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  1. that would be my site... here's the link FWIW http://falkeeins.blogspot.com/2018/02/fw-190-iijg-2-in-tunisia-in-colour.html
  2. Hi Keith


    ..apologies for not contacting you sooner. You kindly offered a copy of the May 2020 AMW issue with the Gladiator feature. I'd very much like to take you up on your offer ..if still open.  Can I Paypal you ?



    1. keith in the uk

      keith in the uk

      Sure no problem , let me have your address and i will pop it in the post for you .

      Cheers Keith.


    2. FalkeEins


      Hi Keith


      I'd like to message you ..but I'm being told you can't accept messages  ...



    3. keith in the uk

      keith in the uk

      E Mail me at k.tierney1@ntlworld.com 

      Just need your address and then i can post the mag . :like:

  3. I found the myriad tributes from current world leaders and ex-Presidents very moving..
  4. me too. Don't know how you do it ..and this as well. Thanks for all your work on these issues.
  5. ..what is about these that you would recommend? I notice you have the Rodeike volume and you still went after these? FWIW Mortons are about to publish a nice-looking monograph on the Fw 190 and P&S cover the Fw 190 in their Air War Archive (barely a tenner on that well-known online book selling site, Wordery)
  6. Guy at the model club (going back a bit now) did a demo with talcum powder + super glue, don’t use anything else now
  7. Built a couple of these - I was going to say attaching the front fuselage parts to the rear pieces and then fitting them together as two halves worked best for me....
  8. Never heard of Bruce Compton, I thought Wheatcroft was the man. - 14 million for a ‘new’ Panther, what sort of museum has that kind of money available?
  9. wow, that looks better already ...you don't say which kit this is (Frog ?) is it not easier to build one from a kit ? anyway, good luck and watching with interest!
  10. there's rather more on Belgian Gladiators on this page http://vvjack.be/PORTAIL/articles.php?pg=art118 which looks as though its been translated here http://surfcity.kund.dalnet.se/gladiator_belgium.htm
  11. very neatly built and finished Kanonenvogel never really understood the point of taking out AFVs 'individually' when they were being churned out in their hundreds every week
  12. hope so, look after yourself..and get that great blog updated!
  13. sawtooth pattern on the wings of Bartel's 'red 13' Academy 72nd Gustav - 'sawtooth' pattern was freehand. I was more concerned to find out whether the wingtips were white at the time..
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