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  1. Both Xtracolor and Colourcoats do RAF Roundel Reds and Blues https://www.scalemates.com/search.php?fkSECTION[]=Paints&q=roundel*&fkCOMPNAME[]="Colourcoats"&fkCOMPNAME[]="XtraColor" https://www.scalemates.com/search.php?fkSECTION[]=Paints&q=red*&fkTNAME[]="Enamel"&fkCOMPNAME[]="XtraColor"&fkCOMPNAME[]="Colourcoats"&ssearch=bs538& Note that Roundel Red BS538 in Xtracolor as Post Office Red (X031) and BS now lists this as Cherry Red
  2. Dave Swindell


    And the perennial favourite:- Why did the chicken cross the road?
  3. Dave Swindell


    OK Mike, how about frosted windows in airliner loo's?
  4. Dave Swindell


    Cos there wasn't room for a 3rd seat what with all the remote control equipment fitted?
  5. Medium Sea Grey / Dark Sea Grey uppers standard for all camouflaged Vulcans except for wrap-around scheme which was Dark Sea Grey / Dark Green There were exceptions eg XM600 had Dark Sea Grey / Dark Green uppers over White undersides - check your references - Airfix 3 tone camo schemes are all Dark Green / Medium Sea Grey Uppers.
  6. Would that be a Porridge Comedy Respiration test?
  7. With Christmas party season about to start, how about "A Night Out On The Town" by Duncan di Sorderly
  8. There wouldn't be any equipment forward of the radar as this would severely impact on it's performance. Best I can think of is it's a circle of unpainted perspex or fibreglass, depending on what was used to construct the radome.
  9. Hi Mark I've got one but not built it. There's photo's of the kit contents here if that's helpful https://www.super-hobby.com/products/Fairey-Flycatcher-eraly-version.html?partner_id=9 They also sell them and it appears they ship to the UK, but this wouldn't be cheap especially if you factor in RM fees and VAT Karaya are still in business, but not as prolific with new kits as they used to be. I don't know whether he was here this year but there used to be a Polish trader who stocked all the Karaya kits at SMW The kits are generally well cast and fit reasonably well, detail is very fine though the Flycatcher cockpit is rather simplified (though to be fair you wouldn't see a great deal as the cockpit opening is quite small) For the engine, the cylinders look good, but you're left to scratch induction and exhaust pipes, pushrods and ignition harness
  10. Wot Selwyn said plus F1 - tailplane mounted midway up the fin, later versions all had tailplane mounted at the bottom of the fin/top of the tailboom FB5 & FB9 could be fitted with bombs, rockets or droptanks, earlier versions couldn't. Then there's all the export variants, Sea Vampires, and 2 seat nightfighters and trainers......
  11. Or there's protective covers over the ends of the cannons - looks like this is the case to me if you zoom in on them.
  12. Nothing's fooling you, all the aircraft delivered on Calendar and Bowery were Spitfire VcTrop's with 4 cannon armament and wide wing blisters as per the new Airfix kit.
  13. Can folks who can't see @tnuag's images see these? @dromia, @Mancunian airman, @Paul Bradley, @Amerikon
  14. Thanks for the complement, but I think you should be thanking @LDSModeller for his photos rather than me, all I did was provide a little light entertainment from an observation made about one of the photos
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