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  1. Easy mistake to make @Edge , Les Dawson was very good at playing the piano badly as well!
  2. My experience was exactly the opposite - small (by todays standards) ships from the 70's used wires, as the ships grew in the 80's we switched to polyprop/HMPE ropes which continues to the present.
  3. The RAF Sabres used 120 gallon drop tanks - 120 US gallons = 100 Imperial gallons {99.9209 to be precise) A lot of the early RAF Sabre pilots were US trained, some had flown with the US in Korea, and the US terminology apparently prevailed throughout the Sabre's brief RAF career where they were always referred to as 120's I presume the other tanks are therefore 200 US gallons?
  4. The Lysander wing also tapers in thickness towards the fuselage. The maximum bending moment on the spar will be at the wing strut attachment point, and for this reason this will be the point of maximum thickness. As you move away from this point both inboard and outboard the bending moments will reduce, therefore the thickness can be reduced whilst still maintaining the same strength. This is desirable to reduce structural weight. To maintain the same aerofoil section as you reduce its thickness you also have to reduce it's chord to keep the same thickness to chord ratio, this
  5. Towbar in the centre, plough either side and recovery winch between the wheels. The plough can be lowered when the winch is in use so it digs into the ground to give more pulling power.
  6. Yes they're offset, and yes, it's correct. The Hurricane fin was offset 1.5 degrees to port to counteract engine torque.
  7. And very nice they are too, Tony. I May get round to building one of mine, but I think I'll start with the Fujimi and Hobbycraft ones. IV Sqn is on my build list Justin, you've produced a fine model there - did you do a build thread? The Fujimi hard wing F30 kit has been re-issued by Italeri Both Hobbycraft slatted 6-3 wing and hard 6-3 wing kits have been re-issued by Academy
  8. The Tamiya 1/72 Spitfires are about 1mm short in the rear fuselage and they've been castigated for it. The Airfix Sabre fuselage is about 3.5 mm short in the middle compared to the Fujimi & Hobbycraft kits, which will give the impression of both front and rear being short by nearly double the Tamiya discrepancy, and as far as I can see nobody has previously commented.....
  9. The Revell Hurricane IIC is probably the simplest of the 3 to build with pretty good fit The Tamiya Spitfire V is a bit more complex but probably the best fitting of the kits The Airfix Typhoon kit will benefit from careful test fitting of the parts which may need a bit of filing/sanding for a good fit. There's builds of all of them on Britmodeller, but the site search function isn't great, best to use Google and search including Britmodeller eg "Britmodeller Tamiya Spitfire V" A quick read through a couple of build threads will show up any gotcha's other modellers have fou
  10. Thanks for that @Julien I've found previous references to all those, but nothing referring to the short fuselage compared to other kits which I found strange. If the Fujimi kit is the correct length (or near enough) I might be tempted with an Italeri repop.
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