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  1. Looks like you’ve made a decent job of it, and a great looking shape has emerged before you.
  2. Looking great Dave, extra dark sea grey for the radome is genius. I read somewhere the radome is painted the same gunship grey colour as the rest of the airframe, it just fades at a different rate due the radome’s different construction material.
  3. Great project! Hope you do a diorama for WD280 for when it spent its time in a suburban Melbourne backyard! https://www.airforce.gov.au/sites/default/files/minisite/static/7522/RAAFmuseum/exhibitions/b_scenes/avro.htm I’ve fond memories as a kid peering over the fence to look at it.
  4. The bombs do put the ‘strike’ in ‘Strike Eagle’! Looking great!
  5. Yeah I’ve not seen anything to the contrary, and can’t think of a reason why there’d be any external tells. Academic because my F-15E’s nose will be shut but the fact the kit had a radar made me curious.
  6. Cheers Charlie! I’ve not had the pleasure of the Has kit, yet… But this turned up on my doorstep on Friday: I am a sucker for JASDF aggressor and special schemes, and an even bigger sucker for an online bargain! Not sure when I’ll get to tackle it though… Meanwhile, to the kit at hand: With the help of some humble rubber bands to minimise the join seam (it needed some lateral compression to avoid a big gap) the forward fuselage/nose is now attached tp the body. That join isn’t a panel line on the real thing so will need a little tidying up still, But on the whole the build has been really clean.
  7. Some impressively skilled and speedy modelling here! Great subject choice, I’ve often thought with its range the P-38 would have made a great fighter for the RAAF too. Not sure I’ve ever read that we seriously contemplated that though, despite the success of the photo recon aircraft.
  8. Super Starfighter! I was only browsing my favourite online hobby shop today looking at primers, wondering in what circumstances you’d use the pink Mr Surfacer. Now I know!
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