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  1. Yeah, it would be nice to hear a comment from AMK on what happened here and if it'll be corrected. The panel lines at the front of the intake are so obviously wrong compared to the other side that I'd probably try to fill and rescribe them myself when I get the kit.
  2. Can any of you guys who got the kits compare the one-piece intakes? I've seen pictures from two sources showing that the parts seem like they're from different production stages (or somebody forgot to send the updated CAD file for the top part when the molds were being made). E.g. the hinges, the panel lines at the back, the panel lines etc. at the front are more refined on the bottom part as shown here.
  3. It's a pretty safe bet that it's not a complete new tool, but new parts only.
  4. A few months ago they signed a new deal and claimed that the serial production has kind of started (though, it will get full ramped up in 2020 whatever that meant) and that the Russian MoD intends to purchase 76 production examples by 2028.
  5. Finally! The HpH kit was always too expensive for me, but this should do nicely. Hope they do a good job with the details.
  6. Cool to have an alternative to KH kit, though I presume there'll be a few more takers jumping in now that the ball has started rolling.
  7. Nice box art, I'll have to get one.
  8. Yeah, perhaps they should have switched to modern variants first after VF got to the market first with WW2 ones. But, not sure how far off were they with the tooling production already (which they apparently had to re-do afterwards). That would be a shame as the hull really looked like something else compared to those other releases. The bridge stood out, as well.
  9. I've been keeping an eye on this as it's more detailed than Very Fire one. I wonder how much it will sell for, but hope it sells well so they'll consider dishing out modern variants later on.
  10. Yeah, Trumpy's MiG-23 interceptor series looks acceptable to me, apart from the upper intake curve for which there are some aftermarket sets (though I wish they included the intake ramp piece as well). The attack series on the other hand.. That messed up nose and canopy are much worse than on their Su-24M, so too rough or not, the CWS kit will have to do (the one for MiG-27M/D should be out next week, finally).
  11. Thanks for the build and comparisons with the Rye-Field kit. What actually got me in getting the Rye Field Panther/Jagdpanther kits was Takom making the boxed gun rounds as one piece molded on box top way in the King Tiger or Panther (?) kit which felt rather simplified, plus more PE details and decals for the interior. But, I have to admit I was surprised seeing all the PE framing required for the floor in the Rye-Field kit which seems like a complete overkill (providing a plastic alternative would have been nice), especially given that it all ends up covered by floor panels anyway. So, I'll probably sell mine and get a Takom one instead. It will already be a killer to paint and assemble all that, life's too short. Besides, in the Takom JagdPanther kit, all the rounds are separate anyway (so, e.g. you can model it without having a full ammo complement). The floor cooling hoses also look disappointingly lame being simply molded on in what should be the higher detailed kit. That was the final nail in the coffin, I guess.
  12. Yeah, it's absolutely puzzling how nobody released that variant yet and after all these new Flanker family kits that came out, the only option is still the old SOL set for the Academy.
  13. Well, Trumpeter really messed up the nose of the MiG-23BN/27 variants much more than usual, but at least there's a correction set by CWS. I'm still waiting for their MiG-27M correction set to become available.
  14. Yeah, I hope all those don't come out at once as it will be a fortune to invest. Also, perhaps these announcements kick the competition out of their sleep as all these kits are long overdue (e.g. Hobby-Boss should have downscaled Trumpeter's 1/35 Hind and the 1/32 Su-25 a long time ago).
  15. They did post some updates a month ago. https://www.facebook.com/kbismarck/
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