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  1. Thanks very much Charlie, unfortunately this has really stalled, despite the so called lockdown I've had the busiest month at work I can remember and have hardly been near the modelling bench. When I have, I've been trying to finish the 1/32 Spitfire I got for Christmas will be on to the Bucc next but the Feb deadline looks optimistic to say the least!
  2. That's fantastic The Cheyenne Apache, beautifully modelled.
  3. That's an excellent job! Representative, genuine weatherbeaten finish is first class. I wish more people would attempt this instead of just making panel lines, I hope your build provides some inspiration
  4. Love the look of that! Beautifully done. Particularly nice to see in flight test scheme, not often portrayed. Great job
  5. I don't know. Leaving it to personal responsibility clearly can't work, and trying to get a chain pub to stop serving is equally unlikely. I just think there are some places where drunks just shouldn't be, and on an aeroplane is one of them.
  6. Well said! I was involved as a witness to a drunk passenger incident which involved verbal abuse, violence and a sexual assault against one of my crew. At the court case, the judge took a dim view of the prosecution's case for a custodial sentence as there was ample opportunity for the person to have drunk alcohol in the airport terminal and on board the aircraft. He suggested that if airlines/airports stopped serving alcohol to passengers, the incident in question might not have happened Unsurprisingly, the number of people receiving prison sentences for violent inci
  7. I was always very impressed with this kit, I built one very soon after they were first released. I can tell you've done a fantastic job with the building, and the paintwork is very clean. Well done!
  8. Great result for a challenging kit. Particularly good to get everything open. The appearance is also spot on, one of the best examples I've seen
  9. Fantastic job! Great finish on the blue and the prop wash and effects are superb.
  10. Wow, that's a superb job. A masterpiece and real collectors item now.
  11. Turned out way better than ok! Brilliant trio as usual, well done.
  12. Hi Nikola, I built this kit this year (with some modifications) and I think you'll enjoy it. If you want to check my build for some reference, it's here: I'll be following this one, it's a nice subject you've chosen
  13. Thanks, objectively the only deal breaker I've found is the shape of the front canopy, which has a generic squarish shape rather than a more oval, curved footprint and washed out, blended join to the fuselage which Hasegawa nails. Subjectively, it depends on how you feel about surface detail, wheels and rivets which are better represented in the Hasegawa.
  14. Lovely job, what a cool scheme Really well done
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