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  1. Thanks for posting, great shots! - now we just need some decals in 32nd scale...
  2. thank you - great photos! They passed over the memorial at slow speed at quite an AoA with the Pilatus weaving about all over the place in their trail. In the sunshine the 'silver' was light blue, quite striking..
  3. Spitfire at slow speed over the BoB memorial flanked by two Red Arrows Hawks - what was that about? ..it didn't look like the silver Spitfire, appeared to be overall blue, followed by a machine I couldn't identify straight-winged single-engine turboprop, quite large. Any ideas please anyone?
  4. ..if you can find it, try this one, his 'first' Stalingrad book - covers the period September 42 and first entering the city to surrender February 43. I think Jason did a paperback reprint at some point..
  5. My up-to-date 'history' feature on F-K Müller's aircraft and night fighter career is available to read in the free 76-page November issue of Eduard Info - download it here
  6. ..that's a beauty! So much going on here.. Looking at this you have to wonder why the Fujumi v. Airfix 'debate' is even happening at all!
  7. ..everything' hanging' and 'open' of course..nowadays, that sometimes involves buying a second kit, eg recent Airfix Sea Fury. No doubt goes back to the days when I (one) was lucky if you came across a kit where you could 'pose' the ailerons, flaps, elevator etc..
  8. ...I was lucky enough to spend nearly nine years with Air France during the 80s. I used to check the loads of the CDG-JFK-CDG every day (AF 002 and 001)- 75% of the time overbooked, sold to about 115 for 100 seats IIRC. Of course at the ticket price no-shows were always important. Treated like royalty - not the passengers necessarily, you could get a ticket through a 'consolidator' for around the same price as First Class on the 747. I only ever got to turn it round once and even then it had its own dedicated team....of course not exactly spacious inside, even claustrophobic..
  9. ..I've always felt it was to do with the build 'experience' and 'entertainment value' - you don't buy a kit and then not 'build' half of it by not putting the gear on.
  10. ....neat, thanks for posting these for us. F-35 is soooo grey.....we were just talking about doing one of these tours at work the other day. I guess you recommend ?
  11. ..nice! ..want one..but haven't seen it for under £25!
  12. Indeed.. but currently on Ebay, another two images of one of Priller's 'black 13' A-8s Seller says these are 'repros' from the original negative...available here
  13. ..yep, that works well..- been using it all this time the 'hard' way.
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