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  1. Dudikoff

    Trumpeter catalog 2019-2020 - programme

    1/48 J-20.. Finally. But, that's the prototype, I presume.. It's nice HB are doing a 1/48 U-2 and hopefully that one will end up better than what AFV Club did with theirs. But, on the whole, both Trumpy and HB are not having many new releases compared to the last two years, most of the new stuff is in the military vehicles category.
  2. Dudikoff

    USS New Jersey, Platinum Edition. 1:350

    That's great. I wanted to go for the same option (as the Pontos set looks amazing), but never found a good deal on the base Tamiya set.
  3. Dudikoff

    Trumpeter catalog 2019-2020 - programme

    Hmm, could have sworn I've seen a mention of an upcoming Trumpeter Ticonderoga in 1/350, but there's nothing in the catalog.. And HB releases modern ships in 1/700 only so far. Perhaps it will go under the Merit brand (like the Kitty-Hawk class carriers, Wasp class LHD's, etc.)? It's cool they're releasing the 1S91 and P-40 radars, but it's crazy how they're releasing all of the S-300V launcher vehicle variants plus the engagement radar (with only the EWR, the acquisition radar and CP vehicles missing).
  4. Dudikoff

    T-55A Early Mod 1965 Interior Kit (37016) 1:35

    Hmm, one thing that bothers me is the flat loader's hatch. It apparently was a T-55A thing, but their marking options are mostly all later from the '80s, but from the few photos I've checked (e.g. Soviet Naval T-55A's and Yugoslav T-55A's), I got the impression that the loader's hatch was updated with a cupola and the anti-aircraft machine gun was installed (apparently from 1969 during regular depot maintenance). Unless I missed them when checking the instruction scans and part sprues (I bought one, but don't have the kit at hand), it's really silly that these were not provided as options in their 63/65 kits. I see Blast Models have an upgrade set for Tamiya T-55's with various hatches for both the commander and loader. It would be great if they would make a new loader's cupola (like e.g. the base Tamiya T-55A has) and match it with their AA MG mount ring and perhaps include a DShk MG (or one could be gotten from the MiniArt MG set)..
  5. Dudikoff

    USS New Jersey, Platinum Edition. 1:350

    The base kit looks so toy-like that it's just a huge waste of PE and metal parts. I mean, I really want one modern Iowa class, but even the base Tamiya kit lacks detail by today's standards, IMHO, so I'm still waiting for Trumpeter to step in. Hmm, I guess this explains the kit detail level: it's from 1971. https://www.scalemates.com/kits/629666-revell-05129-u-s-s-new-jersey-bb-62-1982 On the other hand, I see Very Fire has a new kit of a Missouri in 1/350 and Joy Yard is doing an ever more detailed one. Hopefully, they'll make 80's versions as well.
  6. The company doesn't believe in the concept of providing any stores with their Viggen kits, apparently. No biggie as at least they managed to keep the prices of the kits rather low, plus, as the Viggen uses non-specific weapons, you can just reuse stores from other Western kits. Oh, wait..
  7. Err, not the same company , so why wouldn't they if they see a potential for sales?
  8. Did they ever mention the possibility of releasing a boxing of the initial F-15E variant?
  9. Well, in the October's Info Eduard magazine they announced corrected intake sets to be released in November (separate sets for MF and ML), so that's very welcome (I wish somebody made those in 1/32). Additionally, wheel bays for the ML are coming as well.
  10. +1 Or perhaps Modelsvit, though they seem to be focused on 1/72 scale. Isn't the only injection molded kit made by Amodel and in 1/72? A cool-looking and pretty potent airplane such as Yak-41 deserves so much more, IMHO
  11. Slightly OT, but which museum is this? If I ever visit Moscow again, I'd love to see the Yak-41 prototype.
  12. I really don't know anything about the Yak-28, but I'm trying to decide which model to buy. By comparing to this photo of the recon variant, HB's wing attachment doesn't look THAT bad though it's hard to tell from these angles. On the other hand, the Bobcat front top edge of the wing seems to be too close to the canopy? Also, these humps on the wings from these huge antennas or whatever they are seem to match the HB one (though it's a photo of the recon variant rather than the interceptor depicted by models, so not sure if that's a difference between the variants).
  13. Fair enough, but I'm just saying that for the asking price of a Tamiya kit, I simply expect a higher attention to detail than what Hasegawa offered almost 30 years ago. It's a matter of preference, of course, but it's always nice to have more detailed options as well.
  14. Well, let's wait till the GWH and AMK kits are out, but from what I've seen in the build threads, e.g. Tamiya cockpit and wheel bay detail level is more or less on par with the Hasegawa kits IMHO, while the detail provided in the GWH MiG-29 kit in those areas makes me expect a higher level of detail in their Tomcat. I have the MiG-31B/BS kit from AMK, but not at hand and didn't have a chance to analyze it more and compare it to the HB MiG-31 which I also got.