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  1. Completed the 4 tone camo on the left side. I still have to do the right side, top and bottom.
  2. Cockpit in place. The whole console was sitting very low and had to be raised to correct this. Additional small detail added on the rear of the console.
  3. Thanks! Yes indeed its so small but a good base to start the conversion. Here is the cockpit installed inside the fuselage. Front canopy dry fitted but needs a lot of sanding to make a good fit. Tail installed and so as the landing ski. This is how small the whole helicopter.
  4. Completed cockpit with paint. All Tamiya acrylics. Front console. Literally fits on my finger tip. Up close. At my finger tips. Note the front console sits very low and this needs to be raised up.
  5. Here are several series of photos showing the primed scratch built cockpit details. Back seat details including the control and support for the gun pod and LAU rocket Overall size of the cockpit
  6. Thanks Ventsislav, I have painted the initial camo via airbrush and intricate masking. I will post it as I go along here. Have to start from the beginning to show the WIPs and how it unfolds. Stay tune as I will upload in sections. Do you also have this kit?
  7. Base kit is the OOP AZ models MD 500 E The build was a shelf queen which I started around 2010 and was stored and forgotten until I got an interest in the subject recently. The goal is to do the Philippine Air force MG 520. All reference for the build and conversion was via my fellow modellers in the Philippines which I constantly get in touch. All the conversion is scratch build as their are no existing aftermarket and specific kit exactly as the version I'm doing. The cockpit have to be scratch built as the base kit is totally different and lacks details. You can see here that the only structure left of the cockpit is the floor and rear bulkhead including the shaft cover. The seats are all scratch built including the rear control for the Fn Herstal gun pod and LAU rocket launcher. Seat belts are made from tape. The extra canopy brace on the side from the original AZ MD 500E was removed to make it to the 520 I'm doing.
  8. Build OOB, 1/72 Hawker Tempest. Nice classic kit from Academy. I enjoyed this simple build.
  9. Thank you all! Much appreciated and happy modelling! Raphael
  10. Hi Francis, First off thank you! Like you I have the same situation which I find strange and that was the exact situation I'm in though its been a while. I tried to look for that thread but got tired of sieving through and at the end I just gave up. Its not really important for me to show it here just to prove to the rest that i'm not losing my mind. I seldom post as I don't build plastic kit that much now. After all I'm so busy in the last 2 1/2 years trying to save lives with the pandemic and looking after my family. I genuinely posted 1 photo to share my work as I posted too much photo's before and guess what, I was criticized the same as you! I was just sharing my work and was proud of it even if its not 100% accurate though i always try to challenge myself. I know not all will like what I have done but thats just how the world spins I guess. Its seems the more you do the less people appreciate your hard work hence I posted one photo and still got the same response (just one?) I know its my own doing but I too have a reason why I post one photo. Anyways, fellow modellers ask for more pictures so I guess I have the excuse to post so many. I promise I went to Imgur and down size it as instructed and as far as I know how to do the process. Well back to saving lives now. Best wishes, Raphael
  11. Absolutely spot on Jochen. I just forgot to take photo of the rear and underchassis, silly me! After all that photos. Hehehehe. It is what it is and I accept defeat. I just missed the day when we just appreciates once hard work and understand the limits of ones self. Hence I have to says that its not accurate (construction and painting) wish i knew everything and aim for perfection but I just can't. Like I said whatever expert says of my build I have to appreciate it. I don't want to offend people and miss lead them of my poor representation of the subject. I'm not also here to impress by any means. I just wanted to share my work and my limitations of the build. We get into this hobby just to have some fun and learn a few things along the way, I for one still appreciate the knowledge here. Kind regards, Raphael
  12. Last batch. If you guys are also interested in the WIP, I can also upload photos here. So there you go, this is the build. Again please do not think this is an accurate model. If I have some errors and limitation please understand I'm not an expert. This also goes out to the painting of the model. It is not an accurate representation of the actual vehicle but just my own personal interpretation. I appreciate all the help, positive criticism and constructive feed back to help me on my next project. Thanks and enjoy the completed build.
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