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  1. Brilliant, extraordinary detail for the scale and great attention paid to making it look right. Well done
  2. Well done, John, good to see it finished. You really made it look like the real thing - a second string workhorse still possessing its faded grandeur Alan
  3. This is enlightening... Looks like you can eyeball it without fear of embarrassment Justin Otherwise, it appears people have used Humbrol 15 Midnight Blue or Revell 54 Night Blue with good results.
  4. Yes. This is such an unforgiving hobby sometimes.
  5. Definitely not the same! AK is easier to work with and more durable as Colin said, but I've had problems twice now with it not drying fully, and also with bad reaction to Tamiya masking tape. I've gone back to using Alclad because I think it's easier to use, dries quickly and gives a better metallic finish. But it's easy to say when you have a favourite already!
  6. Hi again, I sprayed Gauzy Intermediate straight from the bottle at about 18psi pressure (1.2 bar) in 2 light coats (more than a mist but less than a wet coat) with about 15min between coats. The Alclad Aqua Gloss was sprayed at slightly lower pressure (about 15psi/1 bar) but with just one even coat over an already gloss surface. I'd be happy to use a combination of both products in future.
  7. Thanks very much gents! Will be posting its big brother from the Navy soon...
  8. Beautifully presented! The cockpit, wing-body seals, canopy details, overall finish...bellissimo! An excellent build from this old, challenging kit, very well done
  9. Thanks very much James, I seem to be getting away from superdetailing and dirt these days, more neat and clean! Thank you, hope to bring it to club night eventually
  10. Brilliant paintwork and nice to see something a bit different. Would like a view of those foil FOD covers, one of those things I'd like to try. Lovely job Stephen
  11. Thanks Stew, very much appreciated Thank you Matt, I used Alclad, Polished Aluminium for the main colour with Stainless Steel and Duraluminium for the control surfaces and odd panels. Thanks again, chaps
  12. Thanks very much Stephen! Hope to give the B-26 a similar job. Thanks very much for these very nice comments, great to come back from work to find these waiting! Many thanks again. Alan
  13. Thanks very much Dennis, means a lot from someone who knows about these things! Cheers, Alan
  14. That's brilliant background, cheers mate. I watched the series a few years back about the Susi Air pilots flying out in the bush and thought exactly the same thing! True what you say about the P-38, it's been overshadowed by the P-51 and P-47 but the late J and L versions were probably the best fighters of the period. (hotly contested opinion!) The Tamiya kit sounds like another legend in the making, shame they didn't go for the later marks. Maybe they're to follow... Thanks a lot, Alan
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