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  1. ..that was my first reaction too Jon. Of course Gary has published a few bits and pieces of mine so I'm a fan too. Although the typeface got a bit small in his last few issues! I was a little sceptical at first, but under Chris the 'balance' seems to have been just about right (IMHO)...and although I don't build much armour, the same team's MMI (Military Modelcraft International) is a superb mag, one of the best out there....long may it continue!
  2. The publisher's website is http://jagdgeschwader.net
  3. SAM is continuing the 'renaissance' started by GH. I've bought the last five or six issues now. Chris appears to be doing a decent job, although the typos are still there in abundance, possibly due to the amount of contributors who don't have English as their first language. One reason of course why content is mostly pictorial too I guess - makes the mag more 'international' as the masthead now states. Not necessarily a criticism, because the range of subjects and model kits being built is larger than ever. And the reference features are back to their best - possibly a result of getting 'specialists' to write on their subject ( David Johnston on Condor Legion 109s etc etc) rather than have the house 'hack' (Sands, Mason) compile a quick over-view...this costs money of course and I note that the 'new' SAMi (..Scale Aviation Modeller International) has no reference material whatsoever..
  4. I've just had two small volumes published in the Casemate Illustrated series which taken together constitute a potted history of the fighter arm
  5. Hi Stew, the 19/06 loss record for Mias states "Luftkampf Hurricane südlich Cherbourg, Notlandung bei Brezolles, 100%" . Not sure how likely that is - Brezolles is a long way from Cherbourg and just as far from Brombos.
  6. having wrestled with an ICM 109 recently I'm sure the Tamiya kit must be the more enjoyable experience. 4x as enjoyable ? Quite possibly!
  7. I'll say ! As to the expense.. you can get four ICM 109s for one Tamiya Gustav
  8. ...IIRC they only encountered Spitfires on a single solitary occasion (23 November)...didn’t stop ‘em claiming five shot down. ( actual losses, one Spitfire damaged). They had encountered Hurricanes on 11 November (the only other sortie during which they ran into RAF fighters) - 19 Falcos subsequently made emergency landings along the Belgian coast ( ten total losses)..
  9. yep, got this one in my stash too..
  10. ..technically I'm not s'posed to do this ..but there's more text and pix here (from one of the JG 300 book team..) https://falkeeins.blogspot.com/2013/11/barracudacals-erla-built-bf-109s-timo.html http://falkeeins.blogspot.com/2012/08/last-sorties-of-jg-300-april-1945.html
  11. interesting thread. I've been casting around for a suitable subject for mine too. Just a small point since the OP mentioned it and at the risk of stating the obvious after the above - the kit 'scheme' based on the WNr. on the decal sheet (Erla G-10) is 'incorrect' for what's in the box.
  12. ..although apparently he never returned to Germany/Austria post-war
  13. .. it doesn't. It's a bloomin' tricky one that's for sure....just managed to finish one recently but it could so nearly have gone in the bin more than once..
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