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  1. Excellent job so far Dennis, especially on the camo. Can't wait to see it with its markings in place.
  2. Thanks barside. It's not perfect but I"m pleased with its outcome so far.I m thankful some of my hairbrained ideas for adding detail actually worked
  3. Then finally the rear bay bracing with the added access ladder to the upper rear turrets. This is the last of the major work on the fuselage, I think. Now I can concentrate on the crackling finish on the non NMF section, from there installing the cockpit windows, front gear, bay doors, ordinance, observer bubbles and decals. Then gently put it up and covered until the wings are finished.
  4. The rear bay framing is now complete also. Communication tube complete front to back. To get the windows in I drill out the center of the tube as it was solid carved out the windows and added some thin plastic from some tossed out blister pack. Then added the bomb racks for the 19000 K tallboys
  5. Added some cabling and wiring to the UBS rack
  6. Here are a few more . You might be able to see better.
  7. Happy New Year Everyone! It looks like we all survived the festivities of the holidays, in one form or another. Well to start this new year off,, The bomb bays on this leviathan of resin and bits is pretty much complete. The actuating arms, doors and ordinance I'll wait until the fuselage is complete before adding to prevent the probability of damage for being chucked around so much. In the meantime lets see what insane goodies I DID add to the bays shall we..... First up some large bits of plumbing that goes over, or under to be more precise the wing box. I didn't have any plastic stock in the right diameter and I didn't really want to wait a week for an order to arrive ,so looking around I found something similar, the paper stick from a cotton bud. Not as fancy as plastic rod, but I did have a lot. The plastic rod I did have I used for the smaller vent pipes. Then my old stand by of thread for wiring.
  8. I will keep that in mind Nachtwulf. Congratulations on the acquisition ! Merry Christmas!
  9. Not much to report from the front, but taking a moment to go slightly off topic and wish everyone here a most joyous Holiday Season and the hope that Father Christmas was very kind to all. Merry Christmas!
  10. Serkan, even though this thread is for the A-12, a little bit of history for everyone. 55 years ago today, 22 December 1964: Lockheed test pilot Robert J. “Bob” Gilliland made a solo first flight of the first SR-71A, 61-7950, at Air Force Plant 42, Palmdale, California. The “Blackbird” flew higher than 45,000 feet (13,716 meters) and more than 1,000 miles per hour (1,609 kilometers per hour) before landing at Edwards Air Force Base, 22 miles (35 kilometers) northeast, to begin the flight test program. And remember, these aircraft were not designed with the aid of a computer, but with a slide rule. Not to bad for a bunch of pocket protector geeks.
  11. I'm sure its fixable, no problem is insurmountable. you just need the appropriate amount of explosives for the job. Thank you. It has been an enjoyable, if long, build. I don't know that I would want to try it again, Vacs are so much easier. The problem when finished won't be where to put it, but to find a place big enough to take its picture when done.
  12. Thanks Dennis, I thought it might be the case. Tee Model Master was an enamel, Didn't think about Alclad degassing that long or would react with an enamel on top. . I had let it set for 24 hrs. Strange part is I hadn't noticed before now. I'll just have to carefully sand it down and recoat. C'est le guerre.
  13. Good Day on this last busy Saturday before Father Christmas' arrival. Not wishing to intrude on everyone's festivities, but I have discovered a bit of an issue with paint coverage that I hope my esteemed colleagues may be able to assist me with. When I first laid down the coating of AlcladII to the magnesium portions of the fuselage. I noticed that the color was too dark for color I was attempting to achieve. SO, I let the Alclad set for a day, and applied a very fine mist of Model Master dull aluminium. At that point it gave me the effect I was trying to achieve plus the extra bonus of a well worn patina. Now upon closer inspection some months later I see fine hair line cracks in the paint. I had planned on doing the upper wing surfaces the same way, but with this issue, I'm perplexed as to how it happened and how to prevent it in the future, To repair the current damage, I guess I'll have to sand down the sides again and reapply. and suggestions on preventing a repeat would be greatly welcome. Thank you in advance. I now return you to your regularly scheduled festive revelry.
  14. Back once again. Rear turret assembly went in with some encouragement. The back bulkhead had to be removed and installed first because of the size of the bomb bay openings. You would think I would remember a small detail like that. Nope. But it did fit perfectly I'll have to do some tidying up of seams but otherwise not too shabby. And next the roof sections of the rear bay. Had to do some small trimming Now the port and Starboard bay rigging and bracing. That I should have ready by the weekend.
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