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  1. Provide a link outside of Facebook please, not everyone uses that site.
  2. Seriously, man, why did you even buy the kit? You could have scratchbuilt it all.
  3. It is selling quite well, because this aircraft was part of childhood for many modellers in countries where it was used. The nostalgia feeling alone and the relatively cheap price tag is enough motivation to buy it. Plus, it doesn't take long to build it, as opposed to a Tomcat or Hornet for example.
  4. While the subjects Aztec make are of interest to me, I've had very bad experiences with ordering from them. Literally half a year later, and I still haven't received my order. Tracking page not updated in 2 months. I could only force Aztec to communicate with me in the first place by posting a complaint through PayPal. I will never order from them again.
  5. Oh, the box art says Limited Edition Resin kit... and 15 marking options... nice
  6. Appearently Mirage IIIO is coming in October 2021, my local hobby shop already has a preorder up.
  7. Well, I wouldn't buy a kit with a glaring shape error either. But 5mm length difference is hardly a 'glaring' shape error. It is barely noticeable for most people. Unless someone goes to the extreme and specifically takes a ruler and measures the built up model and compares it to a drawing... Extreme ideologies, in any regard, never end well in my opinion. That's right, model building is a hobby, not a competition for some
  8. This. No one is going to walk up to you and comment on an otherwise beautifully built up kit and say: "You did a great job but it is 5mm shorter".
  9. That looks very nice! What is the verdict on the AML upgrade kit though? Pictures available on the internet look like very low quality resin with no detail at all...
  10. These black and gold boxed 're-releases' of their old MF boxings come with the old style decals or the new bad ones? Anyone knows?
  11. I also do overtrees + PE purchases and get aftermarket decals elsewhere. Or buy Eduard kits that were released a while ago with Cartograf decals. The new ones are just bad.
  12. GWH and Minibase are probably the best Flankers out there. Hobby Boss / Trumpeter kits in general lack attention to accurate detail and have various shape issues I believe. Altough plastic is good quality. For Su-34, where you have no choice but to get one from the inferior manufacturers, as GHW or Minibase don't make them... but maybe in the future.
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