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  1. It is, funnily enough. Here's my Roc showing off its 1940 camo.
  2. More feeding my 1940 obsession. This model completes my Italian Air Force examples based in Belgium. Expect more variety as I shift focus to the Mediterranean theatre in due course. The original plan was one example of each type operated in the Western European theatre in 1940. However, in order to show the story better, several variants of each type are often needed. Another Bf109 has, therefore, arrived. The Martlet is a little late for the period, but I think it’ll pass muster as an earlier FAA version with a little adjustment here and there. Reasearch shall commence shortly.
  3. Bah! All kinds of things have conspired, and I’ve had to make the decision that we won’t be travelling to this year's show. I was looking forward to it. Now it won’t happen. Let’s hope we can make it for 2020.
  4. I must admit that I want one for my 1940 obsession. It’s such an unlikely aircraft to carry military markings, but I know you dislike the military side of the aviation, understandably so. I like to think my obsession is a form of tribute to all those who served and sadly died during the 39-45 conflict.
  5. It is easy to forget how this build began, but a visit to the earlier pages in this thread demonstrate how you have coaxed a somewhat indifferent vac form kit into a masterpiece. I hope this exquisite model will take pride of place in your display, and not be relegated to a storage box too quickly.
  6. When you get around to installing the coupling and connecting rods for those superb wheels (yes, your colleague is a freakin' genius!) the nerdy loco spotters here (raises hand) (and that’s enough with the brackets already!) should explain the GWR traditionally built their locos so the right hand side driving wheels, when viewed from the cab, had the crankpin leading. In other words, the wheels on opposite sides of the loco were set with the crankpins at 90 degrees to each other, with the right side leading the left. If that doesn’t make sense, I’ll try to contrive a sketch diagram. Let me know, and I’ll try and remember how to use paper and pencil! Those wheels look superb. This is really shaping up to be a lovely model. Go BB!
  7. Very much this. I sit, gazing, slack-jawed and filled with envy. Lovely work.
  8. With Best Beloved not being terribly spry these days, I expect I’ll be bimbling in ever decreasing circles anyway.
  9. Well, if I miss you on the stand, I’ll try and catch you there! Best Beloved and I will visiting the show on both days. 2018 was our first visit and we enjoyed it so much we decided to do it all again this year! Is is there an official BM meet-up point, or shall we just bimble about hoping to recognise each other?
  10. Aha! I guess I should look out for that boxing then. Live and learn.
  11. There will be build threads in due course, but I can’t say exactly when.
  12. Agreed. I even acknowledge other drivers when it’s my right of way!
  13. Good to know. Ta. I’ll begin some research to see what needs to be done and how to do it. Did you make a WIP thread for your Martlet?
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