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  1. On this as a gift you are on a hiding to nothing, The law states if you have a problem with a product the retailer is liable to rectify the issue. On a private sale you should return it to the vendor, so the person who gave you the gift should do this if of course they can find them again! Selwyn
  2. Did you buy it off Airfix website direct? if so they have a legal obligation to replace the sprue or supply you with a "Good" kit. If you have got it off another model retailer you should return it to them for replacement, In this case Airfix as the manufacturer have no legal obligation to you replace the sprue. In British law its the retailer that you purchased the kit from who has the responsibility not the manufacturer, unless you purchased it direct then Airfix of course, in this case they are the retailer. Selwyn
  3. Scan in the Airfix decals, resize to1/48 and print on decal paper!
  4. the standard is actually BS381c Green BS 241 Dark sea grey BS 638 Cockpit is I believe BS 632 Dark Admiralty Grey. Selwyn
  5. At least you now have a compass so you can leave in the right direction! Selwyn (Ducks for cover yet again!)
  6. Which mark of harrier GR1/3 or GR5 on? Selwyn
  7. Selwyn

    Long (ish) Jokes.

    A free fall parachutist jumps and as he gets to the release height pulls the ripcord, but nothing happens. Carrying out his emergency drills he then pulls the his reserve chute rip cord. Again nothing happens, and he is left plummeting towards the ground at terminal velocity. He is just mentally preparing himself for the inevitable when he sees a man in the air below him who to his amazement is actually flying up towards him! As the man gets closer he shouts at him in desperation; "Excuse me do you know anything about parachutes?" "No!" the man shouts back; "Do you know anything about gas stoves?" Selwyn
  8. Certainly not 3D printing, but the 2D really looks good! something to note when doing future builds. That's a point, something pinged when a used the word, do you think a small drop of future down the intake would seal them in there? Opinions? Selwyn
  9. Sounds like someone desperately needed to get to the museum to take photo's of the Javelin? Selwyn
  10. This canting down was also a feature of the FAW 7 jetpipes. Selwyn
  11. I love the book, but I watched about three episodes and gave it up, it was a truly terrible adaptation in my opinion. Selwyn
  12. A definition of a gentleman; Somebody who can play the bagpipes, but doesn't!" Selwyn (Running for cover, hiding under the duvet, and giggling loudly!)
  13. Pork scratchings! Selwyn
  14. A LAU 60 was a US Pod that carries 2.75" rockets. The Microcell was a UK pod that carried 2" rockets. The two pods basically work the same way, the nose cone is frangible and breaks up on firing. Sorry I have no information on the size of a microcell launcher. Selwyn
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