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  1. Thanks and much appreciated, sardaukar and LM! Cheers! Raphael
  2. Glad to help Mike and thank you once again. The Iskander from HB is the one you wanted? Seems to be a very good kit to me. Looking forward to your build and happy modelling. Cheers, Raphael
  3. Hi Mike, Thanks! I'm worried to take an underside shot of the finished model as I have so many small parts attached which are delicate. However here are two photos of the chassis WIP. Hope this helps. Noticed the steering of the first 4 axle changed. I heavily modified this from the stock kit and did a lot of "plastic surgery" to make it to turn properly from the steering knuckle as the kit part does not allowed this. I say get both kits but if you have to choose one then I can recommend this but will require some patience.
  4. This is the 1/72 scale MAZ 7917-7 from Zvesda. It carry the Topol ICBM SS-25. The kit has a high number count for this scale and chassis is quite detailed. The fit is ok and did not encounter major issues. The build is challenging, I added scratchbuild parts to improve the kit and bring it closer to what I desired. No aftermarket parts used. Here are the list I done to improve my build. 1. Full steering suspension modified to depict all the front four axle to steer to the left to give it a more dynamic pose. 2.All arial/mount/canvass cover scratchbuilt and sculpted. 3.Cab interior scartchbuilt (the kit has nothing inside it). 4.The inside large windows opened and glass simulated. 5.All outside windows opened and scratchbuilt to depict it in a window down position. 6.Front windshield wipers scratchbuilt. 7.Te two side mirrors and mount scratchbuilt to scale (original parts are overcalled). 8.Added right and left engine exhaust. 9.Front headlight scratchbuilt. 10. The ICBM is filled with sand to simulate weight and help with the overall stance. (weight around 400 gms.) Painted with acrylics and weathered with oils and pigment. This is by no means 100% accurate, some artistic licence to bring it to life at this scale. There are two parts in this pictures, one with just the truck alone and the other part are with the ICBM load out. I will show a full view and some close up views of the build. Have a hard time doing this at this scale but i'm happy with the results. Enjoy the photos and thank you for dropping by. Now for the photos of the ICBM load out and some close up photos. And for the scale comparison with a Tamiya Acrylic Bottle and my hand pointing to the model to give a sense of scale. Its small but kinda big for a 1/72. Thank you all for dropping by and enjoy.
  5. Academy M977. All details added are scratch build except for the weighted tyres. Thanks for dropping by and enjoy!
  6. Its been 5 years on and off building and heavy research on this with a help from my friend. Managed to complete my project with the completed kit casted in resin. Happy with the result of this blade system attachment to the IDF Puma in particular but can be adopted to other IDF tanks. Also field tested with the M60 and the Abrams at one point. Note the hydroelectric ram is yet to be attached to the bottom of the blade.
  7. Thanks Tony, I wonder why did they paint the leading edge of the wings yellow? Is it to improve visibility?
  8. Hi Bertie, thanks! The colour reproduction of my old D700 brings out the paint work really well. I only toned down it down with very minor tweaks to the contrast. Thanks gents! This old Academy kit is fun to build.
  9. Build OOB. Enjoyed this kit from Academy.
  10. Thank you all and much appreciated. Charles, your input noted. With regards to the uniform-skin tone contrast, the camera and flash photography might have mislead you to see it this way and so as the jerry cans. In the actual model it is clear that the contrast between the skin and uniform is very clear. The jerry cans also have subtle difference in the actual model.
  11. Thanks Wulfman, Woody and Galligraphics. Woody, there are so many excellent 1/144 scale build out there. I also seen and marvelled at how they managed to do outstanding models at this scale.
  12. Nice spot John. Thought no one will noticed. Just got burned out and lazy to put a strap on a last minute change of position. I was intending to place it on top of the hood but forget about it actually. Cheers, Raphael
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