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  1. Thanks, but he's closed to commissions until the summer. Appreciate the tip, although I'm not on Facebook Thanks Tim, getting closer! Nothing in 1/72, but not far off for 1/144. Cheers for that.
  2. Thanks for the ideas, will see if I can approach them Cheers, Alan
  3. Thanks very much both. I need the Boeing demonstration scheme for the 737-800 in 1/72 and 1/144. This one: https://www.boeing.com/commercial/737ng/#/gallery
  4. Despite the already bewildering array of aftermarket decals available, civil airliners are pretty underserved due to the constant emergence and demise of airline operators, and the never ending cycle of rebranding and merging of companies. Can anyone recommend a place to start looking for custom decal makers who can produce liveries to order for specific kits? Cheers, Alan
  5. Looks really sharp! I thoroughly enjoyed building this kit, makes the predecessor completely obsolete. Genuine shame they didn't include pilot figures as the display stand is a great idea.
  6. Brilliant job Chris! It looks so realistic you could jump in and fly it Again, can only doff my hat to your amazing brush painting skills
  7. That's very nice Adrian! Love it when people rehabilitate these good old kits with modern techniques. Great stuff
  8. The Bearcat was designed as a point defence interceptor, speed and rate of climb were its outstanding features as it was intended to intercept threats as far from the fleet as possible. It was smaller, lighter and faster than both the Hellcat and Corsair whilst using the same engine, although it was more lightly armed. The torque was fearsome, worse than the Corsair, so I guess it was a hotrod that was tricky to fly, with not great visibility around the carrier, and maybe the rugged, heavy Corsair might be regarded as a step sideways, or possibly even up, for pilots.
  9. 'Welcome to Tackyjet, the no frills rentajet service for people with just enough money not to be able to hire a private jet'
  10. Off to a good start! Nothing like a bit of hard work to make the build interesting!
  11. In 7 years it's had 4719 views, so quite a few people looked at it would be good to see how it turned out
  12. Mine also received, looks superb, and love the presentation as 'pilot's notes', very good
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