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  1. Great progress Icobod. Great thing about Sanger kits, you get to practice thinking outside the box when building.
  2. Thanks Jacob, glad you liked it. I got the OZ Mods Set years ago back when it was the only game in town. The ICM kit would have been a lot easier.
  3. Thanks. I've built both the Jaguar and Buccaneer and have the Lightning FA2 to build. But it's going to need some work which is why I've held off starting it.
  4. That's my plan, Extra Dk Sea Gray over white. Once I get the plate cover over the Engine compartment properly shaped. I've built the Monogram Harrier years ago. Haven't tried the Airfix kit. it's on my "to get" list. The monogram kit went together a lot better than this kit. and had more detail. The reason I got this kit, I liked the nose profile better than the Marine version.
  5. Now for the REAL fun! Applying foil. Actually not that bad, just time consuming because I'm doing this panel by panel in separate pieces. The reasoning behind it is I can vary the panel by its grain. some up and down and some side to side. Using a cotton bud to smooth everything down then a few light swipes with fine steel wool. again sometimes with the grain others not. Or since I'm swiping in one direction, going in the opposite direction will also give a different light reflecting quality. Then with cotton bud again in hand I buffed narrow bands up and down to give the illusion of the internal ribbing. Once all of this is covered and before I start adding more bits ,I'll brushed thinned OIly black on the rivets to bring out more detail Starting aft and worked my way forward panel by panel. A little something to pass the hours away on a quiet, except for thunderstorms, Sunday. Get this all covered and before the weathering a coat of clear varnish to seal everything down. he back to adding teeny tiny P/E bits. Almost looks like a banana that flies.
  6. Once the upper white surface cured overnight, time to begin masking for the orange stripes. Nice thing about plastic shopping bags, they make great lightweight coverings for large areas. Paint can't seep through conforms to compound curves better than news paper. [/url Leaving the forward and aft spots where the stripes will go, plus the section for the USAF decal lettering. A few light coats of international orange for the stripes and Insignia blue for the tail and stabilizers. Almost "Coast Guardish"
  7. Cool a Sanger Halifax. I have one in the stash that I hope one day to get to. I look forward to seeing the completed work.
  8. Good luck, all the wise women are wise enough to avoid the area like the plague
  9. But do you get chips with those leeches? Asking for a friend.
  10. This will fit with many of the test aircraft on the shelves. So the first thing to paint will be the white. Once this dries good I start masking off for the Orange, black and blue parts. With the high humidity I may have to let this cure for a few days After painting then I'll begin the process of adding the foil to the panels. And as I was saying earlier, You don't get to see much of the interior once sealed. So there you go, a lot done but not a lot if that makes sense. I think I've got a better rotational sequence on the update of all these builds of late. So Stay safe and Stay healthy..
  11. After several applications of filler and a lot of sanding, especially around the windscreen area Though not warped it was about a mm shy of fitting properly requiring some shimming to meet up with the fuselage. That overcome it was time to start adding the P/E. A LOT of P/E This all done over the course of several evenings while something else was drying. That completed I Started the exterior painting. After a lot of though and some investigation I decided to deviate from the kits decals and the Caracal aftermarket set and go with something different
  12. Speaking of lesser used path, and an interim of several weeks, it's high time for an update. In between several GBs occupying a fair block of my time and the usual "life outside of workbench" I have made progress. Really. The Office is now squared away I can mask off the canopy and attach it
  13. While that's drying I thought about what else could be "improved" on. I know I can't fix every error but maybe I change up a few things to make this a tad more accurate. So I cut out the by-pass louvers on the intakes. I'll add the by-pass panels then once the filler has dried and been sanded down I'll paint the upper and lower surfaces before adding the intakes. this make it easier to paint the fuselage as the paint line extends inside the intake. So hope fully I'll have another update later on today once things dry and I can proceed further.
  14. With everything added I stuck the sides together. The fits better than I expected. here are a few minor gaps and a shelf on one corner of the engine cover that will need to be tended to. An since this has raised detail rather than engraved panel lines and I don't want to make a bigger mess I'll used masking tape to keep the filler to a minimum I let this dry overnight then sanded everything down. Once sanded down I painted some aluminum down the seam lines to see if more was needed before proceeding further. The only area needing further work was the engine cover which I expected. So a little bit more especially around the corner step. With as warm as it is today this should be ready to sand in a hour or so.
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