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  1. Yes please! I just built two for the In The Navy groupbuild, but 2022 is a long way off, time enough to get another two in! Alan
  2. Good attention to detail and credible conversion, however I 'liked' it through gritted teeth
  3. Good idea! Still a nice kit after all these years.
  4. Very well done! Excellent work, makes it look bigger than 1/72.
  5. Meticulous work so far, the decks look excellent and worth the effort. Ocean liners and battleships certainly - [don't say it...don't say it...] - float my boat too! [doh!]
  6. I originally signed up for a month during the spring lockdown and we ended up keeping it going, there's no minimum term though. No spoilers from me then!
  7. I really enjoyed season 1 of this, about to kick off season 2 with a big plate of fish and chips For those not familiar it's a kind of space western set in the Star Wars universe, I highly recommend a month's worth of Disney Plus just to binge it
  8. Seconded, great little kits and a good scale for balance between display size and details.
  9. Great choice, love these Bitburg Eagles, such a golden era Did one in 1/32 from the Tamiya kit, still one of the best models I ever made. Hope you have the same luck with this
  10. Great pics! The sun's just right, and the shots with the no 2 turning final in the background are really good. Alan
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