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  1. Thanks Charlie. G'day people, Well, I am calling this one done Just for fun I decided to pose my recently completed Albion 3 point fueller next to it. I don't think they were used during the Italian campaign, most likely US supplied equipment was in use but if someone does know I would like to know. I will place some more pics in the gallery when I get a chance cheers, Pappy
  2. Thanks very much fellas G:'day Rich, Yeah all the cool kids have screamers on their wingtips. Actually I was um, 'ínspred' by your build to include the screamers, I did not notice these when I was looking at my refs, they are easy to miss, but when I went looking for them, sure enough, there they were, good pick-up. Good gouge on the u/c system as well. Thanks for the tip ref the canopy, my dry fitting indicated that some sanding of the inner canopy frame would be required to get a natural 'sit' as the canopy is slid backwards, I have yet to do this but I did remove the canopy cross brace in preparation, hopefully that will be last job to do before I can put this one to bed, I hope next weekend, cheers, Pappy
  3. G'day people, A little more progress today, The decals have been applied and sealed it is now it is time to get a little dirty. I wanted a well used aircraft but not abused. I added chipping around what I considered the areas with the most traffic like the wing root near the cockpit, the ammunition access panels and the various engine inspection panels etc. The underside I wanted a little more worn. Pictures of RAAF 3SQN operating from Fano airfield in Italy show the conditions to have been fairly primitive, so using pics of in-flight P-51ds as reference, I began to add various fluid stains and streaks The inner landing gear doors have been a little bit of a bugbear for me, specifically which position to depict them in. In the end I decided on a compromise and left the left door fully opened and modified the right door to depict it partially open, as if falling open as the hydraulic pressure bleeds off. I appreciate the info supplied by Gingerbob ref the P-51k flight manual suggesting that the aircraft should be parked with the flaps dropped (to prevent people using them as a step) and that by dropping the inner doors (fairing doors) applied an undercarriage lock to prevent accidental u/c retraction, but I just liked the asymmetric look of it Not much more to do now, I just need to add the main gear legs and de-mask the canopy, thanks for looking, cheers, Pappy
  4. Nicely done Rich! I did not know about the wingtip 'screamers' - nice touch! cheers, Pappy
  5. Thanks very much £ob G'day SF, yes I did need to play with it a little. I staryed buillding the kit last year. I had assembled the tank as one of the first items and the seams required a little putty, no big deal but when I went back to start painting about six months had elapsed and I noticed that there were faint 'ghostj seams visible that required additional filling and sanding to remediate. I think that the standard Tamiya putty must shrink a little as it dries. I usually wait 24-48 hours before sanding putty but at the time I just sanded the seams the following day. Thanks for the tip on the irfix Bedford but I like the idea of Tamiya's 1/48 US fuel tanker instead, cheers Pappy
  6. G'day Charlie, Yes I did and very glad I am too, the regulator actually regulates ! I had been soldiering on with my old unit and to be honest didn't really worry about fiddling with the air pressure as I could use the trigger to control airflow, an advantage to using a dual action airbrush that I had simply got used to. I have since bought myself a gravity feed dual action and now I can experiment with really low pressure e.g 7psi and getting really close to the mnodel as the regulator is very responsive, cheers, Pappy
  7. G'day people, A small update. Having survived the heatwaves and bush fires, we are now undergoing a deluge of biblical proportions, but I am not complaining as this type of heavy soaking rain is sorely needed. Unfortunately, it makes spraying a painful process as the high humidity means lots of water vapour to contend with. This manifests itself as a sudden spit of water whilst spraying. I eventually ended up placing an in-line moisture trap right near the airbrush in addition to the moisture trap on the compressor regulator which has not completely solved the issue but seems to work when spraying in short sessions. Anyhoooo, the bird has been clear coated, I am just waiting for the gloss to harden before the stickers can go on, The rudder has now been attached and it is starting to look like an aeroplane! cheers Pappy
