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  1. Neither the Revell nor the Academy satisfactorily represents a P-47 in my view but the Revell kit is the least worst - despite the belly! Although the Academy razorback isn't too bad - with new wheels.. The instrument panel gap thing is bizarre and check out the horribly shaped canopy. Both kits need the gear cutting down and angled correctly - as it is they just plug in and point straight down!
  2. ..I was just reading up about this particular machine and Dieterle's 2./Erg.JG 2 here another little jewel from your amazing collection! And another fascinating Luftwaffe machine that doesn't need an 'airbrush' finish. Decals still available from AIMs too...('Monotone Me's')
  3. ..LOL ...you and me both. I was going to 'chip in' with some 'advice' on the hairspray technique, but since that's been covered already, you can get a good result on the tyres by doing the wheels in the base colour then load a small brush with some very (very) diluted black/tyre colour, touch it on the outside of the hub and lo and behold the capillary action will run the colour perfectly around the outside of the hub creating a neat demarcation ..all being well. Just need to fill in the rest....
  4. a couple of images from a friend (thanks Del!) as seen on the Airfix stand at Telford - just wondering if the ZFR telescopic sight is included in the kit..
  5. always been put off this kit by the 'negative' comments re the nose shape etc, but yours certainly looks the part Pete, very nicely done!
  6. JGr. 300. The clue is the small horizontal bar across the fuselage bands. No reason at all why that should be on a JG 2 machine. Jagdgruppe 300 was 'officially' established through the amalgamation of II. and III./JG 300 in April 1945 and is mentioned in a Luftflottenkommando 6 ORB dated 03 May 1945. More about JGr. 300 here. But it looks like you've already read that page. There's plenty more errors in the Wolowski book too.. Pic of 'yellow 13' from JGr. 300 here
  7. .. needs a (stretched sprue) Bowden cable running out along the wing from the cockpit to launch the things as well...
  8. .....looks very nice, well done! Didn't he fly one of these with red & white stripes on the wings? Not heard of MACS , is this a new tool?
  9. ..gets my vote! You did well to find a big enough sheet of paper for the background (?)
  10. ..does look rather different from the standard F.1. And fantastic work on the rigging!
  11. wow.. and 500+ posts already. Actually that canopy is probably just the right size to allow you to 'smash-mold' a replacement. Easier than you think with a piece of clear (eg food container) plastic and a candle. Great post!
  12. .... the last set of Roden decals I used just disintegrated, so a new sheet might be required anyway
  13. ...aarrgghh. I forgot the Blenheim! So bad I've erased it from my memory. I even did it twice, hoping it would all fall into place second time around - it didn't! Re MB 5 - still got the canopy and the decals to give you nightmares yet.
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