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  1. A couple of shots of the mockup which should help with some of the stencils http://www.flymefriendly.com/gallery/v/AirShows/avalon2009/100_2404.jpg.html?g2_imageViewsIndex=1 https://www.flickr.com/photos/27448505@N04/7536079386
  2. Freightdog doesn't have all the Combat kits in stock, so not on their website. The Mantis was available at SMW last year and this year in very limited numbers, I think he's just moulding a few at a time. I'd agree with that. The "black" one was the flying airframe, the grey one was a dummy mockup. This is reasonably square one of the logo's on the mockup, the markings on the flying one look the same I would have preferred a kit decal sheet too, but I suspect it won't be available - at least we've got the kit! If you get round to doing decals before I do, let us folks on Britmodeller know as I know of a couple of folk who would be interested.
  3. Have you seen test shots of the Zvesda kit then? I was surmising that Zvesda were reboxing the Revell kit, there's a link between the companies as Revell have released Zvesda plastic in their boxes before now.
  4. The Catalogue you're linking to shows this as 1:144 Scale - is this the Revell kit with undercarriage???
  5. Just dug mine out, they're just like yours, they're white decal paper with black laser overprint, continuous film so you'll have to cut each design out separately. You can tell it's white decal paper because the letters are white, but the paper is light blue. I suspect the set shown on scalemates is an early set with Alps printed decals.
  6. Hi Collin, Despite being painted as a PR aircraft, and being noted as a PR.IX in most photo captions, ML897/D was in fact as others have said above a B.IX. I did quite a bit of searching into this aircraft when I started a 1:72 model of her a while back, you might find some useful info on what I could determine about the radio and aerial fit in the build thread I started Unfortunately I've not got back to finishing this model off, must get round to it soon..
  7. It's 60 Sqn which was based at RAF Tengah Singapore, but that's not filmed in Singapore, too many mountains and too much jungle. I think RAF Butterworth is much more likely, where 60 Sqn kept a detatchment of Javelins, this eventually became C flight 60 Sqn when thay had enough aircraft. https://www.rafseletar.co.uk/raf-tengah/aircraft-based-at-raf-tengah/gloster-javelin/
  8. You'll be waiting a long time, it's only on line.
  9. Pretty sure it's printed black on white decal paper, @tnuag should be able to confirm?
  10. My understanding is that the Scimitar and Swift were produced by MPM exclusively for Hannants, but the Meteor and Vampire were produced for Hannants with an agreement that the manufacturers could produce their own versions (marks) of the kit. In the latter case, both the Xtrakit boxings are of what could arguably be said to be the most popular mark, ie the Meteor F8 and Vampire FB5, MPM/Special Hobby haven't released standard kits of these marks. Scalemates doesn't list the Xtrakit kits as the "new tool" version of the kit, but they were released at the same time as the MPM/Special Hobby kits that are listed so.
  11. Freeing ports in bulwarks are gaps to allow water from breaking waves to run off the deck quickly, and not be retained on the deck to create a destabilising free surface effect. Freeing ports with doors have the doors hinged at the top to open outboard, and are free to open and close when required, they are not opened or closed manually. The door is weighted to be normally shut. With seawater pressure on the outboard side (wave against the bulwark) the weight of the water closes the door firmly. When the wave receeds leaving the deck flooded, the weight of water on the inside of the door pushes it open and allows it to drain quickly overboard before the next wave closes it. It's a very basic non return flap (clack) valve. Surveyors take a keen interest in them during load line surveys to make sure they're still free to move and the hinges haven't rusted up or the the door jammed shut with coats of paint.
  12. I think @John Aero will tell you that rumours of his demise have been greatly exagerated! Though his products are sadly missed by many modellers, he's now building models again for the fun of it
  13. Good quality artists watercolours thinned and a tiny bit of soap added to break the surface tension works well over enamels. They can be used as an all over general weathering wash over matt paints, put plenty on, wait until nearly dry then start removing the excess with a damp soft brush. Keep washing the brush out and wiping away until you get the desired effect. They can also be used as a pin wash for panel lines, best on a gloss finish, and wipe away any excess with a damp tissue when nearly dry. If you don't like the effect they can be washed off quite easily, if you do like it you can spray a coat of varnish to seal them in.
  14. Aires did a full detail set, engine, cockpit and gun bays for the Tamiya kit. The cockpit and gun bays were available separately. The Aires sets are exceptionally well detailed but are not simple plug in sets, they require accurate cutting and a lot of thinning of the base kit components. I can't comment on the Detail Model set as I haven't seen any of their products.
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