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  1. Sorry to disappoint, Ced, but I’ve decided not to go with the black distemper on this model. I’ll save it for an He115 floatplane I’ve got stashed.
  2. I am really pleased at the result. It is way better than I’d hoped or even expected. In fact, I’m tempted to say this is probably the best paint job I’ve yet managed. There’s still plenty I can cods up, but for now I shall bask in my achievement.
  3. See what I mean about the masking? Working on a three-dimensional shape to apply tape based on a two-dimensional drawing… By the way, I’m trying out the masking tape now supplied by Humbrol. It’s like the Tamiya stuff, and I quite like it. It doesn’t really like to stick to itself, and can be a bit recalcitrant on awkward curves and over bumps, but I think it works out cheap enough to use in bulk. A set of three 18m long rolls with 1mm, 3mm and 6mm widths. I’d like to see a 10mm or 18mm, but there’s always Tamiya and similar for that. Before we know where we
  4. Have I mentioned I’m a fan of ColourCoats? Within an hour, the first coat was touch dry and ready to be masked. I’m doing a wing at a time, partly because masking the splinter is tedious and complicated and partly because it leaves the other wing free for handling. I used this technique when I painted my Ju52 last year. So, a first blush of RLM 71 on the port wing. After our evening meal, I will do the same for the starboard. If there’s still time before bedtime, I’ll have a bash at the fuselage.
  5. Well, that was a slightly longer interval than intended. I blame work. I am getting back into proper work again, and these comprise two of a four coach set that’s been stalled since 2019. Other stuff, like life and another commission stalled them. Well, that’s my excuse. They’re actually injection moulded styrene, with PE and cast brass details, and a constant 1/43rd scale. This is the fourth pair of bogies for the coaches. They are etched brass with cast brass and injection moulded detail. They’re complete with spring suspension on each wheel, ju
  6. Hmm. I’d say the covering grille is flush. The louvred section is slightly set back in the walk around.
  7. Well, I hope he does complete the web site as well in due course. I gave faceache the heave-ho a couple of years ago, and do not want to be dragged back any time soon.
  8. I haven’t chased him, main,y because I’ve plenty of other interesting kits to get through. The remaining Belgian models can wait for their time on the bench.
  9. If there’s nothing I can say that’s constructive, I leave a like. I can’t see the point in just posting "nice build" or "lovely" or "great".
  10. I'm pleased you’re asking the questions. For my part, I’ve tended to go with what was suggested in the kit box. I have used Humbrol 155 on all the builds with the "olive" or "khaki" and aluminium dope scheme - I usually work on the basis that if I’m wrong, at least I’m consistently wrong, and all models appear in similar hues when displayed together. I think it’s fairly true that British designs were supplied with factory-applied RAF style camouflage on the upper surfaces. I think it’s true to say that licence-built British types were treated the same, but stand to be corre
  11. To answer your last question first, yes I have. I am mulling a Fiat CR.42, and I have a resin kit of a Fairey Fox "Kangourou". The BW site was moved to a new host late last year. Like all hobby things, it’s taking a while for the content to be reuploaded. Daniel is doing his best, I think, so I will remain patient.
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