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  1. Great Merkava! Nice pics! Looks realistic!
  2. Thank so much! Above I wrote what was done manually. The decal was made by my colleague from Moscow.
  3. Hi folks! It’s my latest build. This time armored vehicles – T-34-85. Small ZVEZDA kit in 1/100 scale (13 parts). This tank known all. One of the best Soviet tanks of the Great Patriotic War (World War II) The model makes with some changes My changes: - added all handrails on the tank hull and turret - added headlight and antenna - drilled holes in cannon and machinegun - modified all external the fuel tanks and exhaust system PAINTING – AKAN enamel colors WASHING – MIG (dark wash) WEATHERNG – MIG and TAMIYA pigments VARNISHIES – mat TAMIYA and FUTURE
  4. This is the first time I see your model of a helicopter. Especially nice that this is the Mil-24 Zvezda kit. Looks great!
  5. Superb! Great build as always! Well done Mathy
  6. Looking good. Airplane from the past....
  7. I don't know materiel this aircraft, but it's done perfectly!
  8. Excellent job! Looks realistic!
  9. Excellent work! Looks very realistic!
  10. Great! I love russian tanks! Espacially, modern russian (soviet).....
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