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  1. "pulling up a seat"Built one of these many moons ago it was an enjoyable build. Watching this build so far brings back fond memories. I will follow this to its conclusion.
  2. As an experiment I wanted to get a size comparison between the B-36 and the B-47 and yes that is The Great White Beast just off to the left. And a 30cm rule for scale. trying to get all 3 in one shot is not easy.
  3. Tricky part will be cutting out the various intake and exhaust vents.
  4. Underneath, the bomb bays have been precut, so I just have to tidy up the edges.
  5. Also need to cut out for the flaps as well.
  6. I know everyone has been waiting for this view, so here we go. This is a test fit for the B-36.I used a black marker to indicate what areas are to be removed. Openings for the cockpit, observer/Gunner stations and the Guns themselves on the fuselage. Have to cut out for the horizontal stabilizers, nose gear doors as well.
  7. Ahh yes ... at least someone appreciates my obscure references. Nothing like listening to ME-262 live while of course building an ME-262. A YB-49 would be an interesting build to witness. I have a 1/48th Combat models buried in the stash and a half completed 1/48 XB-35 in storage that one day I may get back to. Anyhoo back to the show... now where did I put that vaseline?
  8. It may have been a bear to handle, but you successfully managed to "coerce" it into submission. Excellent job and well done!
  9. Thank you Nikolay. It's a amazing how a few bits of shaved plastic and some odds and ends can create a reasonable facsimile. Thank you Kev. Glad you caught my reference. 'Salad has always been one of my ELP favorites, that and Deep Purple Machine Head, BOC Live at Budokan to name but a few.But there I go dating myself. Welcome aboard to both of you. If I can manage to half the ideas I have ping ponging around in my head it should be a very interesting ride indeed. I shouldn't worry too much about the CoG shifting too much, makes looking at something from a different angle easier
  10. YOu are most certainly welcome CC, May I suggest a seat part way down on the right, Very good view ,close to the taps, and the seat doesn't squeek. Much. I get this '47 cockpit a little more organized I'll start modifying the "36 fuselage.
  11. I agree Tomahawk KId, the airfix kit was a pure pain in the backside to build. After seeing the way this build is turning out, I may have to go back and fix it. Gave me some good ideas.
  12. By jove, I do believe he's got it. This build is looking great!
  13. That was probably my most favorite scene of the movie. From the walk-up to the aircraft ,through take-off and the the nickle tour of the "battleship" as Jimmy Stewart called it. I still call it up to watch while building. The B-47 sequences are great for interior detail ideas. I've used several of them.
  14. Well have a few more bits done. Had to go back and resize the cockpit down by a 1/3. Just a tad too large, Rudder pedals and a few electronic boxes. Shame is this will probably be the only time you can actually see these. Once the fuselage is joined together,they'll be lost from view. No matter I'll know they are there. Hardest part so far was finding a ring the right size to put the co-pilots seat on since he also acts as the gunner and has to rotate the ejection seat around to use the targeting radar. Seat belts are made from the obligatory masking tape and carefully cut bits of plastic ard for the buckles and clasps. The hoses I took some small gauge wire and wrapped sewing thread around to give them a " corrugated " look. Used some cut up nails and needles to make the pistons on the side of the seat. Now I'll get the PIlots seat done,put together the front and rear flight control units Instrument panels and the targeting radar. Hope fully it won't take as long as this did.
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