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  1. Gloss coated (Mr Color GX Super Clear): And so decaling is now underway: The Series Espanolas decals are a treat to work with (printed by Cartograf) and I’m enjoying seeing the build come to life, finally! There are, though, a few stencils to get through, of course…
  2. I think my next Phantom build might be LGG over white for an easier job painting though! 🤣
  3. Despite any trials and tribulations (and I’ve had a few of my own in this GB too!), it’s looking great under paint. 👍
  4. Looks terrific Steve! And great to hear about the Series Espanolas decals, as I’m imminently about to start using mine on my Phantom.
  5. Very nice Patrice. Your skills are certainly doing this beautiful kit justice.
  6. Another oldie but a goodie, Loren! Very nice (prodigious!) work on this and your two other old desert birds.
  7. Hopefully time spent assembling IKEA furniture doesn’t detract too much from time spent assembling model kits! 🤣 Lovely work with the paint.
  8. Thanks Sam! Re the the tan, you’re right, I’m not 100% happy with it, and unfortunately all my preshading was lost when I resprayed with the lighter colour. But hopefully a wash and some weathering will help. Meanwhile, this turned up in the post last week: From which I’ll be using the SUU-16 gun pod. So my stores fitout will be two external tanks and the gun pod on the centreline station, which looks to have been a fairly common Spanish Air Force training mission load out.
  9. Thanks Adrian. It looked quite mucky in the mixing container so spraying it on was a leap of faith!
  10. Brutal! Hope you’re out the other side quickly. Hope you get to finish this beautiful build in the GB (hopefully the extension helps) but if not, the models don’t mind waiting, I find.
  11. The production line is in full swing! 🤣 Great progress.
  12. Built with great care, attention and skill, Ray, this has been fascinating to see come together. Looking forward to what comes next.
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