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  1. Martian


    That just got you a couple of nights out with @general melchett! Martian
  2. Great work Terry! It's amazing what the looming prospet of Telford does to people's productivity at this time of year. Martian von Pot Calling The Kettle Black
  3. Martian


    Evil child! you know perfectly well that there will be no rivets! Although continued bad behaviour may well result in a certain denizen of the Naughty Corner, and we are not talking about @corsaircorphere, gaining a few rivetlike lumps on the more tender parts of their anatomy. Miffed of Mars
  4. Martian


    Thanks Ian; off to check it out now. Martian
  5. There will a full work in progress build of at least one of the kits. Martian
  6. Martian


    I look forward to having a chat. It shouldn't be hard to find me, you know, the large, blue scaly betentacled, noisy one with antennae in a buggy. Martian
  7. Martian


    The kit looks very well moulded and should fit together well but the hull does come in four parts and may well need the joints strengthening. No big deal if one is aware of the potential issue. The etch brass for the outriggers may be a bit too two dimensional for some tastes but OK for others. The stands provided in the kit are woeful and some creative thinking is going to be needed on this front but I think I have a cunning plan forming for that. I would certainly recommend getting these kits as they are going to be easier than the Mark+1 models 1/720 kits. Ask me how I know this! My Grand Mother used to tell me of her experiences of Zeppelin raids during WW1and these will form the basis of a Zeppelin work in progress directly after Telford. I am itching to get started now but I have at least one build I need to get finished for the show. Martian
  8. Martian


    I have just taken delivery of the new Takom 1/350 P Class Zeppelin, with the Q Class from the same company on order. I have a lot of information on WW1 Zeppelins but am struggling to find out what the rigging supporting the tail surfaces looked like. I am given to understand that it is somewhat complicated and will probably have to be simplified a bit in this scale but I can only make out the odd wire in all the many pictures I have. Is any kind soul able to assist please? Martian
  9. For heads, read toilets. The Fire Brigade are still trying to extract Mr Halfront from the same. Martian
  10. Seeming not. He seemed to have had a change of gender, in order to try and avoid you but when I mentioned the Georgia incident, he started gibbering "wibble", locked himself in the heads and poured super glue in the lock mechanism. His staff have sent for the Fire Brigade, a team of very experienced negotiators and indented for one straight jacket (Extra strong, Generals for the use of). I hope he is a bit better in time for Tuesday and my next appointment. My hopes aren't high. Pessimistic of Mars
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