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  1. ????? A rattlecan will pollute cubic metres of airspace, an airbrush cubic centimetres If you've the space and ventilation to use a rattlecan you've more than enough for an airbrush.
  2. Another top tip - if the joint isn't lining up correctly when the locating pins are engaged, cut the pins off and re-align the parts correctly. Also concur with Jan's advice above, align the upper joint first and allow to cure, then do the bottom. As noted, internal tabs can assist or make the alignment worse, but if you add the tabs and allow to set before test fitting you can remove plastic or add thin plastic card shims under the open end of the tabs to adjust the fit - takes longer but you can adjust the fit to suit.
  3. Another source of resin wingfolds is CMK who did a set for their resin Gannet AS1/4 kits, again will need modding to fit your AEW3 Stop press - just been on the Alleycat website to check availability (both wingfold sets for the revell and trumpeter kits are listed), I'd forgotten that their full resin AEW 3 kit is available with a wingfold option. Might be worth asking if you could buy the wing fold option separately? https://www.alleycatmodels.co.uk/index.asp?function=search
  4. I think Tamiya might have a spy in their camp - the presenter is Hasegawa San!
  5. Horses for courses - each type of adhesive has it's strengths and weaknesses (literally and figuratively) As a modeller you need to know what these are and select an appropriate one for the job in hand. Tamiya Extra Thin isn't a miracle glue for everything, but it's definitely better than your experience suggests, I've got a Zvezda Hercules wing in front of me which is very robustly assembled using Tamiya White Cap for the trailing edge joints and Extra Thin for all the rest - five pieces and best part of 18" span. The keys to a good Extra Tin Joint are:- No p
  6. Your images all appear OK to me, Roman, but your links aren't working - see my post above about pasting text links.
  7. This isn't just a forum problem, I've had it in other programs on a win10 laptop If you paste as normal (control - V) you get:- Joe Walsh - Rocky Mountain Way - YouTube as you have found. However if you paste as plain text (right click and select paste as - plain text, or control - shift - V):- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UsEE5usGodQ (the forum automatically embedded this, I've switched back to the link to show the difference) It's a bit of a pain, it looks like it's another attempt by Microsoft to be "helpful" and fix things that ain't broke for us
  8. There's 4 aftermarket wingfold sets that I know of in 1:72, but they're all for the AS1/4/T5 Alleycat did full resin folded wings for both the new revell kit and the trumpeter kit Wolfpack did full resin folded wings for the new revell kit Both of these would require surgery to the inner wing to represent the mods to the AEW 3 wing, or surgery to both kit and resin inner sections to graft the fold mechanism to the kit wing stub. Airwaves did an etched set for folding the wings on the old frog/novo/revell kit, involved chopping up the kit wings and using etched endplates and
  9. N783AS 01/12/1994 Alaska Airlines VQ-BAO 01/07/2009 Aeroflot-Don VQ-BAO 25/09/2009 Donavia Stored 10/2014 as 2-VBAO (VX Capital) G-JMCY 01/03/2016 Atlantic Airlines G-JMCY 01/01/2017 West Atlantic (UK) Freighter conversion during storage period
  10. Has the cowl been repainted, or is it still yellow? I'm wondering if this photo has been taken on Ortho film? The "blue" ring of the roundels is a bit on the large side, and there's a faint trace of a concentric ring on the fuselage roundel, ie it "may" be the yellow outer and blue inner of the C type roundel. This would make the light fuselage horizontal and vertical bands and the ring surrounding the roundel something other than yellow (or roundel red or blue)
  11. I'd suggest that as well as the gun and bandstand, the conversion included adding the upper bridge deck and extending the vents behind it, if you're converting to pre/post war civvie these will need removing/lowering.
  12. All the images except the pasteboard one can be copied and pasted directly into Britmodeller In the image hosting window right click on the image, select copy image link Click in your Britmodeller post editing window where you want your image to be and paste link (control shift V) The image should appear automatically.
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