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  1. Thank you, that appears to be correct, sadly. http://www.airvectors.net/avvig.html "The datalink and Rb74 upgrades required addition of switches to the control stick that eliminated the airbrake control, with the airbrakes wired shut. There were few complaints, since like most other delta-winged aircraft, the Viggen lost speed rapidly under sharp maneuvers and the airbrakes had rarely been used in the first place." I will be installing the PE airbrakes from the Heller set it seems, in closed position
  2. So, since today I had the advantage of some natural light, I took some photos of progress... First, I took care of those nasty gaps and seams near the intakes and the forward fuselage in general. It is not so bad, used superglue filler. Rescribed the panel lines where needed, intentionally overdone, because I brush paint and shallow panel lines disappear easily, haha. Also intentionally sanded away some detail here, to be replaced with PE... shown in the second picture. Added a hole and dry-fitted the Master AoA probe. After that I put together t
  3. Sort of, but the modeller painted the wrong areas in metal. The panel with the red transparency /nav light?/ should most likely be of a metallic sheen, and not the panel right in front of it with the little red aerial. The black/dark area further down the spine is correct, and the panel in front of the vertical stabilizer should be normal camo color. Check reference photos of the real bird s/n 37410. However, most photos online are from the time before they painted the tail red. Currently, the jet is perserved in a museum, I believe /Ă–sterlens Flygmuseum/. By the way,
  4. Oh, thank god, I thought for a minute you're calling me out on something!
  5. Just a small update today, I assembled the complex involving the small air intake under the fuselage as well as the Oerlikon autocannon. Also, I've been looking at other "adjustments" that need to be done on the fusefale before it is buttoned up and ready for primer... - hollowed out some air scoops - drilled a hole for the Master AoA probe on the nose, and removed the pitot tube from the vertical stabilizer to be replaced by a Master metal part during final assembly later - added external PE and resin parts (the RWR antenna - cannibalizing the horrible M
  6. So, I am trying to fix a few errors in the kit, based on information I found in other build threads, here is what I found: Some things are obvious, but the "jet fuel starter exhaust", "oval vent/drain on the bottom of the exhaust shroud" and the "small vortex generators on the exhaust", I can't find good pictures of. Anybody able to help out there?
  7. Well, the original idea was to display it braking on a runway, with airbrakes open, thrust reverser closed, and nose gear leg compressed. I will need a pilot figure though. On second thoughts, the resin seat is so "pretty", it would be a sin to obscure it with a pilot, haha.
  8. So, lots of progress after a week, just been lazy to update this. Cockpit As far as the cockpit goes, in my opinion the resin seat by CMK is excellent, just as the tub and IP are. I used additional PE parts from the Maestro set - the pedals and the canopy contact railings on the upper forward fuselage part. Fit is excellent all around, including resin. The larger "side panel" that goes into the upper fuselage part is provid
  9. Just out of curiosity, which is the best available 72nd Draken kit at the moment?
  10. Thank you all for the comments. Here is some progress: Admittedly, overdone the cutting a bit, but the part still sits stable in place, so... Also glued the nosecone and fuel tank...
  11. So, I've decided to give this a go... I will build "red-tail" from the box art, with lots of resin and PE upgrades from CMK (airbrakes, thrust reverser, RAT, cockpit set, mask set). And even more aftermarket, originally meant for the Heller kit - exterior and interior PE (will only use a few exterior pieces- I have the wrong set, for AJ37 interior), Master pitots and a tail+drop tank upgrade. The Maestro set on the left is very low quality resin, the drop tanks, particularly the fins, are atrocious. Kits parts are much better. In fact
  12. Is it still open to enter this GB? Altough I have a Viggen, there is plenty of those underway already...
  13. Hello, This is Eduard's Mig-21MF Profipack edition kit, built with some additional aftermarket goods (resin exhaust, external PE set), in Romanian AF markings. Very beginner friendly kit, goes together like a dream. Brush painted with various colors from AKAN, Ammo Mig and MRP aqua based paints. Apologies for my "potato camera" picture quality. Thanks for looking.
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