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  1. I'm always up for a Firefly. However, with all the builds you have on the go, you must have a work bench the size of an aircraft carrier's flight deck! We have had to get the builders to come in and add an extension to the Naughty Corner. An invoice for the work will be winging its way to CC Manor in the near future. Martian
  2. Away foul temptress! Haven't I got myself in enough trouble already? I have the Mark1 Models LZ127 Graf Zeppelin, the R-33/R34 form the same company, the Revel Hindenburg and the Frog R-100, as well as the Akron/Macon kit from AMT in the stash. but will probably do some other subjects before I dig into those kits. Martian
  3. Try me! I shall soon be starting on a much improved Takom build, incorporating much more detail as well as a few lessons I have learned with the first two to make the building of the kit a lot easier. Martian
  4. Prescription glasses made to x10 magnification. I also have some x15 glasses but I can only tolerate them for about an hour. Not in anyway wanting to provoke mindless speculation but my next aviation thread will in all probability be going from the sublime to the ridiculous; or is it from the ridiculous to the bonkers. Mysterious of Mars
  5. If that was an Airwaves IP you used, it was not only the wrong shape for the kit of the Hawk tou used but most likely the wrong shape for any kit of the Hawk, past, present or future! Good save though. Cynical of Mars
  6. As promised and in spite of the "assistance" of Messers Tinker and Nest, here are the promised pictures of recent work on the L.19 and L.33. I have completed soldering the outriggers on both ships: The L.19: and on the L.33: I have been using 0.3mm brass rod for the outriggers, I thought about trying 0.2mm but considerations of strength dictated that I go with the former. On to the gondolas: The L.19: and the L.33; Macro does no favours but bear in mind that the largest of the gondolas is well under an inch long and ill have over seventy parts incorporated in it when finished. I just have a few intakes and vents to add and will the be on to giving everything a good clean up before cranking up the airbrush. The struts and outriggers will be done with a hairy stick; even this alien is not quite daft enough to try masking those off. Quiet those following this from the Naughty Corner! Thanks for looking Martian Stop press! I managed to get hold of a Frog Spawn kit of the R-100 and Montreal mooring tower at a sensible price. This will be making an appearance in these august forums. Initial research indicates that there will be an awful lot of work on both airship and mast but that will have to wait until I have got on top of getting the display ready to go on the road. I was delighted to track down a piece of fabric from the L.15, Grannies Zeppelin recently. This has been framed and will be forming part of the display.
  7. Liking this a lot Heather. The way things are going it has the potential to be one of your best builds; and that is up against some pretty stiff competition. Like your articles in the IPMS magazine BTW. Encouraging of Mars
  8. Sorry about the lack of posts recently. It may sound really silly but the death of HM Queen really knocked the stuffing out of me for some considerable time. My mojo went right out of the window and I found myself bursting into tears on a regular basis. I knew the day had to come but when it did. all logic went out of the window. I have felt a little better over the last few days and have been pushing on to get the P Class and R Class, the L.19 and L.33 respectively nearer to the painting stage. I have a few bits where the glue is curing and hope to have an update either tonight or tomorrow. Martian
  9. Try detailing a 1/720 Zeppelin gondola, about 3/4inch long, then you will need to rest your eyes, lay down in dark room, swallow a bottle of tranquilisers along with a Pan-Galactic Gargleblaster or three and go wibble. Sympathetic of Mars
  10. Poor Zob; I thought he hadn't been himself recently. All is explained. Martian
  11. Ah, the less said about that incident the better! Zob, my pet pterodactyl that I raised from an egg, decided to go into film work to earn some extra pin money. He said it was better than going down the docks doing "favours" for MVS members. Trouble is that he was supposed to be working after a night on the lash and was still under the influence, resulting in him causing the Zeppelin, built at enormous expense to crash. As an encore he then proceeded to eat the leading lady and passed out in the director's chair. The film company went bust the following day. Zob has been sent to the Naughty Corner to reflect on his actions. A spell of porridge with @corsaircorp should sort him out! Deluded of Mars
  12. I thought that I might convert a couple of those spare 1/144 scale seagulls before I send the rest to @longshanks. Resourceful of Mars
  13. Since my return from East Anglia, I have been working on the second of the R Class Zeppelins for my display. I have decided to push the boundaries with this model in order to see how far I can can get extra detail into these Mark1 Models 1/720 scale ships.. I began by dispensing with the kit decals for the window frames on the gondolas and have instead built them up from 0.10 x 0.10mm plastic strip. the frames were quite pronounced on the actual ships and painted up this should do the job. they don't look great in macro but they look fine to the naked eye, they look fine. I would have preferred to use smaller plastic strip but there isn't any so I have sanded back the 0.10mm stuff. I just have to keep reminding myself that the largest of these gondolas is well under an inch long. I have also fitted grab rails from Albion Alloys 0.2mm brass rod. I might try some 010rod the next time round but I do have the feeling that 0.2mm is as good as it is going to get if I want retain any strength in the rails. I have been unhappy with Mark1's depiction of the gunners' platform on the top of the hull, so this time round, I reduced the height of the windshield and added a representation of the detail on the decking. I have dropped down from 0.4mm to0.3mm for the outriggers and I think that this is paying off despite the rather tricky soldering involved. Thanks for looking. Martian
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