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  1. A is a British 540lb bomb (RAF did not use 500lb bombs in the cold war) C is a Carrier Bomb Light Store (CBLS 100) practice bomb carrier. Others I can't see clearly enough Selwyn
  2. Tony. I would be interested in 1/48 early intakes if you made some. I have just finished a 1/72 FAW8 conversion on the Frog/Novo FAW9 kit using the Frieghtdog nose and it was a pretty painless experience. The cut is not made at the radome angle but at the frame in front of the canopy so no funny angles to cut. Selwyn
  3. As stated it looks like its flat. AP drawings are invariably accurate especially as below they are showing the removal frame installation and fastener positions Selwyn
  4. Contacted the "Gloster Javelin a Reconstruction" on facebook to see if they could help about the FAW7 Fairing. The admin there John Keen has come up with a AP image showing the method of removing the FAW7 fairing, it does not show any shaping underneath the jetpipes, just a flat plate. I have asked if it was OK if I can repost on this site, awaiting a reply. Selwyn
  5. The pilot had to fire from a precise distance to achieve concentration at that point, which was indicated to him on his gunsight range ring. Slightly twisting wings wasn't a problem with the Hurricane. Selwyn
  6. There was not wide spread of fire, the guns were harmonised so the fire from all 8 guns, and the gunsight pipper converged at an imaginary point in front of the aircraft so providing a killing punch to the target aircraft. Selwyn
  7. Obviously a trials aircraft shot as the production FAW7 wasn't capable of AAR. I was thinking of contacting the Gloster Javelin Reconstruction on Facebook to see if they had anything in their archives on it. Selwyn
  8. The live rounds were overall matt EDSG with a 2"Golden Yellow And 1" wide Black band over the top half (only) of the warhead section (top of conduit to top of conduit) The Air intake was covered by a pointy cap that was explosively ejected after launch. The drill rounds were gloss DSG with Oxford blue bands. Don't ask me why they were different overall colour, We often wondered why! Selwyn (Once upon a time a Sea Eagle instructor!)
  9. Sorry you are wrong! In the UK Explosive marking system used since Victorian times the red band indicated a live fill (HE). Post 1964 when the UK changed to the NATO common marking system red then became an Incendiary marking. It took over 10 years for the NATO marking system to be fully adopted by the UK. The bombs dropped on Torrey Canyon were used to open up the ship to release the oil which was then supposedly to be ignited using Napalm. Dont think this worked IIRC! The Reference to Napalm caused a bit of a stink in UK press as this was the time when napalm was getting a bad name due to its use in Vietnam. The RAF/UK MoD issued a statement that they did not use this stuff. In line with this, a very old RAF friend of mine told me that he had a job to go around the stores and paint out the word "Napalm" on the tanks they had in store and stencil on the word "Firebomb" instead. Such are politics and politicians! Selwyn
  10. The FAW2,6, 8 had American radars fitted and the nose was destinctly different wth a much larger and fatter radome that had an angled attachment as demonstrated in the conversion kit. Look at pictures of the FAW9 nose in comparison to the image above. Check the gap between the windscreen and the radome and the roundel position. Selwyn
  11. One of the things missed is the smaller intakes and different profile on the Mk 1 to 6 javelins, not sure the conversion kit covers this.
  12. @TeeELL Used your burner set on my Frog/Novo Mk 8 conversion, tIt came out really well far better than the kit offering I reccomend the parts to anybody! I don't think that there are any Javelin under wing drop tanks in existance now, they must have been relatively rare anyway as they were only carried on the FAW9 (R) variant. Certainly the only surviving FAW 9(R) at Flixton does not have them fitted. Selwyn
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