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  1. Listed on Scalemates Modeldecals by subject Modeldecals by sheet number
  2. Dave Swindell

    RIP Niki Lauda

    Roman didn't say he was German, he said he spoke German, and Germany didn't have any succesful drivers. If the implication was Niki Lauda was German, it would also imply he wasn't succesful!
  3. Both these colours seem rather dark when compared to the Roundel Blue and Red. As per your avatar picture, the Mauve colour is noticably lighter than both. If the colour was indeed from BS381C , then BS381C-797 Light Violet looks a better match to me. BS381C Colours can be compared here. Although you may not get an exact match, it should give a reasonable comparison of how two colours look next o each other
  4. Now £60,000+ Target moved from £500 to £75,000! Was on Radio 2 Jeremy Vine, apparently Rod Stewart has donated £10,000.
  5. Had Vodafone broadband/landline/mobile for a while now, no problems to grump about.
  6. Pretty sure it's the same grey used by both Airbus and Boeing, IIRC @XV571 quoted Airbus drawings giving the same paint spec for the grey used on wings etc. Can't comment on Mr Color paints, but Testors Voodoo Grey and Halfords Racking Grey are supposed to be good matches, Xtracolor do both Boeing grey and Airbus grey, veryu little difference between them.
  7. 24" black letters are on Modeldecal sheet 33 and the numbers are on Modeldecal sheet 35
  8. And an extra Like for photographing it on "The book of Miles Aircraft" Excellent job there Adrian.
  9. Kitmaster, now available from Dapol - lovely build there gamevender.
  10. Presume you're doing this in 1/48, as a better starting point in 1/72 is the Tamiya NFXIII/NFXVII. The instructions give you the tamiya cockpit layout here. Note they give you a Gee set for behind the pilot's seat. The aerial for this isn't always easy to spot in photo's. Radios would be in the rear fuselage with contollers in the cockpit. Rear shelf would be mainly radar gear. I'm away for a week so can't access books etc til I get back, but looks like you're on the right lines for research so far.
  11. Neil, Nick already does the Channel Airways scheme you want in 1:144 on this sheet, instead of faffing around trying to cobble together bits from his other sheets, why not ask him if he can print off a scaled up version of this one? If you want a specific reg he may be able to do that as well, worth an email surely?
  12. Exactly. If you can't deliver the goods and deal with any customer issues after delivery inside the PayPal timeframe (42 days?) you aren't permitted to get round this by adding your own rules. The customer can legitimately require a refund and the seller must accept Ebay's consequences. It's no use bleating about customers not reading listings if you're not conforming to the listings rules yourself. If you're not prepared to risk the capital up front on your own products you can't expect customers to be queuing up to risk their own money whilst you take your own sweet time to provide what's been paid for. There are other platforms that give better protection to both buyers and sellers for business models selling future products, Ebay is not suited to this, and it ends in tears all round if you try.
  13. I don't think so, the source of this problem is Scratchaeronautics own marketing methods, which attempt to circumvent Ebay and Paypal customer protection policies by introducing their own terms on delivery periods. As they have found, Ebay and Paypal will always uphold their own rules over any additional terms the seller may try to impose. I'm sure in this case this was attempted to minimise their up front financial outlay by only manufacturing to order, but if you've been a member here for a while you will be aware of sellers who have used this method of marketing and haven't been able to come through with delivery of goods due to personal circumstances, or, in some cases, outright fraud. Ebay and Paypal buyer protection is there to re-assure buyers they have a getout if things appear to be going south in this manner. Scratchaeronautics are asking all thier customers to in effect surrender this protection, they shouldn't be surprised when customers enforce it, and accept the consequences for this. Ebay and Paypal are not set up for selling a product you haven't yet made, unless you've got a physical product or a very fast turnaround time to produce it, selling in this manner will end in tears as Scratchaeronautics have found. If Scratchaeronautics finances are so tight they can't afford to do small batch production runs to offer for sale, then maybe something like crowd funding would be more appropriate? They seem to have a good reputation for a quality product with a small interested market, so I would have thought a batch size to cover costs from known intended purchasers at break even cost plus a few extra to sell on spec at a slightly higher price for profit would work? I'm sorry to hear of Scratchaeronautics above troubles and do hope they can find some way of continuing to market their product which wil meet both customer and their needs. My interest has been in the subject of their kits, but not the scale, I'm a 1/72nd myself, so I have no vested interest in Scratchaeronautics.
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