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  1. spruecutter96

    The Model Market : Saturday January 26th 2019

    Bump 17/1/19.
  2. spruecutter96

    Photo’s of the 1st Infantry Division Museum Armor

    I'm glad that no-one has ever sued the museum. In my (very) humble opinion, if parents are happy to allow their kids to clamber all over the exhibits, then they should also take responsibility for any accidents that may occur. Chris.
  3. spruecutter96

    Photo’s of the 1st Infantry Division Museum Armor

    A great collection of images. Thanks for sharing with us. I'm a little suprised that the Museum let's folk climb all over the tanks - the potential for accidents and subsequent litigation seems very high. Cheers. Chris.
  4. spruecutter96

    Hi from Washington, USA!

    Welcome to the site, my friend. I hope you enjoy your time here. It's a very friendly and educational place to be. Cheers. Chris.
  5. spruecutter96

    Berlin Station, Channel 4

    Yep, watched this and liked it a lot. Everyone has a hidden, personal agenda. Everyone spies on everyone else. No-one is quite what they seem. TV for adults. Recommended. Chris.
  6. spruecutter96

    Good seated pilots in 1/48 or 1/72?

    Hi, Gregory. Have a look at PJ Productions figures. Not cheap, but very nicely made. They're a French company, but I would take a guess that they have a U.S. distributor. If they're no good, ICM and Eduard do some pilot and ground-crew figure sets in 1/48th, of various nationalities. Hope this helps. Chris. PS: Also try Italeri.
  7. Evening, All. I watched the above programme twice now and something about it is still confusing me. In the scene where Sharon sees Rob in the distance, being attended to by an ambulance crew, does anyone else feel like there was some part of the scene missing? She sees him lying on the ground near the ambulance, runs towards him with the push-chair, trips up and injures her face. She then receives a call from him, which she cuts off, half way through what he's saying. We then cut to Sharon walking up to her house and spotting Amanda standing nearby. Then Rob turns up and gets angry at Amanda, believing she's some kind of stalker. To me, these two scenes make very little sense. Apparently, Rob's fallen over and has an ambulance crew attending to him and she doesn't go over to him? When they're outside their house, Rob turns up looking completely normal and there's no mention of the ambulance. The only thing I can think here, is that the whole scene with the ambulance was Sharon having a big panic-attack / halucination - but that is not made at all clear, if it's indeed the case. Did anyone else pick up on this apparent issue? Chris.
  8. spruecutter96

    Mosquito MkXIII - Help needed to identify

    Is there a possibilty that some markings could have been removed from the image by the war-time censors? Just my two penneth... Chris.
  9. spruecutter96

    Are Hong Kong Models kits over-priced?

    The simple answer is.... Yes, they are, IMHO. A case in point. Hobbyboss produce a 1/32nd B-24 Liberator for around £140 (and that's the initial, list-price - I bet it will be available cheaper in a year from now, if you know where to look). What do you reckon the HK equivalent would cost? £300... £400? OK, I fully acknowledge that the HK kit would have a full-ish interior and probably a bit more accurate than the Hobbyboss kit, but would it be more than twice or three times as good? Somehow, I doubt it. For that kind of price, I would expect a lot more bang for my buck. How about including some resin or plastic crew-members, some ground-crew figures, a bomb tractor and trailer (with exploding stuff for it to carry), flight-line accessories, a brick off the chimney, etc, etc? HK Models are very well moulded and are in a scale that will probably not be produced by anyone else (with the exception of the Lanc, the Mozzie, that German push-pull thingy). I do appreciate that producing 1/32nd bombers can involve years of research and some EXTREMELY expensive moulds. I also recognize that producing any new kit has to involve a large degree of risk, if said kit doesn't sell well. The question is.... are HK kits really worth their list-price? What does anyone else reckon? Chris. PS: This is not a rant against people buying HK kits. Everyone's free to spend their hard-earned in any way they see fit. It is much more about the pricing-levels of the kits and if these levels are really jusified. It is NOT an attack on anyone who buys them.
  10. spruecutter96

    Decal Advice!

    I would recommend that you very carefully cut it into two pieces before use and go with whatever seems the best way of aligning the two sections. I would have thought that putting it on in one piece might lead to the decal splitting, as it snuggles down on to the bonnet. Decals can sometimes act in very odd ways, when asked to conform to significantly-curved areas. I think that the decals age can play a very big part in how well in sits down. Other folks on BM may have a different opinion on this matter.... But that's my initial thoughts. Hope this helps. Chris.
  11. spruecutter96

    The Model Market : Saturday January 26th 2019

    Bumper 14/01/19.
  12. spruecutter96

    Hannants warnings about Eduard sets

    It occurs to me that there are only two possibilities here: A. This is a very cynical marketing ploy on Hannant's part to shift products that are just gathering dust (seems like a tactic that could very easily back-fire on the company, if it's discovered to be false). OR B. It's pretty much as the Big H have stated and they have a number of "end-of-line" Eduard items that will simply not be produced again. I could well believe that some Eduard sets have a built-in life-span, after which they will sell only in very small numbers. Chris.
  13. Hello, Folks. At about 10:40am on Friday 11th January, I watched an RAF Puma make a slow approach and landing to an area about a mile away from the Xscape Centre (AKA "the Snowdome") in Milton Keynes. I was watching from a car park close to the Xscape at the time. Does anyone know what it was doing in MK? I would take a guess that it could have been visiting a school, to promote armed-service careers to the pupils. I've had a look on-line for any reports on the landing, but no luck so far. Cheers. Chris.
  14. spruecutter96

    The Model Market : Saturday January 26th 2019

    Bump 09/01/19.
  15. spruecutter96

    Lucky find... saved from the dump

    That looks like a cracking kit, my friend. I'm sure it will build up into a very impressive representation of the real thing. Happy New Year. Chris.