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  1. 76 lower wing from the same wreck. Agree the 'darker' colour in the previous post and below - either a 'grey-green' or 'green-grey' 74 almost certainly the Graugrün variation of '74' - appears overwhelmingly 'green'. Note the bright red of the dotted stencil markings - an indication that the colours on this piece appear not to have undergone any sort of 'shift' ...
  2. ..and just a reminder that this Fw 190 horizontal stab recovered from a dig in Normandy is finished in the classic 74/75 with the 75 being very thinly applied (primer showing through?) and photographed in sunlight..
  3. ..and frighteningly very much in the news today. The French seemed to be happy enough with only forty or so Mirage IVs - I guess the type was considered to have had better 'survivability' ....
  4. Thanks for the replies - plenty to think about there
  5. ... wanted to pick the brains of people more knowledgeable than myself re the question above. Given that it only took two B-29s to bring the Japanese to their knees, why, just a few years later, did the RAF decide it needed over 300 nuclear bombers in its arsenal? I'm aware that the Valiant was due in service one year ahead of the Victor and Vulcans and was more or less a 'stop-gap'. Also aware that we probably weren't perhaps fully cognisant of the 'risks' of going nuclear - MAD etc. Anything to do with the fact that over 700 B-52s were ordered, for example. Obviously the Cold War was getting underway - but 300 ? Not trolling, non-political. Thanks.
  6. see my SAM Dora-9 'Aircraft in Detail' feature for a better, albeit still rather poor, copy of that photo. I attempted this enlargement from the original print lent to me by the late James V. Crow. There's also a neat view of the starboard forward fuselage and although the Ju 88 hides most of the rear fuselage it does show that the gear covers are or appear to simply be in shadow ...
  7. ...how do you do that ? ..and get them 'straight' on those curves ? nice paint job too!
  8. Danish film about the Copenhagen Shellhaus raid, March 1945 on Netflix. Bit of a harrowing watch but some excellent flying scenes
  9. Gefechtsverband Kuhlmey. JG 54 Fw 190 Jabo is being prepared for a new mission, Stukas returning from a sortie, Immola July 1944 ..looks 'colorized' to me. Not a fan of fake photos personally..although others - and certain bi-monthly publications - seem to love them
  10. ..gosh ..sounds a bit drastic...(sorry, couldn't resist..) but yes, know what you mean about the airbrush - another dedicated rattle can user for large areas...and small ones if you can be asked to mask (Luftwaffe theatre bands in white and yellow) If not using Humbrol then I use Xtracolor which I like - they are supposedly airbrush ready so brush paint rather thinly. I haven't bought any Colourcoats since they were owned by Sovereign (?). Occasional Tamiya user ..but never brush them.
  11. ..our club (based at Manston) put together a 'Channel Dash' diorama earlier this year. It was decided after some discussion that the colour scheme as featured on the Xtradecal sheet is there or thereabouts, more or less...
  12. ..never tried that one..doesn't it make the upper surface colours a little, well, dark.....
  13. ...four formidable (and successful) 4th innings run chases later and after two insipid years, England’s Test cricket team has erupted back into life under the stewardship of new coach Brendon McCullum and new captain Ben Stokes. ... 378 to beat India in the 4th innings! Stokes said part of him had wanted the target to be 450, just to see if England could do it. As it was, at No. 6 he did not get a bat. " Not even when riding after foxes have Englishmen ever hunted with such gusto..." said the Sydney Morning Herald. They are getting worried....
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