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  1. G'day FG, Assuming the nose is fwd, then yes, the port aft corner, cheers, Pappy
  2. G'day people, I was originally going to use the Tamiya 1/48 kit but with the release of the Airfix P-51K boxing I have changed my mind. The Airfix kit has all the required parts that differentiate a P-51K from a P-51D, like the cuffless Aeroproducts propeller and the carby air inlet with the raised gills. My intended subject will be an RAAF Mustang IV (P-51K) C-VA S/No. KH676 supplied from RAF stock as part of the lend lease programme operating in Italy. 3 SQN transitioned to the Mustang IV from their P-40s that had served them so well during the desert campaign and they were employed primarily in the ground attack role during the Italian campaign. As luck would have it, the Airfix kit includes markings for this very aircraft as well as a pair of 250lb bombs, so really I don't have to correct anything - winning! If I have time I may still build the Tamiya P-51D kit but time will tell. All there is to do now is wait for the start date, cheers, Pappy
  3. G'day FG, The mesh screen over the avionics bay only looks flat and neat when new from the factory. In reality these soon get bashed around and have a wrinkled appearance and seldom sit flush, especially ona line bird. Depending on the operator, there is also a data module in there that the pilot needs to access before and after flight. You could bash the metal screen a little and leave the lower left corner peeled back to give a more candid appearance and permit a better view of some of the details in the aft avionics bay cheers, Pappy
  4. I bow to you oh great one! Pappy
  5. G'day Andy, paraphrasing Wikipedia, the front nozzles direct compressor stage air (which is relatively cooler but still hot from the compression process) and the rear nozzles direct combustion stage air which is several hundred degrees hotter with a 60/40 bias. Jet engines work by taking in air and compressing it to increase the mass of the airflow before adding fuel and burning it to create thrust. Early jet engines were pure tubojets but as engines advanced, a secondary turbine was added to tthe exhaust stage touse the exhaust efflux to assist in turning the intake compressor, increasing engine efficiency, Pappy
  6. What he said. Plus: The air intake was also painted grey all the way up to the intake compressor, so no white intakes. The LAU-7 missile rails varied, some were left gloss white and some were painted grey, use reference pics of the actual aircraft if this will bother you From my reading, the Hermes over paint of the white undersides was a little better as they had some spray facilities on board, whilst the crew on Invincible were limited to paint brushes and rollers, additionally, most of the stencils on the white portions were not replaced, I think the tailplane incidence and nozzle position markings were but apart from roundels, the smaller stencils were just overpainted The demarcation of the white underside portion is discernible in some pictures and not others, so this is a matter of personal taste, but it was subtle. The same goes for the tail fin markings which were also overpainted, they are discernible as a slight 'shadow' under the EDSG over paint cheers, Pappy
  7. Yes and no. The early Extra Dark Sea Grey (EDSG) over white scheme featured painted front nozzles, however eventually the front nozzles were left unpainted when the scheme transitioned to all over greys. There are exceptions but this was the general rule. Also, the front nozzles are referred to as the 'cold' nozzles but these were still putting out very hot air, much hotter than ambient. Great progress Andy, keep it up, cheers, Pappy
  8. Bonjour Patrice, I'd like to play as well. I will be building an RAAF 3SQN P-51K using the Tamiya 1/48 P-51D kit, cheers, Pappy
  9. Likely the MXU-648 luggage pod. These were based on the NAPALM store but differed in having aerodynamic fairings fitted to the nose and tail and the addition of a small access door on the L/H side. I think that these are available as resin aftermarket items, google is your friend. They were attached directly beneath the wing pylon
  10. Pappy

    AS-532 Cougar help

    G'day people, I need spome info regarding the cabin floor doors over the underfuselage hoist. When the hoist is not being used, these door s are closed but they can be opened to let the hoist operatorlook down over the load instead of leaning out of the cabin window. There is also a separate hatch which is removed from the fuselage underside to allow the hoist to operate, My question is, do the interior cabin floor doors open downwards, upwards or are they removed entirely for in flight hoist ops? cheers, Pappy
  11. They did. There was a website on decomm Indo vessels in which the Project 613s were discussed. Apparently they were used off the coast of Perth and WA in general I think the figs are Noth Star as they do come oin a single block. Good news as I am starting to runa little low, cheers, Pappy
  12. G'day Mick, You are not wrong, you cannot miss it, but it would likely be very effective in the shallow tropical waters around Indo. Your RTAF F-16B turned out very well btw, cheers, Pappy
  13. G'day Craig, Thank you very much for the kind words and also a big thank you for all your efforts as the GB host. Well done or should that be Bravo Zulu to keep things on a maritime theme!
  14. G'day JB, Thanks very much, exactly what I needed, cheers, Pappy
  15. G'day Ernie, Tjanks very much. The only pic I could find was of the Pasopati as a museum attraction, but much more faded. I used some licence to depict a working vessel in reasonable shape but still a little worn. G'day Stuart, I am not actually sure. I saw blocks of these resin figures at a model show about four years ago. I think that the block has about 100 figures in various poses in an area about 1 inch by 2 inches. I don't have the packaging anymore, which is a pity as I would like to buy some more. G'day Ken, cheers mate, it certainly stands out amongst the other grey and black subs in the display cabinet! cheers, Pappy
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