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  1. spruecutter96

    Telford - theft of kits

    Hi, Albacore. I'm very sorry to hear about your experience at Telford. I hope you can track the person responsible down. I wonder if the fact that you were very close to the roller-shutter had an influence on their decision to take the box? That is not to lay any blame at your door, as you had to use the pitch assigned to you, it goes without saying. Just to bring up the very obvious, keeping a close eye on E-Bay and Amazon in the next few months might possibly yield some results. Obviously, the tricky part of that will be proving the kits originally belonged to you. Again, I wish you luck in finding the thief. Chris.
  2. spruecutter96

    Hamex Kit Swap SATURDAY 1st December 2018

    Hi, Steve. The answer is a resounding Yes. I've sent you a PM on the subject, too. Cheers. Chris.
  3. spruecutter96

    Does anyone else think that..........

    Hi. I'm not being rude here, but is it that much of a hassle to find them in their current location? Cheers. Chris.
  4. spruecutter96

    Hamex Kit Swap SATURDAY 1st December 2018

    Post-Telford Tuesday Bump...
  5. spruecutter96

    Midland Air Museum Model Show SUNDAY 2nd December

    Post-Telford Tuesday Bump....
  6. Great stuff and a cool way to display a model. Thanks for sharing with us. Chris.
  7. A truly excellent build and painting job on a tiny and esoteric subject. I really like this. I wonder, if the Nazis could have produced these in their thousands (and trained the crews in good time), could it have delayed the end of the war? Obviously, we'll never know, but it's interesting to speculate... Thanks for sharing with us. Chris.
  8. spruecutter96

    Midland Air Museum Model Show SUNDAY 2nd December

    "Only 2 days until the Telford feeding-frenzy begins" Bump.....
  9. spruecutter96

    Hamex Kit Swap SATURDAY 1st December 2018

    Thursday B4 Telford Bump.
  10. spruecutter96

    Hamex Kit Swap SATURDAY 1st December 2018

    Sunday 4th Bump.
  11. spruecutter96

    Midland Air Museum Model Show SUNDAY 2nd December

    Sunday 4th Bump.....
  12. spruecutter96

    Buying and selling

    A little knowledge can be a VERY valuable thing... Chris.
  13. spruecutter96

    Buying and selling

    While I know where you're coming from, the fact is that - once you've agreed to sell a kit at a certain price - you no longer have any real say in what the new owner does with it. You are entirely entitled to any opinion you may have, but the new owner has every right to do as they see fit. I have sold a number of kits in recent years at model-shows and via E-Bay, some at a small profit, some at a slight loss. I believe that one side tends to balance the other out in the long run. There's a well-known story about a 1920's plate that was bought at a car-boot sale for 2 quid. The new owner took it to the Antiques Road Show and was told that it was a much-sought-after design and worth about £20,000. The original owner went to court over ownership of the plate and the judge threw the case out, stating that the fact the original owner was unaware of its true value was irrelevant. The sale had been made on a fair basis and the new owner was the rightful one. I will readily acknowledge that if the original owner had been myself, then I would have a very different opinion of the situation. What does anyone else think? Chris.
  14. spruecutter96

    First diorama, bocage Normandy?

    There are a fair number of books on building dioramas by Shep Paine, Francois Verlinden, etc (these are old books, but are still packed with great information and tips). Have a look on Amazon or E-Bay. There are also a number of Youtube videos which deal with the subject. One tip I would give you is never have any of your main elements at right-angles with the sides of the diorama base - having the tank, bocage hedges and so on at right-angles will give the scene a rather "artificial" look and is less visually-interesting than having things at an angle to the edges. Hope this helps. Good luck in your build. Chris.
  15. spruecutter96

    Midland Air Museum Model Show SUNDAY 2nd December

    I just remember sitting behind my table last year, really wishing I'd brought a proper winter-coat and a thermos full of coffee... It was a great show, none the less. Chris.