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  1. Have you tried Heng Long and Torro? There's a very good German company called "RCtanks.de" you should check out. In the UK, there's Welsh Dragon Models and Forge Bear - both worth taking a look at. One thing I would say about some RC tanks is that from my (limited) knowledge of the subject, they appear more designed for the "fun-factor" than for very strict, historical accuracy. Hope this helps. Chris.
  2. I'm only gonna list two, cos it's late at night and I need some beddy-bys... Trumpeter 1/32 Su-27 (with ALL its many problems). Trumpeter 1/32 A-10 Warthog (yes, I know it's not accurate, but it's very probably the only big 'Hog we'll ever have). Then, once I'm washed up on the beach, clutching these two kits for dear life, I realise I have no glue, paints or any other accessories to build them with... oh, the irony! Cheers. Chris.
  3. Easily one of the best Hind special-schemes there is. I would love to see it in the UK sometime next year. Thanks for sharing with us. Chris.
  4. Purely by coincidence, I was sitting in the pilot's cockpit of a Mi-24 Hind on Sunday. This example is at the Midlands Air Museum, Coventry, UK. I can't vouch for the Mi-35, having never seen one in the flesh, but the Mi-24 is largely the familiar blue/green background on instrument panels, grey or black panel-inserts and largely silver switches. I would take an educated guess that the Mi-35 would be as night-vision goggle friendly in its colours as possible. Hope this is of some help. Chris.
  5. I believe the full title of the Sharknado sequel was "Sharknado II: The Second One". They must have spent several milliseconds thinking that one up...! At least they're happy to acknowledge that they are intentionally making complete trash. Chris.
  6. I've bought from Alistair a few times previously and he provides a great service. Also, he usually gets items to you MUCH more quickly than he says. Cheers. Chris.
  7. Use a tripod and a solid phone-holder. People never appreciate how much shake hand-holding their phone introduces into the picture, If you are using the phone in very bright light, then you can get away with it. Anything else than ideal light, it's a very hit-and-miss process. If you can introduce more light using a large bit of white card-board angled to reflect more light on the model, then this can be a great benefit. Hope this helps. Chris.
  8. Really? It looks more than acceptable to me. It would provide a great basis for some super-detailing, if a person decided to go that way. Also, I find myself wondering how much of the cockpits will be visible, even with the canopies open. Each to their own, I guess. Chris.
  9. A lovely set of shots of a very enigmatic bomber. Thanks for sharing with us. Chris.
  10. You know what they say.... cats don't have owners, they have staff instead. Chris.
  11. This Tiger looks excellent! I really like the way you have done the weathering on the temporary winter-camo. Thanks for sharing with us. Chris.
  12. Very much in agreement. Superb, sobering, stark TV. Also made Gorbachev out to be a bit less of a humanitarian than he was perceived in the West. Chris.
  13. Kind of a "guardian angel". I thought it was as naff as hell, too. Chris.
  14. I was bored with the first book after one chapter. Really not my cup of tea, at all. Other users mileage may vary. Chris.
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