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  1. Alan P

    HMS Eskimo

    This is an excellent result, the painting and 'used' look is top drawer modelling. The wake and wash are really well done as well. It was a bold choice to go with the big wave (brilliantly rendered as well, both shape and colour) but the ship looks a bit static with such a dynamic sea state to my eye. A striking and genuinely inspirational model. Alan
  2. Immaculate rendering of an interesting and aesthetic design. Great modelling! Alan
  3. Alan P

    Hunter F6 1/32

    First of all, congratulations on a beautiful Hunter, it really does look superb. Weirdest thing though: last year I was making this same kit and used the same paint (AK Steel) and had exactly the same problem! Never happened before with any previous use of that paint. Now you've shared your story I might just get it down from the Shelf of Shame and finish it, the thought of having to strip the whole thing down is worse than having a 'weathered' underside Alan
  4. Thanks for mentioning that - if I hadn't lost my entire Britmodeller archive to the Ph0t0bucket hostage crisis it probably would have remained buried forever
  5. The curse of P-bucket is lifted on this build at last! Pics fully restored. Alan
  6. You can paint the whole thing fluorescent pink as long you keep up this incredible, eye-popping build. The detail is so authentic I can practically smell that interior. I can only echo what others have said time and again: you're a wizard with scrap materials! Alan
  7. Very informative build thread. The final diorama really brings the model to life, very nice work all round.
  8. Why have I never seen this technique before? Simple but genius. Alan
  9. Looks really smart, a great effort for a first vac (I still haven't managed to be brave enough to try it yet!) I was following the build but only now realised how small the finished article was. You've done a great job. Alan
  10. Alan P

    737 Max

    This is really the heart of the problem, leaving some tough questions for the manufacturer but more importantly the regulator. Here's an interesting take on the competitive environment that rushed the Max through certification.
  11. Quite a phenomenal job the detailing is impressive enough but the lighting really takes this to another level altogether. Alan
  12. Alan P

    737 Max

    This is how ours (BA) look when Boeing delivers them to us. It's not the manufacturer's decision to put 3-4-3 across economy with a 29in seat pitch. One aircraft-specific thing I would definitely agree from the passenger comfort point of view: the 777 has the driest cabin atmosphere I've ever experienced. Sit in one for more than ten hours and you wonder if you'll ever be able to blink or swallow again
  13. Alan P

    Bone headed mistakes......

    Fun's what it's all about in the end! It is a hobby, after all
  14. Alan P

    Bone headed mistakes......

    Measure twice and cut once is also the mantra of any modeller using aftermarket parts! Glad you've got alternatives you can turn to. I'm guessing you have a previous connection to this aircraft, the only advice I'd offer (take it as it's meant, based on my subjective experience!) is this: if you're building something you used to fly, know when to stop on the detail! I wanted to add all kinds of special detail from aircraft I've flown on my models of them, but due to the limitations of scale and plastic it never all quite fits in and ends up looking messy rather than busy! Best of luck with your build, Anthony! Alan
  15. Alan P

    Horten flies again!

    The modern resurgence of a classic design. https://edition.cnn.com/travel/article/horten-flying-wing-prototype/ Would be an eye-catching addition to your local flying club! Alan