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  1. Hi. The wings and horizontal stabilators are done, and almost all seams have been sanded, puttyied and cleaned. 097 by Bosse Persson, on Flickr 098 by Bosse Persson, on Flickr 099 by Bosse Persson, on Flickr 100 by Bosse Persson, on Flickr I have to fix the seams for the horizontal stabilators and I'll glue the guns in place, and then it's time for primer. But that'll have to wait until Sunday because this afternoon I'm going to check out from work and then I look forward to a long weekend in the cottage. To be continued..... /Bosse
  2. Thanks SoftScience. Of cource I'll push on. I got the second wing in place last evening, (no pics) and I'll reckon I'll start to paint during next week. /Bosse
  3. Hi. Let's have another short update. I've got the gun trough in place. 093 by Bosse Persson, on Flickr 094 by Bosse Persson, on Flickr I had to glue it in stages, starting with one side, then the front part of the opposite side, and lastly at the back. And before I glued it in place I put some more fishing weights to the underside of the cockpit. I think it'll be enough to avoid having a tail sitter. And I've got the hatch covering the avionics in place. 095 by Bosse Persson, on Flickr The small step in the picture looks worse than it is, but I'll have to
  4. Hi. Just a small update. I didn't have that much modelling time this weekend. But I've been preparing the wings for glueing to the fuselage. 092 by Bosse Persson, on Flickr The wings had some missalignment in the mating surfaces, so I've glued some small plasticard strips along the sides so I'll get a clean seam against the fuselage. To be continued..... /Bosse
  5. WOW. This is one of my absolute favorite aircrafts and in the right colours as well. I'll take a seat and will enjoy the show. /Bosse.
  6. WOW. That's a stunning MiG-21, and what colours. /Bosse
  7. Thanks Martin. I thought about excluding the engine parts. But the kit is constructed so that you'll glue the whole engine pack mid fuselage, and that's it. No other mating surface so that I could just use the exhaust parts. Hopefully my fishing weights will be sufficient to avoid a tail sitter. /Bosse
  8. Thanks modelling minion. I think Hobbyboss had it's A-team working on this kit. It goes together really nice. /Bosse
  9. Hi. The first completed build of 2021. I finished my Belarussian Mitten today. 181 by Bosse Persson, on Flickr 182 by Bosse Persson, on Flickr 183 by Bosse Persson, on Flickr 184 by Bosse Persson, on Flickr 185 by Bosse Persson, on Flickr 186 by Bosse Persson, on Flickr 187 by Bosse Persson, on Flickr I'll have to clear my modelling desk with some other builds, but I'll return to this thread with the fourth Mitten. Next time Myanmar. To be continued..... /Bosse
  10. Hi. As stated early MiG's are tail heavy, so I'll be putting nose weights where ever I can find space for them. I've glued two fishing weights to the back of the cockpit. 089 by Bosse Persson, on Flickr And the I glued the engine in place. 090 by Bosse Persson, on Flickr And a short while after, I could glue the fuselage together. 091 by Bosse Persson, on Flickr I'll keep it in clamps over night and glue the wings on tomorrow. To be continued..... /Bosse
  11. Thanks Gents. I've put some small weight in the intake section,, And I'll glue some more in when I've got the cockpit in the front fuselage. /Bosse
  12. Thanks Smudge, Me too, That enginge deserves to be looked at. /Bosse
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