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  1. For a first proper build Mike, your son did a bang up job! Congratulations for Job Well Done!!
  2. Magnificent job on the Demon Adrian. Doesn't look like a 60's model from here.
  3. Next comes what will probably be the hardest part. Joining all the individual halves together. I did have to move the the Shoran Observer window forward and fill the original hole with Milliput The underneath will need a bit of work. Instead of filling the gap in the forward wheel bay I'll just completely re-do the whole lot and clean up the crew access. The rear fuselage will need a lot of trimming before I attach the forward and rear pieces. I was hoping to get more done by now but I pinched a nerve n my back doing yard work and have been getting things done in 30 min. spurts sitting upright followed an hour laying flat on the heating pad. It may be a day or two getting the seams all smoothed out before proceeding further. But that's all for now, as always any comments, suggestions or critiques are always welcome.
  4. Painted and installed along with some added detail to the to the sides. The kit had a control stick like a fighter instead of a yoke. carefully cut a yoke out of plastic stock. Painted up the seats and added belts As you can see there is not much room in one of these jets.
  5. Starting on the cockpit, the instrument panel supplied not only small but incorrect. Toss that out and make my own., once the sides are together though almost all the detail will disappear but like anything else "it's the principle of the idea that matters." The next updated area is the ejection seat. Both the Pilot and the Shoran Operator's seats were ejectable, although I don't think I would give the backseater much of a chance. For a plane this size the crew area is smaller than the inside of a VW. After putting the cockpit floor and bulkhead together something didn't look right and after going back and studying the images that I have of the instruments the opening to the pilots station is backwards,but since the kit had moulded on instruments I made my own, then cut the panels off and rearranged them in a more logical, semi correct orientation. Also tidied up the floor of the back area on top and the access area. The underneath was sparse with detail and since it would be seen from added some plastic rod and bits to look "busier" .
  6. Nice idea using the zip ties as clamps on round hulls I always used Rubber bands that inevitably would snap just as I got it tight enough.. One to remember.Thanks
  7. No need to worry about using Nuts or bolts, A modified version I used on my NB-52A(that I really do need to get back to) just stiffer to account for the heaviness of the resin. Welcome aboard! Execuform did a vac version long time ago. Biggest problem was the landing gear had a tendency to collapse if the pilot didn't land with both front and back wheels touching at the same time. It had high marks from all the test pilots including Chuck Yeager, but it finally got beat out by the B-57 because it had a better range/loiter time to bomb load.And the higher costs per unit.Both test versions eventually were lost because of pilot error due to not landing correctly.
  8. How much additional weight do you think you've added to build with the wiring and the lights?
  9. Good point on the canopy. I end up doing it last for fear of destroying it and doing the fuselage first and of course making the hole for the canopy too big. Adding additional work that I didn't need to. Thanks!
  10. Interior detail like any resin leaves much to be desired. More than a vac. And that leaves more room for improvement. Now this I Will have to probably redo. The bomb rack was a rotating affair to keep wind buffing down during the drop. Very innovative, Martin later used it on the B-57 Canberra. But this piece is so far the worst. Instructions show it as 2 pieces but must have been too delicate to ship and was glued together at the factory. wished they had cleaned it up a little before they had. But like a vac there is a lot of cutting scraping and sanding. Talk amongst yourselves while I sort this out.
  11. This model seems to be in better condition than some I have. Haven't come across any warpage or micro pits. And it's been well pack to prevent damage. Everything in its own neat little sealed bag surrounded by tissue paper.The fuselage halves come in to sections, fore and aft.butt seamed together. Ahhhh no. That would be a disaster of epic proportions. If not now, later. Because of the weight I can see the back breaking on this eventually.So, I'll grind out sections above and below the center brace and glue in thick plastic card or .020 brass plate I have for strength. Highlighted areas are what I will remove.
  12. The ever popular Collect-aire Highly detailed instructions in brilliant yellow for those of us who can't see as it is and decals that will not go anywhere near anything remotely damp. those have been rescanned and I'll reprint when the time comes. Some parts will have to be redone entirely like the ARDC and AFTC logos. And no I'm NOT doing the GIlbert XF-120 . I go towards the unknown, unwillingly enough the way it is.
  13. Following along in this fabulous 50's Golden Era of Flight I'm in, I have for your viewing pleasure, an oldie but a goodie from beautiful Baltimore, Maryland on the banks of the Patuxent River the Martin XB-51 by Collect-aire. And old is right. This big lump of resin manufactured back in '96. This should be interesting, The last pure resin build I did was maybe 20 years ago, an old ARBA Bristol Blenheim Mk1. Though small it was hefty and this will be heftier. This build may take a while depending on how much extra goodies I stuff in to its innards.Plus being old enough to vote AND drink the resin maybe too brittle to work with and I'll have to make new pieces.But we shall see, what we see,so shall we? As always, comments suggestions and observations are heartily welcomed. As the famous General said" Forward! Into the fog and Damn the Martinis, full speed ahead." At least I think it was Martinis, He may have ment Martians but I doubt it was ours.
  14. Thanks Baldy it was a lot of fun, Experimenting with the different metal colours. I'm glad you enjoyed it! Thanks Sat69 Glad you liked it!
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