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  1. Can anyone give me a steer as to what dark Blue colour was used on French Navy Vampires? Selwyn
  2. Sorry but I consider that build is incomplete, I am really missing the gluey fingerprint(s)! Great paintwork by the way! Selwyn
  3. Selwyn


    Its called a light series bomb carrier and went in to service on RAF aircraft in the 1920's. The last planned use of it on RAF aircraft I am aware of was on the cancelled Nimrod MRA4, but I have been led to understand that its still cleared for use on some RN helicopters. Selwyn
  4. I dont buy cheap watches a few hundred quid is my limit, I find it hard that people will spend thousands of pounds on a Rolex or Patek phillipe, its rediculous! I always remember when I worked in Saudi Arabia one of the Saudi locals who worked with us came in wearing a watch. It was unbelievable , platinum case, jewel encrusted , numbers and hands picked out in cut diamonds, he must have had to get a small mortgage to buy it. It was the absolute height of bling! Charlie ,one of the brits I worked with, then showed the Saudi his watch. "See this?" He said, "I paid £2 for
  5. Yes, I dont have one of these, I only have two wrists and only fit a watch to one of them, so the other nine would be pretty useless to me! Selwyn
  6. Close, but no coconut! Selwyn
  7. I find "Targeted ads" to be the most useless things in the world. For example, Last time I purchased a watch every ad on my screen was for watches! Now think about it, I have just got my self a watch, so what do you think is the one thing in the whole world that I now do not want? Selwyn
  8. FS 34087 is the colour, however this fades so badly just about any olive drab will do. I always paint the tail unit a different OD as they are stored seperately and therefore fade differently. Seeing a really badly faded bomb with a shiny bright tail is not unusual! Selwyn
  9. Just a quick one to note, the model has GBU 12 Bombs. The RAF does not have these bombs in their inventory. Selwyn
  10. Dont know if it helps but If I remember correctly the Shackleton tailwheel assembly and Canberra nosewheel assembly were one and the same thing. Selwyn
  11. Selwyn

    3D 250lb Bomb

    That's a UK 250lb General Purpose (GP) Bomb, not a High Capacity (HC) bomb. (There was never a 250lb HC bomb by the way!) Selwyn
  12. It would be interesting to see if the Australian aircraft also had a reprofiled belly as well as the French aircraft. The "Elephant ear" additional intakes would be a simple mod to do. It is noticable that it seems that almost every aircraft type that had the Nene type fitted featured some sort of additional intake, either scoops or suck in doors as on the Sea Hawk and Attacker or in its J42 form on the Grumman Panther. Selwyn
  13. I don't think that is the case, there was a few subtle changes to the belly profile of the aircraft to accomodate the Nene engine installed by SNCASE but the pod dimensions were not changed. The big pod size changes were done for the Ghost engine installation that resulted in the Venom. The new intake design on the mistral ensured that they did not have to have extra intakes as seen with the Nene engine installation done by the Australians on the F30 and FB31 Vampires Selwyn
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