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  1. 48th scale and B-24, what could be better.
  2. That will do fine! Cookies! and chocolate chip to boot! Don't know if They'll dunk well in Guinness, but a faint heart never won a faire maiden.
  3. Ooooo you can count me in on this build. Did anyone bring popcorn?
  4. Excellent job on the Rapier,especially the engine clamshells.I'm keeping this thread marked for future reference as well.
  5. Did someone say Birthday? Welllll Happpy Birthday. May today be happy , joyous, and fulfilling as everyday should be but more so. All the Best!
  6. Roll out? I thought it was pour out. Sorry for all the trials and tribulations Wonky backs and problematic parts that want to go on walkabout do not make for a fun day. I hope it wasn't a Monday. Mondays are a heck of a way to spend 1/7 of your life.
  7. Excellent job on the lower half. especially with the subtle shading.
  8. Excellent job with the kitchen foil Alan! I've done that when I couldn't get my hands on regular Bare metal foil. Hardest part for me was applying the adhesive to the back without leaving brush marks. Dragon it's Tail has always been a favorite of mine.
  9. Freecloud, your P-51 is a magnificently finished endeavour worthy of any praise you recieve. Keep up the great work! I can't wait to see how your Spitfire will turnout, keep us all posted. I tried Photobucket but didn't like the watermarks, so I went with Flickr instead still free but only limits you to 1000 pics. Haven't decided on subscribing yet.
  10. Not so bad yet barside,only the front cockpit area and the tail section are foil. I do have to have careful with the edges. they don't always want to snuggle down and adhere well. I have found that a few good coats of clear varnish or Kleer/Future will alleviate 90-95% of that problem. My worry at this stage is now that I have the nose weight plates in I have to be extra cautious while handling. I'm used to 20-30g at most., this has 500g and that's more than most models I've built and I've a few close calls with it wanting to get out of control and wanting to put a divot in the floor. I'm glad I can build the fuselage and the wings as 3 separate components. I'm beginning to think I may need a crane and piano wire to hang it on the ceiling.
  11. THanks for the link Dennis, The last Time I checked it out it was being updated and wasn't working Shame they didn't do the bomb bay.
  12. Excellent choice for a build, This will be an enjoyable one to watch.
  13. I came up with an incredibly bright or stupid idea, just depends on how you look at it. I used various colours of sewing thread to make the electrical cabling that runs the length of the visible bay. Also added duct work to these parts, I'll add more when they are in place in the fuselage. then for the heck of it I used some thin rod for the control cables I also added the divider bulkhead between bays 1 &2. along with the first of the oxygen bottles. So far this is 1/4 of the total bomb bay. the forward starboard side. Once I get the rear side finished i'll tie all the cabling together then start the Port side
  14. Did a simple test fit and the frame underneath the wing spar cover was slightly too small,so I added some narrow strip to fill the gap. So far so good.Then I looked at all this wonderful space said to myself...Self, it's too empty it just begs for stuff. And I had to agree. sooooo
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