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  1. As a Junior Tech Armourer I was posted to Waddington bomb dump in 1983 after the Falklands, and worked with the Armourers who had been involved with the Black Buck missions. I got to work for a short while on the line, Vulcans were centralised servicing, (bit of a change from Harriers!) not for long as the only unit left was 50 sqn and the aircraft were mostly modded up as single point tankers by that time. I was there for the end of the Vulcan. The Black Buck pylons I were told were a heath robinson affair made of whatever was available in workshops at the time. I think somebody told me that the RAF museum has them in their collection, dont know how true this is though. As for my knowledge I can be loosely described as a "Weapons professional" This is my 40th year in the trade! Selwyn
  2. The pylons used on black buck were made in the station workshops at Waddington , and were not Skybolt pylons. I don't believe that any Vulcan skybolt pylons were ever made other than the prototype versions for flight test. Selwyn
  3. Operational red tops were High speed silver with either white or green fins with a yellow band around the warhead and a brown band around the rocket motor. There would be no squadron markings as they were centrally held by the Missile site until required for use. Other colours seen would be either drill or ballast rounds or aquisition rounds which could be seen occasionally with no wings fitted. Red markings were as stated before protective strps removed before flight. Inert missiles were painted in similar colours but clearly marked INERT Selwyn
  4. Selwyn

    Revell Beaufighter.

    A shop in UK Selwyn
  5. Unless you can find a list of numbers made by an enthusiast on that day its unlikely there will be any record. The only slim chance you may have is by looking at the Squadrons Operational Record Book (ORB) in the national archives to see if they listed what aircraft went on the detachment. Selwyn
  6. The Vampire pod was made from plywood so it didn't have a metallic finish. Vampires were painted High speed silver overall. Selwyn
  7. Try the RAF museum archive. If anyone has a copy they are probably the ones! Selwyn
  8. Selwyn


    FAW 7 had a completely different jet pipe area than the previous Mks, without the pen nib. Selwyn
  9. Grump 1 of the day for me: Pointless Motorway Matrix signs! 1. There are usually three lanes on a motorway so the sign says "Lane closed ahead." WHICH LANE! If they bothered to tell you you could get into the unblocked lanes early and perhaps avoid mega tailbacks caused as cars jockey for position just as you reach the lane closure. The information from the sign is about much use as a chocolate fireguard without this crucial info. 2. Bottom of the M61. Matrix- "Traffic disruption ahead." Is that on the M60 east ? Or towards the Trafford centre/airport? The M60 is a ring road. If I know which way is blocked I can go the other way to avoid it, that is if they bothered to tell me! Grump 2 I have the unfortunate experience of having to drive through Preston in the mornings, There are at present road "improvements" at the A59/A582/B5254 junction, which seem to change from day to day as the work progresses. As I come down from Middleforth on the B5254 yesterday the sign says; "Road closed." So, is that the A59 towards Liverpool,? or the A59 towards Preston? Or is it the A582 towards Leyland? or towards Preston?, the only certainty is that its not the B5254 as I am on it! I have decided will be taking my car back to Ford on Monday. I know its a Titanium X with what I thought was every conceivable extra and gadget on it, but I am dismayed that Ford neglected to equip my car with that most essential piece of equipment, A crystal ball! Wonder if they do a hands free version? Grumps over! Selwyn
  10. If I recall correctly I think this is the DF loop covered by a streamline perspex fairing. IIRC it was only fitted to Aussie aircraft? Selwyn
  11. They did not separate in this case they flew as a fixed pair for twice the bang against ships. Double tiered rockets (in that the bottom rocket fired first) are easy to identify as the rockets were staggered the bottom rocket being further forward so the fins did not clash. In this case the mountings had a shear wire system, When the bottom rocket motor fired the thrust snapped the shear wire allowing the rocket to separate from the one above. Selwyn
  12. Selwyn

    Wellington Window

    Bit confused,. If the post title is about window chutes so where does the aerial come into it? Selwyn
  13. Selwyn

    Wellington Window

    The chutes on the turret are for spent cases, nothing to do with window. Selwyn
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