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  1. I just wanted to say it's awesome how far Zvezda engineering and kit manufacturing in general has come. When compared to their Su-27 SM from 2014, this kit is miles ahead, even the packaging is superb now (not a single bag for all technique anymore). Colored instructions sheet for marking options, excellent decals themselves, they don't even require decal solutions based on previous experience. Plastic parts without any huge sink marks, mismolds, etc. The only reason I'm not building yet is me waiting for Eduard/MetallicDetail/someone to come up with aftermarket goodies for even more detail.
  2. Umm... what? They are re-releasing the PE frets for Zvezda Su-27SM? That has to be a mistake...
  3. Yes! I have the BM kit they released in 72nd and the damn 3rd main gear door pieces are missing from the sprues, even though it was a downscale of the HB Foxhound and that one had them in the box. Sloppy work from Trumpeter (also ugly mismold on the canopy clear part), made me never want to buy another kit from them. Their models look good superficially when in the box, but during the build at least 2-3 huge errors show up everytime.
  4. That's nice and very clean paintjob, but the bare metal engine color is painted in wrong areas top and bottom, check reference photos.
  5. Mr. JareŇ° from Annetra said in that topic that he had many sprues of the reworked Tomcat in his hand while in China, and even glued some hastily together. Compared to the original AMK sprues, many changes were made to make construction more modeller friendly and keep maximum subject accuracy. He said the reworked wings with everything extended look great and fit is good. The further said the F-14 turned out much more difficult to model than 'Sio' predicted (no idea what Sio is, maybe a person or company?) He also mentioned he will not make any public comments regarding a planned GWH Tomcat. He finds the timing of attacks on AMK on certain forums quite peculiar. Further mentioned in his post - the planned weapon sprue pack by AMK - they've run into problems with packaging because the sprues turned out too large. - Mi17 test build completed, sprue revision underway to include some antennae, weapons. The next few posts are reactions from Czech modellers with mixed feelings, but pretty much all of them agree that whoever paid for the Tomcat in advance is out of his mind...
  6. It's two Soviet machines, 55 and 57 blue, an Egyptian and one Iraqi version, all grey paint schemes.
  7. Just to follow up on this, Smer customer service responded and sent me the missing sprues right away, no additional cost, no complications.
  8. You wrote 'add me on facebook' on the weapons bay door?
  9. Honestly I can't see any substantial difference between the sprue and the picture provided above. If that is the only 'shape' issue then this kit is perfect, haha.
  10. So what is the verdict on this one accuracy wise? Not too many reviews available either.
  11. Maybe this will help a little. https://imgur.com/a/oSayANY
  12. Hm.... definitely weird, the site changed themes or something? Because on the bottom of the page, there was a theme selection with one option being default and the other called default x4 or something like that. If I select the one with the multiplier the site looks all weird but with the other one it is alright, altough the usual colors change slighly to a lighter blue. Still, formatting is now ok but it is very bizarre. Thanks for the replies.
  13. Hello, not sure if anybody else is experiencing this, but when browsing from my cell phone, forum structure and general formatting just looks way off. Now this is so for me only in the last 3 days or so, before that is was ok all around. Wondering if the issue is on my end or not?
  14. Hello, My Christmas gift this year was a Su-7 BMK kit (I opened early, so what? :D) and upon closer inspection, I noticed the original boxing is missing 2 complete sprues. Going to contact Smer for replacements if possible, I was just wondering if anyone had similar experience with Smer kits or any feedback regarding their customer service. Thanks in advance.
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