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  1. Love the battle damage, lots of holes from the defensive Flak! Selwyn
  2. in 1/72 and 1/48 the airframe differences are not really apparent. the skyflash has 4 antenna strips on the forebody and of course the skyflash is a different colour to AIM7E (i.e. not white!) Selwyn
  3. That small dent probably only existed on that tank! Drop tanks are quite flimsy things with thin skins, they get bashed and dented a lot. Selwyn
  4. With bombloads on models you sometimes have to compromise to some extent, the limitations of plastic moulding mean that the bomb bay bulkheads and doors are much thicker scale wise than in real life making a correctly scaled bomb appear too big in the bay. As for the Beaufort under nose "bubble" mounting I don't believe it was mounted in a hole in the escape hatch it actually replaced the hatch and if the crew had to abandon the gun mount was jettisoned in the same way as the escape hatch. Selwyn
  5. No, its that practice rounds can and do sometimes have explosive charges. Most small blue practice bombs have a smoke and flash charge, that shows the point of impact on the range. Load a gun with blue 20mm practice rounds, but I don't recommend that you stand in front of it when it fires! The only way you will ever know a munition is inert is when its clearly marked in big letters "INERT" or if a US munition "DUMMY." Selwyn
  6. That's Deep Saxe Blue on Practice rounds, not inert rounds. Practice does not mean inert! Selwyn
  7. The correct colour is Bs 381C 224 Deep bronze green. Selwyn
  8. lots to like there! Selwyn
  9. The bombs in the picture from south east Asia are 250lb MC bombs not 250lb GP bombs the MC series replaced the GP from about 1942 onwards. Selwyn The italieri and pavla bombs are also the later MC bombs probably not seen before 1942. Selwyn
  10. I'll let you off, Just this once! Selwyn (now an official goldbricker!)
  11. One you have missed and you would go right past on your way from the ferry is the Solway Aviation Museum at Carlisle airport.(ex RAF Crosby-on-Eden) Selwyn
  12. Liked to go up to Mossley and Stalybridge to listen to the bands myself, I live in Denton a mile or two away. Something else to miss this year. Selwyn
  13. Mike, Donated yesterday, third year on the trot and still never had my gold brick! Don't you like me or sumthin? Selwyn (Bearing up under the strain!)
  14. On a joint like that I usually slide a piece of plasticard the appropriate thickness ino the gap and when dry then trim and sand to match the fuselage contour. Saves a lot of filler and sanding and looks a lot better! Selwyn
  15. The painted on number is just a local build up number. just a note RAF aircraft do not use "bomb racks", only used on american aircraft. RAF aircraft have "bomb carriers," may sound pedantic but useful to know when doing searches on the net. Selwyn
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