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  1. Awesome, finally a mainstream set for the Soviet Cold War stuff in 1/48.
  2. Well, you can still make the proposed multi-role BM from the late 90's as the kit includes parts J4+J10 which are the new large pylons specific to that version intended for e.g. KH-58 missiles (plus the included cockpit decals - the ones with more MFD's are for the BM prototype, the ones with less are for the current BM, the ones without are for the B). It is weird that the 1/72 kit doesn't have the small pylon adapters for the inner wing positions as well (only the outer ones are included) since they're included in the HB 1/48 B/BM kit.
  3. Great, I need the original one and the Trumpeter's IL-76-based kits are rather overpriced for what they are like.
  4. Oh, so they are working on the HH-60H as well? Now that's tempting, even though the sheer size of this thing in 1/35 is off-putting (literally).
  5. This looks pretty cool and Modelcollect vehicles are pretty detailed so it should be detailed enough for an interesting kit, even more so with the weapon bays populated, plus with the wings folded, it will only be as wide as an F-14 with its wings swept back, while noticeably shorter.
  6. Sorry, was reading the review and this line struck me as odd. Apparently, this is a common myth. That extra space would actually help the shaped charge jet to form better. The spaced armour was put as a protection from anti tank rifles to break their bullets before they hit the main armor.
  7. 9K37M1 sounds great if it's in 1/35 as expected (interestingly enough, the main page announcement doesn't mention the scale, either). These other three announcements are disappointing, but I guess this is why "products" wording was used instead of "model kits".
  8. Now that would be something. I'd expect an announcement of a HB 1/48 Su-25 (probably a downscale of the Trumpeter 1/32 Su-25) to follow shorty after.
  9. Dudikoff

    T-55A Early Mod 1965 Interior Kit (37016) 1:35

    Luckily for those folks, the MiniArt makes non-interior boxings as well, though the price difference is rather small IIRC. I got this same kit and it costs slightly more than the Takom non-interior kits so it's quite a bargain. I'm not really interested about these older T's they've released so far (like 44/54 which is a shame as they really outdid themselves here), so unfortunately this is the only boxing I got so far, apart from the Su-85; maybe I'll get the 1981 variant of the 55 as well. But, if they start releasing T-64/72/80 variants with full interiors, I could see myself getting 2-3 variants of each type even though I already have some Trumpeter boxings. It would be nice if they don't stop there and move onto some other Soviet vehicles. I mean, most are released now with Trumpeter/Meng/etc., but not with such attention to detail. So, e.g. a BMP series with full interior would be great (Trumpeter has none included on the 1 and has some interior included for the 2 and 3, but I presume MiniArt's interiors would be more comprehensive so I wouldn't mind buying them all over again). Ditto for the artillery vehicles, SAM's, etc. which didn't include interior detail so far and no aftermarket sets were released (except the 3D printed ones for 2S7, but I find those much too expensive).
  10. The inbox review was posted in the reviews forum some weeks ago.
  11. Dudikoff

    MiG-31M Foxhound - 1:48 HobbyBoss

    Thanks for the effort, always nice to see a direct comparison photos. I got myself one, as well as this is a must-have for me. I myself used the initially published colour reference as an indication on what to expect from the kit and it seemed to indicate all the major differences are there.
  12. Dudikoff

    Hobby Boss catalog 2018-2019 - online

    Yeah, the MiG-31B/BM 1/48 boxing which has been out for like 6 months already if not more.
  13. Same here. There was a local online store which offered the pre-order option (which was a must to avoid hefty import taxes), but then they dropped out of the program due to 'AMK suddenly changing some of the conditions' or whatever.
  14. Yeah, that and the Mi-28A/N as well since no-one else seems to even consider releasing them.
  15. Dudikoff

    Sukhoi Su-22M3/M4 Fitter-F (Sic) KH80146

    Yeah, if the fuselage is the same as the Su-17M3/M4 kit (AL-21F engine), then the Su-22M3 can't really be built from this kit.