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  1. Thank you! It's a nice building experience too.
  2. Decided to get all the decals on before any weathering - These birds were usually well-kept (I'm told this particular one was maintained in great condition) Excuse the background! We get next door's Daily Mails as waste paper for our pets and my modelling. Cheaper than real paper The kit decals are superb. Italeri give you two huge sheets of decals and stencils and they go on very smoothly. The stencilling is so clearly printed you can even read the tiniest of them. More soon, I hope...
  3. Paint is on! I used Hataka Orange Line lacquer paints. It needs to be thinned about 50% with their own brand thinners and goes on very thin. However it has the advantage of drying very quickly which made this whole process a one-day effort. I used Basalt Grey, Yellow Olive and Silver Grey from the Modern Luftwaffe set 1. I thought it came out pretty well, especially the green. The nose was a mix of MRP Insignia White and FS36622 Light Gray, with an anti-glare patch of FS34087 Dark Green. I feel like we're living in a golden age of modelling as far as paint and kits are concerned!
  4. Assembly complete, masking done. First coat of Mr Surfacer 1500 and it's looking pretty good!
  5. Finished the cockpit instrument coaming: I added a few wires underneath a layer of Tamiya tape, and added the rivet patterns using a riveting tool. The canvasy effect is just AK sand wash over flat black. The gunsight reflector is a 4mm lens while the glass is an acetate clear rectangle with polarised film stuck on it. You can see the way it changes colour in the next couple of pics: It's a neat effect, very visible under daylight! Alan
  6. I've working at this off and on, just forgot to provide any progress photos! Getting ready for paint... At least there's not much in the way of ordnance - four drop tanks: Crew ladder is a nice piece from the kit - the only thing wrong with it is the usual ejector pin marks. Wheels and M61 cannon - the cannon parts were very nice, required a bit of cleanup but fitted together really well. More cockpit next...
  7. That's extraordinary, even by your stellar standards. I say this every time you post, but you are a special effects wizard when it comes to finishing. Excellent modelling
  8. Fantastic presentation! At that angle with the bombs out I can only imagine it stalled 5000ft ago and it's actually falling tail first You've really made me think again about changing my projected build of this aircraft, might have to add some badly needed colour! Great job Rich
  9. What a showstopper! Beautifully assembled and the finish is in a league of its own. Excellent work
  10. That's disappointing, and a bit mystifying really. That fact should have been made obvious at point of sale!
  11. Lovely result, what an unusual and attractive colour scheme.
  12. Love the sheen on the finish Ray. What a great scheme, looks neat as a pin. Well done
  13. Great subject, that's going to look impressive! Alan
  14. That's really well done Lex, an interesting scheme - the Polish version not often seen.
  15. That came out really well! You put a ton of work into it and it paid off. Alan
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