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  1. Fed up of trying to get registered on hyperscale, for some reason it doesn't like my e mail address. Tried through fleabay but although I have a UK account, for some reason if I try to send the seller a message it keeps asking me for my US login details which I don't have, hence the reason for this post. Selwyn
  2. There is a chap in the US who is selling a 1/48 Airfix Meteor NF 14 conversion on Fleabay. He previously issued a NF 11/13 conversion which I have, I have not used it yet but it looks quite good. I would like to build a 1/48 NF 14, The problem I have is that he doesn't give dimensions of the nose. What is sending me alarm bells is that he has listed all the NF versions conversions availability in 1/48 apart from the NF 12. Now using the masters he has already, by issuing the NF 11/13 cockpit extension and canopy, and NF 14 nose/tail he has all the correct parts for the NF 12 readily available, but he hasn't issued this conversion. Perhaps this is because in the future he will e producing a separate NF 12 nose to cover that mark? This suggests to me that he may have repeated the often quoted error that the NF 14 nose is 14" longer than the NF 12 nose, when in fact they were exactly the same length, The NF 14 being basically a NF 12 with a bubble canopy. Can anyone confirm that the NF 14 conversion kit nose he has on sale is the correct length for the NF 14 so I can spend my hard earned on this conversion with confidence? Selwyn
  3. Selwyn


    Anyone live near Newark? there is a NF 3 in the museum there, You could perhaps get cockpit shots from there. you might get some info out of the pilots notes as well. also one not very good shot in this Walkround. Selwyn
  4. Selwyn

    I need a new car. Recommendations please!

    if you suffer from a bad back try to find a car with heated seats! Selwyn
  5. Selwyn


    My grump is why the interviewer is speaking to a couple of journalists? Happens all the time on TV. News men interviewing news men, thats useful and informative! If you cant be bothered to find out what the truth is make it up! How about interviewing a MP or Minister, or heaven forbid a member of the public! Sorry they couldn't do that could they? It would mean they couldn't control the situation and they would probably get an answer they either did not like or would not fit in to their TV channels percieved PC view of the world! Selwyn
  6. The reason was that originally as designed the links were jettisoned as well as the cases, but it was found that they were hitting the bottom of the aircraft as they came out and doing a lot of damage to the aircraft skin. By collecting them in the sabrinas the problem was solved. The nominal firing rate of a ADEN gun is around 20 rounds per second, so with 4 guns firing you are looking at around 80 links a second coming out, which is a lot of metal flying around in the airstream under your Hunter! Selwyn
  7. Not quite right, they collected the links only. the cartridge cases were jettisoned overboard through tubes located behind the sabrinas. Selwyn
  8. Selwyn

    Airfix's new 1/48th Hunter F6 - notes and other things

    Jonners have a look at THIS series of pictures they show the vents on both sides, If I recall they are gun bay vents to extract gun gases from the bay area during firing. I am not 100% sure but I seem to remember from somewhere in the back of my mind that the NACA vents were the gun vent air inlets and the rear facing vents the extraction ports that together created up an air flow through the gun bay that purged the gases. Selwyn
  9. Selwyn

    Universal Bomb Rack in Fairey Battle

    Its a universal carrier, its something not particular to one type of aircraft. The same item was used an all other RAF aircraft of the period, which is what I assumed you were asking as you did not specify a scale. You can find them in other kits, in White metal for 1/72 and are probably available as a PE component as part of a update set for other aircraft types. Selwyn
  10. Selwyn

    Universal Bomb Rack in Fairey Battle

    Its the same type. Thats why its called a Universal bomb carrier (not rack!) Selwyn
  11. Selwyn

    Harrier T4 1/48

    The "chip bag" hat was still approved RAF headware into the 1990's (it still may be?) I had one and found it far superior to the "Cow pat" Beret! (still got it stashed somewhere) The innacuracy is that it would never be worn on the flight line. Selwyn
  12. Love early Hunters and this will be a good basis for all the early versions! Selwyn
  13. Selwyn

    1/48 Phantom FGR.2 aftermarket parts?

    Apart from the fact that Skyflash were a completely different colour (Light aircraft grey) and had proximity sensor antenna on the forebody, thinner wings, quite a bit of difference! Selwyn
  14. Selwyn

    Argentinian Dagger load question

    Armando, BRP 250 bombs were usually fitted with Expal EROS and ERCUS Aircraft fuzes. A search on the net should show some images. Selwyn
  15. Selwyn

    Argentinian Dagger load question

    Yes correct! Selwyn