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  1. Its just been announced that researchers may have discovered the oldest word still commonly used in the English language. It appears that this word has been in common usage since at least the stone age. The word is VEGITARIAN. The words strict definition has however changed since its first use in pre history. Apparently the original definition was: " A person who is really crap at hunting." Selwyn
  2. Try this? https://www.fox-transfers.co.uk/paint/phoenix-precision-birmingham-city-blue Selwyn
  3. You could try this site https://www.terrybloisbusdrawings.co.uk for starters. The bus is a Leyland Olympic one of a batch of five purchased in 1951. fleet no's 2261-2265. registration No's JOJ261-265, Leyland Olympic HR40, Chassis No's 496356/52/57/54/55, and fitted with a Weymann B36F (Thats means Bus 36 seat Front entrance by the way) Bus Body. good shot here scroll down the page. and here . Selwyn
  4. Painting a 1/72 figure at the modelling bench last night, had figure in a holder to make it easier. Figure drops from the holder whilst painting it, and on my large (approx 2 square metre area) workbench scored a hole in one in to the one and only open can of humbrol paint.............! It was a case of me saying Oh dear.......................................Or words to that effect! Also learnt new skill, fishing with tweezers! Selwyn (slightly paint stained)
  5. I seem to remember sombody back in the mists of time mentioning that the pinion tanks were different in the twin boom areas, in that it was visually obvious that the pinion tanks on the FAW1 to 2 rebuilds were "added on," items, but the new builds were "built as such" with no clear demarcation. Selwyn
  6. Selwyn

    Hunter GA 11

    Always a bit contentious, the actual jetpipe is identical in diameter on both the F4 and F6 (i think it may be the same part no), its the fairing around it that is different. I personally believe the difference was caused because that the 200 series Avon of the F6 was actually shorter in length than the 100 series of the F4 so the end of the pipe was further up inside the rear fairing and could cause the jet blast to hit the edge of outer fairing, so they made it wider to stop this happening. The Jetpipe was mounted on a rail in the hunter so the jetpipe could expand and contract depending on
  7. I missed out most of this on purpose as well, This subject is actually part of my day job! Selwyn
  8. You have missed the important bit, live missiles would have a 2" yellow band around the warhead and a 2" brown band around the rocket motor denoting High and Low explosive content. Selwyn
  9. The Meteor was modular in design and built on jigs. A lot of NF and F8 components were common. Its quite possible that Glosters sub contracted the manufacture of parts and major assemblies for F8 construction out to AW as they had the appropriate jigs. These components would be transported to Glosters for use on their F8 production line, so AW parts on a F8 does not confirm that the F8 was built at AW. Selwyn
  10. Are you using the Mk1 kit as a basis for your RNZAF Mk III? I mention it as the cockpit part in the MkI kit is different to the one in the Mk III kit Selwyn
  11. A really really great paint job! Few points; RAF never had Drill Blue Sidewinders Only practice rounds which should be Light Aircraft Grey with light blue Bands. The Centreline CBLS apperars to be a CBLS 200 that was only used on Tornado, Harriers used CBLS 100 which was a lot shorter in length. Selwyn
  12. I personally use Xtracolour DBG as it is to the 224 standard. Selwyn
  13. There is no RAF "Winter" camouflage scheme. Now if you bothered to discuss the RAF Arctic camouflage scheme............................................! Applied to all aircraft that would operate in Arctic regions. Selwyn
  14. Its worrying that they are all displaying different times! Selwyn
  15. Dont know why M&S and Aldi are arguing about catapillar cake, both of them are ripping off the original anyway! Selwyn
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