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  1. Where can one obtain this resin kit? I can't find it in any shops. Is it through direct order from manufacturer (essentially a garage company?), and if so, should I be a bit afraid of getting scammed, as this particular brand (unlike for example ScaleWorx) is never referenced on any forums...
  2. That is curious, as to my knowledge, Special Hobby never released a Stor-Viggen in 72nd scale. Or am I wrong?
  3. Naught... but this would certainly be a good time to 'cash in' for GWH as the subject Ghost of Kiev is very popular...
  4. I reckon AMK Mig-31, F-14 and Kfir also build up very nicely. Tamiya F-14 I've heard people sing songs about, supposed to fall together like a dream.
  5. Requirement for sensible parts count immediately rules out Minibase, but their Su-33 has top detail quality
  6. Does this contain any extras or is it just a straightforward rebox of Hasegawa? I've read somewhere that Hobby 2000 often include aftermarket, like masks, etc.
  7. Awesome weathering and paint work. It is just sad the trench like panel lines of the Airfix kit stand out like a sore thumb...
  8. I love that Etendard. Sad the kit from Academy is sparsely available these days, if at all...
  9. That is a great diorama. Also a nice stab at Minibase, haha.
  10. There is also that black jet with the special camera nose they used to film Top Gun 2... Alpha Jet or L-39 Albatros? I can't recall... just based on 'feel the need' reference, it might be related. New Jaguar or Rafale would be great though!
  11. I am sorry to resurrect this old thread, hope it is not against the rules. I am searching for more information/pictures of the FAE 907 jet during the Cenepa War era with the 4 tone touch-up scheme and Israeli style ID triangles visible or faded. I only have two pictures myself and literally no top or right side view available. The Aztec modelling decal sheet does include this scheme, but I don't really trust their research (color codes wrong, even Mig-21 type listed wrong on their Cuban sheet for example- mixed up Bis version with MF, etc.). Thanks in advance.
  12. It has recently been revealed that Hobby 2000 is releasing multiple versions of Draken in 72nd scale (refer to Hobby 2000 webpage). Any idea whose kit this is? I hope it is the Hasegawa reboxed...
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