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  1. I’ve not seen these before, but they look like they give a great result - and I can see on their labelling that they’re both brush and airbrush compatible! I’ll airbrush my Mr Colors so that should yield a good result. Just gotta make a start though!
  2. Sincere thanks all for the speedy, informed responses. Aluminium and muck I can do! Gerard
  3. Hi all, in the Matchbox GB I’m building a Lightning F.6 using Xtradecals to represent XS919 in the 1980s dark sea grey scheme, as she’s seen here. But wondering what colour the undercarriage bays and the inside bay doors were painted on the grey jets? Aluminium? Or a grey? Online images are not clear. Any wisdom appreciated, Gerard
  4. Looks nice and smooth. What paints are you using for the ocean camouflage? I’ve just ordered Mr Color’s 374 & 375 for mine.
  5. Japan’s premier eggsuperiority fighter.
  6. I did not have have “flying shark egg plane” on my GB bingo card…!
  7. Cheers Col, always learning! Well, always reminding myself to treat frustrations as learning opportunities! Thanks James! Looks alright, from a distance. But yes, definitely the wiser for it. And happier for finishing it. Gerard
  8. Striking scheme, skilfully executed. (Although every time I see it visions of a cliched Italian trattoria come to mind!)
  9. Great and gracious hosts, great co-GB-ers, great subject and some truly great builds.
  10. It just has a presence, doesn’t it! I might do the MB in a different scheme from the Extradecal sheet as @Enzo Matrix is doing a 74 Sqn jet, just for some variety in the gallery. And then do the Airfix build in 74 Sqn colours…
  11. If not a championship winning build, at least a completed one! Thanks Dennis, certainly happy to have finished! Have chalked this one up to experience! Thanks Mr T! Yes, there was lots of "why am I doing this again?!". But I'm wiser for the experience. In the right (more patient!) hands there is a decent build to be had here. Gerard
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