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  1. No, it isn't! More work... I posted what might be helpful info on my build thread, Tagged you so you can find the post
  2. Thanks very much again Chris It's going to be all about details for the next bit... Added these anchor points for the chaff launchers - won't be adding the launchers themselves until much later. Also, the eagle-eyed will notice I knocked the arrestor hook off - luckily I found it before the carpet monster did! Trying to do the rear end justice - PE parts from the old F2 Flightpath set. The reverser bucket mechanism is from the kit, but I've deliberately reversed (pun not intended) the parts so they fit back to back rather than how Revell would have you do them. First gli
  3. That's the right idea, I'm still learning from this forum since getting back into modelling 15 years ago I suppose you don't get better unless you try stuff for yourself, and there's plenty of inspiration to be found on these forums. The engine covers look really good, clean cuts and decent framework
  4. If you have to modify it anyway, you might as well get the Aires pit. You could use the Heritage mid cockpit section as a basis for the T-bird layout? Re the nose, I used an offcut from one of my unused zombie Tornado kits to extend the nose and correct the angle. As regards the final look of the thing, it's all about where you draw the line for the actual radome vs the extended nose section of the fuselage. I'll post an update later which might cast some light on what I mean.
  5. That's brilliant Steve. The crew and the quality of the cockpit glazing really mark this out great build
  6. Good plans overall, it's a shame the plug doesn't fit...the set I'm using was okay, but did need milliput to fair it all in and get the right shape to blend in with the reverser buckets assembly. Sounds like your plan would work though.
  7. I would recommend you fork out for the cockpits Joe. They're going to be quite noticeable on the displayed builds. The Tamiya is older generation and could do with a facelift, unless you want to use the kit as a base for the FGR.2-specific bits; the F3 needs the Avionix conversion (even that needs some additional work) as the Heritage set is very simple & only gives you the nav's shelf and TV TABS; and the aftermarket cockpits for Trumpeter all fit the Echelon with a bit of persuasion. As for the other bits...Tamiya's nozzles are well documented by @Anthony in NZ , you might wa
  8. Very good work with the stabilators, it makes more work for yourself but great attention to detail Also, your first build of this kit in the factory primer looks amazing! No doubt this one will be as well.
  9. Huge improvements all round Andy, really well done. Also, genius to use a pull through to position the airbrake housing... I built this a couple of months ago and used a brace from the inside which was really fiddly The seat looks superb as well as the engine improvements. If you're interested, the one I did in February is here. I did some reshaping of the intake area and other improvements which might be of use to you Alan
  10. Fast work, beefy! Very neat paintjob, you'd never know there were any issues with it. Pretty impressive ship... I've seen it many times on the way to Philadelphia airport, looking shabbier each time whatever the looks of the thing it was the peak of steam generation engineering.
  11. Beautifully presented that display must be huge! Great job with the figures.
  12. Wow. Any one of those projects would be daunting on their own, but all three... respect! I'll be aboard for the long haul also, happy to offer any assistance with the Tornado if you need it. Alan
  13. I've not seen you build many props but I fully recommend the Revell Spit if you're interested in a 1/32 version - it's a quick and simple build
  14. Excellent build Rich! You've nailed the look of the aircraft and your attention to the fine details is superb. Really well done
  15. Thanks Matt, but you're way behind the curve already Thanks again, Alan
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