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  1. Set up guidelines in corel draw, use snap to guidelines for each character, and print as one decal.....
  2. That's defence cuts for you - if the pilot flew a tight enough circle, he could shoot at his own target?
  3. That's the fabric ballooning between the ribs due to the lower upper surface pressure whilst in flight. The effect disappears completely on the ground. Unless you're closer than a couple of feet to the real thing you can't see any ribs in the fabric surface. The Airfix kit effect is refined but overstated, the Trumpeter kit effect is a grossly overscale caricature.
  4. Nice tiger stripes! Why? Practice for painting the pattern on the carpet?
  5. Ahh, Pocari Sweat - a rather unfortunate name but a brilliant hangover cure! Always had a can or two of that in the fridge when I was working in the shipyards in Japan!
  6. A little pedantic, but Airbus have never used Coroguard on their wings- they use a product called Aeroflex Coroguard and one of the Aeroflex products contain a high percentage of aluminium in a clear coating which gives it a metallic grey effect which has varying reflectivity depending on the angle of the light source The other Aeroflex products appear less metallic and more medium - dark neutral grey. As always, check photo's of the aircraft you're modelling (see Airliners.net etc) for colour variation. Xtracolor do a Coroguard in their range, but you can achieve something similar to photo's by mixing any aluminium paint with a compatible grey to get the shade you're looking for.
  7. The Gulf Traveller/SAS boxing included the RR211's even though neither option used the engine.
  8. Absolutely, your model, your rules. I wasn't sure whether you were planning a conversion or just musing over the differences. I built the kit shortly after it came out (christmas pressie from grandparents) and I made a hash of assembling the skirts - yours have gone together very well btw. I bought another a few years ago, and have been toying with attempting a conversion to a MkIII, Every so often it comes out, some research gets done and it goes back in the box as a project for later - if the lounge wasn't covered in bits of Airfix Vulcan old & new, aftermarket and references it would probably be out again.... The skirt on the mkIII was considerably different from that on the mkI, It was much fuller and wider at the front, giving a noticeably tapered planform compared to the parallel sided MkI , this accounts for the extra width.
  9. It was just a light hearted dig to let you know we're still wanting it, I'm sure the wait will be worth it, meantime I've got a Blue Steel to stick on a certain bomb trolley
  10. There's very little of the Airfix kit that can be used without significant modification if you're converting it from MkI to MkIII The hull was increased in length by inserting a new midsection, but it wasn't widened. The main cabin was widened on top of the original hull platform, and the larger redesigned skirt increased the beam over the earlier skirt when inflated. The pylons and propellers saw significant changes, and the roof as well as being wider and longer, had new conditioning units in a different layout. To paraphrase an aircraft modellers quote - Jack up flightdeck, insert new hovercraft, refit loading doors and ramp.....
  11. Been waiting ages for it Neil, I'm hoping you'll achieve absolute perfection and release it in the very near future
  12. Ali @Ali62at Aerocraft Models was working on one, he had test shots at SMW, but it doesn't appear to have gone into production yet
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