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  1. It was sort of okay when it gathered at the bottom of the header. An option to disable it entirely at the user level would be a lovely chrimble pressy, though.
  2. They’re back, but flakes this time. I think the admins are having a play. <grinch>Still don’t like 'em. </grinch>
  3. I’m fine with the changed header. It’s Christmas, after all. But pink hearts raining down my screen? No, thank you. I guess they’re supposed to be snowflakes, but if I can’t turn 'em off I’ll stop visiting until the new year. (Yes, I’m having a bad day, thanks for asking )
  4. I can’t guarantee all these will get built during the group build, but there’s some very long term stash residents I’d like to try and put together.
  5. Having had the fuel tanker kit in my Hannants wish list for nearly three years (it’s been in back order all the time) I scouted around elsewhere. The standard Blitz truck kit sort of fell into the basket at the same time. This will grow my Axis set decoration collection by three* vehicles. *Yes, I know the standard truck kit is only the one truck, but I did a kit bash on one earlier. I can convert that back to the standard vehicle as I kept the bodywork in the spares department. Two "normal" trucks plus one fuel tanker. I’m rambling…
  6. You won’t be surprised to find they’re all tiny 1/76 and 1/72 scale things. They’re intended for set dressing exercises when photographing the planes.
  7. I’m not sure that would be necessary. I was thinking more along perhaps having a separate chat thread to cover the techniques and so on. That would leave the usual build threads and gallery. Plenty of time to thrash ideas out, anyway.
  8. Well, there are three GBs I shall be tempted by. High Wing is definitely on the cards, and Anything But Injection could finally see my small collection of whitemetal and resin truck kits put together. I shall consider French Fancies as well, though some of the builds that suit it also suit High Wing. Hmm. When I posted my idea for encouraging people to tackle models with more than a pair of wings back in January, I never thought it would gain enough interest to even make it to the bunfight. I was chuffed to bits when it did, and I’m very happy to see that it hovered around the midd
  9. I reckon that’s a sound idea. The High Wing GB, which now has a slot next year, would be a sensible place, I think. I’m sure the main host @CliffB, won’t mind if we hijack a corner for such discussions! Well, as you probably know, Double Deckers didn’t make it through the final. We hovered around the middle of the table for most of the polling, momentarily across the cut-off line during the first week or so. Thank you everyone for signing up here to get us through to the poll of polls, and for voting. Never did I think back in January, when I tentatively posted my idea, that it wou
  10. Plus one for the damp cotton bud. It's possible there was some sanding detritus in the gap, Ced. The PPP wouldn't adhere as well in that case. A good blow, tap or stiff brush to get the dust out before applying it should do the trick.
  11. I felt the base needed something else. I already have a generic landscape background for these things, but what I really needed was a hangar. I did a bit of research, and settled on a version of the Belman hangar of the late 1930s. These were created as transportable structures that could be put together like a gigantic Meccano set using unskilled labour. The shape is fairly generic, unlike the expansion period RAF hangars - huge structures of brick and concrete - and I felt it would suit models of any nationality, not just British. Having hunted round for
  12. Folks, the bunfight group builds poll is nearing its denouement. Sadly, Double Deckers doesn’t look like it'll make the cut. This is a disappointment, but I’m happy we remained floating somewhere round the middle of the table for most of the vote. So, assuming you haven’t already done so, it would be really nice if you could weigh in with a vote for the High Wing GB. There is a good deal of crossover between the two proposals, so please go and give High Wing some love.
  13. You were my inspiration, Tony! I couldn’t make my fakecrete fit at an angle, so went boringly straight.
  14. These things don’t need to be elaborate. Sometimes, simple is the best. We are often just photographing a single model after all, and the base shouldn’t distract from the subject. I made a "grass" base a while back, and needed a bigger "concrete" one to complement it. I like to try and set out dioramas using several models, and I’m lucky enough to have the space to set it out.
  15. The green looks about right to my ColourCoats trained eye - allowing for lighting, of course. I need a Bloch 174 in my collection, yet it’s such a close cousin to the Potez 630 family in looks.
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