
  11. Shot glass? On the basis of how things are going, a ten gallon beer mug would be more appropriate! Come to think of it, just fill the new swimming pool up with the ale that @Pete in Lincs is delivering and I will dive straight in! Martian PS: Who is doing all the washing up?
  12. I'll whip the maintenance crew into action then. It would be quicker and easier to eradicate seagulls Come to think of it Avocet is supposed to be white upperworks with a black hull, not a panoply of rust colours. Martian
  13. That's about the size of of it; only on steroids! Martian
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