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  1. You have to call the paramedics for Vince on a GOOD day..... Chris.
  2. She is a real beauty and a credit to your build and painting skills. Although the "biomechanical" machine concept has been ripped off ever since the first movie, I think Giger's designs still have a kind of chilling grandeur about them. What a shame Ridley Scott had to go and wipe out the air of mystery with Prometheus and Alien: Covenant... Thanks for sharing. Chris.
  3. I can second (or - more accurately - third) the recommendation on Forgebear. They are very good, professional people to deal with. Chris.
  4. Thanks very much for adding the taxying shots. Again, some lovely images. I never realised that they suffer "British Summertime" in other countries, too. Cheers. Chris.
  5. I'm usually in my foul-mood gear.... D'ja think that will be enough? Chris.
  6. Unfortunately, I believe there are some parents in our society who neither know or care where their offspring are, at any time of the day. For these people, nothing is ever their fault. If I wasn't such an avowed liberal, I would use the word "scumbag" to describe these types (cos that's exactly what they are). Chris.
  7. Hi, DalekCheese (LOVE your avatar name BTW). It would be helpful to know a few more details. If your model is made of PVC and then factory-painted, I would recommend you simply spray it with car-primer (Halfords or similar) and then add your own colour-scheme. Stripping the original paint seems like a faff too far to me. To a large degree, this will all depend on exactly what you want the finished product to look like. Hope this helps. Chris (currently on a peddalo in the middle of Elstree Reservoir, looking for the German bomber that's supposed to be laying on the bottom).
  8. Hi, Jinxman. There is already a thread relating to this story - not too sure where it is, though? General Chat, maybe. Chris.
  9. Great images. The 2019 Tiger schemes look very cool, indeed. Let's hope some of them get over to the UK for Fairford. Thanks for sharing with us. Please post some taxying shots. Chris.
  10. You really have to wonder what motivates these knuckle-dragging cave-dwellers. Showing their equally-thick mates what big men they are? Jealousy? "Having a laugh"? It occurs to me that there was something personal in this bout of vandalism (or maybe I'm simply trying to rationalize what happened). Chris.
  11. I had some Monogram 1/16th truck tires a few years ago. I think they were made of some kind of plastic / vinyl-hybrid material. Although they looked OK at first glance, they cracked in to mutiple, tiny bits when handled. The bits looked similar to what you've experienced. I don't think there was an adverse temperature / exposure to sunlight influence, on this occasion. I reckon it was just down to their age. Chris.
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