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  1. Nothing wrong with that, great rehabilitation of a shelf-sitter. Looks very good for 1/72, I know it's a big aircraft but that's a really nice job.
  2. That is shiny! What a beautiful finish you've produced. I also thought the first pics were references
  3. Not knowing either kit but looking at the various references, this sounds like the best solution until a correction is made to the Wolfpack parts...
  4. Alan P

    'Mrs Bonnie' P-51K

    Good info gents! What about the white on the fuselage? The decal sheet I have (from Lifelike Decals) suggests the flaps and ailerons were also painted white but I can't find their reference The accompanying text says: (The link goes to the photo above) Not sure about the flying surfaces, but without the referenced photo it's hard to say! Thanks very much, Alan
  5. Making progress with all the very unphotogenic stages of the build... here are some highlights! I covered the flaps with aluminium litho plate and scribed the rivet detail directly onto it. The effect is far better than I expected! Filled the forward wing panel lines with PP putty to make sure they are filled without being totally obliterated. Also attacked the sink marks in the landing gear doors, plenty of this kind of repair required for the Revell kit (but I still think it's a great builder's kit) Here's how the wings came out, I'm rather pleased with the final look. Managed to do loads of other prep, so hopefully the next update will include paint
  6. Alan P

    'Mrs Bonnie' P-51K

    Hope this thread is still alive... I'm currently making this aircraft from the heavily modified Revell kit. I have a few questions regarding the photos you posted, just to check I'm not seeing things... First thing I notice in this enlargement is the space between the black fuselage stripes is definitely painted white (compared to the white stripes on the tail) not natural metal. Also, looking at the wing stripes, it looks to me as if each stripe has a cheat line on either side in a different light colour, perhaps yellow? Is this just my eyes or can anyone else see this? Alan
  7. I started one of these kits about ten years ago and gave up with it. You're a wizard!
  8. Great work on the missiles, nice job in the cockpit as well, despite the strange fit I had the same problem with other Aires stuff, it's strange how they produce such beautifully detailed cockpits yet get a basic thing like that wrong
  9. Alan P


    We've been having these comparison discussions for decades Just because something looks like something else doesn't mean there's a connection. Usually it's because the same design problem leads to similar solutions. On the other hand, Lockheed Martin should probably vet their design team a bit better.
  10. Shame I missed this epic build at the time but it's been a happy hour catching up. An excellent result, amazed it's only your fourth model
  11. Beautiful ship in the hands of a patient, dedicated and well-informed builder. I'm definitely in!
  12. It's not an easy build but you've made a great choice by joining in!
  13. Yeah, yours is better though You've achieved one of those builds that makes me go and buy the kit. Really, really good
  14. Here we go...this will be another couple of years of fun
  15. Not being funny, but that TPS egg is one of the best weathered Tomcats I've seen on this site
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