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  1. Only a fool and their money.What always gets me is when they say Rare! HTF! and other impulse nonsense. Especially if it is a re-issue trying to pass off as an original. That drives me insane.
  2. To do both might bring about the creation of a quantum singularity or at the very least cause Schrödinger's cat to keel over dead , or not, depending on how you look at it.
  3. Excellent job on the -104 Lex., and it comes with it's own Rocket fuel! Nice!
  4. Not sure if its still available Martian but heres a link for a resin kit http://www.realspacemodels.com/shop-galapagos/172-gemini-titan
  5. Airscale, I know you got one of Wayne Szalinski's shrunking rays in the shop somewheres. Fess up now. You shrunk the real thing and are just leading us poor beggars on. Because if not, We're Not Worthy!!
  6. Unfortuantely that is the lot of someone who's discovered 3D printing.. You're now an Engineer AND fabricator. And They LOVE to change things.
  7. Serkan, as I've always said, In for a penny, In for a pound, You might as well, You're in the neighborhood and it won't be that much more to it.. So Go For It!
  8. Excellent printing there Baron! Looks as good as an injected kit.
  9. Then finally the interior to the inner and outer flaps and my intakes and exhaust piping with fans. These will need to be tidied up some on the backsides ,thickness because of support placement and print angles were a bit too deep. I know part of the problem was the FEP film had to be replaced it was getting a little long in the tooth , but the other I'll have to investigate further. I was going to do the cockpit also but received notice that the cockpit detail set had been shipped out from Hannant's and should get early next week. Totally forgot I had even ordered t
  10. Then I made the main gear bays and nose bay. This was where I had the most problems printing correctly. The first bay came out fine but its opposite with the same dimensions ended up being several mm's shy in both length and depth. They're not exact copies of each other but close enough when installed you won't see the differences. I also need to finish the cabling on these parts as well.
  11. Afternoon and I hope everyone had an enjoyable and quiet New Years and Father Christmas was kind to all. Between the Holidays and the antics 100 klicks to my East, my progress has been slow but steady. Most of my time was spent Measuring and printing out new detail parts for the underside of the Vixen. Namely the Speed Brake and interior, inner and outer flaps interior, nose and wheel bays and the main gear door interiors. Most went smoothly until I got to the main wheel bays. for whatever reason, I still can't fathom didn't want to print at the right size. no matter what the settings print
  12. You are too kind CC. No they weren't shake and bake by any stretch of the imagination, and I have a wicked imagination. But they were Collect-Aire so there you are. Right now have to get on with it and as many have done here thin out my shelf of doom. they're not many but they are Large. Thats MY new Years resolution. Finish my Sea Vixen in the Interceptors GB, Restoration of a Koster PB4Y-2 Privateer, an AZ Kawasaki Ki-48-I Lily, Sanger B-47E, Sanger NB-52/x-15 combination and last but certainly not least a Combat Models XB-35. All 1/48 and I have no idea where I'm going to put them whe
  13. Thank you JWM They do tend to be the 500kg gorillas in the room at times. Happy New Year !
  14. Thanks Steve, You're quite right the Valkyrie does at times consider herself the "queen of the Hangar" I'm glad you enjoyed my misspent time bashing plastic bits together. Happy New Year to you.
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