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Dave Swindell

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  1. Dave Swindell

    Airfix HMS Repulse

    Hi again Seahawk. (g) didn't supercede (c), they're in different positions. Frames 302 to 309 are aft of the main armament below the quarterdeck (the maindeck was the deck immediately below the quarterdeck) whereas the BD gunhouses were up on the shelterdeck. Raven/Roberts - British Battleships of WWII gives a much more comprehensive description of the proposed modifications which still refers to modifying the BD gunhouses (for secretary and ladies/gentlemen in waiting), drawings are also referred to but not shown. Published photos after the refit clearly show the BD gunhouses have been completely removed and replaced with new of different shapes and sizes. Correct, and for wartime fit there's the degaussing cable to add (1940) and radar (1941).
  2. Dave Swindell

    laptop cleaning

    https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rubbing_alcohol#History American term for surgical spirits
  3. Dave Swindell

    Compucolour/DBI Paints: the full range

    So did I to start with but he does say Comp/DBI, I suspect it's an amalgamation of both from different sources, however as you've pointed out there do seem to be differences.
  4. Dave Swindell

    Early Spitfire Mk I seatbelt arrangement

    Looks to me most of what you can see in the seat there is a parachute with harness. There's a bit of the sutton seat harness up the stbd side of the seat mounting frame. Note the early wire and ring door release and lack of crowbar Oh, and HRH KGVI getting a good talking to.
  5. Dave Swindell

    Compucolour/DBI Paints: the full range

    Compucolor tin (My emphasis) I think Joe is listing DBI Authentics here, after they took over Compucolor and repackaged in glass jars Some changes in colours/codes and some extra colours?
  6. Dave Swindell

    Airfix HMS Repulse

    Hi Seahawk, the main problem is where you've commented on, namely the gunhouses for the BD turrets just aft of the mainmast fitted in the 33/36 refit. These are depicted as fitted during the refit on the airfix kit (and every other kit i've seen that purports to show her as sunk) , but with the single 4" gun fitted on top. Size and shape is unaltered, including a slight taper inboard on the aft half of each. During the 38/39 refit the gunhouses were removed completely and replaced with new oblong structures containing iirc cabins and offices. The starboard one is longer than the port, and extends to the forward bulkhead of the main aft deckhouse (ie just forward of the mainmast. If you've got Ensign 8 there's a photo of the new starboard section being constructed on p35, and the finished structure is clearly visible in photos P35/36. The smaller port structure is clearly visible in the bottom photo P37. If you're building 1941 fit, these are incorrect in the kit (and possibly some of the smaller gun fit), if you're bulding 1936-38 fit the gunhouses are correct but the guns on them are incorrect (and some of the AA fit would need removing)
  7. Dave Swindell

    Airfix HMS Repulse

    Depends how accurate you want it to be. The deckhouses depict the vessel prior to modification for the May 1939 Canadian royal tour, but smaller armament appears to be as per wartime fit
  8. Dave Swindell

    Compucolour/DBI Paints: the full range

    Big thanks to Mark and Joe for posting the Compucolor lists, I've updated the Scalemates listing for Compucolor with this info. I've a few of the RAF colours myself, I had no idea they did so many! Whilst updating the Scalemates database this afternoon a few questions crossed my mind - The Compucolor/Compucolor2 paints I have are all 14ml tins (a la Airfix tall/narrow ones) whilst the DBI Authentics I have are all 18ml bottles (similar but slightly taller than Testors/Aeromaster jars) - is this coincidence, or were Compucolor all in tins and DBI Authentics all in bottles? I note there's also slight discrepancies between Mark and Joe's listing for the CGC German post 1945 colours - is this due to different names used by Compucolor and DBI? @JPuente54 Joe - is the list you're transcribing Compucolor or DBI, and does it state whether tins or bottles? @lasermonkey Mark - you imply your list comes from more than one source, are you able to differentiate between what is Compucolor and what is DBI? The OCD bit of me would like to work out whether DBI issued part of the Compucolor range, all of it, or did they add more clours after they took it over?
  9. Dave Swindell

    Typhoon low between Skipton/Glusburn

    About 300 knots?
  10. Ships use both S band and X band radars, typically one of each, for short range and long range.
  11. That turned out well Nick!
  12. Dave Swindell

    Camel colours for Ray Rimell WNW builds

    Yes that's a Deltic, but it's standard BR blue. Deltic Blue is a reference to the colour the prototype Deltic DP1 was painted, quite different:- https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/British_Railways_DP1#/media/File:Preston_Riverside_-_Deltic.JPG
  13. Not free, and not downloads, but these two books give a good selection of 1200 scale plans https://www.amazon.co.uk/Miniature-Merchant-Ships-Waterline-Modelling/dp/0851776590 https://www.amazon.co.uk/More-Miniature-Merchant-Ships-Bowen/dp/0851779360
  14. Dave Swindell

    Airfix 1/72 Phantom FG.1 in Stock at Hornby

    Hi Antti, appreciate what you said and understood it as you meant above, however I believe that the photo Dennis posted has been used previously as "evidence" that something ending F had been written on the underside of the wing. As Dennis has kindly confirmed, this was not the case.