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  1. Hi, My building time is dwindling and just now everything seems to take forever to do. But I try to do something every evening, if it just a part or two. The intake package are slowly taking form at the moment. 138 by Bosse Persson, on Flickr And soon I think I can start to paint all inner surfaces white. To be continued..... /Bosse
  2. WOW. What a great choice Reini78. I'll be sitting glued to the screen taking lots of notes since this is a project I'm too planing to do. /Bosse
  3. Great Choice Dave. I'll sit in the back taking notes on this one. I got the same kit in the stash that one day will be an NVA/LSK bird. /Bosse
  4. No worries Andy, Considering how my work load is at work at the moment I don't think I'll have so much time to sit down with this one before the Holidays are upon us. /Bosse
  5. Hi Andy350. This one doesn't have a particular timetable. Just a normal build, and that normally takes anything from two months to a year if I lose interest in the subject. But I don't think it'll be the case on this one since it's my first F-104 in 1/48. So perhaps two-three months will be sufficient for this one. I got some days of work after New Year's and that'll come in handy for completion. /Bosse
  6. Hi Andy350. I think the undercarriage will be able to fit later than suggested. That's my plan to. If I've the time I'll have a more closer look on it this evening. /Bosse
  7. Great Andy350. Now we're (soon) building the same kit. Good luck with yours. /Bosse
  8. Thanks Werner. Get it out of the stash, it's a great little kit and a fun build. /Bosse
  9. Thanks Werner. An RB with bombs would be great to see. /Bosse
  10. Thanks IPMS19. It was a journey, but in the end I got it where I wanted it. /Bosse
  11. Hi, I've now finished my MiG-25. I glued the last few pieces on it yesterday evening. First the hook that fires the brake chute. 135 by Bosse Persson, on Flickr Then the front screen. 136 by Bosse Persson, on Flickr And the canopy and it's support. 137 by Bosse Persson, on Flickr And then it was done. 138 by Bosse Persson, on Flickr 141 by Bosse Persson, on Flickr And now it sits in my display cabinet. 139 by Bosse Persson, on Flickr Besides it's younger brother. 140 by Bosse Persson, on Flickr Rather big boys. This was a fun build. Difficult sometime, but fun overall. I did some mistakes on it. But perhaps the next one will be easier. And speaking of the next one. If the Interceptor GB will go ahead, I'll enter with a Syrian MiG-25 PD. So until then. /Bosse
  12. Hi. When I build a Yak-130 one of the subsections I'd like to finish first are the intakes and the part around them. The intakes are to be painted white, and that takes a bit of time to brush. After I built the first one I discovered that most, if not all, part can glued together before painting. 137 by Bosse Persson, on Flickr And that's the parts I glued yesterday evening. To be continued..... /Bosse
  13. Hi. Another weekend where not much building was done has passed. The only thing I had time for was to glue the twin store carriers and the bombs together. 102 by Bosse Persson, on Flickr But at least I have something more to prime during the week. To be continued..... /Bosse
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