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  1. No, they're rings. If you think of the rocket bell being the wing surface radiator of a Schneider racer rolled spanwise into a cone, the rings are the coolant headers supplying the coolant to the tiny channels in the radiator. The whole of the rocket bell is double walled and cooled by fuel between the walls. it's known as regenerative cooling (link warning, it contains references to German rockets that go bang).
  2. They serve two purposes, the rocket fuel is pumped through them, the heat from the rocket exhausts vapourises the fuel ready for combustion, and the fuel vapourisation cools the nozzle, stops it melting.
  3. Paragon did the conversion in 1/72 for the Tamiya kit as well https://www.scalemates.com/kits/paragon-designs-72071-mosquito-fbxviii-molins-conversion--1004468
  4. 2 of them were me I think, at least one will be a starter in the GB, hopefully it will make the finish line for a change!
  5. New version MacRobertson Air Race announced Source https://mailchi.mp/8fd629ba82d9/very-soon-british-klemm-eagle?fbclid=IwAR29HfZUqiIwjjE8b55hEG3HMaDduauk_0lunknbShUtHNN-mGjjHABI8sA https://www.facebook.com/DEKNOmodels/photos/a.1263334127013589/3925978384082470/
  6. He needs to build two - a high one so we can see underneath, and a low one to strip the roof off ....
  7. Rob is quoting 12 links per centimetre, which is about the same as your 30 links per inch, so no difference really. Kev suggested plaiting 3 strands of cotton, I'd suggest using very fine wire and a four strand square sinnet which gives a better impression of chain. Whether this turns out finer than the chain you already have will depend on how fine the wire is and how tight you can make the sinnet. https://www.animatedknots.com/four-strand-square-sinnet-knot
  8. Apologies, corrected; and yes, they are on the website which is why I posted the link, and why I was querying the non availability.
  9. Several attempts were made, but none succeeded. The hydrofoils, especially the rear one went through several stages of development, but it was the clutching arrangement switching drive from water propeller to air propeller that was the main stumbling block.
  10. Not just grey funnel line either, we had the same arrangement for lifeboats on RN container ships, and still in use today.
  11. I don't think they have been overpainted, fresh paint would tend to look darker and wouldn't normally be applied just on the letters, it usually overlaps onto the surrounding background. Although faint, the outline of the letters, or at least the lower half of them which aren't exposed to the sun's glare, is very clear. The original paint of the letters has either been very carefully removed (if so, why, if the photo was taken whilst still on squadron strength as appearance in the photo album would suggest?) or they're painted in a colour that doesn't contrast much from the dark green in the p
  12. There looks to me to be faint traces of the squadron codes KZ forward of the roundel on this photo, quite dark but not quite as dark as the dark green camo - possibly roundel red?
  13. Have you been in contact with Densil? Is it just the Britannia props? He's usually pretty good at updating the website.
  14. Ebay, second hand kit sellers. Welsh Models do white metal props for the Britannia as well http://www.welshmodels.co.uk/accessories.html
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