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  1. ....and 'laugh-out-loud' chuckles to boot. There's a sit-com in here......or at least a pilot episode....
  2. ..a bit late on this one again!.....Joachim Geier in the German-language "Jet & Prop" magazine issue 3/2003 wrote an article entitled " Die schwarze "Grüne 5" der 2./Erg.JG2 " the first to publish views of these machines. Sister ships "Grüne 6" and "Grüne 7" featured 'standard' upper surface colours with some areas of their airframes, such as the yellow lower cowl, in a cross-hatched black over-spray, while "Grüne 5" was sprayed black overall. More photos at a link near here ......
  3. it is indeed. I doubt Claes 'mistook' his rendition of 210128 - Schreiner's 'yellow 9' was a 100% loss on 29 Dec 44 as was clear from his text. But the two WNr are consecutive so they probably looked pretty similar .. Following the thread, finished my first a few weeks ago. I must say I didn't find the other forum thread much help - it over-complicated what was reasonably well illustrated in the kit instructions.
  4. ..same here. And a bright red Super Cub F-BOUK heading back out over the Channel...
  5. ..nice! I realise other makes are available ..but is that Halfords Alu? Tempted to do another one myself now
  6. ..looks like the photos of the real thing alright, nicely done!
  7. wow, George, do you keep files on everything ?! It might be helpful to check out the Gran Sasso pages at the Bundesarchiv photo archive You can narrow the search down by clicking on "Erweiterte Suche" top right and adding 'DFS 230' https://www.bild.bundesarchiv.de/dba/de/search/?yearfrom=1942&yearto=1943&query=Gran+Sasso&page=1
  8. Issue no 100 of the French quarterly "Air Battles" (Lela Presse) covers the combat over Kos and Leros in the eastern Aegean (Dodecanese) during September-November 1943 following the Italian change-of-sides, 100 A-4 glossy pages, 200 photos, 20 artworks, 13 euros.
  9. .. just picked one up. Tempted to do it like this too. FWIW they give red for the spinner - it should be bright green for a machine flown by the Stab
  10. ..very impressive.. the 'Balkenkreuz within the roundel' effect is spot on..
  11. ..found this after a bit of a search in a Jap 'Luftwaffe Day fighters' monograph....three Ta WNr. including 150168... and their different upper surface patterns
  12. ...just catching up with this again. That's some very neat work. Having just built a Ta 152 H as well I must admit to being a little more intrigued by the upper surface wing pattern than the lower surfaces, especially the starboard. AFAIK there wasn't an 'official' scheme for the Ta 152 H, although this one is given in the Hitchcock book.. .....doesn't seem to correspond with what can be seen on the image below as there appears to be a 'V'-shaped area of dark green where the roundel is extending down to the flap ...even allowing for perspective and over-painting this seems to be in the mid-wing position. ....and while its a long way away, here's the only port side view at Farnborough I've seen. As you'd expect the area around the exhaust appears to be more extensive .
  13. ...nice work! Having posed the question directly to Lorant and artist Richard Goyat, this machine was in fact 'white 8'
  14. That's the one Ed. It's only three pages though - a translation of Schmidt's own account of one day in his unit's hopeless attempts to hold up the Russians at the Oder.. There are a few more photos of Fw 190s with the 'struck through' Hakenkreuz. These belong to another JG - appearing in the Stipdonk/Meyer photo history of JG 51
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