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  1. Surely there must be a way to go back to a particular episode? Any streaming service that lacks this facility would seem like something out of the Dark Ages... Chris.
  2. Will have to disagree on this one..... Both Deadpool movies were very entertaining, but "RIPD" isn't even worth watching once.....in my humble opinion. Chris.
  3. This movie is a very blatant Predator rip-off mixed with every martial-arts movie ever made. And it has Nic Cage, phoning in yet another dreadful performance to get a nice pay-cheque. The scene in which Cage fought the Pred.... sorry, the alien visitor is one of the funniest things I've seen for ages. When you get a brief look at the alien's face, it looks AWFUL. Cliched, awful script..... an imaginative twelve-year-old could have done a better job. The "big" fight-scene at the end is just horrible and not worth the wait. Watch ONLY if you love bad movies
  4. I'm sorry to hear that, Erwin. Anyone leaving this hobby is a sad thing to see. I wish you the best of luck. Chris.
  5. It seems very weird that they would crow about this and not give a figure for the missile to travel. "Hey, I own the biggest hat in the world!" "Just how big is it?" "A lot bigger than your's, that's for sure!" Chris.
  6. If you're looking for some excellent Starfighter reference, there is only one book you'll ever need, IMHO. The DACO Publications "Uncovering the F-104 Starfighter". Not exactly cheap at something like 30 Euros plus shipping, but what an incredible book! Easily beats ANY previously-published five Starfighter guides combined. It is probably worth pointing out that it only covers European F-104's (I don't remember any coverage of US ones inside). This book is STUNNING in its coverage. If I remember correctly, there's in the region of 16 pages of cockpit photos alone. Avionics, engi
  7. Whilst I have no doubt that the F-104 was a very good airframe, the reason that it was adopted by a large number of air-forces is much more mundane..... the makers bribed the Defense Ministers of those countries to take it on. There was a major scandal when this fact was made public. Chris.
  8. Hey, I sat through ALL of Series 3 of Star Trek: Discovery. After that steaming pile of dross, the prospect of a boxing-glove coming out of the screen would seem like a blessed relief... Chris.
  9. Bought the new HMH Phantom book last month - absolutely stunning! I would be extremely proud if had taken any of the photos in the book.... All credit must go to all the excellent photographers who contributed to this volume. Very thoroughly recommended. A must for Phantom Phans. Chris.
  10. P.E. can definitely be a bit of a "double-edged sword". I have made one or two kits where the complexity of fitting the PE detracted from my enjoyment of the building. Maybe I just lack the patience needed for all this malarkey. Who knows? Other users experience may vary. Chris.
  11. I hope that it all works out for you, Simon. At the moment, things seem to be very hit-and-miss..... Chris.
  12. There's an AK Interactive book (called "Flesh & Skin"), I think I paid about 10 quid for it, from Hannants. Not a huge book at 84 pages, A5-sized and softcovers, but it will tell you EVERYTHING you'll ever need to know about effective figure painting. Hope this helps. Chris.
  13. I have had some very varying experience with PE. Some jumps in to the right position on its own..... other parts have an utter mind-of-their-own and need a sledge-hammer to apply properly. Let's just say that the tricky parts often end up in the bin. One thing I would say.... super-glue and PE are NOT good for each other. Buy some glue designed for PE use... it will make your life much easier. Super-glue is WAY too messy, IMHO. Chris.
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