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  1. No, I think the question was about the two gun pack on the bottom of the aircraft that replaced the firestreak package. The image you posted (it is a great pic of the gunport by the way, very useful!) was of a upper gun port, but was mislabelled as a gun, at this stage in production the guns were probably not even fitted. Selwyn
  2. Thats a picture of a gun port, not a Gun! ADEN Guns look like this. Selwyn
  3. And they are! As I stated it was a personal preference, and as a ex 4 Sqn member its somthing of interest to me. Selwyn
  4. Well to be honest I personally think the 4 Sqn scheme in the kit is probably one of the dullest schemes I have ever seen on the Sabre! This would have been much better in my opinion! Selwyn
  5. Aftermarket numbers/letters are readily available from quite a few manufacturers so modelling any aircraft wouldn't be a problem. Selwyn
  6. The ADEN guns fires at around 20 rounds per second, pulling G would have no effect on the trajectory of the round, it would be well in front of the aircraft in a few milliseconds aftrer leaving the barrel. Selwyn
  7. I think you will find that the blast deflectors were there to deflect the gun blast! You dont get wayward rounds, if a round hits the frame on firing somebody has seriously mucked up! Selwyn
  8. This aircraft is not a Mk IF. MK IF had the short nose and underbelly gun pack. it has the long nose and no gunpack. The aircraft as depicted (P4834) is a Blenheim MkIV Bomber. Its Not a IVF as it doesn't have a gunpack fitted. Nice build though! Selwyn
  9. The changeover from 4/28lb to 3/14Kg occured progressively in the early eighties, I think the FAA used the earlier bombs for much longer. Main visual difference between the 4lb and 3 Kg was that the 4lb had a flat nose and the 3Kg had a pointed nose Selwyn.
  10. Don't know how detailed you want to be or your time period but on these images from cosford the ERU jaws are configured for 3Kg/14Kg practice bombs, the configuration was slightly different for the 4lb/28 lb practice bombs, main visual difference was the size of the blocks on the jaws. Selwyn
  11. Only yellow stripes were on Argentine aircraft IIRC. Selwyn
  12. The twin circular details are the Cartridge breech caps. the ones fitted in the picture are Dummy inert caps, the live cartridge caps are just steel coloured, the Dummy inert ones have a green circle on them (which you can just see in the image) and two small raised rivet heads, (which you can't see!) these allowed you to feel if dummies were fitted in the dark. The LAU7a launcher/ Aquisition round/ ACMI pod combo on this jet are obviously not jettisonable. Selwyn
  13. null Not great pictures but may be of help? https://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/50475-sidewinder-acquisition-rounds/ Selwyn
  14. Nice build! (You need to get the mods to move your post to ready for inspection though!) Selwyn
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