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  1. Excellent work, gents. Your efforts are appreciated. Chris.
  2. Five years.... Did they accidentally leave the "twenty-" off the front of their estimate? The US defence (UK spelling!) complex couldn't invent a new set of cutlery in five blimmin' years. Chris.
  3. spruecutter96

    Mig 28

    You've just gotta love the old Mig-28. That's one thing that's always troubled me about Top Gun.... When Maverick and his cronies land at the movie's end, they seem extremely happy about have just started World War 3. A quote from Albert Einstein: "I don't know how World War 3 will be fought, but World War 4 will be fought using sticks and stones". Cheers. Chris.
  4. I think I've read on BM that Academy decals can be right stinkers. Obviously, the sheet's age can be a factor in their usefulness. Microscale produce a product called "Decal Film" which you paint onto the decals and allow to dry, then use the markings as you would normally. In theory at least, the decal film should prevent the old decals from falling apart once they hit the water. Hope this helps. Chris.
  5. I'm still getting flashing, gray boxes on picture-heavy threads (but - very weirdly - the issue seems to be very intermittent). Chris.
  6. The sets all sound great, but I'm thinking they will be some serious dollar. I LOVE a bit of aftermarket myself, but some of the brand new prices really make my eyes water. Thanks for the review, Mike. Chris.
  7. I can only echo the comments already made - just superb, definitive work. Thanks for sharing with us. Chris.
  8. spruecutter96

    Total mess

    Hannants do their own paint-stripper called Purisol. I've not yet used it myself, but I've read good things about it. Also, they sell a product called "Paint Strip" (I think) which is a thick paste that you paint on the model, then leave in a bag overnight. It' got a white pot, with a blue lid. Hope this helps. Chris.
  9. That's the one. I thought it was maybe 3 years ago. Turns out it's actually six years! Cheers for the link. Chris.
  10. I wonder if these are the same choppers I saw participating in a fast-rapelling exercise in North London a few years ago? They were hovering over the old residential tower-blocks in the grounds of the Hendon Police Training School (now long pulled down / re-developed). I sat and watched the proceedings from a nearby road for a while - a very rare chance to see the SAS in training. Someone posted a Youtube video of the events IIRC. They are definitely intended to look as civilian as possible (for obvious reasons). Thanks for sharing with us. Chris.
  11. I don't know.... I thought the TGI Fridays just down from ASDA's did a very good Rack-O-Ribs last year (and the Carvery up on the roundabout was incredibly cheap and VERY filling). Chris.
  12. Your work is looking very good so far, my friend. I thought the resin interior set was just a myth... I'm sure you're aware of the Shilka pics in Britmodeller's reference section (some of which were taken by me, admittedly). Good luck with the rest of your build. I love the look of the Shilka - I've read that - with a good crew - it can be a very effective weapon. Cheers. Chris.
  13. Acrylics drying-time can be greatly increased by adding Flow Improver / Drying Inhibitor (not too sure what the correct name is...) Good luck in your quest for finding what you're after. Chris.
  14. I stand corrected. I was going from memory here, admittedly. Once again, it's a great diorama, very well executed, Chris.
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