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  1. Here at the Marklo Messerschmitt Iron works, Quantity is Job 1
  2. Sure especially if it has pichurs and little puzzle games to make you turn the pages along the way. The written parts are usually mindless incoherent drivel that make absolutely no sense what so ever. And might work for building a model, just not the one you are working on at the moment Those bit I ignore.
  3. There you go Adrian... See it's kismet. Now you must proceed.
  4. Looking good Hendie! Just remember when it comes to crazy ideas... Invention is a mother.... when it's a necessity. Keep up the good work.
  5. Yes @Mike you've created a wonderfully mad modelling loony bin that ,for better or worse, the inmates seem to be happily in charge. And thats Grand! especially with the state of the world outside our little realm, I'm with you, I'll stay here with all the crazies. we're MORE sane!
  6. Hopefully Bill, your Heather isn't of the Nurse Ratchet variety or a graduate of Helga's House of Pain.
  7. Your B-17 interior is far from wonky Rob. I've built the Revell/Monogram B-17 in multiple variations over the years. If aany thing your build has given me enough ideas I'm seriously considering taking my "G" version I did many years back and doing a full restoration on it and bringing it up to snuff.
  8. LorenSharp

    The Weather,

    Sounds almost like here Mike. Except we were in the 36-37c range. You didn't walk around you swam.Even with fans running and AC on still to hot to do anything with the exception of melting into a puddle.
  9. That's kinda what I had in mind. Because of the bombbay being open a spar all the way through wouldnt work. So I'm making a set of spar "slats" that will be epoxied in holes on either side where the wing attaches rather than use CA for strength. Thanks Rob, I had the same problem on my first try. Couldn't get the stick surface off no matter what I used. Took a small piece of tape and placed the smooth side down and held it in place with another piece of tape. The one thing to watch out for is making sure there is a tight seal with the tape. Otherwise the resin will ooze out before it can be cured. One glass still managed to fog over slightly, but the others perfectly clear. Not sure why, but acceptable for the present.
  10. As @JOCKNEY had eloquently pointed out it has been a bit since my last update. Having fro the most part gotten all the riveting done I tried an idea mentioned by @billn53 ,who in turn got it from @Rob K.,namely using clear uv resin to make odd shaped windows. Using clear packing tape to cover the outside port hole.,I used an eyedropper to put just enough resin to fill the area. it took a few tries as the resin had a tendency to leak out before I could use a UV light to cure it. Not perfect but it's definitely better than punching out clear disks and trying to attach them to the fuselage without getting excess glue or worse, finger prints on the plastic from the glue. Although upon reflection I probably should have done this AFTER I had painted the interior, Oh well.. Moving on., I made bulkheads and flooring. added framing in the cockpit area and Nav/Bombardier station in the nose. I'm not going to trick out the radio compartment as it won't really be seen except though gangway from the cockpit, and then just barely. then worked on the Bombay modifying it for torpedo use. I'll get these painted up and by then I'll have the seats, instrument panel and other bits printed up then I can finally seal up the fuselage and get it squared away so the wings can bet worked on and added. So with luck the next update won't be too long. So until next time Be safe, Stay healthy ,and model on.
  11. Martian you mean the the witches that recited; Double,double toil and trouble; Fire burn and wastebin bubble. Fillet of P38, In the wastebin to boil and bake; Eye of scriber and drop of glazing goo, Wool of batting, and touch of glue, Adding steering fork and jewelry bling, Landing leg and Bombers wing, For a charm of powerful trouble, Like CC's home brew boil and bubble. Double double toil and trouble; Fire burn and wastebin bubble, Cool it with Baldricks blood, Then the model is firm and good. To William I'm frightfully sorry, I know your spinning in your grave after this one.
  12. After much delay sue to postal mis-direction I finally got my replacement air brush compressor. the pump died on my old one, now I can get back to serious building and catch up on a lot of updates. And Something that I've been saving for for a while. I got tired of waiting for Elegoo to make more Saturn's available. Larger build area tan the Saturns and on sale for a little bit more than a Saturn. So a Win-win. Puts a crimp in model purchases for a while. But by the same token, If my experimenting works I may be able to make a few subjects from resin that will never see the light of day in 48th scale. Big subjects so stay tuned..
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