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  1. Sounds good to me. And anyone who wants to build a V-engined fighter in 2025 can always build a Hurricane- bunfight willing!
  2. Excellent! Italeri’s F-35C couldn’t be better timed… But not sure about the raised RAM tape…
  3. Beautiful work, Craig, you certainly didn’t need any more aftermarket beyond the belts. Good luck with the house move, always a fraught experience!
  4. Welcome Enzo, although I suspect even a seven nation army couldn’t hold you back from joining in! Glad to see you have plans for both an A and a B model, although I would humbly suggest you need to build a C model as well to ensure that you do indeed build them all! 🤣
  5. Looks like Sukhoi took its inspiration from Macross! 🤣
  6. Glad to do my civic duty! With that box art - Skyraider for me. 👍
  7. Great start, and welcome to your first GB! 👍
  8. I haven’t built this myself, Steve, but just be careful as I’ve heard it’s a bit of a tail sitter.
  9. Thanks for proposing and hosting, Patrice. A fantastic GB with some incredible Mustang models built (so sorry I couldn’t get to mine!). Well done all.
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