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  1. Thanks very much fellas. Only a few little things remain before I can close up the fuselage and start moving forwards again cheers, Pappy
  2. That'll polish out But seriously, if you can'trepair and build the kit as it was meant to be, perhaps you can salvage the bits for a 'what-if' sci-fi or steampunk build? Pappy
  3. Looking really good Daniel, I also like the small scratches and wear marks on the helmet, really cool! cheers, Pappy
  4. G'day Del, that is a great response. Apart from saving some cash (which I can put towards the replacement stores, thanks Q!), I think that the KH air brake wells fit okay and will bolster the fuselage sides, and even if they are wrong this will not be an issue with the air brakes shut. Of course that may introduce another fit issue as my impression from reading other reviews is that this kit fits great as long as you leave all the open panels/doors in the open position! cheers, Pappy
  5. G'day Del, This is seriously good work, I can't wait to see what it looks like under a layer of paint. I am think of getting one of these kits and I have seen the box contents up close and it looks really nice (in the box!) I have a couple of questions if you don't mind. I like the look of the resin wheel bays but don't want to have the speed brakes opened. The kit wheel bays and air brake wells are separate assemblies as are the resin counterparts. The front of the air brake wells incorporate the main undercarriage mounts. The KH air brake wells are wrong
  6. G'day Pat, The best I can do is to say that I will review my position after the remaining two GBs I am involved in have ended. Thanks for the GB, I had big fun taking part even if I did not finish, cheers, Pappy
  7. I don't think so, with only three followers and less than a thousand views, it is not worth continuing with this at this point so I will focus on other builds, cheers, Pappy
  8. G'day Christer I sanded all the raised panel lines off. I think that they are trying to depict weld lines which are not very prominent in pictures so even if they are there, they are very subtle. After the seams were taken care of, there were large sections where the raised details were missing which looked very odd so I just sanded them all off. I don't think that there should be any large panel lines as they are designed to hold liquid so panel joins would seem counter-intuitive apart from small inspection panels or filler caps? Pappy
  9. G'day Daniel, it looks much better. PEC - Personal Equipment Connector - This is where the pilot's oxygen, microphone lead and G-suit inflation hoses connect to. Normally the oxygen will be delivered by the oxygen regulator (through the PEC) however during an ejection (or cockpit emergency such as fumes in the cockpit ) oxygen can be fed directly to the pilot from the emergency bottle located on the seat, but this will only supply enough for a short duration, say 10-15mins, which would be enough to descend to a breathable altitude (<10,000ft) in the instance of a high altitude e
  10. G'day people, A little more progress on this one. I have painted the lower hull in red oxide and attempted a distressed appearance by adding red, yellow and brown to the basic shade Now for the fun part of masking up in preparation of the application of the boot topping and upper hull demarcation cheers, Pappy
  11. G'day people, Still working on the 'things under wings' before I return the the aircraft proper. The inner wing pylons were painted up and given a wash to bring out the details. I also picked out the details on those lovely resin BOL launchers I also painted the smaller 1500lt jugs in the wraparound colours as I have seen pics of the grey jets fitted with these and they would make a nice contrast to the all grey jet The Sky Shadow ECM pod was also painted. This was a tedious task to mask up but it looks good once painted.
  12. G'day Daniel, Your cockpit is very heavily chipped and it looks well done and used. That is your preference and I completely respect your choice however, the one point I would raise is that none of the handles have any sign of the same wear or chipping which looks a little out of place for such a worn cockpit. I mean this as constructive feedback and do not intend to give offense. Whilst the ejection handles would only be used once, most of the other handles are for things like the park brake, emergency hook and brake parachute so it makes sense that these would be used more frequ
  13. G'day people, I am going to apply the brakes on this one as it is not going to make the deadline and I have two other GBs underway already cheers, Pappy
  14. G'day Moondrome, Great work I am keen to see how this one turns out, looks pretty good so far Pappy
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