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  1. I would opt for the Rapide, but I'm a sucker for Classy lines. and An Outstanding job on Auntie!
  2. Peter, the way you have built the Fury thus far, I would almost hazard to say it would hold up the real thing! Your Engineering and Fabrication efforts so far are outstanding.
  3. It looks like you maybe seeing a light at the end of this Loooong tunnel. Oh wait , its just a train coming. Great work so far Marklo. Sorry about the Cabinet failure.. been there, not a happy time.. I thought i was a slacker with only 3 partial builds in the wings., 2 more restorations and a plethora of others just chomping at the bit to wanting begin. But none the less, excellent job and progress so far. I shall cheer you on from the sidelines Guinness in hand.
  4. As far as the build goes at least what I've encountered so far id that the Vac plastic has become incredibly fragile and delicate and will break at the slightest inclination. This could be due to the chemical soaking to remove the old paint the regular plastic is fine the PVC ,... welll.
  5. Thanks Mike! Except with my big feet, I keep tripping over the hurdles.... Forward into the fog as they say
  6. The coming will be working on the Turrets and trying to come up with a way to redo the side turret glass. I fixed what I thought was the issue with my old Vac-U-Former. but I'm still getting serious air leak issues. For tearing down and looking at the individual parts I thing the plunger seal has finally decided to opt for retirement. The rubber is not sealing well enough to make a strong enough vac seal to draw down the plastic. Today I'll be out and see if I can find a silicone sealer, barring that I may try to do a makeshift plumbing setup the reduce the size of the Vac tube 52mm(2 1/4")
  7. Temporarily in place to see if everything more or less matches. I have the Side window glass to add yet to both sides. I'll probably get to that today
  8. The Full deck areas painted and plumbed or wired with bits of rod and my usual heavy thread for cabling. I did remove the navigators table from the front and moved it to the back, the same for the Astrolabe glass. it was behind the forward gunner instead of the nose as on a B-24.still have to touch up the bulkhead where the paint came off. Radar, Radio, ECM, Nav painted and wired. Seatbelts added using Tamiya tape and the last of my spare P/E belt buckles
  9. After that I worked on the Electronics area building racks and the various stations. Added the wiring and general piping to the Sides. [ Over all coat of interior green and highlighted with a black wash.
  10. THat al sorted out and New, Newer plan of attack devised I went back and added more ribbing for starters I wish I could get my ribbing to look as nice and neat and smick as TomProbert and others do. NO matter how hard I try it end up looking like the path a drunken sailor took while on liberty in Bristol. Maybe one of these Millenium it will all come together. If I don't forget where I put it in the meantime. Something I had my suspicions about but could not prove was the rear upper Turrets floor design. The turret is placed over what would be the aft area of the bombbay.
  11. And then the good news! MY Ginter Book on the Privateer came in the post! Bad news. My Ginter book came in the post! Not only showed me what was different from the B-24 to the Privateer (Bad) Showed me all these really neat things that I could add as detail(WORSE!) So I had to steel myself to not go too overboard in adding(yeah right) I split the difference, I'll add detail that probably(might) be seen from the front looking in through the Bomb aimers glass and the area behind the command deck( Radar, ECM, Navigation, and Radio) that could be seen with the top turret removed. The rear areas
  12. Its been a bit since last we saw the old girls restoration, I figured a progress report was needed. After many twists and turns up blind alleys and not to mention a McGuffin or two I have managed to make some headway. Working out the cockpit and forward areas Itried to show a little bit of detail.at the time the only decent references for the interior were for B-24's, They're basically the same right? Not quite. trouble was I had proceeded to this whilst waiting for a reference book in the mail. BUt to follow the time line correctly lets look at what I did, then see what needed to be changed.
  13. Thanks General, It's great to know that the Great Tenticaled One is doing well and on the mend to a speedy and complete recovery. Its been rather quiet and tame here (CC not withsanding)without the the crusty ,cantankerous and always illuminating tidbits of wit and wisdom from Imperious leader of the 4 rock from the sun. I'm sure when he returns he will have many a tale of Awe, Mystifcation and Derring Do to regale us mere mortals with.
  14. And if you hold you nose while doing this you go further back and almost sound like Noel Coward singing Mad Dogs and Englishmen Of course if you twitch a little then you're Jo Cocker.
  15. Yes General whilest that is true, being full of youthful abandon , and various other imbibements, one has a tendency to ascribe to the motto "Live fast, die young, and if possible be a great looking corpse." it is a shame though how birdies never seemed to have an ear for the finer intricacies of melodic accompaniment. Especially when it not only ones favorite,, but a true classic that MUST be sung at the loudest decibilage possible. I found some of the best atmospherics for accompaniment between 1 and 3 AM.
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