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  1. Hi. I've done the main wheel bays now. 032 by Bosse Persson, on Flickr 033 by Bosse Persson, on Flickr I really like the piping and plumbing plastic parts. I'm trying to use AKAN colours as much as I can, but I don't have them all so some Humbrol colours have also been used. 034 by Bosse Persson, on Flickr Only dry fitted, looks very promising. 035 by Bosse Persson, on Flickr Glued and clamped. I think I'll have the nose gear well and the intake channels done before the weekend. To be continued..... /Bosse
  2. Thank you Gents. /Bosse
  3. Hi, We're in a bit of a heatwave here in Sweden with temperatures over +25C. But don't think the heat has stopped me from working on my Su-35. I've been looking for the right colours to paint all the small bits that will go in the wheel wells, and glueing some sub sections. 021 by Bosse Persson, on Flickr The small bits are just about ready to for glueing in place. 022 by Bosse Persson, on Flickr 023 by Bosse Persson, on Flickr The ejection seat is almost complete. 024 by Bosse Persson, on Flickr The cockpit is taking shape. 025 by Bosse Persson, on Flickr I've painted the fuel lines in the wells. 026 by Bosse Persson, on Flickr The missiles have been sprayed white from a spray can. I do this on the balcony, because I can't spray indoors. 027 by Bosse Persson, on Flickr I've glued the fins together, and the wheels are waiting for some paint. 028 by Bosse Persson, on Flickr 029 by Bosse Persson, on Flickr 030 by Bosse Persson, on Flickr The engine nacelles and air channels have been painted on the inside. 031 by Bosse Persson, on Flickr The engine fans and exhaust have also been painted. And there is where I'm today. Now the plan is to get these subsections inside the fuselage during the next couple of days. To be continued..... /Bosse
  4. Fantastic work Haneto. Thank you for posting, it'll be great help for my own ongoing build. /Bosse
  5. Marlin

    IDF Collection so far

    That's a very nice collection. /Bosse
  6. Marlin

    Hasegawa 1/48 AH-64D Saraf

    Great work so far. I'll follow this with great interest, I've got a real soft spot for IDF/AF. /Bosse
  7. Hi. What a fantastic weekend we've had in our cottage this weekend. Summer temperatures of over +25C and no rain the whole weekend. Of course we had to have a barbeque. 005 by Bosse Persson, on Flickr My wife planted some geraniums in our garden. 007 by Bosse Persson, on Flickr I awarded her the Recycling Award of 2018. Why throw away an almost new barbeque just because you don't want it anymore? Axel and I felt that we could also do something, so we built a deck chair from recycled wood. 006 by Bosse Persson, on Flickr It'll be painted in the same colour we used on the one we built last year. Stol 2017 by Bosse Persson, on Flickr So don't throw away wood pallets, make something new and useful of them instead. Well even a fantastic weekend comes to an end and it was time to go home again. When I got home I continued on the ordnance for the Su-35. I've cleaned up all seams now, and they're ready for some primer. 019 by Bosse Persson, on Flickr 020 by Bosse Persson, on Flickr To be continued.... /Bosse
  8. Hi. My Six Days War build is some what stalled. But I do build on them from time to time. And now I've got the Alouette done. 037 by Bosse Persson, on Flickr 038 by Bosse Persson, on Flickr 039 by Bosse Persson, on Flickr 040 by Bosse Persson, on Flickr So a bit delayed I've got two of the six done. To be continued.... /Bosse
  9. No problem Unc, I'm not about to leave. I just find it funny that the general rules should be an airbrush for painting. I don't think Leonardo Da Vinci used one, but I guess he might, had he had the chance. /Bosse
  10. Well, as I've said earlier. I don't have the space for an airbrush set up, so let's just leave it at that. I might better my painting skills with a airbrush or I might not. But I've been brush painting for over 40 years, and I like it. I left ARC because all the small little hints about an airbrush. I don't like to have to leave this site as well........ /Bosse
  11. You might be right there Unc. /Bosse
  12. Thanks /Bosse
  13. Thanks Matteo. I don't have space for an airbrushing box. And besides this, I like to brush paint. /Bosse
  14. Hi, Muzz was kind to answer in my new colour thread about the Su-35, so that is now sorted, thanks again Muzz. But I'm sure I'll return to that thread to find out more abbout the right AKAN paints for the different parts on this aircraft. I've discovered some small seams on the missiles that I have to clean up before painting them. 017 by Bosse Persson, on Flickr Not much, but they'll show when painted if not removed before. I've also started to paint the cockpit parts. 018 by Bosse Persson, on Flickr AKAN #73069, Sukhoi blue/grey, the right cockpitcolour straight from the bottle. Today I'm planing on continuing with the cockpit, wheel wells, air ducts, and other bits. I'll also have some missiles to clean up, but that I can do infront of the tv during tonights hockeygame in the World Championsship. To be continued..... /Bosse