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  1. Revell 1/72 Corsair. Simple build with scratch built wing folds. Thanks and enjoy!
  2. Wow Vesa! Wish I had one! First Dibs? Just joking, so jealous here!
  3. Wow! I can only dream of the MFH let alone a 787B!
  4. The sound of the 787B is so dangerous! (in a good way) more like a sonic boom of the Concorde, you know its loud and dangerous but so nice at the same time. The flat 12 will likely rev fast than the M119 but how did they address the turbo lag is just insane. Loved the 787B but the kit commands a high price!
  5. That would be great Vesa, looking forward to your build. I got 5 kits of the C9 in my stash and I plan to get more. Just loved it and knowing I had several box, I feel secure LOL!
  6. What sensor is that on the front right wheel suspension? Amazing photos! it will greatly help me with the build! Thank you very much Sabrejet! All saved also!
  7. Thank you Sabrejet! How I wish I could have experienced the car as you did years back. I think Hasegawa have the sprint configuration curb side, I might be wrong. I also love the c11, very elegant looking yet a monster in the track. If only they did not have any mechanical issue towards the end of LM 91 the Mazda 787B would not have any chance of winning. You are correct that the LM had shorter front splitter. The C219 on the other hand was a bit too late for the race but have massive potentials. Have they perfected the C219 it would be a different story. I gather its an N/A engine?
  8. Wow! Thanks so much Sabrejet. It’s so clear. There are a lot of photo on the net but the ones you have are so unique! Love the detail shot you did. If the C9 is in sprint configuration, do they max out the engine power? I’m sure the boost will be a bit higher as fuel economy is not needed for the endurance race? And is the front splitter extended? How about the rear wing? I understand during the endurance race they just used the single aero foil on the rear wing, is this correct? The C9 is such a beautiful car.
  9. Oh wow! If you have the engine, interior and the front end that would be amazing. Just post it her in the thread as this will be a nice discussion also. I’m also keen to see your 1/43 kits. Thank you Sabrejet! Glad to have you on board
  10. Many thanks Sabrejet. If only we can turn back time. Do you have personal collection on the C9?
  11. Now the completed rotor disc and hub assembly. Note the further detailing added to the finished part. Until the next update and thanks for dropping by.
  12. This is how it looks together with the rotor disc which I adjusted the thickness to 0.035 thou of an inch for close to scale size. Note the 2mm toothpick for comparison.
  13. Results of the scallop details on the center hub. Doing ten precision cuts x4 and calculating the travel mentally is very exhausting. Indexing count, slide movement count and depth of cut. At the end I'm very happy with the out come.
  14. Love the tight turn here Sabrejet. You are very lucky to have witness this in person!
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