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  1. When we lost one of our 777s in a crash at LHR in 2010, the investigation into why the fuel wasn't reaching the engines found various things inside the fuel tanks that could only have been there since manufacture. A glove, plastic ice scraper, a cloth and various bits of plastic tape and paper card. I wonder what other pieces of detritus are hanging around the rest of the airframe
  2. What a brilliant finish! Not the most attractive airframe but an interesting choice and looked like a good build as far as Anigrand goes.
  3. Hi, I'm a U-boat enthusiast (no expert) but I don't think they brought the AA guns inside when submerged. The boats were rarely submerged compared to the time they spent surfaced, so the guns were regularly serviced and oiled and didn't require waterproofing. The breeches of the deck guns were gastight and therefore watertight, so only the muzzles were plugged with tompions when not in use. Fragile accessories like the gunsights were kept below unless needed. From early 1943 through to mid-1944 most boats were having their deck guns removed as they were increasingly unlikely to be used.
  4. Extraordinary work! The meticulous detail and paint effects lift this one well above the usual. I'm sure it will! Alan
  5. True, and definitely not! Alan
  6. Was great to see it in the flesh last month, a fine job and tribute to the (so-called) QOTS Alan
  7. Thanks very much it's a nice kit really and the paints I used were first rate.
  8. Sorry, took my eye off the ball, thank you all very much for your nice comments! Alan
  9. It's a really nice kit. Even though it's not your 'thing' you should get some pleasurable building out of it.
  10. Thank you Grae, really glad you liked it Thanks Andy. It's not a straightforward build but as long as you think carefully about the build progression and depart from the instructions when required it does fit together pretty well. Thanks Calum, it was the hardest bit of the build so I really appreciate your verdict
  11. Looks great in that scheme. The understated weathering and dusty finish are very effective!
  12. Thank you all, the paintjob feels worth the effort after that! Alan
  13. That came out very well, lovely job. It just looks so much better in RN service. [ducks] Alan
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