  8. G'day people, I was not aware of this thread until Toryu brought it to my attention - am I am very glad that he did I recently completed the Airfix Albion 3 point fueller I seem to have a small but growing fleet of 1/48 aircraft support vehicles and this seems like an apt place to display them. The yellow tractor is a 1/48 Skunkworks Models kit that arrived with my Kinetic Harrier kit as a package deal The white contraption is used on US Navy carriers and it was included with the Kinetic EA-6B prowler kit, cheers, Pappy
  9. G'day jeaton0, I think that ground support equipment has long been overlooked especially in WWI but this and the Airfix B-17 set are nice additions. G¨day AP, thanks very much and feel free as I am also a serial starter G'day Joachim, thank you. I didn,t have anything in mind when I bought the kit, it was just an impulse buy but I am very glad I did. Thank you Toryu. Airfix also make a B-17 box set with ground equipment. Unfortunately I cannot answer your question but there would have to have been instances when US fighters were reuelled by one, for instance if a P-51or P-47 were to land at an RAF airfield due to low fuel, bad weather or damage etc. for instance. I know that Tamiya make a 1/48 USAAF fuelt tanker which would be appropriate. Thanks for the link to the thread, I didn't realise this existed! cheers, Pappy
  10. G'day people, (It is aircraft related but If this is in the wrong forum apologies to the folder mod(s) in advance) This is my just completed 1/48 Airfix Albion 3-Point aircraft fueller. I have been working on this little guy on and off for about a year whilst waiting for kit parts to dry and in between models as the mood took me. I expect that you could build it in a couple of evenings if you just wanted to get it done. I built it AOOB (Almost Out Of the Box!) as I couldn't resist adding a few small touches such as the steel helmet and gas mask case on the bench seat inside the cab and the 'rigging' on top of the fuel arms. The kit provides alternate parts for the fuel cabinet doors closed, cabin door closed and different fuel hose sections to allow the fueling arms to be positioned stowed, or with the outer two arms positioned at either 45 or 90 degrees, so you will need to pay attention to which part corresponds to what position that you wish to depict. I used the kit decals but re-arranged the side number by cutting the number out of the decal and re-arranging the numbers so that it would not be the same as everyone else's. The decals performed very well and I was surprised to find that the kit included decals for the drivers instrument panel and the fuel valves in the rear cabinet. It would have been nice to have a few more decal options, even if it was just some additional numbers but otherwise this was a great little kit - thanks Airfix! cheers, Pappy
  11. Thanks chaps, my biggest concern was the underside. As the majority og the wing panel lines were filled, there was a great danger that it would become a featureless grey slab - however, if I overdid the colour modulation that would also look weird. I don' subscribe to the pre-shading school (heresy I know) but prefer to post shade, and try and avoid fading just the panel centres as paint fading does't stop conveniently at a panel line in real life, cheers, Pappy
  12. Cheers Graham, that agrees with my reference pics as my subject was direct from lend lease stock rather than a transfer from a UK unit. G'day people, So the lower demarcation line has been done and the underside treated to some colour modulation, The flaps have just been dry fitted again and they are a nice tight fit, you could just leave them installed without any glue if you wanted to Well, she is ready for a gloss coat in preparation for the decals Thanks for looking , cheers, Pappy
  13. G'day Martian,


    I would like to ask a favour.


    Inspired by your progress with the Danish Lynx I pulled ny copy of the kit out of the stash. I had forgotten that I had made a small start on the kit already, mainly just removing some parts and drilling out the locating holes for the various lumps and bumps around the airframe. 


    I had bought the kit quite some time ago and had not done much research before removing parts. Add to that the multiple cabin configurations depicted in the destructions ands well, basically I had drilled out too many holes in the cabin floor. I thin k I closed the box  and started something else in disgust (with myself) then forgot about it. 


    Now, seeing as how you are building the Danish variant which uses a different cabin floor, I was hoping that I could use this part  (15A) from your kit in my build? Also the rear floor mounts of my pilot seat armour (56D and 57D) were broken off, so could I prevail upon you for these items as well? 


    I don't expect you to be out of pocket because of my stupidity so I am happy to pay for postage. I realiase Airfix do a good spare parts service but I thought I would ask you first as these parts would not be needed for your version anyway,





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