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  1. I thought they were still using leeches in your part of the world and still going to see the wise women instead of the doctor. Clearly I was wrong and advanced medicine has reached Lincolnshire. Corrected of Mars
  2. I trust that has made things clear to everybody and that we all now know how to moor a vessel of the Austrian Navy should the need arise. Not to worry Adrian,Mrs Martian says that should you forget, she has plenty more pictures where that came from. I' just hoping she has lost the one of the incident with a Sea Vixen, a bath, a Martian and a pink inflatable flamingo! What's that Dear? You haven't? Methinks we had all better behave. It would make even the General cringe. Martian
  3. You have no idea just how piste I can get Amos. Oh, you mean that sort of piste! Sorry tentacle trouble there. I am given to understand that the General's and my costumier is preparing something extra silly for SMW, I decided a few years ago that I was going to grow old as disgracefully and outrageously as possible. How am I doing?Do I need to try harder? The outfit will be used again but in a new and "improved" form. I can't wait for the Rocky Horror Show to come round again but for some strange reason Mrs Martian is now saying that I am not allowed to go by myself. I can't think why; with all those young women to "look after" me what could possibly go wrong? I the meantime I shall go and have a very cold shower and conduct some more Zeppelin worrying. Martian
  4. I wonder who it was that started this fishnet drift? Oh look! The record seems to state that it was a certain denizen of Melchett Towers, Much-Snivelling-in-the-Swamp, Lincs! Bad General, naughty General. By the way, Georgina says can she have her hosiery back please General but you can keep the regimental suspender belt. Martian
  5. You will not be surprised to learn that the Fair Elaine, she of the Battle Y fronts incident, had more than a hand in this! And you will be surprised to learn that I did manage the Time Warp, not once but twice, although doing it in four inch heels without breaking one's tentacles, was a bit tricky. No sympathy? It could,and may well get worse: much worse. Be afraid, be very afraid! As it happens, I wish I had known forty years ago that all needed to have young women throwing themselves at me was to put on a pair of fishnets and some heels even if I had died of exhaustion! What was more than slightly disturbing was that Mrs Martian, suitably dressed as Columbia, was telling said young ladies that they could have me if they could take me away! I'm a sweet transvestite Martian etc
  6. All sounds Like one of @general melchett's schemes to me. Many a true word spoke in jest as you will see below.... Very sensible of you. Deviation? In my threads? Surely not! Right, you lot have asked for this: hitherto I have been avoiding posting it on line for the collective sanity of your planet. Let me introduce you to one of my alter egos; Dr Martian Furter! Are we all sorry now? There are more pictures in a similar vein. They can be posted here; or not, depending on the level and amount of bribes received. Martian (Extorting the Galaxy since forever.)
  7. Going cross eyed? You bet all twenty four of them! Over the last few days I have been drawing in the locations of the wire bracing that shows through the linen covering of the P an Q Class ships; a sort of pre-shading if you will. I still have to decide how far forward and aft this effect needs to go so it's back to the books on that one. Also, still to be done is the structural effects on the tail surfaces. A word of advice here, do not try and draw in the wires in one session. It takes a long time to do and as you tire, mistakes will start to creep in. I spent a good hour this morning correcting the ones I made when I should have put the model down and rested. My advice is to do this part of the build in half hour sessions. I have made a start on the Q Class but this one is a bit behind as I discovered a few flaws around the tail that I had missed and had to sand them down and re-apply Mr Surfacer in the areas affected. Thanks for looking and I hand back control of this thread to the Usual Suspects. Martian
  8. Thanks James, I have the book but have not checked out the website. Off to do it now. I have this one as well but thanks for pointing it out. Since I started this project,my Zeppelin library has risen from about three books on the subject to over forty and that's not counting the RNAS blimps! I ran this plan past the Little Woman and rather than the barrage of expletives I was expecting, she said she would happily clean and tidy the Martian Cave except for the fact that I wouldn't let her on the grounds that I would never be able to find anything: not that I can find anything as it is! Martian
  9. As followers of this thread will already be aware,the construction of a miniature fleet of Zeppelins is only part of a wider display that I am creating. As such, I am doing a lot of research into Zeppelin raids on this country; especially the "Theatre Land" raid of the night of 13th/14th October 1915 that my Grandmother and Great Aunt were caught out in and in which they had their argument as to whether it was a Zeppelin they were looking at. Well, I was trying to find some newspaper reports on the raid and came across this, the front page of the "Daily Sketch" for 14th October 1915: Apart from the fact that it increases my bemusement that there was anything to argue about, the realisation that over a hundred years on,I am looking at exactly what the two ladies saw gives me a really strange feeling like I had been carried back in both time and space. Spooky (In best Scooby Doo voice) even. Martian
  10. You mean like this? Seriously though, I hope you get over the Covid soon. Had it twice now and it sucks. Apparently, kids are super spreaders of this particular type of lurgy and your offspring may have given it to you. In which case the picture above may be of assistance. Just a suggestion. Helpful of Mars
  11. Thanks Strickers, glad you are enjoying the thread. If you do struggle with the soldering, @Heather Kayis our resident soldering guru and all round wise woman. If I wanted a real gasbag, I would be making a bust of @general melchett, there's enough hot air there to run every hypocaust in the entire Roman Empire!| Beeahus! Strange that Terry,I was only just wondering what excellent targets you new knees would make for my new blurglecruncheon mark. II. Martian
  12. Sorry about the lack of updates recently but the first batch of Zeppelins have reached that stage of prime, sand, prime,sand that all models reach at some stage; which hardly makes for riveting viewing. Still, I did what I think is the final sanding session followed by some Mr Surfacer 1000 this morning and the Zepps should be good to go for a final prime of Mr Surfacer 1500 sometime tomorrow. As soon as that has had time to cure, we can move on to the much more interesting job of marking out where we want parts of the airships' structures showing through the top coats of various shades of linen. Some AK Extreme Metal duralumin paint arrived yesterday and this will be used on the gondolas. The gondolas have been primed and are now curing. I was very careful not to get the gondolas mixed up and marked the parts holders holding the gondolas for the P Class with an indelible marker. I also made a note on the cardboard that I am doing the spraying on as which holders were for the P Class so that,in theory at least, even I can't get things muddled! (Quiet those denizens of the Naughty Corner!). I will get some pictures up when I have got the marking out of the structure under way. Thanks for looking. Martian von Covered in White Sanding Dust * *Bugger! I just realised that all that dust means a thorough clean and tidy of the Martian cave. Just about the job I hate the most in modelling.
  13. You're making a nice job of this kit CC, keep at it! Encouraging of Mars
  14. I think you are doing a fine job of taming this kit,so nil desperandum. Supportive of Mars
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