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  1. 1/24 Nissan GTR 35 from Tamiya. Inspired by a wide bodied GTR35 (Liberty Walk) with A6M Zero scheme. I have customise the front chin, side skirt and rear diffuser. Dropped suspension, custom matt finish, Zero markings are all painted and added PE from Hobby Design. Thanks and enjoy!
  2. Thanks again guys. Alan, ICM will release the G version in 1/32, you might have known this already. I will be getting that as I wanted the Vietnam War version.
  3. Thank you all! Gary, enjoyed your AH-1 IDF. Great job! I wanted also to do the Tzefa with this same kit....if I find another one.
  4. Hi all, this is the Revell reboxing of the old Monogram 1/48 AH-1F done in the Sand Shark scheme used by the US Army during ODS. This kit is just build out of the box with the exception of the addition of Master 20mm cannon as the kits cannon's was missed moulded. The mould is showing its age being a kit first released in the mid 80's if my memory served me right. I got hanged up building the canopy as the fit is terrible (as others commented on their build of this kit). Flashes here and there but I managed to put it all together. I was trying to maintain the raised panel lines and details to
  5. Thank you all! Thanks JR, Fully agree with the light gull grey though I used it straight for the bottle, maybe the pre shading "bleeds" through more than I have anticipated and when a top up with gloss coat it darkened it despite anticipating it to become lighter on the flat coat. The one I don't like is in the nacelle intake transition where in I have to paint the red, the gull grey, white and the black on the leading edge of the nacelle. You can see that the paint bleed through it and I couldn't just get it right and the fear that I have to re-do the whole paint process.
  6. 1/72 Straight out of the box. I have a lot of masking mistakes on this and I felt its a sloppy finish but I just have to accept it.
  7. Hi Houston, the insects was done using 2.5 to 3 times magnification and my distance is around 30 to 40 mm from the subjects. The flowers where 1:2 and I was around 10 inches away from the subjects. This was a stack image of around 30 to 90 images combined to get this full depth of field. Thanks! Raphael
  8. Hi Armando thanks! The engine fan and spinner was not corrected as when I did this scratch build engine some 10 years a was not aware of the correction although I came to noticed it also when it came out. However I was put off with the shape of the spinner itself. I don't think it captures the real shape. It looks too rounded on the tip and especially at the edge of the spinner compared to the real thing. Here are some comparison. Pictures taken from the web for discussion purpose only. Here is the said corrected fan blade in 1/72 as you pointed out. And here is t
  9. Slow progress. The front control panel is completed. This is the old Aires cockpit detail set which includes a PE front panel and an acetate film for the display. I have to thin down the resin front console to fit the PE panel properly. This is then primed and a base colour added followed by detail painting and attaching it to the front console. The seat is temporarily placed in to check alignment. I need to add the control stick and the heads up display.
  10. Thanks! Thanks Steve, Hope this is not going to be a tail sitter. The front of the aircraft is loaded with all the resin parts. Hopefully this is enough to counter balance the tail, if not I can still add weight to the aft of the cockpit. Thanks for reminding me on this.
  11. Wow, Brilliant. Really going along nicely. Following your Black Bird build also.
  12. Thanks Serkan, How was your 3D printing of the engine? Im sure its way better than my effort here.
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