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  1. Hi Bill, Maybe you are confusing it with the piston SF 260 that you flew. If its not clear with you then let me show you the evidence. I'm doing the SF 260 Turbo Prop, the one you flew is not what im doing. Here is some pictures taken from the net for discussion purpose only. This is the SF-260 TP flown by the PAF. It is very clear that the exhaust I did was exactly what it showed. Hope this gives you some clarifications.
  2. Hi Eamonn, I have compared notes with my friend who have the Special Hobby kit and it is a lot better in so many ways. Totally different tooling. However I'm doing the TP version and this is the only kit in injection mould for now. If you are doing the SF-260 piston version then SH is the kit to go. If you have the KP kit then expect some short comings although I personally think it can be addressed. Does the Irish version uses the TP or the piston version? Regard, Raph
  3. Some more lathe work...... fired up the Myford Super 7B PFX to turn the exhaust. Here is the result..... bang on 0.0800 of an inch This is the completed exhaust, the final shape fine tuned with hydraulic vice and PE pliers. Compared to the original parts. Temporarily attached to the plane...
  4. Tape simulated for seat belts to add some cockpit details.
  5. Here is the completed prop spinner with accurately placed 3 prop PCD holes. Dry fitting the engine front end. Compared to the kit's spinner.
  6. Further machining done by indexing the 3 prop base for full accuracy using an indexing plate and table. The hole is achieved using a milling cutter with a diameter of 1.20mm. Depth of cut is around 1.2mm.
  7. This is the recent KP released 1/72 SF-260 TP. The kit is promising. However when I started building, it become apparent that it lacks the quality of the current injection mould standard. There are fit problems everywhere, some details are "soft" and lacking. You need to do some changes to certain areas as this really requires attention as some of the kit's part are unusable. There are currently no aftermarket parts to correct this but with a little effort things can look half descent. I like a bit of challenge and with this kit I wish I can cross the finish line and try my best to improve its
  8. Lovely job! I actually like the idea of the white paper placed on radom for background.
  9. Thanks! Yes a H175 would be nice. I will definitely do one in yellow scheme. Keep our fingers crossed.
  10. Good day to all. Here is my recently completed 1/72 EC-135 AUSTRIAN POLICE helicopter. This kit is a struggle to do especially the cockpit front glass (this is likely true to most helicopter kits). The build is 95% out of the box and the rest are scratchbuild parts to improve the kits original over scaled items. It was a constant struggle for me doing "tug of war" with the kits. The colour scheme is a challenge let alone the complexity of the decals due to its size and needs to conform to the fuselage shape. At the end I managed to "tame" it. For those of you who have build this exact kit then
  11. Very nice build. Love the attention to details. Its always a pleasure to see the tyres with simulated weight as it gives more life to the model.
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