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  1. ..writing it ..and still can't believe it ....wow!
  2. thanks for all the replies ! No consensus there then really, but a few ideas to try!
  3. I'm in two minds...Model Hobbies are doing it at £49.49 (for some reason..) Best price I've seen so far. The original Dragon kit was a pretty tricky build by all accounts..
  4. ..just finishing my Airfix kit now.. two questions if I may please; 1/ looking at the various wing fold pics (as above) there appears to be no supporting strut to be used -although there is what appears to a be suitable indentation in the upper wing. Was there a strut to lock the wing open (not in the fold area I mean) ? there isn't one in the kit.. 2/ the rocket pack fouls the footstep on the kit. The footstep presumably wasn't deployed with the pack in situ ? ..and a small contribution to the thread .. from Flying Legends 2006
  5. .... I’ll say ! I’ve got some Rutman resin in the stash too - and I occasionally take it out and look at it!
  6. ....minor thread drift alert - any 'tips' on how to paint those those tips - more easily I mean, especially in 72nd. Having just blasted three props with gloss yellow and masked them up to airbrush the black I couldn't help thinking what a lot of effort for not much ...
  7. bit late on this ..but thanks for the link to that one Smithy! ..getting back to the OP's question you must look out for Danny Morris' "Aces & Wingmen" (pub, Neville Spearman).. Published in 1972 it has a very good collection of b/w photos, most of which aren't anywhere else. It also has first-person accounts from "second-stringers" who weren't usually (at least back in 1972) featured in works like this. There are the usual listings of pilot accomplishments, aces, codes, etc., and 32 pages of color profiles that aren't quite up to today's aviation art standards. However, the photos make this book worth having, There was a second edition, published in two volumes, by Aviation Usk, edited by Tom Frisque. The first volume was written by Danny Morris, and published in 1989. The second volume has Bill Hess' name on it, and was published in 1999 (yes, there is a story there..). The covers of both volumes of the second edition are similar..approx 250 pages, each book has around 1,000 photos crammed in ..
  8. ..thanks for posting Alan - it alerted me to this thread which I'd managed to miss up until now! '..model the model ' ..what a great idea/concept/light-bulb moment !
  9. Meant to mention that Willius was shot down by P-47s on 8 April 1944 while combatting a USAAF raid over Holland and posted missing. His body, still at the controls of his Fw 190 A-8 'Black 5' (WNr. 170 009), was discovered in the Zuider Zee on 23 October 1967!
  10. Hi 'Axe' very much enjoyed reading your first post! ..welcome to BM. My youngest is in his second year at Uni - and after years of trying to get him into modelling - he's finally building and painting. And at 20 years old is finally asking me for tips. Great fun!
  11. very nicely done - Willius' machines were covered in a recent edition of 'Luftwaffe Gallery' IIRC so looks very convincing
  12. Volume 5 just arrived....latest volume in the Jagdgeschwader 2 history from Erik Mombeeck at http://luftwaffe.be, 200 pages, 184 rare, mostly previously unpublished images.. With this tome Mombeeck's JG 2 series is now 1000 pages long. And virtually all there is in English on this unit is an Osprey! ( Vol I of this series is the only volume already published in English..)
  13. me too as it happens. My second one. Got the FAA boxing, squared-off wingtips on a new sprue. 'Proper' grey plastic this time which is good although the multi-part wing doesn't get any easier to assemble!
  14. FalkeEins


    ....I got smacked in the head just yesterday. I was being chased down the road by this irritating man I'd just called a 'fat B..' and then I thought, if he hits me he's in real trouble, so I slowed down and he did. And so he is..
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