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  1. Its a bit puzzling as the RAF did not use any bombs greater than 1000lb postwar. (The new postwar 2000lb bomb was never put into production, although I think they probably still had some WW2 larger bombs in store, and they were probably cleared for Internal carriage on the B2 and carried over to the B(I)8. Also please see the note at the bottom of the page ). The RAF as far as I know never had a 1900lb bomb in postwar service. I naturally assumed firsthand that it was the US Mk 7 Nuclear Bomb that was used by RAFG canberra Squadrons under SACEUR control but they were 1600lb weapons, not 1
  2. 1000lb bomb, (this is Not a mk 7 by the way!) Selwyn
  3. Is that the 100lb mk 7 or the 1900lb mk 7? Selwyn
  4. Shouldnt be a problem, the originals were a metal bent at 90 degree angle with a chamfered leading edge and were glued to the top of the wing, All the aftermarket ones are wrong being just flat plate which has a chamfer and almost impossible to glue. Selwyn
  5. Spent many a happy time in the sexy tea bar. when the things were a bit quiet the guy who ran it would go to the door and shout at the top of his voice; "The Sexy tea bar is Open!" Selwyn
  6. Can't help on Phantom fits as I never worked on them, all that I can say is that on the very few occasions that I saw a phantom with a gun they always had Fletchers fitted. In fact, thinking about it I never saw a RAF phantom not fitted with Fletchers! I doubt that you would see a aquisition round with a gun. It was standard RAF policy that you never would mix training equipment with live weapons, as it could cause accidents. Selwyn
  7. Graham, thats the 116 pod not the 166! Selwyn
  8. Dont get confused about Mk 7 Bombs The US Nuclear weapon used by the German based canberras was the Mk 7 but The RAF Mk 7 bomb was a 1000lb HE Weapon As far as I know the RAF did not use 4,5" rockets. Selwyn
  9. Possible! Without the benefit of a colour pic I could only speculate. Also the tails might be red. They were painted red if a long delay was set on the bomb, personally I cant see why in this case as these aircraft were normally used for tactical support, and a long delay would probably not be appropriate for that, but who knows? Selwyn
  10. The 250lb GP bomb (Teardrop shaped) was superceded by the 250lb MC (Parrallel sided) The GP bombs were originally buff coloured then later Deep Bronze Green. the MC bombs were DBG. both used the same No 2 tail unit so you could possibly see a MC bomb with a Buff coloured tail unit. The MC bomb was far more effective than the GP, just on the basis that the GP had a Charge Weight Ratio of 29% (CWR is the weight of explosive in the bomb expressed as a percentage of the total weight of the bomb). The MC had a CWR of 50%! Selwyn
  11. The top picture is a GP bomb, the bottom picture shows MC bombs. They would be DBG no other colour was permitted at this time. I suggest this picture is Othographic film and the tails are buff coloured. Selwyn See my post below in relation to the No 2 tail.
  12. You could fit 2X 1000lb bombs or from the late 60's 155 SNEB rocket pods. They were probably cleared for 540's but I have never seen an image of one so loaded. Selwyn
  13. It was the GR3 kit with a new sprue with the SHAR nose. You had to cut off the GR3 nose and fit the SHAR nose as part of the build. Selwyn
  14. I think you find that the cluster bombs were used mainly by the RAF GR3 harriers not the SHARS. Selwyn
  15. Few problems with the Harrier weapon load. 1.The Sea Eagle missile was not used in the Falklands, it was not yet in service. Also the markings on the missile indicate its a flight trials missile, not a live round. Two drop tanks were standard fit. 2. The SHAR carried a 1000lb bomb on the centreline that was usually toss bombed onto Stanley airfield when going on CAP, not a 600lb BL755 cluster bomb as you have depicted. (You can't toss bomb a cluster weapon!) 3.Slight painting error on the sidewinders, the yellow band should be on the warhead section not at the top of the rocket
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