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  1. ..should be available in the US at $13 - I appreciate that is not Brazil..sorry
  2. As above. Does anyone who follows these sorts of things have an inkling of when the first aircraft will arrive at Lakenheath?
  3. That's pretty much all that the AJ article says on the subject too
  4. yep, 100% ..and when you've finished it, the Sky Atlantic re-make of Das Boot is excellent too!
  5. A little heads-up - and thanks to Mike for his OK to post this here - for a new bookazine coming out next week through Mortons. It will be on sale in Smiths and Tescos I'm told (in the UK) as well as the usual aviation bookshop(s). 130 pages, 200 illustrations. A selection of stories from some less well-known Gruppen and Geschwader including pilot profile/unit history- type features. Book 1 features mostly 109s, Book 2 (all being well) is the Fw 190 volume - although other types are covered in both.
  6. ..as pointed out by 'seawinder', Farbton 74 is Graugrün (grey-green), Farbton 75 is Grauviolett and Farbton 76 Lichtblau....as for your last sentence, here's a piece of horizontal stabiliser from a JG 1 Fw 190 pulled out the ground in Normandy - 40 years after crashing.. the bits that aren't 'light grey' look very green to me.. more so on the Fw than the Me
  7. II./JG 1 ace Ehlers claimed his 15th victory on 19 June 1942. His 6. Staffel comrade Uffz. Brakebusch was shot down and the loss details were recorded as Fw 190 A-2 WNr. 0285 'ge. 9+ -' (ie yellow 9 + bar). Not Ehlers machine of course but close
  8. me neither. However it is a beautiful day here in the south-east and in among the many Spitfire & a couple of Hurricane overflights (Battle of Britain memorial, Capel-le-Ferne) the Swedish De Havilland DH.80A Puss Moth SE-AFH flew in across the Channel at low altitude passing right over the back garden - heading for Dx ?
  9. interesting machine. Never dropped a torpedo in anger - but Laté 298s of escadrille T3 were deployed against German armour around Boulogne during late May 1940
  10. very nicely done! Kit doesn't come with the option to deploy flaps does it?
  11. ..an evening of the Stones on Sky Arts (freeview)
  12. ..c'mon guys I realise you're a long way away ..but surely they are/should be talking to an 'international' audience .....
  13. perhaps its just me, but while I saw there is a new model company, rather bizarrely they didn't actually reveal any hints as to what they are working on..or even whether they will be releasing WnW stuff .....did they?
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