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  1. It all happened a few months after I arrived on the planet (by the usual means, not a UFO). Can it really be nearly 50 years ago...? Chris.
  2. spruecutter96

    The Car In Front.....

    Completely BONKERS...... Chris.
  3. spruecutter96

    AMT Cutaway Falcon - purchase or pass?

    Hi, Dermot. If it's more than £45 or 50 (or the equivlant amount in Euros?), then I'd say give it a miss. As you know, it's a big, chunky kit, but I have seen some amazing, built versions of it on the Net. I guess that it's the same as any kit - it is what you make of it..... Cheers. Chris.
  4. spruecutter96

    Smallspace 7

    I had a great time at the show yesterday (and made some nice dosh selling some of my old kits). Is it just me, but does anyone else think that this extremely poular show may have out-grown the venue now? Not a complaint - just an observation.... Cheers. Chris. PS: Many thanks to Paul and Mat for organising the event.
  5. spruecutter96

    Mafva Nationals St Ives Cambs, Sunday 24 June

    I'll be there as a trader, Neil. Looking forward to getting a bargain or two and perusing the magnificent table displays. Chris.
  6. spruecutter96

    One for the Star Wars collectors..

    Just....plain....BONKERS.... Is it 1st April, already? Chris.
  7. spruecutter96

    The world just got more ridiculous!

    Hello. Considering the events of the last nine months relating to the Revell group of companies, I would have thought that Revell Germany removing one kit from circulation is pretty "small potatoes" by comparison. My apologies if anyone has already posted a similar comment previously. It does show what a genuinely dumb, over-sensitive and shallow world we are now living in, unfortunately. It seems to me that organisations are increasingly paranoid about offending even one individual and would rather withdraw their products than have anyone object to them. Social media has given everyone the opportunity to shout from the top of the highest mountain and that is not a good thing, IMHO. Still, freedom of speech and all that... Chris.
  8. spruecutter96


    Saw it today and was a bit underwhelmed..... A decent film, for sure, but not one I will be seeing again for a long time. Chris.
  9. spruecutter96

    Milton Keynes goes XXL for 2019

    And the staff at the new venue might know where the heating controls are located (hopefully).... Chris.
  10. spruecutter96

    Milton Keynes goes XXL for 2019

    It's definitely a big upgrade on the Stantonbury campus.... I will be very interested to see how this will work. I wish the organisers every success with the new show. Chris.
  11. spruecutter96

    Rookie Airbrusher

    Three bits of advice on keeping your airbrush working well.... A. Keep it clean. B. Make sure all remnants of the paint you've just used are removed (see previous). C. There is no such thing as an airbrush that is "too clean". This might seem like overkill, but 99% of airbrushing problems are created by ineffective cleaning. Be a little bit paranoid about it and you will enjoy many years of great airbrushing.... Good luck, my friend. Chris.
  12. spruecutter96

    F-14D, Hoppie dabbles in aviation art

    "Digital painting" is virtually black magic to me, but it's very obvious that you have mastered it. Cheers. Chris.
  13. spruecutter96

    F-14D, Hoppie dabbles in aviation art

    I am just knocked out by this! i had no idea that something that looks so close to a traditional, oil painting could be produced digitally. Excellent work and thanks for sharing with us. Chris.
  14. spruecutter96

    Thefts from Shows

    I was trading at the Hinckley show yesterday and was told by another trader that some scrote was stealing items at about 10:00am. I really hope that nothing unpleasant befalls this particular example of mankind's failings. He was described to me as "skinny, grey hair, average height and carrying a large shopping-bag" (no prizes for guessing what the bag was for...) Chris.
  15. spruecutter96

    laptop cleaning

    IPA's available on Flea-Bay for not huge sums of money. Think I paid about 9 quid for a litre last year, if I remember correctly. Cheers. Chris.