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  1. FalkeEins

    Ebay photo ID help plse - special ops Lysander ?

    ..thanks guys.. there's some interesting info to mull over there. Definitely looks like an RAF man being led away doesn't it ( tbh I hadn't even seen that..) and the 'block-shaped' objects all along the horizon could well be (Channel) shipping, if that piece of land was close to a beach. Cheers for those hints and suggestions!
  2. FalkeEins

    What's flying over your house? Thread #2

    they've just gone back over, heading out over the Channel, going back home no doubt. Didn't know that there were three airworthy Broussards tbh, anyone get a pic or two at Legends plse?
  3. not something you see every day - nice pic of an Aufklärungs Abteilung Panzerspähwagen SdKfz. 234 PUMA. Obviously Normandy 44 (according to the seller), probably explains why the price of this auction is going through the roof with 6 days still to go..
  4. ..not been on sale long, but price creeping up. Taken from a (presumably) German album featuring shots of Niergnies Feldflugplatz (Cambrai), northern France. Having trouble ID-ing the codes for starters...cheers on offer here
  5. FalkeEins

    What's flying over your house? Thread #2

    Three (what looked like) Broussards arrived from across the Channel, circled the BoB memorial at Capel then (presumably) headed for Dx and Legends ?
  6. FalkeEins

    1/72 Messerschmit Me.163B-1 Komet

    takes me (us?) back! And Airfix Modellers club badge too..... just googled that - ran until 1981, membership reached 150,000. Dick Emery (remember him?) was 'President'...
  7. know what you mean, I've done two of them, tbh bit of an ordeal - lot of filing and fettling and masking. Yours is coming along nicely and will look good when finished I'm sure..
  8. FalkeEins

    I´m looking for photos of three early Fw 190As.

    Priller had about 20 different 190s in his flight logs - I guess this is the photo you are referring to, you won't find anything else I doubt. FW 190 A-2 WNr. 125310 in June 1942 in Wevelgem as Gkr. III./JG 26. On the rudder are 72 or 73 victory markings. He had returned his 72nd on 17 May, his 73rd on 1 June 1942, while the 74th came three weeks later, on 22 June.
  9. FalkeEins

    Best way to get to RIAT from Bristol?

    nothing opens before 06:30 IIRC. By that time there will already be large-ish queues to get in..
  10. FalkeEins

    RLM Paint Chip Chart

    '74' could be very 'green' at least on the Fw 190. Here a 190 horizontal stabiliser dug up in Normandy a few years ago - according to the research a JG 1 machine lost in August 1944. Here the Graugrün variation of '74' appears overwhelmingly 'green' and as applied to the Fw 190 differs from the typical '74' seen on the 109 which has a distinctive 'grey-blue' cast. The lighter grey colour obviously corresponds to the typical '75', although very thinly sprayed and revealing an undercoat of RLM 02 which appears to have given the part a tint of what is described as 'violet' - the classic Grauviolett perhaps
  11. no breeze today - it is boiling. First Spitfire of the day orbiting overhead. Bit too warm for paint. Suitable selection of libations to hand no doubt too?
  12. not down the beach Simon? it's another scorcher!
  13. I could make a career out of 'copying' your builds Tony. In fact I might just do that....not that I could keep up, I haven't even started my 100 Grp B-17 yet, that was months ago! Another lovely build/finish of a very interesting subject!
  14. I didn't find the Zvezda Friedrich 'cheap' by any means. Nor was the A-4. And both are a little short on detail options - no poseable flaps, aileron mass balances or separate rudder for example. Fit was indifferent and you haven't got to the canopy yet - here the large locating lugs do spoil the overall effect IMHO.
  15. bout time you sold some on ebay Tone, I'd love to own an O'Toole original!