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  1. Indeed it did as did the Sea Venom, Avenger and Skyraider. Martian
  2. Thanks Loren. How much? I want to buy some paint, not the factory! I hate to think what it would cost once US postal charges are added. (falls down in a faint clutching his wallet) Martian
  3. Thanks Tony, it is going to be paint over some pre-shading. I have yet to decide between Mr Hobby, Vallejo or Alclad though. Martian
  4. I have been a bit busy with the Mercury Atlas. I had been dithering about what to do about the kit engines. They were not the best fit and in the end, I decided to go for a tricky masking job to get the stronger joint of plastic to plastic, instead of relying on a potentially weaker joint where we might be gluing plastic to paint. This decision made, the rest of the model went together really well and other than opening up assorted vents, very little in the way of remedial work was required and the model is now ready for paint. One change to the kit I did make was to beef up the ki
  5. Get ye to Specsavers you evil creature! That is one of the best examples of aeronautical pulchritude ever to make it into production. Disgusted of Mars
  6. Thanks Colin but surely you mean National Diarrhoea Week runs from Monday to Friday. Sadly the cheapskates did not include the painting, seems like I will have to add it again. Martian
  7. I already have the relevant kit in the stash. Squadron used my Haunebu as research when they were designing their kit. There you go, I was always one for the classic spaceship. Martian
  8. You always know when your curry has been too hot when when A, You have to put the bog roll in the fridge and, even worse, B, When you are on the loo, you hear a slurping noise and discover your backside is having to have a drink. That will get me in the rattle for sure! Martian
  9. Your are more than welcome Johnny. Our mutual friend Macbeth is pleased you are here as well. Martian
  10. I didn't do it, I wasn't there! I get blamed for every strange occurrence around here. Repressed of Mars
  11. Right, those pictures. The rudder pedal assemblies are just tacked in place with a dab of Krystal Klear at the moment so they look a bit wonky. These were pigs to make as the entire assembly is about half the size of my little finger nail. I also added some cable guides to the starboard side of the rear cabin bulkhead. On the real aircraft the cables are held together with ties and seem to hold in place by their own weight. I got round this problem by carving an undercut into each guide, so they should look like ties when the model is completed. Before I got sick, I had a detailed
  12. Methinks the lady doth protest too much! Martian
  13. I think here that Occam's Razor comes into play and that the simplest explanation of all these missing parts is that they have been eaten by a carpet monster. Anyway as I explained on my space programme thread, I caught the Gap in the Floorboards Beast in the act the other day. David Attenborough will probably hate me for this but these two are two species that really do need removing from the face of the universe (yes we get them on Mars as well)! Off to upload and edit those pictures I promised. Martian
  14. I'm not entirely sure that @Terry1954 ever had it to lose! As for the Sedburgh, I think even the greediest carpet monster would find it hard swallow one of them whole. Pictures imminent. Martian
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