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  1. Retirement.... Its a tough and dirty job. But by golly somebody's got to do it! To @Pete in Lincs... One more of us. One less of Them! Salute!
  2. Or swap it for a better brew from @Pete in Lincs.He could probably use it to boost the petrol in his delivery truck.
  3. Cutting off beer supplies won't help Martian. CC already has a still rigged up in the corner. All you can hope to do now is install bigger blast doors to protect the populus.
  4. That must be the former Estate of John Travolta's Grandfather, who was also a pilot. He always did have a penchant for bringing his work home at the oddest of times.
  5. I wished I could have gotten across the finish line. Nothing like too many things happening at once, not here, but behind the scenes in R/L to muck up the works. I have the designs all worked up, just have to spend at least a week of computer time and then probably 3-4 days printing. But I'll get it eventually. Probably more sooner than later. just not in time before the GB closes. Such is life.
  6. Revell/Monogram 1//48 F-84G Thunderjet with 3-D printed Zero Length Launch Trailer Something different Revell/Monograms 1/48 F-84G in Testing configuration with a self designed and printed Zero Length Launch Trailer. Bare Metal Foil for the F-84's exterior, Tamiya, Mig-Ammo, AK Interactive, Alclad II paints. Kit decals for the jet. Thanks for wandering in and having a look. You can find the WIP here:
  7. Which just leaves putting the two together. And there you have it. a 50's oddity that doesn't show up too often. Eventually, the Air Force got around to trying the same basic set up but using F-100 Super Sabres and a much bigger launching rocket. The project though clearly was feasible and an initial production order of around 200 units placed the project was eventually cancelled because medium and long range missiles came online negating their usefulness. At least for the U.S. The West German Luftwaffe continued on developing a system using the F-104 as the Test vehicle with assistance from Lockheed. But by 1966 this too was abandoned to a footnote in history. Thanks for following along and keeping my spirits up during this build with all the comments , questions and suggestions. The trailer now has the distinction of being the largest self designed and printed set piece. Who knows I may actually try and print a whole airplane, or at the very least the constituent pieces. You have been duly warned. I want to thank @Wez and @reini for putting this show on. And too I should also apologize to both them and everyone for not being helpful as a Co-moderator. I didn't get to do one other F-84G SAC subject I had my eye on. but that can be save for another day now. I'll have the finals in the Gallery momentarily. So as my usual, stay safe, stay healthy and by all means... Model on!
  8. Going back to the launch trailer I painted the rear area white and the used red car pinstriping for the caution. Because of time limitations keeping from doing the M-52 Tractor I didn't need any decals. The tractor got all the numberings and flourishes. Eventually I'll get around to doing a Matador launch set-up and can do the tractor or tractors then I did reuse the boarding ladder and added it to a rack at the front of the trailer. Something I forgot to do earlier, show what the underneath looks like with the suspension and and rail actuators. Showing the underneath in it's all-together.
  9. Then got the rocket pod painted and attached, And an Arrestor hook along with the fuel dump piping. I think the reason or the arresting gear they were also doing tests on an idea of landing on rubber mats or inflatable matting. The hook I printed out.
  10. Now for the final installment of this different kind of build. Letting everything dry and set I began adding the last of the little bits. First what looks like a "cage" on the intake Don't really understand it's function, but easy enough to make from a couple of pieces of .45mm silver wire. And fashioned a new Pitot tube for the nose from thin rod and a bit of wire for the tip
  11. Cuz if it starts with an "A" It will be the first name you see in the phone book( I know I just dated myself),unless of course you're named Aardvark For the children reading this, a phone book was what you used when you wanted to look up a telephone number A lot easier than ringing up the operator and asking for directory assistance. THINK manually operated Google. At you finger tips no less. What's that you say... What's an Operator and what's Directory assistance? What do I look like your Grandfather?(don't answer that) Giddottahere ya brats!
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