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  1. ...Halfords Grey primer (acrylic), Humbrol/Xtracolour/Colourcoats enamels over the top, Klear coat for decals, oil wash, acrylic dry brush, acrylic varnish (Galeria)..
  2. I'll say! stated very simply and clearly Peter!
  3. Very much so. But his "Tiger - history of a legendary weapon" is an excellent general history. German publisher Flechsig reprinted it in 2014 (Tiger: Die Geschichte einer legendären Waffe) with many 'new' photos, well worth getting for only 14 euros (400 page hardback!) Thanks for the excellent review of Ritter's book - did he not self-publish it ? Would explain the poor design perhaps...
  4. Wow, there’s a thread elsewhere asking for opinions on the ‘best’ Emil in 72nd scale which didn’t/doesn’t mention the Airfix kit! Great work!
  5. here's another view of the van.. ..great work Dermot - a real showstopper (..again!)
  6. .. a pic straight out of one of those ‘history of Airfix’ books, what memories! Wonderful!
  7. FalkeEins

    Strange D.520

    Flottille F1 C (French naval air arm) machine based in Algeria (Oran) late 1940..nine of them flew to North Africa on June 25, 1940 and were 'organised' into two escadrilles 1AC and 2AC. Flew escort for two 'raids' on Gibraltar. Aircraft from 1 AC were briefly deployed to Syria and flew back to Morocco in late April 1942 which is where they were when the Allies landed in North Africa.
  8. your towing cables look most convincing .. in fact the whole thing looks top notch!
  9. just finished the Airfix kit too, no aftermarket. Quite pleased with it. Only thing I did do was get some new decals as I thought the kit choices were a bit boring..
  10. FalkeEins

    Lock Down.

    Difficult one; ‘lock-down’ is doing terrible economic damage as it is. And perhaps the first countries to ease restrictions will gain some advantage over those who don’t - or are we all heading for -25% GDP. Some industries won’t recover whether we ease restrictions or not as far as I can see...15% of Italy’s workforce is involved in tourism according to the Beeb..
  11. ...I'm sure I was bidding on that one too. But then - and I'm telling this story again as these sorts of things don't happen to me - I just happened to wander into my local antiques/curios/odds n' sods shop ..and there was one sitting there on the shelf! Watching with interest - I have no AM stuff though!
  12. 'scratch-build' some guitars ?! ..guess that's the least of your potential problems..how ya gonna do Paul's chest hair..?...BTW which one's Ace?
  13. That's a very nice cockpit CC.....I love Eduard's Dr.I but I found it a tricky little build - especially getting those fuselage halves together...
  14. due shortly from Casemate in their 'Illustrated' series. 128 pages, 150+ photos, thick glossy paper - quality artworks by Vincent Dhorne
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