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  1. Hi, All. A quick notice about this year's Aviation Collectors Show at the de Havilland Museum, Hertfordshire. PLEASE NOTE: This is NOT a model-show. It's an aviation-enthusiast's show, which will also have a number of traders selling new/second-hand models, new paints, brushes and other model-making accessories. Model traders will not be the main emphasis, however. The greater emphasis will be selling die-cast aircraft, aviation & military books, aircrew patches, aviation prints, historic aircraft photographs, real aircraft parts, aviation-memorabilia and all things aircraft-related. Date: Sunday 18th August 2024 (10:00am - 4:00pm). Venue: The de Havilland Aircraft Museum Salisbury Hall (off Bell Lane) London Colney St. Albans Hertfordshire AL2 1BU Organizer contact: [email protected] Facebook: De Havilland Museum Aviation Enthusiasts show Admission: (All proceeds got to the museum) Adult - £10.00, child - £5.00, family-ticket (2 adults + 2 children) - £25.00. These prices are a reduction on the standard admission-charges. The admission-charge covers both the show and the museum's extensive aviation collection, including three, original Mosquito airframes (one is the prototype). Parking is free. Reserved parking for disabled visitors is available (please contact the museum to reserve a parking-space). The museum cafe and an outside burger-stand will be open throughout the day.
  2. Produce a small, photocopied map - say five or six copies of the map on one A4 page, copied 50-100 times, cut into sections and handed out when the punters pay for their ticket. Compared with the cost of hosting the show, I would have thought this would be a fairly minor expense (?). Alternatively, use the same set-up but produced on an ink-jet printer (very possibly the more expensive option, admittedly). By the way, to keep things simple, don't give any details of clubs or traders on the map. Simply make folks aware that there are FOUR halls in total at the school. The public's curiousity will propel them to all the corners of the site. Cheers. Chris.
  3. Wow, that's easily the most realistic Zimm I have ever seen. Meng have put a great deal of effort into it. Most moulded-on Zimm looks WAY too uniform and regular for my liking. You're build is looking amazing. Keep up the good work, my friend! Thanks for sharing with us. Chris.
  4. Regarding the old Telford Kit Swap, I have it on good authority that is is very unlikely it will ever return to the event. I, for one, really miss it. Chris.
  5. Has anyone else heard the above rumour? I could see myself buying one or two..... Cheers. Chris.
  6. Is this the same publisher who was simply digging up old, used articles, throwing them together and saying it was a "new" magazine, about three years ago? I can only assume they were hoping that the readers wouldn't notice (but they certainly did!). Cheers. Chris.
  7. I would take an educated guess that most traders HATE under-the-table sales. I've talked to a number of traders on this subject and the majority are not in favour of it. Cheers. Chris.
  8. What an UTTERLY ridiculous policy! Do these traders want to sell their stock, or do they enjoy carting them around all the shows, year after year? When I sell at shows, I have two prices in mind. The price stuck to the box and the reduced price I'd actually sell it at, if they ask for a discount. . I just don't get the attitude of some traders.... Cheers. Chris.
  9. In an over-saturated market, I'm pretty surprised that the publishers are even bothering, to be frank. Also, in the Information age, how long does printed media have to go? Cheers. Chris.
  10. Really enjoyed the show, but the signage REALLY needs to be improved for 2025. I was just walking back to my car to leave and I bumped into an old mate. "Did you see the @@@@ display in the Theatre Hall?" I hadn't, because I had no idea where it was and hadn't been over there. Could I suggest that next year, paying-punters are handed a small, photocopied map of ALL the available halls, when they pay to attend? The school is very large and is significantly spread-out. The presence of the Theatre is not obvious. Also, could the Club please consider allowing under-the-table sales, again? Pretty please? I was very disappointed to learn these were not allowed at the show - it's a major part of why I go to model-shows. The traders will just have to grin-and-bear-it, as I don't believe it ever adversely affects their business., despite their protests. Other than that, a very good show. Thanks to everyone for their hard work in putting it on. Cheers. Chris.
  11. Very much in agreement with this statement. The Special Hobbies kit represents a "deal-of-the-year". I just wish that the aftermarket-decal people would pull their finger out and produce some amazing 'Nam schemes. Cheers. Chris.
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