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  1. spruecutter96

    Bad luck (1/48)

    I promise you, you will love this show.... They reckon it is the biggest model show in the world and I can believe it. Cheers, Chris. PS: If you can, go for both the Saturday and Sunday. It really is that big.
  2. spruecutter96

    AJAX (well, Apollo) in the Antipodes

    It's a weird design.... To my eyes, it looks both futuristic and a bit dated, at the same time. Maybe it's the boxy construction. Cheers. Chris.
  3. "Stay out of trouble!" An absolute classic, sci-fi movie.... It's a real shame the recent re-boot was so watered-down. Excellent painting skills on display here. Thanks for sharing with us. Chris.
  4. spruecutter96

    Bad luck (1/48)

    Hi, Gizpo. You've just moved to the UK... That means that you can go to the Telford Scale Model World in November! If you have not been to this show before, get ready to be amazed. It is like 15 normal model shows glued together. Cheers. Chris.
  5. spruecutter96

    David Hannant RIP

    As previously stated, this is very sad news. My thoughts are with his family. Chris.
  6. spruecutter96

    Trumpeter SA-2 Guidline and Trainsport

    Hi, Mark. I seem to remember that Trumpeter produced a crew for one of their large, Russian wheeled vehicles (a Gecko?) which should be OK for an SA-2 crew. Unfortunately, I also remember the price was on the "hefty" side.... Failing that try MINIART, ICM or TAKOM... It's the sort of thing that they do. Hope this helps. Chris.
  7. spruecutter96

    Bad luck (1/48)

    Great work, my friend. A lot of skill and imagination have gone into this diorama. Thanks for sharing with us. Chris.
  8. Great painting skills on display, here. A real credit to you, my friend. Thanks for sharing. Chris.
  9. spruecutter96

    Apollo recovery scene

    Looks great, my friend. Thanks for sharing. Chris.
  10. spruecutter96

    Italeri 1/32 scale modern pilots and ground crew set

    Any chance we may see it at Telford in a few months? I live to dream..... Cheers. Chris. .
  11. spruecutter96

    Landing Mat runway San Carlos

    Hello, Laurie. I know this is a very obvious question, but have you tried Hannants? Flightpath UK do some 1/48th scale Marsden matting and Eduard probably do something similar. Alternatively, there is an A4 sheet produced by Evergreen (I think) which looks quite a bit like the photograph. If you're ever in London 4D Models in Leman Street (near Aldgate East Tube) sell them, but I don't think they do Mail Order. Cheers. Chris.
  12. spruecutter96

    Are some of us "fascist fetishists"?

    Pint of Tizer with a Choc-Ice floating in it, cheers, seeing as you've asked. Chris.
  13. spruecutter96

    Are some of us "fascist fetishists"?

    Just because a person has an interest in a subject, does that automatically mean that they condone its more "objectionable" aspects? I believe not. To give you a small example, I have a long-standing fascination with why serial-killers commit murder, but I have never wanted to kill anyone myself. Does that make me a potential serial-killer? Chris.
  14. spruecutter96

    The Revamped London RAF Museum

    Hello, All. Spent about 2 hours walking around the re-done Hendon museum last week. I thought the new displays were generally pretty good, but I'm at a real loss to see where 25 million quid has been spent, to be honest.... Whilst chatting to a fella in Hannants just down the road afterwards, he came up with the theory that most of the money was probably spent on the new car-park (which needs more proper signs and less obscure / difficult-to-interpret graphics painted on its surface). I think its great that the place has had a much-needed make-over, but the cost seems rather eye-watering to me. Anyone else had a look yet? Cheers. Chris. PS: Does anyone else think the USAF Hercules in the RAF 100 section was a missed opportunity? They have bolted a huge "blanking-plate" across the back of the nose section, when they could have put a perspex shield over it and displayed the inner workings, instead. Just my two penneth.
  15. spruecutter96

    Today’s the day! IPMS Avon Show - Sunday 5 August 2018

    Another excellent show, if a bit warm in Hall One (obviously, not the organiser's fault, but a fan like the one in the small hall would have been greatly appreciated, I'm sure). Many thanks to everyone involved in organising the event. See you all next year... Chris.