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  1. FalkeEins

    1/72 Airfix FW-190 A-8 JG 300

    Hi Dermot You've done a wonderful job on that finish.....(and cheers for the plug!)
  2. ..wider track on the G-10 ? Like Steve I can't immediately recall having read that anywhere before. I wonder how this would have been feasible, given that the undercarriage legs on the 109 were fitted to the fuselage and not the wings. And if it applied to the G-10, the same must have been the case for the K-4, the G-10 being intended to supplement the K-4 production being technically as similar as possible to the K-series. Still never say never - must do some digging..
  3. FalkeEins

    What new stuff have you bought/been gifted?

    nice. I'd like one - but those 588 track link parts would worry me a little I think..
  4. ..another what ? looks like a PR 11 (or something..) to those of us who don't know our Spitfires from our elbows ...what/who's bits are those ?
  5. FalkeEins

    Revell 1:72 Corsair Mk IV

    Worse, the plastic was white in its previous boxing - horrible. That appears to have changed here. The kit itself builds up nicely although the multi-part wing is a bit of a pain. I also found the cowling ring a little tricky to line up and there was no 'positive' location for the gear struts...watch out for those
  6. FalkeEins

    RLM 83 Dunkelblau ?

    A number of noted colours 'experts' (Michael Ullmann and David E.Brown ) work with Claes on his books. Claes told me that the decision was made to "explore" via a couple of artworks the ''recently discovered marine camouflage incorporating RLM Dunkelblau 83.." Elements of at least five Ju 88 bomber units were stationed in Italy around the summer of 1943. Some of these were also - now famously - supplied with aircraft dispatched from Munich direct to the front line, in what was thought to have been blue 24 upper surfaces with RLM 76 Wellenmuster pattern superimposed. This image exists in the BPK archive ( ignore their caption...). BTW Claes' books have been going for small fortunes on ebay recently. They are all still available via his own Centura Publishing site . ( FWIW personally I tend to agree with Tim ...see post 25)
  7. FalkeEins

    What new stuff have you bought/been gifted?

    I last drove one in 1979 or thereabouts. Also crashed one a couple of years before that - brakes are/were naff.. BTW the 'seats' can be taken out very easily too, great for 'courting'....
  8. great find Tony thanks!
  9. FalkeEins

    What new stuff have you bought/been gifted?

    issue one of the brand new 'Wing Leader' magazine from the people behind Red Kite free 36-page sampler pdf available from http://wingleadermagazine.co.uk now where can I find decals for Defiant 'N3333' YD@B ? (..ah ....just seen them in the 'starter' set. But anyone got them in the NF version with the 'flying pig' emblem ?)
  10. FalkeEins

    1/48 Revell 109G-10

    discussion here https://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/235003797-bf109g-10-132-revell-colour-instructions/ http://theprofilepaintshop.blogspot.com/2014/10/jg51-bf109g-10-at-fels-am-wagram.html
  11. FalkeEins

    What new stuff have you bought/been gifted?

    ..aha.....you won't catch me falling for that one ! Actually the table of claims/probables/destroyed/damaged etc etc is a little tricky to read - I'm not sure whether the four He 177s he claimed on 17 April 1945 destroyed on the ground are part of his 'total' or not - but I don't see the 23 vics that Clostermann maintained the RAF gave him his DSO for, much less the 'official' 33 vics usually attributed to him. But then of course perhaps I've mis-read the info as presented for which I apologise profusely in advance. More study needed..
  12. FalkeEins

    1/48 Revell 109G-10

    ..it's thought to have been solid green 81, with main section of the lower wing unpainted....WN.r unknown
  13. FalkeEins

    What new stuff have you bought/been gifted?

    .. hmm..I think the family vigorously defend his record nowadays....for example his logbooks were bequeathed to the nation, but may not be photographed. The author's conclusions were surprising to say the least ....
  14. FalkeEins

    What new stuff have you bought/been gifted?

    the latest issues of 'Avions' and 'Aces' magazines arrived. 'Avions' re-evaluates Clostermann's combat record in a 42-page feature while 'Aces' has exactly the same number of pages on Jean Demozay (including modelling section). Demozay's story - if you don't know it- is pretty incredible. He had attempted to join the French Air Force pre-war but had been turned down. He was sent to the RAF's 'Advanced Air Strike Force' in September 1939 in Reims in northern France as an interpreter - and claimed all he needed was a bit of refresher training, ( a big 'fib'). He was given a few circuits in a 1 Sqd Magister and ended up ferrying Hurricanes around. He was subsequently one of the first French 'pilots' to reach the UK after the fall of France arriving on 17 June 1940 having piloted a Bristol Bombay twin and a complement of passengers across the Channel. At the time he didn't even possess a (car) drivers licence, let alone any flying qualifications...
  15. FalkeEins

    Luftwaffe book pic request

    quick heads-up for this publication then, due out in the next month or two. It's in here too....along with much much more More info at luftwaffe.be