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  1. In his book "Adventures in the Screen Trade", William Goldman stated "No one in Hollywood knows anything". He was making the point that many "surefire hits" have bombed spectacularly and some very mediocre movies have made HUGE amounts of money. Hollywood executives love to project the image that they can predict the future, but they are just as fallible as everyone else. Big egos do not always translate into big profits. Chris.
  2. To be honest, I've already filed the film in the "Never-watch-again" drawer. That space is getting very crowded now... Chris.
  3. I has always amazed me that some RAF pilots had so little actual flying time and the incredibly limited ammunition situation. Added to that, you had the lightweight nature of the .303 inch round (as opposed to the much more substantial .50 inch round). How the RAF pilots were able to shoot down so many Luftwaffe aircraft during the battle is beyond me. Chris.
  4. It does have a distinct relevance to the Cold War, as that's the theme of that particular part of the Cosford museum. Also, it's the only example in any European museum as far as I know. Chris.
  5. IIRC, there were nearly twice as many Hurricanes available in the BOB, when compared to Spitfires. Also, the Hurris tended to go after the bombers, so that's one reason the Hurri had more kills (that's not to denigrate the noble efforts of the Hurricane pilots in any way - the pilots of both airframes did an amazing job at a desperate time). Chris.
  6. The SAM (Scale Aircraft Modelling) Datafiles are pretty good value. Chris.
  7. spruecutter96

    ICM kits

    A fair point. Let's face it, anything that makes the decals thicker and a bit less flexible can't be a good thing. Chris.
  8. Blimme! Airfix have definitely stepped up their game enormously. You're doing a great job. Thanks for sharing with us. Chris.
  9. spruecutter96

    ICM kits

    It sounds like 1 or 2 coats of Microscale Decal Film would be a good idea. Chris.
  10. Just had a quick squint at E-Bay.... If you scroll down the page a bit, you can have your very own Hassy 1/72nd F-4G model for a very reasonable £88 (plus £22 shipping). What an absolute bargain! I'll have seven of the blighters, please! Does anyone actually buy them at these prices? Chris.
  11. Yep, the first sizeable show to take place will be very popular with both punters and Clubs alike. Next year is looking much more likely, unfortunately. Chris.
  12. Disappointing, but not difficult to see why they had to make that decision. I'm wondering what the chances of Telford happening this year are? Chris.
  13. Three colours which nearly always create coverage issues: yellow, red and white. I wish you luck in getting things as they should be. Chris.
  14. Gaz has pretty much summed this situation, above. Just to state the blimming obvious, if you have not sealed the decals under a clear-coat, don't use any dampness on the brush - it will likely remove your decals and ruin your model. Good Luck. Chris.
  15. Anyone who's dumb and/or crazy enough to cause a fuss on an airliner in these times deserves EVERYTHING they get as a punishment. Chris.
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