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  1. Hey, I resemble that remark! P
  2. G'day Bertie, Massive respect for both your commitment and passion. Were you able to salvage any bits at least such as the seat, pilot, stores and u/c? They may prove useful on other projects, cheers, Pappy
  3. G'day Bertie, I get what you were trying to achieve but I don't think it is convincing. The thinking was sound but in the end I think what my problem (and I emphasise it is my problem, others may love it) is that there is too much atmospheric light surrounding the kit which strikes a discordant note with what my eyes are seeing. In other words my mind is syaing jet at sunset in low light but my eyes are saying weird shadows for a fully lit jet. This was why I mentioned constraining the kit inside a box diorama. The effect may be more convincing if you offered pics that were more closely cropped? Still, kudos for attempting the experiemnt in the first place and I doubt few will fault the3 execurtion of the kit nuild itself, cheers, Pappy
  4. G'day people, I have found some pics of a Merlin outfitted with sonar gear. It shows what looks like a rotary sonobuoy (sp) launcher that is on a carousel arrangement in the rear of the cabin with the possibility of two such launchers being installed with an additional 'A" frame for stowed sonobuoys. The rotary launchers are empty in the pics. There are two corresponding exit holes in the underside for the sonobuoys to exit the aircraft. My questions are: How many sonobuoys are installed per rotary launcher? The base looks like it may be a hexagon or octagon with 2 expendables per 'flat' side so between 10-12 I would guess What do the sonobuoys look like? cheers, Pappy
  5. G'day Ray! Lookin' good Pappy
  6. G'day Chris, 100% agree. Add to that the fact that you have the option of swept fwd wings with flaps and slats deployed included. Apart from fit, the next issue will be a lack of weapons but given the propensity for many builders of the Tammy kit to reach for AM weapons anyway this may not be as big a deal as the $$$$ saved could now go towards that and you would still be ahead. The best advice I could give for building the Has kit would be to avoid the kit assembly sequence fort the fuselage. Add the upper and lower beaver tail parts to their respective fuselage half first. Add some plastic strip to the intake trunks to help align them better and avoid a step Cut down the actuators for the intake ramps unless you are depicting the kit in-flight with the wings pinned back The u/c bays are fiddly but do fit . They are not well detailed but resin here will mean lots of sanding to get them to fit the kit. If I build another Has kit I would avoid it as I don't think the taste is worth the chew Cockpit detail is okay but the sidewalls are bare. I think PE looks too flat for the side panels but is okay for the instrument and quarter panels. The kit side panels are too long to fit as per the instructions, it seems as if Has forgot to account for the thickness of the quarter panels. Finally, the fwd fuselage join. This is the biggie and there is no avoiding it. Test fitting and adjustment will get you so far but at some point you are gunna need filler. It is a crap sandwich, put on a bib and start chewing!!! At the end of all that you will have a good looking F-14, you may even enjoy the build! Pappy
  7. Thanks. The filler looks excessive in the before pic but it was really just smears in spots where the levels were not quite right but I did do a lot of prep work creating a ledge onto which the u/c doors were mounted which also allowed for shimming where required, however the complex shape of the main doors meant that it was hard to get level in all planes. I was surprised myself as it is quite humid here currently and I was expecting more moisture issues spraying paint. I will move to spraying in the evening as the temps and humidity are lower but this means work opportunities will be limited True dat! cheers, Pappy
  8. G'day Bertie, Great progress and a very interesting experiment. I know you arre also playing around with paint mules but you are still a lot braver than me to attempt this and I really hope you pull it off, it will look stunning if you do. One thing that strikes me with the point light approach (is this a variation on the 'zenithal' lightting approach) is that whilst the artist who painted the 2D scene in your example could control all aspects of the scene your model is a 3D object in the real world and as such will be subject to multiple light sources from different angles which will create natural shadows where you may want 'lighter' tones? Pappy
  9. G'day JB, The resin seat is you have nice but represents the earlier legacy Hornet seat (SJU-5) based on the MB.10 rather than the SJU-17 (NACES) seat used by the Supers and retrofitted to USN legacy Hornets. The kit seat may lack some detail but it is the correct seat Pappy
  10. G'day people, I have started to get the paint on cheers, Pappy
  11. It is a tradition for the main u/c undercarriage of the 'World Famous' Golden Dragons to be painted yellow Pappy
  12. Fair enough, Monogram kits have always had nice cockpits and undercarriage. The white u/c will stand out against that blue airframe. Monogram kits were once highly regarded kits (some still are) and generally got the shape correct, my case in point is that their 1/48 A-10 kit is still regarded as the most accurate in shape but unfortunately did not move to engraved panel lines and this tends to turn off most modellers but I am sure you will turn out a stunner, cheers, Pappy
  13. G'day Steve, will this be wheels up? cheers, Pappy
  14. G'day people, I added some scratch radiator flaps from soft drink can Meanwhile the fuselage is almost complete. I have joined the two halves and started to add some fuselage lumps and bumps starting with what appears to be some type of air inlet on the LHS. I also filled the recess below the cockpit entry doors on each fuselage half as these do not appear in pictures of my aircraft. The tail skid fairing was made from scrap (tip of a missile!) and steel wire to improve on the somewhat chunky Matchbox offering I am having a couple of issues with the windscreen. The first but oddly not the most pressing issue is that I don't have one! Yup, I lost mine, probably in a house move. I have a second (Revell re-issue) boxing and I stole the windscreen from that kit and that brings us to the second and more serious issue, the windscreen part does not fit It seems that the clear part is a little too short and simply drops through the opening. Luckily I was able to retrieve the part but I will probably make a replacement part instead of attempting to make the kit part fit. Luckily it is a pretty simple shape. The other cockpit windows did not fit well either - this is not fun any more cheers, Pappy
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