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  1. Great job so far, loving the PE work, very precise. Re the deck rails, if you mean the brass straps a yellow or gold artists pencil works very well. For the aircraft launching/handling rails, guess what, a normal soft 2B pencil also works wonders! Alan
  2. Thanks to all @PF Naughton and the two Jeffs, much welcomed! That's a huge endorsement, thank you β˜ΊοΈπŸ‘
  3. Work continues on the well deck prior to closing up the hull: The 'water' is acrylic artist's paint mixed with Liquitex Gloss Heavy Gel. The gel was used 'neat' to provide the beachfront water effect. I was originally thinking of having one of my LCACs in the dock, but I don't want to block the view now it's almost finished. So this will remain empty apart from the two swimming AAVPs. Work continues with the photoetch, of which there are hundreds of pieces. I'm trying to get all the 'sidewalls' done ahead of the first primer/paint coat. This is really satisfying work, it's kind of almost therapy I think most people would be happy with the extensive photoetch included with the kit, but this Pontos stuff is just a step up. The recessed boat bay and crane are the first 'finished' part of the build. The PE cover is designed to be fully sliding, and it works! There's another one over the smaller aft recessed bay as well. There's loads of extra detailing over the sidewalls, mostly ladders and boat racks. Just as a taster of what I've got next... Recently bought the 1/200 Trumpeter (I Love Kit) Arleigh Burke-class DDG-54 USS Curtis Wilbur. What a truly state of the art kit! To go with it, I got the unbelievable HS Models detail set. Hundreds of 3D-printed parts, photoetch, decals and masks. An absolute masterpiece. It is so awesome, I will be building this next! Considering building it as the USS John S. McCain, which was damaged in a collision and sported a fancy patch-up job after emergency repairs in Singapore in 2017. More soon, I hope! Alan
  4. Quite a bit of catching up to do here, been working on it on and off without posting progress! Started work on the aircraft that will feature in the dio. May I just say how really annoying I find this trend of moulding aircraft in clear plastic, WHYYYY This CH-53E Super Stallion has had some surgery - opened up the rear ramp, added nose gear door, external tanks from an F-18 hornet, and added tail stinger, tailfin strut, IR jammers on the sponsons and some blade aerials. The MV-22 Ospreys also got some extra details: gear doors and blade aerials. One of these will be on deck with engines running, the other will be static. After a coat of primer: This will be in flight, so I think I need to extend the gear struts. Also, the nose gear should be mounted further forward. Job for another day! Finally I can see the detail. Stupid clear moulding 😠 Needs a bit more work. Also, I found out the refuelling boom is retractable on the Osprey, so that will need to be adjusted. At least the assembly is complete. these are all quite large aircraft, so there's only room for two even on the massive flight deck of the New York. Cheers, Alan
  5. Cheers Mike, good photos πŸ‘ Hong Kong as well 😎
  6. I splashed out (no pun intended) on a 1/200 subject again...I used to think this was a scale too far but the mind-blowing detail available in this scale changed my mind. 1/200 Arleigh Burke class DDG. With the astonishing HS Models detail up set. This could be the single most impressive model kit/accessory I've ever seen. Just breathtaking. This just moved up to 'next build' as soon as I'm finished with the New York LPD.
  7. Post your horror stories here. Sat in the A419 traffic jam for 45 mins and then got redirected by stewards to the 'alternative entrance' (ie. back out on the A419 to participate in the traffic jam I'd just been watching from the other side) straight into standstill jam for another 40 mins due to a broken down vehicle 😭) Then heard the queue to get in the entrance AFTER parking was 1.5 hours. Plus the weather already looked poor with a worse forecast. I just had enough and came home. Just not feeling it enough to put up with the mess this show has become. Gonna buy myself something nice to feel better πŸ˜‚
  8. I still use PVA (560 Canopy glue) it works just fine.
  9. Thanks to all very much for your replies 😊🍻
  10. This is my last aircraft build, completed for the Mustang STGB recently finished in the groupbuilds section. It was built from the Revell 1/32 P-51D-15-NA kit using the excellent conversion set by Halberd Models of Ukraine. Build thread is below: Really couldn't go wrong with this, both the base kit and the conversion are excellent and fit together perfectly. There's almost no filler in this anywhere. The paint is all from MRP range, while the weapons are a mixture of Special Hobby kit parts from the AH-1G Cobra, and Videoaviation resin parts. The aircraft itself is very interesting, this is the original 1971 version, completed by Piper Aircraft after they bought Cavalier. It was a conversion from a basic P-51D using a Lycoming turboprop engine (the same as the one used by the Chinook helicopter). This aircraft was offered for evaluation as a replacement for the A-1 Skyraider in 1971. Later, new-build versions were again suggested as COIN aircraft in 1983 but the USAF unsurprisingly stuck with the A-10! Although slower than the piston-engined predecessor, the Enforcer had a much higher lifting capacity and could carry up to 7,700lb of ordnance on 10 hardpoints. There were surprisingly few online references for the aircraft so I just did what I could do with available photos. This was certainly one of the easiest conversions I've ever made and tribute to the incredible quality and craftsmanship of the Halberd set. I highly recommend it to anyone looking for a big, impressive centrepiece for their WW2 fighter collection and it's a very unique model! All the best, Alan
  11. That could be real! Excellent modelling as always, with some beautiful photography as well.
  12. Somehow missed the start of this! My dad was in BLAKE through the mid-70s, I'll be definitely interested in your build πŸ‘
  13. Nicely done πŸ‘ looks bigger than 1/72. Same ☺️
  14. MRP are made in Slovakia. Designed for airbrush use only. No thinner required, they spray directly from the bottle. Excellent paint, it is lacquer-based so requires lacquer thinner for cleaning the airbrush (eg. Mr Color Thinner or equivalent). It dries very quickly (within 20-30 minutes). I recommend a good primer coat before using. The Ukrainian digital camouflage colours are close to the original ones, not sure why you'd need to compare with other brands but I can't help you there. Edit: originally wrote Slovenia, apologies 😳
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