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  1. I temporarily added the main wings and did some pre-shading next Its actually a lot bigger than I expected. Masked off the cabin canopy And painted the lower extremities base white then a coat of trainer yellow.. You can just make out the ribbing I added From there a coat of Dark Earth I'll let these dry tonight then see what else needs my attention before adding the RAF Dark Green Camo. Overall It's coming along rather well. So I should have another update tomorrow. Until them Keep on modelling.
  2. Then the one thing that has taken the most time to construct, the rear turret. Though it was a Nash-Thompson turret and very similar to the type used on the Lancaster, it wasn't an exact match, I didn't realize until I started looking for decent close up of the turret, there are several different types. I finally found one that gave me some idea of what the turret innards would have looked like. Then some measuring and using my contour gauge to cut the plastic with the correct curve. what I came up with is this, It's not perfect, I couldn't add all the detail I wanted but it's close enough for Government Work and half- d to pass. But most importantly, the turret glass fit over it correctly. Then the turret got its framing masked off.
  3. Now time to paint. Bronze green for the Fuel tank and RAF interior green for everything else. I did add new framing above the fuel tank from some square rod. And the Eduard harness set and instrument panel.
  4. Next I removed the rudders and ailerons(?) AS there were butt joints on the tail I used some cut down metal metal brads to hold the vertical stabilizer in place . and upon looking at some of the photos I had the rear wing like the main wing was fabric over frame. I hadn't planned on adding ribbing but I did have some .28x.56mm flat strip that sufficed. I thought I had taken pictures of that part but apparently not. oh well.. Once applied and let dry I sanded their thickness down by about half.
  5. LorenSharp


    Most excellent! Partying with the one of the Professionals. God knows what mischief and mayhem awaits not to mention war re-enactments and other daring do.
  6. My God, Those two are so ugly you'd have to tie a pork chop around them just to get the dog to play with them Definitely worth adding to the Strange and Unusual collection. P.T. Barnum would be envious.
  7. I think that was Grumman's "Hold my Beer moment when Bristol said there was nothing better than the Beaufighter. Grumman "I'll see your Beaufighter and raise you a "Skyrocket" and it will land on a Carrier. So there. "
  8. Thanks Marklo, Although I'd have to say your two bring new meaning to Flying Bathtub, or would that be Bathinette? It would be interesting to see how the interior of those portly beasts would look like.
  9. LorenSharp


    Question though Martian..... Will the Zeppelin have any Rivets? I'm asking for someone
  10. Thanks Mike, Casting is probably the one thing I've not tried yet. Though I did think about it once, then discovered.... Printing! It wouldn't take much to make an STL file)s) of it. It's small enough you could probably print it out on a Mars. Thanks , It took a couple of tries to get the thickness right on some of them. I forgot my Prime Directive "Thou shalt not go any smaller than 250um lest you have problems."
  11. Time to put the cockpit, most of it anyways, together. I built the tubular from from plastic rod. Since I'm only doing the area seen I didn't drill and carve out the rest of the resin fuselage. and as such I'm only going back as far as the rear of the fuel tank. Also built the flat framing and added throttle quadrant , added the printed bracing, seat and control column assembly. I got the Eduard instrument panel and seat belts in stead of printing out my own ,(I know I cheated) I wasn't feeling like making my own on this part. So there you have it. Today I'll put everything together and start the painting process. More updates soon!
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