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  1. fascinating catching up with this thread as ever.. and having also just finished 'V2' (..must read his 'Munich' too..) I picked up two more well-done war/adventure/thriller/crime stories; 'The night raids' by Jim Kelly DI Eden Brooke investigates a case of looting and murder in wartime Cambridge against a background of Luftwaffe raids on key infrastructure targets. Without giving too much away, the thrilling denouement sees Heinkel He 111 pilot Leutnant Helmut Bartel confront the prime suspect! 'Estocada' by Graham Hurley Condor Legion and Me 109 ace Dieter Merz is 'persuaded' by British Intelligence to attempt to thwart Hitler's plans for the annexation of the Sudetenland
  2. Developed from a long line of Caudron racers, interesting machine. The French air ministry suspended all flying on the type in mid-May (1940) due to its numerous faults . As it was the only aircraft available to the Poles in GC I/145 the pilots elected to continue flying it anyway. There were around 20 still serviceable on June 8.
  3. there was only Michael Payne...a lovely gentleman. I was lucky enough to correspond with him and religiously collected/filed all his SAM/Aviation News features
  4. on their first BoB sortie (Dover, Margate) on July 24, III Gruppe lost Kommandeur Hptm. Von Houwald shot down and killed ( a five-victory ace in Spain) as well as two Staffelkapitäne, Oblt Herbert Fermer (7. Staffel) and Oblt Lothar Ehrlich (8. Staffel). Ehrlich was shot down by Colin Gray north of Margate. The replacement at the head of 7.Staffel was himself KIA the following day, while a certain Oblt. Günther Rall took over 8. Staffel. Replacement Kommandeur was Great War veteran Hptm. Alexander von Winterfeldt.
  5. thanks for posting- they look to be in decent condition for being out in the open
  6. as per the other comments - superlative! IIRC 'red 7' is Franz Gapp's machine? He did a lot of Transall test/development flying post-war, difficult to imagine !
  7. this appears on 'Rod's warbird photos' - pretty poor quality scan though. Perhaps better than nothing
  8. tbh I think the mottle is little too 'streaky' there..the fuselage camo of Mtt Regensburg machines comprised a series of angled 'bands' which were quite wide as per Anders Hjortberg's explanation here Note the 'scalloped' effect on the fuselage spine colours, you've taken yours too far down... IMHO
  9. ..wow, just read that there was NO flying at Headcorn at all today (weather). We/you were lucky! Some lovely shots there again
  10. nicely done ..it's a neat little kit isn't it ? Of course your pics are about three times actual size!
  11. thanks for posting! having a fabulous weekend so far, the Aero Legends organisation has been superb. Yesterday was mostly hot and sunny, although the forecast for the Reds close-of-show display today is probably just as bad as Friday's was. Wouldn't that be ironic if they failed to display at all at one of the few shows still taking place? (their scheduled appearance on Saturday at Cleethorpes was cancelled). Back to Headcorn - the ten Spits scrambling +Hurricane +Buchon finale was fantastic - as good as anything I've seen at Dx. Shame you missed the BBMF display - CO Sqn Leader Mike 'disco' Discombe stole the show in the Mk. XVI. Another highlight was meeting Flight Lieutenant Colin Bell DFC, 100 years old this year (50 Mossie sorties over Germany..). Here's Mike Discombe in TE 311
  12. sorry to be late on this but I’ve only just started my first example of this very nice kit. Just to point out that if you build the ‘tub’ as per the instructions the whole assembly can just be inserted into the assembled fuselage halves from below - no need to fill or sand that upper cowl seam
  13. indifferent photo selection I imagine. They are not - and Hermann is the same- writers who have spent any time getting acquainted with the vets so most of their illustrations are bog-standard factory views and not especially interesting
  14. ..looks great IMO far more 'attractive' than some of the garish, gaudy schemes seen (for example) on French Rafales over the past few years..
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