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  1. Excellent job on the armoured squad Peter. And Educational as well
  2. Or to be really different. Design your own kit. you have the definite know how.. This gives you time to cypher it out.
  3. Duh, yeah! thats even more basic. That's counted.
  4. I'm suprised that only one true vac GB had been done since then. To paraphrase "Young Frankenstieen" A Vac GB is a terrifying thing.... And its about time we had one! and an excellent job on the Meteor BTW. I've got the Combat Models AJ-1 sitting near wanting to be built but I think I'll go with something smaller first.
  5. Ray depending on how long it goes for, I say build as many as you want. I made the mistake of actually going over my stash list and discovered I had 39 vacs of various types and 3 conversions.. that not only surprised me but shocked me to my heels. I thought at most I had about a dozen.. So I should be able to find at least one to do.
  6. Yes I am surprised with the amount of positive feedback so far. What started out as a jumbled thought problem and query has started to turn into a snowball. Its going to be fun to see how this progresses.
  7. Thank you Gentlemen and Lady for your support. You are hereby added to the list.
  8. Thanks Heather,That was my thoughts as well, with building assistance, tips and ideas to make the idea of building a vac less terrifying. And I''ll add you to the list
  9. Well since I seem to have struck a resonant chord here, I changed the name of the thread. For me after building my first vac the terror of vacs went away. I've found some are good, some not so much, but all fun and with the exception of grabbing a piece of wood then shaving it and sanding it into what you want, it's about as back to basics as you can get. And when compared to injection kits, no matter what the subject, just as easy. As far as I'm concerned, if its a Vacuform kit, doesn't matter if its got premade extras or you want to go totally Au natural and make it yourself and I don't want
  10. Well then, I shall start the list forthwith and add everyones name . Thanks for joining in on this Quixotic Adventure. May God have mercy on our crazy Souls. Forward! Into the Fog!
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