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  1. The set seems to include details for both MiG-31/B and BM (the right part) variants. Seems kind of a waste, the price could have been cheaper perhaps if it was released as two different sets? Also, I wonder if they'll release a set for the HB kit?
  2. Disregarding that we have no idea how many kits were sold, this is the first newly tooled kit of a Hind in 1/48 in like 30-35 years. It is quite expected that it will sell well. But, I don't understand why you have the need to keep arguing with those who expected somewhat more from it (to say the least). You're happy with it, great. There's a perfectly good Zvezda Mi-24 thread where you can sing praises to it.
  3. Zvezda kit is cheap, but that's because it's a straight upscale of their 1/72 kit. It has zero detail expected from a 1/48 kit in this day and age, IMHO. So, it's not really that cheap once you start adding up aftermarket. E.g. since Zvezda kit has absolutely zero cockpit details (only decals are provided), that Quinta set adds like 20 bucks to the price. Then the rivet set (which sounds like quite a chore, besides the extra price), the wheels set, probably some UB pod weapon set, etc. and you're in the Kitty Hawk price territory at least or more. Though, I'm not really expecting to be blown away by the KH kit, either, TBH. IMHO, raised rivet detail is a must on today's 1/48 Hind kit and given the KH UH-1 kit, I don't think they will provide that. Then, there's the question of how it will fit together.. If KH fails to deliver, well, I've waited so long for a great 1/48 Hind kit, I can wait some more I guess (Anetra?).
  4. Yeah, I have to admit MM were my go to paints ever since mid 90's when model kits and paints started being imported to where I live. I love their enamels, they could have been hand brushed very nicely IIRC and I will surely miss then. Though, I have to say I've been experimenting with acrylics in the last decade and while they can't hold a candle to enamels at all, they are much nicer to use indoors. I presume most turned to acrylics which is why MM saw the demand/profits steadily falling? It's a shame they couldn't have sold the brand off to someone to continue making them instead of just ditching everything..
  5. Part of the decal sheet B is covered by decal sheet A so perhaps they're there?
  6. Well, sure, it's a subjective thing. Personally, I could consider decals in 1/72 perhaps, but in 1/48, that's a big no-go for me. Yes, the cockpits are a hassle which slow down the build considerably, but if done decently, it's all worth it with a canopy open. Of course if you'll close it, with the thick and rounded glass of the Hind, you might just use the provided decals and call it a day. A quick alternative would be the pre-painted PE pieces, but it's difficult to match the color (e.g. it pains me dearly removing the quite decent raised cockpit details Trumpeter provided in their 1/48 MiG-23M kit to mount these Yahu PE pieces which turns out are colored with some pretty odd and much too dark shade). But, in 1/48 I'd still prefer the raised details, ideally with holes for the front panel instruments and a decal for the instrument faces to add behind it. If Trumpy went for something like this for the front panel, I would have probably sold the Yahu set away. I'll try to cut out those decal instrument faces to fill those instrument depressions on the otherwise VERY nice raised interior details Kinetic provided on the Su-33 kit, but I doubt that will turn out circular enough (wish I had some punching tool for that).
  7. Hmm, looking at the dnmodels review sprue shots, I'm somewhat at shock (and I was already not expecting much given their announcement). This is like 1/72 level of detail at best and even at that from like 20 years ago or more (e.g. compare it to some recent Modelsvit releases in 1/72). At 1/48, the detail should at least be at Trumpeter level and what they have here is slightly better than Italeri from 30 years ago (mostly by part count, the detail level not that much). Adding that the price is not even that low (given how you need to add cockpit and rivet details at the very least, not to mention other stuff needing replacing like wheels, rear cabin interior, perhaps weapons, etc.), no, thanks.. I didn't mean to rain on anybody's parade here, I just expected so much more from a new 1/48 kit, especially since it's the iconic Mi-24 which should sell well. I wish them good luck with that approach, but I really hope Anetra makes one eventually.
  8. Meanwhile, I got a Tamiya NJ kit for cheap on eBay, but the Pontos NJ set was sold out when I was ordering from LM, so I got the base Iowa instead.
  9. They were unarmed, but these pods were used to fire off rockets loaded with chaff to blind enemy radars.
  10. So, they basically upscaled the 1/72 without adding some of the extra detail expected in this scale (like rivets or raised cockpit details). I guess it remains to be seen how much will it cost with aftermarket rivet decals and the cockpit set compared to the competition where those will be included with the kit, I guess (KH and hopefully Anetra eventually).
  11. Personally, no rivets on a Hind in is pretty much a no-go for me in this day and age and especially in this scale, given how the raised rivets are so prominent on the surface of the real thing. I understand they'd likely be over-scale, but still. On the other hand, at least they didn't make them recessed, but I guess I'm waiting to see what KH comes up with (which hopefully won't be recessed ones like on their recent UH-1 kits).
  12. The Revell kit was made by Italeri. There's an aftermarket gun for it made by Quickboost. The Ka-52 looks pretty menacing, though so even though I prefer the Soviet era stuff, I'll have to make an exception here. That GOES-451 turret sticks out like a sore thumb, though.
  13. UB(K) is the one between the two images marked with arrows. The second marked one is the UTG (the arresting hook is clearly visible in the extended position).
  14. Hopefully, (at least) the first of those pages is 1/48 aircraft so there'll be something new there (apart from the J-20 shown on earlier pages). The biggest push seems to be new armour kits in 1/72. I guess it's more realistic that I might one day get e.g. the S-300V system in that scale rather than in 1/35, but ideally, they'd offer them in 1/48 which would be optimal for such big vehicles IMHO (size to detail level ratio). Too bad there's nothing new in modern 1/350 scale. I keep hoping they might finally do the Kiev/Admiral Gorshkov/Vikramaditya class (among others).
  15. Same here, but yeah, all those are a must-add-to-stash for me, too (though, I'd rather have the Mi-28A than Mi-28N so here's hoping). After all those listed, my list of must-have-but-still-missing kits in 1/48 (mostly late Cold War stuff, I guess) is getting rather sparse. Yak-41 comes to mind (well, S-37, MiG 1.44 and the original Su-35/T-10M would be nice, too, but that's a fat chance). And speaking of helicopters, I guess a newly tooled Eurocopter Tiger would be nice. Still undecided on the Mi-24 variant to get, though. I'll probably use it as an excuse to get one variant (like this V/VP) from Zvezda and another (P) from KH if both kits turn out to be well detailed.
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